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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, had lots of energy today. Made it to the library and the market.

    Rosin on the bow, and here we go.

    So take your places. Curtsy and bow.
    Got to sit down. I'm worn out now.

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I will remove myself from the other new volume I tried to start. If I knew how to move it over here I would have. Not much new there. Somehow I figured I would get caught in the door.

  3. jole

    jole Member

    Rock, your short-lived verse was a little revealing :) That was my day yesterday also. Thinking today will be better, and hope yours will be too!

    Granni, I'm sure you have lots to do today. Bless your heart, I'm so happy you can keep on going and doing, even though you have pain and fatigue also. You can never get those days back, so good for you! I so regret that hubby and I never got to travel while I could (not that he would have, but I wanted to...lol) Now it's too late. So keep on with whatever you can!

    Julie, same for you. I know we all tell you to slow down before you get knocked down, but in reality we would all do the same as you if we could. Maybe not exactly the same, but I know I didn't take time for myself either.

    Just always this feeling that life's too short to slow down....now sometimes I wonder if it was a premonition that time WAS really short, or if I could have prolonged it if I had taken better care of myself? Something I'll never know. So we just do what we feel we need to at the time.

    Such good news that Lindsey and baby are doing well! I forget how far along you said she is, but should be getting near the end of the "danger" point, right? I wish them well. They've certainly been through a lot, and this baby will be so loved!

    I went outside last night (this morning) at 1 am. There's something magical about being out for me when the world is asleep and still. It was soooo cold...had been foggy yesterday and there were "frost cicles" hanging sideways from our metal porch railings. I took my camera out and got some wonderful pictures of these white, spikey, sideways things. Can't describe it, but it was beautiful! People would have thought I was crazy though, out in my pj's and coat taking pics at that time of the night....lol. Sounds more like something Carla would have done!!!!

    Well, that was my big event for the day. See what I can come up with for this one......Jole

  4. teacher

    teacher New Member

    ...........you're taking up most of the bench!

    Hey y'all. Checking in. That's 'bout all I can do right now. Been back to school for three days and I'm tired.

    Feel OK. Just tired.

    Will check with you'uns tomorry.

    Nighty- night!
  5. jole

    jole Member

    Teacher, doing good! You at least made it up the porch steps and to the bench! Thanks for stopping by, even for a minute.

    Julie, I'm sorry you're feeling sad and missing your friends in Belize, and the ones you thought were friends. Unfortunately, true friends are far and few between, which is why they are such treasures. Life is hard in many ways, but feeling rejected is probably one of the most hurtful things there is. Just be true to yourself and God. They have to answer for the same.

    If your weather is doing what ours is (and it sounds like it is), you should have no trouble getting your snow day tomorrow!

    Granni, do you have your pot of stew going? If I can find the energy tomorrow I may have to make some myself. It sounds really good. Whoops! I have no carrots!

    Georgia, how are you feeling? I know you were having a bad day the last you posted, I think. Hope your FT work is not too much.

    Where is everyone? We seem to be dwindling in numbers lately........gee, and I thought we were such a good bunch to hang out with!!

    I'm still working on getting decorations put away, believe it or not...would be through if I weren't trying to clean a bit as I go, but this is getting rediculous. Yep, should have left the tree up and hung red hearts on it!!.................Love to all........Jole
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    We are having excessive power cuts these days. So I cant come to the computer
    When I want to. Its really frustrating. Because sometimes I miss programmes
    On tv I want to see. When its cold outside and the house is cold as ice, not much
    One wants to do except cuddle up and read or watch tv.

    Julie – good to hear about Lindsey. Those people in Belize who are against you,
    Its sad FOR THEM because they are as yet unaware of the pastors behaviour,
    And he is supposed to be leading them, for Petes sakes! Im so happy your eyes
    Were opened and you are worshipping and attending church at the proper place
    Where you know no hanky panky is going on. I shudder to think of the karma
    Awaiting that pastor. By the easy is your mop now unfrozen? Lol.

    Teacher – hope youre rested nice and get up with lots of energy.

    Jole – how many decorations did yu put up? Lol. Anyways dnt worry theres all
    Of the year to put them away. I have so much tidying up to do and console myself
    Saying theres always next day. The last two days I was so dog tired I couldn’t do

    Rock – thanks for opening up and good to hear you got energy. I have this huge
    Stack of dishes to be washed and need to borrow some of your energy. Lastnight
    I was watchng a dvd of an old movie based on agatha Christies Evil under the sun’
    And enjoying it and the lights went off half an hour into the movie..i was so
    Bummed. Wil try to finish watching today. It starred Maggie smith.

    Carla – good to hear you and Haley have made up. About her DH he is young,
    She is young, they are getting to know each other and they will have many spats
    And make up many times before settling down properly; it’s the way of married

    Georgia – chicken soup sounds yummy; im sure Grandpa appreciates it in the cold.

    Granni – did you finally get to finish some chores. Im so piled up with unfinished
    Chores due to my sudden onset of fatigue for two days, I don’t know where to start

    Well, I have to check my emails also when theres power on, it ll go in two hours
    Time and I better iron some of dh and sons clothes.

    I was just taken down by two horrendous days of sudden fatigue and mood downswing
    And just tried to get by doing the most basic things. I refuse to push myself. Im just
    Going to nurture myself when im feeling really bad.

    DH must hv noticed due to my pale face and lethargic manner, he hasn’t scolded for
    The state the house is in or me not making proper meals. Anyways he ate out last

    I did go out to town and got my sons specs made. And I bought a steamer for my
    Aunt because both she and uncle have horrible colds. She gave her own steamer
    To her daughter with the toddler and she has no time to go out on her own.

    You guys should see my hair. Its gonna take me half a day to untangle al the
    Knots. Yesterday I just combed it from top and went off. Lest I lose the energy
    To go shopping;.

    You all take care; I love reading everybodys posts because it gives me a feeling
    Of comfort and sanity even if I cant post myself at that time.

    God bless
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Another post vanished. I was trying to copy it so I could paste
    it here. And then PUFF! It disappeared and all that was left was


    I suppose that stands for Curses!

    Well, as Scarlett said, "After all. Tomorrow is another day."

    Of course Scarlett was still young and beautiful and most of all, Healthy. Whereas I, alas,.......

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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ok, give it another go. Or as somebody said,
    "Once more unto the breech, dear friends,
    once more. Or close the wall up w/ our English

    Allright, Class. Who was that somebody?

    Hi, Lincamp. Tell Annie C. I'd like to see her.
    Since today's theme is English history, ask her if
    she has a roundhead.

    My aunt used to write me and say she had
    nothing to say. At the time she was in
    her 80s and living in a sr. citizen apt house.

    Granni, I made a note about your pep, but
    don't know what I had in mind. As Robert
    Browning said one time, "Well, when I wrote
    that only God and I knew what it meant. Now
    only God knows."

    Jole, were those frosty spikes you were photo-ing like
    the ones Lucy wore in the freezer? Hope exercising a
    little creativity made you feel better.

    Teacher, lie down in the glider. I'll find you
    a pillow. Glad you're able to go back to work.

    Julie, all that stuff you cook sounds delicious.
    Was looking at Youtube last night. Some young fellow
    from Indianapolis, Iowa, was singing an aria by Erich
    Wolfgang Korngold.

    The old country bumpkin pretty much disappeared beginning
    in the 1930s with the advent of radio, the movies, and Life Magazine.

    Georgia, I had a paragraph in the vanished
    post describing the novel but ugly scarfs Gordon found
    in some library book. The lady on the cover looks like she
    glued sea anemones to her front.

    Springwater, I would be happy to come and
    help w/ the dishes. I used to be professional

    Which is to say I washed dishes at college. I
    think we got paid 75 cents an hour. The dishwasher
    was about 15 feet long. A conveyor
    belt carried the dishes through the water spray.

    Ok, now comes the tricky part. See if I can
    successfully copy and paste this from my
    mailbox to the porch. If you don't see this, you'll
    know it didn't work.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You are right, as usual. I think there is a new movie called Agincourt.

    James Burke talked about it in one of his history of science and technology
    TV programs.

    The landlord is here to install new blinds. The old ones have been in place
    about 5 years. Are all beat up. He asked, "What happened here."

    I patiently explained. "They fell apart 6 months after you installed them. They
    don't fit the window. They're too wide. When they move they rub against
    the window frame. And they are flimsy. Cheap. You can't expect them to last."

    I think he was shocked. Haha! SOL

    As Lincoln said, "It is the eternal struggle between these two principles: right
    and wrong." Only in this case it's between landlord and tenant.

    How do you make a Venetian blind? Throw sand in his eyes. VOJ
    (Very old joke.)

    Think I'll just sit here for a minute and enjoy the new blinds.


  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Those big fluffy flakes that come down really close together. You can actually stick your tongue out and catch some.

    Took me an hour to get home. That was fine with me. I turned one corner, I thought very slowly, but I guess I was still going too fast. Some serious fishtailing going on there for a minute.

    Nothing hit and no one hurt. Just a racing heart.

    The weather people are calling for anywhere between 2 and 5 inches of snow by morning.

    Some folks think there won't be school tomorrow. I am not holding out any hope. The system I work for only closes for ice.

    'Taint no ice in this here snow.

    Was in bed early last night. 8:15. Didn't get up until 7:20 this morning. Sure did feel better today. I just might repeat that cycle again tonight.

    It's 23 right now and their looking at a high of 24 tomorrow. How's that for global warming?! LOL

    OK. Now I'm off to see if there's any chocolate in this house. Probably not, because I haven't been to the grocery in ages. But, one can always hope.

    Enjoy your new blinds, Rock!

    Snow Angel hugs all around!
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I feel like I have been gone for so long and also miss all those dear MIA's, and those good ones like Jole. I have been popping in and out so fast lately that I am not sure what is going on around here any more. I too am missing so many of the Porch and I almost feel like one of them too. I still have to vacuum and dust - Julie come and help me. OR Where is MICKEY when I need her :) !! Yes, once you get off the daily routine it can get easier and easier not to pop in esp if you are working or have other things to do. However, I would miss you all.

    Linda - so happy to see you back on the Porch. You life is really not as boring as you thing. Gee I went to the dentist and had my periodontal maintenance appointment today. Wasn't that exciting.?? HA!! Wish you and others too would come back on a more regular basisl. Who cares if you think you have a boring life !!

    Yep, it freezing out there and the wind is starting to kick up - from the North. BRRRRR! We are lucky, so far not precip going on. Very early this a.m.there was a very little rain but it was before the freezinf temp. I hope it would at last wait till I got home from the dentist this morning, especially since I had to drive our other car since mine is gone and will be going to our granddaughter for her birthday. Her party will be not this sunday but the next wee- oH to be Sweet Sixteen again .

    Well, On the other hand I am not sure I would want to go through all that again. Also glad that I don't have to raise kids again with everything going on now. I had enough problems in the 70's and 80's :) !!

    Jole - I am making meatloaf tonight. Tomorrow I hope to make stew since I got all the stuff. This whole weekend is going to be so cold and I doubt if we go out anywhere except for church, if it isn't doing anything bad precip wise.

    Julie - Want to help me clean - ha :) !! Hope you get a snow day so you can really rest without Keira. I tell you sweetie, I could not do wht you do all day, even if you are younger than !. Being almost 70 is catching up to me - aaack !! Stay warm and happy !! Try and b good to yourself for a change :) !! I know, easier said than done.

    BTW, if anyone is looking for a "stew" recipe made with sausage and peppers, go to our Chit chat board and look for Just Looking's recipe. It looks fairly easy and I would make it tonight if I had all the ingredients, like the sausage and the peppers and white beans. I do have some sausage but no peppers. Also has white beans in it really yummy tasting. I love one pot recipes, eventhough you have to stay still long enough to chop and the veggies and have all on hand.

    Georgia - Don't worry if you have a boring life or think you do. Just depends on how really happy you are and being with someone you love. However, I do understnad about being abole to go out with girlfriends once in awhile. I do not have to many either but a few and they are so busy too. Two ofmy really good girl friends from years ago lived in NY. One died a couple of years ago and the other is upstate. Oh well !!

    Gotta run for now. Love you all and try and stay WARM !!


  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I do check on e-mails quickly and on FB to see what grandchildren are doing! My energy is only in the a.m. and then------------------gone!

    I have been so sleepy after lunch that when I sit down to read the paper, I dona't know what i am reading and just drop the paper on my lap and nap.

    I'll catch you up on the Christmas, etc, week. #1 came after me on Sat.. amd we went to MI - 345 mi. but that traffic was good, weather was good and made good time. Checked in gto hotel then went to dauighter's home. (there are going to be lots of typos) i hadn't been there for 2 yrs. Christmas!My sweet greats were there and I was so very glad to see them. Been a long time. Jacob made up with me right away and would come running to me. Arabella knew me of course but she is grandma's girl. I'm so happy about that too!!!!

    Went out to eat and then had Christmas with Dawn, two sons, and grdaugher and family. was a fun time. Back to hotel for the night. Had breakfast in the wonderfuil and exxpensive coffee shop. How about $2.50 for coffee??? I had already dressed for the rehiearsal which was early - about 2:30. I so enjoyed it. rehearsal dinner was just around the corner from te church and hotel. Another great time.

    I got dressed for the wedding of Matt and Anna and wore a dress that I had worn at another grandson's wedding. Does anyone remember my8 long tales on here about trying to find blue shoes? And I didn't find them either.

    I had decided that this time, I was going to have newe shoes!! I ordered and finally found some that looked gfreat, low heel, navy and pretty. Well, when I got dressed for the wedding,------yo0u'll never guess what???????? THEY WERE TOO BIG! They fit when they came!!!!!
    All I could do was wear them. I had to walk down the aisle trying to hold them on!!!!!!!!!! After the wedding, I decided that I could n ot do thise anymore. The reception was in the hotel so I went upstairs and put on my very conservative and not too attractive comfortable Naturalizers!!! me and shoes!!!!! I am going to call the shoe man tomorrow and ask if he can do anygthing about shoes that are 1/2 too

    But I had a wonderful time! The whole family except 1 grandson and his wife were there. To you FB people, Look at my page - Joan Clark - and there is that picture of us all! So proud. But i missed my sweetheart and i know that others in the family did too.

    Came home and the weather dipped to near 0! The wind chills have been awful. I wear cuddleduds, top and bottom, a turtleneck and a sweater. Have to turn on extra heat in the family room. Cold, cold and I do not like it at all. Our lunch bu9nch all headed south (not warm there now) - all 3 of them and the remaining one is the mother of the very ill young man and she is in so much pain in her back/leg she can't do anything. Ii don't want to bother her so wrote a letter and told her why I don't call and when she would like to visit, just call me.

    Today was a school snow day from that big snow storm that headed to the midwest. A yo0ung man cleaned every thing up and now the wind is blowingt and bringing in the lake effect snow and cold air. Grumble, grumble, grumble!!!!!

    Oh yes, my sweet Maggie was sitting on my lap Tues. and I decided toi comb her. She usually likes it but I hit somet hing in her hip and she yowled and turned around and bite me - broke skin. I hurried in the scrubbed it and poured pderoxide on it. Decided I better call the nurse and she said to comwe over. I sat and sat and waited. He cleaned it ougt---it's like a big V----- and put glue on it. Got home at 5 so tired!!!! Doesn't hurt. Got tetanus shot too.,

    But my hands can't touch anything as they are so rough on the fingertips and I can't touch anythiong!! Any suggestions how to help that?

    Sionce all the Christmas crates are back upstairs and I can't get them----the tree is still up! i got the outside unplugged and part down. Tomorrow I willi put the things i keep downstairs in a trunk away. that will make me tired too.

    i keep busy inj the morning - don't need to go to coffee but I would see no one that day if I don't!!! But afternoon I am jusgt exhausted. Evening I perk up some.

    I am sorrhy for the typos but it takes me too much time to correct them. BTW. what about Pippi and Elaine? Have I missed something that I would want to know?

    Need to find food!!!! Have some but don't know what I want.

    Gentle Hugs,

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  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Found a brownie mix! 15 more minutes and it will be cool enough to cut! Yummy!

    To all of those that don't write because they think their life is boring: someone on here told me that it didn't matter if I didn't have anything to say. Write anyway because that lets us know you're alright.

    So there!

    Write about anything. We don't care.

    Just don't make me feel bad about having named my dust bunnies or not mopping because my mop is frozen.

    So, what y'all gonna tell me to cook this weekend? I'm waiting for ideas.

    Brownies, brownies, brownies, brownies!

    Anybody watching the football game tonight?
  14. jole

    jole Member

    Yes, this volume is going very fast!

    Lin, good to see you back! And Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds as though it was a good one for you. Glad hubby took you out for dinner and bought you a gift also...what a sweetie!
    Tell that Annie girl we'd love to see her back again if she's up to it...it's been so long and my memory is so bad that I've actually forgotten her son's name now, but remember they were trying to get a diagnosis at the time she left the board. I miss her!

    Thanks for the bag of energy! Think we all appreciate that, and are running low with this darn cold weather.

    Joan, it's great to have you back also....I did see your family pic on FB and Julie's right, you have a beautiful family. I can see why you're so very proud of them. You look wonderful in the picture!

    Your day sounds like mine. I'm usually up early, energy leaves quickly, and then in the evening when it's time for bed it's back. Wish our lives weren't so backward! But we take what we get. You are really brave getting out every day for coffee, especially in this cold weather. I'm glad you have someone to clean off your walk and driveway for you.

    Rock, I tried to post after you, but it wouldn't let me submit. First time that's ever happened to me. So I logged out and then I couldn't even get back on. Knew how frustrated you feel when that happens to you!

    Oh well, I didn't have anything exciting to say anyway. Which goes to prove, Linda, you don't need to. Okay, maybe "you" do, but "I" don't...lol...I can ramble easily some days.

    Teacher, we didn't have school here today simply because of the cold temps. Wind chills of -30, and nearly all country routes. Probably just as well though, 'cause the snow did blow and drift last night, and hubby got stuck in a drift about 18 miles from here this morning. Took him 40 minutes to shovel his way out. It was blowing snow across the road enough that he couldn't see the drift until he hit it.

    Glad to hear your little corner turning adventure was no worse. Amazing how hard and fast a heart can beat without exploding though, isn't it?

    Elaine, hope you're doing well, spirits are up, and pain is down. Love ya, sweetie!

    Georgia, Spring et all, will visit next time. Glad to see Linda and Joan back! Waiting on the other MIAs to show up also. Yes, we're family, and need to stay in touch. I'm actually feeling a bit better tonight. Hoping it lasts through tomorrow so I can finally get some cleaning started. Think I need to hire Granni and Julie to bring in our meals though..........
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Yup! Woke up at my usual time and they were reading a long-o list of schools that were closed today. I didn't pay too much attention until I realized the schools were in my direct vicinity. So, I hopped up and turned on Ye Olde 'Puter.

    My system had decided to close for today! I just about fell out of my chair! We NEVAH close.

    Then I had to giggle. I have this great song called "Snow Day". It's full of all the great things you can do in the snow when you find out that school is closed: snowball fights, snowmen, sledding, loosing your boots and gloves in the snow, coming inside after you're all wet, etc.

    When I first got this song, we used to sing it all the time. The kids love it. But then it got crazy. I pulled it out one January, and we had a blizzard! I pulled it out again another time and we had an ice storm.

    I learned to time it when I pulled that song out. It was too funny how it started coming true!

    So why the giggle? All I did yesterday was TALK about finding it! hee hee hee hee heee

    So anyway.

    Guess what? While I was typing, the weather report just came on. We're closed because we got 3 inches of snow. 3 INCHES! I don't remember not going to school because of 3 inches! (I was a student in this system ages ago)

    We're raising wusses these days! Oh well, I guess that means I get to go back to bed.

    When I get up again I'll have plenty of time to feed my dust bunnies, do some laundry, eat more brownies, and defrost my dentures.

    Nap time!

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