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    Rosin on the bow
    And here we go!

    Bow to your partner,
    Shake her hand.
    All face right
    and allemande.

    Bow to your corner,
    Form a star.
    Go round and round
    And there you are.

    Not too fast
    and not too slow.
    Stomp your heel
    and point your toe.

    Grab your hairbrush;
    Find your comb.
    Pack your bag and
    All Go Home!


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    I was gonna post the above on porch # 501, but somebody beat me to
    the punch. (There was only half a cup left.) So I'm recycling.

    Y-day was one of those days that has been dreaded for a long time, and
    then, Bang! Suddenly it happened. It was a disaster. Well, a small
    disaster. About the size of a Chicklet. (They still make those things?)

    Anyhoo, I was munching on breakfast. P-nut butter on an onion roll. It
    wasn't even the crunchy kind. And I heard a bang and felt a pang and
    there went my tooth. Mortally wounded. (My mother always pronounced
    "wounded" so it rhymed with "rounded". She pronounced a lot of words
    funny. Not that she didn't know better; it just amused her.

    Anyhoo, I went to the DDS and he pulled the tooth, and now I have none
    left in the bottom jaw. I have a lot on top; well, nine.

    So, I need to do something. I read an article about dental implants some
    years back. I think it said a thousand to $1,500 per tooth. I remember it
    said there are three procedures over a period of months. If there are
    complications, it could easily cost $40,000.

    Looked on line. Sites say it costs more where the cost of living is high
    (which includes Los Angeles). Expect to pay $1,500 to $3,500 per tooth.

    So anyhoo, that's out. Be cheaper to hire someone to chew my food for me.

    That leaves dental plates which I had a few years ago. They were partials and
    they worked fine for a year. After that they didn't fit anymore and nothing the
    dentist did made them any better.

    Kinda up a stump as Tennessee Ernie might have said.

    And now I see this isn't going to post. Hafta try to cut and paste. To
    quote Rose (Betty White), "Isn't it enough that I lost Butter Queen?!"

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    now that it is almost time to get eady for beddy bye !!

    Rock - sorry you lost your tooth. That is a dilemma these days. The bridges don't feel that great or last that long and the implants are super expensice. My DH got one in the front and it was a production and not to cheap either. He has another lose tooth tht has been loose for some time. Hopeit doesn't fall out or we are in trouble.

    Georgia - Glad you didn't see that guy around that used to work a your old place or whatever he did. Sounds sort of spooky to me. Hope he doesn't show up anywhere close to your neighborhood and maybe getting some kind of help.

    Spring Water - Hope all is well with you after all the festivities you were supposed to go to.

    Went to the Rheumy today to get more med. scripts. Glad I don't have to go again till next year. No problems but my b/p was way high. I didn't think it helped getting up super early and having to wait forever in the office after the nurse put me in the room to wait for the doc. I know I was also probably antsy waiting for the doc to come in and get it over with so we could leave and DH get to his meeting on time. He brought me as the driving in that traffic is not that great either or that close by.

    I just came home after it was all done, DH went to his meeting and was lazy for the rest of the day. Tomorrow I had better plant the rest of the marigolds that DH bought the other day. Little by little it is looking like Spring with colorful flowers blooming. I just trust there will be no more frost going on :)!!

    Hope everydobby has a great weekend. Nothing much going on for us after tomorrow. Sat evening I will make Corned Beef and Cabbage since DH went out today and had the same thing for lunch at his meeting.

    Hugs to all my dear Porchies, many of whom I am missing from being MIA for so long.

    Love to everydobby,
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    had opened up porch and then it was gone poof! so today i searched n guess where it
    was playing peek a boo? The health board! Thats right. The usual place where all
    hookey playing posts seem to like hiding in.

    I hauled it right back here :


    I wish i could wear a white muslin dress with frills, Teachers tiara and dance dance dance.

    Yesterday was quiet. My head is doing funny things. I feel a squelching inside right in the middle
    part of the brain and then when i was lying down got this weird tingly feeling all over like pins and needles and hot flashes. Tried not to panic. Also i notice if i move around and bend down to get something i feel like im going to fall and the head starts feeling like something heavy is inside it. If i hadnt had this sort of thing happen before years ago I would have been having panic attacks by now.

    So i am just treating this as yet another wonderful addition to my list of various complaints falling under chemical imbalance and cfs.

    Deep breathing and meditation is helping a lot. Im not feeling like im going to fall over any
    moment anymore.

    DHs aunt called to give me the news that her daughter that got married and went off to
    Swtizerland two years ago, has at last got a job in a finance company. i know she wants
    me to phone or mail the daughter and congratulate her. Ive gone and lost the phone number
    tho. Help!

    yesterday i was able to wade thru some old stuff and give away clothes to our help. I felt
    good about getting some clutter out of the way. My big brother is coming today and i have
    kept some stuff for him. I am going to de clutter in a big way. Grrrrr.

    God Bless


    Well, that was yesterday, today i am feelng much better. the squelching in the head
    (which really frightens me) is gone. It feels lighter and i feel normal - er than usual.

    We had our last marigolds in October, Granni. Theyre such bright user friendly flowers.

    Georgia- thanks for the info re Jaminhealth, i was hoping desperately that she hadnt
    fallen sick. Its frightening about that man on the loose and sad for him.

    Today i really need to get myself to take a bath. And comb out the knots in my hair.

    God Bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wanted to check out the Porch today to make sure it was still up and functioning :)!! I guess it is VERY slowly. Wanted to say HI to everydobby before I force myself out to go and plant the remaining flowers in the beds. I have to do a little bit a a time with my pain. Sometimes after getting down to plant I have trouble getting up and I am all hunched over like a 100 yr old.

    SW - glad to see you my dear and JULIE too. Glad you are both doing OK, all things considered. SPRING- nothing like some extra crazy symptoms when you already have a bunch. I know what you mean, believe me, even though not panic attacks for me. I just have different kinds of pain in different places, sort of.

    Julie - When my FIL was living with us and got really bad he would blame me or others for taking his stuff. For the most part, I was lucky at that point just to get in and dust his room and change his sheets occasionally. Lorraine sounds so funny when she is trying to crawl while sleeping. Bbies are so funny to watch, sleeping or not.

    Rock - sorry about your lost posts. Sounds like Bill is helping to find them :)!!


    Susan2009 - thanks to you also for moving the lost posts ! Hope you are doing well today !1

    Well everydobby, I need to go and try and plant those flowers. If I sit much longer I won't make it outdoors.

    Love you awl,
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    BILLCAMO New Member

    Right now , I can't find my behind with either hand... :>)

    But still trying !!!!!!! ;>) LOL....

    Blessings ,

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I just lost an unifinished post this morn but it was to our power cuts. However,
    I didn’t get as frustrated as I normally would have; maybe I am on the way
    To enlightenment, and becoming a Buddha. The Buddha was the embodiment
    Of patience, nothing rattled Him.

    Susan – thanks for bringing Bill Camos post here. The board has been behaving

    Bill – always nice when u drop in. you cant find your behind, I cant find parts
    Of my brain. A normal goings on among us folks here.

    Julie – I had a friend who had to take care of a MIL who had AD. She said it was
    Difficult when the MIL would scold her for ‘hiding’ her keys/ring etc when al the
    Time, it had just been kept in a different place by MIL herself. The MIL even
    Went missing one day and after frantic few days turned up in India! She was such
    A smart business woman she must have fooled the border police with her talks
    And demeanour. Anyways, some kind friends from India went and fetched her

    Rock – the prices of dental and other care out there amaze me. No wonder everyone
    Who goes from here is mortally afraid to get sick there. How is your tooth now?

    Granni – have you finished planting the marigolds? The other day it rained and I
    Was so afraid my sweet peas and poppies wouldget damaged. We always get hail
    Around this time, when the garden is in full bloom.

    Today is festival of colour. People throwing colour and water filled balloons at
    Each other. They aren’t usng so much colour, the cost of living is so high I guess
    They don’t want to ruin their clothes. My son went out early this morn tojoin
    His friends. I gave him an old old t shirt I unearthed from the store room and
    A pair of half pant denims. It wont matter if he ruins those. I have expressly
    Forbidden him to throw balloons at strange girls which seems to be the main
    Agenda of this festival these days.

    Tomorrow the three of us elder brother me and middle brother will have to go
    To visit niece at the hospital and watch their Sports Day. Then we get to bring
    Her home on home leave. I know no ones looking forward to that, but the
    Hospital staff assure us she is much better and if we don’t take her now, she
    Will refuse to come back later if she needs to be rehospitalised.

    Of course no one is talking about the bills waiting to be settled there. Heigh
    Ho, what fun. If my head doesn’t feel better I don’t think I shall go. I simply
    Cant afford to mess with my head. I am so so tired of feeling ill.

    Well everyone, take care

    God Bless
  8. jole

    jole Member

    Rock, I hope you can find a good dentist for those dentures. My sis has dentures that screw into the jaw bone. Not individual tooth implants. But the dentures are secure and never come out. She loves them! They don't work for everyone though and sometimes the screws pull out of the jaw bone. I think they should have to come with a guarantee.....or free replacement!

    Not sure if you read the Lounger site, but I had my follow up appt. The meds were not the cause of my macrocytosis...it's worse. But the doc (who is now leaving for another city) has decided not to do the bone marrow biopsy yet, which is fine by me. He said the anemia isn't bad enough for full-blown leukemia, so will watch and recheck in 6 months. I'm really not concerned. Have enough worries just trying to make it from morning to night most days anyway. The rest can take care of itself. Can't change it anyway. Does seem the lack of energy is getting worse.

    Grandsons are going to be here this week, and I'm excited. They are 12 and 9, want to work, and are very self-efficient. Thinking they will help clean out the garage and my flower garden....ahhhhh...if only the weather cooperates! I do at least want to be able to sit on the porch and enjoy listening to their bickering....hahahaha...........Jole

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in for a quick HI. Have to run to CVS after DH leaves to go play golf with a friend. Need to take a look around the store plus go explain about the prescription that was calaled in to them. The Dr's office screwed up and gave them a years script. I wanted them to call or fax another 2 refills on DH's b/p med. We were almost out of meds before he went to see the doc. So, they called it in to the mail order that sent it right away (only on refill). When I sent them an e-mail telling them to call or fax another 2 refills to make it a year. Instead of doing tht to the mail order script they called the CVS here locally. Geez !!!!

    Spring - Hope your head starts feeling better soon and hope that the visit with your neice goes well (at home). How long is she supposed to be staying out of the hospital? Is it at your house? Good luck and hope all goes well.

    Georgia - Hope your weather dries and warms up soon for you so you can plant your veggies. Glad you are having a relaxing day.

    Jole - How great to see you on the Porch again. Miss you when you are not around. I guess it must be Spring Break coming up for your g kids since you will be having them. Will they be there for the whole week? How nice they can help you too. Sorry to hear that your problems are not caused by the meds but hope it will just go away for you and not cause you any more problems.

    Rock - Hi there, hope your weather is behaving itself in CA. and that all is well. Hope also tht some of your posts don't decide to get lost again :)!! What apain that is, isn;t it?? BTW, thanks for starting us up again with you wonderful square dance call.

    Julie - Sorry your dad seems to be getting worse. That s a good idea to be asking about tips and what to do , etc. Any kind of help or self help (via you) groups might be helpful to you. It is such a worry, I know.

    Gotta leave for now. Will make my corned beef and cabbage today since I could do it on St. Patty's Day.

    Missing all my MIA's. Elaine - how are you doing? Hope all continues to go well.

    Love to you awl,


    BILLCAMO New Member

    dental probs seem to be common with us fighting these DDs......

    Been fighting some myself and haven't found a dentist here that wants less than $200 per month....no room on the credit card either......

    Only way I could afford that is to make "armed/unauthorized" withdraws....:>)......not my style.....lol.....

    Blessings ,

  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Router died. got new one. computer doesn't like it so am limping with old one until can make other arrangements.

    Have been in constant pain ofr three weeks. lower back it the workst.

    Work. Won't heven tstart there.

    House is this close to being condemmeed becasue is such a mess. sister can't help either bacaese her chornses disesase is flaring right now.

    Basby is peskey. Parents are needdy.

    I wato to cry.

    I haoep thisgns are going better for you all thatn for me.

    Praysrers and good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - glad to hear from you. Sorry you aren't feeling well and apparently having other problems at school. Yes, as Georgia said is there any chance to be able to take an early retirement or not? OR could you sub or work part time? Maybe PT music teacher might be hard to find unless perhaps you find a couple of teachers that are pregnant and you could sub for them :)!! Glad you found us again so you could at least vent !!

    Julie - Sorry you have to go through so much with your parents, especially your dad. You have a lot ofpatience which is a good thing. Explaining the way you are doing to them is good. However,now he just has to remember when you told him. Then your mom has to remember he is not trying to be mean to her but that his memory is not what it really should be. So glad you arenot working any nore. You would almost have to go to work to get some rest :)!!! To much going on at your house.

    Georgia - Hope it stops raining at your house. You need to get some ducks or fish if you get to keep your "pond". Wish we could have some of your rain. It is so dry down here, all the lakes and such are low. How are you feeling now in all this rainy weather??? Take care, you surely have enough stuff to keep you busy. Have you put down your knitting needles for awhile now that you are doing the transcribing ?? Haven't heard about knitting for some time.

    It is a beautiful sunny day and luckily I do not have any more flowers to put in unless DH goes and gets some. It will be at least in the 70's today, maybe in the low 80's.

    Hope all ios well for everydobyy ! Missing all of you MIA's and those just to tired to post.

  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Sorry for the tome of the earlier post. Keeping a stiff upper lip is difficult.

    No. I cannot retire yet. I only had 7 more years, but the State Board of Education decided to raise the minium retirement. Instead of 30 and out, it's now 35 and out. They worked out a "grandfather" chart. By the time it gets to me, I'm out at 35. Some chart, huh?

    No, I cannot go out on disability. My state still doesn't see this DD as a dibiltating illness. The hoops I would have to jump through would take all the money I have and then I'd have to find a job to pay for being disabled!

    This too shall pass. It's just a bit overwhelming at times, dontcha know.

    Coke and peanut butter cups work wonders though.

    I am still planning to go to that Cinderella ball. My shoes and dress have come in. I still gotta call and get a hair appointment. I need a fancy 'do to go with the new tiara. It's one of those that is attached to a hair comb. You just shove it in after you style your hair.

    I passed the first time homebuyer's class. I have a meeting with a finacial counselor on Thursday to see if my finanaces are such that I can buy a house.

    Kinda scary, but it will give me and my sisiter a bit more room than we have now. We're still living with boxes. I just found my phone book!

    Oh well.

    Keep up the good work here on the Porch. I see you've gotten Bill to start dancing! I can't waint to see him and Elaine doint the tango!
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jole – I didnt know you were supposed to get your bone marrow
    Tested. I get you when you say you have enough trouble getting
    Thru from morn to night. Ive been feeling the same. Esp this
    Last stretch of weeks. I hope you have a lot of fun having your
    G kids over, they seem like such lovely boys.

    Granni – did you make your corned beef and cabbage? Yum.
    I was trying to get lunch for myself and Poopsie and Tommy,
    Just now and unfortunately found the leftover lentil
    Chicken and rice gravy is smelling a teeny bit ‘off’. I am tryng
    Hard not to aggravate my head problem by eating anything
    Which might not agree with the stomach, so now found I don’t
    Have anything to eat. The bread is finished. I gave the last piece
    To Tommy. The food would have been all right in the fridge
    If we didn’t hav power cuts all day long. I hope the dogs
    Will be okay. I fed them first. Poopsie and Tommy have weaker
    Stomachs so they eat what we eat. The other dogs have their
    Own gruel.

    Bill – I too have been battling toothache for past few days. Its
    Part of the on going headache. Kind of migrainy sinusy thing.
    Beginning at the mough and extending to the crown. With little
    Jabs of pain. These past few weeks have not been much fun.
    That’s for sure.

    Julie – I did see the ‘big’ moon. But it kind of seemed not too
    Different than usual for me. A gold/yellow ball with markings
    Inside it. I guess maybe I wasn’t too much in a mood to appreciate
    Nature that time. It wasn’t a very clear night so that could have
    Made it more blurry looking from here. Hope Dens sleep study
    Goes well.

    Teacher – I hope you soon start feeling better. Not nice to have
    All those problems at once. Theres just so much a body can take
    At one time. Hope you have fun at the Ball. We all need some time
    Off from coping with what we do.

    Georgia – I saw some storm footage on tv. I don’t know whats with
    The weather these past couple of years. The climate is acting up far
    Too frequently. Hope the rain subsides soon. Actually you should
    Send some rain over here. Some parts of the city hve no water so
    The locals line up their water utensils for hours to get a pot of
    Drinking water from the one common tap in the locality.

    God Bless

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, I made it to nieces Sports Day at the Mental Home. And guess
    What, it went well! My head pain let up a bit and I was able to enjoy
    The proceedings. I sent my middle brother and his son up earlier
    Because my elder bro took his own time coming over to me, and i
    Was afraid niece would be disappointed if we missed some of her

    I was so surprised at how well the Day was organized. The games
    Went off so well, and were well executed and the participants
    (all mentally ill) took part in such a disciplined manner, even the
    Chief Guest (a benefactor lady) commented in her speech later.

    A local Charity Club had donated the expenses for the games
    And there were about six of their ladies as guests to give out
    The prizes. A lot of parents were there and it touched me that
    So many, even tho most of them were not very well off, took
    The long bus journey uphill to watch their wards take part.

    The thing which struck both my elder brother and me was how
    ‘happy’ everyone was inspite of it being what it is. A mental
    institution. The organizers, the staff, the volunteers, the parents
    indeed, the patients themselves. I didn’t see anyone who was
    down in the dumps. They were all excited, smiling. Parents
    bonding and getting to know each other. Sharing stories..But
    everyone resigned and accepting of what had come their way.
    Most of the patients are schizophrenic. And are there long
    Term. A sweet young girl was there because she had been
    Rescued from the streets and even when her parents were
    Contacted, (she knew the names and address of her home),
    They werent bothering to come get here from their village.
    She suffers severe memory lapses and wont be able to survive
    On her own.

    I clicked a few pictures which I hope to put up later. My camera
    Cord is still missing and my cd writer is not working so I haven’t
    Been able to put up any new pics these days. My niece did us
    Proud. She won the last game, called the Memory game. They
    Uncover a sheet on which are piled thirty items, theyre given
    Some seconds to glance and remember and then have to write
    Down the items they remember. She got 24 out of 30. The
    Second winner got 15. She also performed the opening dance
    Which we missed. But middle brother and his son were there.
    Ome of the volunteer girls also performed local dances and
    Very graceful and good they were.

    After the games they fed all of us a nice lunch of beaten rice
    Chicken curry, buffaloe meat curry, cauliflower, potato
    Curry and chutney. And orange juice. I didn’t knw lunch
    Was being served so we had taken enough meat dumplings
    And chips chilli for us all. Later, because the package was
    Lying there, one of the patients got into it and was gorging
    On them, lol! They had to prise it away from him. And told me
    He could not be allowed to eat too much because he never
    Knew when he was full.

    Some stories were sad. They were leading one man away. And the
    Staff told me he had recently been rescued from his village where
    He was shut in a pig pen for 15 years after he became unbalanced.
    The pen was permanently shut, with nails driven into the logs to
    Keep him from getting out. He was just fed from outside. You can
    Imagine the horror he has lived thru. He could only walk unsteadily
    And his legs were shrivlled up from disuse. They said they had to
    Re teach him to walk after they rescued him. I felt exceedingly
    Small watching the work these good dedicated young people do.
    They are so cheerful and patient and its been that way every time
    We’ve met them which has been quite a couple of times now. They
    Get scolded and abused so much by the patients, My own niece
    Being one of them. But she has improved a great deal.

    I wish I could do some work there at the centre. But I am a mental case
    Myself. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. But it did my soul good to
    Go there and take part for that one day.

    We took her back. For a weeks leave. We didn’t really want to
    Because she might go off with her friends again, but the staff
    Said it was better other wise she might panic and run away again.
    She has agreed to go back after a week. Which is greatly relieving.
    Shes staying with her dad and brother.

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have a meeting to go to this morning and then need to shop for a birtthday party for son il and him Mom both having big birthdays - 50 and 70.

    Julie - Is there also a chance your father has had a slight stroke or TIA? A friend of min'es husband was soo quiet and hardly ever said a word but was pleasant all of the time that I knew him. After the stroke he became belligerent and called my friend (his wife) all kind of ugly things and names, It was horrible. Sometimes there is change in personality. There may also be some in Alz. too although my fil just was out of it and didn't say alot. People indeed are very different.

    SW - glad all is pretty well with you ahd that brother and you dad I think you said are taking your neice for a week or wo. That is wonderful that you can get a break too.

    Hi Teacher - Hope things are going better for you.

    Sorry but I have to rush off and get dressed to leave in a bit and put on makeup etc. - yuck !

    Love to awl,
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Betcha can't guess what I've been doing. I've been blending.
    My makeup. You just put a little blusher on the tip of your
    finger and run it along your jawline and...Oh wait..

    Actually I was thinking of a blended family. Remember when
    Lucy had 10 kids and Henry had 8 and they got married and...

    No, that wasn't it either. Blended Scotch? Nah.
    Scotch tastes nasty.

    Oh, I know. I've been using the Osterizer. I used to think you
    could only use it for blending oysters, but now I've found
    something new which reminds me of the nudibranch which, like
    oyster, is a mollusk.

    This morning I had chicken soup w/ turkey Spam. It is not
    a complicated recipe. You just combine and blend.

    As you probably know, by state law all Minnesotans are required to
    buy at least one can of Spam every two weeks.

    As is the case so often, the law has a loophole in it. You don't
    have to eat the Spam. You just have to buy it.

    Spam is very close to my heart, well, closer to my stomach,
    because it is made in Austin, MN. As you probably know, the
    ever so popular Spam Museum is located there. Not only is it a
    fascinating attraction. Admission is FREE!

    Even better than the Riverview Amusement Park in Chicago
    where admission was 2 cents. My aunt, who lived there,
    (in a suburb, not the park itself) said the admission fee was to
    keep out the riff raff. And it did too. I was there ca. 60 years
    ago. Saw nary a riff or a raff.

    I asked my brother, the deputy sheriff, who works for Mower
    County, where Austin is the county seat, if he had been to the
    Spam Museum. He said, "No, but I had a Spam burger the
    other day for lunch." (I believe the recipe is self-explanatory.)

    And I also blended chicken soup w/ tuna. Alas, not so tasty. I
    thought it would be better. After all the tuna was chicken of the

    I wonder, if people were used to eating tuna, and then
    chickens came along, would there be a brand of chicken named
    "Tuna of the Farm".

    I have to go do the dishes now. That blender is a nuisance.
    Too many parts to wash. Always something.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back awhile ago from my ladies luncheon. Guess wht they had - corned beef and cabbage :)!! I've been eating ours almost all week. Oh well, it was good anyway. Anytime I do not have to cook , it is a good thing :)!!!

    Julie - So sorry that Lindsey got sick and they couldn't go on their trip to see friends. Also, just hope that baby Raine doesn't get it. It is such a mess and hard with little babies.

    Hope they find out about Den's sleep apnea and more about your Dad. Sorry also about the mess in your oven with that spilled stuff from the roaster. I'm sure you didn't feel like cleaning it up but you had no choice. What ap;ain when feel yucky anyway and do not feel like doing anything.

    Spring Water - Sorry to hear about that man who had been locked up for years in pig pen fashion. How terrible that must have been. At least he is being taken care of now but just tht would make someone unstable. Glad to hear tht the visit to the hospital went well and the activities fun for all. Hope the visit out of the facility turns out well for her and everyone else.

    Georgia - Glad you will be fully retired soon. Your shwl sounds interesting tht you will be working on. Jusgt do what is fun and interesting to you !!

    Rock - I love reading your posts. They really get one thinking :)!! To bad Elizabeth Taylor died today. She was a very successful and good actress for many years, since childhood.

    Next time you are making tuna casserole or whatever don't use cream of chicken soup. That is probably what you hjad on hand. Cr. of Mushroom soup seems to mix well with most dishes. I used to use it all the time, still do occasionally with all kinds of recipes. You like to cook like me now - EASY and quick !!

    Jole - Hope you are feeling not to bad and enjoying your grandkids..

    Well, I had better leave for now. Hope everydobby else is doing well, Sorry if I missed many of you.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Georgia, what's this about retiring? Thought it was already a
    done deal. Just read the biography of Nunnally Johnson, a
    screenwriter-director-producer from the 20s through the 40s.
    Wrote a hundred or so movies including famous ones like Grapes
    of Wrath and Three Faces of Eve.

    Anyhoo someone called him and said, "What's this in the
    paper about you being formally retired?" He said, "Well,
    I put on my white tie and tails and I retired."

    Are you spinning w/ your spinning wheel? There are many
    videos of spinning on youtube including one of a guy spinning
    w/o a wheel. The dog in his lap looks like a relative of Zippy.

    Yes, we are having lots of rain. Had a terrible storm last
    weekend. Today we are supposed to get rain that will
    last 3 days. So far, however, still sunny. Was 61 degrees a
    few hours ago.

    Julie, doesn't stuff like that roaster spill drive you bonkers?!
    I do it all the time. This morning I took the blender outta the
    dish drainer and put stuff in it. Unfortunately I hadn't put the
    bottom on the blender. Arrrrgh!

    Y-day I started to put the margarine in the microwave twice.
    Sure hope warm weather come to the Hawkeye state soon
    and brings good health with it.

    What kind of literary volunteer were you? Were you teaching
    reading? I studied so I could do that, but it didn't work out.
    The people I called to make appointments at the library were no
    interested. And then I went back to work, so I couldn't do it

    Granni, "quick and easy" is the way to go when one is cooking.
    Just checked the net. Lots of books that have that title; or at
    least meet that description.

    Yes, Liz is gone. I heard on the news that she never cared for
    the nickname "Liz". Much preferred Elizabeth.

    She made dozens of movies. Some were pretty bad, but movies
    are the product of lots of people (writers, directors, producers,
    actors, technicians), so one can't just blame the stars.

    I think her best were: Lassie Come Home, National Velvet,
    Life with Father, Giant, Raintree County, Cat on a Hot Tin
    Roof, Suddenly Last Summer, and Taming of the Shrew.

    Isn't it amazing how much trouble it has become to get a Rx
    filled? I hate the new CVS and Rite Aid stores. Good old
    Thrifty Drug was much better.

    Teacher, Yes, two of the most popular meds are Coke and
    P-nut butter cups. But are they strong enough for your pain?
    That router of yours working? I hope you are feeling better.

    BTW, ever hear of an opera called "The Music Teacher"?
    It's by Allen Shawn. Saw a recording of it for sale the
    other day.

    Well, better go tend to Zippy.

    Hugs and waves to everydobby
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - sorry to hear of Lindseys illness. I did wish you could have gotten
    that break. My husband also snores a lot in his sleep and snorts and stops
    breathing but here they dont know what is apnea and all that and i dont
    know if he needs to be looked at. Someone on the net once told me he
    should get himself checked. Remember to rest every so often. Dont over
    exert. So much going on with you right now.

    Thats sad tohear about your brother and he being depressed. This
    disorder has played havoc with my life and i am sooo frightened to hear
    of anyone getting this. I hope he looks after himself well. Buthow
    wonderful that he gets job offers. So its not that worrying as it could
    have been.

    Rock - i hate washing blenders too. I hate putting the things together
    also. Juicers and all. So many sharp parts. I havent used my blender for
    really long. The last was when daughter used to use it to blend banana
    and curd together to apply it on her hair when she was here last.
    Actually ladies, curd, egg and olive oil works a treat for dry hair. I mashed
    everything together with a fork and applied to my hair because i got
    desperate trying to get the knots out. My hair looked very good for two
    days after that.

    Granni - I too hope the home visit for my niece will go on all right. How are
    the planted marigolds taking on? My husband just won a golf tournament
    and brought home a crystal trophy. Unfortunately it was a small tournament
    so no big prizes. When the prizes are big all the really good golfers participate
    and then he has no chance. The day he won his friends caught hold of him
    and made him treat them all to a round/rounds of drinks. he came home
    plastered after a long time. Normally because of his blood pressure, he doesnt

    Georgia - I was wondering when you would start knitting again. Like Rock, I too
    thought you were already retired. Volunteering to teach people to read seems
    like a wonderful thing to do. What kind of students will you be having? Foreign
    immigrants? Has Rottie been behaving herself?

    I got a break the other day. Niece and her brother received some money from
    some French sponsors who visit annually. They are a medical team. Its actually
    for their school fees. Although the total amount they receive would probably only
    pay for seven months for one of them, its still a big help. Nieces other aunt had
    told me to please make sure they hand over the money to me and i use it to
    pay the mental home fees for niece. Well, big brother took niece and nephew
    to meet the sponsors and had a bad time because the sponsors demanded to
    see nieces school report for past year. as you know she studied for four
    months in usa and then got sick. so there was no report to show. in the end
    brother had to tell them the truth. they gave the money this time but told
    brother she would have to enroll in college this year otherwise they wouldnt
    help out. nephew has been doing so well in his hotel management and
    accounting classes and the sponsors were pleased. big brother and niece
    came to me and gave me the money to keep.

    I showed niece the money
    we had already paid for her hospital stay and deducted that and she agreed
    to keep the rest of the money with me so she and her brother wouldnt spend it
    all, I did give them pocket money from that. I guess some money will again go
    when she gets re admitted into the hospital. Unless the two kids need something
    really bad and it gets finished.

    My middle brother is lucky he has my elder brother. Its kind of a long journey
    to the Tibetan monastery where the sponsors and they have their meetings.
    And theyhad to keep going back and forth. Plus middle brother hardly talks.
    Alcohol has consumed what brain cells he had. And im too exhausted to
    go for all those long drives. So yes, im glad elder brother got this stuff done.

    God Bless

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