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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Rosin on the Bow and Here we go!

    Salute your corner, bow to your gal.
    Wave your hand at your fishin' pal.

    Ladies to the center; curtsey and back.
    Gents stay put at the old haystack.

    Allemande left, reverse, go right.
    Be here dancin' till late at night.

    Do-see-do and swing her around.
    The hogs got out and can't be found.

    Parade your gal from here to Nome.
    Now all join hands and all go home.


    Well, something is acting up again. Try to post and I get
    "on" in tiny letters instead of the previous post. That's the
    signal that one's post will just vanish into the ether.

    Actually, the ether vanished too. Scientists now say it doesn't

    Not the anesthesia. The ether in outer space. It was invented
    a century ago. Now it's gone along with the 4 humors of
    primitive medicine.

    Should you desire to read about same, see here:


    The subject involves light, but I wouldn't call it light reading.

    Nice to see ya, Jole. My energy level has been really low
    since last summer. But it's been a bit better this past week.
    I can't see any difference re: cause; no change in diet, meds,
    brand of booze, etc.

    I remember a decade or two back Corrie Ten Boom was in
    the public eye. I tried reading one of her books, but didn't
    get very far. I'd look her up and refresh my memory, but I
    don't do so much of that any more. Just forget everything
    in a week or two anyway.

    I know what you mean about getting a new doctor. I'd like
    to also, but I don't have the energy. And there's now way
    to know in advance in the new one would be any better. Might
    be worse.

    Well, something is acting up again. Try to post and I get
    "on" in tiny letters instead of the previous post. That's the
    signal that one's post will just vanish into the ether.

    Actually, the ether vanished too. Scientists now say it doesn't

    Not the anesthesia. The ether in outer space. It was invented
    a century ago. Now it's gone along with the 4 humors of
    primitive medicine.

    Should you desire to read about same, see here:


    The subject involves light, but I wouldn't call it light reading.

    Nice to see ya, Jole. My energy level has been really low
    since last summer. But it's been a bit better this past week.
    I can't see any difference re: cause; no change in diet, meds,
    brand of booze, etc.

    I remember a decade or two back Corrie Ten Boom was in
    the public eye. I tried reading one of her books, but didn't
    get very far. I'd look her up and refresh my memory, but I
    don't do so much of that any more. Just forget everything
    in a week or two anyway.

    I know what you mean about getting a new doctor. I'd like
    to also, but I don't have the energy. And there's now way
    to know in advance in the new one would be any better. Might
    be worse.

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  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    AND I got a new joke book. I'm on Chapter One, The Bathroom.


    A clean "x"!

    hee hee hee hee


    Will be back later. Gotta go chiropact myself, get my eyeball framse adjusted, and by toitel paper. Sister went shopping and got everything except that! What a nut! hee hee hee hee

    My plan is to cathc up with all of you and STAY THAT WAY! This behinder stuff is for the birds!

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good to hear from you. Hope your behinder is better. What do you
    mean "chiropact" yourself. Isn't that like being your own grandpa.
    ('member that old novelty tune? I do. You can hear it on Youtube.)

    "A clean X." Ha Ha! Reminds me of the old riddle. What do you get
    when you turn a poodle into a fish?

    The board was acting funny yesterday, but seems to be working OK right
    now. It's just too much when both we and the board are on the fritz.

    Planted some tomatoes yesterday. I plant tomatoes; you plant tomahtoes. etc.
    Cherry and a yellow one called Sungold.

    Answer to the riddle: you get a fish.

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I made multiple attempts yesterday and today to post on your
    auxilary thread. Just keep getting "on". It's a real turn off.

    Between the black hole where the missing clothes go, and the
    antics of the board, life is full of mysteries.

    Hope you get some rain today.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    This will be short since my lower back area, esp on one said is killing me. Have to go sit on the heating pad again a little while after I get off here. Just put some rub on it. Geez, I got from one thing to another or all together !!!

    Teacher - so glad you are offfrom school for the summer. Hope you can actually rest some and get a few things done that are needed.

    Hi Rock and SW. The boards sure has been slow and I am not much better lately :)!! Seemed like something was going on with the boards for you guys. I couldn;t tell from here except for some double posting from Rock and maybe a bit from SW. Need to ge on the heating pad again. I slept with it a bit last night bt then gave up and threw it off for the rest of the night.

    Jole - so nice to hear from you before. Sory you have had to become less independent but we all do what we can. I know what you mean. I wish my b/p and pain could behave itself so I could do more stuff with the g kids in the city, However, I am NOT driving there myself ! Also, I cannot not take anything new , like driving to new places (esp in the BIG city) . My b/p won't behave and anything stressful that I used to be able to take I'm afraid is gne forever. Luckily, I do some local driving. I learned to drive late inthe came too which I am sure does not help.

    How is your family doing and are they helping you any?

    More later on? Haven't hear from you it seems in so long, besides the other day?

    Love y'all,
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Great to hear from you , Teacher! Enjoy your holidays.

    Georgia - thats a relief that G'pa is fine. That is something. Enjoy your trip out of town
    with your friend.

    I think ive entered the PMS stage; theres this ache in the back of my legs radiating
    up to my back shoulder; and low mood. However, ive been up and about and not
    lying in bed all day.

    Rock n Granni -enjoying reading your posts, they keep me up and optimistic.

    As is usual for this time of month, ive been having strong sugar and carbo cravings
    so went out at 8pm last night to the supermarket and got myself some cookies
    chocolate ones for my son and plain ones for me, and some potato tomato chips.

    Its a good thing the DH lets me go out at that time of night. It would have been
    a no no at my inlaws.

    God Bless
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just hope that something bad hasn't happened to him as you said before, it was in a bad area where there has been some violence and they were warning people.

    If he has "run away" that is something else but didn't you say all his stuff is still at your home? Who knows also of course if something may have snapped in his mind. Did he go completely by himself? Was he supposed to meet anyone he knew that you knew of? Were you both on good terms when he left? Any tiffs? Sorry for acting so nosey but I am genuinly afraid and worried about him. Of course also in a different country you can't report him missing, or it would be dificult I suppose.

    There are so many questions. I am sure you have gone over all of them in your head. Thanks for posting. I have been worrying myself, especially living in a state where we probably have many illegals and bad guys coming over here to make money and cause problems.

    I agree with you if he was of sound mind and just took off, you don't need that. No one does !! How was his mind lately at home? Didn't you say some time ago he was having problems with his memory?

    I am so sorry to hear this Georgia. It is so worrysome and I know how this must be making you feel. !! Hope you can go and a have a good chat with your friend. It will be good for you to vent some , if you can.

    Bye to you and all tonight.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A big P.S. Sorry Georgia my brain was not computing when I read your post esp the part of him contacting the Real Estate person or who ever it was he contacted. Talk about brain fog.

    Glad to hear that apparently he is OK if he showed up some place. How far away was that from your home? or was that is MX.? Sorry my brain has not been computing tonight. Still thinking about you and praying that things will be resolved in the right way for you both.

    Granni[This Message was Edited on 06/06/2011]
  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    just typed a WHOLE PAGE to almost all of you and stupid computer just ate it!!!!!!!!!

    In with Mr. Good Air. Out with Mr. Bad Air.

    On to the joke for today.

    What fluffy bird calls "whoo, whoo" while you dry off?

    A hoot towel.

    Frustrated kisses!
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I lept late and am eating breakfast as I type. DH got up very early and went to play golf. After this I need to go get dressed and be ready for when DH gets home. Not sure what we are doing yet other than the usual stuff around here.

    Teacher - Believe me, I do understand about especially planation.nice long newsy posts to all just disappearing into oblivion ! Very frustrating I know !

    Julie - Congratulations on your anniversary. You deserve to at least escape for one day with no worries, not that you won;t be worrying some anyway . Try to relax and just think about yourselves thought ahd have a nice get away on you anniversary.

    Georgia - Hope you red my P.S. to my last post about Grandpa. Hope he shows up soon and has a very good explanation. Hope his brain is working properly. I know some time ago you were saying he was having memory problems, etc. Hope everything works out, I can't imagine the worry though. I had problems like that with a kid of mine but not my husband. It is an awful worrry.

    SW - Hi and hope all is well with you still.

    Rock - I forgot to mention before that I just love your SQ calls and it gets us off to a perky start (a least to our volumes :)!!).

    Love to everydobby also Jole, Kjade, Elaine, Carla, Mickey, Joan, Linda, Pip and awl MIA's !! Haven't forgotten any of you !!

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia -good to hear G'pa and you spoke. We was all worried when there was no word.

    Julie - thanks for checking in. have a good good anniversary. it was good of the girls
    to book the cabin for you.

    Granni - hope the pain in your one side lets up. Pain is no fun.

    Teacher - sorry you lost your post; hope you can check in again soon

    Rock - lol, dont know what happened to my thread. but at least this one is working.

    Im very tired. i went and visited MIL and it was a good visit.Got only good vibes
    from her this time. She gave me a lot of potatoes and apples when i left. i was
    quite energetic even when i got home so washed a lot of dishes and roasted
    a chicken the way DH likes it, with sage, lemon, paprika, thyme, olive oil and
    onions. son liked it a lot.

    i had my dinner, a big one becoz i was hungry and as usually happens after a
    big meal, im very tired.

    God bless us all and make things go right for everyone

    love you all

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad you spoke to Grandpa and have all his contact info. I am sure you felt a lot better after that. Did he mention why he didn't call sooner? Perhaps a bit of depression and then just not thinking. Sometimes men, even those who think well enough can be thoughtless about such things . I am however, thrilled you have heard from him. I was getting a bit nervous myself and like Julie kept checking to see if you heard anything !!

    SW - can I come over for some chicken. It really sounds yummy. I haven't baked a whole chicken in some time with just us being here. Although if I made it we would probably almost eat the whole thing, depending on the size of the chicken tht is. DH LOVES chicken any way.

    I love it too and am trying to figure out what to do with it. It is just the bonesless / skinless breasts I have thawing I think. Any other ideas??

    My hip or area around there still hurts but is much better than it was. It is bad enough when I have pain every day almost everywhere and then something else crops up - geez ! I am sick of it already !

    Love to awl,

  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm back to try again. Gonna keep this one short though.

    Earlier, I was trying to be supportive and loving and all that stuff. Also was trying to warn Spring about Bill and is tenency to swipe cookies!

    Computer seems fine now, but I dunno.


    Spring, reading about your roast chicken makes me want to come right on over with a big bowl of potato salad, kick off my shoes, and fight your hubby for the last bite!

    Julie, I hope you have a lovely time at your anniversary hide-away. Be sure to take lots of smelly stuff and something slinky!

    Goatie, I'm glad you heard from Grandpa. Nothin' mo' stressful than missin' someone an not being able to get in touch with them.

    Granni, I hopw you side gets better. Nothin' worse that hurting all the time.

    All I've done is sleep today. I figured I wasn't gonna have a good day when the computer ate everything this morning, so I did what any sensible person would do. I went back to bed.

    Gotta get into some clothes here soon though. Supposed to go house shopping later.

    Don't remember if I told youse that. I'm looking but keeping on the down-low in most circles because I don't want a whole lot of chatter. I can't think when I get lots of input, you know what I mean?

    Rock, I love Gordon's flowers. I thnk of them as my virtual garden since I have a black thumb.

    Gonna go stuff my face now and sigh with disappointment becasue it's not Spring's roast chickne.

    Love you!
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I've been getting funny e mails for the past month. Get one
    or two almost every day. A pop-up announces
    "This message is from an unknown sender and has been
    hidden to protect your privacy."

    The name of the sender is always something weird and
    unpronounceable. Like Brannohwquat.

    What can it be but those hateful people whose hobby is sending
    out viruses? Takes four clicks to get rid of these pests.

    Georgia, you must be so relieved and also exasperated to
    finally hear from G'pa. I agree with you about too much
    drama in our lives.

    The place for drama is in the theater. I remember a therapist
    finishing a series of therapeutic classes for adult children of
    alcoholics. She said, "I hope from now on you will have nice,
    dull lives. You've all had way too much drama thus far."

    Teacher, thanks for the hoot towel joke. A nice example of
    dry humor. (rim shot) Pun alert.

    (I alert people because nowadays when I read Dave Barry,
    who uses lots of puns, I skip right over them if he doesn't
    point them out.)

    Sorry to hear you have a black thumb. Mine's not especially
    green either. I'm sure Gordon or a nursery person or
    the net could give you list of low maintenance plants for
    where you live. But I suspect you're too busy to garden.
    Do you have a plot? A window box? A pot? A dusty corner?

    Several months back one of Gordon's coworkers bought a
    house. Gordon gave him half a dozen different plants for
    the yard. He told me the other day, "He killed a cactus!
    How can anyone kill a cactus? You practically have to hit
    them with axe!"

    Very likely it was killed with kindness. Way too much water.

    Granni, what sort of cream did you put on. Did it help?
    I remember a couple decades ago I had some kind of
    problem. Can't remember what exactly. Anyhoo a friend
    at the office said to use Icy Hot cream. I did and was
    amazed at how effective it was.

    Yes, you're right about cinnamon helping blood sugar, not
    book pressure. It was just my ALZ talking. SOL
    (Smiling out loud.)

    Springwater, I never heard of potato tomato chip. Last time
    I was at the market, I wanted potato chips so I could make
    tuna hot dish. They were $4 a bag which I refuse to pay.
    Then Gordon found something new. The store's brand which
    was half that price.

    Can't believe what potato chips cost now. Can hardly believe
    what anything costs now. Anyhoo, when I was a kid, the
    biggest maker of potato chips was the Red Dot company.
    A small bag was a dime. The big bag was a quarter.

    Looked on the net to see if the company still existed. Turns
    out when I was in college it was sold to the Lay company
    which then merged with the Frito company thus
    producing (get ready for it) Frito-Lay.

    I think I'd better post this before it goes poof. Back soon.

  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I have killed a cactus.

    I have also broken Tupperware.

    AND ......................

    I broke an almost 50-year-old well-seasoned cast iron skillet.

    Like I said. I have a black thumb.

    hee hee hee heee

    BTW, Mommy wasn't happp about the skillet. It was a wedding present.

    hee hee hee hee hee hee heee
  15. teacher

    teacher New Member


    A hare-dresser.

    Good morning, Everydobby.

    Not much going on here today. Just going to try my hand at housekeeping and grocery shopping.

    Energy levels a bit low today, but that's OK. School's out so I don't have to worry about that.

    Youse all have a good day.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - glad to have you back. Missed your good humor even if things were going rotten for you at times. Have fun shopping and husekeeping today. If you have any more NRG you can come and help me (IF SPRING WATER DOESN'T SHOW UP) :)!!

    Georgia - Hope you are feeling better having talked to Grandpa and hope he will be back soon. I know that is such a scary situation when you have no idea where womeone is and they were supposed be home long ago - esp. in such places as MX that are not the safest any more.

    Rock - I think it was you who asked what I was putting on my elbow. It is a regular med and not to cheap at that. It is called Pennsaid. The doc gave me 2 samples and I hopefully do not have to continue to take it after the samples run out. Still on my first bottle.

    My lower back is a lot better even though not all gone. The heating pad helped a lot. Nothing else that thrilled in going on around here. I went shopping at WalMart this morning and that was my big thrill for the day.

    I go to choir practice tonight. At least I can drive again. If anyone wants summer just come here, we have it :)!! I know that it is at least in the 90's. We have already had 101 or so, and it is just May already. Thank G for a/c !! Think of all those people living in TX.years ago, with long dresses , etc, and no electricity. OMG !!! How lucky we are :) !!

    Love to awl,
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Is is something in the air? i felt really bleh yesterday and this morning. only now just
    perkin up a bit.

    Granni - glad to hear your back is a bit better. Mine was aching too yesterday.
    the upper part and shoulders mostly. It just got better now.

    Teacher - i laughed out loud at your post re the black thumb. I have never ever
    heard of a black thumb.

    Also how you and Rocks friend killed a cactus. I was thinking you would
    need a pretty powerful black thumb to kill a cactus.

    I think i have a black thumb where stitching is concerned
    stitchng and knitting. i envy Georgia her green thumb where knitting is concerned

    glad to hear schools out and you have some respite.

    last eve DH picked up the phone and it was a cousin sis of his inviting the
    family to dinner today. I wanted to cry. I was feeling so bad. Irritable
    tired, anxious. This morn since i am feeling better it doesnt sound so bad.
    DH said he will be late because of attending two meetings so i should go
    with my BIL. so i phoned him and he and i and dhs other lil cousin sister
    will be going together. Its a bit far off on the other side of town.

    need to wash my hair nicely too. my son cant go. he is having exams.

    If only we all of us was living near each other. near means walking distance. not popping over at all times and being a nuisance distance.

    then i could roast a chicken, Gordon could make "pho' soup, Julie could
    make devilled eggs and Granni could cook roast pork and we could have
    all us porchies over and make like a feast. Oh not to forget Mr Bills

    God bless us all

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  18. teacher

    teacher New Member

    When I think of being a "Porchkateer", I think of Pippi and I smile.

    Didn't get no house cleanin' done yesterday. All I could do was sit, eat, read, and play Solitare on the computer.

    Feeling better today. This is a good thing since I have to go house shopping this morning and then go move Baby from one dorm to another this afternoon.

    She's staying on campus again this summer.


    I will skip the boring details. She's still the same and has no intention of changing.

    I, on the other hand, have learned that I've been an enabler. Not so pretty when you have to face yourself in the mirror, is it.

    I tried the adult thing by talking to her, but it was too overwhelming for me. It left me unable to be clear about my thoughts and feelings for about 2 months. I'll not try to talk things out with her again. It's not worth the after effects.

    Instead, I shall do what I do best. I shall become quietly stubborn. I'm REAL good at that! hee hee hee hee

    I have devised a way to live with that without feeling like I'm throwing a person away.

    #1 - Sister started a penny jar years ago. It was intended as spending money. It will be spent, but it will buy books this next semester. When it's gone, it's gone. No more books.

    #2 - Nothing exciting for her 21st birthday. (I can't believe she'll be that old. It seems like yesterday.) Personal care, underwear, etc.

    #3 - Chirstmas. See #2

    No more snacks for the dorm room, no DVD's on a whim, etc. She thinks she's had to do without? We'll see.

    Anyway. Enough of the boring.


    Today's joke:



    hee hee hee hee hee

    I have a black thumb when it comes to knitting, Sweet Spring, but I can stitch. I'm hoping I can do some sewing this summer. I miss it.

    I would like to get Goatie to show me how to use a spinning wheel. I know how to use a drop spindle and a walking wheel. I graduated from high school before I had a chance to learn the spinning wheel.

    You know, I bet you would like weaving. It's repetative without being monatonus. You could meditate while you work and the loom doesn't require electric.

    You're creative. I bet you could come up with some cool stuff.

    Ok. Gotta go eat and take my meds and then get dressed. Tain't nice to go out in public in ratty PJs. hee hee hee hee

    See youse later!


    P.S. Can I bring sweet potato pie to the party?

    P.P.S. I'm babysitting a friend's futon and fridge while she's off school for the summer.

    I think I should wave the white flag of surrender on house cleaning. The place I'm in is so small that there wasn't anyplance to put the futon but in the middle of the floor!

    hee hee hee hee

    Less time housecleaning = more time for sewing!

    I think I need a house!!!!!!

    hee hee hee hee hee

    Bye-bye for real this time!

    mm-wah, mm-wah, mm-wah (that kisses y'all)

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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everydobby,

    Thought I would at least pop in for a minute before I have to get off here and get dressed. DH is playing golf early before it gets to hot.

    Teacher - so glad to hear from you again and to see you didn't lose this last post :)!! Sorry to hear that your adult talk with Baby didn't work. Maybe when she gets old she will MATURE ! Yes, many young people never do and some older ones too but there is still always the hope.

    Good luck on your house hunting today. That should be fun !!

    Spring Water - Hope you had a nice dinner with the family. I think you said it was yesterday or maybe today. My brain is still not awake yet. Love your newsy and fun posts too.

    Yes we all could have a feast, couldn't we if all us porchkateers brought some food. MMMM good ! Maybe we could drag along some old MIA's too. I sure miss them all and the list is getting much to long to mention.

    Julie - still thinking of you you busy girl and your family. Sometimes I catch you on FB though. I do not know what or how you do everything you do.

    Gotta run for now.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    One of the cosmos we planted a couple days ago seems to
    have aspirations to become a vine. It was practically lying
    on its side. I attached it to a bamboo stake w/ a twist tie.
    That's one fifth of my chores for today.

    It's OK to enable plants. Not so good a policy when dealing
    w/ people, right Teacher? I think your quietly stubborn mode
    should do just fine. Or you can always fall back on Gordon's
    method for dealing w/ difficult people. "Use a skillet."

    (He never actually applies this policy. Just verbalizes.)

    Granni, does DH read? P.G. Wodehouse has a couple of
    books full of golf stories. Wodehouse on Gold; Divots;
    Golf Without Tears.

    Your current weather sounds much too hot for me. I lived one
    year in Las Vegas. In those days I was young and healthy
    (and cute), but even so it was enervating. Conversly, our
    current weater in LA is cooler than usual.

    Springwater, we haven't had a virtual party on the porch for
    quite a while. I have three dishes for pot lucks: ham salad,
    tuna casserole, or cherry cheese pie. (It's cheese pie rather
    than cheese cake because no baking is required.)

    Here's a bit of good news somebody sent me.

    That poor guy who fell into the upholstery machine is now
    fully recovered.


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