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    Rosin on the Bow and Here We Go!

    Honor your partner. Ain't life grand?!
    Now allemande right with the old right hand.

    Left foot up and right foot down.
    Swing your partner round and round.

    All join hands and circle eight.
    Then chug along like a westbound freight.

    Star to the left; star to the right.
    Keep on dancin' though the night.

    Go half way in and all yell Whoa!
    Swing once around and home you go.


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    DH is at the dentist and I am here in my jammies checking on my Porchies and e-mails. Have to go get dressed and start the painting of deck posts again.

    Everyone be sure to check the last volume for any last posters.

    Rock - Thanks so much for you great SD call and for starting up the new volume. . You surely did a great job on it.

    DH is at the dentist and then goes to a meeting/lunch. When he comes back he will do a little painting to he said.

    Nothing to exciting going on. Hope everydobby is doing as well as can be expected.

    Love to awl and special his to Leah, Julie, Sweet Spring Water, Elaine (if she is peeking in) and everydobby else.

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    So sorry to hear that the baby is sick too. Gee, no wonder Lindsay and David couldn't sleep. She must have hurt so bad and had trouble breathing. That is scary enough for an adult let alone a baby. Hope Linds is feeling at least a little better. Of course not getting enough sleep surely would not be helpful .

    How much acreage do you have Julie? How much are you going to plant and what? Wish we had some land to plant so veggies, etc. We have lots of trees, and other greenery, a little bit of flowers and little sun. So, not sure what veggies we could plant with little sun? There aren't that many plants or flowers we can grow too. How much longer till Linds finds out about the babies sex, etc? That should be so exciting. I just wish she would feel better with her pregnancy. With her asthma too maybe they will take the babies early. They usually come early anyway or they induce iff all is well or do a C section depending on position of babies, weight, and how mommy is doing too, etc.

    Did a bunch of post painting this morning till past noon and then tried to clean up and eat some lunch. Then I just tried to relax and get some of the paint off of my hands. It gets all over everything and all over me. I am not neat. I need to go take a shower or a bath to try and soak off all my pain so I can do it again tomorrow. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow but maybe not. It is one long strip. Actually I have done more faster than the last time we painted, even if it really isn't FUN ! I think we did it about 3 or so years ago. Trying to get in the good positions to paint is not comfortable aat all. There was also all kinds of plants and stuff in the way to, not being helpful. I think I even got a bit of paint in my hair - ugh ! Iwill be happy when it is all done. The, DH wants to go get planats and plant them. Oh, lucky me and I get to plant most of them probably. Luckily though we haven't had that many freezes so not all the plants have croaked.

    Bye for now. DH needs the puter.

    Love to awl,
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    Have you noticed? There were no posts on the board for about week except on the porch and lounge threads. Had a nap this afternoon. Consequently did not make it to the library or the market. Woke up; walked and fed Zipper. Did the dishes. Fried up some chicken/apple sausage I got at Costco. The sample was delicious. I was enticed to buy some. I kinda think it tasted better at the store. SOL

    Well, our peas are growing fast. Up to a foot high now. They are wrapping their little tentacles around the string trellis Gordon erected. He used the same trellis last year for his long beans.

    Granni, your DH is multi-talented. He can use the puter as well as a putter. Next time you are using the computer and he wants it, tell him he has to yell FORE! first.

    I bet you look cute w/ paint in your hair. If anyone asks, you can say that you
    are a punk rocker. See people w/ weird colored hair around here all the time. I
    think the worst color is magenta! Rue Mcclanahan once delivered a mini rant
    against that color on The Golden Girls.

    Julie, did the doc say how soon you could expect Raine to recover? Couple days
    maybe? By the way, left overs for supper sounds good to me. Did you ever hear the expression "a pick up supper" to describe the same thing? I heard it used on some old radio programs from the 30s-40s.

    Gordon is at an orchid meeting tonight. It's at the county arboretum where one can enjoy the plants and mingle with strolling peafowl. The males are peacocks; the females are peahens. In addition to their beauty, they have raucous voices: Squawk! Squawk!

    Hugs to all including Joan and Gail and Teacher and Freida and those whose names elude me.

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    Have to go do a little painting before I get picked up to shopping (probably more like looking for me ). DH will leave to go to the Fish Fry and pick up the hubby of the gal who is shopping with me. I need to go out and do a t least a little bit but I will have to be so careful since I am not a neat painter. I need something to put all around my body inc hands and feet so that I don't have to scrub myself from head to toe when I am finished painting :) !!!

    Rock - I am sure Gordon will have fun at his orchid meeting. All those lovely flowers should be so beautiful to see. Yes, growingup we never picked up food on the run and rarely went to restautants - a very special occasion and then you dressed up, not like now. When we had kids we didn't do alot of restaurant going either with 5 kids and a FIL to feed. Who had the time or $$.

    Better go and start a little painting. Everyone have a wonderful weekeand and try not to hurt to much. Don't you wish we could control it, somehow?

    Special hugs to Julie, Rock, Joan, Gail, Spring Water, Leah, Elaine (if she is lurking around), Teacher, Diane and whoever else I cannot think of at the moment.

    Love to awl,
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  6. springwater

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    Julie - glad Lorraine is feeling much better; its tough when little ones
    get sick, poor lil things. but yes, she sounds like a real trooper.

    Granni - my, thats a lotta painting you been doing this week! you
    are going to develop muscles in those arms

    Rock - ive heard those raucous squawks of peacocks; shrill strident;
    unlike a lot of things one normally hears. i hope Gordon doesnt bring
    home even more orchids from his meeting; i remember you sayng your
    place was full of plants and no more to keep

    yesterday was a stay at home day; our rooms downstairs were being
    painted and had to move such a lot of stuff. i got so irritated and vowed
    i was going to get rid of all that junk. old clothes and quilts and bills
    and crockery and..oooffff

    today was very productive..in morning i moved some more furniture from
    son and daughters rooms and the painters did the ceilings; tomorrow they
    will do the walls. son chose a kind of aqua colour. he wanted dark blue
    or dark brown..i put my foot down. i dont want darkness of any kind.

    i chose a lilac shade for daughters room since shes not here

    then son came home as asked and i made him bathe, comb back his hair,
    get into a shirt and coat and we drove off to the supermarket where i
    brought some provisions as gift for dhs monk cousin. it was a visit long

    i had been having my apprehensions since the last meeting with monks cousins
    parents had been so acrimonius but i neednt have worried. the prayers i said
    thru out the drive were answered and altho aunt seemed distant andcool
    in the beginning, when her son came he was so friendly and sweet the meeting
    took on a different kind of energy with even my son joining in the conversation
    in a stilted kind of way.

    he has promised to take my son up on a game of chess one day and wil be taking all the kids out for lunch soon. he had invited my son and the other cousins to dinner two weeks back but son had been too tired to go. this
    cousin stays mostly in india and only visits, hence our going to meet him.

    after that, i went on to the pranic healing center where we meditated and
    had a conference meeting with an instructor on the phone. last weeks healing
    camp was a huge success so they want to do more.

    it was late coming back so i ordered some tortillas at a restaurant and bought
    some tinned meat for dh and son. there was rice and lentils and cauliflower curry from the morning so dinner was settled.

    bit tired tho. been on the go. which is kind of unusual for me. will make myself
    a cup of tea and then hit the sack.

    Have a good weekend all, it is friday night here

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Gee I would love some fresh veggies to plant but no space and not enough sun I am sure. That would be nice to be able to go out and pick fresh veggies each day or so and not have to go to the store. Oh well, maybe I'll come and pick some of yours Julie :)!! What you are going to plant sure sounds like quite a bit to me - yummy !

    Glad that Raine is good with the treatments. I would think she might not like it and the machine might scare her or be to noisy or something. Glad she is not afraid of the mask. Sometimes little ones do not like any kinds of masks on. So you are lucky :)!!

    I know how hard it can be with little ones sick.

    SW - sounds like you have been a busy one too ! Hope you are not to pooped to participate :)!!

    Love y'all,

    Thinking of everydobby.
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    with the painting except possibly for some touch up that I couldn't due to DH's wet paint. Needless to say I am worn out and more achy than usual but it had to be done . If we had enough $ we could have had it done and a job probably better done professionally but such is life. Yep, and I have paint all over me too. I washed off and it is still there. Have to do some scrubbing tonight :)!

    I'm taking a very short break before I start making the corned beef and cabbage. I have to stand and do chopping of veggies maybe I can sit and do it. My upper body, shoulders area and upper arms are hurting too. Geez !!

    HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY TO ALL - EVEN THOSE NOT IRISH - WHICH WE ARE NOT EITHER :) !! DH just loves corned beef and the veggies. Corned beef is not my favorite but it is OK I like veggies more. Have toput lots of mustard on the meat :)!! Have to run and starat cooking.

    Love to everyone,
  9. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi ALL,

    Trying to stop back at the PORCH.

    It’s late in the day, so my energy has gone ……… KA – PUT!

    (……. Hm, well not completely gone. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get here.)

    I’m happy to say ……. I gained weight!!!!! In 6 days I gained 8 pounds. Can you believe that?? Still need to gain more, but this is good. It is a really good sign too. This might be the right medication.

    Finally, it seems like I am back on the “mend”. I was even able to lift weights 3 times this week. No “aerobic” exercise. Nope, that might cause me to lose weight.

    This whole process is fascinating & miraculous.

    …… get this …… my finger nails are finally growing. Again, this shows me that my body is finally getting all of the proper nutrients & vitamins it needs to be healthy. I’ve been drinking so much water. I’m always thirsty so I must have been continually dehydrated before.

    Well, I am certainly glad to see this progress & I would best describe it as being a …………… “rebirth” or “new beginning”.

    What I can say is ……. I am going to make sure I ENJOY ALL OF THIS!

    Yup, that is the plan.

    For anyone who asked, my diagnosis is ------

    ------------ Idopathetic constipation (which means that the particular cause has not been found & the condition persists for a long period of time. Gastrointestinal Medication is used for mobility in the intestines).

    It doesn’t matter to me how long I was sick for. I stay focused on, I’m getting better & I believe this will continue.

    SPRING ====== You asked about “stress”. I have not had much of that at all because I remove it from my life when something is causing me problems.

    EXAMPLE: ====== If a person becomes “overly difficult”, “pesky”, “too demanding” or a “pain in the behind” …… I then WALK AWAY. It is not worth it. Besides, nobody has the right to do that & I will not let them either. I’d rather be happy and that person is not good for me to have in my life.

    YOU GET TO PICK & Choose!

    ……… Hm, seems like I’ve rambled.

    Wrapping up with a HUGS TO ALL,
    == Elaine
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I really can't stay on here long as I just washed my hair. However, I checked in and saw you and that made me very happy.

    Glad that you are feeling better and seemingly on the mend, and GAINING WEIGHT. Have you tried the BOOST, ENSURE or any of those drinks that will help you gain wieght or just eating good old fashioned food that helps you to gain weight??

    Yes, you are right about stress and it not being worth it. Just walk way is a good treatment for that sort of thing.

    More later. I have been busy painting the deck outside and that is about done for me but have lots of other stuff to do . Glad that is just about done. Not my cup of tea but someone has to do it if you can't afford to get it all done by someone else.

    Good night to you and everyone !

    Love to you and everydobby,
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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    A quick stop by early in the morning since i hav to again be at the Prnic healing center by 10am. hoping for a lift from my son who has to get to his Childrens Home by that time.

    i need a hair bath badly.

    Granni - your home must be looking so spruced up now with all the renovations and painting being done. you have worked so hard. and now with the flowers being planted. yay for summer.

    Julie - you too. i loved the sound of the creeper winding around the trellis,
    and those flowers you mentioned, esp creeping phlox and hollyhocks. for
    some reason i havent planted hollyhocks for quite long now, i got so nostalgic
    thinking of your lovely wide open spaces with those flowers andthe kids running around them. maybe it put me in mind of my childhood.

    Leah - so glad to hear you are feeling better, even if its a little. A little is how
    it al begins. and i hope yu continue to do well; agree with Julie that its nice to see your posts and knw you are keeping up with the posts reading even if not posting.

    Elaine - thats such good news. improvement on your constipation issues. and
    gaining weight. i need to gain some too.for some reason i lost andwas looking haggard. maybe stress. nephew falling sick. too many relatives to visit etc.

    yesterday was a full day at the Pranic healing again. around 27 people came
    for the healing camp as opposed to 37 the previous sunday. but it was all right.
    the volunteer healers were less ths time as it was sunday, a working day for our country; they were making time out of their schedules. around 6 the whole day. and three of them left at noon. but they managed. as the healing center
    lady says, it ALWAYS works out somehow due to the universe's blessings.

    most of the people coming always say they felt better tho we did get one or two who said they didnt feel a difference and one even said she felt worse.
    but she is going to come today too to see whether the second time round, the healing is more effective.

    as usual i manned the desk which isnt as satisfying as going out there and doing actual healing but i freed up the desk lady who is a healer herself so that helped. i could tell by the way she and the others thanked me as i left that they did appreciate what i did and that made me feel good.

    we get fed vegetarian lunch at the center and lots of coffee tea biscuits but i was so hungry by leaving time. ive triedto stop eatingmeat and havent done so for more than two weeks now and hope i can carry on.

    at home, we had made chicken and greens andlentils in the morning so dinner was not a problem.

    thinking of Teacher, Gail, Joan, Jole,Linda and all of our other dear ones out there

    take care all

    God Bless
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    GRRRRRR, I am so mad.

    SW - we have not planted anything yet. We need to buy the plants first and I am not in a hurry but my DH. He is always in a hurry. I don't think a lot of this would get done if it were up to me.

    The outside painter may come this week, towards the end if it isn't raining. He was going to come the last time when it rained.

    Good luck at your Pranic helaing classes. Have they ever taught you or others to heal yourself? That would be interesting.

    I had better send this before it disappears.

    Hugz to you all,
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - i know how that feels, to lose a big post! sometimes i lose it to
    power cut, sometimes i hit a key which causes it to disappear, those are
    the most frustrating.

    oh yes, they teach self healing in the course which is what attracted me
    to it in the first place, having the health issues i do.

    and i credit all the running around Im doing these days due to the bits of
    self healing and meditation i do. this is such a precious gift. i myself was
    amazed at the level of calmness and self assurance i had at a recent
    big do. usually im a little anxious and tight.

    Julie - good lord, are you planting veggies and all also? you are like my
    SIL. the eldest brothers wife. she loves growing produce and flowers and
    year round we get to eat fresh veggies from her garden. also ginger and

    lol at the picture of His majesty Urkel riding around in the cart.

    today was another day out. once more at the pranic healing center. the
    painters were going to do the stairway banister polishing today so i was
    able to lock up and go.

    the center was in a tizzy, 26 teachers and the schools owner having come
    down for a visit. the centers founding members kids go to the school.
    there were just six healers so each had to heal about four people one after
    another as a demo.

    needless to say they were pooped at the end of it all. one of the ladies
    said her sore throat became noticeably better and that created a bit of

    the owner lady turned out to be my dhs former golfing friend and i had a
    talk with her, she shared about how she had this cyst in her lower abdomen
    and was supposed to have surgery to take it out, and the doc told her he
    would as a last resort try a tranquilizer first to see if maybe the cyst would
    go, and it did and she didnt hav to have surgery! apparently the cyst was
    the result of psychological stress.

    ive had a similar experience once and told her. Most of the people who come
    for healing come for stressand anxiety issues.Unsurprising in todays fastworld.

    i had to leave at 2pm and go get a present for nephew (dhs cousins son) and was forced to buy a little wooden guitar for lack of any thing suitable, the shop was so devoid of nice toys. i knew he had plenty of cars and i was right, his
    grandmom gave him a remote control car. the guitar wasjust the right size for him (hes five) and gave out a real twang and thankfully wasnt too expensive.

    at their place, nephews mum was making sushi (rice with fillings stuffed into
    sea weed covering and her filling was avocado, carrots etc.) i love it but it
    looks like a bit of work, i know i cantmake some any time soon, with the
    painting going on and all). dhs other cousin sister was decorating a cake she
    had baked with dinky cars. (she had made a cake in the shape of the number
    five and made the five like a racecourse. with cashewnut powder and chocolate
    for the icing. and some pineapple in between the layers. tasty.

    and aunt had made a usual meal of chicken and veggies, steamed flour

    i didnt get any craving for the chicken, thank goodness - am trying hardto stick
    to vegetarianism.

    it was just dhs aunt, uncle, their three daughters and nephew and niece.
    uncle didnt stick around too much so it was strictly a ladies affair.

    eldest married daughter and i left together and i came walking home, i didnt
    want to spend on taxi fare if i could help it.

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Up bright and early and trying to get ready to go the Rheumy for my biannual visit. She give me some more drug script and I will only take a 1/2 of one every once in a while. I'm to busy and still drive so I am afraid to take to many plus don't want to get to sleepy or it work on my b/p in an adverse way. It is high enough as it is.

    Julie - So glad you got to go get your dad and that he is doing well. That is wonderful that you are close enough to do that. I know it will prolong his life for the better keeping him out and about and with the family. He is so lucky to have you. I am so anxious to hear about the TWINS and what they are, boys girls or both :)!! Wonder if you can tell from that if they are fraternal or identical yet? Oyr dauaghters 13 year old twins are SO VERY different.

    Well, a big hi to everydobby. I have to get ready to leave for the rheumys.

    Got anoather big surprise e-mail from Elaine and I will share that later - she addresses everyone and their questions to her.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Our area is getting lots of rain. Part of the storm is one that produced tornados in other states a day or two ago. There might have been some around the Houston area earlier this morning. Not sure if the owworst is over or not for now at least anyway.

    Have singing practice this afternoon. Hope it is not pouring at that time.

    Julie - Don't forget to give us a full report on the TWINS today. That is just too exciting. Our twins (those of eldest daughter and her DH) at 13 years old now. I can't believe that one.

    Thinking of everydobby. Hope all is well, or as well as you can be. Will try and stop by later on.


    It is almost lunch time so have to go fix lunch for DH.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    on their little boy and girl. That will be so nice :)!! Glad that they are doing well. That is funny that the boys is already wilder than the girl :)!!! Although our son, the last on was always very low key and easy. It was the second daughter that was wild as a child and middle daughter that had problems later on.

    Now they can start thinking about names !!! Nowadays that is some chore. Some the names are really strange or should I say VERY different. Has anyone heard of a baby named Zen? Does that stand for anything? My niece named baby #3 Zen, it really surprised me. Of course no one asked me and it is there choice. However, I always wondered if the kids would have problems later on growing up from others teasing. Another neice named their daughter Norihanna - Nori after their mom Noreen and Anna after my mom, her grandmother. That isn;t bad but I thought Norianna might be better than Norihanna but then again I was never asked, or was I expected to be.

    I'll bet that everyone in the family is getting even more exciting and you know what colors and names to pick out :)!!!

    Just piddling around the house after working out (mostly treadmill) this morning. Did 2 loads of wash and so better go do some folding, etc.

    Big hugs to everydobby!

    Love to awl,

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    A bonny baby boy and girl! Praying for good health and an easy delivery
    for the proud mum.

    How excited everyone must be.

    Granni - how did the rheumy apptment go? So you did some workout.
    I made daughter get me this zumba cd but as it often happens, i hv not
    tried it out till now.

    Leah - ducks outside your window..how lovely. reminds me of when we
    kept a couple. theyre lovely birds. funny. I hope your health improves
    and improves and you can go and visit outdoors and enjoy the nature
    that you so obviously enjoy! Im waiting to find out what colour your
    amaryllis turns out to be.

    today we shifted a lot of stuff from my prayer room and covered a lot of
    the living room stuff. they will start on the ceilings tomorrow.

    today the banisters were polished. the man didnt ask me and i had to make
    him add a darker colour to the wood because he used a strange reddish
    colour first.

    feeling a bit tired. Also, my help is giving her board grade 10 exams and
    i told her she didnt hav to come do her chores till they were over. I read
    in todays paper, two girls in the villages gave birth in the examination hall.
    My son read it out to me, and told me "only in our country". I dont know,
    maybe it happens elsewhere too.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    How old is your help, a teen in what we call high school? If so I am sure that happens in our country too - unfortunatly. Guessing these young girls were not married and having babies or getting ready to have them while taking their exams. Oh my, what a predicament. Don't get me started on that subject . We had similar situations when I was a teen but these days is really way out o f control. I even get embarrassed when I see some of these ads on TV. I think that is part of the reason why I hardly watch TV any more except certain shows.

    It is not surprising with the ads they have here in the U.S. for birth control and meds for men. The young people have gotten terrible info and vibes shall we say from these ads. I am not a prude but this has gotten way out of hand and they wonder why kindergarteners know the whole story about what we used to call the birds and the bees. So many babies having babies. What a terrible thing for everyone. It SEEMS like no one waits anymore to get married before having sex. Good grief ):!! Sorry to get off on this tangent. It is very upsetting to me.

    That was nice of you to tell your young help that she could stay and finish her exams or work afterwards. I forget exactly what you said.

    Speaking of help. I have a young hispanic lady who is helping me with some cleaning. It is getting harder for me and my pain is so aggravativing and makes everything worse. She is a nice lady and I know two other ladies from chorale who use her. She also goes to our church so I am not afraid to have her in my house alone and she works hard. Her daughter goes to the community college here in the area.

    Hope all is well with Leah, Julie and everydobby.m still waiting for some MIA's to pop in. Oh, I need one of these days to get out the letter that Elaine sent to give you an update and answer to your questions. Have to do that when my mind is fresh and also dodn't have to worry aboaut going out tonight for choir practice. Yhe end of next week we will be done with Chorale Society. A week from Friday is the performance. Then I just have to worry about Easter Week coming up - phew.

    Teacher and Rock where are you. Hope you are doing OK.

    Love to awl,

  19. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I can not believe this weather!I was talking to my D on the phone and looked b ack at the therm. and it said 86. The house is also so hot. The wall furnace in the family room is on pilot but it still puts out heat. I have the family rooim, kitchen and bedroom ceiling fans on plus a tower fan in the FR. House is still 82. We are below Chicago and this is the warmest March ever!!!! Don't know how to dress. D is in MI. and it is 87!!!! Makes me wonder what is in store for us.

    Son flew to Dallas this a. m. on business and texted wife that he was chilly when he got there. And all the rain they are getting is great, I guess. TV showed lake that was dry last summer is not full.

    I numerous things I was goikng to remark about from the last vol. but my forgetter forgot!k Don't feel abd about your ice cream------started to put my oatmeal in the frig instead of micro.k Doi lots of wierd things like that! Just have to laugh about it.

    So glad tro hear about the twins!! I laughed to myself when you said the boy is rather wild-------that's the way my 2 greatgrandsons are now. The 5 yr. is always picking on the 3 yr. old. He is always glad when the older 2 go to school and no one is h ome to bother him.

    Elaine----if you read this! I am so glad that you are gaining weight and feeling bgetter. Walking away from those who stress you is the very best thing to do.

    oh my, as I mentioned before, sweet peas I dearly love but haven't seen any since I saw my grandma's yeatrs and years ago.

    Nothing is better thatr homegrown peas! We planted then several years----2 rows very close together as easier to pick. I wouald sit in the house and shell them, then have them added to new potatoes, then creamed! Oh my, that was sooooo good.

    SW: My granddaughter-in-law is a vegetarian and she really sticks to it. we go out to eat and she orders salad, someone that is reaklkly good. She loves to bake and does marvelous desserts. She is a traveler though----leaves for Ireland with friends over spring break. Son and family are going tro Fl---kidded them and said they are going their to cool off.

    on my Yahoo page I have all of the cities where my families lives---scattered around the country---but I get to the bottom and it says 105----my GS in the Peace Corps in West Africa. Parents got a short note yesterday and all seems to be gonig well. Doesn't get to internet very often.

    i don't know if any of you are Bill and Gloria Gaither fans or not but my S found a site where I can click on radio and it plays their music as long as the computer is on. Just love it!!

    Julie: I know that ayou are going through a very tough time. Ii remember it well---I am an only child so I did all the work to organize things. it is so hard to give them up. Then her home was just 3 doors down from us so I was the one that had to clear out her home. None ofr my kids had been married very long sop they were happy to get the appliances in the house. bu9t then there are her clothes, household things, etc.k I would go down every evening and bring a basket of things that I wanted home.m I was the only one to take all ocf the antiques she had---I'm an only child with no cousins-----just me!!!!! Ihave antiques from 3 different greats so there is a lot. I thought that my kids was love them but-----they have all asked for different things "later on" and I have written it dow n.

    I have to stop. I am sooooo hot. need to go take my fleece blanket off the bed, then get in the shower.

    Hello to all of you dear ones----SW, Julie, Elaine, Frieda, Rock,---my mkind has gone blank. You all are noto old enough to understand that. I just laugh!!

    My DIL planted a flat of pansies for me Sat. and they are so lovely. That will be the only flowers that i can handle.

    Oh by the way, S insgtalled my Life Line Sat. so Iio am now wearing it. Does make my feeil better about falling, etc.

    I love all of you---my true friends.

    Blessings to all,

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    how lovely to hear from you and get updated.

    i hope cooler weather comes soon. we are still having nice balmy weather
    so far.

    i think your GS is brave to venture out so far to all those places. and glad
    to know he is doing well.

    hope that lake gets filled up in chicago. makes me feel uneasy to think of
    lakes drying up.

    creamed potatoes; yummy. now that im trying not to eat meat, i seem to
    want to eat more and more potatoes. potatoes any which way. but mostly
    im having the curried ones. with wheat flour tortillas and spicy chutney.

    Granni - agree, its terrible how they advocate free lifestyle out there on the
    media. i think they are overdoing it. i watch three men and a baby and it
    seems like there is nothing like sanctity in sex or fidelity any more. sex has
    become like eating a drinking. its ok to go off and have a new dish any time.

    im glad young ones have the option of using contraceptives because one cannot
    expect abstaining or celibacy beyond a certain age but..it is getting out of hand.

    just today i read of this newborn with even the placenta not cut properly
    found inside a plastic bag outside a school here.it was alive and they were tryng to save it.

    my help is like sixteen; her BIL who used to be our man friday for some years, before he learnt driving from dhs car and dh got him a drivers job at a bank, wanted her to come from village where she worked in the fields and get an education instead of getting married off.

    so she stays with her sister, (the driver wife) downstairs and helps me with
    my chores for two hours in morn and two hours in eve depending on what
    jobs there are. she goes to school from 9 to 4pm.

    suits us all fine. i pay her a wage and we take care of her schooling, fees, uniform everything.

    well, the cleaning is going on full steam, they sandpaper the walls first and im trying to keep an eye on the workers. dont want them messing up the colours again.

    well, ill be glad when al this is over.

    take care all

    God Bless