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    Rosin on the Bow and here we go!

    Oh, by golly; oh, by Joe.
    Fold your arms and do-si-do.
    All join hands and circle eight.
    Wave at Bob and bow to Kate.

    Weave the ring and circle round.
    Clap your hands to the happy sound.
    Ladies in and men swing through.
    Promenade home, cause now we're through.

  2. Goatwoman

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    Thanks for getting us started, Rock. I love your verses!

    Good to see everyone on the last volume. Teacher, how long is your summer break? Is Baby out of college for the summer?

    It is so hot here we can fry eggs out on the concrete. Supposed to be 105 tomorrow.

    I have to fess up, the knitting ladies have dumped me. I've been in a flare for the last several months, and haven't been able to work out at former friend's
    ranch. Good riddance to them and all their yarn and smelly sheep. And the mosquitos. I don't go out of my way to get to know people any more. Much easier. Got G'pa, and he's not much of a people person either.

    Rottie and I will go swimming this afternoon. She has a wading pool that I throw her horse ball into, and we both get soaked. Seeing kitties next week.

    Rock, Barfra was my grandmother's first name. Think the surname Barfra is Italian. Think I'll name one of the new kitties at the shelter Barfra. The other volunteers will really think I've lost it.


  3. jole

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    Julie, the babies names are wonderful! Such a shame there isn't a way to know the exact date of birth. Could have saved you all a lot of worrying and stress. As mothers, we can all relate to the feelings you've been going through, and the anxiety of the wait.

    Barfra stands right up there with Erple...which was my SILs mother's first name! Haven't heard it anywhere else. Wouldn't want either, to be honest. There's a reason you're allowed to change your name...lol.

    Springwater, I'm going to have to go back and read. You've been to visit here??? Thought I'd been keeping up off and on, but sure missed that. Wish we could all travel to see you and your beautiful country, but as much as I would have loved that in my past life, know it's out of the question now. So will just be content to reading your posts.

    Granni, your poison ivy seems to really be hanging on. But as usual, you're not letting it slow you down...lol.

    Teacher, I think we have the same sister! Only difference is, I disowned mine. She insisted she had cancer in her foot and used a wheelchair for months. Lived off everyone. Turns out there was no cancer. Unfortunately, my mother did have cancer at the time, and my sister expected my mother to take care of her! Okay, I know yours isn't nearly that bad, honest!

    Rock, Joan, love ya! Phone's ringing.
  4. teacher

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    Babies! Babies! Babies! Babies!


    Goatie, I've always wanted to try frying an egg on the sidewalk, but it never seems to get that hot here. Do you think you could try it for me and let me know if it actually works?



    Going to bed now. Just got back from spending three hours giggling like a schoolgirl with a good friend. I thnk we're going to have to do that more often!

    Will talk to you all tomorrow.

    Love you!
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    Rock - thanks for starting us all up again. I want to be Scarlett O Hara and do the dance they do at the beginning of the movie before everythng starts unravelling around them.

    Georgia - 105!!! im fainting. Sorry to hear youre not with the knitting circle
    but sorrier to hear of your flare. Im just praying my body doesnt do that for a while. What with the brother needing to be looked after n all. SIL has had a rough three weeks and i better give her some help.

    Jole - Yes, i was lucky enough to be able to come there and will treasure the memory forever.

    Erple? lol. Reminds me of Miss marple. I hv a brother like your sis. He and his wife (who s abroad) are soooo opportunistic. Their son with TB got loaded onto elder bro who is sick hmself now and they never even asked once about contributing for his upkeep. This inspite of knowing elder bro doesnt hv a job.
    we just deducted money from some rent money which in the first place isnt even enough. Last time we had to ask nephew to go back to his dad and other aunt and he cried. now whats to do? we put off asking him to leave for now.

    Teacher - good to hear of your giggle time out with your friend. We all need those. ive been trying to watch The Big bang Theory. so i can get my laugh quota. so important for keeping healthy we are repeatedly told her. they have a laughing club downtown somewhere but i havent joined it.

    Julie - Driving around all that much must be so tiring! I am never at my best after a road trip. I hope you and your father have a nice fathers day.

    This morn got up at 4:eek:o am and packed up some food for SIL and then my helps dh drove us to their place and we picked them up and drove to the hospital. Doc had said to reach at 6:00 since he had a conference.

    Got brother settled in. unfortunately chemo cant start today, his blood count came out too low. so i kept watch while SIL and her cousin sis went and got blood from the blood bank downtown. I cameback around 11am. SILs cousin
    brother is coming to keep the night vigil with her so i just have to take their food tomorrow morn. Brother asked for meat dumplings.

    Hot hot hot! Ill hv to go out in a while for groceries and get the food made for tomorrow so i can start out early.

    i wasnt feeling good in morn after spending time in hospital. u hv to look at all lots of really ill people. it brought back memories of when i was so sick & had come to this hospital to get a endoscopy done. what a scary thing to undergo.

    just remembered the doc there had found sores in my stomach lining and intestine but the biopsy came back clear. he told me to come back in 6 months but i never did go back. im going to do all the yoga i can and try eat right ; i just cant bear the thought of enduring pipes down my throat and what not.

    Its funny too that my inlaws are studiously ignoring my brothers condition and
    havent even asked about him let alone go visit. Not that he wants visitors (I had to ask my chinese friend and her sisters to wait a bit before going, since
    he didnt want visitors), but i did think it was strange to behave as if nothing is going on.

    My DH middle uncle knows and had told us not to worry about it when we phoned to let him know from the US. But I havent spoken to him since landing here since he wasnt at home when I visited.

    MY MIL didnt say a word when i visited. Some acquaintances of brothers know
    and hv called up.

    Well, it takes all sorts of things to make the world go round.

    On the cheerier side. got a call from daughter who said she had tracked down
    the lost phone my dh had bought on ebay while in the states. It nver turned up at her uni address and both uni and post office said they didnt know. now it turns out it got sent back to the seller. not sure why. it was meant as a present for son who has been hankering after an I - phone for ages.

    daughter had dropped her own normal phone into the commode and it stopped working when we were there. so we were communcating with her by internet
    from here.

    she has a BIL to be in Washington, and he had told her he would get her a phone. so while on campus she told a fellow fifth year student a Korean that her BIL had promised her a phone for graduation and he told her " yeah, my dad came to meet me and brought me money from my aunts,now i have $2000.00."

    Daughter almost fainted. Thats like way more spending money than a student ought to have. So we both laughed so much and i asked her, did all her
    parts droop.And she said "he suddenly started looking so much more attractive after that". And we both were in hysterics. She loves making cracks like that.

    well,take care

    God Bless

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit to check to see if anything interesting was going on, like Lindsey starting labor AGAIN :) !!!! So far so good I guess. Hope everyone celebrating with their fathers or surrigates is having a fun day. Got some phone calls and cards. The calls while we were away at church.

    SW - daughter shouldn;pt feel bad about her phone falling into the commode (or was it your DS?). Anyway I have done it myself but I donpt have the really expensive phone. It can take pics and do texting but I am not set up to do it and don't want to pay the $. I need the phone more for energency and when out along eesp. at night. I just dried it off and it seemed to work OK after that.

    Wow your daughters friend got $2000 for graduation. OMG, that is way to much money. Of course, I wouldn;t worry about giving that to someone since I don't have it to hand out like that.

    Rock - How are you doing? Is anything exciting or interesting going on :) or just walking Zippy , doing any reading ????

    Georgia - Sorry to hear about you losing your knitting and wool cleaning group but I understand when you really feel badly and don't feel alot like socializing. Many just don't understand and may take some of it personally, also.

    Teacher - Hope you are readjusting to not working so far this susmmer ( at school that is). It soundslike you are going to be busy enough anyway.

    Our day will be a quiet one. DH is watching the golf match on TV and here I am on the computer. We'll have steaks on the grill later on.

    Julie - Hope you are having a nice day with yur dad and Uncle Harvey. Drop in when you can and let us know about your day and how Linds is doing and those babies.

    Thinking of everydobby and hope you all are having a nice day either with or thinking about your Fathers in some way. Hope it is mostly positive thoughts. I surely do miss mine.

    Love to you all,

  7. rockgor

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    Yes, Granni, we had something goin' on yesterday. A big project in
    the back yard. I wrote about it on the porch. Anydobby who's curious
    and has the energy to walk over there can read about it.

    Just started a mystery set in the town of Loon Lake, WI. There really
    is no such town, but there is a Loon Lake. I saw a loon in N. Minn.
    It was swimming in a small lake and uttering its strange cry. It
    really does sound a mad woman laughing. NB The loon is
    Minnesota's state bird.

    I went camping with my aunt and uncle and their 4 boys many decades
    ago. We stayed in a large cabin on the shore of some lake. Deer
    Lake? Anyhoo, it had a floating island. Startled my aunt the first
    time she looked out the window while doing the dishes and saw an
    island drifting by.

    Who is gonna do the grilling today? DH? Does he have an apron with
    a funny saying on it?

    Julie, you guys sure have to do a lot of driving. Be a lot easier if
    you were closer. Reminds me of a story I read a long time ago.
    Maybe in LIFE magazine. Can't remember the details (like the
    name of the city) but a family of Italians owned a hill. Started
    out many decades ago. Just kept adding to the family and
    building additional houses. They had 6 or 7 houses at
    last count.

    You wouldn't have to mail or phone invitations. Just open the
    door and holler.

    Springwater, that was the Virginia reel they were doing in GWTW.
    And later on. the waltz. In the 18th century the waltz was new
    and considered scandalous. Instead of touching fingertips as in
    the Minuet, unmarried people were embracing. Sacre Bleu! Mein Gott!

    Jole, never heard the name Erple. Reminds of Earp. Wyatt Earp
    was still alive when my dad was young. Wyatt's widow Josie
    was alive when I was a kid.

    My sister is a pill too, but and Teacher have me beat.

    Georgia, did you and Rottie play water polo? Remember Carla
    who used to post videos of her dogs on Youtube? Maybe you
    can do the same. Georgia Productions presents "Rottie
    Run Riot" or "Splash With Georgia and Jaws!"

    Gonna go watch 'Fawlty Towers" on Youtube. The programs
    are 4 decades old, but still funny.

  8. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hope all the fathers are having a good day. I made hotcakes and eggs annd bacon for G'pa for breakfast--chicken for dinner.

    97 today we hit 105 yesterday.

    Rock, we spent a week in Tombstone, AZ last year. I was drooling over Wyatt Earp (the actor, that is) with his long hair, moustache, long duster, and boots. My father called me Wyatt Earp when I was baby as I threw up all the time. I don't remember this, but Mom wrote about it in the baby book.

    Rottie and I did play water polo. She stands in the pool and bounces the horse ball off her nose. Rock, you crack me up with your humor :)

    Reading a good book called "Codex" by Lev Grossman. A great book.

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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hahahahahaha...Rocks titles about Georgia Productions...oh dear

    But i would definitely go to see a movie about Georgia and her Rottie should
    such come out any time. Must be such a cute sight! Paddling around with a

    After this i must look up Wyatt Earp. Sounds an interesting character.

    Granni - indeed the babies are behaving themselves seems like, and staying
    in as long as they can.

    My daughters phone that fell into the commode was also was a fairly normal
    one except it had a camera. She is not into gadgets the way son and dh are.
    She didnt mind so much it got spoilt because she had bought it second hand anyway off a fellow student.

    Anyways i too dont get all the phone functions nowadays. My daughters friend that took us around is unhealthily attached to his phone i think. He would take us places like Central park and the pier in New York and then seat himself a little further on a tree stump or the boardwalk, whip out his cell and lose himself in it while dh, D and me jibber jabbered. I asked him once what did he look up so much and he said "emails, aunty". All the time?

    Yesterday was spent once again cooking for brother and taking it. Son drove me and mercifullly it had rained the night before and it was cool - er.

    so far bro is in good spirits.

    i came back by bus because one stops right outside the hospital and goes way down to our area where i have to get off and walk just 15 mins and im home.

    DHs aunt called and said the family get together for her daughter that came home on holiday is on this Wednesday.

    My Chinese friend called in evening and we shared about how hot it was, she is actually having to BUY drinking/utiity water by the tanker full now and how her help left and her husbnd is cranky, she is fighting with her kids etc etc, The usual womanly exchange. I hv lots of the same problems except i hv yet not been reduced to buying water.

    At night got call from daughter who had called up to wish her father "Happy Fathers Day".

    Her best friend has come visiting and will stay two weeks with her. I told the friend not to paint the town too red. Theyve been friends since 5th grade and were lucky enuf to get into the same grade 11, 12 school & then into colleges just an hour apart. She studies in Tufts in Boston or rather studied. Dotnknow if she is planning on graduate course.

    I hv a break from goingto the hospital today because SILs another cousin is bringing lunch today. And her aunt always sends the dinner. so i am looking forward to getting my house straightened out. Its in a shambles which is nothing new really.

    I hope evryone who celebrates had a good Fathers day - Julie and all.

    God Bless

  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Please, just don't forget to take a few minutes to visit yourself. OK?


    I meant to write this weekend, but as youse can see, THAT didn't happen!

    hee hee hee hee

    So here goes.

    We've got three new babies at church. A fourth is on it's way.

    I have decided I ain't-a drinkin' no water from over there! I don't wanna catch nuffin'!

    hee hee hee hee

    Campmeeting started yesterday and will run through Sunday. I'm hoping to go at least once a day.

    Sister's foot seems to be healing nicely. My job this week will be to keep her from grabbing scissors and taking them out herself. I think the doctor would prefer that also since she has an appointment with him on Friday for that very purpose.

    We won't know until then if she's to have a protective boot and still not walk or a walking boot. So many questions.

    We do know that, based on what he finds, they will schedule the surgery for her right foot that day. It will be mid- to late July.

    At that rate she'll be almost complete by the time I return to school. Woo hoo!

    Baby? Do not get me started.

    Parents are doing fine. They are working together a bit now too, to take care of their needs.

    I had a major crash last week, but I feel like a human now. Just too much going on with no break, dontcha know. It's all good now.

    Weather here is in the upper 80's, but not overly oppressive. I could really go without the air most days, but with two asthmatics in the house and "everything's coming up roses", I leave it on. Espescially at night since we can't sleep with the windows open on account of we live in a ranch house.

    Spring, you came to America?! How fun! And strange, I'm sure.

    Reading about all the running you do with your family has given me the following idea:
    - you and Julie buy a huge property togther
    - you both move your families to said property
    - you now have each other to help rule over your king... er....QUEENdom
    - you, as the rulers, delgate who does what and when
    - the rulers get some much needed assistance AND some time off

    Like it?

    Georgia, I'm sorry your yarn ladies turned out to be so crabby. That's just boring. Maybe you could post in your local yarn store for some more congenial company?

    I' glad to see that Grandpa and Rottie are doing well. I do have one suggestion though. Kick Rottie out of the pool and get in there yourself!

    Rock, were you a dance caller in one of your past lives? You would have been waaaaay cooler than the record I danced too in college for my P.E. class!

    Speaking of dancing. I have a question about dancing. I know this probably belongs on the Worship board, but I trust you guys enough to tell me what you think and then leave it alone without starting a riot.

    My religious teachings have us refrain from dancing.

    Sacre bleu! Unmarried people touching! What is this world coming to?!

    I understand and agree, but I have a small problem. I'm a Music teacher. When there's music, I can't stand still.

    I need to exercise. Just the thougth bores me to tears. Looking at titles of excercise classes make me tired before I even get to the decription.

    I tried step aerobics ages ago and LOVED it, but I had to quit. My knees.

    I think back on that time and realize that I liked the fact that the class moved as one with the music. I also liked the sound of our feet moving at the same time.

    Regular aerobics is about the same, but it's out of the running for the same reason. My knees. I can't take the repetative pressure.

    I tried a circut at the gym. Same problem. My knees could not take the repetion.

    I've tried walking, but that's not really an option. There aren't any malls near me that I feel comfortable walking in anymore. Walking outside is good now, but I would have to stop in the winter because of the ice and snow.

    I've been thinking of finding a sqaure dancing or ballroom class. The stress on the knees won't be as strong. And you can legitimately take a break when you need too.

    It is not my intention to start "clubbing". I have enough sense at my age (I hope) to know how to ward off inappropriate advances. I just want to participate for the opportunity to move.

    Are my thoughts out of line or am I getting too near the edge?

    Enough with the serious stuff. I shall leave you with a joke before I go do something crazy like clean my Music Room.


    Bargain basememt: a room where what you seize is what you get

    Love you!
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back not to long ago from the doc. where I accompanied my DH . Since I have more medical knowledge than he he usually wants me to go with him, lucky me :)!!! His b/p med. checked out OK even though sometimes now a bit low. So he gets a new script for that as well as for amed. for his bottom. He was thinking originally that it might be the return of hemorrhoids but it doesn't look like it, just major irritation and doc ordered some med for that.

    Teacher - I agree with you that I have to move my feet and body when I hear music. I just cannot help it. My mom, when she was alive, said the same thing. I think it is genetic as both pf my parents loved music and loved ato dance. I don't do to much dancing now but wish I did, Ifreally miss it. However, I do some line dancing on mondays usually if not doing something else that conflicts. Enjoy it while you can and dance my friend. Wish my DH enjoyed it as much as I do ):!! He does like some c and w dancing but we do not do that very often. NO, YOU ARE NOT GOING OVER THE EDGE MY DEAR. DANCING AND MUSIC MUST BE IN YOUR BLOOD LIKE MINE ESP SINCE YOU ARE A MUSIC TEACHER. GO FOR IT !! I can think of a lot worse things to do that your church wouldn't like :)!!

    Sorry you are having some little irritations with Baby. Not sure what else to call it since you did not elaborate. Hope things get better soon and that you get to enjoy some of your summer vacation !!!

    Julie - Glad you had a nice Fathers Day with your dad and Uncle Harvey etc. We didn't do much just got some calls and carfd from the kids. We took it easy which at our age is OK too.

    Hope Lindsey has those babies soon. Everyone must be so on edge with it esp having to drive so far ato get there. Please, keep us abreast of Lindsey's status. We are getting excited you know. I can't imagine your family :)!!!

    Spring Water - Hope all is well with you and all. So much going on with your family too. My brain has forgotten alot of what you said - duh !!!

    Still waiting for my middle daughter to get a job. Was hoping to bring her to have some stuff done to help her appearance, makeup, hair, nails, etc. However, have not heard back from her so not sure she wants to do that. I am aftraid she does not have alot of confidence in herself. No matter how old they are we still worry don't we? She neads a job badly so she can take an apartment and be ready when school starts again in the fall. Evenb though she is planning to go in with her SO he doesn't make that much money to cover it all either.

    Love to everydobby,

  12. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hope that everyone had a good weekend and the Papas had a good day, too.

    Oh, Teacher, I don't know how music can't involve dancing! Your situation reminds me very much of how my mother was brought up. My grandfather--who I loved dearly--was a strict Baptist minister. My mother and her sister were not allowed to go to dances, movies, etc. However, Mom said it was quite hypocritical of her parents when the boys from the nearby Army base were allowed to come to the house and take Mom and Auntie for dates unchaperoned! Auntie picked up smoking, and they both went to dances with the soldiers.

    It has cooled off here, which is wonderful.

    Granni, how is your DH's blood sugar? I need to have mine checked again. Have been trying to eat more healthy meals but ice cream is my downfall.

    bis sp├Ąter--


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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not sure about DH's blood sugar. We usually don't eat to much of it although today we really cheated with one of those sweet coffee's from Mickie D's :)!! DH felt he needed to celebrate since all went well with the doctor and he didn't need any kind of hemorrhoid surgery, etc. I keep trying to remind him in the evening to take his BS but he keeps on forgetting. We also have been having Blue Bell vanilla ice cream that has no EXTRA sugar or fat added. Then we add no sugar choc. syrup on top. It really tastes good. Not sure if we should have it every day though.

    Teacher - My mom met my dad at a dance when they were young and they both loved to dance. Therfore, it is in our family, just can't help it :)!! My brother is also a wonderful dancer and his wife too. Wish my DH loved to do all the dancing that I love. For him it has to be a certain dance and he has to be in the mood. With me, it just has to be music and my feet and body moves.

    Well, I had better send this now before it disappears. I almost just did.

  14. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Thanks! I've lost friends through the years, and try not to take it personally anymore. I'm sorry this has happened to you, too.

    I got a call from a friend that one of the knitting ladies had a stroke, and just got back from visiting her in the hospital. She stopped taking her BP medication! She is much improved, and should be going home today or tomorrow.

    It was good seeing her, as I missed her.

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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Good Night Shirt! I thought I posted here yesterday, but
    I can't find any evidence of same. "So quick bright things come to
    confusion." Shakespeare (I used to be bright before I got
    so confusiated. Ha Ha!)

    Don't you think the three "e's" in Shakespeare are unnecessary?

    Found some Minnesota State Slogans on the net.

    Minnesota: Land of many cultures; mostly throat.
    Minnesota: Closed for glacier repairs.
    Minnesota: Where many are cold but few are actually frozen.

    I wonder if Garrison Keillor has seen these.

    Freida, I suppose you've tried lots of meds and supplements.
    A few years ago I got some energy by following Jaminhealth's
    advice and taking vit. D3 and Grapeseed extract plus the
    vit. B12 patch. Stopped for a while when we were moving.
    Now I'm back on the regimen and posting more often.

    Georgia, HaHa! Wyatt Urp! Your dad was a wag. Springwater,
    what do you mean, "water by the tanker"? Here a tanker is
    a truck that hauls fluids.

    Julie, what is Lorraine cooking? Does she have a Easy Bake
    over? I never could understand how a 60 watt bulb was hot
    enough to bake with.

    Teacher, there are lots of Biblical references to dancing.
    Just look for "Dancing in the Bible" or go here:


    No, I was never a square dance caller, but did lots of folk
    dancing when I was a teen. We used to have dances at
    the school gym. There would be folks of all ages out on
    the floor in their socks having a good time.

    Granni, did you and your brother dance together when you
    were kids? I wish I could tap dance. You can see
    great examples on Youtube. Saw Bobby Van the other
    day. He was a sensational dancer, but had the bad luck
    to come along when the studios had pretty much stopped
    making musicals.

    Better go before I lose this.

  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I messed up again.

    Things all flew apart. Last thur. night I got up to go to the bathroom and I was in an awful hurry. I just got to potty and my knee gave out. Well. down I went, hit my (left, leg, bad leg) thigh on wheel of walker, hit my bottom on the other wheel and.......... you can guess what happened with all of this!I sat there in soaked nitie, (sorry Rock) and this liquid all around me. I just sat there, hurting. I didn't want to use my alert button as I had shed nitie, pulled all 3 big towel down around me, and the threee people ion my alert and men friends. Finally after an hour, I scutted into bedroom, pulled myself up with bedpost and fell into bed and didn't care what shape I was in!! I hurt so bad the next day that I didn't go to coffee or tell a soul what happened/

    Sun came and I got up to late to go to church. That has never happened/ But I gradually told family. Then came the expected question-----you know, mom, we have to make some plans. I said that I knew it---I couldn't stay in this big house forever.

    Yesterday I decided to go to Dr. because of pain. She said that the reason I felt so awful was because of pain. Then after looking at those huge bruises, decided I needed x-rays. That's at the hospital. It was soiooiio hot. I managed to get up the walkway with walker, then I asked for wheelchair. She asked how was with me---told her just me. (hand't expected the x-rays.) I cam home and ciollapsed. Oh yes, she NP--said I needed fasting bloodwork today. I went for coffee and water, then to her office. I had planned to go tio McD. for their oatmeal, I hurt too bad to go in, it was too hot to sit in car and the thoughts iof going into the grocery just turned me off.k I went home,

    Those x-rays left me in so much pain! I had some cold cereal and sat down so sick! Too much heat, too much pain, just too much! I had a better lunch and got myself a stronger pain pill, a bowl of orange pineapple ice cream and relaxed. Finally felt like a half-way human. Joke, joke!

    #1 son to think moire about what I wish tio doi. I know that I must leave here but I don't want to think about afgter living in this house for 59 yrs.!

    OK folks! that is why I am so behind what is giong on, I just know that babies are not here. I quickly glance at FB. for family.

    I'm sorry for all tghe typos and Rock, I just scanned all your wonderful writings! I must go find food and ice water. I hope tio get back really soon with no more bruises, etc. All is a nightmare.

    Love you all,

    I will try to get back sooner. You allo had so much tio say. Wonderful!

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    about your fall, all the pain and everything that went with it all !! Hope nothing was broken . You didn't say if they read the x-rays but guess that they would have told you that if you did. I am sure you are sore and it will take awhile for you to feel "normal" again, whatever that is. It is late and almost time for bed for me too but had to check the Porch again.

    Hope you will feel better sooner rather than later !! I am sure the thought of leaving the place where you lived with Harley all these years will be scary and hard but you know when the time comes when it is best to leave and not be alone. Those buttons that you push are great too, if there is no there is no other place to go that is safe and easy for you to navigate and not to far from family.

    Thinking about you. Have a comforatable night. Sleep tight.

    Love to you and all,'
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Joan - oh dear, that fall sounds nasty and i can imagine how scared you
    migtht hv been. Grannis right, maybe the time has come for you to consider
    other living options than being alone. I understand the attachment issues,
    i still pine for my hometown/the little house we used to live in. But necessity
    takes us where it will. Im happy you hv lovely kids tho. Always dropping by.

    Leah - one of the side effects of these DDs is losing friends, as all of us here know. There are some people from childhood i knew i havent been able to keep
    up with due to not having the energy or motivation to.

    Teacher - cant imagine a religion forbidding dancing. !!! dancing is an expression
    of the soul. and expression is a basic need!! One of the most beautiful ways of
    expressing oneself.

    Dont let anyone tell you not to dance. No thunderbolt or lightning is going to
    strike you down dead, i assure you.

    Georgia - good to know the weathers cooled off out there. guess what, it has
    here too! with the arrival of monsoons. its been raining sporadically and the
    temps hv come down. I could hv cried with relief.

    Julie - You have enough on your plate with LIndseys impending delivery to hav
    to deal with her inlaws state of mind. Dont worry about it too much. It will blow over. Lorraines safety does come first and foremost.

    Granni - hv your skin issues with the poison ivy resolved themselves completely?
    I hope the predisnone has done its job. be careful now. My fatigue is kind of
    much less than before. Been managing to do what i hv to do and not collapsing.
    Thats really huge compared to a year ago. When i did nothing because i hadnt any energy.

    Rock - so happy your computer is behaving itself. Pls keep taking grapeseed and vitamin B if it is helping you post more, lol! Kidding. But glad to know those
    things are helping. I buoght a vial of Vitamin B and two bottles of omega fatty acids when i was there. i dont feel comfortable not taking my vitamin B. I
    remember asking for Omega 3 fatty acids here and no pharmacy stocked it.

    I used to wait for Fawlty Towers 3 decades ago when it came on tv. i loved the sensible maid and felt relieved she and Mrs Fawlty were there to set mr fawltys antics aright.

    By the tanker ful means my friend and her sisters have been having to buy water for utilities. They sell water here. A big truck with a container full of water goes to the house and fills the water tanks for a sum of money. The tanker goes a distance away from town to the hills and gathers waterfrom the streams there.

    Yesterday was hectic.
    Son drove me to hospital with the lunches for bro and SIL. Then he returned to
    his volunteer place. i let them eat and went off downtown to have the rest of my holiday photos developed. no electricity at studio so had to wait. was already late because the lady drivers of the tempos went so slowly. and hadto change twice.

    then back to hospital and relieved SIL for a while while she slept.

    caught the bus back at eve and collapsed on bed. help made the food, bless
    her soul.

    today dont need to take lunch as another cousin of SILs is taking but hv to take son with car at noon to get bro back to his home since he is getting discharged today.

    evening dh son myself hv to go to dhs uncles place for get together. looking forward to some normal time with healthy people.

    my stomach is stinging a bit nowadays. pretty sure the sores are acting up.

    will hv check up. i guess i cant get careless now. what a headache tho.

    You all take care.

    God Bless

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to read about your fall. It's not you that messed up; it's
    your knee. But I guess the results are the same. As Granni said, I hope
    the bumps and bruises are fast healing without any permanent damage.

    I don't know what alternatives are available to you, but I hope something
    can be worked out that is satisfactory. I'm sure it seems very strange to
    think of moving after 6 decades. The longest I ever lived in the same
    house was 15 years.

    I wish there was something I could do. What we need is a Harry Doctor
    Wizard with a magic wellness wand. One wave and whatever it is,
    wart, broken bone, extra elbow, is all fixed. I read an article that said
    orange-pineapple ice cream is very therapeutic so that will probably
    help too.

    I hope that be the time you read this, things are already looking brighter
    and the pains are fading.

    Good luck
  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Joan - I'm sorry you're not feeling well after such a dramatic fall. I know it wasn't funny when it happened, but my irreverent mind created a picture that made me want to laugh. I exchanged a picture of myself in your situation while wearing a tiara! I think you deserved that lovely ice cream.

    Seriosuly, I hope your x-rays don't show anything they shouldn't. And your children are right. I worry about my parents rattling around in that big old house that I grew up in and they've only been in theirs for 46 years.

    It will be tough on all of you, but I'm sure you all will be able to come up with a workable solution.

    Rock - Your garden work wore me out just READING about it. I don't know how you have the energy to do half the stuff you do. I bet Zippy sits around wondering when you're gonna take a nap so he can rest!

    I enjoy your trivia . Not the right word for what I want to say, but the closest I can find right now. Your little nuggets are like surprises that come from nowhere. It's fun.

    You and Georgia take care of yourselves way out there in the heat. Don't need to be worryin' about y'all and heatstroke.

    Spring - You amaze me woman. You just keep going and going and going. You have a wonderful way of taking care of so many people and yet not lose your cool and start throwing things at them and having tantrums. One of these days, I'm gonna grow up and be just like you.

    Goatie - I love how you have decided what's important to you and are sticking to that end. Altering that will lessen who you are and that would be a bad thing.

    Granni - Is the itching settling down any? I've heard that aloe helps too, but I can't say personally as I haven't had poision ivy.

    Are the grands coming to spend any time with you this summer?

    Julie - Thank you for being a wonderful wife and mother. I hope your family realizes what a gift they have been given.

    Don't worry about the in-laws. They are not your responsiblity. If they cannot be polite enought to give you a heads up about their comings and goings, they must accept the consequnces of that behavior.

    Do we have anyone new to play with yet?

    To everyone else that I've missed - You all are amazing. Reading your day-to-day stuff is marvelous. It shows that we are NOT our illness. It's just a seasoning in the mix!

    Hang in there my dears.


    Thank you all for your replies about dancing.

    Today, we bury an elder in the church. I grew up the with youngest of his children and the majority of his grandchildren. A quiet man, but he knew how tow to get his point across. He will be missed.

    It's supposed to be in the lower 90's today and humid, so this should be interesting.

    Sister got her stitches out yesterday. Three days early! I don't know why the doctor caved, but he did. He said that her foot looked really good though. By Christmans, he says she won't be able to tell that she has a scar. Yay!

    We are beginning the preparations for surgery on the right foot now. At this rate, it appears that she will be ready to fly solo by the time I return to school. I'm liking this.

    She may even be ready to go back to work in September instead of October if she continues to progress in this manner.

    I did tell her that she needed to hurry up and get back to her regular self. This taking the trash out every week is killing my nails!

    Ya'll take it easy and try not to do anything I wouldn't do.