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    Rosin on the bow and here we go.

    Honor your partner; curtsey and bow.
    Grab your gal and show 'em how.

    Circle the square, and go to town.
    All jump up and don't come down.

    Ladies to the center; form a star.
    Gents stay put right where your are.

    Do Si Do, then form a ring.
    Dance all night till the birdies sing.

    Allemande left with the old left hand.
    Weave the ring. Now ain't life grand!

    Now all go home 'cause it's quitting time.
    And that's the end of this musical rhyme.

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    Hi Julie

    Springwater said that Granni said (that's hearsay evidence) it was your birthday recently. So
    many happy returns. Here's a b-day verse for you. I have not copyrighted it, so you and
    all the porchers can use it free and gratis. Ha Ha!

    Roses are red.
    Kumquats are orange.
    My thumb's black and blue.
    Got caught in a door hinge.

    Hope you have a very colorful birthday.

    For maximum effect, you can use the colors in your e mail (or color crayons on real
    paper) to give the card a wonderful, child-like, homemade look.

    That's pretty scary about David's bulls eye bite. Since he was on duty, his employer should
    be paying for the medical care and any lost time from work.

    Granni, sounds like DH was lucky he didn't get electromacuted. In a Warner Bros. cartoon
    he woulda lite up like a neon sign. BTW, you guys believe that story about old Ben Franklin
    and the kite? I mean, why didn't he get electromacuted? I think it's apocryphal.

    Springwater, you sure cooked a lotta stuff for one meal. Do you dip cauliflower in a batter
    and deep fry it? Sounds a little like tempura which Gordon makes now and then.

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    Just bumping this Porch up a bit and then off to get dressed :)!! SW and I posted on the wrong Porch before so wanted to bump this one up so peeps could see it.

    Hope to see you all later on. have a great day JULIE with Keira. To bad she still isn't feeling well.

    BTW, if you have the time check out the last of the old porch where SW and I posted ):!! GEEZ already LOL

    Hi Rock - loved your call today ! :)

    Love to awl,
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    Hello all

    Rock - thanks for opening the porch again..felt like old times

    Yes, I parboiled cauliflower, marinated in garlic, green chillis, salt,
    Dipped in batter made of flour seasoned with chilli powder and
    Baking powder and deep fried. It is always a hit.

    Talking of animated movies and Julie's card, iwatched Happy Feet
    yesterday. Bits of it. Since DH snoozed off and I could get my hands
    On the remote.

    Granni - do you hv a lunch or something, you went off to get dressed.
    It was so hot yesterday, didn't rain. But it was humid. I sweat a lot.

    Julie - lil Keira loves and needs her meemaw close at hand,seems like.
    Poor lil one..I hope she gets better really soon. Think it's a good idea to
    Check for mold at Lindsey's place.

    I went for meditation but felt really hot after that,no rain and returned
    Home soon...not gonna take chances with this moody stomach of mine.


    God bless
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    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE !!! Hope everyone has a fun or very quiet day at home or wherever if anyone is going somewhere to celebrate. We will be home with some friends to play some cards (Tripoly). Haven't played it in some time.

    Julie- Glad you are back safe and sound. Sounds like you could have a pretty busy day there but not a bad idea to stay home for once, at least in the evening when they have the fireworks. You and Den are always so busy you both need some down time together, as they say. Sorry Keira is still not up to part but nice you could spend some time together.

    HI ROCK and SPRING WATER and everyone else just peeking in. Not sure where DH went to. When I woke up he was gone, probably to the store or to get gas. Hope you are all doing well. So nice to hear your square dance call.

    May pop in later.

    Need to go get dressed and do some things before our company comes. Glad it is not a big group.

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    :mad: Happy 4th of July! i have just lost 2 posts. They weren't long but it is just the idea. just my luck this week. I wanted to tell you why I lost in such a hurry last time. My thera;pist for my arms and legs was at my door. I really don't like it as it leaves my joints in such pain. You know their answer "It is good for you":confused:

    Then things got complixcated! (I am not going to proof-that gets me in trouble.) Last Sat. my TV comp-letely quit! I could'nt do anything--even called the server. You know the kind of answers I got on the weekend. I talked to the lady that is in charge on that service- She said that the servers don't work on the weekends. She will call on Mon. I patiently waited. And guess what>? She was off work until Wed. and no one else knew how to contact them:mad: On Wed. I cornered her immediately. She had 4 others to call for---TV's out. She got a hold of them and tney told her to call back in 53 min. She did and all they could say that the could come here onSat.:mad: She finally talked them into Friday---I called son #1 and I would guess that he called the service and gave them the word. Head lady came in during lunch ansd told me that they would be here that day (yesterday). Head lady and the guy came mid afternoon We found out since my TV and computer were both on the same service that they had turned my TV off. the Assisted living pays for the cable fpr TV---I pay for the cable for my computer. I was rather angry!@

    It took him a long time to get it all back to my TV but it is going. Yeh!! In the meantime, my cell phone would charge over 2 lines, even with it on charge all the time. i called dear son#1---his suggestion was to get a new phone as I was probably due for one and for free. He called #2 son here in town and I don't know what he will do. So I write to everyone. The battery is about dead.

    THEN, I was taking a shower one evening this week and I noticed the legs of my bath chair were all going haywire. Started tio collapse when I was on it. I got out quick! I called the maintenance man and asked him to come and repair it and he did. So---------i took my shower andf washed my hair last evening and noticed that the leg was going out and all were slipping. At least I got that done. I looked under that mat and the floor was slick with conditioner! The new cleaning lady apparently doesn't do that. And also, the mat is slick on both sides. My old cleaning lady did clean all of that. I wrote to my daughter and asked her to bring strong cleaner tomorrow when she comes. I will also leave a note today (this is my day for her to clean my apt.) Please do all of that!! Daughter is half mad about the bath stool---why did I do that?

    I will close as it is lunch time and I don't want to lose this.

    Gentle Hugs to all,
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    Joan/Lilac - So nice to hear from you but sorry for all your problems. I need to go fix lunch but hope to come back later.

    Julie - yes it is time to rest for you my dear !!! Take a break for once :)!!


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    Hey, Kids! Starting the morning with a computer mystery. There's a green light on at the top of
    my keyboard. What it signifies, I know not. Above the light is a tiny box with an "A" in it.
    Probably stands for some exotic modern equipment like an autoclave or an altimeter.

    We are not doing any kind of party for the 4th. I am doing nothing because of my ailing back.
    Gordon is busy cleaning the kitchen. Lots of fireworks and parties one could attend. The
    Rose Bowl in Pasadena has a fireworks display. Kinda pricey. Admission $13 to $30; parking $20.
    The Queen Mary in Long Beach is having a party plus fireworks. I just looked at the prices and
    already forgot 'em. Ratbane! I think it goes up to $200 for the VIP treatment.

    Dodger Stadium is about 2 miles away. We will hear the thumps from the explosions. It makes
    Zippy nervous, but he really doesn't panic the way some poor animals do.

    Julie, yes, my birthday is what you said. (You know one is always being warned about putting
    personal info on the net. Shoot! I had a long profile w/ my birthday date posted here for
    6-7 years.)

    Your Wind Song made me think of the aeolian harp. I thought it was a poetic piece of fantasy, but
    I looked on Youtube. It really exists. A harp that is played by the wind. Turns out there is giant
    one in San Francisco. Makes an eerie sound.

    That's interesting that Isaiah and Liora had a different reaction to their bike trip. Even with
    twins, individual differences will out, I guess. That reminds me of our skateboarder who
    was pulled by his dog. Used to see him a couple times a week. Must be a year or two he's been
    gone from the neighborhood. Just noticed now.

    Springwater, your battered cauliflower sounds much too spicy for me. Norwegians don't like
    anything spicier than mashed potatoes. But I'm sure Gordon would love it. Is "Happy Feet"
    that penguin film? Reminded me of "Lonely Feet", a song by Jerome Kern. Yup, that's on
    Youtube too.

    Joan-Lilac, two lost posts!!! That is a double whammy. Sounds like the electronic gremlins are
    just running amok at your place. And a recalcitrant chair at the same time. Well, a chair is
    about as non electronic as one can get unless, of course, it's an electric chair. An electric
    chair in a shower sounds like another potential double whammy.

    That reminds me. I think we have a bath chair around this ranch someplace. Gordon's
    mother used it. I should see about finding it. With my ornery back, it's hard to get into the
    tub and even harder to get out.

    And I'm a little apprehensive about a shower since my sense of balance is failing. Also my
    sense of time and of space. (I bump my head a lot.) I wonder if all this is part of the
    Alzheimer's problem.

    Hope you have a happy family gathering, Granni. I expect there will be good things to eat.
    Planning to use the grill? Who's going to be wearing the chef's apron? DH? Hope the
    blistering temperatures have gone away.

    Hope you all have a bang up forth without actually getting banged up.

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    I did come back! This has been a very lonely day. I don't know what my local family did but I know tomorrow they are going to DILs mother's cottage on the lake. They will be here tomorrow and Saturday. i guess that is just my mood for today----no phone! Tomorrow daughter and SIL come for the day.

    Cleaning lady cleaned today and I left her a note as to what to do in the shower. She did a decent job but I will do better tomorrow when I get the liquid cleaner. i finally got some national news that I had missed for several days. Horrible about the 19 firefighters----just awful! Do any of you live in the forest fire areas? They have just been terrible. Then how about in the "burning up" area? Mother Nature seems to be in a temper tantrum this spring and summer.:( I shouldn't fuss about clouds and sprinkles every day;)

    Just what do the "New Chat", General chat mean? And it always says ? people here?

    Rock, it is so wonderful that you are back on. Even though I haven't written much lately, i have missed our writer, comedian, story-teller and good guy! You truely are just that:)

    Julie: I justy can't imagine all that you do! But, as I have said before, don't forget dear Julie in the rush. You are a real sweetheart and we don't want you to be the jack-of-all-trades and do too much. I do hope that that your little family stays well----I know that they have a tough time with that-----seems as if someone is ill most of the time.

    What will change next? Gee whiz, they must remember that some of us are "older" or not quite "older" . But I do love u all .
  10. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I did something as usual and I don't know if it posted or not! Sure hope so.
    Gentle Hugs and much luvQ

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    Not much time but will be back later.

    Julie - Surprising that the kids want to leave and buy a new home. I understand they probably need larger surroundings and sure will miss you ( visa versa) and you being there 24/7 as they say.

    Time for a break Grandma :)!!

    Gotta run now, back later. Have to dress work out and then some outside work - yuck !!!!

    Wish I could finish but duty calls :)!!

    Luv you all,
  12. Granniluvsu

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    Julie - Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, if the kids do move , in which part of the house will you live and will you and Den continue to build what you thought was going to be your part of the house??? Talk about crazy huh :!! Lots of hard decisions will have to be made I guess. Have they spoken at all of a possible time line or is it just talk at this point??

    Sorry you are feeling so badly. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. So sorry to hear about your Sister IL and her boyfriend issues. I would be worried too. You never know nowadays and some people just pick up someone real quickly, off the internet per se and don't even know them and want them to come stay with them. That is a very risky idea but I know some people have no common sense. Also they believe whatever the person tells them - not a great idea. I know, I have a daughter who was that way not sure if she still isn't or not. That is another long story, Her temporary long job that she had is over, her car almost blew up and thank goodness she was close to a garage. There is like over $600 worth of damage and they won't give it to her till she has all the $. Guess who has to help?

    Also, she broke off with her long time x fiancé of again and on again but now completely off. Now all the kids will be gone, two to her x and the other at the other grandparents but is working and graduated HS. So, she will be by herself this year at least, good in a way and bad in another. Hope she finds a job real soon. No one wants to hire full time workers any more unless you hwave lots of experience and or college. She has so college but did get her medical assistant training quite a few years ago Such a long story. She is going to AA which is a good thing. It started with her x who should have gone to AA years ago but he still drinks beer I think..

    Enough of my sage going on here. Hope all is ell with everyone !

    Love, Granni
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    Julie - I know it take some time and money to clear up mold issues so that might take awhile and then perhaps you could sell it after the kids move. That of course is up to you and if you want to keep everything in the family. Yes, no need to rush since they aren't leaving yet. However at that point you will have to make some decisions. I just figured that they wanted to stay there since you were doing all this planning on building your place with Den and them living where you were ( in the big house). Keep us updated. She won't be moving that far away mama if David's job is is in town, unless he gets transferred or something.

    Nothing else that exciting happening here. Just had a phone scare. I couldn't find my phone and even did the usual trick of calling it so sit could ring and I could hopefully find it. It rang and rang but the ringer must have been very low. It turned out to be under a bunch of papers in the den where I was on the computer. I had a scare and hoped it wasn't in the store where we went shopping.:(

    I'll be home this weekend nothing exciting going on. Try and do a little resting Julie!!

    Hi to Spring Water, Rock, Joan, Elaine, Gail,, Mikie and everyone else. Guess some will be busy this weekend. Diane is busy with Kevin I guess. I think he was off for the holiday.. It will be a quiet weekend for us.

    Love to awl,
  14. Granniluvsu

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    Julie - Need to start supper. That will be interesting to hear about your mold issues. That surely is not a good thing. I know it can be expensive to get rid of. Hope it isn't to bad and you can figure out what you are going to do next.

    More3 later on.

    Love you and all,
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    hello all

    julie - praying for the soul of the cousins deceased son, and for the bereaved.

    glad to hear your father is a little better. lindseys stomach pains are perplexing.

    but then with IBS i guess onewould get those. it would be good to get blood

    work done to ascertain there is no helicobactor pylori bacteria.

    granni - i do it all the time, losing my phone,.......and keys. and then getting

    stressed out thinking its been stolen, etc. well, ive a bunch of keys i

    never did find.

    joan - glad you got the tv back. i am very attached to mine. love the

    travel shows. and comedy ones.

    and i listen to music which ive downloaded to my laptop.

    rock - yes happy feet was about penguins. today i had a tempura

    coated mushroom cheese deep fried snack at a lunch outside.

    maybe gordons batterlings were like that. they were tasty.

    ive been busy. on thursday i had gone over to a friends, for lunch.

    me and her other healer friend. its funny, im in my early 50s, friend

    in late 30s, and other guy friend in twenties....and we were

    sitting, eating, discussing. three gens and gabbing away. yes, mostly

    about pranic healing. all 3 of us hv been thru trauma, i guess itswhat

    brought us together. friend had made mediterranean food. griddle

    bread with hummus, tofu, etc.

    today i went to a neighbours 25th wedding anniversary; was okay,

    we lent him our compound for parking his guests cars. here they

    traditionally do a big shindig. must hv been like 150 guests. luckily

    for him, the rain stopped. it was held was in a big tent in his compound.

    i also went for meditation and cried a lot. the young healer friend had

    done some work where he felt for unwanted psychological cords and pulled

    them out from my chakras. said i had too many emotional attachments

    which were draining me. i think thats why ive been crying ...he's been

    unplugging energetically internalized pain stored up for years.

    my gastritis has improved much but ive been foggy brained. my friend joking

    that theyhad moved my gas up from from my abdomen to my brain.

    take care, all.

    god bless
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    Spring Water - I like that your gas problems in your tummy has moved to your brain. Maybe that is my problem too. I also like JULIE's comment about having a phone implant. Sounds like a very good idea to me :)!!

    Julie - So sorry to hear about cousin's son . That is so terribly sad but unfortunately I have heard of others who have done the same, a church friend's son took his own life many years ago. So may questions and such young lives taken so early. Enjoy the 50th birthday of your brother. You are all so YOUNG :)!!!!

    Listening to news about that awful airline crash in San Francisco, a 777 with over 300 people aboard, counting the crew. What a terrible picture they are showing of the plane. I imagine many more are in hospitals with very serious injuries. Hopefully, they will survive. So far there have been 2 deaths. Sorry for such a gloomy post.

    Had a fairly quiet day today. Tomorrow should be the same after church except going to work out after lunch. Believe me that is not my idea :)!!! DH will push me so in a way that is good otherwise I might never go.

    Think of you all. Thanks for posting Julie and Spring. Hope to hear from you both tomorrow.

    TTYAL !!

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    I should just turn off the comp. and go to bed. It is scary with no phone. I have no idea when son #2 will take me to get a new phone. I wrote to both of the older two on comp. Daughter and SIL were her yesterday. they had meal in the dining room so I could point out some of the ladies that I tell her about and she met my table mates.

    A couple who are neighbors were in a different apartment. I stopped and asked if they were moving. They had gotten up that morning and the bedroom carpet was wet----into the bath and it was full of water. Then a table mate who is always grumbling had her bathroom floor flooded. The maintence man came a vacuumed up water in the couple's apt. and tore up bedroom carpet. Friend wouldn't let them do that to her bath floor----got down and soaked towels with water, wrung them out and kept it up til water was gone. And of course, it is a holiday weekend and no one else works. Main. man has no idea where the water came from and has no idea how to he lp it.

    Got off the subject!! D bought me new shower chair---my other had collapsed----and new floor mat. She measured that with tapd measure so it was right----abd it was,

    Dull day. Tomorrow will be too, I will read and probably drop off for a nap while I am reading like I did gtoday. #2 son usually take me to church Sun. but have no means of communication so I guess I will watch a service on TV.

    I think that cat, Maggie, is ready to go to bed. She gets up on bed right by my head. We both go to sleep and sometime during the night, she finds a better spot.

    OK, dear friends. This is it!! Whoops! I don't have any smiley faces. Guess they all went to bed.

    Nite and don't let the rain bother you! We are supposed to get it,

    Luv U all,
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    Hi Julie and everyone,

    Glad you got to go to your brother's 50th birthday. How far away does he live from you? My brother is out of state and so we very rarely see each other. It is so expensive to fly and there is no one else we really care to see anymore. My friends have either died or live out of state or way upstate New York. My brothers and family are always so busy going everywhere to see their kids when SIL not working as a teacher. She makes the plans and he just goes :)!! They came years ago for our son's wedding I think and that was over 11 years ago. I went by myself a couple of years ago and I will be very surprised if they come here again.

    That will be interesting to hear about the house Lindsay might be interested in. It would be nice if she did know some of the people in the area. How far away was this house from where you live? You are just much to busy, but as I said before you are a lot younger so you at least try and do more than you should.

    Joan - Hope all is well with you . I think Julie said you got your TV back. I hope so. Is there a card room or place where people go to play games. May of Sr. facilities , sometimes Bingo too but that is only certain days and times.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing well too and not to worn out trying to do your healings. I hope you can get healed too :) !!! Try and take it easy though and not to much at once.

    Elaine - Hope you are doing a little better. Hope to hear from you soon again - we all need a pick up :)!!

    Diane and Rock - Glad to see you both on the Lounge thread.

    Lots of hugz to you awl,
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