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    Teacher..((((hugs))))) Sorry you're going through such a rough time right now. That's 'way too many losses to deal with! Please know I'm thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Take care of yourself right now...don't overdo...and think good, calming thoughts, okay??? Love ya!

    For those of you who don't know what's going on, see her post on the end of the last volume. She's had a rough time lately.

    Granni, you are soooo far ahead of me. I think I'm doing great with the Christmas presents and decorating...and all I've done so far is think about it...lol...

    Edited to say congrats on your anniversary tomorrow!! Not very many people make it to 48 anymore. That's something to be proud of, and shows how hard you and hubby have worked at your relationship through the years. Good job!!!

    Julie, I'm wishing you/yours the best for tomorrow, and hope he doesn't try anything down the road. I wish Amy could move directly in with someone else so she wouldn't be alone with Kiera. Otherwise, it's great this is all going to be behind you and over with. Didn't know you had that "firey" side...lol...but all us moms do when it comes to our kids!

    Georgia, stay rested and well.

    Rock, hope you have your NRG on its way back!

    Linda, have a great day!!

    Elaine, I added to your other post. Yea for you!! Nearly there, sweetie!

    Mickey, Pippi, Joan, etc. missing you. I haven't been on FB for quite awhile now. If any of you talk to Mickey, tell her hi for me.

    Short for now, but will be back soon...........love to all..........Jole

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    Jole - thanks alot for starting us up again. No, I am not that organized. I have not bought many oresents and most are going to be gift cards this year. I still have loads of cards to do. I did a few tonight but then I needed a break. I probably will not be able to do to many tomorrow unless I do a few during the day here and there, in between everything else. I will be out at night tomorrow to our club Christmas Open House . It is our 48th anniversary tomorrow. I am even being bad and not going to choir practice tomorrow. Saturday we will go to a special dinner out for a change, by ourselves in a good restaurant..

    Teacher - sorry you are feeling so badly. I am so sorry sweetie. I didn't quite catch the whole problem but know you are feeling very badly. My speed reading isnlt always that great :) !!

    Hugs to everydobby inc all those MIA's. Hey PIP where are you my dear.?Need a bedtime story ??

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    No time this morning, just waanted to say hi. It is our 48th anniversary. We will go out to dinner tonight at our clubs open house :). Sat will be a nice quiet dinner at a lovely place.

    Gotta runnow and give the puter ti DH. Back later hopefully,

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    Today is Wednesday. That means I put my
    B12 patch behind my ear. Which ear? Doesn't
    matter so long as it's one of mine.

    I hope to make it to the library today for the book sale.
    Last Sat. Gordon and I went to the new library which is
    about a mile away. It is very Bauhaus style w/ lots of straight
    lines and rectangles.

    Everything is new and shiny. I stood in line to
    check stuff out, and was eventually told to do
    it myself. So I attempted same. A very nice
    young lady who was dressed like a gypsy and
    had a nose piercing helped.

    She also had troubles. Now if she works there
    and can't do it successfully, how is the public

    One of the instructions was "Place item on tray and wait
    till it turns green." I asked what was gonna turn green.
    The book?

    She said the computer screen would turn green,
    but it didn't. Just more reinforcement of the
    idea that I don't belong in the modern world.

    Teacher, sorry you're having all this additional
    stress. If anybody is in charge, things certainly
    could be arranged better. I hope things calm
    down soon.

    Granni, when are you gonna slow down? Haven't you
    ever heard that old Christmas saying? Stop and smell
    the holly berries?

    Georgia, "Going Home" is from the New World
    Symphony by Antonin Dvorak. Or maybe it's
    a folk tune he included. Nobody seems to know
    for sure.

    Ever see the old movie "The Snake Pit" w/
    Olivia de Havilland? In the dance at the "resort"
    (asylum) Jan Clayton sings the song. Jan went
    on to star on TV as Lassie's mother.

    Springwater, I guess our friend Shia is in his
    early 20s. He's already had 3 public drunken
    incidents. His father was a cocaine addict. I
    think he needs to get help soon before he
    self destructs completely.

    Julie, hope all goes well with operation "Oust
    Chris". Can you post the picture of you and
    Keira? From what I read, it's much trickier to
    post pictures on the updated and improved board.

    Springwater, defiant teen age girls like to scream at their
    parents, "I don't care. I'm not
    marrying his family." But of course, they are.
    Unless they move to another continent. Even
    then he's going to act pretty much like the
    people he grew up with, right?

    How come I am the only person in the whole world
    who tells young women (co workers), "You don't want
    an exciting date. You want someone who will be a steady
    and reliable husband."

    But they don't pay any attention. They want
    ROMANCE like the movie stars have and the
    most expensive wedding in history. Oh well,
    I used to be young and stupid myself. Now I'm
    old and practically gaga.

    Jole, do they still make those glasses that get
    darker when you go outside? I had a pair some
    decades back. They worked too. Funny, I
    can't remember much about them.

    No, I have no expectations of ever having energy again.
    Yesterday I paid a bill and wrote
    two cards. All 3 had been sitting by the computer for 5
    days waiting for me to do something with them.

    Elaine, hope your vision problems are gone. I
    sometimes have flashing spots in front of my
    eyes when I wake up, but they go away after
    10-20 minutes.

    Hi Mickey, Barry, et. al. Time to go.

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    I decided thaat I should get on here in the a.m. so I am not completely exhausted. I read the past vol. and so many are having problems. I can't remember names so I can't name you but I am so sorry. I hope things get better.

    My whole Thanksgiving plans changed. Jeff was to pick me up on Wed. but the new water heater was to come thaqt day and he didn't want to leave until it was in. He had not special time that he was to come. Son wondered about Thur. morn. ---I know he had things to do. Couldn't bring me home til Sun. instead of Sat. Suddenly it hit me. I WANT TO STAY HOME. I don't know why that feeling came over me. Guess it was the 1st TG.

    i went to the other church in our town and they serve TG dinner to anyone---those who don't have family around, tnose who live alone, etc. Harley and I had gone there several times so I didn't hesitate.

    Fri. i WM shopped and Sat. I went to our church to fluff the tree branches in the sanctuary. we havwe 3 BIG trees, one in the sanctuary, one in the foyer and one in the fellowship hall. The whole church is always decorated so beautifully, thanks to one person, the one who doesn't like me!

    Then in ther midst of all this, the wife of the one big, big industries men got suddenly ill. She went to hospital, on Wed. they did surgwery to remove 2 1/2 inches of upper colon, then later in the day surgery to remove 2 1/2 feet of colon and she steadily got worse. At the
    TG it was announced that her vitals were failing and all the family, 4 daughter and 2 sons were called to be there. On Fri. a brain scan showed nothing-----the life support was removed and she instantly stopped breathing!

    We had been to holiday parties at their home numerous times---gorgeous home. The husband had lost the mother of his children numerous yrs. ago in an awful accident at home. He soon married this lady, and several yrs,. later, his son was killed in a airplane crash at a local airport, now this lady's death. He was asked how he can take all this----"God does not give me more than he knows I can handle" My whagt a wonderful attitude.

    The visitation and funeral wilil be so large that both will be in our fellowship hall and then our sanctuary. Their church is too small. The "after" lunch is to be in our community center and expects 350!!!
    Guess i will make a salad for that.

    I have had such mixed emotions the past 10 days that I couldn't even think straight! Thus, no porch! Sorry.

    Then I still so concerned about my good friend's sonh. His prognosis is not good but the family is still looking for a better answer from other drs.

    Sorry that this missile is so full of sorrow. But that is a part of life that can't be escaped.

    Oh yes, our son and wife endedup with 23 for the holiday so I don't think I was missed too much. I still don't know what happened to me to change my plans. I just thought that I COULDN'T go!!I wanted to be home. Anyone ever feel that way?

    Teacher - you have had deaths to contend with mentally, haven't you? And when you don't feel physically up to dealing with it, it's hard! I know!

    Granni: Happy belated 48th annv.! Yes, that is something to be proud of. And every yr. from now on is a gift from God. My gooddness, at the rate you go doing things, you will live to celebrate 60!! We almost did---59 1/2!

    But you do so much---that is wonderful that you can take all of the activities. i used to. the house is decorated, all that I will do for must me as no one will be here. The outside somewhat. No 1 son did that.

    Potty break and back again. I want to get some Christmas computer paper so I may do my annual letter. I love getting them too. I have a written a sample of it. i didn't know how to begin it-----there are quite a few distant relatives of Harley's that don't know about his passing so------ But we have 3 joys this ;yr. so I will probably include them. Then I have gto gto over my list book and decide if there is someone I need to taked off. I take them off if I didn't hear last yr.---

    Julie---hope that you can get rid of Chris when he causes trouble for your family. Must really hurt you too.

    Rock: You now have "Going Home" running thru my mind, over and over. love the song.

    I have seen a few Chrismtas shows---How that Grinch Stole Christmas and another one---that Screech or something like that. Nice holiday 1/2 hr. shows. Last eve. i ran across the "National Lampoon Christmas vacation" I have seen it numerous times but still makes me laugh. Hallmark will be caring Christmas shows every eve as does AMC if you have it. Makes me feel so good to laugh at goofy things like that movie.Will probably be on again. Loved it.

    Rock and Julie; I would love to have the glasses that darken when I go out. I am absolutely blind when out in the sun. I can't seven tell who people are. Don't know what makes it, the eye dr. says "age" and that is not a good answer. Have Rx sunglasses but it is the switching that is a pain! I go into WM and I can't see well enough to leave them on. Then of course as I said before, I have to put my glasses on the bottom of my nose and look over the glasses to see price tags, etc. on groceries.

    I think that I have rambled on long enough! Excuse me for talking all about me and what is going on/

    Love all you dear, dear friends.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    You are right to do all the things you are doing to help Amy. Sounds like he is a very vengeful person and will do anything to get back at her. What a jerk (that is a nice name for him). Glad that you got those papers to evict him in case he tries to pull something else again. That is great you can be there for her and can help her out during this awful time.

    God bless you, Amy and those girls. I have to get off as DH needs the computer again !! Some of these guys who think they are so great and macho and like VERY bad little boys. He certainly is not acting very nicely to say the least. Hope he moves out and doesn't try anything nasty again. If he does, GO GET EM JULIE !!!! Hugs to you and Amy !

    Bye for now.

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    I haven't a shred of news to report. Napped all afternoon.

    Finished a book about the world's biggest art theft. From a private
    museum in Boston in 1990. The guards did not follow the order: Don't
    let anyone in after hours. Same situation as the recent fuss at the
    White House. Failure to follow the proper procedures.

    The art is still missing. Paintings by artists like Rembrandt that were
    purchased over a century ago for several thousand dollars are now worth
    fifty million.

    Also finished a short book by Garrison Keillor called "A Christmas Blizzard".
    It has a touch of the supernatural in it. I think this is a first for G.K. Maybe
    he's been reading too much Stephen King.

    Gordon is making egg foo young. The crosswords have "foo" fighters in
    them lately. I suppose that's a reference to a cartoon or a video game.

    Anybody else remember the first video game? It was about the time I
    started law school and we had one in the student snack room. The
    game was called Pong. Strictly a black and white proposition.


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    Just wanted to say a quick HI to you awl. I have spent most of my morning ( or so it seems) trying to helop DH "unclog" our printer from some print jobs that has kept our printer from printing a budget DH has been trying to print. Did I confuse you all??? Hope I made some sense. Last night the computer got clogged with some paper and then this morning DH was trying to print the budget which caused the problem. I knew we had to unclog it before he could print it out so I had to try and do some investingating work :) !! The biggest problem is that we have a new computer and Windows 7 and I had to find out how to do it. Finally went to HELP area and figured it out but it did take awhile . It was so different with the new computer. I do feel good that I actually solved the poroblem even though it really wasn't a major one. A techie I an NOT.

    Our area has been waiting for a freeze warning and some snow but now it looks like the city and the beaches may be getting it before us, and we are up north of the big city . They are even closing the schools early down there. The kiddos will be so excited if they have never seen any and if they never travel to the east or midwest they do not have to worry much about snow, most of the time in TX.

    We went to a nice party for one of my clubs last night in a huge home by the water. OMG, this place was a mansion, unbelieveable. It made our house look like a shack in comparison :)! They even had a media or theater room for movies, unreal !! I just brought a cake which I bought (didn't feel like baking anything or have much time) and donated an article of clothing for needy children. It was a very nice party and everyone was all bundled up due to the cold = brrr!

    Elaine - so glad the Lyrica is helping you. Are you going to stay on it??. it might even be good for you to help you to get some more weight on. It is supposed to get people to gain weight that do not want to gain wt, I hear. We await your news and hope all is nice and clear for you !!

    Julie - you need to get Elaine, Pippi and a few others so you can gang up on Chris. :) !! Hope all things go well for her in her "escape" from him.

    Pip - hope you are doing OK my dear. Haven't heard from you in quite awhile it seems.

    Hugs to everyone. I have to go and fix lunch and go potty. More later on hopefully. Will be home this weekend.

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    Jole and all - just wanted to mention that I spoke to MICKEY the other day on FB. She loves you all and hopes to get back soon. She is just so busy at work and I know at home to. Who isn't this time of year. I was going to try and do some cleaning today but somehow I didn't get to it. Did some wash and found out something that I had ordered on line had to be reordered.

    BRRRRR - it is so cold today and is supposed to get to 22 tonight or early morning but then warm up0 maybe to about 50 tomorrow if we are lucky. Yes, I did see some actual snow today but it has melted. At that time it was not freezing. The snow is heading out to Louisiana now and north eastward

    I am going to make some kind of seafood sausage gumbo tonight. However, it will be the short cut way with the Zatarains mix along with some green oniuons, sausage and real shrimp. Will see how it comes out. However, anything with shrimp has got to taste good anyhow. I knjow DH will probably be complaining that there wasn't enough shrimp in it :) !! I only had 1/2 bag left.

    Julie - be careful and hope all goes well with you, Amy and Chris as he tries to move out. Is Kiera his child by Amy? Sorry bvut I keep ojn forgetting the details. Just wondering cause that could cause some problems esp since he is a big problem anyway.

    Georgia - hope you are really enjoying your new job and that Grandpa is doing OK.

    Hi to Rock, Jole, Elaine and awl. Missing you Joan, Pip, Linda and Mickey.

    Hope to pop in later on or tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I can do some cleaning and even some cards. YIKES!!


  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is out at the bank so I wanted to check in and see how you all were doing. I need to do some cleaning around here for sure, at least a ittle bit. Boy talk about procrastination !!

    The weekend wil be a quiet one, no parties or anything . However, DH and I will be going out to eat a a special restaurant this evening for our 48th anniversary.

    Julie - yep I know what you mean about all these ads. They drive me crazy too. Hope the play comes off well. It sounds very interestesting. When is the play? Also hope all goes well with "The Move" for Chris so Amy can hopefully breathe easier. Luckily Keira is not his dughter as you can imagine what he could do with that one using that poor little girl as a pawn. Poor little Tierra too !!

    Hugs to everyone today. Maybe I will get something done, even if I do not feel like doing much of anything, it will not get done by itself, I know.l want a pickm me up please check out the Pink Glove Dance. It really wanted me to get out there to start dancing, for a great cause. I do not need a cause to dance as I love it as soon as I hear the music.

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    I think I am talking to myself already ! Nothing exciting going on here for sure. Went to church this morning then on the computer a bit, then fixed an early dinner since we had to go to Rosary/visitation for one of DH's brother Kof C who's wife had died very suddenly. She was only 67, 2 years younger than I and he had gone someplace overnight or so, but when he tried to get in touch with her he couldn't. He found her dead at home, what a horrible thing to have happened. They have done an autopsy and they are still awaiting for the findings. It was such a shock. I am guessng heart attack but I do not know. They were happiy married and a few of their kids spoke of her afterwards. It surely makes one sad but also appreciative of what one has. Sorry for the say story !!

    So now I am home and feeling a bit sad but shall we say melancholy or nostalgic. We just had our 48 th wedding anniversary on the 2nd so this kind of hits home for me and her age and all. I think she also had diabetes but it was supposedly controlled. So, we will see. I didn't know her that well but she was familiar and he was more familiar than she. DH knew him alot better than I.

    Oh well, hope everydobby id soing OK. The weather still stinks here. EWe actually got a few snow flakes the other day but they surely didn't last long. Some areas had alot more than we. It is cold and rainy today and we may have some more ycuk tomorrow. Hope it warms up a bit soon. i think another is supposed to come trhough sometime soon , not sure when and if it will be as cold as this one with any SNOW. All the kids were thrilled I am sure.

    I really need to go and do some more Christmas cards and put my letters in some of the cards to send out. You should see the mess on my bedroom "desk". Yikes what a mess. I need to make some order.

    Julie - hope that move is going well with Chris for Amy and Kieras sake. Stay healthy and sane with all that is going on around you this time of year. Stress can be a very bad thing as I am sure you know already !

    Miss hearing from all of you.-Georgia, Jole, Rock, Teacher, and all the MIA's Mickey, Linda, Joan, Pippi, and awl.

    Hope to hear more from you awl tomorrow. It is not fun talking to myself on the Porch but I know it is a very busy time for everydobby and "new" Jobs happening for Julie and Georgia. Please stay well !!!

    Granni (again )

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    Sorry I havent been on much lately.

    On top of being a bit down I got ‘the curse’ and got all the symptoms, getting overexcited
    palpitating, grumpy n all.

    Granni – Happy belated Anniversary. Sorry I missed wishing at right time. My printer
    Is not working and yes, I couldn’t get the facebook to work even tho the repair man
    Came. So that’s that. Gonna try somewhere else.

    Im really sorry to hear about DHs brothers wife. Very traumatic im sure it must have
    Been. Will pray for the family.

    Julie – youre one of the spirits…lol..do y ou have to talk in a ghostly way…like whooo who hoooo kind of way? I loved the concerts at school. Ive been one of robin hoods men
    In green tights and green cap n all. I hope everything goes fine with Amy and Chris
    Situation and that he is out for good very very soon. I know how anxious you must feel
    Until that happens.

    Georgia – goat soup in winter sounds delicious. I made a gravy with chicken and
    Gourds. Mash it all up and eat with rice.

    Elaine – how good to hear the Lyrica is working good. Yes, we are all waiting for your
    Next song and dance performance.

    Joan – you’ve been busy. That was sad to hear about your friends wife that passed on.
    But I agree the husbands attitude is great.

    Rock – I have those tinted glasses. They look clear when in the shade and become dark
    When sunlight falls on them. I wish I didn’t have to wear glasses. Im always misplacing

    Jole – thanks for opening up the new porch. I know you don’t like the cold and must
    Be staying indoors all wrapped up. Me too, mostly.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    My Chinese friends father got taken ill very suddenly and had to be hospitalized.
    So I went and visited. He was cycling and fell and then a series of things happened
    Like kidney not functioning properly and heart problems and what not.

    My uncle (Buddhist teacher) had a prayer meeting up at one of the monasteries but
    I couldn’t go due to period pain. I just hope they don’t think im getting big for my
    Boots because lots of people went.

    My DHs friend is going off for a trip to Malaysia and wants us to go with them, there
    Are two couples but I dont feel like company (my poor DH) anyways I was hoping
    When my daughter comes home next year for summer break all four of us could take
    A trip and my ma in law will be furious if we are seen to keep going. So when the wife
    Called I told her politely. Im sure they all must think im a schmuck!

    By the way I haven’t visited my ma in law or aunts for over a month now. Aint that
    Just lovely. I should have stayed in my little sleepy hometown where no one would

    Yesterday there was this all Nepal strike and my husband had a AGM to attend and
    He and all the other participants had to walk from their homes. It took him a good
    Two hours just to get there. Went in the morning and came back walking also dog tired at night Coz the strike was still on and the Maoists were manhandling people who used

    Hugs waves to all

    Hey Mickey, Linda, Cate, Saja, Barry everyone…thinking of you guys

    God Bless
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    This is like Sesame Street. Today we are
    going to use the letter "C".

    Y-day Gordon and I went to "C"ostco. Do they
    have Costco where you live? It is a member-
    ship store. Most of the prices are pretty low,
    but you have to buy big packages.

    Butter, for example, is less than $2 a pound,
    but it comes in 5 pound packages. Dry
    cereals are cheap, but you have to buy a box
    the size of a pillow.

    The next "C" is for cold which has finally come
    to CA. Temp when I walked Zippy last night
    was about 45 degrees. I wore my new "C"owl
    which Gordon knitted.

    Just think big wrist band. It is 6 inches wide,
    goes around the neck and replaces a scarf.

    Jole, I am reading a book called "The Old Farm",
    edited by Michael Dregni. He grew up
    same place I did: SE Minnesota.

    The book is full of beautiful pix and photos. My
    favorite photo is b&w. Shows a little boy in the
    saddle, but he is not sitting on a pony. He's
    riding goat!

    Every chapter is by a different author including
    our old friend from Anoka, Garrison Keillor.

    Julie, I hope your Christmas pageant goes well.
    I remember being a shepherd in a bathrobe
    several times. Having to memorize verses to

    One year I played Charles Wesley. It was his
    250th birthday. Charles and his brother John
    founded the Methodist Church. Charles wrote
    lots of hymns including Hark! The Harald Angeles Sing:
    Jesus, Lover of My Soul, and Christ the Lord is Risen Today.

    Granni, Congrats on your 48th. You're right
    about the pink glove dance. It's very cheering.

    Georgia, isn't it great we can shop at thrift
    stores! I get all my books at the library or the
    thrift stores. At Costco we saw lots of new books
    by famous authors, but I certainly wouldn't pay even
    discount prices for same.

    Elaine, glad to hear your 3 months of chemo
    are up. I 'spect you're even gladder. Now
    don't celebrate w/ too many cartwheels and
    banana twirls. You'll make your self dizzy.

    Joan, you have so much going on emotionally
    right now, I hope things calm down. Don't
    wear yourself out w/ holiday activities. It
    won't hurt to let other people take care of things
    for a while. I'm glad you have happy memories
    of Harley.

    My folks have their ashes at Arlington
    cemetery. If it's at all possible, they're probably
    still fighting.

    Springwater, hope you're feeling a little perkier.
    I saw in the news that the Nepal cabinet had
    a meeting on Mt Everest. Some of them were
    old men who had to wear oxygen masks. How
    brave of them.

    Salutations to those absent: Mickey, Barry,
    Linda, et. al.

  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Yep, you read it correctly. I'm skipping school today! Can't let the kiddies have all the fun!

    Seriously, I'm home because I'm tired and I have no voice. Kinda hard to teach when you can't sing. Frustrating.

    The school situation has not improved. More people outside of the building are beginning to learn of the problem, so that's good. I'm also beginning to see the results of much prayer. Prayer does change things, so keep it up if you please!

    I also want to thank Elaine for her appearance. Her whirlwind visit has scared a few of the key folks and they are now behaving much better. Rest up, Elaine. I may have to call on you again after the first of the year.

    I'm doing a little better with handling the death thing that went on. Three so close is tough!

    Family has escalated. They make me tired. I'm going to borrow a line from Rodney King.

    "Can't we all just get along?"

    And eight more school days until my Christmas concert. Three of my groups are ready. One ain't. Can't drop them, it's my Choir.

    They finally figured out that it's better for everyone involved if they actually SHOW UP TO REHEARSAL! For some strange reason, it's easier to learn the songs when you show up. <sigh>

    So, all of that in the blender created a meltdown, a crash, a flare, a system overload..................... Anyway. You get the idea.

    Posting. Be right back.

    I'm back.

    Nine more school days until we're on break. I managed to find a cheap packagae online so I have a four day trip coming up over Christmas. Tampa.

    My sister told me last night that she will not be able to meet me there. I thougt I would be disappointed. Guess what? I'm not. I can shop in peace. I don't have to look at football. I can take my CD player and blast music I want to hear. And get a bit of sunshine while I'm at it.

    I'm thinking I need to stop by and pick up Pippi on my way. Who wants to go with us?

    I was gonna tell y'all sumpin' else, but I done fergot whut it were! I'll post it later if I ever recall it!

    Rock, we have a Costco here and I've never set foot in it. When I found out it was like Sam's Club, I wasn't interested. I like to shop in bulk. It makes me really tired, but then I don't have to shop as often. I don't have the space for storing the extras though.

    I've also seen the changing glasses, but I don't have any. I don't wear glasses anymore. They can't make them any stronger, so I wear contacts.

    OH! I just remembered what I wanted to tell youse!

    It snowed this morning! First snow of the season. Very light. Very pretty. Turning into a thin layer of ice in places already, so people are having accidents. That's too bad. But it sure is pretty when you're on the inside looking out.

    I think this will be a hot chocolate day.


    Julie, I retract everything I said about bacing off with Chris. But I figured out how you can retaliate without getting caught. Check this out.

    Sweet Spring is PMSing right now. Give HER the gun and let her go after him. She won't get any jail time because women are legally considered temporarily insane at that time of the month. Even if they do try her, the jury will let her go because she has just cause. He's not a very nice boy.

    Spring will take Elaine with her. Elaine will put on a private concert out in the woods just before midnight. Chris will be so fascinated with the sounds coming from the woods, he will go investigate. Stupid move for him because that's when Spring will take him out.

    Rock will go along to drive the getaway car.

    Problem solved!

    Seriously, the Lord's vengence is perfect. Unfortunately, we're human and our emotions are not. Feel all the rage and let it out. Just be careful how you respond to that rage.

    I don't know if Pippi will ba able to get her chair approved for jailhouse visits!

    There was another thing I was going to respond to, but it's gone. Oh well, this too shall pass.

    I know that it's been kinda slow on the Porch lately. That's OK. Eveeryone's just rocking quietly and restoring their strength. This is a good thing. Christmas is coming so charge up those batteries!

    In the mean time, I'm going off to try and remember to do a load of laundry. It could get a bit nippy tomorrow if I don't!

    "First Snow Hugs" to all!

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    [This Message was Edited on 12/07/2009]
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH surprised me today and said he would bring me (after we went to work out some)to a couple of stores to lookf for something to wear for our club party on saturday. It will be a a big deal !! I may just end up wearing whaqt I alrr4eady have , such as it is. I went tp Penneys and Palai Royal (local) so as not to go to the mall. They had some great prices but after trying on loads of clothes I couldn't find a skirt that looked nice with the holiday tops in the correct size, whatever was left over was much to big or to small. Couldn't find many 6 top-small or 8 and an 8 or small skirt. I found a really cute skirt which was just a bit to small and it was the slimming kind. it fit pretty close to the body and I almost could get away with it with a "slimmer" or something. I probably should have picked up one cute red top I found but nothing to really go with it. We or I may go back again or to one more store on thursday.

    So much going on this week. Getting our new oven tomorrow and am supposed to go to churach bright and early to. Hope we do not miss them. We should be home by 8:30 or so to hopefully not miss their call. Have no idea of when they will come tomorrow.e an Open House tour tomorrow also and wed is the ladies luncheon and choir practice. Thursday is the chorale final dress rehearsal and friday is the Xmas Chorale Program and saturday is the Dinner Dance at the club. I am already tired and aggravated at not being able to find anything today with all our running around and changing clothes !!! That is a first almost for DH but he tried to be good and patient.:)!!

    Well, I have to run and make dinner and go to Chorale practice tonight. Glad to see you all popping in today.

    Love you AWL,
  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm sure you have a black skirt SOMEWHERE in your closet. Red and black always look good together. Besides, understated elegance is sometimes more dramatic than being really sparkly. Much more comfortable too.

    If you don't have a black skirt, try the thrift store. I was in one just last weekend and saw tons of black skirts. Some were street length and some were formal.

    If you do have a black skirt, go pick up the red top and go get some new shoes and maybe one of those cute little evening purses. Sometimes you can find an inexpesive one at Wal-Mart or Payless. You can find shoes there too.

    Target has nice shoes and purses, but you have to be careful. The purses can get a little pricey.

    Knock 'em dead!
  18. jole

    jole Member

    ...then to bed. This cold and snow is getting to me. It's 12 degrees and the forecast is for anywhere from 4-12 inches of snow by Wed with gusts of 40 mph winds...so we may be snowed in, depending on the amount. It's always anyone's guess.

    Can't believe it's been nearly a week and we're still on the same volume! We use to fly through one in a day...lol...but then the only one of us flying now seems to be Elaine!!! Good for her!

    Rock, that book must bring back memories for you. The farm is a pretty place to be when it snows. The white stays white so much longer than it does in the city...and I love the tracks the animals leave. When our kids were little they'd go out in the yard and play "Fox and Geese" in the snow, and it always looked so pretty.

    Yes, my glasses darken in the sun. Don't know if I could go outside otherwise. Those clip-on sunglasses just don't seem to work for me, and my astigmatism is so bad I can't see without my glasses. Would love to have contacts, but the doc said they're not very practical with my vision problems, and I'd never be able to see them to put them in anyway...haha...

    Springwater, don't feel bad about not visiting your MIL lately, or not going to all the functions. I think you do amazing to keep up with as much as you do! It's too bad we all seem to be so hard on ourselves for not doing the impossible.

    Teacher, good to see you back (even if you are taking a day off to be here...we're honored!) I do have to say I was in panic mode when you were saying only 9 days left until break, before it hit me that you weren't saying before Christmas! It's going to be here before I'm ready.

    On second thought, it'll be here when it's ready, whether I am or not, so guess there's no need to panic. And I can't cancel it....it's going to happen anyway. Just may not be any presents or decorations or food at this house....hmmmmm. And this is where all the little chickies are coming home to roost.

    Granni, I may have to invite you over to cook for me, have Mickey decorate, and we'll forget the cleaning. It's not that bad, and the utility room floor won't even be seen by the time all the mud comes in and shoes come off.....

    Georgia, snuggling up with a good book sounds just like what you've been needing. You seem to be doing better! Goat soup...I'd need to try a bite of it before I'd commit to a bowl of it.

    Julie, houses can be cleaned and repaired, but what a relief to have Chris gone. We went through that with our daughter, and he came back later and kicked the door in one night. Please have her be smart enough that if he shows up to call 911 immediately, instead of you.

    My daughter, without thinking, called a friend who came over with her hubby, and that kept him from hurting her. But if she's called the police they'd had it on record. By the time my daughter reported it, they had no proof other than hear-say, which didn't carry nearly as much weight.

    Joan, I've been thinking of you. Hope things are going better for you, dear.

    If I've missed anyone, I'm sorry. Just headachy "all over", which only makes sense to us, right? My daughter planned to come this Friday to bake Christmas cookies...well, she'll bake, I'll visit...mostly. But not sure if that's going to work with the weather. And I doubt hubby will help me...hahahaha...that's really funny!!!

    Tried to do a bit of cleaning out with the kid's toys, books, puzzles, games, etc. Most of what we have for them is so old (left over from our kids) that parts are missing, so I decided it's time to toss most of it. Then want to do more sorting when I decorate..hopefully tomorrow. There's a lot of old stuff that I don't use, but it has memories so I keep it. Time to let go.

    Just don't want my kids to have to sort through all of this one day. They actually say they want to...that it'll be fun! Well, then again they haven't been in that position, and no, it's not "fun". I keep thinking one of these days we may "have" to move to town, and I want as much of the excess out of the way before hand as I can.

    Problem is, this really isn't the time to be doing it, when I should be focused on family coming home in a couple weeks, right? That's just the way my mind works. It's either all or nothing. Oh, for the good ole days when I could actually "plan" my days or weeks or even months! But then, I'm not alone in that category either, am I?

    Best quit while I'm still here..............love to all..........Jole
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say hi and I am so glad that Chris is out of there JULIE. At least it sounds like he is. Sounds rather like a guy with revenge in his heart. Hope he doesn't try anything else on Amy. Glad the locks were changed.

    Have to go get dressed and a few things done before the guys with the oven show up. Can you believe between 2 and 5 , crazy time, and then how long to put it in.?? Good thing I didn't plan on a big dinner tonight.

    Love to everydobby,