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  1. rockgor

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    First two couples, forward and back.
    Swing your partner, Jill and Jack.
    Second 2 couples, forward and home,
    Alamand left and away you roam.

    Form a star, right hand across,
    Bow and curtsy, Who's the boss?
    Hand over hand and promenade,
    All go home and rest in the shade.

    Pull up a chair, a bale of hay, whatever; put your feet up and sit a while.

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  2. mrdad

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    Hope you all had a great day. Especially you Carla! How
    exciting for you and your most worthy efforts! Please get some rest as you can. Don't what ya to wear yourself out

    Thanks Linda C. for pasting the "Mrs. Calabash" information!
    So ya shopped 'til ya dropped today, hey? Not lookin' forward to it myself. The large crowds I attempt to avoid if possible. The Depression Era Family from Canadia sounds so
    familiar? I'll bet they all lived atop a 25 ft. Mountain in
    the Middle of the Canadian Plains. There's a Billy Boy, a
    John Bob, Ellen Mary etc., etc....and of course, the "Dew FAll
    Inn". Oh boy! The Folks are gonna love it! Are they up from Florida yet?

    Well gonna cut this short. Very tired tonight!
    Sleep tight Kids!

  3. gardengirl12

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    Carla that is such wonderful new iam sooooooo happy for you
    its funny how good things happen when you least expect them god puts people in your path .

    lin that story does sound very interesting

    joe youknow i always wondered why i never did get my
    pegon babies i must have bought at least 10.

    rock glad to hear you got your meds it can be a pain
    with the dr somtimes

    granni hope you had funsounds it

    well not much going on here today either at least it isn,t snowing well ttyl
    linda garden

  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    is anyone here hello hello, oh well just talk to myself,hehe

    Yes it is 1:30 so just want to tell you the evening went great but I haven't talked so in ages. I heard a lot of stories, bi-polar mother, son, suicide, depression.

    I don't know what all I have. They would bring them upstairs and then would take them down after I had a few more.

    It was raining when I got home so I will unload it tomorrow. A miraicle happened, I left the girls in the house from 11 am- 11:30 pm and no poop or pee, I even put down puppy pads down. I have looked everywhere. May start leaving then home more often,lol.

    I will be back tomorrow, I am so tired but want to check in,

    Linda did ya get more snow today

    Rock- I use to square dance in grade school, been a awhile since I doesyed my doe. So thanks.

    Garden- thank you, it never occurred to me that they would make me a board memeber. I am the only "commom person" on the board, everyone else is either in the film/movie /music industry and then there are the health care side and a legal side.

    So I am in charge of collecting art from my area and across the country by contacting other artists on line.

    Mrdad did i see the guys made it back from oHIo safely.

    Hello to Julie, darkwaters, sweetie, hey did I see Marta??? Lacey come out come out wherver you are- see ya'll later tommorrowv:) nite-nite-Carla
  5. 69mach1

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    We won! Novoto High School,,,34-21......oh yeah!

    It saddened me that cody could not play as a senior and deserved the spotlight he deserves....but he was happy that the junior's could step and play in his shoe's! All i can say it is sucks in one light and it shine's in another....

    we w/need to wait until sunday for the final word if we are allowed to go to state cif bowl game in california...down in L.A. area...

    well i should get to bed today...i ran out of my kolonpin yesterday...good luck if i can get some sleep tonight, again..

    love you all,

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  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    julie glad things seem to be working out a bit better it sounded like...belize sounds great now!

    hi rock, mr.dad, granni, darkwaters, my mind is fading here now....ck, linda,ck-nl,annie, i am testing my memory for your amusement everyone....jen,kylob and anyone else i have forgotten...

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Jodie: I understand how difficult watching the other team members play as Cody is forced to sit it out. I'm sure it will in the long run be a powerful character builder. It must
    be cold up in Novato! 'Posta get down ta 38 degrees tonite that as you know is very cool for SF. Only a very few Bee-Kee-Knees in the Park today. It was sunny but only
    about 52! The three girls I interviewed for the Official Count were from Bismarck, Green Bay, and Minneapolis! They love this weather!!! (More sunscreen please!) Did they ever fix that Heater in your apt.?

    Every year I say that I'll get my shopping done early but, it
    never really happens! Didn't even go outside until mid-aft
    but the Streets were crowded with mainly young people doing
    shopping or whatever?

    Sent out an email to a local TV station that is running a
    promotional ad in which it states that Barry Bonds is a
    Native Son! No such, He was born in Riverside Ca 1964. Interesting to see if they drop the ad or make a correction
    assuming they see my email?? We have too many other more
    worthy notables with that honorable distinction then to elevate Him to their position. Isn't that right O.J.?

    Well Kids, better do some cookin'! Didn't get an invite from Rock and Gordon tonight! Can't imagine what Gordon is
    preparing for dinner?

    "Talk" later Kids!

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  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    mr.dad i notice you got those nice midwestern girls likin' the beekeenee weather here.

    just read that maxpreps sports and such are saying since we won friday night that they believe we have a 50-50 chance of winning the vote to go to carson down by L.A for state bowl game...

    i am not sure if i am going to do the drive down there or not ...cody isn't playing and i am not getting my child support...he owes he owes...but i do have cash and credit cards...i'll probably end up going if we get the chance...

    i have not started any christmas shopping myself....i got cody's b-day gift and that is it...

    well talk to you all later cause i have been out of my kolnopin since like wednesday...and i am feeling the pain and can not sleep...just like old times before the dx...

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it is a group pic...not the best photo of me by far...but i am the one wearing a goldish/tan suede fur lined jacket, w/a black/yellow/and white scarf...also my fancy black hat wiff my glasses. cheering in the stands...

    i guess i maybe able to cut that out for cody's scrap book...

    the paper is www.novatoadvance.com...also the marinij.com if anyone is interested in the read of the game...etc.

    well gonna go lie in bed...

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to check on you all.

    Carla ck - What a beautiful piece you created that is in your bio. It must really be beautiful when the light catches it.

    I haven't been on the computer that much or on the porch lately. So much I am trying to get done !Sometimes I run on backwards !

    Jodie - So glad the boys won their game but know how you both must feel How come you cannoat get any more Klonopin. I have plenty wish I could help. I use the generic brand too. Do you get it from your rheumy or what? That is who perscribed mine along with the generic Flexeril at bedtime. I will try and find that article about the game and your pic later on.Sorry you are feel so badly !!

    Linda - Sorry you didn't win any money at the casino but glaed you had a gaood time anyway. Glad I tucked away some of my winnings from last time . It will go towards Christmas presnets to all - not thatit is alot of mney. A couple hundred is a big help to me !!

    Julie - Glad that you are enjoying Keira so. When they are so young like that they are so prescious even if they may keep you up at night, etc, etc. I just love them at that age !!!

    Darkwaters- Sounds awful cold by you. I can't even stand it when it hits 50) ( one wouldn't know I wass born in NY) (-: !!

    Mrdad and Rock - Just thanks for being here and keeping us all entertained and filled with "wisdom" ! Rock - I used to doe si doe but haven't doe that in years and probably have forgotten it all ! We USED to know"advanced "square dancing" ! The key word here being USED to.

    Lots of hugs to you all,


    Hope to be back tomorrow sometime but have ato run to the post office, maybe a few more errrands and then finish the cards if I haven't today. Gotta run now !!

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  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    in around 1 pm...must've been a tough selection for the committee...

    mr.dad the exhb turned on the gas heaters for us....they are quicker than the maintenance and pg&E...

    But i have been waiting about a month or more for the ceiling leak in cody's room to get repaired correctly...and other things....so i made a call into marin county section 8 housing inspector, so i have a date this thursday at 11 am...he w/give them x amount of time to repair or come like the first housing w/not pay their part of my rent...

    granni...i need to call main pharmacy that is open on weekends till 6:30 pm...to find out if the script got transferred down there or i w/have to p/u script tomarrow...

    i finally took my morning ad...i think that helped some...for some sleep...off and on sleep for about 5 hours or less...

    well i am still waiting for the phone call...no one told me to go to a certain families house to find out when the coach gets the call from committee that we are denied or are going to state...boy sometimes i get left out...

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hello everyone- I see it has been a little quite this weekend, everdobby gettin ready for Christmas and such.

    I spent yesterday putting all the artist's info on a spread sheet with a cd with a photo of the art in case the bio's that are attached to the work gets lost.

    I have 16 peices with a base value of $2500. I still have about 6-8 more people that will bring things by the Gallery in town and I will pick up on Fri when I go to work.

    I don't remember if I told you all that checks have been coming into the accountants office with my name on them. I don't know who or how much, just people are donating in my name and it is wonderful.

    In case you didn't read the "favor from the moderator" post, please read it and respond so the powers that be will see I am being supported and the info needs to be a permenent post, especially on the depression board.

    I can not express how all of this has affected me, it has been a amazing gift that I will cherish and enjoy for many years. I finally saw the PSA's yesterday. They are online at the Damon and Stella site.

    One is Randy singing Amazing Grace while statisics show on the screen about how many people in this country need help.

    I have dial up and had to go to my neighbor's house because she has DSL. Everytime I would try it would get half way and stop.

    Sorry to blather on but this is so exicting and meaningful to me.

    Joe- did you take care of the Barry Bonds thing, I would just keep sending them over and over again. Where had SMG been, she has been around in a while has she? I hope your weather warm and drys up. I feel like I am in SF this morning as I am fogged in today on my hill.

    Darkwaters- are you hibernating under the electric blankie? I hope things are going well with the holidays shopping plans, ect.

    Garden G- have you have any luck finding a new job? Keep your opitons open, there are some other jobs than resturants that just need some one a few days a week. Do you have good computer exeperience? My real estate agent has a assistant that takes care of her tedious details. Just a thought to open your avenues.

    Kylob- did you get lost at the mall?????

    Linda- you have been quite, glad mom and dad got home safe and sound. Are you getting rain or ice today. My yard is a swimming pool at the moment.

    Rock- what are you and Gordon up to, did you ever get on line to play bridge?

    Lacey- come out come out where ever you are

    Sweetie- I hope you are doing well and can enjoy the holidays.

    Marta- I see you popped in awhile back, I hope you and Sophie are well, good luck with the brunch.

    Jodie- I post to you on the other thread. How are things with the new guy>

    Joan- I hope you and your family are doing well and things with your daughter are better. I loved going shoe shopping last week and got 2 pair of boots, one for snow, rain and the other dressy.

    Granni are you doing your Fa lalalalala? Got all those GK's gifts bought and wrapped.

    I know I am forgeting some but please forgive me, my brain has taken in so much info this last week that things just bounce off. Plus I need to pay my bills before the mail lady gets here. I hope everyone is doing well-Carla
  13. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Don't have much to catch up on...this weather here is so crazy. My body is one big ache. We had snow last week and then 60*s yesterday.

    How about a little Christmas elf dropping by to help me shop?

    CKBall...cancelled my Dr.s appt. Didn't feel like driving there. I guess I'll have to see you on Dr. Phil or even better, maybe on Sam Elliot's arm at the Oscar's. Doing good for a girl from this neck of the woods.

    Been reading everybody's news from the last week, but I don't have the energy to type. love everyone and hoping that you all have a good week.

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    mark is his name....he has his ba and is working as an architect, but is working on his masters now...so you know working full-time and school full-time is consuming...

    he and i saw each other last sunday...not this past weekend..first thing he told me when i walked into the door is , "jodie you can call me, text me or stop by anytime i want to." then he made the comment to me a bit later on...jodie i think what we have going on is never going to end. well he said, things always do come to an end...i said yes they do, death w/do that...he agreed...

    he was telling me how he wanted to see the movie "beautiful minds." and couldn't believe that i have not seen it...yet. he said he wanted me to watch it w/him sometime...well later i went home...he called me hours later and told me he ordered pizza, took a nap and the movie beautiful minds was on...i said are you wanting me to come over and watch it with him...he said yes i could...i said i don't want to invite myself over...he said that i am never inviting self over i am always welcomed. he said come over...so i did..

    we watched some of it...also he said i could stay the night if i wanted to...i said i needed to get up early in the morning...so i left around 11:30 pm...

    he has property in australia...he is very well traveled...been to one year of law school and decided he hated it, his dad always wanted him to be an attorney like his father....but mark chose to go another route...

    i feel he has been honest and upfront w/me so far...he said he never cheats...never would he was a best man in 5 of his father's weddings...

    he is a very talkative, philsophical, spiritual person...he is very goal oreintated..he is looking to buy a house here the end of next year...that is when he is done w/school his master's...

    he told me at the beginning that he had to be focused on school and has not been i a relationship for 1 1/2 years...and he needed to work out a few things...

    so he will call me every couple of weeks...but since last sunday...i left him a text stating i was busy this friday w/football game...hoped he had a nice weekend and gets his hmwk done...asked if he had anything fun planned for the weekend? said snow should be good in tahoe...he likes to snow board...he also surfs as well..he is an adventurous man...

    nice shape, pretty face...he was asking who i thought was good looking actor's...he told me i like the classic look.

    he dated a vicoria model at one time...said she was too tall..he is atracted to women whom are like 5'3" and under...i told him that fits my mold...he complimented me on many things and said i know you are a really good person...he brought up the topic of marriage...that he did not think he would ever get married...been engaged twice, then stated well maybe he would get married someday...you never know...but doesn't think he wants children...he likes kids, but he realizes the responsiblities of them...and he loves to travel...etc..

    i said i did not think i wanted to get married again...possibliy, and children i don't think want anymore..since my son is going off to college come fall.

    so anyways...we are taking things slowly...i do not wait around waiting for the phone to ring...i did call him last night around 4:45 pm..i got his v.m

    told him that i have not been trying to ignore him i had th e football game friday night and i have been home ill w/cold and now i found out that cody's football team is going to state final this weekend, so i would be making reservations for flight and hotel for this weekend...

    he thinks i am still in college...i did not want to go into details of why i withdrew from my classes...i met him while i was in classes...so i did not want to look like an idiot or tell him about the rape stuff..

    well, know i dont know if i should call him back if i decide to stay in novato opposed to going to l.a. w/the team...

    cody wants me to stay home...save the money...he can not play anyways...

    i don't know what i w/do..


  15. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    I hope you have room for a quick stop from us Road Trippers. Thanks for joining us while you could.

    I'd like to return the favor, so all of us travellers are joining in your square dance to make sure its a hoot-n-nanny. (Sp?)

    I remember the fun of watching the big people square dance in the barns of my midwestern childhood. But I never learned how to do it myself.

    Just watched all the whirling with starry eyes, scratched at my legs when the bales got too prickly, and then found a grown-up to curl up on their lap when it got late. Ahh. Happy memory! Thanks so much for letting that one surface.

    Now, my old CFS/FM body can't quite manage to dance, but my Virtual boot stompin' cyberfeet can follow your calls!

    Thanks for a wonderful stop on our long journey! What a great gathering of people you have here. We trippers will be talking about it for ages!

    The medical board had me stressed out, so I came over here for some much needed sanity and humanity. Hey, that could be the name of a square dance, right there.

    Thank you all for the porchlight. It always does my heart good to see that there's usually always one on.

    xx00 to all,

  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I'll probably get on the porch just as the new one opens!!! I can't keep up with everything!! i have my shopping finished but it started a flare and I felt absolutelsy awful for a few days!

    Betweenb my DH's appts., I can't seemk to find time to get all -done. he is gettiong a new leg prothesis and so far w2e have taken 2 200 mi. rounc trips for it. We are there for only 30 min. Anyone familiar with Meth. Hospital In Indy? It is just a block from it. Probably 1-2 more trips.

    Theni he saw an audiologist - one appt. to test for hearing aids (that's 100 mi. round trip), another t o get them and another next week to check them. ope we don't have to pay for them before Christmas!!!! Then he had monthly trips to PCP.

    Now comwes this stupid weather. You can tell I don't like winter!! Yesterday morn, I was out at 7 a.m., putting salt all over little porch and long sidewalk, turned on the car for 1 hr. to thaw all ice!!! I was TIRED by the time i went to 9 a.m. church!~ Now tonite is supposed to be more ICE!!!!

    I am tired!!! I WANT TO GET WITH YOU GUYS AND GIRLS MORE!! Right now, I am beat!!!


    Forgot!!! I scanned the old Vols. to see w2hat I missed! Calabash, N.C.!! we vacationed so many years in Myrtle Beach and at least 2-3 times in the 2 weeks, we went to Calabash to our favorite restaurant of all times ---Dockside in Calabash!!! kThe view was wonderful, the food even better. Shrimp, shrimp!!!

    ,love u all,

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been away for a few days. Computer was in the hospital having a "trojan horse virus" extracted. We will see to what extent it is improved.

    Thanks for the Calabash info, Linda. I don't think I ever heard that story before. Did you get your Klonopin, Jodi? You did a good job remembering names. got everyone but Jethro and Huckleberry.

    Lisette, don't you think young people would be healthier if they danced more and played fewer video games?

    All for now


  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it must've been the computer remembering for me...i did finally get my kolonopin yesterday...i need to take it tonight and go to bed..

    ck....they have a bus leaving on friday at 1:30 pm..returning at 4 pm. sunday...w/the cheerleaders..$70 round trip...plus another parent has rooms for 109.00 a night at the double tree..

    i do have options, but cody still says stay home...i can not really spend anytime w/him...we can not leave at anytime w/our children...they must stay in a group at all time...they are all flying together and lodging together...

    so it looks like the parents w/be partying together...

    so i think i will just stay home and watch the game around marin county...

    save my money...still no child support...i could use credit card...i do have savings but i may need to use some for next semester for college...i need to go to financial aid now and petition for continued benefits..

    well gonna call it a night..

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So, here I am on the porch just to say hi. I have some music I have to check out after I get off from here.. I am singing with the later choir for Christmas Eve (and not the Midnight). Can't sing for Christmas day since i am haing company and much to do. So I am also having to go to another practice today and then tomorrow for our choir.

    The new director has us all doing a choir performance of sorts so there is still more work to do. At least the Chorale concert is over.. Will be nice when it is all over wih. Trying to keep al this straight in my brain is not always easy.

    Jodie - Hope the trip for the boys works out well . Iknow Cody and you will be sad either way - going or not. I guess he wasnts to go but I know it will be so hard to be wih the team to their playoff or final game and not be able toplay.

    Sounds like you need to stay home and sleep, even though you probablaay will be thinking about it most of the time, It is expensive totake the trip if you haven't been getting the child support money you should be getting. Please try and take care of yourself !!!

    Gotta go and practice the music from the other choir. I had not heard of alot of the songs they are singing but had gotten some tapes fromm their leader for some help. Talk about some sight reading !!!!

    Welcome Lisette, I have not been on as much lately and am missing any new people who are coming to join us. It is such a fun and smart group here on the porch, and comfy too!!

    Rock - You having problems already with you old "New" computer ( or is it the other way around.? What a pain that is for sure.

    Koan - sorry to hear a that all this Christmas shopping has gotten you in a very tired, achey etc. state. I know about that. Glad you got most of your stuff done. I almost gave up on shopping. I told my group if they dont give me a list of things fr themselves or the kids I will send money. So, that what most of them are getting. I will have only one set of grndkids here on Christmas Day. They will something mother suggested and a little bitof money since it did npt cost to much.

    CK - Hpw are you doing. You have worn me aout just listening about your successess !! Congradulations and keep it up kiddo.

    Love and big hugs to all,


    (no time to mention everybody)I feel like Joan. I have read most of the volumes but not sure what I read.
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    in her hotel...she said she would pay for hotel...her hb died last month...

    i will drive to the airport...she has free parking for two days...so we w/save some money...

    we are going to only carry things w/us no check ins...so i have to pack light...