Porchlight is on Vol 101 (CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    The party is ONLY over officially !!

    Carry on Porchies, toward OUR next big milestone!

    Congrats to all!
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  2. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Well I got the pleasure of standing outside on a freezing cold winter afternoon learning the kinds of toys firefighters have to play with so cut car's open for us so we can extricate patients.

    Was an interesting thing to watch and the scenario we did to the 2nd car to get our teacher out of a crumpled up car was a fun thing too.

    Now I feel like I may end up sick from the day though, that's just what I need.

    New job is going well, school has 23 more days (not that I am counting). Decided to take Physiology this summer and Freshman Comp. The English class only lasts a little over a month and 7 credit hours will be welcome over the 16 I have now. Anatomy teacher is still being a pyscho, even emailed her nicely telling her what a hard time all of her students are having and that something really needs to be changed because a whole class of students should not be getting a failing grade. I'm not "failing" persay, but to get into nursing I have to have at least a B- and short of a miracle, that's not gonna happen.

    SMG, if you could put a word in with the man upstairs for that class I sure would appreciate it! My EMT class I'll pass with flying colors, but this other teacher is just not very nice.

    Anywho, short of the job and the schooling, kids are heathly, my daughter is almost 4 going on 15 lately. Doesn't want to do anything I say, and does the opposite of what I tell her if she does do something. I had to have my husband deal with her last night, because it was one of those "step back and count to ten moments before you do something stupid" moments.

    Jodie- I work days for about the next 3 weeks and dont' get home until after 4. I have a clinical all day tomorrow until 6, then work next week. Man, I really don't realize how busy my life is until I look at it on a schedule.

    Maybe that's why my daughter is acting up so much. On that note, I'm going to go and try to get them to go to bed so I might get some sleep.

    Night night porchies!
  3. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    TOLD ya I'd come back!!

    You didn't believe it, didya? Don't blame you, though... Been MIA so long.

    DD is being real mean lately but hey, it's coming along and I'm going to get better again. Back to my ornery old self.

    Many thanks to everyone who sent me such nice greetings in the Party post, and I have sure enjoyed "seeing" all of you again, too!!!

    That is SO COOL that Joe and Jodi got to get together for lunch and a little swim in the Bay! Sounded like a fun afternoon. Did anyone take pictures, I hope? I'm so glad you two were able to meet up.

    I hope everybody's having a good weekend and that you're not feelin' too poorly.

    Mr. Dad, I bet you were real excited for an opportunity to use one of them 2-fers!!!! HEEYUK!!!

    Hope everyone in or around the path of those awful storms stays safe....

    SO good to be here. It feels like going home again. Nice feeling, nice thought. Warm fuzzies!!

    G'Nite, sleep tight....
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I Emailed you in Paris this Aft as I wasn't certain if'in
    that Photo shoot for Victoria's Secret had been completed yet! Boy, seeing you on "ET" the other night
    on the very top of the "Idle Tower" sure made me
    nervous !! Glad you are back on "Terra Firma" now!
    Oh, speaking of "Terra Firma" does she yet have a
    contract wiff the magazine too?
    Ya know, we have quite a few new folks on the
    PORCH who would most likely enjoy seeing that
    Pic you use to have on your Bio. Site. (You 'member
    THE one, don't you) ??

    Anywho, give me a call as I have a few of those (2 fer)
    Coupons left when your plane arrives back from Fran-
    ce. As they say on the French Riviera," Buenas Nach-
    os" !

    MRDAD (Hope Jodie's asleep. Ya know what I'm
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  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Do hope that all are having a quiet, peaceful and

    restful Sunday. Am abit concerned about all on

    the Atlantic Seaboard and the Northeast 'bout this

    storm. Annie headed to "Canadia" to see Bro. Geoff

    and Linda headed home in that rain and cold hope-

    fully not in a convertible and Florida Beach B'kee-nee

    with top down! (The CONVERTIBLE top that is !)

    Guess this weather hasn't been good for Spring Break

    crowd most places. Just get where ya half two safe

    and sound!!!

    Hy to all !!

  6. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    Or everyone's having a big party and didn't invite us!

    Joe you are entirely too funny! Yes indeedy, I remember the pic you're referring to. I think some found it offensive so I didn't feel right using it. If Harry saw it he might not like it, either! At least you give me some laffs with that whole idea....I have not ever, nor will I, in this or any other lifetime, look anything like a model!!! But you are a fun person who helps an awfully lot of people feel better!!! Thank you for that and your tireless devotion to this board and the people on it.

    Tried to stay up a few hrs. yesterday and I did, but today is back to square one. Down for the count. Yeck. I'm sure glad I have this laptop for my room. That was the smartest thing I bought for myself last year.

    So I'll rest here and dream of walking the runway, flying to Paris and even frolicking in SF Bay!! :)

    I hope everybody I saw on the party post is doing well!! SO good to see you all. Rock, Anne, Jodi, and I guess 3 names is all my memory bank holds right now...sorry. All the others, too!!

    Take care and hope your wk-ends are going great!!
  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    fever and i still have so much to do and no energy to do it.

  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry you aren't doing well today. I received your E mail

    and was going to call but I'll let you relax and restup

    for the week ahead if possible. I'll be in touch tomor-


  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    .... we partied too hardy?

    Seems many of us are having trouble perking up.

    Great to see Prickles here on the Porch! Hang on for the mail!

    Hugs all around,
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Porchies,

    Guess alot of us are trying to wind down (from our celebration, plus whatever else has been on our "menus" plus trying to get ready for whatelse is coming up this week, etc.

    Personally, glad last week is over with with company and performances even if it was fun to see all again. I have been doing alot of trying to get the house back into shape again (not that it was that great before the company). However, it is alot better than it was.

    Please pray that all goes well for me this week also. At least after this weekend our chorale performance will be over and that is one less place to go at night. I also think that our small "Notables" group may be winding down for the summer (hopefully).

    I cannot remember everything and everyone from the last volume, etc. So, I will try and remember what I can.

    Ckball - I think it was you who asked about painting. No, we did not finish the painting since we were having company for Easter. Still have a couple of walls to go, actually one full wall and part of another.

    Jens - Hope you do well on your tests. You sure do have alot on your plate with two little ones at home. I know how distracting they can be, even if they are pretty good children.

    Jodie - So sorry to hear about your UTI. I get them alot ,on and off. With me they can come on really quickly and can be VERY painful. So, at the first sign I start really pushing the water (I know I don't drink enough of it), cranberry juice and take an OTC urinary tract medication. Many times it helps but if not its off to the doc for Cipro or one of the strong antibiotics. Hope you get to feeling better really soon.

    Fredericka - Hi there. I know you are an old porchie, not old in years but I think you have been around the porch for awhile, on and off and that Mrdad just LOVES you as do others. Haven't seen or really gotten to talk to you individually but just wanted to say hi to you personally. Hope to see and chat with you more sometime. Sounds like you have been pretty busy and also having bouts of feeling badly.

    Mrdad - See you have been busy between lunch with Jodie amd keeping this porch running smoothly esp with our festivities going on.

    Prickles - so glad to see you on the porch ! It has been awhile I think. Sorry you are feeling not to well and forgot your TENS unit. I am really curious about that contraption and if it might help me at all. You are such a BUSY gal. Keep up with all you do !!

    Marta - How are you doing? Hope that kitty Soapie is behaving herself and letting sleep and that you are feeling OK.

    Warm hugs to all inc.those I haven't mentioned individually such as Sweetie, Rock, Annie, Linda etc. etc. Please forget the mental block.

    Love ya,


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  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Seems to be a bit quiet, I guess a lot are busy or ailin. I am both. I have a slew of soldering to do but my upper back is really getting the best of me. I just have to take frequent rests and stretching.

    My puter is on the fritz. I spent 2 hours on the phone to 2 guys in India trying to fix it, only to be told it was my computer and to contact Dell. Earthlink said IE7 has bugs and made me uninstall it, but IE6 would take over-not completely.

    I ended up doing a restore and could then got on line. But the IE menu bar is gone and the little boxes at the bottom of the screen are blank, they should tell you the site your at. I am tired of futzing (is that a word) with it.

    It works but I guess I am going to install IE again. I hope everyone has a better start to their week than I.

    Jodie- sorry you have a UTI, my mom has one too. When I called her last week she told me my papa was there. Her dad died in 1987 but he was sitting there in the chair. So I called the nurses after I spoke to her and said she is talking to dead people again. They ran some tests and it's a UTI. I did not know it would make you hallucinate but the nurse said yes, especially in older bedfast people. So as long as you are not talking to dead people, I think you will be fine :)

    MRdad- thanks again for the nice transistion, it was very nice of SMG closing the party post, I guess we made her feel right at home. Plus she forgave all of our sins during party week,not that any of us had any. How is Guido, haven't heard much about him lately. I thought he may have wanted to go to your lunch with Jodie, you know in case the 2fers didn't work out.

    Granni- you should have handed each overnight guest a paint brush or roller and had pizza after it was painted,lol. That is one way to get it done and maybe them not stay as long, you know the fish thing- 3 days,hehe.

    Marta-I hope you feel stronger each day. Have you been to the shelter lately. Maybe take your grandaughter out to lunch or a after school thing just to start getting out again to feel as normal as we can. Smitten says hi.

    Sweetie, Linda, Rock come out come out where ever you are- hide and seek is over now.

    Hi Fredie and Prickles glad you came by, hope things improve for you both.

    Well I have put it off long enough, just waiting for meds to kick in, so I am off to make the glass. What ever happen to that commercial about the donut guy? Anyone remember him- he was always off to make the donuts. Sure could use some now.

    Sorry to anyone I didn't mention-just a blur now, I guess meds kicked in,hehe. Have a good week-Carla
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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ck-Carla: Yea. Guido was there but stayed wiff the
    black Limo while Jodie and I had lunch! Suggested
    he might to take that swim out to Alcatraz island wiff
    us but declined. He said there were too many bad
    old memories for him out there! His buddies the
    "Bird Man", Al Capone and Baby Face, all gone now.
    (Boo Hoo, sob-sob) I began to understand.

    Actually Jodie and I were, at first, getting along very well
    until the dispute over the store to handle the "Bridal &
    Wedding Registry" !! (It's good I still have Fredericka
    on the hook) Gonna hopefully get this dispute resolved
    very soon!

    Lots of Porchies with "puter problems Carla. Rocky,
    Linda two name a "few". This old iMac performs very
    well actually, I think my main problem is "dial-up" ser-
    vice! I seldom ever get unwanted Email or Pop-ups
    etc. "Girls Gone Wild" found me once but I deleted it,
    after about 1/2 hour or so! DIsgusting!!!!!

    Hope Linda and Annie and all in the Northeast and the
    Seaboard are safe and sound!? Maybe they will find
    a way to check in wiff us!

    Well, gonna see if my Son wants to meet for "Brunch"
    as I believe he has today off. 'Posta be 70 here today
    and that makes me feel very guilty looking at much of
    the rest of the Country. Yet I'll soon forget that spurt
    of conscience when I get to the Park later wiff the 'noculars around my neck and all those waitresses
    wiff Monday off, there sunbathin'!!

    "I'll give ya awl an inventory report later, "K"?

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  13. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Porchies,

    How did we all get so wiped out? I feel like I'm on a fast moving train that won't slow down, and whoa, I'm pooped! My hubby and I test drove some cars on Saturday. We're looking at Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys. We've only test driven the Accords so far. Anyone have an opinion (good or bad) on either car?

    In other absolutely thrilling news, my microwave is on the fritz. (Yes, fascinating, I know). Let's just say the "Sharp" brand is not so sharp and that customer service in this case was a contradiction in terms. It only lasted 2 and a half years. Is that pitiful or what?

    PORCH 101 Reminds me of a college course, like Spanish 101---although this will be the first course in which I will not study. :)

    Jen, best of luck with the end of your semester! Hope you blow your tests out of the water!

    Fredericka, sorry the DD is being a meanie---hope it gets better SOON! I know your rest now will lead to fabulous days in the future.

    Jodie, may your UTI leave you immediately if not sooner! I've had lots of them in the past. My urologist advised me to to drink lots of water, and if you are taking antibiotics, acidophilus helps immensely.

    Prickles, how is school going? Glad you had nice Easter. Hang in there re: the "friends". Hopefully you will find some sincere people to hang out with who aren't all about partying.

    Marta, how are you and how is your furry Soapie? I'm still trying to convince my hubby to get a cat. There's nothing like a furry friend.

    Granni, I didn't know that you were in a Chorale group---how wonderful! I can't sing to save my life. I hope you have a wonderful week and that it all goes well.

    CK, I hope your back is better. What do you solder? That sounds cool! I hope you get your computer fixed soon.

    And last but certainly not least, Mr. Dad, whoa, I was a space cadet last night! I could barely put a sentence together! How are you and how is lovely San Fran? 70, eh? We've got a high of 73! We won't stay there for a long time. As Granni from Houston can tell ya, we get several months of roasty/toasty (ugh). Bring your marshmallows! Have a great brunch with your son!

    Warm hellos to the rest of the Porchies. Wishing everyone who is under the weather to FEEL BETTER SOON and all others a happy, symptom free day.

    Warm hugs,

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    well i haven't talked to dead people...i only drunk dialed the ex on saturday or let's say sunday morning...maybe it was the uti that made me do it....i am so embarrassed,,,i don't know if i said anything or not...all i remember him saying, i quit drinking so don't call at night.....

    he used to have other friends call late at night...

    i contacted him on saturday at noon and he said he would look for my things and call me back later on saturday....i neer got that call...

    i think after that phone call or three i made he can have my things and i don't have face his voice again. nor look at his face.....like you said write it off. and learn from it.

    one of his friends said he would get it for me on saturday night...i said no that's ok....well i don't feel that badly since i cant' count the drunk dials from leo wanting picked up or had a rude thing to say to me a few times...

    i just hope i didn't say a word to him.

    mr.dad...girls gone wild...you know i still like you as a friend..the wedding dress and tuxes are too fast for me.

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Speaking of taxes. The "Old Squeeze" was very dis-

    turbed when in recent years, Forbes when running

    for President, was advocating a Flat Tax. "Now they

    want to tax me for that too" !! (Oh boy, Hah?)

    Remember to sign the bottom of the form and if ya

    have the $$$ in the account , the check too!!


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  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i forgot to tell you all i got a B on my math test...not an A, but that is ok.

    now i have a practice test to do for tomarrow and the geometry part test to take in pairs in class. i don't know how she will be grading...boy hope it goes well i hope i get the smarty pants in the class.

    i deleted leo's number from my cell phone so i will not be contacting him anymore...i am moving on and writing off my losses. so I*** feel better about this finally now...i know some of you have basically been telling me to do this all along. chalk it it up to a lesson learned. i'm letting it go!

    well need to get some things done before 1 pm today....

    i got a decent night of sleep for once in many months. so i am still tired but i will survive.

    love you all

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I am glad to sit down for awhile and check out the porch. I have been busy all day and still have ot go to choir practice tonight.

    Just wanted to see if all were behaving (hmmm- that's a good one especially speaking of Mrdad (-: !!!)

    Jodie - I am so glad that you finally gave you know who up and took his phone number out of your CP. That was a very good move. You can always get a new pillow or whatever it was you left at his house. They are not worth having to deal with him again.

    Good for you and congrats on your B. That is alot better than I would have gotten (-: !Hope that your UTI is alot better. Since you did not mention it I guess you are meds for the infection. I (and we all I am sure) am proud of you for doing the right thing. Now is the time for you and Cody !!

    I actually get to stay home tomorrow to make up for thursday and friday. Then maybe things will settle down a little bit after our big performance on friday. Tomorrow I get to do wash, clean up and do some weeding probably unless it continues to rain. It is drissling now so do not know what will happen tomorrow.

    Don't have time to chat with all individually today. Just wanted to check in. Hi to Mrdad,Rock, Erika, Marta and everyone else who may be lurking in the bushes !!

    Warm Huggles to all (sorry MrD, I love that word),

    Granni (Cookie or whatever my name is)

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i love that we all have such a safe place to confide and be respected and not judged for who we are and what we do. thanks so much.

    i am feeling more at peace w/things sometimes i just need to be hit on top of my head a few times is all...and thanks to my sister who is a busy woman for goodness sakes i don't know how the heck she does it....but kudos to her. i hope everything works for her.

    granni be careful pulling those weeds a little at a time...we don't realize how strenous it is on our backs...i know they have little gardner chairs where you can sit and pull the weeds so you aren't bending over at the waist to the ground.

    i am proud of myself that i was one of two people in my career developement class to recieve a perfect score on a project we all had to do...she made a comment on it before she passed out papers....so far an A in her class. i still need to do a 3 page term paper to attain that A..i know i will do it.. not due till middle of may so i will be focused on that...

    trying to keep my gpa high....every bit helps.

    thinking about giving the carpal tunnel doc a call to set up surgery this summer or in between end of semester and the summer courses.

    need to do my last minute taxes and pop it in the mail...then study for that geometry section of the test in my class.

    lincamp sorry for your nasty weather...i can't complain too much here in the bay area, it just has sun and high winds. who cares what my hair looks like. just a little wind blown is all..

    mr.dad how was brunch w/your son? did you both get out your speedo's and run around like crazy lunatics? or were you the gentlemen that you are? how are you feeling?

    gordon if your computer is working, i am thinking of you and hoping you are feeling much better. we have some good days and some bad one's, here's hoping your better.

    well i better get off this addictive site of fun for me and get working on those taxes. i need to download schedule r for us disabled people, got the schedule a already so i will be in good shape for my gambling taxes i paid and not have to claim that they were income. otherwise i wouldn't have to file taxes this year. for i don't work and only get ssdi and spousal support that is taxed.

    talk to you all later.

  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i finished my taxes...i just wanted my refund plus take off that gambling winning as a hobby so no one thinks i do it for a profession...

    you can writeoff losses, keep records of accounts, receipts.

    well need to put it the mail now...good golly.


    still need to do my math homework, well the practice it has the answers on it and how to calculate the problem...so i should be just fine...

  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    on the post mark, but i'm fine as long as i don't owe...whew!

    i made some brownies for us all...ran thru kfc for cody...

    tomarrow i get to go see my friend and her daughter in tiburon. so we shall have a good time. just girl talk stuff...i hope mr.dad your ears aren't ringing when i am over at my friend's place.

    i don't have a normal class on thursday so i get to take advantage of the time and do extra homework...maybe sleep and play too...i should go get some groceries for my son and i. like water and protein bars from costco...oh yeah vitamin water.

    that is the only reason mr.dad could talk me into bringing my beekeenee to run around and swim in that bay. did he tell you i swam faster than those ferry boats. then i has one of those big walrus's want to play ball with me out on pier 39...boy those things stink and are just too big for me to play with in the water....i lost my voice trying to pretend to be a potential mate for them...

    thank goodness i had on my yellow keenee...or else i may have been chum for them.

    well off to more studying and cramming some notes on our cheat sheets for tomarrow.

    have a goodnight everyone.


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