Porchlight is On Vol. 107 (Closed)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, May 11, 2007.

  1. mrdad

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    OK!! SMG is on a rel. retreat, so let's get this CRAZY

    weekend a movin' Kids!

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  2. ckball

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    Mrdad I was starting to worry about you, you have been bery qwite lately. I hope your busy out BeeKeeNee watching and enjoying life.

    Marta- from that last volume I loved all you had to say, now can you come down here and show me how??:) I would love to have red color there but I did flower shop one day and got sticker shock. silk and real ones. It is a very odd porch to decorate and arrange furniture on. I have saved it for last for that reason.

    If you missed the last vol, I posted a pic of my house in my profile. Thank you all for those that have commented already.

    I am leaning toward the lattice, then later a shrub here or there. I can see pots of red flowers hanging across the front. It gets sun from about 2 until sundown. Faces due west.

    I have never grown outdoor flowers. So I don't know which ones bloom when or do they have one season and their gone. Or bring them in until spring comes. I really am cluless.
    Plus I have stretched my budget very thin.

    Linda- have you got your MRI results? I hope you made it threw the week without too much damage.

    Jodie -good job on the math, I would be totally lost, it was not my good subject. Now you will have some time with George by the pool and just relax and take care of Jodie. So do it and don't feel guilty, that is against the rules,hehe.

    CarlaNL- sorry you still aren't any better, I'll be thinkin of you and hope you can get the rest and anwers. Have you ever heard of Dysautonomia? I just emailed it to you. Check it out.

    Well my night has got away from me and must get to bed. I hope all mia's are out have a grand time. Carla
    Mainweezie you comin back anytime soon??

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i was good only two beers all day and night...drank lots of water too...dance some...it was a friends b-day..so his wife and he were shaking their booties tonight..

    well cody had another track event tomarrow at 1 pm. so i must get my beauty sleep and still need to do the the math stuff...oh i must like to work under pressures of deadlines.

    carla take care of yourself...

    my one problem is i bruise all the time, i just noticed a humdinger of one on my arm and have no clue of how i got it..

    i do have sphereocytosis irregular shaped red blood cells...so i need to up the folic acid...this is getting ridicoulus.

    talk to you all later.

  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    At least it was early when I got up this morning.

    Joe, good job turning on the new florescent light. I didn't see it but Fight4acure spotted it. Must be SMG put it in before she left for retreat. By the way, I can't get on Hotmail. Silly buggers keep telling me I've tried to get on too many times with the wrong screen name. Now why would I do that? I may switch rather than fight so watch your spam folder for a It's me, Marta subject line.

    Carla ck, sweetie, if you have any rain at all in KY, silk flowers won't work. As busy as you are you need something maintenance-free or as close as it comes and even lattice must be painted or stained every few years. Hard when you have shrubs in front of it. If you do get the lattice remember to leave a section that's easy to remove. Sooner or later you'll want to get under your porch for some silly thing. I still vote for the shrubs. Small ones aren't all that pricy and should last as long as you want them to - as long as the girls don't use them for a fireplug!

    Jodie, are you havin' any fun yet? Take good care of that boy - and yourself, of course.

    I just stopped by for some of that good virtual coffee that I love but can't drink anywhere else. I left donuts on the table by the coffee urn.

    It's only 40 degrees here but we have leaves!

    Hugs to all,

  5. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Well this has been a fun week (not so much). Both the kids have strep throat so they have been on antibiotics for those. Brooklynne is my little miss contrary right now and frankly, I haven't liked her so much the last couple days.
    She fights me on everything I tell her to do, especially taking her medicine and it gets old after awhile.

    Ckball, I love that porch! I think some nice wooden rocking chairs, some big planters on the porch, filled up with some kind of flowery something would look pretty and some hanging baskets would be very nice. It looks very old fashioned and I think it would look nice very simply decorated.

    Jodie, the semester is almost over for you. If I can survive this past semester, you can too!
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Marta: I just rec. and replied to your new Email address
    a few ago! We seem to be all having some type of problems. I have a Juno email acct. that I have to have my Son access from his Mac Laptop! Haven't used it
    much but some Peeps still attempt to reach me on it?

    CK: Suggest that you go to a used Bookstore and find
    an inexpensive SUNSET Mag. book on Gardening! I
    always liked the BULB flowers as it was so encouraging to see them poking up thru the soil in the
    early Spring! But I don't miss that 1/4 acre of work all
    year on my North Sacra. Valley house! If ya keep it ma-
    nageble, it is a lot of fun and equal satisfaction! Not much from Kin-Tuc on the Aminals lately? The Doggies must be leaving the Smittens alone!

    Weezie: I did note a few times that you hadn't been up on the Porch in a long time. Now I understand just why and I'm glad that you have found " your way home"! SMG before leaving for her RETREAT asked me to direct you not to be wearing those shiny, black Patton Leather Shoes while she is away! Ya know what She
    Means?? I am very happy that you are back among the "believers" here!

    Jodie: I'll try to reach you later on this weekend on the phone. Cool down here last night but the Sun is out and we hope for a nice weekend. Had Lunch wiff my Son yesterday and we talked about his trip to Oregon and visit with his Sissy and Mother. Hopefully he is going to work on the possiblity of a 'Puter upgrade for this old iMac but I may have to consider selling this to
    Rocky for some BIG BUCKS and finding a NEW-Used one for myself! (Are you listening Roc?) Best of luck to Cory this Aft at the meet! Talk later, "K"?

    Linda: Glad the folks are home safe and sound! That long, long trip must tire them out though. So great of your Brother to get them home for the Summer. Had
    a Sona Gram a few weeks back and go to Doc on Tues.
    They do keep good trac of my Liver with the Hemo. problem. The Woman who did the SG was a graduate of the High School I did my Student Teaching at so we get along great! Had lots of others teachers to Critique
    during the Exam!

    Hey Rock: PLEASE don't giv e up on the 'Puter! I'd just look at some other optons if possible. The people and
    means you have doesn't seem to be working out. But
    I do think you can find another way by possibly changing hookup methods. (??) A big Hello to the Gordon! What's he cookin' this weekend?

    Well, gonna get another cup of Java and get ready to
    participate in the World!

    "Talk" later my Friends!

    P.S. Hey Sweetie!! Glad ya are back. Hope you are
    feelin' better.
  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just got back from cody's track meet for the discus throw...he made it to the finals, but took 5th place the top three were seniors. so those seniors have to go up toward oregon next week...they most likely will not place in the state because they have some top notch throwers up there.

    maybe next year for cody. he was happy track is over for him and doesn't have to go to oregan area.....

    jen kids get sick yuck then give it to us...hopefully you will be immune to that one. atleast your not contagious after 24 hours of antibiotics.

    well i think i am going to for real do my math so much to do before monday morning...lot's of work ahead of me this week...

    gonna call cody's exgf and see if she will be available for some tutoring for me and double check my work. then be prepared for my test on wednesday...then the following week is my math final on the 21st. the last final is on the 24th. that is an easy take home final test. so i should still have a nice gpa for this sememester..

    thanks marta for the prompts for my son and my math cheer...

    shoot ck i forgot what the heck i was going to write to you now..i will reply when i re-read it..you know my memory isn't as good as it used to be before the fibro...then if i get stressed i am even worse.

    so party up and eat those donuts and drink the coffee. i can't have either one of those kills my stomach..

    mr.dad it is a blustery day in novato...windy city...and cool....

    i'll talk to you soon...

    hi granni where ever you are.

    and rafki

    see you later..

  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I do wish all our Mother's here a wonderful day! May

    you all receive lots of flowers, candy, cards and espec-

    ially, LOVE !

    Have the Best Day!

    P.S. And remember, Mother's Day is only about 9
    Months after Father has had HIS DAY!
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry your aren't feeling well. I'm a bit confused as to which E-mail address you wish me to use? Email me as you can and I will return to you on THAT one, "K"?

    Best wishes to Prickles too!

    MRDAD aka JOE
  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope all of our mothers had a great day. I visited my mother and cleaned her closet out from winter to summer. It's nit even a closet, more like a cabinet. I bought her 5 new gowns. She seemed to have liked them.

    Then went to the Ponderosa for dinner with my freind, our daughters both live out of town so we usually go for us. They have the best bread pudding I have ever had.

    Thank for all the gardening tips, I am aiming low maintenace. I think I have decided to put the new Trex lattice up. Comes in various colors, life time warranty. It is a long area but only like 1ft up to about a little less than 3 ft high at the other end. The thing is, there is a sidewalk under my porch. I guess when they added the porch they built right over it. SO it is the dogs afternoonnap place, so I would have to leave one side open so they could still go under there.

    Then i may make some hanging baskets from silk since they are under the roof. I like the rocking chairs too. I bought a pattern on how to build a porch swing, appears to very easy to follow the directions. Maybe someday when I have nothing to do,lol.

    I am going to make cushions for the wrought iron couch and 2 chairs and they are rockers.

    I did look at plants the other day but I really don't know that much about outdoor plants. Plus they were not cheap. But I may start out with a few and grow and divide like Linda said.

    Jen-I hope your kids are better and had a good mother's day.

    Jodie good luck with the math stuff just another week or so and it will be over.

    Linda sounded like you got your fill this weekend with all the parties

    Marta I hope Miss Soapie let you sleep in.

    Mrdad thank you again for your sweet message

    Carla NL let us know what you fiind out, I hope you take the info I sent you. I'll say a prayer that they fiind an answer for you.

    Rock where are you? I hope they get the problem fixed soon

    I think I'll get the girls and hit the bed. Good nite-Carla
  11. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Hope every mother had a happy Mother's Day. I enjoyed the day very much...so thankful and grateful for my children. I am blessed that I have them and I am so proud of them. Their love and support means everything to me and both of them made me feel very special and loved yesterday. I am also grateful that I still have my Mom to enjoy and love.

    We spent the day together at my daughter and SIL's lake house. It was good to get out of my home and enjoy the nice weather. We even took the dog to play with her dog(they are brothers) and they were very entertaining. Labs really enjoy the water!

    Got to rest now. Will be back another day. Hugs to all!

  12. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hi friends!

    I am so sorry for my lack of posting lately. I am happy to report that it is all GOOD over here! I have been feeling really really well the last little while. I bought a Cuddle Ewe for my bed back in March and it has helped me so much. The awful pain I used to get in my lower back has almost melted away. I still have pain, but it is much much more manageable. YAY!!!

    Hubby and everyone are well. Our puppy is having eye surgery later this week. He has ingrown eye lashes that are causing corneal ulcers. It is a fairly simple laser surgery so he should be back to normal in no time.

    We have a lot of great plans for the summer. Camping, cottages and concerts. :)

    I hope everyone here has been well. If you want to keep up with me, I have two blogs:

    you have to have a MySpace account to read this one however

    open to everyone! :)


  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm just dropping by quickly to say that I hope all the Porch mothers had a good day.

    Good to see Sweetie back and to hear that Carla's decided on some pretty things for her own porch.

    Hugs all around,
  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey guys, it has been one heck of a few days. I pushed my envelope too far and spent a down day yesterday, was just so tired. I tried working on my computer and pictures. I am trying to create a Powerpoint presentation of before and after of my house.

    Got up this morning and was feeling better. My neighbor from down the road stopped by to show me this HUGE turtle he found on his property. The girls know him because he has been helping me with my tree work.

    They were fine but when he started his truck they started their barking and was running beside the truck and Missy got hit. She is going to be ok no broken bones or internal injuries. I had turned around to walk back to the house and heard the yelp and my heart sank.

    I have tried and tried to stop them from going after the trucks and 4 wheelers. I hope she has learned her lesson. My guess is she ran out in front of him and he clipped her back feet. He wasn't going fast so I do not blame him in anyway. He had only went about 30 feet from my driveway when it happened.He backed up and she was walking but limping and had a few cuts on her so I told him to go on.

    I took her to the vet which was an all day thing because he wanted me to leave her to do the xrays and come back in a couple of hours. I am just so glad she is ok, she is sore and needs help getting in the chair and bed but knowing Missy she back to chasing soon.

    Linda- I got a CD of my bone scan and xray today. Do they do that at your hospital? I hope your results are simple and fixable. Thanks for the chairs they are really appreciated.

    Jodie I hope your math finals go well.

    Mrdad I'm glad you live so close to your son that you can enjoy lunch often. How are the kiddies across the bridge.

    Rock where are you

    Marta are you with Rock?

    Sweetie glad to see you back and hope you improve everyday.

    Weezie where did you go?

    I'm sure I forgot some, I am sorry I am having a brain thing the last couple of days. Well going to rest, Missy is settled in and it looks good. See ya Carla
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sounds as if all have been busy! Glad all our Mother's here seem to have had a nice Mother's Day! It's so nice to "see" Sweetie and Weezie on the Porch again. And Linda, I'm sure the Folks are glad to be back Home for awhile as I'm sure that it is a very Long Winter away from Family while in Florida!
    Bekah: Hope Monty's surgery is a complete success!
    He is going to need to see and feel well for a;ll the Spring and Summer fun plans ahead. Always great to see you "on the Porch".

    C K: Did that Chicken, Broccoli Rigotoni casserole for my Son last nite and it was a Big Hit. Think it was my
    ready-made Alfredo Sauce right out of that glass jar!
    He even had "seconds" after a large first helping!
    Thanks for asking about my "Lil" Guys across the Big
    Bridge! Should see them this week or next 'pending on
    schedules? ? They will be 3 and 5 this Summer as
    both their B'Days are in July! I was their Daddy's roommate and the five y.o. was conceived about 20 mins. after I grabbed the last of my boxes from the flat.
    Pretty close to the "Truth too"!!! Their Mama is a great
    little Lady and equally great Mother! Enjoy having them
    as my good Friends! And they don't CHASE CARS!!!
    I bet Smitten's thinks those Woo-Woo's are pretty dumb!

    Hey Jodie!: The semester about over! You do need and deserve some Summer rest out by the Pool wiff the George H. Hope Cody is doing well and things are settling down abit there. Been somewhat busy with unexpected "pop-ups" the past few days.

    Marta: Hope the Email thing is ok now? You should have rec. my reply sometime yesterday! Hope all is well in Mich. and I assume you will watch the Pres, debates tonite. Will drop ya an Email soon.

    Hey Roc! Where are ya?
    "Talk" to all later, "K"?
  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just WHAT Country did your Ice Hockey Team play in?

    I couldn't find it anywhere on TV here on the "Left

    Coast"? But I'm glad they won. I guess the San Jose

    Team must be out of the playoffs?

    "Talk" later, "K"?
    P.S. I dropped ya an Email earlier.
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    been in bend oregon...the exbf wanted a ride to a rehab near his mother...so talked w/mother and all is getting started...

    not that we are together but he called saturday night...and we talked so we left up to oregon. pretty drive...so maybe he can get sober. he had to put his dad to bed that night and is just sick of things. he'll be gone for a month. met his mother and wicked stepdad. filthy rich people his/mom and step dad. anywho..

    now for school...i have to take care of my math stuff. and finals are next week....no one could help me w/tutoring this past weekend/so i was stumped..then i forgot to back my math book stuff w/teachers cell phone...so i may need to take an incomplete ..i can get a dr.'s note no problem. but i will see if she will be willing to work w/me. if not so beit.

    but cody's exgf said she could help me this weekend for the math final. if that is what i get to do.

    i am sure it will all work out. one way or another.

    well gonna go to bed here soon....

    i may have a date coming up soon...he called me on sunday and text messaged me. he is an electrician 31 yRS. handsome, drives a bmw new one....and has harley and his own house...promising atleast for a date. we talked today on my way home from oregon. so we shall see what happens.

  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ...because I heard Linda out here talking to herself and was concerned that it would get to be a habit, poor girl.

    Linda, I'm glad the MRI results showed nothing major. It's always good to know we're healthy. :>p How lucky those new nurses are to have you to show them the ropes.

    Carla ck, oh dear, so sorry to hear that Missy got hit by the truck - and that you had to spend a day at the vet. Do you think it might serve as a lesson? Yes, Rock and I went out to lunch and forgot to come back. You busted us!

    I do believe the term Catch 22 came from a book of the same name and means you can't win for losin'/vicious cycle.

    Joe, I've had no reply from you but I'll keep looking. Yahoo got all messed up for a few days as it does whenever they "improve it". Hopefully I sent the right address and I hope you're doin' OK.

    Jodie, good luck with your math finals!

    Here I am still waiting for my new roof and I'm making everyone crazy with it. I'm trying to organize my errands and plans such as they are around the work so I can be here with Sophie the day of and not have to do ANYthing the next day. Well, it ain't workin' out. The roof was to be done on Tuesday and we've had a bit, pieces and great chunks of rain all week. If you can believe the weather forecast which you can't, it look like it might happen Monday. Of course I have an appointment for Tuesday which I made thinking SURELY it would be over by then. The icon expresses my state of mind about this.

    And we have too many cats at the shelter. They're as distraught as we would be if there were too many strangers crowded in a room with us. Poor kitties. One especially is so unhappy and afraid. I just hate to see that.

    Time to make a smoothie for breakfast. In fact, I'll make several just in case Linda needs energy.

    Hugs for those near and those far. Wonder how Granni is doing in Branson? Bet she's singin' on the stage.

  19. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Thanks for all the warm hellos from you guys. It's nice to know you're all here even when I can't be.

    Hey Mr Dad, What's with the no to shiny shoes??? My tap shoes are bright red not the noted black patten leather. Go figure!! I think they're fine with slacks but I'll sit on my feet if need be....lol But I almost feel like dancing.

    Got to go to the pain specialist yesterday and she actually came out to the waiting room to get me herself.Gave me some Lidocaine patches. Incredible things they are. She's just not sure if the insurance company will get them. If not she's going to try getting a gel lotion with lidocaine in it. I actually got 9 hours of sleep without waking up unable to move during the night. I want these! Of course she wanted to know why I had changed doctors and laughed when I told her about having to do a sit in. Gee you gotta fight for yourself sometimes. She plans to talk to the old #&8#* and help her understand chronic pain.Maybe that will help someone else.

    I'll tell you true Carla you've done wonderful things with your house. It's nice to have your own special corner of the world be so very lovely.

    Jodie you can do this math thing. We know you can. I won't offer to tutor you or you'll not get a very good score. So not everyone is smart in math, big deal! You have many other great things going for you.

    Marta thanks for taking care of the lamp shade for me. Too much beer for me to remember to do that.

    Granni has gone singing again?? Oh no I recall her saying that she's going to go see fancy shows and have special time with her hubby. Good for her.

    Ok the fogs rolled in and I forgot what else I was going to say........... darn I had things to say to Linda and all others here on the porch......Oh well I'll need to start making crib notes to myself.Tried the string around my finger trick than forgot why it was there.
    Later, Maineweezie
  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just slippin in under the wire. I have been busy doing glass again and taking care of Missy. I think she learned her lesson, but now she sits or lays in one spot and won't move until I urge her to. Thank you all for you kind wishes for her to get better.

    I think she got her back feet clipped by the bumper. I took her for a short walk yesterday and gave her a massage afterwards and didn't seem to have any pain in the hips. But needs help getting up on the couch or bed and the porch.

    Linda glad and sorry your MRI didn't have any definitive answers for you. Hopefully when you get your own office things at work will work themselves out.

    Marta why such a nervous nellie about the roof and Soapie. You know they mimic OUR emotions. Have you ever tried to put a leash on her. I had one cat who would let me and we would go for a ride then walk around at the park and such.

    I hope they get it done and over with soon.

    Weezie glad you made it back with your red tap shoes, maybe you and Granni can do a signin and dancin show then Joe and Rock can do their act for our next party.

    Jodie that was good of you to take Leo to Oregon, maybe he can get himself some help. Now with him gone maybe you can concentrate on your finals and get it all behind you and enjoy the beach this summer.

    Mrdad- what have you been up to? You have been laying very low lately.

    Rock you still dealing with puter issues?

    Well my glass awaits- I am trying to get 2 small peices ready for the gallery tomorrow. I finished a daffodil yesterday. Hope everyone is healthy and happy today-Carla