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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, May 24, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids! Thought I'd get the Big Weekend started

    while most of ya are still sleeping! Let's all try to re-

    member the real relevance to these next few days!

    Our thoughts are with each who have sacrificed

    for us all!

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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm so pleased that you are showing some improve-
    ment! My health problems seem so trivial conpared
    with so many of you and other Friends on the Board
    and Porch. Best wishes, Kiddo, for a rapid and continued improvement. Do hope the weather is also
    being good to you overthere.

    The three day wkend is starting in SF with FOG after a
    beautiful week. Seems it is the way. Big yearly Latin
    Celebration in Town with parade of floats. No need for
    binoculars this weekend. Carnivale is very "scantily"
    done and "up front". Food is great!!

    My Son is performing tonight on the North end of Town
    but at least his segment is on the early part of the pro-
    gram at 9:30 p.m. so I'll be home "early". He sings
    and plays guitar. I get to see his friends as well so it
    is always a pleasant time!

    I hope Prickles is doing well!

    Huggles and hello to all!
    JOE aka MRDAD
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope everyone is feeling well and heat isn't too bad to enjoy any weekend festivities.

    Thank you Mrdad for getting us started-Have a great time watching your son do his thing.

    Carlanl- I just emailed you at at your hotmail account. If I need to go to your site let me know.

    I finally finished my new peice at 11:30 last night and delivered it to the gallery today. See my profile for a pic.

    Hello to all, I am working at the teak shop today and will be busy, we get more out of towners than real towns people. So holidays are usually quite busy, we are on the main state route.

    Also does anyone know anyone in Ireland??? My daughter was not able to set up some one to video tape her wedding. The people she talked to wanted $2000 to video it-can you beleive that?

    Have a great weekend-Carla
  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i know there used to be someone on this fm/cfs board that came to san francisco to see a neurologist in san rafael, ca by the name of dr. tracy newkirket, neurolgist....

    he used to be my dr years back...her son paid for her to see him...i believe he paid...point is maybe if you put a post on the fm post you could reach her that way.

    i saw your great artwork...i know it is tough to do. i had a co-worker when she was 19 years old do stain glass.

    carlanl...i am worried about your purple legs...pulmonary specialist sounds in the cards for you. don't let it go on for ever...e.r. might even work faster to get results.

    hi mr.dad...you have plans i see for the weekend..i don't and cody is going to his dad's i think this weekend. he doesn't want to stay for the full weekend cause he is bored w/his dad...no internet...which means he can not do any work for his job.

    he had his football timming down and he wasn't happy w/the results...anyone who had a particular coach didn't use a stop watch and eveyone that had him got a slow time...and some of those people are known for being really fast runners. i told him to talk to his coach to get re-timed w/a stop watch....that was insane they had that coach use his watch...not accurate.

    well i have no plans this weekend and i am bored. i need to do some papework stuff and get my nails down, but i need some adventure. one of my best friends is in florida w/her new bf...another is going to sf giants game in a hummer limo w/co-workers.

    and that electrician man, has not called me since the last time he called me at 10:15 pm on a thursday night wanting me to go out for a couple of drinks..i was in my jammies...and if wanted a real date he should've called sooner...i was just trying to get to know him first...if it were something more serious i would've said sure if i wanted to get out of my jammies and get all dressed up.

    so no new dates...where the heck do you meet anyone worth a darn.

    hi granni and rock any good plans for this weekend for any of you?

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Some of you all were talking about plans for Memorial Day. So, I thought I would mention that at least one daughter and kids will be coming over, unless something happens on Monday. She has to worko on sunday. This is the family with all the problems. The 17 yr old grandson hopefully will be there to . It is his birthday and so wanted to give him his gift. Nothing like a gift card from Best Buy !!!! I am sure he will buy snother game or something like that. I'd also like to get him some clothes but I am sure he wouldn't tell me he needed any anyway. I gave him money last time an think it went to get more games anyway. Ph, please forgive If I alaready mentioned this in the last volume. My brain is like mush and it is on the other volume so I cannot check to see.

    Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. The rest of the weekend will be quiet, nothing exciting or different except going out to dinner on saturday night. Friday I will have to start preparing my brisket to probably cook the day before. Gotta marinate it first overnight and cook it in the morning of late in the day on sunday. We'll see. If that is all done before the rest is easy.

    Hopefully our son , DIL and her dad will be here also.

    Carlanl - Yes,please do not go on to long with your purple legs. It surely doesn't sounds very good to me. Don't overdue now getting out and about. You need time to heal and that may take some time sep with everything else going on .

    Ckball - Glad you got some of the problems ironed out or came to an understanding, of sorts as they say, with your daughter. I know how hard that can be. It is to bad you cannot go and be there for that special occasion but you can only do what you can and she should be old enough to understand that. They chose to have it in Ireland. Now, how many people are actually going to be able to afford to go so far away??? Yes, it is romantic and all that but !!!! Well it was their decision !!!Wow, $2000 is alot of mondy for anyone to videotape a wedding.l Ido not know how much they ususally charge but that seems a bit much to me. Hope she finds someone cheaper than that and then you can actually at least get to see it.

    Jodie - Well, I hope you get to have a little fun on Memorial Day and get to do some different things. Just be careful with all your sun bathing that you don't get to sunburned !!! Also, make sure there are no peakers trying to watch you in your private cove area, with your Bee Kee Nee half on or off?? Truly, I hope you get to have some fun. Just take care. (There goes Grannimom again)!!

    Linda - Hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend. I guess I am almost back to NORMAL again after the trip (whatever tht means)???

    Hi Rock and Mrdad !! Any big plans this weekend? Yes, Mrdad had it right. We just need to reflect and remember about the sacrifices made and that are still being made for us to keep our freedoms. Many of us tend to keep all that we have for granted. We are so used to all these wonderful freedoms!!!!

    Not so sure how busy I will be this saturday and sunday so wanted to post this early.

    Blessings and warm hugs to all,


  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    glad you are nearly back to normal self...i will be a good girl.hee hee!

    well i made out my bills, did a little cleaning...now i need to put the stuff in the mail and add the extra postage. then run to aaa pay auto insurance...then come home and complain to nissan for they still have not taken off all the extra warrenty insurance that i told them i didn't want to begin with...next i will be contacting the state insurance commissioner...they (nissan) took off the 600.00 for gap insurance...now i need another 5k taken off for b.s. stuff you really don't need.

    got to get out of my jammies...

    i friend of mine are gonna try to figure out something to do this weekend. her father is a retire fire chief and he always bbq's for the family...maybe i will finally get to meet father after about 6 years of knowing my friend...good eats and maybe some single firemen.

  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey Linda- sorry about the MRI, but at least you have somewhat of a answer. I have been taking Plaquinal for 4 years. I was dxs with RA, even tho the blood work came back neg, and fibro by a Rhuemy. I can honestly say it has helped me tremendously. Yes, it does take time but to me it made it possible to get out of bed. At the time, I was in so much joint pain that I could only go up or down stairs one at a time.

    He put me on predinsone first which showed improvement then went to the Plaquinal. The only thing is you have to have your eyes examined every six months and your health ins should cover it. Medicare does. You can get Macular Deneration of the retina. So far no problems or side effects. I take 200 mg twice a day. Good luck and be patient.

    Thank you everyone else you complimented my new peice. At one point when I first started it I was so frustrated I was ready to give it up. But once I hung it, it was all worth it. Now it would be worth more if I sold it!

    Have a great weekend everyone-Carla

    Carla-nl- I resent it to your site address.
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Carla ck - Just realized that you had a new piece to show. It is really lovely. I'd buy some of your pieces if you lived closer. You surely are talented !!! Keep it up. I am sorry tht I just realized it and check it out on your bio.

    Have a great holiday and good luck on your new porch !

    Jodie - Hope you get to go to that BBQ with your friend to meet her family. That sounds like it would be fun.

    Warm hugs,

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    linda hope everything works out w/your meds...carla still worried about your legs...have you googled your symptoms?

    granni hope your 17 year old grandson comes over this weekend to see you. my son is gone w/his dad this weekend. i swear i don't fair well w/holiday things...since my divorce...it still gets me down that i am not spending it w/family nor do i have a signicant other to spend it with and go do something fun or just relax at the beach and picnic...

    i am waiting for my friend to call me from her sf giants game yet....i hope she is having a really fun time. i don't know if i will get invited to her families bbq or not...they do alot of family things together..her father is the greatest on earth it sounds like...he takes the entire family on one big vacation a year. he is divorced from my friends mother...so he always includes her in everything...the step mom is not too well liked by my friend. she just deals with it.

    well staying home tonigh i suppose. no word from leo on his sobering up today..i spoke briefly yesterday w/him but that was about an operator phone call on my cell phone...i thought maybe he was calling me collect..or my exhb was in jail,,,or something happened to my parents.

    talked to my dad today he said there is some sort of a scam going on where they will get your #then run up a big phone bill...so that may be it....

    plus i called att*ver9zon) they said if it is a cell phone it automatically pops up and they will not do a operator phone call....or reverse the charges....

    so i know need to look over my cell phone bill daily just incase i got scammed somehow.

  10. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ...where ever you are and however you celebrate or don't.

    Yup, Carla, I cancelled the test so you could get that car ordered but I'm told I must reschedule. If we do it right we can take a road trip after the test. Maybe zoom over to the Canaries and meet up with Zomb. Anybody else wanna go?

    Here's to peace on this planet. Amen.

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I thought I should "check-in" b-4 everyone else "checks
    out" for the nite. I'm three hours behind most of ya and
    Carla-NL by about 1/2 a day a guess!

    My Son's performance went well last night and more people than I would have expected for start of a 3 day
    weekend. Rocky and others may be interested in an
    Historical trivial fact that he performed in an old pre-Earthquake and Fire Bar across from the Palace Hotel where Pres. Warren Harding died on a visit in
    1923. I hadn't been on that block since then! The Bar
    itself is nearly original from the Art Neuveau Chandel-
    iers to restroom fixtures. Lots of white marbel with grey

    I was told that their is an underground passage way
    that leads to the Hotel across the Street. My guess is that in was used during Prohibition as an emenity for
    the Hotel guests to partake in the "spirits" . (?) Lots
    of those kinds of things went on as my Great Uncle and
    a friend had a "Speak-Easy" that was raided by the Police. I have an old Newspaper clipping of the event
    among my deseased Aunt's personal papers. It was
    only about 6 blocks from where I was last night.

    Do wish an fond "hello" to all and thanks for the update on our Prinkles, NL !! It's also great to have you feeling
    a bit like writing on the Board again and I am hoping for
    continued improvement for you.

    Linda, your Daughter must be very excited about the
    new Auto. Bet she doesn't hardly sleep a wink 'til she
    gets to take personal possession! My Kid Bro. had a '68 Pontiac Firebird and it was red with a black interior!
    He bought it right after returning from the Army in Bamberg Germany after selling the Le Manns he had
    me baby sitting for over a year! But I was just happy he
    was home safe and sound and not over in that Asian

    Well Kids, that includes Granni, who I never seem to
    adequately address at times; my apology ! And Jodi
    as well as Rocky, hope you are having a good and restful weekend. The same to all my other Friends on
    Porch and Board!

    Stay safe,

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    already in is in Ireland. I am a little melencoly about the upcoming wedding. They are all flying to Ireland tomorrow.

    I could not commit in Dec when I had to. I wasn;t sure about my health and a trip that far. Not to mention the dogs and Smitten. Then I was informed if my grad daughter traveled with me, I had to pay for her ticket. That closed that book. They make very good money and I'm on SSDI, they didn;t offer to help me at all. SO I declined and have had sporatic emails with the GD since.

    Then when my freind died I eamiled her and daid I wanted to talk. So we did. It was good mostly aboout the wedding

    I am sad that I will not be there to watch her walk down the aisle, help with hair and dress stuff. I just have to accept this is what it was meant to be. As I saide before her dad did notgo either, he has a 6 figure income. He had no disire to travel to Ireland. So the only people attending are his family.

    What is it with mothers and daughters. I did make some things to day I cut four bitterflys using my newly repaired glass saw and it works great!

    Then we did our walk and visit the ponys. I may add a new family member.

    Linda I killed my trasnplanted tree. It was a small sapling and I kept it in a container on the back porch and it got too much sun. So I bought some red silk flowers at Wally's for .94 cents a bunch. Bought 6 red plastic bowls and some greenery and made hanging baskets. There are 6 of them across the the front of the house. I found the cutests flannel backed vinyl tablecloths. I have 2 nice cushions that I change every year for the chaise lounge. It really is Tyws bed, but it was the same red colors with an italian them with pasta noodles, vino. ect. So now you look up and don't notice the ugly under the porch.

    Wow, my ambien is working so I will say good night to Jodie, Granni, Linda,Marta, Rock and joe, weezie where are you. Carla
  13. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Sis, have I ever told you how HOT I think firefighter's are? Something about that suit just adds hotness points right on.
  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Linda saids like you have your own "dream porch" too. I can watch tv on my deck too. Right now just local stations but I already have the cable to hook up to the dish without having to have a extra box. The dish guy showed me how. I did my tv in the bathroom the same way.

    I was never good at yard stuff, my poor little maple tree with it's shriveld leaves. It was about 8-10 inches, it didn't dry out, the dirt is still wet, so I don't know what happened.

    I hope your DD appreciates her new wheels, I love the G6's and red too! My new favorite color,lol. It is always scarey when they get their own car, but we have to teach well, pray a lot and then let go.

    Carlanl, I was on long term abx in Aug, Sep & Oct. I can't take doxy, allergic to tetracycline. I took Cleocin when I got a nasty cat bite, about the end of them I had my teeth pulled and was put back on them for about a month. I felt horrible, gave me really bad potty issues. But after it was all said and over, I did feel more like my own self as far as brain fog and fatigue. Did you get my emails???

    JOdie I hope you found something to enjoy your time off. Being single for as long as I have been holidays are just another day. It it hard sometimes but I may have a little pity party then go find something productive to do. I hope you found a hot fireman to roast marshmellows with.

    Granni I know you are busy and up to something. I like your new name grannimom.

    Joe do you have black circles around your eyes yet. I saw Guido with a grease pencil and looking curiously at your binocks. So watch your back instead of so many "fronts".

    Marta- are you ok, did you and S survive the re roofing. You have been very quiet lately.

    I forgot to tell/ask you all about a bird I caught yesterday morning. I have a free standing wood stove and I kept hearing scratching and finally figured out it was in the pipe. I opened the damper and there was this beautiful teal/blue bird. Do finches come in blue. It was not a Blue bird as in the common one. The blue was just so cool, never saw one that color. That is the second time in 3 years that has happend. I meant to have the roof guy install a screen over the opening but forgot. The bird was fine and I set him free.

    Well I am off to finish my bUtterflys, not bitterflys,hehe. I really should not be allowed on the puter after taking my nite meds,hehe.

    Hello to everyone, I know I had something else to mention to someone, now the thought flew away like the bird. Hope everyone has a great day. Will post the butterflys when they are done. Carla

    I had to go back and read again, Linda that was a great idea about the tablecloths for wallpaper. Never thought about that. I may do that to the wall where my big utility sink is. The walls are a butter yellow and I have already got paint, stain or what ever where the faucets are. I have been trying to figure out what to do with it, so this may work and is easily changed out. I thought about peel and stick put once it's on it is a bear to get off. Thanks for the tip. By again-Carla

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well porchies,

    I figured I had better post a little bit today since I will most likely not be able to chat at the porch tomorrow. Maybe, I can get on in the evening after the company leaves, not that they are going to stay that long. The weather here has also been weird, lots of afternoon thunderstorms and they might want to leave early. Had some rain today but not alot. Wonder if we will get any more tonight. Go figure, we had 30% change of rain yesterday and it rained all day. It was 70 % today and had little bit this afternoon.

    Ck and Jodie - I think you were the ones that said you liked my new name "Grannimom". I thought it appropriate to use on the gals on this board that are old enough to be my daughter - esp ., Jodie. Ck is older than my eldest daughter by about 7 years or so. I use this when I am trying to give my "grannimom" advice, which I know by lots of experience the kids don't always take anyway but I tell ya what I think, cause I love ya !!

    Whoops, I lost the info on this volume so I can't really go back and check out some things.

    Hope you ALL will have a wonderful Memorial Day. Special hi's also to Mrdad, Rock, Marta, Linda, Carlnl, Jens and all those lurking in the bushes like hopefully Sweetie, Wheezy and everyone else who have not been on the porch for awhile.

    God bless you all !

    Warm hugs all around,

    Granni "aka Grannimom" "Cookie" or whatever. I answer to lots of names (-: !!!
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  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    First I would like to thank all of the people that have served our country and all the families that have lost someone while protecting our country or has someone that is still protecting our country. May God bless you and your families.

    Linda I must say you gave me laugh about you and your "crippled" freind. I have one too. She is 50 and I'm 51 and we both have handicapped plaques. She is a little taller than me so she gets the high stuff while I get the lower stuff. What size table cloths do the dollar store have? Were there enough of one pattern to do your whole garage. I would love to see a pic.

    I don't know what makes us do so much when we fell better and then always pay later, but it is done now so you can sit back and enjoy now.

    We only have 2 stores within 15 miles so I usually go once a month, one is close to my Dr office that I have to pick my script up at every month.

    Jodie- how is your weekend going. Since we haven't seen much of you I hope you are out having fun.

    Mrdad- thank you again for you kind email. Do you have Linda's? If anyone has powerpoint and would like to see my "before and after" presentation let me know and I can forward it to Joe and he can pass it on. Joe I know you don't have it because of your mac.

    Granni I hope your having a grand time, but of course you always do.

    Carlanl- what is going on? I sent you emails again last night to both emails. Maybe I will e Prickles and she if she can get it. I sent myself the email and it worked so i don't think it is on my end.

    Annie- where are you? I hope you are busy with your new business and bathroom remodel is nearly done.

    Sweetie-Are things any better with the toxic outlaws? I hope you are feeling better.

    Marta- come on up and enjoy all of the great food and beverages Linda brought.

    Rock- did you ever figure out how to use your cd player?

    I changed the pic in my profile, it is the flutterbys. I think they are really cool. FINALLY got to use my glass saw after I rebuilt it a while back. There is no way to cut the curves with the scoring method. I hope you enjoy them. I will put another pic of my porch when I take one.

    Linda I think you asked me about selling them. I sell at a art gallery in my town. I was selling, well showing not a lot of sales, at another shop but she closed. I do have some things hanging at the antique store. I am considering traveling somewhere to do a trade show once a year. This town is too small and broke to sell my stuff here. I have over 100 items at the gallery and made a whole $18 this month.

    And I am the one with the tv on my porch not granni, didn't want to confuse granni,hehe, "like what I have a tv on my porch???"

    I hope everyone is having a great day- CArla

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  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi, Everyone,

    It IS a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sunny, cool but mellow, birds singing LOUDLY. Wow, we have one loud cardinal who's sung full out since January. The safflower seeds in the bird feeder encourage him, I'm sure.

    This day is always a day of remembering, not only servicemen and women who died valiently for our country but remembering family who are no longer around. I didn't get to the cemetery with flowers again this year and I feel bad about it. In truth I may have to accept that as unrealistic now and I don't want to. I'm stomping my FEET.

    I hope you all are gathered around your loved ones and having a peace-ful day.

    Hugs for everyone here and there,

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry porchies,

    It is raining on and off today as it has been for days here in our area and it is supposed to continue to do so they say. I am glad that I wasn't planning on a BBQ with all this rain !!! Feel sorry for everyone who were planning their get together out doors.

    It was nice to see one of my girls and her boys, the family with all the problems. She is still having some problems but the boys seem to coming along OK, all things considered.

    How terrible, now that summer is here and kids have no school she has to put two of them in daycare. That is really bad since she has little money. So, we have been helping out some. Jacob (5) with leukemia seems to be coming along OK other than he was on antibiotics again. Poor kids seems to be catching everything with no resistance to virus' and bacterial infecions due to his chemo. This fall he starts kindergarten and hope he doesn't have to miss to much of that when he starts. Of course, since my daughter has to work and is divorced she is doing most everything herself and work is not to understanding if he gets sick, etc. I guess this will go on till he is off chemo and he doesn't get sick so often. She also may have to look for another job as she needs more hours and is finally getting off weekends and onto days but also needs fri off for his chemo trips. Her XH has not been to helpful in that regard. She says that he will next week, we will see !!

    Dear Corey (12) with his LLD's (PPD-nos) is still a sweet child but also is very behind in his maturation and school work. I can't believe he will go to Jr. High or middle school next year. He is in mostly all special ed classes. The biggest and eldest of our grandchildren is Daniel (17).. It was his birthday, so we had ice cream and cake and gave him his presents after a beef brisket dinner.. He lives with his dad and that is another long story !

    Marta - Here's a hug for ya ((((MARTA)))). We all do what we can do, as they say. Hugs to Ms. Soapie too (-: !

    Linda - Sorry but it wasn't me that has their TV's or one of them outside. I think you already found that out.

    Hope your day was very special, no matter how your celebrated it, in a big or a small way.

    Hope you all had a great Memorial Day today. Hope to listen to some great music today on PBS on TV. There usually is some good concerts at that time, I think.

    Big warm hugs to ALL today,


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  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    anyoone else i have forgotten....

    i had a big eye awakening yesterday from saturday nite out. talked to my sister jens2angel....about it.

    i went out to a local sports bar i had too much to drink and blacked out again...never had this problem until someone slipped the roofie in my drink. well i have decided to stop going out into bars and no more drinking until i take care of my personal issues of the night of the assualt. i am not proud of my actions of what i have heard. falling down etc.

    anyways, i do have a sore left lymph gland and my nose has been running. still in my jammies today. running a fever..don't know how high, but chills and stuff.

    i talked to a police friend of mine and she said it can take up to 4 months to get those chemicals balanced in my brain after someone put stuff in your drink. she had it down to her twice. and she had the same problem ...i have never been a big drinker and the people down there who really know me knows that...well i feel very sorry and ashamed at the same time.

    done drinking.

    granni sounds like are a busy one.

    ck thanks for asking about me...as you can read you know what i did on saturday.

    well gonna end this now