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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids! Let's get this weekend started!

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  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    This time I definitely did not see Sweetie hiding in the trees. If she's there, she's very good at hiding.

    A lovely day here in Michigan, cool but sunny and filled with birdsong. I've done the Friday basics of picking and tidying up. After a wonderful nap I went outside to pull a weed or two and was surprised by a snake. Yikes!!! I scared him as much as he scared me but I quit weeding. My Garden of Eden will just have to overgrow.

    Thus is my life; you can see why I don't write more.

    Hugs and fond hellos to all,

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I really need to get off this computer and do something constructive . I did pull some weeds and now have to get ready to go out to a friends little dinner party. Sounds like fun but have to clean up and put on makeup and all that stuff. If I don't, they will faint to look at me, not that i have to put on makeup for them not to faint. (-! I really need some more color Jodie !! Do you have some extra tan to give me. I get it ( a little color) and it diesappears in a flash - poof !!

    Jens - I love your statement about maybe Eric wanting to keep Jodie's underwear so he could run around wearing them. Then it would be Eric's Secret and not Victorias or Jodies either (LOL). That was a real cutie !! and so are you ! and your adorable daughter Brooklynne 's picture at her party was so sweet !!. Boy does that bring back the days.

    MrDad- Thanks for starting this new volume so we can begin again. You are on the ball as usual, in starting new threads anyway, most of the time (-: !!

    Marta - Sorry you are not feeling that great but glad you came to say hi for alittle while anyway. Hope Soapie is trying to behave a little bit for you.

    I hope that Joan's great grandbaby comes soon so she doesn't have to worry about that.

    Love to everyone and have a great weekend ! Iknow I have some work to do tomorrow, help DH power washing the walkway/driveway etc. He says I won't have to do much just relieve him a little bit) and then out tomorrow night again. It is so hot here and VERY humid !!

  4. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    our daughter and her hubby have been at their son's in the Chicago area since last Fri. WAITING! They are babysitting with almost 2 yr. old Arabella today as her mother went in this morning to be induced. Her Mother called about 2 hrss ago and said Jessica had called, starving.

    She hasn't dilated much and she hoped that they would 'up' the drip soon. So we all wait, excitedly. we go up there tomorrow and we may or may not see the baby! Will see Arabella though.

    Marta: I would have screamed if I saw a snake!!!, big time. I am scared of the dumb things. Have been ever since I was little when we had garter snakes once in a while as we were close to a creek. My mom was once picking green beans and picked one up-. I imagine that everyone in town could hear her scream!!!

    My brain didn't function this morning. I forgot my Rx's. Took part of them but forgot the Effexor, Klonopen and Lasix. I feel just like the devil sat on me too. hurt all over from my shopping day yesterday and carrying in the groceries. Can't wait for a shower and shampoo right after supper.

    In case you have not already noticed, I am a rambler when writing!! I worked at our family newspaper for years and wrote a family recipe column and other "stuff". can't get over my "rambling".

    hope that all of you dear folks have a wonderful and "feel good" weekend and will pray that all of you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

    Gentle Hugs


  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    hi granni and lilaclover...so your son's wife is having another baby...or i got it confused i w/re-read it...

    i hope the baby arrives soon and healthy as can be. and the mother too.

    i had counseling this morning, caught in all kinds of traffic this morning...but made it...then i went to look at a favorite store of mine for clothes but didn't find anything that striked my fancy at the time.

    then i get home, eat a yogurt, then the door bell starting ringing off the hook.

    i had cps, then the novato pd there to question me about the gun incident....and checked to see if i had it locked up.

    said worse case secenario p.d. would send it off to d/a/ to prosecute me....i said well it's funny they don't prosecute rapists....

    she was really nice about it...officer...she called me up and said the local p.d. is only keeping a report of it and it w/not go any further. when cody is 18 i can keep the gun anywhere i want to.

    cps...said i have done a wonderful job raising cody...wonderful man...and just wanted to let me know if i need anymore help w/therapy to call and let her know.

    so time for a nap now... then later i may go walk downtown w/my new sober friend down to some of the bars and shops...gives us some excercise,...and we get to laugh at the drunk people...

  6. jole

    jole Member

    I finally got on the chit chat board after all these months, and the first place i came to was...of course, the porch!!! Missed all of you guys since I rarely saw you on the regular board anymore....

    Let me tell you about my bed! It's one of those sleep number thingys....no really, I just don't have much else to talk about. :) But it's been great catching up a little on what's going on with all of you, and I will think of something more to say tomorrow..I promise!
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Linda: Didn't expect to "see" you knowing how busy
    yud be wiff the Prom and Graduation. Glad ya had a
    few mins. to drop by the Porch. Happy for your Daught-
    er and all the eventful things she is experiencing this
    week. One of the great joys of Parenthood for you and
    Hubby also!

    Well, Kids. Busy in SF and the Greater Bay Area this
    Weekend. It's Pride Week(end) and the NY Yankees
    are in Town to play the Giants. Can't remember when
    that happened last?? Nascar Race up North in So-
    noma County as it is starting to "catchon" in "Kaliphonia." No "Hummers" though Arnold S. !
    Should have left Town but have an early Monday appt.
    with the Local Sturgeon General! Gonna put the sur-
    gery off till the Fall. One of those Italian Linguinal her-
    nias! Guido thinks it's all so funny!!! Oh well.

    Glad Jole here again and guess we are still awaiting
    the new Baby in Lila's Family. Some wonderful things
    happening to our good friends. Let's all share in the
    JOY !

    Gonna turn on the Ball Game Kids!
    "See" Ya later, "K"?
    MRDAD aka Joe
    P.S. Oops! Maybe not! It's 3-0 Yankee's already!!!
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  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I think I did it, but we will see. After 2 days of organizing files pictures, ect then saving it all, I ended up having to eamil all the emails I wanted to save to my self ONE BY ONE. The puter wouldn't save to a disc for those types of files.

    I watched a guy in the philapines go in my computer. I still have to reload all my software, printers, pics, ect. This is why I have put this off as long as I have. I knew what was involved and did not have the time or energy. I took off work today, I only work one day a week for 5 hours and couldn't do it. She is very cool and understands my limitations.

    It has been a hard week, caring for and explaining to healthy freind that she aint as healthy as she thought she was. Her tests showed ulcers in her esphogus, hernia, diverticltis, a polyp removed. Urine has blood and protein and keatones, plus elevated red blood count, Her fasting blood sugar was 127.

    She has some strong opinions on health and diseases, she takes The Seceret to the extrememe and says the body will heal itself if you beleive in it. Drug companys and the government are in a conspiracy. So we agree to disagree.

    This is my first stop since my last post, I missed a whole thread but I do remember Marta saw a snake in her garden. If he is a green snake it is ok and he won't hurt you, good for the garden and buggies. Now when you find a 3 ft long shedded skin in your bathtub access panel, let me know.

    Wow here I went to all this trouble fixing my puter and the O gave us new ones cool. Thanks Linda

    So we are waiting for a baby to be born, do we know if it is a girl or boy

    I am too brain dead to really make any sense out of the rest of it, oh wait what is "Eric's Secret"?? Too funny,lol

    Well at least with all this sitting on the couch it helped in giving my upper back pain. I can sit with big pillows behind me and the laptop as my lap warmer and it doesn't hurt. I have only been taking my evening walks and visits with the new puppy next door. I'll post on that later.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend- Be back later-Carla
  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    ck-my sister jen on porch#117..wrote something like maybe erik my exbf is secretly wearing my victoria secret's bra and panites, skirt etc...around the house...and should call it erik's secret.

    i have been scrubbing spots out of carpet tonight....cody! he spills everything...i don't go near his bedroom...he needs a dumpster in there. he said he is too busy cause of football..well he has always had his father's pigsty ways.

    he thinks he is going to find a woman that cooks, cleans and i am not sure what else. i said good luck.

    sounds like everyone is so far ok and busy...

    i'm trying to keep my mind off erik and his secret...

  10. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    G'morning, All ~

    Doing a bit of laundry and waiting for nap time but halfway expecting friend to drop in. The last few times I haven't answered the door (baaaaaad Marta) so I'm trying to stay awake. oo

    Marilyn, gardening and dinner parties! Am I on the right porch?? I'm glad you have the energy and hope the party was fun.

    Joan, awwwwwww, waiting for a very new person is so exciting. I imagine you have him or her in your arms now. Congratulations! Name? We want details!

    Jodie, sorry to hear that you're still having to deal with that old bad news. I hope you can move on soon. Meanwhile enjoy Cody. They're gone so quickly........ Looking back, some of my best memories were when my sons were still living with me, old enough to be helpful and be my buddies to a degree.

    Jole, I have had a pillow top sleep # bed for many years and love it. I have no divider in mine; it's all the same baffle since I sleep in the middle. Not very optimistic, am I? :>/

    Linda, thanks for putting those things under the chairs but I have no brain under mine. Either someone else has two or it disappears from under chairs just like it does from my head. I'll bet your daughter looked lovely. Those are happy/sad times, aren't they? They grow up so fast. As for the snake and the apple, I probably would have eaten it.

    JoeDad, a big weekend in San Fran. Put off everything as long as humanly possible is my latest motto.

    CarlaB, I'm still amazed at the patience you had with your computer woes. As for the snake, yes, it was green and yellow. Quite pretty in hindsight. But if I find a 3' long shedded snake skin anywhere near my bathtub you will not hear from me because I'll be in a dead faint.

    Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    my power went out last night before two a.m. so i couldn't post anything good. i had to light some candles...let a neighbor have some matches. someone must have hit a pole or something...7-11 closed quickly...

    i need to keep myself busy today...lonesome....no family and my female friends are either w/bf's or busy doing physics...the big bang for sure.

    cody is at his dad's house today and tomarrow.

    i can't wait to get healed on the inside...i freaked out when the lights flickered...immediately thought someone was in my apt. scared the crap out of me. plus i have astigmatism. plus i locked my gun up for protection..i found my cell phone so i could guide myself to my candles.

    well need to get a quick shower. i saw a 2bd. townhouse i liked on craigslist that has w/dryer hook up, garage..etc. draw back is they may not take a section 8 voucher...but if they meet me they may like me enough to follow thru w/it. not sure if they have a pool in the community to use.

    also closer to erik's house...i don't want him thinking i am stalking him...but who cares what he thinks. it is beautiful...it is on craigslist in san francisco northbay if anyone wants to check it out...

    i am going to shower up then drive by it....i pray i can use my section 8 voucher there...i think that will help me some on not being so startled at every little noise i hear thinking some pervert is coming up to do something bad to me.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Welcome Jole - I take it you were on the Porch before but I do not remember your name (or UN), but then again I don't remember alot of things. Sorry, hon !! I see you are about the same age as I with a large family also. I have 5 kids and 7 grandchildren. I was also a nurse but did not really work in the profession that long, after having my 3rd child. Glad to meet you and hope to see you more on the porch. As you know they are all a great bunch !!

    Marta - No I really haven't done that much gardening just a little bit of weeding and believe me if Dh didn't mention it I probably wouldn't be doing it either. We went last night to a fun dinner and chatting with two other couples. It wasn't really a dinner party. It was all very casual, believe me. Hope to see you see you again on the porch and sorry you have been having more heealth issures !! Just what you need, me to (-: !!!

    Jodie - Sorry that you have been feeing a bit blue and scared lately. Just remember that you have been through alot and it will take time for you to work through it all. Try and enjoy the summer, as soon it will be time for you to start with classes again and you won't have much time for other things. Do you have any hobbies or other interests, that you like to do that don't take loads of energy, like reading or something. That might keep you from feeling so lonely.

    Cody is getting OLD and do you know if he will be still at home after graduation next year? Does he plan to go to college or trade school, still live at home after graduation, any plans? What I am getting at is you will have to get used to being by yourself sooner or later. Even if they are at home they do their own thing at that age, esp a young man. I am sure he will not want to go shopping with you( unless possibly you will buy him some good stuff. (-: !!) Yes, kids can be messy, esp boys. I do understand that one. School will keep you busy I know but maybe try some reading for fun or something else. It is just a thought. Glad you are still going to therapy. That is crazy about the PD and the gun .

    Good luck with those new townhouses you were talking about going to look at. Try and enjoy yours summer and hope the new townhouse will work out for you. Spounds like a god idea if you can swing it.

    Linda - I know what you mean about working in the garden. I can't do it for long with my back especially but everything else hurts to. Then when I try to stand up, I can hardly do so and feel about 100 yrs old -UGH !!.

    Hi to Carla B, Mrdad, and Joan. Hope that baby has finally arrived for Joan and her family. Hope her granddaughter doesn't have to be in labor to long - thatis not alot of fun !!

    Have to run and try to get ready to go to a dinner at the club. It is supposed to be a Luau and so is very casual. It seems like there is nothing to do for the whole weekend or every day or evening there is some thing.

    Hope everyone have a wonderful and mostly painfree weekend !!

    Big hugs to all,

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  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i had the same thing when i was a teenager, bowel can stragulate, serious...think about it. i know it is not the most comfortable surgery for sure. been there done that..but when it was over in about two weeks i was off and running, of course i was much younger...

    a friend of mine had tickets fot the yankee game right behind home plate...but she is sick w/flu...she had a great weekend planned..

    i went and looked at the neighborhood area of the town house. it is worth looking at for sure...i hope owners w/be willing to go for a section 8...down fall no pool...but there is always friends and the beach.

    i just ate some chineese take out...grumble the stomach...

    granni-cody at this point is thinking about going to san jose state university, cause i guess they have a great video gaming degree. so he will either live w/his dad or stay in a dorm...or maybe he will rent an apt.

    this is one of the reasons i started to go back to school cause i knew i was going to be alone first time in my life time of 42 years...

    need to use the potty...i know too much information.

  14. jole

    jole Member

    Hey everybody! Our 14 y/o grandson is staying w/us for the summer. He's such a great kid, and we love having him here, but he's about to wear us out!!! He was determined to help papa with the farming (and earn a little money, of course). I have to laugh, because when I look out the window they are walking shoulder to shoulder...reminds me of when his father was that age. Problem is, he's up early and goes full force till late at night, and thinks we should too! Not me!!!

    My daughter and her 2 ornery boys were here for a few hours this afternoon, so we sat on the porch while they played. Marta, I thought of you because they were thrilled to find a lizard in the bricks by my flowers. It was the highlight of their day, I think. We've never had one here before and can't think of how it got here.....must have come with all the rain....can't seem to get our wheat harvested this year.

    Granniluvsu- yes, we do have a lot in common. Nothing better than a big family, right? Don't know what I'd do without all mine. Those little ones keep me happy!

    69mach1 - I think I missed out on some of your past, but wish you the best for the future. I do know Cody is your life, and school is your goal, so will keep reading for more.

    lincamp - Oh boy, wish I were there to hear that band! Sounds like the kind of music I love! And prom - - does that ever bring back the memories from my kids'.

    Mrdad - Glad you kept the porch going. You evidently haven't gotten SMG too upset with you yet....

    CKball - You amaze me with your comp skills. Heck, I'm lucky if I remember how to turn mine on each morning!!

    Hope you all have a great Sunday. I miss going to church, but just can't do it anymore between the pain and anxiety. Never in my life did I think I'd be sitting at home during Church!!
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  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    sounds like my son, he is now 17 1/2 years old...he is a up and coming senior in high school...he started footbal season already. they had a great season last year. this year he will be the starting nose guard...he is excited about that this year.

    he was second string last year, he did get his playing time in...the first stringer was lineman of the year in our league...he actually is joining the marines i believe monday..

    granni-i used to go to the weight room and workout that was mainly my hobby...also taking care of everyone else but me...

    i do love to bake and cook, but it is only me....

    i will send you some food over the cyberspace.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jodie -Just checked in before beddy bye. Yes it is now time for you girl. I was thinking o exercising that might work if you are not to achey and worn out. I know I have to do it with my osteoporosis and fibro but hurt alot. DH makes sure I do it. He can be a nag sometimes but I know it is for me and our own good-ouch. Maybe you should take that up again - to a degree anyway. You could get on a regime that would not be to much for you (if you can find one) of course when school starts you might have to change it a bit. I know cooking is not as much fun when you are doing so for only yourself but maybe for cody or a girlfriend or something now and then, maybe.

    Ckball - Yes, I do not know how you can do all you do with the computer. I too, am like Jole (I think it was) who said that she was lucky to know how to turn it off and on. That is close to my ability (-: !!

    Goodnight to all. Gotta go and take my meds so I can get up to got to church tomorrow.

    Hope Joan's grandddaughter has had her baby !!!

    Big hugs to all,

  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I do hope everything is all right and that another sweet soul has joined the world. We can use more sweet souls.

    Glad you found a lizard for the boys to see, Jole. I haven't been back to the snake bed.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. I'll check back later for news of the birth.

    Hugs all around,
  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i can't stand those things....some kid in 2nd grade was chasing me around the school yard w/one...that did it for me...i used to play w/those up until then.

    where is that baby at? i hope all is well w/mother and baby. wishing them a healthy recovery.

    gonna go to mall and go to victoria secret to re-buy some of my bra's and stuff...maybe i should ask erik(exbf) if he would like me to pick anything up for him. like a brick...just kiddding...

    i think i saw him around 1:30 am go into the 7-11 accross from my apt, left his dog outside, then came out w/a beer in a brown bag.....well i think he is up to his old habits. i'm 98% sure it was him.

    well i am going to do something positive today...get my bra's etc. then come home call a friend and see if she wants to check out the gym and see about joining it..

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jodie - Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep it up kiddo !! I am proud of you and know you can do the right things even after all the bad stuff that has been happening to you of late. Did you get to go and check out those townhomes yet? Hope they work out for you and the gym too.

    Linda - OMG, I am glad that I didn't see that snake too. Not me cup of tea for sure ! If there are snakes in a certain area, I won't be - hopefully ! Congradulations on your daughter's graduation. How wonderful . You should all be proud. Sounds also like you had a wonderful but very busy day. I know when you are to busy 2-3 days of so in a row I really feel it to. Then have to try and step back and take it easier, IF that is possible. Of course with you and work, Id don't think you can do that to well, with your work schedule !

    Hi to the rest of you hiding out there and hope that Joan's great grandbaby has come already and that all is well with everyone.

    Big warm hus to everyone,

  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    do what makes you comfortable...if you go to casino go have a great time....and your daughter is finally graduated...congratualations to her.

    i bought a new bra from victoria secrets today...i went to lunch at chevy's...i found out the nascar drivers should be there soon after the sonoma county races...

    maybe i should go back there and see if i can snag me a new man? i would certainly think they don't drink too much or do drugs for sure....that would be a positive...

    but hey maybe i am too old for those boys.


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