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  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids! Gonna make the change here and hope
    no one was caught in the transition! So happy for
    Lila and the Family over the birth of Jacob. Sounds
    to be big and healthy!

    Linda: Your Daughter is SO prettiful ! This is indeed a
    Happy time for her and all involved in her young, won-
    derful life. I know that even better times are ahead for
    her thanks to the road lain by you and your Husband
    for her future. Congrats to the both of you TOO !!

    Jodie: Checked wiff the surgeon this morning and he
    was the one who did the same Hernia Oper. on me
    in 2002. Said they usually don't go wrong but in this
    case it had and should be redone though not an emer-
    gency to date. Told him I would check my sey-u-al with
    SMG and get back wiff him about a date. Gonna do a
    thru the "belly button" that leaves less scaring! Told
    him that I'm all for that, don't want any more ugly scar-
    ring "down there". Don't want to freak-out people on
    the Muni Bus. Ya know what I'm sayin? Probably do it
    apres my Mini-Vac and nephews wedding in end of
    Sept. Doesn't bother me at all but am conscious of
    symptons of dangerous nature.

    Better get this Posted Kids! Be bac a bit later!

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  2. ckball

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    I was getting ready to do it for you thinkin you were still a the stureons office. I just scanned over Vol 118 and came back and here you are.

    Are you going thru with the surgery? I have a small hiatal hernia but no surgery until after next endoscopy to see how this look. As long as I keep that extra 10 pounds off it doesn't bother me.

    COngrats on the new baby boy, yes babies are so sweet and innocent, I could look and hold them all day. Of course the same goes for puppies and kitties,hehe.

    Linda, your daughter is beautiful, must take after mom. I know what you mean about the round trips. When my daughter was young her dad and I use to meet half way between out houses to exchange her. Makes for a long day. Maybe stop some where and find something special to do on the way back.

    Ok my computer is doing it's whacky thing again so I better go. Carla
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Joan'

    So glad that all went well with you granddaughter and new little great grandson. I loe that name. Of course I have one named Daniel and one named Jacob, both in the same family. He sounds beautiful and so precious !!! Can you tell that I have always loved babies ???

    Your little Arabella is a typical 2 year old but I think she will get over it after awhile. However, being daddy's little girl for two years will take her a little while to get over. She will learn by experience, whether she likes it or not, baby Daniel is here to stay and she will have to wait her turn too. Two year olds want everything RIGHT NOW or even BEFORE THAT !! I found that my girls were all so motherly and loved their little siblings till they got old enough to fight with them and compete for whatever it was they wanted. No one is allowed to fight with their siblinGS but them , know what I mean ???

    So glad that all went well and that you got to hold him. he sounds like a good sized baby about the size of my son , almost 9 lbs. Much bigger than my girls.

    We want updates of little Daniel Jacob and little ARABELLA.

    Hi also to Ckball and Joe - I have to run now to a singing practice.

    Gotta run.

    Hugs and all the good stuff,

  4. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Hi Friends,

    Looks like we all survived the weekend which is good. We had a cold day Saturday but I still made it out for shopping then the annual Lions Club Flea Market. I love a good flea affair. This one is their largest fund raiser and lots of good buys to be found. I got a new three tier spice rack complete with 24 new bottles of spices for $3. Can't buy two bottles for that price. Also got a huge stack of books for 25 cents each. Was also fun to sit a little and watch the crowds there too. Today the weather got oppressive as by 9am the temp was only 64F but the humidity was up to 82%. I hate that type of weather especially when there's not any rain in sight. Weird variations of weather going on.

    Welcome to the new friends on the porch. We have perfect weather, no bugs or other bad critters of any sort, non-calorie good food,comfy chairs with pillows and blankies and wonderful people. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we all do.

    Joan, congrads on your brand new great grandson. He's a wonderful big boy that will bring lots of pleasure to you all. Something really really wonderful about the babies in our world and grandchild are God's rewards for raising our own children. We're lucky enough to have 6 of them.

    Linda your daughter is beautiful! It's such an exciting time in her life right now. Sounds like you're doing quite well lately too.

    Granni, you are an amazing lady! Sometimes I get tired just listening to all you're doing. You go girl!

    Jodie I'm very glad you've let Erik have the Victoria stuff and put him out of your life. You can do much better than settling for him. The gym is a great place to meet all sorts of people as well as being good for you health wise. Hope you can get the townhouse you talked about.

    Carla see where you're computer is acting up too. Darn things can be such pains but we do love them when they are working right. Working on any new stained glass projects yet?

    Joe, you take it easy on lifting and such until they pierce your belly button for you. Have you picked out jewelry for it? The new surgeries they do that way seem to heal better and faster than in times past.

    Marta are you back to the shelter yet? I couldn't do that or I'd have most of the animals here. Has Soapie calmed down yet? The catnip is super relaxing for our psychotic cat. She steals it off the bush in my rose garden every chance she gets. I don't mind because she's a real pain to have around otherwise.

    Whew! fairly clear of my fogbank tonight! Anyways it's getting near to bedtime here on the Eastern side of the USA. So I'll just wave to all our other friends and family and toddle off for a few hours sleep. It feels great being able to do that after years of insomia from these DDS.

    Good Night,
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    wow lot's going on wiff you all....joe glad you checked w/dr. just wanted you to ask, thank you. wow nice to have laproscopic surgery for you hernia...you should see the road map on my body...from surgeries. oh well they have to love me w/them or they are out of there!

    i spent about 2 hours at pool today...it was hotter out than i thought it was going to be today.

    going to petaluma for my oil change and tire rotation on my car tomarrow...

    saw a few friends..today i had one beer...30 days sober..i told my dr. one month i was good during that time...and only had one plus a slice of pizza.

    well gonna go move my car out of the street parking cause i keep spending money on car washes cause of the bird doo on the car.

    oh on the town house...strangest thing the posting has the wrong phone number...on craigslist.org...i tried emailing them but no word...

  6. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member


    I was really sweating it because it went up to 120 questions and everyone I had talked too it shut off at 70 or so.

    Now i just need to get my practical out of the way and I can by licensed and get the heck out of the VA!
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jens - A big congrats to you on passing your test. I know how hard that is, esp the waiting, esp when they are so hard and there a ALOT of questions on it. Hope to get your practical out of the way soon.. Then you can really persue what you want !!! You should be very proud of yourself esp with two little girls ad a DH to take care of plus not feeling so well. Thatis alot ot have on your plate as does your big sis. however she doesn't any children to take care of so she is lucky in that respect. She has gone through alot too.

    Jodie - Sorry to hear that you couldn't get any correct info on those town homes that might have been good for you.

    Have you done any persuing of the gym information. As someone else said beside have great health benefits, the gym is also great place for meeting other people.

    Hugs to you both and all that popped in today so far, Mainweezie, and whoever else. Sorry I have forgotten .

  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    good job sister...

    granni i still need to get signed up for the gym still...

    i have to be extra careful when i go...listen to my body...

    had my car serviced today and went to bank...now i need my nails done.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Since you are bringing your self to get your nails done why don't you bring mine too (my nails). They are not in very good shape I'm afeared (-: !! That is good to make you feel better though. I go and get my hair done every couple of months and that makes me feel better. I already have an appointment for this thursday esp since we are going OOT to a weekend KC function in Austin on friday.

    Yes, you do have to listen to body and go slowly when doing exercises. I am especially careful since a I also have severe osteoporosis. I do the treatmill for a mile (usually) and then do some of the weight machine things that I did when I went to the therapist, that are similar. It is mostly for flexibility and some strengh I am sure. I do the treadmill not so much for the cardio (which it does) but also the weight bearing for my osteo of the hip. Let me know when you sign up !! Good luck !!!

    TTYL ! Need to get ready to go to choir practice soon but need to eat something first.

    More hugs,

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  10. jole

    jole Member

    I love the porch! Don't have the energy to do much myself, but it sure is nice to listen to some of you who still go do a few things...it makes me happy!

    For some reason I crashed yesterday, and didn't get out of bed until 2:30 today except for about 1/2 hour. Hate these days.

    Mrdad, hope your surgery goes well, belly button doesn't sound tooooo bad..

    Since harvest is here and I can't do a whole meal at once, I need to go get part of it done tonight so I can finish the rest in the morning. Feeding a couple extra, and after 2 meals of sandwiches today I really need to do better tomorrow, or I might get fired!! :) Hope you all have a good night!
  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you are not alone...just give yourself to crash...listen to your body.

    granni you sing away, girl! i got my nails done they look pretty.

    i looked at the town house formally today...application states if you have ever been evicted(i have not been), or have bankruptcy then don't bother to apply..well my bankruptcy is discharged as of 11/07. i w/call tomarrow and talk to the women then ask about if they are willing to accept section 8 voucher...if it is meant to be it will be.

    i got my right hand carpal tunnel surgery scheduled for august 13th, one week before school starts...that was the soonest he could get me in...unless someon cancels...he has me on his cx list.

    then we will do the left hand during one of my breaks...

  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    drove from novato, hoping to get to santa rosa junior college main campus to pick math work packets. to help me w/this falls class...well traffic was moving at a snails pace two lane highway..should've been there in about 30 minutes-45minutes...it took me about 45 minutes to get 15 miles so i turned around..

    thinking about going to pool just to unwind...i have things on my mind.

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Or was it "Come here, Watson'!! ?? Anywho, an epoch
    communication event "pour moi" tomorrow as my
    Son is bringing over my NEW used computer! I'll be
    able to "Gargle" or is it Google again. May even have
    the capacity to enter my Email Acct. wiffout having to
    circumvent the system. GREAT news Kids!

    Jole: My operation will not happen 'til October some-
    time as Doc indicated it wasn't an emergency but
    better to do it sooner rather than later. If'in I was still
    refinishing furniture and doing lots of lifting I'd have
    it done NOW! I think it will be OK to wait 'til after Sum-
    mer and all going on wiff Family and Friends and get
    it done in time to recoup for the Holidays. Thanks for
    YOUR concern and that of you ALL! I'm really fine.
    Weezie, it's gonna also give me much needed time
    to pick out some appro. jewelry for that new belly but-
    ton apres the surgery! Gonna try the "Haight-Ashbury"
    as I still have some old Hippie Friend artists across
    Town! Porchites, if they haven't already, should click
    on your Bio and note how Pretty your picture is. Ya
    look "Dark Irish" to me?? My Mother was. Olive com-
    pletion that my Bro and I inherited from her.

    Jodie: Things change. When I attended Sonoma
    State College, Santa Rosa was a sleepy town of
    28,000 ! Now I guess it is 140,000. Grew 5x in
    less than 40 years! Bigger isn't necessarily better
    is it ?

    Granni: Hope you are safe from that heavy flooding
    in the Lone Star State! Check in as ya can as we
    get concerned when the weather acts up down there!

    Better close 4 now b-4 I lose this! HY to everyone!
  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    for you! maybe she can send out to me for your new navel piercings...hee hee

    well, i called on the town house...i can't apply cause my bankruptcy is still on my credit hx until 11/7.

    well i will keep looking anyways. some people are not so strict.

    gonna go get a shower to get some tan oil off me..then meet a friend at the local sports bar to give a 16 year old some jewelry to borrow for a pagent and interview thing...she completed a re-hab. so the friend asked me if i had any shoes or jewlery that the girl could borrow..

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and my friend gave her some pretty great things...shoes, hand bags...all sorts of great things...

    then my friend and i went out for dinner...then i went back in the bar had a good time...met a nice guy so far...calling me ma'm...he has a 2 year old son, and is 27, carpenter in a union...he says he'll call me tomarrow after he has an appt. then make some plans to see me..beach or something he said..

    bartender at where friend and i ate mentioned to me how the old (leo), erik was in sometime last week..i said he was? i said last time i saw him was the last time he saw him pretty much..told him how i drove up to oregon so he could go sober up...he said he wasn't sober when he came in the bar last week..

    hmm., my suspicions were right on...i am done! done! i don't need to do good things for him anymore only myself.

  16. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Well the Blue Angels are outside playing right now, making it impossible for me to sleep. The Hot Air Balloon show is this weekend and they just got into town and they always play awhile when they get here.

    The pilots are going out the VA nursing home that I work at today and meet the residents. I think that's really nice. Only time I wish I was working! I met some of the Thunderbirds when they were here once and they were a bunch of arrogant bungholes. We were all at the bar and one of them wanted me to well, do the bad thing, and i wouldn't and he almost got into a fight with one of my guy friends. It was a mess. I still have the pin they gave me to remember it by, lol

    Ah, those were the days.
  17. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Hi Friends,

    Maine is hotter than a fire cracker on the fourth of July this week! Wouldn't be half bad if the humidity was also way up. Yesterday it was supposed to be horrific thunder storms but my companion dog prayed otherwise.He won but 90% humidity without rain is hard on the body. A lady can't perpire correctly and her "Secret" anti-stink stuff tells on her.

    Hey Joe, Good idea for the time to pick out the fancy jewelry. Most of us older hippies weren't into the hardware the younger ones thrive on. TY for the compliment! You made my day for sure.< giggle> I have got a wee bit of Irish in me. Plus I can have my own French and Indian war possibilties. Think there might have been some Scotch but Grampa drank it all........lol Anyhow my complection is actually more that of a fair skin redhead unless I get tanned real good than the Native American shows up.

    Jodie, sorry the townhouse idea wouldn't work for you. I'd keep looking if I were you.

    Jen, you did real good on the test. It's also good that you and sis have a good relationship.

    Linda made it thru another hump day!

    Granni was it quiet around your home this week?

    Hi to Carla+ Carla,Marta, Rock, Jean and all other friends. I'm gonna go put ice cubes in the bath and grab a good book. It's to hot anywhere else.

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i lived in that stuff in michigan, the in virgina....i worked in washington d.c. and crystal city area...boy i couldn't wait to get those panty hose off after work...

    last night they were looking for a few bugalars i got pulled over so they could check out my trunk...

    last week there was one in the next city by me...two men sexually assualted one woman she was over 50 something...and the other didnt' get assualted she was in her 60's..they bound and tied them...one got away to call the police...what a horrific experience..

    marin county used to be considered so safe, i don't think so anymore.

    well gonna get my body moving around..the maintenance man is going to fix my son's bedroom ceiling today...

    gonna run now..

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greeting dear Porchies,

    Mrdad - Thanks for your concern about our rain down here. We have had some heavy rains on and off here but nothing like some of the areas more north of us, luckily but not so for some of them. ASctually I was out this morning getting myhair done and then did some shopping. Luckily, it decided to really let loose from above when I got home. We have mostly been getting rains in the afternoon. Congrats on getting your new old computer (or is it an old new computer ??? Hope it works well for you.

    I have been packing to go away this weekend for a KC midyear meeting for DH in Austin. Part of that area had some heavy rains but according to the internet it just says some scattered showers and HOT (so) what elso is new)??? I will be sure to bring umbrrellas and a jackets (which means then it will NOT rain, or course).

    Jodie - Sorry your townhouse thing did not work out but take heart and be patient and keep looking. Sorry your trip to Santa Rosa was scrubbed !! Oh well, traffic is terrible everywhere it seems lately.

    Mainweezie - sorry it has been so hot for you. We get that all the time or should I say most of the time unless it is Christmas time. However, I am crazy and still would rather have heat than cold. I know all about humidity. I lived on LI, NY, then LA, then TX. , Houston and then north of it. So, I guess I would say I am more used to it. One thing it is good for your skin (-: !! I have gotten not to like extremes of any where lately but cold is so bad for me.

    Jole - Sorry you are not feeling up to snuff as they say. I know what you mean about lack of energy. I push myself daily but I guess I am one of the luckier ones from what I am reading.

    Well everyone, gotta run and get started fixing dinner. I sure do not feel like it. My legs are really tired from being on them most of the day. I will be gone this weeekend. Hope there are no floods there. Will be back sometime late on sunday.

    Hi also to Linda, Rock, Marta, Joan and anyone else I did not mention before. Everyone have a great, and hopeully not to painful weekend.

    Lotsa hugs to you all,


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  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Where everyone is ? Very quite. Linda, are ya just
    too tired or hve you headed to Conn. with #2 Daughter
    already? Not like you to miss a day on the Porch. Hope
    all is well wiff you.

    Well Kids. My Son and his pretty lady friend came
    over wiff my "new old 'puter yesterday. I bought it from
    her rather than that "brand new" one that Guido had in
    that TV Box. "Somethin' rotten in the State of Denmark"
    if ya know what I' m sayin? Anywho, it's an eMac with
    a large screen and my Son needs to do further down-
    loading with Juno software over the next few days and
    get it "online". I Think it's gonna work out well as I plan
    to get a DSL hookup so that my valuable rambling can
    get to ya quicker!

    Trying to get a ride down to SF from the North Valley
    for the "Old Squeeze" tonite from someone up there
    who is headed for the Bay Area and whats a rideshare
    to help wiff gas etc. Emailed that Party last nite but
    haven't heard bac yet. We shall see I suppose? Any-
    way, I'll wait b-4 doing the Housecleaning or turning
    those pillow slips inside-out! Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Weezie: Thanks for your interesting response on the
    Family genetics. I'm a qt. French as the Old Great-
    father came to SF in 1862 after the Mexicans kicked
    them out in a revolt against Maximillian and Nepolean
    the III. It was so long ago, none of the French lang-
    uage survived in the Family nor any French relatives.
    He was from Brittany, France on the North Coast but
    no contact with his family after his arrival in SF. Still
    have a Pic of him beside a wicker stroller wiff my Father and uncle Joe being wheeled by him. That was
    taken about 1912 or so. He had been in Wars for 24
    years but died peacefully and Old Man in SF at the age
    of 87!! MOst People of his time didn't leave to see 40
    or 50! He had an interestng life!

    Oh well Gang, I'd better get bac later to ya. Hope All
    are well and that Granni is safe from the Water in Tex-
    axs. Hope South Fork is safe as well!