Porchlight is On Vol. 120

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    OK Kids! We're over here on the New Vol. now. I
    thought I'd turn on the new Porchlight as it is most
    likely gettin' dark on the East Coast and it could stand
    to have the illumination!

    Hope all are havin' a great weekend!

  2. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Just hanging in over here on the west coast trying to get my husband back into good health after he FELL off the stairs of our "porch!" ripped his quadriceps tendon all the way and had surgery last Monday. Now he can't put full weight on the leg and taking care of him in our 27 ft Terry travel trailer is a chore!

    Light over this way ... please!

  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    What is this with folks falling off their porches??

    Here's some light I'm sending waaaaaaaaaaaay out to California and wherever atiledsn is.

    Everybody else, haaaaaang on!

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's Sunday morning and I do hope that Linda is safe-
    ly in Conn. or possibly on her way back from that LONG
    drive? Wasn't thinking at the time. We could have bor-
    rowed SMG's Black stretch limo and had Guido drive
    her and #2 Daughter in stressless luxury! Complete
    with wet-bar and honor fridge! Next time!!

    Good to "See" you Atiledsn and Jaltair!! Hope things
    will be improving very soon for both of you. Nice to
    have you here as I know lots of Friends have a difficult
    time getting to the Porch frequently but do try to read
    Posts and arrive as they can. Your both looking "marvelous"!!!

    Jodie: It's gonna get very warm up your way this week!
    I'm sure that the George Hamilton will be by again to
    use your Pool. Just be sure to let him know that you
    are perfectly capable of putting on your own sun-
    screen!! Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Hope to get "new" old 'Puter hooked up in the next few
    days! For some reason, my "Google" function returned to this old iMac. Guido tried again to sell me the "latest"
    from Mac just releashed this week!! The box clearly
    displayed the word "EyePhone" (??) Sumpthin' just didn't look right? Umh?

    Well, I get bac later, "K"? Hope Granni still on the High
    Ground in Texas and presently singing at Sunday Ser-
    vices like an Angel!

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  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    joe, i heard it is going to be a warm one here soon..100's sounds like beach time for me. i may have cody get out of football those days if he wants to..he is entitled to two weeks vacation in the summer during football season...

    i don't realy have any plans for the 4th yet...

    i went out to dinner w/a female friend the out for a couple of beers last night...i had a good time..met two me closer to my age..got one guys card. he wanted to show me some of the buildings he has been working on..he does alot of travel for work...he mentioned guam as one of them..

    he is a unionized electrician...he and his friend invited me to thier place for drinks...then i said no i need to go home...then he mentioned they could come to my place i said i need to get to bed/

    i ran into the other 27 year old that has my number... he said he and gave me a hug and kiss...i thought he was w/this pretty 21 yr. old blonde he introduced me to...but he came solo..
    then i had to go to bathroom..didn't really see him much last night till the end of night...i really think he is a good person..cutie too. i gave him a ride home the other night and notice he left his pocket knife in my car...told him about it. well he said he would call me.. i have heard that one before...he was raised military kid...he calls me mam..

    oh well shall see what happens.

  6. jole

    jole Member

    Wow, falling off porches, puppy dogs, new friends, hot weather, new guys...about says it all, huh?

    Not much new here..a migraine from H---the last three days. Better today though. Stress from harvest, extra men around to feed, etc. I guess. Can't wait to get done. I do take a nap every afternoon and go to bed at night before they get home, but it's very trying.

    Didn't realize I stress so easily....this waiting to hear from SSDI is about to do me in! Was it that way for the rest of you that have gotten it? Oh well, still have our grandson here to sorta keep things in perspective. He's sooo funny! I forgot how fun 14 is. He has lots of stories to tell us...some of them we don't want to hear!!

    Gotta go. See you all later.

  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I can here 2 hours ago, posted a very long post then my %&#*(#() puter froze and lost it along with my earthlink login settings and I had to call earthlink and speak to someone that did not speak american very well. Anyway, if I was still a smoker I would have smoked a whole pack by now.

    I hopw everyone is doing better than me but I see there have been some falls here too. I slipped last week on my own steps. When the neighbors came over to introduce the new puppy, I had on a pair of socks and walked to the end of the porch to get the girls and stepped on my newly painted step then bam I was down. I guess like atiledner said we can still bounce and not break.

    The puppy update- Animal control, the Humane Socitey have no powers. The police do not want to be bothered by animal calls. The Humane Society consists of a married couple that has done it for 30 years. They were instumental in getting the new shelter built about 10 years ago and I use the term "shelter" loosely. It is a concrete block building with metal cages. That is it. Nothing like the larger cities have.

    I spoke to the man at the HS for quite some time and he basically told me if it bothered me that much to see this puppy be neglected to steal it and take it to a shelter in WV. The people would not be able to press charges because there is no evidence of ownership of the dog.

    Plus I have been taping Butter everyday because he has been getting tangled up while they are gone. That is a chargable offense and I do have the eveidence. So if they want to play hardball I do have the upper hand. They are well know in this area for their church support and music playing so I don't think they would try to get revenge, but if something happens to one of my dogs they will be the first people I go to, then the police with my eveidence.

    Today Butter got loose, I didn't do it, but he is here and was on the porch letting him brush him when his family came home, can't see them for the trees, just hear the car, he jumped down and went under the porch. They have called him but he hasn't budged. I put a water bowl and food under the porch for him. I'm sure this will come to a head too.

    Marta thank you for your support and hugs, I really need them right now.

    Diane- just email me, I have access to it now. I am not sure what 114 Brerea is.

    I see we have some people, so welcome I will address all later, I did it in the first one that I lost. I am not sure if the puter is fixed or not after the last crash.

    I'll be back later, it;s dinner and walk time around here.
  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    linda i have had those days at the slot machine...but i get excited for them...think good karma and not get jealous i what i have done in my past. your turm w/come next time..

    ck sorry about the puppy drama so sad.

    annie cromwell how you doing?

    atildsen...sorry if i didn't mentio about you falling off your porch are you ok?

    well i spent about an hour at the pool...now i am gooing to costco to shop i am bored stiffed out of my mind...

    been not up to par lately, i know mr.dad and some of the other men don't want to hear this...but it is the woman thing...i had migraine for about three days straight...hormones, that time of the month hit me...
    today..yuck..but i guess that's ok...better than being preggars at my age...and going thru menopause...

    well gonnna get quick shower and a sundress on...might be able to find a nice date for the 4th of july and set off some fireworks in my future.hee hee

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi, It's me Granni back again from Austin !

    Luckily, we did not get any rain there at all but just a little bit coming homr today. The clouds were all around and it just depends on where you were traveling at the time, and which cloud you were under. Had a nice time with some neat people this weekend and DH got some awards for himself and his council. So, he was very happy ! When I got home I had two people sending me e-mails asking how our weather IS and if we had had any flooding. Many don't realize how LARGE Texas really is.

    I see we have some new or should I say very AWOL people on the porch these past few days whoile I was gone. Sorry, I do not havae the time to post to all indidually today. Sorry to hear some of you aren't feeling well and or have been doing things like falling off porches, etc. I'm so sorry to hear that. It sounds like something I would do. Hope Atildner and Ckball are feeling a little better after their falls. Carla b - I think I missed something. Whose puppy is Butter - your neighbors and he ran under your porch, is that correct??? Did you say they were or seemed to be abusing him. Sorry but I am tired and missed reading alot of your and everyone elses posts.

    Hope you all have a nice 4th of July. I do not think we will be doing much of anything but that is OK, just tired from the trip, staying up late and getting up early, etc,

    Jodie - have a nice 4th, but watch those younger men especially (-: ! It is nice that they (they)called you ma'm. That is a good sign but please be CAREFUL !!

    Mrdad - Hope you get your new old computer soon and that it works. Maybe your other one realized that you were going to get another one and so decided to start working for you, or at least accessing Google for you. These machines can drive me CRAZY !!!!AAAAACK !!!

    Hugs to everyone else too including Linda,Marta and Joan, etc. Sorry I am to lazy to go back and check all the posts correctly.


  10. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Coffee is hot and fragrant, right over there on the table with the muffins. No-fat, of course, and no sugar. Miracle Muffins.

    Joe, better watch Guido and those Eyephones. I can't imagine that he stood in line for them. So you're old 'puter is feeling threatened, huh? Too bad we didn't know that would work months ago.

    Jodie, 100 degrees is TOO HOT. Hey, are "new buildings" the new "etchings"? Watch out for those guys at the bars. I'm not sure why you'd be looking so hard for one right now anyway. There IS life without Man. Not nearly as fun but possible and sometimes a lot less stressful. Sorry guys.

    Jole, sorry about your head. Does ice at the base of your skull help any? If I massage that area OUCH!, then put ice on it, it helps.

    CarlaB, I'm not sure how you can stand listening to Butter's cries when he/she gets tangled. I like the Humane Society guy's idea though, if you have the time. Too bad they don't have the control they do here. Here the people would get fined and the dog would be taken away. Of course you have to live next door to them..........

    Linda, all I can do is GASP! after reading about your day.

    Marilyn, glad you had a safe trip there and back. Sounds like you and hubby enjoyed yourselves. You and Linda are the liveliest ones of all of us.

    Well, folks, tomorrow morning at 9 EST I'll be starting the 3 1/2 hour stress test. Seems as though I'm stressed enough without it but maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Think of me if you can.

    Meanwhile I'm having Jerome put new railings on the porch steps!

    Hugs all around, near and far,
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  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Linda: I'm so glad you are back and thanks for check-
    ing in so soon wiff us! I know your Daughter is gonna
    have a wonderful time. Will a return trip to Conn. be
    necessary to retrieve her? I suppose the answer is
    yes. You two are such great Parents!! Maybe Guido
    will volunteer to drive you on the return trip. He must
    have some Friends in Hobokan N.J. who can supply
    some "free" petrol at an "A.M". Station. More $$$ to
    do the Gaming wiff on the way there.

    Marta: It's great to see ya on the Porch more the Past
    few days! Have you been getting my Emails? Know
    you've been having 'Puter problems as well. Hoping
    that my Favorite Son will be here today or tomorrow to
    "setup" my "new" old Mac. Trying to find a ride down
    for the "Old Squeeze" this next weekend as she really
    whats to come to SF and see me. She loves this City
    almost as much as me! (I mean, as I love the City) Ya
    know what I mean? Email me as ya can so I can be
    sure that I have your current Email address(es), "K"?

    Granni: "Cookie" I'm glad you are safe an dry! My Bro.
    after a visit to San Antonio, said how much he liked
    the Town. You seem to also.

    Jole: I have So-o-o-o much respect for the Indepen-
    dent farmers and ranchers in the Country. My former
    FIL was a cattle rancher in Nev. and worked so hard
    all the time. Don't think he ever really slept thru a nite
    as he was always up in the Mid of the nite to change
    irrigation or attend to a generator! Very intelligent man
    likewise. Watched him perform some impossible
    tasks over the years. Always kind to his animals
    but also respected and understood the cycle of life!

    Being a City Kid, 'Til i was about 17y.o., I thought that
    the Thanksgiving Turkey grew naked in those plastic
    bags in the Super Market refrigerator !! Oh boy, we
    City folk don't realize how important are Country Cou-
    sins are at times!

    Well Kids! Better close as I'm tempting fate with the
    'Puter. Hy to all I missed, 'K"?

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings Porchies,

    Have lots of wash piled up and have started one. Can you believe that I slept till almost 9 am, this morning? haven't done that n awhile, trying to make up from the busy weekend I guess. Woke up to a rainy day today, so far not heavy though.

    Linda - Glad you won some money at the casino and had a good trip, finally !! I have done the same things as you, walk away from a machine and then someone comes to you your machine afater you walk away and sahes it - AAAkk!! How frustrating is that? Glad that you at least won some money for you efforts. I always have that dilemma of whether to walk away after winning someing nice, even if it wawn't a REALLY BIG payout. To me, , like you $70 was a pretty good payout but NOT a jackpot. I never know how much to put into a machine before walking away.

    Jodie - I agree with Marta. Don't be in such a hurry to find a man. After you terrible problems and things that have happened to you in the current past, I know I wouldn't be so eagar. Have you done anymore about looking into the gym? That would be good for exercise, stress relief, and perhaps also making friends, not neecessarily of the male variety. That may happen in time when you are not necessarily looking to find one either. Sorry to be acting like Grannimom again (-: !!

    Jole - Sorry to hear that you were having a migraine. Hope it has goe by now. They are not fun, I know !

    Joan - Hope all is well with you and you new great granddaughter and her mom as well.

    Mrdad - Hope you get that computer and it works !

    Sorry, I cannot remember anyone else right now. Just wanted to check in.

    Luv and hugs to all inc those not mentioned or hiding in the bushes again !

    Granni (Marilyn)

  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    marta linda granni i really haven't been trying to look for a man per se...i have never been one to go seek out one..they come and seek out me. not to make excuses...i just like talking to people in general.

    i have not joined the gym yet. i need to..yes i do. i have been having physical problems w/the wrist, elbow and right shoulder. not to mention the neck back legs..knees once in a while...

    i went swimming yesterday for some time...but it messes up my neck...what i mess i am. may look great on the outside but interally the muscleskeltel system is a mess. as one dr told me.

    well i have a therapy appt today at 1 pm...already feeling down...think it is bad dreams i was having about my exhb, something about having two christmas trees in our living room....good grief i haven't even started xmas shopping.

    just think i got to endure one of his selfish moments on friday about child support and listen to lies....drives me nuts..but hey, he is bipolar and not getting treating...not to mention borderline personality disorder...if he would take some meds...he might be more stable and predictable...

    that's why we are divorced, too much of a roller coaster ride for me.

    well i need to get ready for my appt..

    linda sorry to hear about the break down...guido should've sent out the stretch limo for you.

    marta thanks for your fellow michigander support. and ck i hope those puppies are being helped in a good way...i would go nuts w/your neighbor...so sad...i'm glad you are around to be able to help those little pups...

    joe, you keep out of trouble...are you getting your speedo's ironed for the weather? i don't see george hamilton yet.

    talk to you all later.

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Boy, first you don't see me at all and now you can't get rid of me.

    Somehow the AARP magazine found its way into my mailbox although I can't imagine how ;>), and there's a great article in there that made me think of us. The article, called "Magical Living", was written by Edward Readicker-Henderson, (just imagine living with that name, let alone anything else) who has Crohn's disease. I don't know how old he is but he must be at least 50 to be in the magazine.

    I have to quote a little bit of what he wrote, OK?

    "If you want advice on how to be healty, our country supports a multi-million-dollar industry that serves it up in abundance - through books, television, the Internet; through health gurus, snake oil salespeople, and miracle pills; through spas ready to align your chakras and drain your wallet. [YES!]

    If you have to learn how to be sick, though, you're pretty much on your own." [DOUBLE YES!!]

    There's more good stuff like: "My wife, I came to realize, had given me a choice: either I could be bad at trying to be the person I'd been before I got sick, or I could figure out who I was now and learn to be good at that." [Talk about truth!]

    The end of the article notes that: "ER-H is working on a book about his search for the quietest place in the world."

    Sounds good too.

    I hope you enjoy these snippets as much as I did reading the article.


    Joe, no I haven't written or checked lately. I'll do that.
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  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I see i forgot caps. Too tired to change 'em. The only thing I can remember gfrom all of your great replies is: don't anmyone else fall off your porch!!!!! That's awful!

    Went to our beauitiful park yesterday for a 2-church combined worship service. The weather was just perfect and I loved the service. Then we had a catered dinner, then home. Today my hands hurt like "the dickens." i used my cane as the ground is so rough and I had to help hubby8 too. My hands hurt so mkuch from it!

    As you can read, my hands DO hurt. My8 typos are awful.

    Grannie: My daughter sent me some pictures of our new grreat grandson, Jacob and his "big" sister Arabella. She isn't caring for all of this stu9ff about a baabhy now. She has been the princess and now ------a baby takes over some of her tiome.

    I can't bvelieve these young mopthers.k Up and to the park with Arabella, daddy, and Jacob on her 4thui day!!!!!

    I am beat. Want to rest by hubby has the AC set sio cold....

    Again, hope that you all can decipher this stuff! I can't type at all today.

    Luv to all of y8ou porchies and stay on those porches and visit with the rest of us.

    Joan of the tired and hurting fingers
  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cody is busy w/football, work from home, his back again gf and he is at the local marin county fair w/her now. the fireworks should be going off.

    they invited me to go but i thought i want some time alone tonight...good sign.

    my therapy went better today, less stressful...he says weekly appts i need and to keep going to the community violence center for the free therapy for about another 6 more visits...and until the victims fund comes thru to help out w/private therapy i have to sit and wait...

    i called up the 37 year old electrician man tonight gave him my number. kept it short he said he would call me tomarrow and we may go out for dinner. time w/tell...i will try to keep this as a friend first thing...i already know he travels etc...

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Here's wishing you a most HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!

    Do hope you have the time to set aside a few hours

    to reflect and celebrate your lives together.

    Best wishes,
  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    today, he is peeping when he thinks i don't see him....he must be really hot and bothered....by the heat. i think he is having hallucinations or something...he's lucky i don't call the police for stalking me...but hey they don't do much in marin for perverts.

    speaking of which i came accross and article last night about a san rafael j.v. football coach being brought up on several counts of sexual assualt w/a minor...a owner of perry's deli lives in mill valley. married..he has plead not guilty...he is using the infamous attorney from san francisco, the female lady that was used on a dog mauling in the city there....something else.

    i hope it is not true, but i don't disbelieve the minor girl either...she is somewhere between the ages of 14-15 years old...it was in the marin ij on july 1,07.

    well need to call my dr*(kaiser)mad at pharmacy, i called in june 19th and they still haven't refilled it nor attempted to contact the dr until yesterday...this is a high bp med. thank god i don't take it for this reason...use it for diurectic for my carpal tunnel and my always whacked out hormones....which were really out of whack this month...mean last month...

    granni-this 37 year old travesl to many places guam, all over...he said he wanted to show me some of his job sites in the city,(san fran). he works 12-14 hr days... not sure if he really takes days off much...either he was feeding a line he just wanted a friend thing...or he really meant it...time will tell...

    i still need to join a gym...but i have been sort of iffy about it since i have carpal tunnel surgery 8/13....but still i could do something in the mean time...maybe i could have some nice handsome man help lift my weight plates on and off the machines etc...

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just thought I would finally peek in and see what has been going on with al of you and hoping that no one has falled off any more porches (real and imaginary) (-: !!

    Linda - A BIG Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. I know what you mean about all those years passing you (us) all by. I cannot believe that in Dec. we will have been married for 46 years (OMG that is almost scarey). Hope you have great and memorable day.

    Joan - So sorry to hear that your fingers are so sore. Iknow what you mean but it is not always my fingers - usually my neck and back but that is just the start. Glad that you did have a nice day though. I know what you mean about staying home to get some R and R after the busy time with your family, after Jacobs birth.

    Yep, that is what they do now. A couple days after the birth alot of people are about and about with their newborns. That is for sure. I know that it was awhile before our babies were going out and about at such a young age. It was usually for their first checkup at the docs. Of course some traveling may be fine all circumstances considered. Also, the mom's may not necessarily have all that energy right away. Yes, I am sure that little Arabella is not to thrilled at this moment with the new baby but time will change things for the little Princess. Of course, she needs to see that she will also be getting her special time too and not just everything for the new baby. Rest your fingers and hopefully they will feel better soon.

    Jodie - Hope you and Cody have a nice 4th of July.. We aren't doing much except for some flag ceremonies at the KC Hall and some food , games for the kids. Hope the rain stays away. We have just had a little on and of the past few days. Feel so badly for all those getting so much flooding here in Tx and elsewhere.

    A gym would be good but you probably need to just take it easy at first anyway and maybe do a little bit at a time. Also, perhaps you might even be able to talk to someone in the know about your medical situation on what you can and cannot do( or should I say should or should NOT do). The treatmill would be a good start, walking like I do, not jogging or running like somr of these guys do. I also do not do the inclines, just straight walking but can do it at a fairly quick pace. Any wiehgts I would be very gradual on.

    Dianne - Hope you are feeling better after your fall and minor "surgery". Glad to meet you again.

    Marta - interesting stuff you were talking about from that article. Hope all is well with you and Ms. Soapie. I trust she is behaving better for you (-: !!

    Mrdad - Hi there. I trust you have plans for the 4th of July. Hope you have fun or at least get to rest some !!!

    Lots of hugs to all you porchies inc those still hiding in the bushes.

    Hope everyone will be feeling as well as can be expected and will have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow, as we all celebrate our countrys independence and try to remember all the good things that we do have.

    God bless us all.


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  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Linda, be sure to enjoy those coming years. They fly by soooo fast. I hope that you two can do something special for the special day. I can't believe, the Good Lor5d willing, that we will celebrate 58 years this fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why can't I remember all of your names or such????? Diane, were you the one who landed on her back when you fell? That has to be so painful. Do take care and get some rest.

    Our grandson is coming from the Chicago area tonight as is aour youngest son, his wife, their daughter and her boyfriend. I havwe met him but he has never been here. i did the best that I could in straightening up some.

    Our town has a parade, small as it may be, and then a pork chop dinner. Grreat big thick ones, either plain or smoked and grilled. They are so good. Are you hungry yet? Wish I could send some your way to prove that thety are special.

    Have a safe and happy 4th of July.