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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids!

    Thought I'd change the Volume early so I could feel like I'm
    doin' my share again! Thanks to all of ya that filled in 4
    me these past two weeks! I'm feeling a bit better today but
    want you to know that my situation is much more fortunate
    than most of you and that I really have little to complain
    about. Porchettes, like you Joan, are full of the courage I
    can only hope to have someday! I do hope that all goes well
    for you in all your health decisions and that you re-coup
    quickly from any of the med procedures!

    Hello to Sweetie and Marta as well as all other of the MIA's! Hope all of you will feel up to getting back on the
    Porch and Board very soon!

    Gonna send this be 4 someone uses the OLD Volume!

    Thanks for the concerns of all! I DID see my face on that
    Milk Carton so thought I'd better respond.

    Huggles to all!

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  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    huggles to you to....sorry you have been down for the count. i know you w/pick up speed...soon.

    have you read the paper warning us bay area people about traffic congestion on labor day weekend? already...

    it's almost like the christmas holidays stuff w/be in the store soon....

    i think i am starting to feel a bit better...

    cody and i had a talk tonight...so he and i can understand where we are both coming from...

    he wants me to find a nice man w/maybe a house that can take care of me...

    i told him i don't need a man to take care of me...i have my section 8 voucher right now...so that is all i need....

    we talked about college...he told me he is sleeping in the garage at his dad's new gf's house...oh boy...

    he told me how his dad embellishes stories and lies all the time...i said you've seen and heard that one w/your own eyes...he said yes...thank god i didn't have to point that out to him...

    well anyways..hope everyone gets well on the porch...i have my water next to my bed...

    i am still trying to quit that smoking habit....need to take a shower now...

    you all enjoy your night

  3. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I'm gonna dust the cobwebs off the swing, u guys can have the rockers this week.

    I'll keep it short, Hope it is a better week, to much pain left from the last one, both mental and physical.

    I've got the corn on the cob and tomatoes, somebody else can fix the cornbread and iced tea and let's just rest...

    good week to all

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, Joe. Glad to see you. The porch is too boring w/o that element of San Francisco goofiness you share w/ us.

    Well, Granni, I trust you survived the festivities and a good time was had by all. Jole, hope your wound is healing up and the grandkids haven't worn you out.

    Linda, yes, I got to the bank on the 3rd day. Gordon drove me. Que Sera Sera is an old favorite of mine. Written by one of our great songwriting teams who also wrote Silver Bells and Tammy. I think they won 3 or 4 Oscars.

    Carla, have you considered buying a lasso? Then you can catch those wascally dogs. Cody's pics look good, Jodie?

    Tomatoes and corn on the c. sound good, Lacey. I remember when I'd go out to our garden and pick them, an hour or so before supper (not dinner). That was half a century ago when food had flavor.

    I think my Alzheimer's is getting worse. One reason I couldn't get to the bank was I couldn't find my car keys even tho I "always" put them in the same place so I can find them.

    Anyway I looked all over including the pockets of my pants and jacket. Several hours later they turned up right where I had already looked; in a jacket pocket. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

    Well, I hope to make it to the Post Office today. Going to the Post Office in Los Angeles is an ordeal involving traffic, parking, long lines, etc. Takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and the darned thing is only 6 blocks away.

    Hope you all have a good week.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I hae been somewhat busy trying to pick up the pieces from the party. Linda, Ckball and whoever else got to come it was a fun time. I still have some more things to clean up from the party but all things considered the place is in one piece !! The food was great and the people were too. Still have some lasagna left so there will be leftovers which is a good thing. I would share if you all were closer.

    Mrdad- Thanks alot for getting us started again on the porch. Sorry you have been under the weather, whatever that is when you have this - - - - ! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Rock - Glad to see you again. Don't feel bad about the "alzheimers" clicking in again. I do that all the time and glad you got to finally get to the bank. Hope you make the Post Office !!! Hope you are feeling to bad also.

    Jodie - Sorry you are still out of sorts, or should I say MORE than usual. You need to get as much rest as possible before school starts again.

    Laceymae - Thanks for dropping by again. Yes, I think that arest is in oorder for all of us. Thanks for the corn and the tomatoes. Yumm that sounds good to me. We used to be able atoa grow all our own tomatoes inthe last house so many to give away. They were delicious and juicy and haad so many we had ato give them away or dry them. Here we have little sun and so forget thtat. Now we have to by them in the store which is unfortunatly not as good but oh well !! Hope you are feeling Ok !!!

    DH went to get is front tooth implant and I am hoping all goes well and he doesn't call me to have to pick him up. Then I will be stick with his car thee. However, I would guess that he will be fine. At that will be done - except the payment -yikes !!! and we have insurance.

    Joan - again I am so sorry for your whole ordeal. I know how you feel and esp when the relatives (kids esp) don't want to believe you have all this pain, like it is all a big fake job to get out of whatever. Try and look past it as I find it doesn't help but I know it hurts. Fortunatly, I guess it is not my children who don't relaly believe me by brother and DIL. At least in a whay they do not live clser, that is good and bad. They probably are mad also that he haven't come to see them for years except to most go see mom or my parents when they were alive. However, as they say the road goes both ways and they didn't come to see us much either in all those years - 30 plus when we moved from NY to NO, LA and then TX.

    DH just called and said it was over and he is on his way home However, they just put the post in and he has to go back in two weeks for the implant, I believe. What a procedure !!!

    Bye to all !!


  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow after my jet setting and wonderful meal with granni, then up early at at it all day I am whipped.

    I got threw the over 2 hour mri today, thank god for drugs, I took a little more than usual so the first 90 minutes was too bad, but the the lower back started to hurt and pull,

    When it was over, they had to left my legs off the pillow and pull me up, I was frozen and could not move. I will get the results Tue or Wed when I go to medical reecords myself. MKy Dr appt isn't until Sep 4th.

    Joe-Joe glad you see you back at the helm, you have been missed. Hope you get back up steam so you ride on the dog for a fun filled weekend.

    Granni thanks so much, you were a gracious host and what a treat to eat at a table with real napkins, instead of a couch and coffee table and paper towels.

    I have already run out of steam here and my dogs are outside barking at something so I will sign off for tonight, after the MRI, I had errands and dinner at Texas Roadhouse with a freind that turned 50, then Wally world, it was 6:30 before I got home. Then had dog issues, I'll tell about that one another time or go to the cababna to see what me dogs did.

    Hello to all hope your day was better than mine, well the filet migon was good,hehe. Carla
  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i only made some asparagas w/olive oil and kosher salt put it on tin foil and up on the top rack of gas grill....down below i had steak tenderloin 98% fat free marinated in tequila and lime...so tender, moist and delicious...but that was hours ago.

    then at 9 pm. i remembered i needed to p/up my kolonopin before pharmacy closed. so cody and i walked to 7/11 and i got a candy bar...i forget which one i got...now...where is my mind or my memory in my brain being stored at?

    rock can you help me out to tell me what kind of candy bar i had tonight? oh i just recalled...1,000,000 dollar bar...tried to get something low in sugar and fat...i know the extra dark chocolate is the healthiest, but it wasn't snagging my temptation of candy...

    i went to post office today as well, rock. it didn't take as long as your event. mine was quick, then off to deposit a check in the bank...took about 30 minutes total for both errands combined, but i barely had any strength to walk up my stairs to my apt. i had to sit down and talk to the neighbor ladies at the pool...they were poolin' it...i was outside the gated fence....

    someone keyed my new or nearly new car, i noticed that today before i went to the bank...500 dollar deductible for that.

    i'll check into if it is going to raise my insurance. it was parked in the street legally. some punk i hope keyed it and hopefully no one w/a vendeted toward me..

    good night for now

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am just busy trying to put the last of the stuff away that was out for the party. Glad you guys, CK and Linda got to come. Yes, we did have a real tablecloth with real napkins. I surely don't do that evey day. The food was yummy too and the people great !

    Carlanl and Joan- I agree with what you said Carla to Joan about Joans' daughter. She should at least understand there is something wrong with her knees and surgery may be in order. I cannot believe that her daughter doesn't believe that, even if she is still denying the FM part of Joan's diagnosis. She was dxed by a REAL dr. and the x-rays and all were real too. That is really weird and sad too !! However, I have dealt with that before. The DIL should be very concerned about her mother even if she didn't have the FM. Joan, I know that hurts. Hopefully she will soon see that this is all to real for you.

    Sorry guys and gals but I have more notes to write and stuff to do before I have to go to a practice again tonight.

    Hugs to all those not mentioned today. I know they are peaking in (-: !!!

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    not much to post..except you go granni...

    i might make it to the farmer's market today w/a friend and her daughter not sure yet...i am still tired...

    i need or should call auto insurance company about the keyed car of mine....

    that ticks me off. don't know if it is someone that knows me or just some punks.

    well need to try to do some things around the house...i have things in my closet that needs thrown out and clothes...the list goes on and on.

    talk to you all later...i am still tired but feeling somewhat better no fever atleast.


    joan sorry for the daughter that doesn't get it...i like to use this on people when they don't get it, "well, when you get and god forbid you do i will be there for you as much as possible, because i know firsthand how painful it is to have that condition."

    my son found out he has fibro and ibs...i have taken him to e.r. 3 times for it...once they thought he was having appendicitis...luckily i told them to keep him over night and if it gets worse then do the surgery. his blood count got better so he went home...

    then had another attack...finally they xrayed and found he had constipation all up to his lungs badly...

    he came home w/me and said mom do you get in that much pain?

    i said yes, and no one would beleive me and critized me for not being able to work...plus i have more thangs going on than you do...but i understand how you feel. and i will do whatever i can to help you out in the future.

    he said i won't ever let fibro keep me from working...i said we'll see and i hope you can live a productive life..

    sorry for the story, but joan hugs to you.

  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Thank you, thank you, for the kind words. I do have an appt. on Aug. 17 with a specialist. My fibro is hurting so much too. Today has been horrid.

    Yesterday was a dream come true. My dear, dear daughter-in-law came a 2 hr. trip yesterday early eve. and she and her mother had picked out the most beautiful dress as a gift for me to wear to her son's wedding.j And then there is a purse to match!!!! You can't believe how loved that made me feel! Just what I needed.

    She knew that it wiould be so difficult for me to shop for a dress so she did it for me. It is gorgeous!!!! ty is not long as I wanted a dress that I could wear to church if I wanted to.

    now, I can shop for shoes to fit my size 11 foot! It can't be high like I used to wear or I would fall and break my neck. Fancy high heeled shoes were so much fun!!!!

    I deeply thank you for your kind words. Daughter is over the shock and talking better about surgery.

    Doesn't something that shows you are loved make all the difference in the world????

    God bless u all,

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    that made things a little easier for you.

    linda thank you for you well wishes on school. i always wish everyone the best we can do or have...we all deserve it.

    you all take care here i'm trying to bbq some chix breasts that were frozen together one on top of the other...i need to cut them apart..

    then i had a little weird or odd run in w/a i guess not friend anymore.

    went to po box..saw here out front of the sports bar...went to say hello, she got on her cell phone...and put her finger up jestering one minute...and some privacy...so i left and got my mail...by then she was sitting at bar so i lightly touched her back and asked how she was doing? she said go away jodie, i was perplexed, i said is there something you need to talk to me about? she said stay away. i said ok. and turned out and left.

    made me wonder if someone said i said something badly about her or her bf...which i have not...but like my friend i talked to said it could be she was having a bad day...heard rumors that weren't true that goes around there...

    so i deleted her off from my cell phone...i have only known her for about 2 months...just is strange to me...

    well anyways i need to get to that chicken.


  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    vent on the friend i thought i had...i noticed she was having a no so good conversation most likely w/her bf or something...so that is when i took the hint and got my mail....so i don't know what transpired w/her conversation. and it isn't any of my business.

    but i really felt as though she was mad at me about something for some reason...that place is known for gossip....and i know i have some rumors going around about me being w/this person or that person...some of it is true i will say then some of it gets embellished.

    i think granni, i just need to get my arse into that gym..meet new people and stay out of patten's place.

    i have been trying to avoid that after work crowd cause that is what they do is talk about this person or that person.

    not all the people do that...but most do.

    well gonna eat my grilled chix breast and grilled my zucchini...

    just need to get her out of my head. wondering if it was something i said or done to her. oh well....bars.

  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it sounds like you had an ok date....but no love connection. atleast it is a start to dating and figuring out what you do/or do not want in a man.

    i am taking a break for now till i get some things figured out for myself.

    not sure what i am looking for in a man, just what i don't want...

    we'll talk to you later now go get some sleep if you can.

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted to let you know the MRI didn't reveal any earth shattering news. The normal degenrative stuff, bulding discs,etc.

    The area in my thoracic area that causes me the most pain showed a nonuniform fat suppression, no clue what that means other than my spine is fat,hehe. Also reactive marrow edema. Don't know what that means either.

    I am going to take a break from the computer to spend more time with my wild dogs, I need to do this to get them under control, they are driving me crazy with the barking and chasing. I am also considering buying a small atv, if yu can't beat em join em. That why I can exercise them when I have my foot surgery. Depending on the type of surgery I could be in a cast from 2-12 weeks. There are several procedures depending on what the Dr thinks is best for my situation.

    I will peek in from time to time but I really do spend more time on the computer than not. I am sure while recooping from my surgery I will be back. Just need to get my dogs under control before I go under the knife.

    I'll be back later and say hello to everyone-Carla
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Porchies,

    Just got back from going to the workout room with DH and walked the treadmill 1 mile and a couple of the machines that I could get on that I did at the therapists gym ( just some weights and leg put thingy). Believe me I did not particularly want to go and haven't been in quite awhile due to DH surgery and just being busy etc. If he doesn't push me I don't go and I really need to do so. We haven't been in awhile and now DH just found out that his blood sugar that used to be normal is not now. Wonderging if more exercise will help him. He doesn't eat much sugar, and I do not myself. I know also that I have gained soemweight , of course in the wrong places, of course, due to this layoff. Have to go this afternoon also forr my teeth cleaning. Hate to go in the afternoon but has to cancel my morning appt. a coupleof weeks ago.

    Joan - I am SO glad that your daughter seems to be coming around at least with your knees problem. It is so hard when they don't believe you or sure act like it. How sweet of your DIL to buy you a dress with matching purse for the wedding. I guess she knew your size. Hope it fits OK. It sounds like you may have enough problems trying to get yourselves shoes that you like and FIT
    (-: !!! I am sorry that you are still feeling so badly. DSorry you have to wait till the 17th for the specialist. That is always aggravating !!!

    Jodie - Yes, you need to rest up and get ready for school to start again soon. Glad that I do not have to do so any more as I would have a hard time concentrating !! Sorry to hear about your x friend. I think that you might want to forget about her and look for friends elsewhere.

    Give yourself time about the finding a man thing. Don't be in a hurry. Concentrate on yourself and Cody. Sorry to hear that he has some FM also. At leaset he can tryly synpathize. One may just op up out of a blue when you weren't really llloking. Yes, by now you should know who you do NOT want or what tyoe of man, after all your experiences!!!

    Carlanl - Sorry you didn't have a great date but you got aout and had an OK time by what you said. Just getting out with those of the opposite sex once in awhile will keep you in practice (hehe) for how to handle them when they come on to you prematurely, etc. Believe me, I am surely am glad I do not have to. Sorry to hear your still have your blue legs. That surely is perplexing !!!! Is it your who legs of just part of them or what? Glad you seem to be feeling a bit better lately, maybe from your new meds and suana .

    Jole - hope your dog bite is healing OK and that you are feeling not to badly today.

    Ckball - Sorry you had to have a 2 hr. MRI yesterday. Wow that is a long time. I would have been really stiff too. Hope all is well or they find out more on how to help you from the resultsl Let us know.

    Joe/Joe - We have missed you and hope you are feeling not to badly . Any plans for this coming weekend? This weekend I will just be out with my DIL to do lunch and a little shopping orlooking around. She misses her mom who died a few years ago from diabetes, quite suddenly. That was very sad.

    Lacey - I hope you feel better. How is the swing ??!! I love the swing and wish we had on one our porch at home but it is outside and it probably would either be to hot and or attacked by the mosquitos that are really bad after all the rain we have been having.

    Hi also to Rock, Marta, Sweetie and all others peaking out from the bushes.

    Blessings and big hugs to all,

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  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    ck well you got some update on your mri...now you get to see what they maybe able to do to help you out some. i haven't heard of the edema in the bone marrow...i think that is what i remember. certainly hope you get some relief. i know it is painful i have been formerly dx at the age 30 w/ddd and the buldging dics...they only get worse as i age..i w/be 43 in december.

    granni good for you in the gym again...i need to do the same...trying to decide to wait after my carpal tunnel or just start now.

    i wrote in my journal and that flairs up my forearm ...i hope the carpal tunnel surgery w/help that...or it is just plain old out of shape. plus the elbow is not up to par..better lately though...

    carla-nl--atv for walking the dogs that is a good one...just be careful not to knock the cast around too much, mite hurt..

    talk later..

  17. jole

    jole Member

    Where has time gone? Or where have I been? Rock, I so understand what you're saying. Put the phone in the frig one day....couldn't hang it up because I already had the tv remote control there!!!

    Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. The tendon in my arm is still quite sore and it's hard to type. They still haven't taken out the sutures yet...a few places are still trying to close. Just not enough skin there to hold together on the inner arm.

    Our kids (bless their hearts, I think) already got us another puppy. She is an Australian Shepherd, 9 weeks old, and a real sweetie. Did I already say this?? Can't remember.

    Mr. Dad, get better soon. Everyone else, I will try to do better next time and responding to you all.

    Love ya all - Jole
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey Linda - no more parties this coming weekend in asnwer to your question of what time you should arrive this weekend. Mine will be fairly relaxing with only a trip with my DIL for lunch and a little shopping/looking i the stores.

    CK - I didn't know you were going someplace. If so, you WILL be missed.

    Jodie - there are other things you can do at the gym without having to use your hands - the treadmill is a great one, the bicycle exerciser and some other things for your body that you don't have to use you hands if you wanted to start now. There is also a leg push thingy (forget the name). Yes, also are you all ready (things in order) for going back to school.

    Jole - Sorry about your tendon still hurting you. Wow, good look on your new dog. It doesn't sound like he or she is very small. Glad he is a sweetie for you all. Hope that continues.

    Joan - Hope you do not havae to much of a problem trying to find a nice shoe for you. I sometimes have enough problems with myself and I only wear an size 8. All the sandals and dressy shoes are made for the much younger people. Just trying to find a normal flat shoe can be a challenge for me too. Some of the styles to me are to wierd. I also have to be careful to as I have severe osteoporosis and doin't need to be falling all over the place in some of these hight things Also they have gone back to the really pointy shoes and I don't know how anyone can even wear them. When is the wedding? How much time do you have to look? That was to sweet of your DIL who bought your that lovely dress and shoes.

    Big hugs to inc those not mentioned. Gotta do some stuff on the computer before DH gets back from golf.

    Multiple hugs all around,


  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, good grief. I get loonier every day. Y-day I had trouble finding the GoodWill even tho I've been there a hundred times. Then on the way home I turned off Sunset Blvd. at the wrong I/S. Tsk, tsk...

    Carla nl, "The calf is drowned before they close the well" is "They locked the barn after the horse was stolen" over here. This teaches us a valuable lesson about people all over the world: they all keep livestock.

    Carla, I never heard of an MRI that lasted two hours. I had one recently. I think it took 20 or 30 minutes. Hard to judge time when you are told to lie flat on your back and not move.

    As you probably know, edema is swelling due to the presence of fluid. Unless, of course it is used as a name as in: The Ladies Aide met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Bertha Edema Bigalk. Refreshments were served. Edna Utz poured. A delightful time was had by all.

    So sorry to hear about your car, Jodie. I don't know why people can't leave other people alone, but history teaches us they can't.

    It's a tough choice, isn't it, Linda. Shall I buy a yacht or send a kid to college. State schools were essentially free when I moved to California. Ronald Reagan changed that. Even so, the last time I took a course was at Los Angeles City College during the 80s. Most courses cost $15 per semester.

    Jole, my mother once couldn't find her purse cause she put it in the refrigerator. She wasn't disabled, just having a hectic day.

    How big will that Australian Shephard get anyway?

    Granni, you and DH went a whole mile? I went 4 blocks y-day; more than I usually do.

    I told my brother I would make him an Iris DeMent tape so he could play it in his car. That was some weeks ago. Of course, I forgot all about it. Found some Iris CDs when I was cleaning; that reminded me.

    So that's my project for the day.


    That's a big Dinah Shore kiss for everydobby.


  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - the other day DH and I went to the gym here in the subdivision which we haven't done in quite a long time esp due to DH having his surgery. Then we both got out out the habit. DH had his routine blodd work info back and found that his blood sugar went up and doc was all excited and had the office tell him to come in . DH will wait awhile till we have done more exercising. Don't think it was that bad but it possibly went up due to his not going for a couple of months to the gym and doing the treadmill and such. Usually, I walk a mile esp cause I have osteoporosis (severe) and some weight machines that try and keep me more flexible.

    Both of us have been forcing ourselves to do it and then stopped. Started falling apart and so I guess we have to go back on a more routine schedule.. Usually DH does 1/2 mile and some weights and I do 1 mile and some other weight machines that I did when going to PT. It is very EASY too get out of the habiat esp when you feel like - - - -. You all KNOW what I mean.

    Jodie - So sorry that someone keyed your car. That makes me SOOO mad. Some people do not any regard for anybody else stuff-maybe jealous that they don't have it or something or just bored kids who really need school to start ( like they cared it would ever start.

    Not much else is new here. Hope all is well with everyone.

    As MRdad would say - Huggles to al,


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