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  1. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I hope this doesn't cross with someone else's!

    I just can't stand to not post in these. It's
    driving me crazy. (Short trip!)

    I read all the posts, I think. So nice to see
    so many posting.

    Lolalee, you're lovely. You look so young. (Envy!)

    Nice to see the Porch is expanding. We can just make
    it bigger. No problem. I'll bring the lumber and hammers
    and nails for everybody.

    We even have two big pans of brownies, and fresh, hot
    specialty coffee from Gevalia. Mmm, mmm, good. It's the
    best. Classic roast.

    Supposed to be babying this shoulder but it's getting old
    (as old as me!) doing it. So here I am playing.

    Enjoy ALL of you tremendously!

    Had a chuckle over what you said, Rock, about us all being
    here and why. You do have a great way with words.

    Anne, I would have really been 'angry' at that doc's office
    too. How incompetent. I wonder if you could find any records of payment to prove to them you were there! I'd do it just out of spite. Glad you got to see your brother, too. I hope he keeps getting better.

    Mr.Dad. What can I say. LOL. Great to see you, too. How are things in your world, how is your daughter doing? Are you behaving yourself? (YA RIGHT!) What's new w/choo?

    I didn't do that little thingie where I bring up the posts while replying, so I can't remember any more right now.

    But I hope you're ALL doing very well. Ok, we'll settle for fair!

    It's a pretty day here. It has been unseasonably warm here and I know it won't last much longer. Then it'll be rain, rain, rain, whine, whine, whine...but for now it's lovely. It'd be fun to take a drive and see all the Fall colors. Let's charter a big limo and take us all. Wouldn't that be fun? We could go up Hwy 99 by the river and see the fancy houses and fall colors reflected in the water.

    Have a great day!
  2. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    It looks like we crossed, Oops! I'll just copy and paste mine below!

    We kinda over did it on the last one!

    Marta, what a lovely visit with your son! You must have done something right to raise such a caring boy,

    Soak up all that love, and i think it's great you are making plans, i know what you mean by lethargic.

    Sometimes, i think, gee i don't feel tooo bad today, but i still don't want to do anything, there's nothing i'm looking forward to doing, because i'm trained to do, or expect nothing.

    Do i make any sense? A dog's a good idea!! Too bad it can't be a horse!!LOL

    Hey, MrDad, "What say you"
  3. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    What a great story - brought tears to my eyes! You did a good job on raising that one!

    Hey guys, a fall drive sounds great!
  4. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Hiya you guys, have popped in on ya's once and a while and quite often you have mentioned food.... which has had me thinking the last few days of all the yummy american food i used to eat when i was living there..

    Am in New Zealand now and they just don't do breakfasts like over there... Pancakes and syrup, your lovely fresh donuts.. crispy bacon that you can dip in your eggs. (no matter how long i cook bacon here it doesn't crisp it just burns!) There are so many other things. brownies, can't even get the frozen cookie dough over here,,,,,mmmm liked them too - and also made me feel i could bake!!

    Prime rib, stuffed shrimps, ohhhh the list goes on. We have Mcdonalds , KFC subway - which is no where near as good as the states. Our nearest Wendys is over 2 hours away. We don't have in and out, loved there burgers and fries... We also lived down the road from an Arbies, MMM that i liked too, but none to be seen in New Zealand!

    Do you feel sorry for me,? Under nourished without all that good food???

    A nice fresh donut would go down great right about now with my cup of coffee.!!!

    Well I guess you are waking up to my yesterday, it is 5 am thursday morning here. If you want to know what your today is going to be like, well it was windy and cold!! so be warned you will need your slippers and rugs today!!

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there porchers,

    I could have started an earlier "porch post" but I saw the number and knew I was getting close and didn't want to botch it. Was afraid that Sr. Mary Gregory would get after me (-: !!!

    Carla ck - I did not go to Vegas, I went to Kinder, Louisiana to the Coushatta casino. BTW, where in Tx. do you live? I noticed that when you spoke of those big "skeeters". I live about 75 or miles north of Houston, in Montgomery close to Conroe.

    I also agree and am SO thankful that I am able to do more things than many on this list. If I feel sorry for yourself, I just get on here and put it all into perspective. I love thta tub overflow accident you had Carla and hope it wasn't to much of amess to clean up for you. Tht is aneat idea about covering the drai hole in the tub so you can get ore water in. However, I am afraid that I will have a worse accident than you. I might have fallen asleep and drown (-: !!

    MrDad - So you are trying start a new OLD game with You Bet Your Life for people to try and guess the secret word and then they get to share my winnings. It really wouldn't go around all that much though. I may very well end up giving some of it to my daughter who is recently divorced and is having alot of money problems as well as other things, inc a 4 year old with Leukemia. I like your sense of humor <>. I m not putting my $ in the checking acct cause then I know what will havppen to it- pooof !!

    Linda - I do agree, if I do just come home from the casino with the same as I went with, I do consider it a BIG success on my part.

    Welcome Bekah to the porch. There is so much going here that I can barely keep up. You will love all these smart and funny people.

    1Sweetie - Sorry you have been having so many worrysome things going on in your life. I know tht feels, believe me.

    I am trying now to remember who else was on the porch when I checked last.

    BTW, someone mentioned, I think, in this Volume how you can check on the "Porch posts" (try to say that a few times fast) while you are trying to post. That is what it sounded like anyway. I would like to be able to do that. Then I wouldn't have to make written notes to do so when I am ready chat on the porch with you all.

    Was it you Anne whose dr. and staff thought you were invisible? I still cannot get over that one.

    Hi to all who I missed. Hope to chat with you next time !!!

    Warm and big hugs to you all!


    That granni (Marilyn)

  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    We knew you would get back to the Porch as soon as you
    fealt up to doing a little walk in the Fall Air! We
    totally understand ifin' we don't hear from ya 4 a few
    days. Just feel so badly that you didn't feel up to
    spending some time with your Sisters! Maybe soon.

    Did you look on your Bio. page for Posts directed to
    you?? Check that out if you haven't already.

    Thank you for asking of my Daughter. She e-mailed me
    and her Mother in Eugene concerning a paper she has do
    on Monday and needs some direction. Gonna 1/2 ta put
    on my old Poli Sci hat back on 4 this 1!! She loves
    the direction of the Program but at the moment is feel-
    ing somewhat overwhelmed. Has been away from school 4
    a few years now and it is difficult to get "re-amalgamat-
    -ed" to the routine.

    Are you still "baby-sitting" your 3 y.o. nephew? They
    are so active and are so demanding. Gotta keep changing
    the "Lesson Plan" every 7 mins.!

    How did the modeling photo shoot go in Paris last week?
    They had it on E-T with you looking so beautiful stand-
    ing their posing in front of the Idle Tower and the Lou-
    ver! You are surely and understandably in great demand!
    Versails looks very beautiful. I bet a Motel Six on the
    very edge of that building would do very well! (Gotta
    be careful, other Peeps usually steal my get ideas and
    are the one's that make all the BUCKS@ IT!

    Gonna 1/2 ta "dust my lips off" for this one--

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  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    We are pretty much all on a positive note today!

    Freddie: SMG just asked me 2 tel ya that you did a very
    "acceptable" job transferring over the Post to # 15. I
    know it's difficult to believe, but comin' from HER it's
    a compliment! Isn't that right Lola and Linda?

    Marta: So happy you had such a wonderful visit with your
    Son! Now we are gonna' 1/2 ta find ya a Pup to keep you
    company and be a source of attention and joy! Those 'Lil
    Two-Toned pucks are small and cute in an ugly way! Girl
    had a small Bull Dog the other day that was real sweet!
    Don't need small and fiesty, you want small and sweet!?
    A lap dog! It will like you and that chair of yours while
    laying on your lap. (Too cute!) (Like me)

    Marilyn: Let everyone believe that ya had the big win in
    Vegas. Those Casino's there are just no match for your
    intelligence in keeping "track of the cards". They just
    can't figure out how ya do it! Sounds as if you have a
    very good plan to use those wiinnings. Hope your daughter
    and Grandson will both be doing well!

    Maedaze: Wow! Glad that American Gourmet has become such
    an intricate part of the NZ culinary scene! Ifin' ya
    get any extra coupons that are applicable to the U.S.,
    Fredericka and I can easily put them to "good" use. Right
    Freddie! Remember to keep takin' them colesterol meds.
    OK! Daughter was in NZ a few years back and loved it!
    Glad we found you.

    Sassy: Rest up for singin' prac tonite! We don't care
    nothin' about that neighbor partition against us. Ted
    Mack and 1/4 of America thinks we are great! ("And for
    you people in the "Little Rock" area the Nos. to call

    "Ketchup" wiff awl of ewe later, "K"?

  8. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    AWWWW mrdad, we don't have a taco bell either...sooooooo sad.
  9. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I knew that. I think I missed one of the big segments, like maybe #13. Not superstitious, either, LOL.

    I'm a new oldbie around these parts. Just never posted here too much before is all. Then I "rediscovered" it and found a really fun bunch of people!

    They taught me that if you hit "shift" at the same time you hit "reply," that another box pops up, where you make your new post, but it keeps the whole thread there so you can see to read and make more replies. (Someone asked!) What a neat little trick.

    Now, whose bio did I look at in the wee hours, and saw a huge bonfire...darn it. That was from the other Volume so I can't look it up right now. That was a quite a blaze there!! We could have roasted one heckova lotta weinies and marshmallows over that one and stayed warm in the process. (And burned off our eyebrows! : - 8 )

    I must remember to check bios for more posts from all of you here and there. Funny how relearning things isn't so hard but remembering it IS.

    Thanks Mr. Dad for making me feel young. 3 yr. old nephew indeed. (I have 5 grandkids between the ages of 11 and 2!) LOL. I only wish I looked 1/2 way like that model Frederique!! Gads. I never looked remotely like her on my best day when I was 20 OR 30-something!! But it's fun to dream. If you're gonna dream, might as well dream big! I get all a-twitter over those I-Hop 2-Fers, though. That really does it for me! Ya really know how to make a gal feel special. HEY! The salad's on me today. C'mon over!! That's nice your girl calls Dad for help on her homework! I bet you'll be happy to see her next month!

    It's good to hear from all of you. Enjoying reading from granni, morningsonshine, maedaze, sassy and froggy too.

    Marta, I have to go back and read Chapter 13 I guess, I missed all the posts on your son visiting. I remember you were feeling quite ill and he was coming in just a couple days! Now I need to check back and see what happened!!

    Sweetie, I've missed you, too. Need to also catch up on your posts. I hope you're ok. I gather from a post here that you may not be, and sure hope that is not the case.

    Rock, hope to see you out and about today, too. What's new in your world this fine day? Do I remember correctly you live somewhere south of Mr. Dad?

    I had another idea for fun! A nice dinner cruise up the river here. Fun for all!! Then drinks on the porch afterwards! Pretty soon the porch is going to be a huge mansion! Won't the holidays be fun there? Just think of it. I'll make 50 lbs. of my famous Christmas candies. They're terrible for you, but ooooh, so GOOD!! Fun to make and put together on pretty glass platters, too. Haven't done up a good one since I had to quit work 4 yrs. ago. Used to enjoy doing that for co-workers.

    Ok, time to get under some heat again. Back to reality. Whatever that is!!

    Besides, it's almost time for "The Young and The Restless." Anyone else watch it? I just missed 2 yrs. of it so am trying to figure out who did what to whom during that time. LOL.

    Take care! It was fun to get to start this thread up!! But sorry, morningsonshine, that you had to get rid of yours and paste to here. Guess as long as we're all together that's what counts. Thanks for being so gracious, though. Also, I looked at your profile and the pic of you on your horse with the snow around is fabulous!!
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    As long as I have ya here, speaking of Christmas candy!
    Did ya see my Post about my bringing my Homemade Cookies
    to our Porch Friends only to find a couple of them ( they
    shall go unnamed) out back "skipping them" across the
    surface of the Lake!! They apologized and said that the
    only reason they did it was 'cause the Porch Puppies
    wouldn't eat them!! Oh, Boy!!

  11. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I saw after I posted it that my earlier note was #30 which meant I should have started the new thread. But... I was so weary that I didn't know if I'd be back to play host so I let it slide. Thanks for picking up my slack. Freddy.

    And I'll save you time on the son visit: I was sick, I got better just in time for my youngest son to fly in from California for five wonderful days.

    Morningsonshine - can we call you Morning? - I would have no place to put a horse but thanks for the idea. I'm looking for a SMALL non-shedding dog who never needs to p**...

    Foggy, I had tears too when I saw those spoons. In fact, I still have tears when I think of it and him. California is too darned far from Michigan. Why is it kids think they have to go so far when the next block would be just fine?

    Sassy, I laughed at your feeling old with a young mind. I know exactly what you mean. My dad used to say, Now that I have all the answers, nobody asks me the questions.

    Maedaze, New Zeland sure is far away from all our pancakes and donuts but think of all the carbs you're avoiding! Tell you what, I'll eat a donut this week just for you. The sacrifices I make...............

    Granni, you bet SMG runs a tight ship. I was waiting for the ruler to come down on my hand all day.

    MrDad, yes, I'm thinking of a poodle-mix but they're easier to think of than find, I find.

    How lucky your daughter is to have a dad to help with homework!

    Carla, right, it's not as fun doing things for ourselves as it is doing them for someone we love. I realized that my happiest years were when my two sons and I were on our own, before they left home. I was working at a job I loved and was healthy, of course. They were young enough to live at home but old enough to be of help. No matter - that was then, this is now. Time for some new best times.

    Sorry you're having to deal with the HPV issue. Do you take probiotics when you're taking the AD? I don't know why I think it might help something but I do...

    And Carla, that shift/reply thing doesn't work for me. I dunno why.

    The rain continues to fall and the leaves with it. Amazing that my son squeaked through between lovely early fall days and this.... yuck. Unfortunately he did have to spend spend three hours sitting in the plane on the tarmac in Houston though.... Something about the wind shifting and allllll the planes lined up for takeoff had to turn around and leave from a different runway. ?!?!

    Once again I'm calling it an early evening. I must get back in the saddle (I said that just for you, Morning) tomorrow and get some things done. Y'all stay warm and dry tonight. I'm leaving tonight's cookies covered up here on the table by the door. You might want to light a fire in the Lodge fireplace tonight.

    Hugs all 'round the Porch,


  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yup another volume 15 is up I just went on it. Love Anne. Think it came after yours.
  13. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    You can use the shortened form Rockgor gave me, MorningSS, that way i won't be confused, when people are just generally saying, Morning, as a greeting,

    A couple times i wasn't sure, ya know that foggy brain mass.

    We have a pompoo (what a name!) she doesn't shedd. I started to give her a haircut this weekend, and got to tired to finish.

    She looks pretty awful right now!! Awful funny!
  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    OK I will try and remember my positive post. First 1sweetie nice taseyaback!

    Great things have happened today: Hope I can recall them all!!!

    1) MIL and FIL are giving us the money to pay our taxes and for my trip (for those who missed it the tax office screwed up on our property taxes and we got an almost double bill due to them losing our STAR allowances.)

    2) My blood work was all normal.

    3)The doctor knew who I was at this office and actually did not say he was in a big hurry today until I had been in there ten minutes.

    4)Friend dropped off clothes for me as a gift(unfortunately they are all about three sizes too big so she must think I am larger than life!!! She also gave me a juicer a blender and a phone she no longer required.

    4) It did not snow today

    5) BEST NEWS!!!! Geoff is practically breathing entirely on his own and sitting up.

    I leave friday 13th for canadia and come back maybe Tuesday. Hope the guys here(two Dans) can manage OK wivout the cook!!!

    Oh went to library and got three lots of books on CD for trip. I will repack the discs in a disc wallet to save bulk. Trip is 6.30 hrs one way and just underten coming back
    but there is a 2 hr wait at Niagra Falls so maybe I can go get fishnchips. Lincamp-We did not stay at motel as I was rushing back for the doctor who mislaid me. I just deleted my post to you, can you hit delete on the thread you started as Freddie girl got in first.

    Gotta go and try and find Fish Called Wanda for Geoff to watch on the little video player he now has-Oh I hope this progress just keeps up.

    Love y'all Anne

    Carla ln How do I post a pic? Do I just put pic in the scanner and press something? I thought I may post my pic so y'all can see me for a day.
  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow a lot to catch up on-

    I still have the fire burning in my profile, figured we would need it, It is cold and rainy here.

    fredericka- thanks for the change over you and morning were watching out for us.
    Glad your back, I know MRdad went threw a few hankies while you were gone or was that him cleaning his binocks? You know we love.

    Marta- the story about your son was so wonderful, you raised him right. And I did post about you getting a dog. Even tho my Missy is driving me crazy at the moment, I still say yes. They just got their bath and had wressle mania threw the house. Now Missy is trying to find something besides her toys to chew on. That means anything on the coffee table.

    All in all they do give me a reason to motivate my self each day. I do believe lethergy leads to more. My psyc Dr said that is the hardest thing to convince people that suffer from fatigue.

    I have had to prove it more than once. My mom had open heart surgery a couple years ago, before she went to the nursing home. I had to stay at the hospital much more than I felt able to do but somehow did it. She was in ICU for nearly 3 weeks, they do furnish a family cube, several small rooms with couch, recliner,ect.

    After all that I did go into a major flare and had no reason to get up and didn't. I eventually came around again, but when I pace myself, my dogs, my art, this board give me a reason to get up.

    I do allow myself total down time maybe a little pity party then I get over it. So where was I going with all this- oh yeah get a pet. Cats are good too but can be fickle, they let you live with them. I have one and lost my 15 year old boy this last spring.

    Maedaze- I am so sorry you are so deprived from enjoying our American affair. Gosh, I just had a great baked potaote at Wendys on sunday. I had all 22 of my teeth pulled 3 weeks ago and love the frostys to. My diet is a little limited at the moment- see my post about my dental woes if want.

    but New Zealand is a beautiful country we have to take the good with the bad.

    CarlaNL- I think a juicer has a different blending process than a blender. They makes so many ones it can really be confusing.

    Gran- I remember now you went to LA- stll glad you won- I live in KY but these were Tesas size skeeters!

    Anne- I am so glad you had a great day- don't ya just love em. Have a great trip and sit back and enjoy the ride, maybe a smal pillow will help too. That is get news with Geoff. That's cool he has a DVD player and I loved a Fish Called Wanda.

    I don't know if you were asking me or CarlaNL about the pic thing. Click on edit my profile from any thread page. Then click add/replace picture another window will pop up, click browse that will show you your programs, just find your picture file and click the one you want- that's it. It really is very easy. If you can scan a picture or download froma camera you can do it.

    About posting and being able to read the threads, I open wordpad and then cut and paste. I have lost several posts because my computer has froze or lost my connection. So with wordpad I can recover my post.

    I think I will go try to cut my last pieces of the border. I got everything else copper foiled. Would have been done but Frontline stopped working, they weren't due for 4 more days but were covered with fleas! I didn't notice it until Twila did her little pet my tummy roll.

    So they got bathes and then I had to take a break after that. Hope you have a good night on the porch and I will take a brownie and a cup of hot apple cider to go- CK Carla or CarlaB

  16. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I've been sitting here in the corner on one of those oh-so-comfortable papasans. Love them!

    I have been here, lurking. Not enough energy to talk yet. Been in a flare for a couple of days. Yikes!

    Found a rub-on analgesic. First ingredient is "canibis sativa seed oil"...think I'll get high? Wishful.....! The only thing I've found that actually helps is klonopin and baclofen together. Too bad my docs won't prescibe it as such. :-( *sniff*

    Anyhoo...been shopping the last couple of days. FLARE!!! And I just got a call that my order is in at the Christian Book Store. Been waiting for this one! Might go get it tonight so I don't have to go tomorrow.

    It is so nice out here. No pain...no rush...no pressure. Whoever thought of this idea should get an extra prayer card from SMG!

    Like the Kaliphonia gov once said "I'll be back"! Love you all! Even if you don't miss me when I'm gone. LOL

    God Bless.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Remember that song? Bing Crosby sang it.

    Just got back from the bank and the market. Threw some stuff in the crockpot. Fed the feral cats next door. Now I'm too far gone to respond to everydobby.

    You ever sing "Too Far Gone" Sassy? I think Tanny Wynett recorded it.

    But MorningSS, I have the energy to tell you I was driving behind a Lexus. The license plate holder said "Poverty is owning a horse".

    Maybe they know from experience. They also had a horse decal on the back window.

    Have to go take a nap. Talk wiff ya later.
  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Freddie: Cross New Zealand off the Honey Moon List.
    Maedaze sez there isn't any Taco Bell there! Such a dis-

    Linda: just relax in that Rocking chair the rest of the
    evening! Everything is under control. Watched the Cook-
    ing Channel and they had a special segment on PB&J's and
    a re-run of and old breakfast show on how to prepare
    scambled eggs! So I think we're set for am impro. Dinner!

    Sassy: 7:30 p.m. ok for that singing practice session?
    Will leave the windows opern to intertain the neighbors!

    Anne: Sorry ya had to re-Post! Tell Dan and Danny I'll
    send some of those 2-4-1 coupons to get 'em thru the wk
    end while you are gone! We shall get that e-mail goin'
    thru Carla-NL aft your return some time next week! Heard
    something on NPR today about the coming election and high
    Taxes in N.Y. State! Lost of jobs and high taxes appear
    to be hurting lots of people as income and taxes are out
    of balance even for many working people! Think it may be
    an edge for some Republican candidates in your State.
    Huggles to you and Danny! No word on the election yet?

    Carla CK: Hope you are improving from the oral surgery!
    Sounds like a nitemare! Don't know how you are able to
    do all ya do! The animals are a source of love and com-
    panionship, now we gotta find a critter for Marta! Any
    other thoughts? Animal shelter sounds like a good place
    to look, don't ya think?

    Gotta "Cook" me thinks!

  19. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    marta, thankyou so much for putting yourself out and having a donut for me... much appreciated, I really liked the ones with chocolate on top, oh and the sprinkles, although it's still hard to beat the plain ones with sugar on.... oh the choices... will leave it up to you on which one i would choose..... was that one or two???? hehehehe

    OH and ckball a baked potato from WENDYS, YUMMY oh i miss wendy! Yes i have been following your mouth trauma..
    I had my fillings removed and replaced 7 yrs ago and could only eat soft foods for nearly a year, it was awful. But still not as bad as what you have been going through.
    You might just have to console yourself with a soft serve diet from wendys????

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Wow! Can't believe how fast time goes when you're having fun!! almost time for another Vo. and I just found this one. Sounds like everyone had a good day, which makes for a great evening.

    I made a big pot of homemade beef stew for dinner and my hubby was thrilled. That's the best part of this time of year - I love soups. Potato cheese soup, chilli soup, vegetable soup, stews, you name it! Not much of an oyster lover though.

    The weather is very chilly and damp here. Sounds like a lot of you are fall lovers, but in fact I really don't care for it all taht much because I HATE winter.

    well, guess I shouldn't put it that strong 'cause it's okay if I'm inside looking out. Snow is beautiful, and icicles hanging from trees is too. Just that living on a farm it only means more work and feeling sorry for the animals.

    The trees here didn't turn very pretty. Just here one day and gone the next mostly. Wish I could see yours.

    Need to clean up my kitchen, so will straighten up the porch chairs and wrap my blankie around me and be on my way. Hope you all sleep well, and have a good morning to wake up to.

    Need to get up early, because my little 3 year old granddaughter said if we don't, we're "wasting morning, Nana". Love to all--

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