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    Hello Linda, I didn't see the "new Vol. 150 so I started it.
    I'll delete mine if another Vol. 150 shows up (???) "K"?

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  2. mrdad

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    So nice of you to direct your thoughts and concerns my
    way! Is your house finally "livable" after all the pro-
    blems you've had? Let me know how you are doing, "K"?

  3. 1sweetie

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    Think you for thinking of my problems when you have been through so much emotional pain. If your disease is anything like mine, when I am in mental distress my levels of physical pain and fatigue are affected too.

    I haven't been posting and recently rarely reading due to concentration problems. I don't feel capable of keeping up with the banner on The Porch. At the present it is not possible for me to address each person as I post so I have been very quiet on the boards. Marta and Annie C. must be having problems also. I miss those people so much. I was glad to see a few post from Carla NL. I had been concerned about her also.

    We still are months away from settling our law suit to try to recoup our money from the mold problem. It is draining. I will be happy when it is settled....well only if it is settled in our favor.

    I am still trying to help with my special needs SIL especially since the death of my FIL. After my FIL died my other SIL's took her share of the money that was verbally agreed upon for us to have to help care for her needs. We knew it would happen this way. I know you understand how things like this happen. I try not to be bitter but I just don't understand people like them.

    It's my bedtime now. I have to try to visit my Mom tomorrow. She is in the hospital and is very ill. She has Stage 4 breast cancer but she is being treated for emphysema/pneumonia.

    Take care of yourself and I will say a special prayer for you tonight.

    A big hug to you and to all my fellow "Porchies" that I have been missing.
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    wow 150 threads old, I have clothes with less thread count than that.

    I saw we have a new member, hello Bev please come on in and leave your worries behind. You have been threw some turbeltent times but your still here. I am from the school of hard knocks and believe what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. But I have days when I forget my lesson :)

    Thank you Mrdad for taking the helm once again, it was good to see your name on the thread. I hope you are taking care of you and getting back into your routine. You and Rock need to work on that routine to entertain us for our party.

    Linda I see you could get use to the title of domestic goddess :) All the work related things so take a chunk of change that we don't realize until we don't have to pay for them anymore. How is hubby liking his new job? I bet he is liking all that homecookin he has been getting.

    Granni did you ever get that curtain rod hung up or do I have to get the jet out to help you out.

    Sweetie I see you stuck your head in for a minute, come back more often, you are missed.

    Lacey glad to hear you are more comfortable about being a granny

    Joan- oh no not the shoe thing again. I can relate as I haven't been able to have matching shoes for 6 weeks and 2 more to go. But I do think I will get to wear my shoes that I had not been able to before the surgery.

    Julie I am not surprised you have HBP, you know if you don't take care of you, you won't be able to help anyone else. I hope Amy's day out was a good one.

    I have been busy all day with errands, took the girls to see mom then took them for our sunset cart ride. I missed my toy so much.

    Hello to any new comers or bush dwellers don't be strangers come on in- Carla
  5. ckball

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    Sweetie were posting at the same time. I am sorry to hear you are steal having to deal with house issue and FIL things. I hope you are doing the best you can things come to an end soon in your favor.

    Hey Georgia- glad to see ya over here. You can always pop in and grab a snack or a beverage with out having to address everyone. We don't do it everytime ourselves, we just do the best we can at the time. I thought of you at work last Fri, my boss has a new hard cover reference book on antique quilts. It was very intersting all the patterns and age and prices. I'm sure you would enjoy it.

    Come back and see us-Carla
  6. 69mach1

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    i am getting ready to leave for a halloween custome party...gonna order some food and a water first... then i am going to maybe try the witches brew.....

    a couple of friends are supposed to meet me..one is waiting on her sister to watch her children...

    poof off on my broom

    you all sound all right for now.

  7. mrdad

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    I rec. an email from Linda informing me that as She attempted
    to Post the new Vol 150, the Wedsite for Prohealth evidently
    went down and may still be so as of 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
    That is why I went ahead and posted #150 as I didn't see
    Linda's appear! Now I know why! Thank's for your email
    explanation to me Linda and hope all will soon be back wiff
    us. I believe the downtime only involved the Northeast Area.
    "Hillary" I'm sure is working on the problem.

    Thanks again Sweetie for an update on your situation back
    there! It seems that things take so-o-o-o long to resolve!
    I understand entirely what you are saying concerning being
    more active on the Board! However, as with you, Georgia,
    Annie, Marta, Weezie and so many others, it is NOT necess-
    to come to the "Porch" other than when you feel capable of
    participation! We need not address each and every person
    as it DOES become overwhelming! Just keep in touch gener-
    ally and let us know how you are and whats happening in
    your life. I bel. the general support is advantageous to us
    all. Georgia even changed Her "handle", but referring back
    to her bio page, I'd recognize her picture anywhere!!

    Talk to ya all tomorrow, "K"?
  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i guess i missed the contest..sounds like they got cheap on the prizes compared to last year. that's ok. i still had a good time.

    well i guess i will be going to take off my makeup for the night. can't believe it is november 1st. ouch, christmas and turkey day is coming up before us before we expect.

    good night to one and all,

  9. lurkernomore

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    I am a total newbie here on The Porch. I wandered over here from the fibro board and everyone has been so awesomely welcoming and loving to me. Then they invited me to participate here so...here I am!

    I see some names I am familiar with and some I have not posted with yet. I just want to say a big hello to everyone and I'll not try to address everyone just yet because I fear I will leave someone out and it would break my heart to hurt anyone's feelings.

    Also I wanted to tell MrDad and Sweetie that I am so very sorry for your pain and stuggles. MrDad, I wish you all the best and I am so sorry for your loss. Sweetie, you do sound overwhelmed and tired and I pray that you can soon find some peace and resolution to your struggles.

    Thanks to everyone for making me feel so at home here. I feel as if I am finally home with you all and it feels just wonderful. Also, sorry my posts are so long. I really need to learn to condense and will work on that...as soon as I find my brain again. Heh, good luck to me on that one, huh? Big porch hugs! Katie
  10. kylob

    kylob New Member

    MR Dad - I was so sorry to hear about Myrna...How wonderful that you were there to walk her to the other side...I am sure that it was a great comfort to her...
    We are glad to have you back..you were greatly missed...Rock kept us going, but he misses collaborating with you....

    Have to go...just wanted to give a warm welcome back to Joe...catch you later, Kylob
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Lately DH hasn't been playing golf for one reason or a another and so that means he is on the computer. So, I have to wait. Got up later than usual this morning due to choir practice last night after Mass. So just did some errands and a wash, made lunch and here I am. Hopefully, as I start this DH doesn't NEED the computer.

    CK - I have the curtain rod but have to wait for DH to put it up. We are in the process now of covering up holes from the old one that was really stuck in there. There is a one day, evening sale for our computer desk that I hope we will get tomorrow. It looks beautiful and is over 1/2 off. It is a really nice piece. I got the curtains which I hope will lighten up the room (whenever we get that rod up.) !! I don't think you 'll need to get your jet out (-: !!

    Jodie - Glad you had fun at the Hallowween party, even if you didn't win a prize or get a great one. Not sure if you said you won and the prize wasn't that great or both.

    I too do not ALWAYS have the time OR energyto write to everyone. So, GEORGIA,BEV or KATIE- please do not worry about not having the time and or energy to write to everyone individually. Many times I don't also. So glad to see new ones here on the porch. It is such a comfy place where you can air your thoughts and vent to your hearts content.

    Mrdad- again we are so glad to have you back and may the memories of your dear friend stay with you forever. You are such a thoughtful , and compassionate person. Now, try and take some time for yourself. Hopefully, you are not feeling too bad, all things considered.

    Julie - Yes, you also need to take some time for yourself. I also have high b/p and have been changing to different meds to keep it under control. I also come by it quite naturally, from my dad. However, living in constant pain does not help at all. Plus, I have been TRYING to cut back on some of my activities and stress. I can't cut back completely or I will just lay in the bed and moan and that would not be a good thing(-: !!

    Hi there Sweetie - So glad to see you back on the porch for a visit. Hope you get the money from the suit REAL SOON. I can imagine how draining it all must be, even if you are healthy and when you are not - WOW. I also have been thinking about you and hoping all was going well with your situation. Thanks so much for the post. You to don't need to say much to us here when you post - we WILL understand.

    Hi also to Rock, Kylob, Carla -nl and anyone else I can't thnk of at the moment. Yes, hope those bush dwellers Marta, Annie, Weezie, Lacey etc. pop in soon for a chat.

    God bless and lots of warm hugs,


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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Just wanted to tell you that I actually found you and Cody in the pics on-line. Isn't that something how that can be done? He is a cutie, and so is his mom (-: !! I think you had boots on with your dress and he had a crew cut I think. The pictures changed so fast and I wanated to go back and see it ,

    I also saw when they helped him off the field after the injury. Poor guy !! At least he will be alright, after his surgery. When is it, I have forgotten??

    Glad that I got to see what you both looked like, even if it was a quick peak as they say.

    Hugs and blessings,


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  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I had replied to all early last evening - nothing too exciting - but when I went to send it, a very strange page popped up - scared me. I tried to get my reply back to you but -----nothing.

    I began all over - you are at the top of my favorites. A page popped up again as to fatal error and one of those weird pages where it says "not available". All i could think of all evening and when I went to bed was that I had been thrown off ChitChat!!!@!!!!! I was crushed.

    I went through the internet - kind of difficult to find - and and wrote a letter asking what i had done. haven't heard as yet but believe me-------I AM SO GLAD TO BE WITH ALL OF YOU ONCE AGAIN. What a blessing!!!

    Talk more later.

    Gentle Hugs to the newbies and the oldbies~~~~~~~

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Joan - I know what you mean. For some reason yesterday afternoon late I think I tried to get on and they wouldn't let me on either. I saw on some of the boards here that there must have been some kind of problem technically as others were also having some type of ptoblem too.

    I to would be crushed I were no longer able to come onto this board - esp the porch !! However, I got on OK this morning and today. So, who knows?? So sorry to hear about your shoe problem, or should I say the same old shoe problem !!I wish I could just send you some. There are some show stores here not to far away. How terrible to have to go 50 miles for a pair of shoes. Is it just that your feet are large or are they very wide or narrow? Luckily, I don't have that kind of problem even if my feet do sem to be getting wider and shoes that used to be very comfy are not necessarily that way any more. I guess some of that come or goes along with aging ----EEEK did I say that terrible word(-: !! YIKES !! Again, in case you didn't see it the first time - am NOT making curtains. What a disaster that would be to, along with the wallpapering.

    Lacey - I was looking for you and finally found you on the last volume. I see you were busy fighting with the wall paper. BTW, I could use some of your help in wallpapering. I would like to chanage the wallpaper in the bathroom. What is in there now is terrible, at least I think so. DH likes it- ugh and it is pretty old too.

    Joan again - You are also to sweet to get thrown off the board. I did once on another one just trying to be to helpful. So now I am very careful with what info I give away, especially other websites. Meant to write this under your name and forgot and I am not re writing this again. So, it is under Lacey's note. Sorry !!

    Oh, another time I also got thrown off a LONG time ago when this other group was being so bigotted ( that was a nice word for what they were doing) and when I tried to explain in was not the thing to do on a website, whoosh --- I was gone !! Fine with me. Some people say awful things on their sites.

    Lacey, Joan , et al -DH and I tried to wallpaper a small bathroom years ago (remember that OLD foil paper). You (Lacey)may not remember it but I'll bet that Joan does. OMG, it was absolutely horrible !! I said never again and that is what happened. I am usually patient and my DH is not so you can imagine that. However, I am also not very handy that way either.

    Are you all confused with this post? I am too . Just wanted to tell about of some of my dumb experiences with wallpapering and problems with other sites (how bad some can be.) You do not want to be on them anyway.

    I still need help with the wallpapering but I haven't really started that project YET. FIRST, DH has to put the curtain rods up in the den so I can put up the curtains. Tomorrow we go to look at a really nice desk for the computer that is on sale - in the evening for 3 hours on one day and the store is not to close to us either. Hopefully, all will go well and we can get it and get rid of this ugly table we have it on now.

    Bye for now and glad that none of us were kicked off this board (-: !!! It is to much fun with lots of great people.

    Hey, who was the newbie or potential Newbie who said in so many words that they were "hung by the tongue" as I say it - talks to much, in other words. Well, I have the same problem (-: !!

    Hi Linda !! Hope you are doing well on your time off. Glad you also explained to Joan about the technical problems the Boards were having. Yes, thankfully were not kicked off these boards (-: !!! (hehe) I am very happy about that .

    Hugs and God bless,


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  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks to you all for your words of sympathy and support
    the past few days! It is great to "see"so many new faces
    on the PORCH! PLEASE do not be overwhelmed by the Posts
    on the Porch and only participate in time and manner at
    which you are comfortable. Generalize your response, rather
    than directing your efforts to each and every individual
    each time. We can ALL understand that time and effort can be
    at times taxing to us all. ONE is NEVER "penalized" for ab-
    sence or tardiness!!

    Huggles to All!!
    MRDAD aka Joe aka JoeJoe
  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    we welcome one and all that want to share whatever they care.

    i ran out of my kolonopin last night so i didn't get really good sleep at all...so tired...then i had taken off my holloween makeup....it got in my eyes somehow and they were burning up a storm...oh well...

    lilaclover i think it was you had problems as well...don't worry i couldn't get on the board...i have learned sometimes it is just the tech problems they have every once in awhile.

    granni-yep that was cody and i...there is a way to stop the photo's from moving so quickly. you click in the middle and then it is like turning a page in a book when you are ready to move on..

    sheepy-those current photos must be purchased first...then i could somehow get cody to show me how the heck to do that in my profile. i am computer digital illiterate.

    i went to a team football dinner tonight...i the most fanciest part of town...really nice dinner in a clubhouse on the bay...doesnt over look san francisco from my area. but great people...there was about 50 of us mainly kiddos...

    i got lost trying to get there w/one kids directions....i brought some gaterade and was supposed to help set up. i ended up driving all the way back home...then getting the teen boys jerked away from the video games...the boys i had were so zoned and said they didn't have to arrive until 5:45...i'm like are you sure?

    i needed to be there at 4:45 pm...well we arrived as everyone was standing in line to get their beef/chix fajaitas, salad, fruit salad...water or gaterade.

    then they ate dinner...then they have to each give their feelings about someone on the team....one guy said he knows how much cody misses playing and is really missed on the field...cody had to give his "feelings," he said how another player has been doing really well...etc. and knows he can't play but but he w/be there to help out the pups and there in spirit to root them on...

    they have a huge game tomarrow nite...we are playing a larger school tomarrow nite that could decide whether we possible w/get to go to state champion bowl in the middle of december...

    ok sorry i am boring you all...

    i have to go back and re-read everyone's post cause i forget what everyone has written by the time i go to reply.

    hugs to everyone

  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    hi granni-cody's surgery isn't until 12/26...i believe he w/be admitted xmas nite...then he gets the arthscopy on his knee. hopefully mcl and meniscus w/be healed. then they w/need to do the acl only...

    the recovery is expected to be next year september. not an easy one...

    if you get bored you can go back and see a nice head shot of cody where he got injured toward the end...it is a pic looking down at him while he was sitting on the ground around his team mates after the victory. well maybe i can get him to put is senior pic on for me atleast..

    i am going to order some pics of him...

    got to go i so want to close my eyes and go to sleep i have my night time meds.

    i have to be therapy at 9 am. i had a neighbor that wanted me to come hang out w/her and her male friend...but i really don't feel up to it at all..told her that earlier today...then she said how about tomarrow nite? i said maybe? but cody has the big game out of town tomarrow..she or he wants to ask me out on a date...i really not interested...

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Glad to see some of you were able to get back on. It happened to me too and thought I was banned too, I did do a no-no but it is gone now, love that delte button :)

    I have been outside the past few days, riding my cart with the girls, then worked on my trench some more, I'm half way done!!!... with the front :-(

    It will take awhile to do the entire perimeter of the house. I don't have dirt, I have a hard clay stuff. I am actually using a rubber mallet and a small pry bar to bust the clay up, the a chipper tool to get the rest.

    Jodie- I saw pics of other moms with yellow roses but did not see you. Here is how you post a pic. Go to the pic on the page- left click and do SAVE AS, then save it to your desktop by using the drop down menu.

    Then come here and click on "EDIT PROFILE" Then you see a bar that says remove/add picture, click on it and will say BROWSE, click it and go to your desktop and find your pic and click on that. That is it, let it upload and it will tell you when is it done. Close the window and click on the bottom of your profile that say UPDATE.

    Welcome back Katie, like Mr Dad said don't worry about addressing everyone, we don't do it everytime and everyone is very understanding.

    Linda glad to see ya back. Have you been to receipes.com and I am sure there are many other places to look for new recipes. I miss home cooked meals from time to time bit don't miss the cooking. I did break down and made baked spaghetti on Monday, it was so good.

    Glad DH likes being in jail and hasn't had any incidents with the immates. I would think he would be more protected where he is as compared to the yard, mess hall and such.

    Granni- you gotta get DH off the computer and get that dang rod up. I bet you could do it yourself, do you know how to use a cordless screw driver? It is usually just 4 screws to put the brackets on. You never know until you try.I remember the foil wallpaper, do you still have it your house?

    Mrdad I hope things are sunny on the left coast, it is a beautiful day here. Has there been any changes in the case you have been working on? Did you have a good visit with the boys last week.

    Kylob glad to see you pop in, I hope you and Linda have a good girls night out. You are very lucky to have each other.

    Julie I hope your taking it easy today and ketchin up from the last few months. Any news about your mom?

    Lacey were are you?

    Joan glad you weren't banned, as I said I thought the same thing at first too. Did you get the shoe issue taken care of.

    Georgia glad to see you back, I will send you the name of the book and maybe help with the light box.

    I am at the shop today and have people pulling in so gotta go for now. Everyone have a good weekend-Carla
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Ckball - I am so glad that you got your golfcart back again. Now you can zoom all over the place Somehow I missed when yu said you finally got it back. However, someone else mentioned it last night and I thought to myself - HOORAY for CK !!

    No, I no longer have that lovely foil paper as I am not in that home anymore. I am sure that is also gone too. I probably could do what you said as far as putting up the curtain rod. However,it is a fairly long one and I cannot hold my arms up for very long between my FM and the break in my rt. elbow that happened about 10 years ago.

    Thanks also for the tip on putting pics into our bios. First I have to find the right picture and then I may try it. Havne't done much with pics online.

    The last time I saw lacey she was fighting with the wallpaper, trying to get it to stay up or something or another. i told her that I could also use her talents for that too on another room but first things first.

    I just read this volume with Carla's (CK's) questions and thought I had to answer. Tomorrow I will be gone to Houston to see our Grandson play football (age 8) and granddaughter playing volleyball. It is their last of the season , for nhim ayway and I feel badly that I haven't made it to any of them - to far for me, and DH and I or both are to busy. Wishit were closer. I hate to drive at night and they are not that close. The worse thing is the traffic. It gets me all in a tizzy if you know what Imean. DH is more used to it but is getting lazy also for that ride "into the city" to fight the traffic. Hopefully we can make more games next year. After the games we hope to go to lunch or something.

    I still remember when our son was 6 years old playing football - up until the end of High School. They are so cute when they are little and they LOVE playing in the mud - the little ones do anyway and some of the big ones too. I think I still have "stadium butt" from sitting in all those wonderful bleacher seats. I HEAR YOU JODIE !!

    Besides that 2 of our daughters also played softball and our son played baseball and some basketball too. So now it continues. Our eldest daughter was in the drill team. My DH esp. loves football and I am sure that we would be seeing more if they were closer and he wasn't so busy in the evening. One of our other grandsons ( the twin of the one playing football) is playing golf. So, there is sports everywhere. Believe me, my twin grandsons are SO different in every way ! They are not identical obviously in looks and personality.

    Big hugs to everyone and a special HI to Katie, Georgia, and Bev. I hope I remembered all your right names.

    Leaving soon to go for the special grand opening of a furniture store to hopefully get a nice computer/desk table. They have a great sale going on. It is only for today for 3 hours.

    Hmmmm- this wasn't to short now was it (-: !!!!

    Hope everyone is doing great today in tc Mrdad, Rock, Linda, Jodie, Julie, Lacey ,etc. etcl Hope some more MIA's pop n soon again like Sweetie and Carla-nl.

    Lots of warm hugs and blessings to all,

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  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i never had that problem w/my dog...i had them in my apt one time...cause i volunteered to watch someone's cat while she had a housing inspection...

    well we ended up having fleas in my apt...i just bombed w/flea stuff...the place...didn't want any of you smarty pants thinking i bombed the apt building...hee hee.

    i've heard ucyaliyptus (sp)? branches ward them off.

    ck thanks for the tip on the pic...but i have to purchase those from the company first....then maybe i can do all the fancy stuff i don't know how to yet...

    i did make a print of cody during one game off that website...is showed up fine on the copy paper. so maybe it will work..

    the pics we purchase goes to our football team fund...so that is good and the pics are not too expensive....

    i have a friend that said she would ride to antioch w/me to watch cody play...she loves football. she has to drive her 2 children to san fran then come back up this way, so we can head out for our adventure. i need to check out the weather forecast to make sure i am appropriately dressed for the night...i have a feeling cody didn't bring a coat...and if you are not playing you're gonna get cold.

    wish us luck go novato high hornets...

    granni getting my bleacher butt ready.