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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids!

    Thought I'd go ahead and start the New Volume. Hope all are doing well this morning!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    as we wait for our new computer table to arrive. They called the other day and said it would bw delivered sometime between 6 am and 9 pm. Now, that is a BIG window. Can't do much or go anywhere.

    Just thought I would let you know why I wasn't posting or here much today.

    Joan - so sorry you are so cold. I underrstand that for sure. I am cold too and I am sure it is alot warmer here than where you live.

    Mrdad - Thanks again for starting us up again.

    Rock - figured ut your newer computer YET?? Don't worry, I DO understand, not a whole lot of patience with it.

    Sorry if I forgot someone but gotta get out of this position and my mind is a blank.

    Hugs to all,

  3. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Ever have a day that nothing went right? My is having BIG problems and I need the tech support. Money!!!!

    Got a new jacket that just came that should have come by Oct. 19, It is supposed to be open in front ----one zipper goes up and the other goes down. Have to pull it over my head. The picture shows it open. Dau9ghter had done the ordering and when she found out, she called the co. and gave them the wiord.Now it has to be sent back!

    Be back when things go smoothly!!

    See you,


  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks Mr dad for gettin us back on track. Sorry to hear about the oil incident on your side of the country. That is just horrible for all the animals, and aquatic life.

    I hope they get that cleaned up quickly.

    Hey Granni are you still sitiing in the floor? Don't ya love it any time between what and whatever.. I hope they got their soon rather than later.

    Joan it has been a bad week for you. If you are having a hard time with the cost of your meds, talk to your Dr and there are pharm patient programs that help with the more expsenive meds.

    I have not been doing to well today. I was awakend at 6 am by a throbbing foot. It was fine yesterday, today it feels like I just had the surgery. I have done well about not having any infections of the pins, but it looks like my luck didn't last.

    I took a nice long whirpool Wed night and that is probably what got me. He did warn me about long baths. So I spent my morning working with peroxide/salt water and a syringe.

    Not a fun morning, that started the upper back up then I had a meeting at the NH to attend. Came back home and have been on the couch since.

    Linda when nerves regenerate does that cause pain? I have had a numb spot at the inside base the big. Today that numb place is no longer numb, but feels like it is burning in a off/on/off/on kinda thing. Depends of how I hold me foot with my left hand to clean the pin.

    OK going to lay back down, back is starting to hurt again. Gotta work tomorrow.

    I hope everyone is safe and comfortable - Carla
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It looks really nice and I even checked it out before. Now it won't print. I am guessing that one of the hookups came out with all the moving around of wires and such. I just printed out something after we moved it back . What a pain !!!

    Joan - So sorry to hear aboaut all your troubles and now the jacket that wasn't what your daughter thought it was. I know it is a pain to send it back again.

    Ckball - Sorry to hear about your discomfort around your food area. I forget a exactly what you said and I didn't save the volume to check it out. Hope it goes away soon.

    Wow, this porch sure has been quiet today !!

    Gotta run and do my hair project again !!!

    Hope to be back again tomorrow for a bit. Have a Wake /viewing to go to tomorrow and then another or a funeral in Houston. Nothing like two people died on the same day. Terrible !! Both were very ill. One was a friend and closeby and the other in Houston. So, that will be a ride to get to.

    Hugs to all,

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Getting ready to go to the shop. The foot is better but my right hip and glutes are killing me from the day of keeping my foot up on my knee to clean the foot. Always sumpthin hurtin.

    Hey Darkwaters -hope things get better soon, complain, rant all you want here :)

    Granni glad you got your desk and hope you get the printer working

    Linda- I re-did my web page, would you give it another look and tell me what you think.

    Well the girls are antsy and got to load the car-hope everyone is having a good day-Carla
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope all are doing well this morning! I haven't been down to the Bay yet, but I understand from the News reports that the
    Oil from the ship collision with the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge has created and real mess for wildlife etc.!! Many oil-laden tankers enter the Bay headed for refineries each week. It's at least fortunate that the ship wasn't an oil tanker! Sounds like "human error" as the ships Pilot had previous issues re- lated to his job performance. (??) Linda: My Walgreen's has the Christmas "stuff" out already as it is slowly replacing the Halloween "stuff'! Was their yesterday to pickup my "subscription" and inquired of one of the employee's I know well, "Oh,on what isle can I find the Easter Baskets"? " Don't be silly," he said," they're right over near the St. Patrick Day things"! (I should have known) Boy, the holidays are quickly upon us (all of them)! CK, I hope your foot is doing better today and that you were able to go to work! Sorry about this Post as I'm having trouble with the writing format since the new format arrived! Doesn't do what I "ask"! Bye 4-now! JOE
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I suggested to "Miguel" mos. ago that we have an "isle" year round for each Holiday! That way one can "celebrate" the event(s) ALL YEAR long, anytime or ALL the time! Miguel caught right on and ran up to me the other day with a copy of
    Sunday's advertising flier. It displays all the gifts and
    cards that will be available NOW, in time for "Mother's Day"!

    Oh boy, way to go Miguel! Now if Walgreen's can just get the
    drug franchise in front of it's store as well as already having the one INSIDE! The "outside" people "work" tax free!

    What's it all coming to?
    "Happy Mother's Day"!
  9. kylob

    kylob New Member

    I haven't been to the porch for a bit and it took me some time to read all that I missed...Work is work, love the paycheck and the patient contact, but the old back makes it harder and harder.....Spent a wonderful day with my older sister yesturday...went to lunch and then to the library and a cookie factory and then home to eat the sweet treats...she lives about 50min from my house on lake Erie...beautiful area, very much in the country but a bit of a ride and in the winter they get more snow there than we do. Today I went to my friends and made brunch for her and her Mom...she lost her husband a few years ago at the age of 43 and has 4 beautiful daughters age 15-22..all live at home, anyways she has tyroid cancer and had surgery tuesday...I did laundry and the usual...keep her in your prayers....
    Lin and I are going to another chinese auction tonight at one of the local churches....I hope we're lucky!!!

    MrDad - always good to hear from you....I would take your weather over ours...we are so lucky this year compared to last...your mexican meal sounded great, and at our age, we can eat dessert first...I was sad to turn 50, but now I feel empowered by my age...I am one of those seniors that feel we can do anything just because we are old...actually, I don't feel that way, but I would still eat dessert first!!

    Rockgor - Sorry you're not feeling well...I hate having dental work done, I can't stand anyone putting their hands in my mouth...I always feel like I am chocking, and then they are suctioning and talking to you and the chair is soooo uncomfortable for my back...Yikes...I am supposed to make you feel better...Strike those last remarks!

    Jodie - You have to stop worring about what others are saying about you...you can't stop them, in fact if you try to, you give them more power...Actions speak louder than words...maintain integrity and don't give them your self respect. By the way, congrats on the win at the casino!

    Darkwaters - I always feel guilty that I don't give blood, I really should because I am o neg...next blood drive I should just do it..

    Julie - the picture of Keira is so beautiful...I am glad that Amys cardiology appt went well...Take some time for yourself...Iron can be constipating, so you might want to take a stool softener...I hope it gives your energy level a boost.

    Grannie - don'tcha love it when they give you the delivery approx time...sometime between 12mn and 11pm!!! Glad the desk is finally there and you are ready to roll...

    Joan - WOW 58 years!!! That is wonderful!!!! DH and I were married 23 years this year...sometimes it seems longer, LOL!

    Carla - Sorry about the toe...Lin is right...watch for signs and symptoms of infection, swelling, redness, drainage and foul odor...if you have any of the above, get to the doctor...I will check out the sight you gave and give you feed back with my next post...hang in there...

    By for now....Kylob
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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    before I have to get ready to go the the funeral home for a friend's husband. How sad !!! Howver, besides the heart problems he wa s also having kidney problemsa and for some reason they couldn't give him dialysis. Then either tomorroe or the next day or both we have to go to a viewing and or funeral in Houston. That is another sad story but will spare the details.

    Can't believe it is almost Chrsitmas time - yep just go to Wally World and it is there with the trees and stuff. Even the Dollar Sore is getting ready. I couldn't even get through alot of the aisle. Now all I have to do is try and find the Christmas Cards I bought last year. Can't find theem anywhere.

    Linda - hooray for you come and clean out my refrig although it is not that bad, just one or two shelves that are bad.

    Julie - I hope you get to feeling better soon on your new meds ( guess it was Iron) I haven't kept the volume to check it now. Yes, go take a nap. You really deserve it.

    Kylob = Hi there is something I wanted to tell you and I can't remember - good grief. I hafta check out what you said again after I have sent this. Thinking about you anyway. It was in response to something you said to me - that bugs me when I can't remember.

    Hi also to Rock, Mrdad, Joan ck's, Jodie, Jens, darkwaters and whoeverelse I can't remember.

    Gotta go on a search and find mission to TRY and find those cards. Oh that bugs me so bad. Then I have to start my Christmas Letter !!! Oh my another year.

    Oh, Kylob -I think it was when you mentioned you turned 50- you baby you (-: !! I just turned 67 -UGH. Now that is something to get aggravated about !!!

    Hugs to all,

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from the friendly dentist. Actually he is very friendly. And very good at doing extractions. They are usually painless. But this time he had to remove two adjacent molars; 6 separate roots to pry out.

    So I had a week of what the profession usually calls "discomfort". In fact it spread to my ear. But today he said things looked fine and took out the stiches, so I am considerably more comfortable and a lot less crabby.

    I am, in fact, in better shape than the computer. It says "Windows XP, home version" or something like that when I turn it on. Gordon is going to get one of the techies at his office to look at it.

    It is very kind of you folks to offer to help w/ the darn thing, but in the past whenever people try to help I never know what they're talking about. "Adjust your browser settings"; meaningless to me.

    A knowledgable friend has written to me about various problems. Go here and click on this and then a window will open and then you...etc.

    Only when I go there I can't find where to click and the window doesn't open, etc.

    Oh, well, we must all live w/ our limitations.

    MrDad, stay out of the bay. There are great white sharks in there. One of them killed a young man when I was a teen. There are 3 places where scientists and film makers go when they want to film great whites. One of them is off the California coast.

    Now who got the computer table? Was that you, Granny? Sure it was. Couldn't you use bricks and boards?
    I remember I had a bookcase
    in college made of those materials.

    It was unusual in that the top board was almost as long as the room, maybe 15 feet or so. I bought it from a senior, and when I left I sold it for the same price to a freshman. Very likely it's still there. Considering it has no moving parts, it will probably be there till they tear the dorm down hundreds of years from now.

    I will come back and write more later. Ha det bra.


  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well Rock, it's like pulling teeth to get me to a dentist! Too late about the swimming in the Bay caution. Jack LaLaine and
    I did our morning swim to Alcatraz and now both of us are covered in some kind of black gooey stuff!(??) Can you believe he is still alive living across the GG Bridge in Marin Co.! He
    must be about 90 y.o. (Be careful over there Jodie!) I know you are very intelligent and am relieved to hear YOU lament about computer's too! If I didn't have that Son with His degree in 'Puter Graphics, I don't know what I'd do? A big hello to the Gordon. What culinary perfection is he working on for us this weekend?

    Kylob: There are enuff of you guys in the Northeast of the Country to start your own website! Besure to eat your "Afters" first tonight, I'm gonna do it that way!

    Carla-NL: I do hope you are dry,safe and sound with that big storm out of the North Atlantic headed your way! Head for the "High Ground" if need be. I remember about that surge back in the '50's that hit Holland with devastating results!
    Be safe now! I understand that the Brits didn't get it as badly as they had feared they might! Hope it is the same for the Lowlands!

    Gonna make a Pound Cake this weekend! I bought 1/2 dz."Organic" brown eggs! I use OJ instead of water and the
    Ld. Cake becomes an orange one! (Don't know what kind of organs in which they grow those brown eggs) Was smart enuff NOT to ask!! I finally learnin' things useful in my old age.

    "Talk later, K"?

  13. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I'm back...really missed u guys.

    sounds like everybody has a busy week.

    Just cost $26.00 to get the new modem. It wasn't really storming that bad, but I learned my lesson. I guess the lightening hit the main line, because it knocked out the cell phones too.

    who asked about the Christmas cactus?
    You are supossed to keep them in a dark room for a few weeks before it is time for them to bloom. I think it is in Oct. when u keep them in the dark room. I used to have one and it would be beautiful this time of year.

    sounds like the dentist and Dr.s have been busy this week.
    hope u are all healing well.

    Rock...did u see on the news where the Dentist was dancing and singing while drilling on a patients tooth and the drill broke off in her mouth? True story...she had to go to the ER to get it removed.

    How is baby Keara? hope u aren't having to many 2am feedings.

    CKBall...how is the cart running?
    granni...did u get a new chair with the puter desk??Hope it is comfy.

    Hello to everyone else.

    hugs lacey
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    so I am not sure how much I will be here and then out tomorrow night for dinner. At least that one will be lose by. The one the next day is in Houston way down there -ugh !! At least I am not driving.

    Lacey - how are you doing? No I didn't get a chair with it. The chair is not real new but OK. Sorry you had to get a new modem. Was that because of the storm? One couple we know here was on the computer during an electricl storm and lots of things went out and they had to get new. It was really bad. I guess we shoud turn it off when there is an electrical storm outside. I always forget.

    Julie - good luck with all your new meds and supps. Hope the baby and Amy are doing well. You have had aloto n your plate and need to do some resting (-: !! I know with a new baby it is not easy (-: !!!



    Not much new since I posted notto lojg ago. So I guess I will run.
  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cody's team won again! 44-7. the kid's father that had a stroke is in a coma. his son made a really good tackle on the line of scrimmage...nhs is 10-0 this season....we have to go to some bigger section games now starting next week...i think novato high w/get a bye.

    then maybe they can come down to rock's way and play in the state bowl game.

    rock hope your mouth is healing up well.

    mr.dad hope you got the oil off from ya!

    granni sorry to hear about your friend's hb.

    ck are you still riding your cart now or do you need a snowmobile soon?

    hi out there to lacey,jen,linda, georgia and others....

    i had a not so good night last night..ptsd..well not going to go into all the details...i just wished i would get better soon. this is taking a toll on cody having to deal w/me....i have found that if i run into erik he is a trigger for me and when i get home i am not myself.

    i hadnt seen him since the beginning of october...and i had a trigger that night...oh well gonna try to move on and hope it gets better sooner...

    by for now everyone


  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Back from my Emotions Anonymous meeting. I always feel better after a meeting. Then Gordon and I walked the dogs, which live at his mother's place, and stopped at the market on the way home.

    Chester, our Shitz-Tzu, and Gordon's mother are somewhat alike in that no one knows how old either one is. For one thing the Chinese consider a baby a year old when it's born.

    For another, when the family came here clandestinely over half a century ago, the relatives already here told them, Say you are older than you are. Then when you get old the government give you money.

    So she's about 80 give or take a decade. 80 is about what she weighs too. A tiny dried up piece of beef jerky who will outlive us all. "Mean as a rattlesnake" as my friend Joe says, altho rattlesnakes aren't really mean. They are just preditors.

    Gordon's mother, however, is really mean. All her other kids and relatives avoid her. Only Gordon goes over every night to have supper with her.

    Usually something green and unidentafiable in chicken broth w/ rice on the side.

    As you know if you've read Chinese novels, the mother in law always bullies the daughter in law something fierce. But I don't put up w/ abusive relationships. Living w/ my parents as a kid was enough abuse for a lifetime.

    So I moved out after a couple months w/ her hurling chinese curses after me. (Been here since 1950 and still doesn't speak English.)

    And to think some people have to watch soap operas to get their daily drama fix.

    All for now.


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  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just popping in to say hi rock...

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    After 3 days of getting gussied up for trips into town, work and such, today is a grubby day in sweats. When it warms up a bit I am going to walk the girls. I haven't done it since Tue and they need to get some of that energy out of them. The foot is improved so I think I got it in time. The pin comes out Mon!!!! Yipeeee- may go boot shopping. I want a pair of low heel ankle boots to dress up jeans or dark pants. Haven't been able to do that in 6 years. I do love my tennies but I like change too.

    Julie and Darkwaters -glad your ferrtin tests were normal or slightly low. You could be like Mrdad and I have it go off the charts. My ferritin level was 2200, that is not a typo.

    We have hemochromotosis which means our body stores iron and can not use it or get it rid of it so it is like a posion to us. We have phelbotomties to have the iron removed.

    Julie- glad you got your meds, now get some rest. I hope Amy and Keira are settling into a routine now and things calm down. WHat about your mother? Any results?

    Darkwater you don't want to move to Georgia, they aren't going to have ANY water soon if they don't get some massive rains. I don't like the cold either. Good luck with the job search.

    Linda- wow that was some savings at Walgreens, I have never been a coupon clipper but maybe I have to change that. Thanks for you input on my site. Hopefully, letters and emails will go out the first of the week and see what response I get back.

    Yes, the Christmas catus's are beautiful in full bloom, I had one many years ago. Glad you got your fridge cleaned out, I did mine just before my surgery

    Joan - 58 years of marrage to the same man, that is something to be very proud of. You are a lucky lady, as he is a lucky man to have you.

    Granni- so sorry to hear about the two funerals you have to attend, life reminds us often that it can be very short. Live it while you can and even if you can't, just trying counts.

    Kylob- nice to see you back- did you and Linda win any grand prizes last night? That was nice of you to fix your freind and her mom brunch. How do you manage to work and do everything else you do?

    Lacey- glad to see you back. Where did you get your computer fixed at? I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy this nice weekend weather we are having.

    Mrdad glad you and Jack didn't let a little oil stop your daily swim, but do watch out for the sharkies.Did you buy your Easter baskets yet? I was in Family Dollar yesterday and there was Christmas too. Our local park has already started the decorations.

    Rock- glad you got your sitiches out, hope you can eat some of Gordon's good cooking. He must be a good man to see his mother as he does. Sorry she doesn't get to know you and appreciate you and your humor but don't blame you for steering clear of her yourself, it's her loss.

    Jodi- glad Cody's team won. Sad about the dad of the player, I do hope that he turns around and improves. Good to hear you are moving on and not letting negative people or circumstances weigh you down. Keep you head up and remain positive.

    I think I got everyone, I spent last night researching a antique bottle for a freind that comes in the shop. It is very rare, he paid 10 bucks and it may be worth $300. I love researching things like that. HE doesn't do the compute/internet thing so he comes in the shop on Fri and I look stuff up for him.

    Need to work some more on my website, going to redo my home page a bit before I email it out to prospective donors. Hope everyone is safe, happy and doing what they love today-Carla
  19. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Rockgor - I almost fell off my chair laughing at your description of the mother in law and dog!!!!!My MIL hated me for years, but, developed alzheimers and now does not remember she didn't like me...she just didn't like someone who would challenge her and her opinions...oh well!!!!By the way, what breed is the other dog? We have a 7yr old bichon who rules the roost...she loves the colder weather because we let her wear clothes...she loves getting dressed up...today she is in a pink sweater with hearts on the back and it has a collar that pop up in the wind and gives the impression of a canine Elvis impersonator....Anyways Rock, I will never look at beef jerky the same way!!!!

    Well Gang, Lin and I went to a chinese auction last night and are lucky not to have had to commit ourselves to a psych ward....They started drawing numbers at 7pm and they are not done yet!!!
    We all had tickets with numbers 03039758 thru 68...they never called a 03039, it was always 03037 0r 03038... the announcer must have been a speech pathologist because her elocution was perfect, yet ANNOYING...if I heard ZERO THREE one more time, I was going to strangle her....They had 125 baskets so we heard it allot, not to mention they also had 20 door prizes...
    Kids of all ages were running wild and the noise level was deafening...I came home and had to take an ambien just to relax and sleep...

    CK - I guess you can see we didn't win...I was just glad to get out of there in one piece!!
    Tonight might be a Wally World trip...after last night, it will seem like heaven...
    Well Folks, I left some poppy seed bread and a pot of hot tea on the porch for ya'll....if you need to get in touch, call me at 030..... only kidding!!!!
    PS, did you know that injesting poppy seed will show up in a urine tox screen as an opiate?

    PSS, sorry gang, it has no opiate like effect, but just don't get stopped for speeding on the way home from the porch!! Later, Kylob
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greeting Porchies,

    Just back from funeral #1 his weekend and so I would check in you all. The weather is beautiful here with lots of sun and no raid, even if we could use some like most places, it seems.

    Julie - Hope all goes well with all your new meds and supplements. You have earned a rest although with a new baby in the house that is not always possible.

    CK - What was the name of your new site? I wanted to check it out too. You sure have been having a busy time lately. I am sure you will be glad to get that pin out of your foot.

    Lacey - Glad to see you again. Heard anything about that new spa and resort that we are supposed to working on??

    Jodie - Glad the boys won anoather game. Hope Codsy is feeling OK all things considered. Yes, continue to think positive as Linda said and keep you chin and head up high and try not toworry about all the dumb stuff some of those people are saying. You know it isn't try and so do your real friends so tht is all that counts.

    Off to another wake and Rosary on sunday night and then monday is the funeral.

    Rock glad that you ad a good meeting the other day.

    Mrdad - Did you save me some of that pound cake? Sounded good !!! That swim to/from/ or by Alcatraz does not sound like fun to me and way to cold. I saw it( Alcatraz) and it sure was windy in that area, once on our trip to the SF area.

    Hi there Kylob - hope all is well with you.

    Joan - Hope you are doing OK. Did you evern send back that jacket sent by your daughter? I know that is frustrating. I know also ordering by catalog or online can be tricky and I love to do that - much easier for me.

    Have some stuff to do before we go meet friends out to eat at a really nice place !!! Yum, yum !!! and some vino too. That is my kind of place !! Hope I didnt miss anyone.

    Gotta run for now dear friends.

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