Porchlight is ON Vol. 156 (Klosed)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gonna get this up b-4 we have a doublecate!
    Two new messages from Jodie and Gardengirl on Vol 155., don't miss out!

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  2. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Although I have been around here for years, I am new to the porch.

    I have always been kind of shy. Back when I was 8 and my family moved to the suburbs, I was overwhelmed by all the kids on the block. My previous neighborhood didn't have any kids, so I was in culture shock. I hid in my garage and watched them play through the window.

    But today, I think I will just come out and play.

    I am bringing with me a new lightbulb for the porch. Because after 156 volumes, you must be about due for a new one.
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Very nice idea. Bring some bulbs. My mother was fond of tulip and gladiola. Haha

    Bring some of those yellow ones that don't attract bugs. And some of those pink ones that produce a flattering light.

    And maybe some of those super-duper all-spectrum ones that cure winter-time depression.

    Are there any other special colors?

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just sent Garden girl a post on the last volume. Please check it Gardengirl !!!

    Hugs to all and thanks again for starting us up again Joe !!


  5. jmcdelaney

    jmcdelaney New Member

    I visited the porch a few times quite a while ago...when it was on the regular board.

    I am supposed to be cleaning my room (sound like I'm in highschool and sneaking talking on the phone to a friend).

    Mmmm...bulbs...just planted my tulips yesterday. Can't wait for spring already! But it sure is cozy up on the porch snugggled in my squoosy (is that a word???) blanket.

    I brought one for each of you...aren't they wonderful. I found them last winter, they are called Sierra Soft...the softer than any baby blanket I've ever felt!

  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I just hit something wrong and what I had wriotten "went up in smoke". As I u8sed to say when I was much younger, "wouldn't that make a preacher cuss?"

    I am not going to write all that I had written - too boringt LOL. Hubby and I played "repair-people Thur." My portable dishwasher door su8ddnely wouldn't close. Excuse the typos - I didn't get that spellcheck for Pro=Health that I wanted for my birthday!!!!!! we decided that w3e could do it. It was hard, hard work and i put my handsw through hard work. Had to take a side off and-----after 2 hours, believe it or not-----------we got the side back on and it ran today for the first time and didn't leak!!

    Our daughter had hernia repair surgery8 yesterday. She had laproscopic hysterectormy years ago and something let loose. The Dr. worked for 2 hrs.---tired to put in mesh to repair it and that didn't work and he tried various other things. Then he found another hernia so sewed the 2 ends together!!

    Carla: How does it feel to wear shoes again? Be carefuil-----don't do anythying to hurt those feet again.

    Julie: Those noodles and "real angel food cake" sound soooo good. Dawn wondered why my noodles weren't like her grandmas. me too!!! I found a recipe and finally I began to serve chicken ande noodles to our family.

    In my much younger days, I made "real" angel food cakes.k They were so good. I even made chocolate ones that were so yummy! Too much work now. oh yes, i also made "7 minute frosting" to put on them. now, that was work.

    Yes, the United Methodists still serve dinners. in 1990 my8 church decided to bui9ld on a fellowship hall and a concrete parking lot. To help pay off the baqnk loan, one of our church guys, Norm, decided to havwe dinners for anyone once a month - donatiion. They don't have 1 in Dec. or Jan. (weather issues) nor July, and Aug. we have folks from all over come. Ladies of cnurch furnish salads and desserts (oh, you should see the desserts) and we have a soft-serve machine. Big, big crowds. The 2 meats vary by the month.

    Well, Mr Dad, I have a note that says your name but I can't remember why???? I am so sorry!!!

    Yes, Larry King was way off base with saying anything to Marie! I used to enjoy his shows but now-------he had some weirdos on sometimes. i have switched to Glen Beck. Sometimes he is good and sometimes I don't understand him.

    Really anxious to see "Dancing" on Mon. and see who goes off, probably Marie.

    If I have missed a newbie, I am so sorry. you are so welcome here.

    It is too cold for me out on the porch this evening. I freeze!! Does someone have a porch in one of our sunshine states where we might sit and chat?

    Gentle Hugs to all,

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Linda Garden 11/17/07 01:41 PM

    Hi Linda - I can see that there can be some confusion here with the two Linda's on these boards. Sorry If I didn't welcome you properly. I have been so busy lately.

    I just read your last post. Do you take Forteo for Osteoporosis ?? If so so do I. I have about 4 more months longer to take it as you are not supposed to bon it for longer thn 2 years. I sure hope it is helping !! The Fosomax surely didn't help me much.

    Hsave a great trip. I know what you mean about the cold. I hate it and I never did tolerate it well, esp now as I get older. Between my thyroid and everything else the cold just does anumber on me.

    BTW, I was born and living in LI, NY until my husband got transferred to Houston., TX. Now he is retired and we live in Montgomery, TX, North of Houston. It is starting to get cooler now which is sort of nice but when it gets really cold it really bothers me and I just can't get warm enough.

    Also, that is a great pic of you and your daughters. Yes, you sure look young too. You are younger than me hon, lucky you !!! Just turned - choke 67.

    Have a great hliday and please come back and visit us soon again. Would love to chat more with you.

    Big warm hugs,

    Granni (Marilyn)



    I'm baaaaccckkkkk!!!!!! 11/17/07 03:43 PM

    Hi Gang....stopped by the porch to relax and gaze at the stars...have missed you all and it took some reading to get caught up....
    Went shopping yesturday and bought nothing..then Lin and I went to the casino and I lost the money I should have spent on gifts...welll, It really was only $40...sorry if your gifts aren't as big as last year!!!!!

    Carla - You are the energizer bunny ...even with the toe and finger problems you just keep going...good luck with the Christmas ornaments...I am sure they will be amazing as is all your work.

    Julie - God bless you for traveling and working to help the less fortunate...your noodles reminded me that my parents made noodles when I was a kid and they ground and made their own sausage...it was good, actually, but quite a bit of work...you and Amy and of course Keira are in my prayers..

    Joe - Hope you had better luck at the park in the afternoon, bee kee knee watching!!!I have always disliked Larry...didn't someone he was interviewing at one point, tell him he had bad breath?? He just annoys me and I channel surf right past him...actually , it is the only surfing I can do because it has started to snow here and is cold..hope they have the heat on in church tonight!!! Our neighbor , and close friend, was the Bills general manager and responsible for O.J.playing in Buffalo. His family was shocked that he was capable of such a horrendous act...with Christmas coming, it reminded me that one year, Cookie Gilchrist, a full back for the Bills, dressed up as Santa and we all got to sit on his lap...those early days with the Bills were fun..before they became politicians and murderers...

    Rock - glad to hear you are out walking and getting in shape, I did go to the gym today and did the precor for 55 minutes...why not 60 minutes, you ask...once my toes become numb, I stop...I took a country line dancing class years ago and really liked it...we were do si doeing it up every thursday night...I was an Irish step dance in my youth and was able to catch on quick...my girls were also step dancers...we went to the Oreachtas, a dance competition every year over the Thanksgiving holiday...this year I am driving with a friend, to surprize her daughter who is dancing on that friday and we are driving back the same day from Philidelphia...yikes, will I be sore, but the Irish vendors at these events are great and I can get some shopping done...about the personal groomer...I had an expectant father in my prenatal class this week who could have used one...the hair on and in his ears could have made a toupee!!!Very distracting......by the way, the shamrock plant is looking very good!

    The snow is actually sticking to the grass etc.!!!!


  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    they said wear something w/novato high on it...so i found my black beekeenee and put nhs on the back of my keenee....it pastor nearly fainted when i took off my long trench coat. they sent over an usher and said mam' "you need to put your coat on." i said,"dont'ch like my body?" he said,"the body is just fine, but you don't have anything that says nhs on it." so that is when i turned around and showed him my hiney that said nhs....he said, "sorry mam' if you have it nhs then you deserve to wear it to represent jerry and his kids school." i said,"Go Novato Hornets!"

    i think cody was a bit embarrassed of my choice of clothing but the said casual...

    i am just kidding everyone....i wore jeans, black high heeled boots, and a novato high football practice jersey.

    so the funeral was fine...i believe he was cremated...

    the football team all sat together....one kid on the team had his father die last year while he was at a game...so i saw him cry...another one got sick and left the room...twice...

    but the mother gave cody a big hug and said he left the best message on answering machine...and said she played it over and over....i wants to listen to it again before she erases it...

    she asked if i had heard it...i said no cody did that all on his own while i was gone...

    i talked to a few parents at the celebration reception..it sadden me...but they asked if cody had any offers for a football scholarship...i said no becasue he only got to play 3 and half games.....

    and one of the kids cody and he have played to gether doing the same job for years..he has 4 offers so far for some colleges...cody is much quicker than the other kid...and jsut as good if not better at hitting etc...

    but when they know you are out of commission the scouts look right past you...but he could go to a junior college here in califoria or uc.santa cruz and try out...who knows next year...

    well off to take a nap..

    i had a good time...last night

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I give up. This is the third time I tried to write this dumb post and it disappeared each time. I am so aggravated !!

    Thanks Rock for moving my post to Garden girl to where it belongs, right here.

    Mrdad- thanks for starting up this volume again.

    Joan - I hope your daughter is doing OK and will not have to long of a recouperation period. Did you say your mom made chiken and dumplings? I still remember my mom's dumplings - the rpund kind. Her in the south or south west they are like a fat noodle, realy different but good anyhow.

    Julie - do you have a machine to make your noodles.? I love pasta in any form but it wounds like alot of work from scratch. Hope all is well with you all - Amy and Keira and Den too.
    Went out to eat at a great Mexican food place this evening.. It was great and so were the Margaritas.
    Well, since I made the rest of the volume disappear I can't find out what you all said and I cannot remember !!

    Hio Lin and Ck - hope all is well with you both. Can't remember what you all said )-: !!

    Jodie - I like your story about your BEE KEE NEE and the funeral. Wouldn't that be something else??

    Hope to see you tomorrow !



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  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    to make things disappear...hocus pocus let's try to be focused...now what do i need to say...darn fibro fog.

    glad you liked the little story....

    i see we have some more newbies on the porch...welcome all...my brain has been a little tired latley....and more busy with not so nice things going on.

    well gonna talk to you later don't know if i am going out to play pool w/friend or not..

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I didn't believe that story describing your funeral attire for
    even one second! You'd never have worn that outfit after having already worn it for me that Day we had brunch on the
    SF Waterfront. (Give me a break!) But ya did have me going for a bit as it is something the "Old Squeeze" may have done years ago!

    So nice to see new "bright beams" of sunlight on the top landing of the PORCH today in the way of "4everkid" and JMC! It keeps things interesting, fresh and friendly around here! Please come by the PORCH as often as you wish.

    Was to Walgreen's to pickup a Prescription and was surprized that Easter baskets (Spring Baskets) were not available for
    sale as of yet??? I guess they are still attempting to eliminate the old Christmas "stuff" they put out last week!
    Oh brother, hah?

    Had lunch with my Son today at a new restaurant in the neighbor. "Gourmet" sandwiches and Crepes! Pretty tasty
    menu! It made it all that better in that it was "his turn"
    to pay.

    Joan, don't worry about losing that note you wrote to me. I'm sure you will think of what ya wanted to tell me soon.
    I wake up from naps etc. with no immediate idea as to time
    or day!!

    Rocky: Seems as though you are becoming more confident in the use of the New 'Puter! They take some getting use to do
    they not? Are ya playing Bridge yet?

    Well Kids,I'm gonna call it a night. Jodie, sorry about the lost of a wonderful Father from Novato High! I'm sure He will be missed greatly by All.

    Good night John Boy, Mary Ellen, Billy Bob, Grandma, Grandpa, Grandpa!, Grandpa!!, Grandpa!!!, Grandpa?

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I see we have some new visitors.

    Nice to see you 4ever, I knew we had more in common than art, I was the loner kid too. Glad you decided to come out and play. Thanks for the cool new lights.

    Joann with 2 n's- thanks for the squoosy blankets, I love being all wrapped in softness. Wecome to our little porch, there is always room for more

    Mrdad thanks for getting us started again, smooth, SMG would be proud. Did you have a good time wiff the kiddo's before they flew off into the wild blue yonder?

    Garden I bet you are gone by now but if not have a safe trip and a good turkey day. It has to be warmer in sc then ny.

    Joan- funny you should ask about shoes? Today I put my tennies on at 10 am and walked a mile and a cart ride then went about my day and I still have them on. I only wore shoes, before surgery, when I went out or walked. Always house shoes. As soon as I came in. I hadn't even thought about until now. So I think it was all worth it.

    Rock-such a gentleman to move the posts over for us. I really wish I had something witty to say but my night meds have taken control of my brain.

    Kylob- yep-I keep going, then I fall down, then I get up and do it all over again. I have became very adept at not using my left index finger this week, it will take awhile before I can use it

    Joan here's a hint about posting that helps me, I open wordpad in the small window and look at the porch and write it wordpad. Then I copy and paste it to the porch. No more lost ones. I have lost a few too and it drives me mad, but that is a short trip, hehe

    Granni I hope you get your shopping done but mine is easy now, my gkids are teens so gift cards or cash and I'm done.

    Jodie you did have me going for a minute there. I'm sure it was a hard day.

    My bed is calling me and my back is screaming at me to to go to bed so I think I shall. I cut out 3 angels and a 4 peice ornament and wrapped them in foil. Hope everyone has a good weekend-Carla
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well almost afternoon now. Slept in this morning and it felt good.

    Mrdad we were posting at the same time last night. Glad you had a good time with your son, you raised him well since he paid.

    Linda- foot Dr said to go this one neurosurgeon, he really is the best in town, but my town doesn't have a lot of great drs. He did say it could be a laterial hernation in the thoracic area. He mentioned a myleogram? and the surgeon are going to be the only way to know for sure, but he agreed something is not right, but it is not his field.

    I'm sorry your PT is slow, but I don't understand how PT helps a herination either. Why don't they want to try to fix it?Isn't it nice to know how much you are missed at work, good for you for telling the Dr that you need to take care of you.

    Ok time to make the donuts...err I mean glass. Hello to everydobby- Carla
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Unless you're not on the "Left Coast", then your different from the rest of US. Or is that a relativity question?

    CK: Didn't do the Din-Din with the 'Lil Guys and their Mom and
    Dad as sumpthin' urgent came up at Dad's work that needed His
    attention. They are to fly off tomorrow for Ohio ( the only
    State in the Union that is round at both ends and "hi" in the middle. 'Member that riddle Kids!

    My Son had a music Gig last nite but I would not have been able to get home 'til long after mid-night! Too late for me.
    He played at and Old Old Bar across the Street from the Palace Hotel where "Paladine and Hop-Sing" lived and Pres. Warren Harding died of a heart attack in '23! (Yet another tie to OHIO) If it wasn't for Him, we would all be stuck with that League of Nations idea! It gives one paws (as the Kitty would say.)

    Anyway, I think the S.F.'49'er's "play" today and we're hoping to see one win in a row!! Don't know where or who they are playin', I'm just here for the cheap beer and gourmet hotdogs! Not a good day here to be doin' the Bee-kee-knee count! Very, very soggy today! Park will be nearly empty, except for the "residents".

    Lincamp: Did the "Old Folks" return to Florida for the Winter or did they stay home in N.Y. this year? I Missed much of what was going on while I was out of Town.

    "Talk" to ya awl later, K?
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey Lin - I have just enough time right now to tell you I bought that ham in Sams for Christmas cause I needed to get a few things that I needed to make for Thanksgiving at my son's home. The ham waw a good price so I got it and put it in the freezer !!

    That is all I have or Christmas dinner. I not all ready by any stretch of the imagination (-: !! At least I do not have to worry that much about Thanksgiving since it will not be here.

    Gotta get started on my Christmas cards as I send out so many. I still keep in touch with friends and those that were in my nursing class so there are ALOT of them. I printed out my yearly letter and have to bring it out to copy. I finished the letter yesterday. Thank God that is done !

    Bye to all of you. May be back later tonight if I don't get on a role with the cards. Then again I may be tired of it after dinner. My back really hurt me last night so I had a rest;ess night with the heating pad. It was not my usual lower back it was up farther and on one side. Seems better so far today. Sorry I have to run now. More later on.


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  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Julie: I hope your Dad is doing alright today and has completed a successful by-pass surgery by now! My good thoughts go with both of you! Keep us up to date as you are

    Lincamp: Sorry about the "Bills" and my '49'er's didn't do
    well either! New England just has everything going for it.
    Tom Brady graduated wiff my nephew from Serra High but long after Barry Bonds did. Sorry that the Folks won't be able to be with you and the Family for Thanksgiving! It was dull and
    grey here yesterday as it is today so far. Looks like Nov. should I guess. The only "bee-kee-knees" at the park today
    will be worn on those transplants from Minn. and Wisconsin!
    Ya know what I'm sayin?

    CK: Sorry that you are yet having problems! Maybe the new
    Docs will figure things out and get ya fixed up for Xmas!
    If it's not one thing, it's two or three at times, isn't it?
    My Son flew up to Ore. last nite to have Thanksgiving wiff His Mother and Sister. They get to see Him a lot less than I so I'm happy for all!

    I'll get wiff ya awl later,K?
  17. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Well Porchies, I have the sniffles today so I layed low...slept till 10am, that was all my back could take...I think I lose weight overnight from repositioning myself and several pillows all night long...

    I usually don't remember my dreams, like I don't remember what I did yesturday, lol, but today I woke up and remembered it...I was wearing my nurses uniform and cap, haven't worn a cap in 23 years, anyways, I was bald on top of my head, except for a few short bangs and didn't have any hair to clip my cap to!!!! I am sure I have been with George Clooney many times in my dreams and just haven't remembered, but, nooooooo, I remember the bald dream!!!!!

    I went to the Post Office, got out alive and then headed for the gym...home to make New England clam chowder for dinner....my family loves it on a cool day.....

    Lin - you better not be doing too much or I will raise H e double stix with you...I will be over Wed. eve to set the table etc!!!!

    Julie - sorry about your Dad, he will for sure be in my prayers...

    CK- glad you were out and about with the girls...do you still have leaves on your trees? Ours are quickly vanishing...

    Joe - the Bills were hard to watch last night....it was humiliating...the aerial view of Buffalo ws very pretty, I thought...does your Son play and instrument? I probably should know this already but the brain is still on lay away

    Rockgor - does Gordon cook for thangsgiving or do you go somewhere? I just can't get the beef jerky image out of my mind...that was hilarious!!!

    Off to iron my uniform and prepare for work tomorrow...ready, set, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, later folks...hello to all I missed.....Kylob
  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya know. Thats what I think happened to an autograph I had.
    JACK DEMPSEY must have broken into my house and stole it back!
    That was over 50 years ago and I think I'm just gonna forget
    about it. Didn't think to get OJ's autograph as I didn't realize He was gonna go on to win that trophy and be an all
    American. Just as well I suppose.

    Kylob: Yes, my Son plays the guitar and sings. He has a nite job as well in case things don't work out. Rents are very expensive here ya know. Hope all is well with you and thank you for the inquiry. Sounds as if you miss being a nurse. My
    former Mother-in-law was an RN and loved Her profession as well. She was a wonderful nurse as we use to visit Her often at work on Sundays at the "Old Folks Home".

    Rocky: Hope you and the Gordon had a nice weekend. Did He prepare anything special on the stove? Any Bridge playin' this weekend?

    Very slow on the Porch today! No Guido, Jeeves or SMG either.

    I'll get back wiff ya awl, later!

    P.S. Do hope my "Lil Guys" and their folks have arrived back
    in Ohio by now! (Cleveland Rocks!) Mimi and Drew!

  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    First I want to say it was good to hear about your dad Julie, looks like it was caught in time. My mom had a triple bypass in 2003 and her heart is fine. It's her legs that keep her in bed.

    I was watching Mystry Diagnoses yesterday and it was about a little girl. She had a genitic disorder. My point is her mother told her she was sick because God only gives the people that can handle it problems. I think it is his way of showing us we are much stronger than we think we are.

    If life is so easy brezzy we miss a lot of lifes lessons. I am sorry your mother is doing well either, you do have a lot of your plate. My heart and prayers go out to you. When are you suppose to leave for Belize.

    Linda- I've been making glass. I spent hourssssssssss working on letters, emails, printing, collating and now I will wait a few days and see what comes back. I am going to try to go to the dentist tomorrow to get my final dentures. No appt, just show up around 7:30, it may take all day staying there depending on the adjustments.

    I'll take my laptop do some letters to Marshall while I am waiting. My brain was hurting so i traded it for back pain with cutting glass. Did you get the rest of your house clean? I did laundry on Thurs, my clothes on still on my chair in the bedroom waiting to be put away. The dog towels are now a bed for Smitten. I took them out and left them on the dryer meaning to go back...but you know how that goes.

    Mrdad sorry your guys lost the game and Linda's' and Kylob team didn't do any better. What are you doing for turkey day?
    I think I will make baked spaghetti and take some to mom. She loves my baked spag. Just not up to doing a turkey and all the other stuff.

    Klyob have to hand it to you keeping up with the gym and a job. It has felt good to have both of my feet in the same shoes and NO PAIN.

    Rock are you playing bridge yet or is it water under the bridge now. My friend plays pool on line an want me to check it our. Maybe once ai get a few things off my plate.

    Ok I am starting to space out her, took my meds earlier so I can get up earlier. I dio email PH marketing dept and made a proposal to them to heal raise awarness by joing forces. PH could sponsor ad and such, put the link in the site. I really want to to post it on all the board and aksed permission to do it, not looking for money from people here, jus pass it along and pay it forwad, If I tell 50 people you in turn tell 25 more and so on, that is want one of my goals was. This whole concept is based on beinging awarness and enlighten the country about a huge amount of people that are suffering.

    Hello to every I didn't address but my bed is waiting for me and a long day tomorrow. Just keep on keepin on-Carla
  20. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Wow! There are new faces, new bankies and new lights on the Porch since I was last here! Good to see the same old chairs are here with our names on them. Must be Jerome gave up on me since I had to move a stack of wreaths before I could sit down.

    Yes, it's cold on the porch but remember, our porch is attached to the Lodge and that huge warming fireplace. Sweetie and I had to give up on the riverbank so we may join you inside periodically. I miss you, Sweet Susan and hope you're doing well.

    I stumbled through the posts - of course, I couldn't wait until there was only one or two - and got confused when I was sure Rock said that he and his husband lived in TX. I thought he lived in LA with Gordon. How are the kitties doing, Rock? Do you have all of them in your house yet?

    The post I was reading was signed by Granny so must be my eyes are still sleeping. Still singing, Marilyn?

    Joe, been thinking about you, especially every time I hear that you no longer have plastic bags out there. That's a good thing, I'd say but, man, are those paper ones hard to carry! Our market has switched to compostable (is that a word?) bags - I think I heard mention of those in San Fran too.

    Linda, I'm not at all surprised to hear that your boss misses you but I'm glad you're thinking of yourself first. We gotta.

    Jodie, I believed what you said about your funeral garb! Good thing you cleared that up. Sorry for the need, though.

    Julie, good to hear that your dad is doing well.

    I'm sure I missed someone, a lot of people, but that's how it is when you wait until #25 to post.

    I'm still not going into the shelter, just doing some writing of appeal letters and the newsletter on the computer for them. I will go in now and then but it's wonderful to have seven days in my week again instead of four I had left after preparing to go in, being there, and resting up. I do miss the cats though, and some of the people.

    I will be going to my son and DIL's for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! Blessing to you all. I put a Thanksgiving photo on my profile instead of Sophie - who also says Hello. This is the view I have right now from my little office. I took it on a rainy day when the only brilliance was from the leaves.

    And hugs all around, near and far.
    Marta, over here, under the green wreaths

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