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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. mrdad

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    OK Kids! We're over here now!

    I'll be bac in a while, K?
    Sorry "Cookie" (Granni), had to change Vols.
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  2. mrdad

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    Would you like me to "delete my 157? Matters not. Will the "real' 157 please stand up?

    JOE (P.S. OK thanks Kiddo! That will work. Are ya getting ready for Thanksgiving?)
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  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    poppin in late as usual. Didn't make it to the dentist, but I still have my pearly whites. I got up at 6 for the dogs to go out and I knew there was no way I was able to go and sit 6-8 hours. Then I may have had to go back the next day. That is why it has taken me over a a year to get them. I will try again next week.

    So I went back to bed, then worked on my FR sending emails to TV stations, drug co's, WebMD. Then replied to those that responded. Not as many as I would like but it is better than none. I even emailed PH marketing dept on Sun and no response.

    Mrdad- glad you liked the pic of the kiddies, it made me smile so I wanted to pass them on. Thanks for gettin us started, it's nice to see ya sitting at the helm- now Scotty beam me up K??

    Linda you are so right about those cutting those little peices of glass, then there is cleaning it, drying and wrapping each peice in copper foil. Very tedius and time consuming, that is why the real stuff is so much more than the made in china crap.

    I did take the girls for our daily outing and the foot is holding up better than my brain.

    Granni I wish I could help your decorating delemmon. It is frustrating to have a idea in your mind but the store doesn't have what you want and here we go.

    Julie I hope you and your family get threw this time and be stronger for it.

    I hope all porchies, bush dwellers, drop in's and lurkers have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can smell the turkey and pies already - Carla
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, it's pretty quite on the Porch and Board! Must be 'cause peeps are busy getting ready for the Holiday.

    Linda: I'm surprised that the major stores just don't get the idea to go ahead and OPEN on Thanksgiving! The people that don't watch football have to have sumpthin' to do besides having to be confronted with the prospect of spending time wiff a bunch of relatives they don't care for anyway! What, me Cynical? Family is goin' to the Irish-Cultural Center for Dinner tomorrow but I passsed on it! Turkey and cabbage?? Gonna do the Boston Market faire
    ifin' I don't get delayed with the Flight out to Boston!!

    OK, I need of "show of hands"! How many out there would like me to repeat my favorite story told LAST YEAR about my young Kids and Thanksgiving Eve with Dad? (Well, I need to see more hands than that!!!) Oh boy!!----OK, that's better!
    When my kids were about 6 and 8 years old, they were wiff me
    the eve before Thanksgiving at my Apt. They watched me come in and out of the Kitchen for hours as they awaited their pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving meal with ME! Finally, I called them into the Kitchen to sit down for their Holiday meal. "Hot Dogs for Thanksgiving", my Son exclaimed? Well
    the're not just Hot Dogs I said, remember that your last name is French and THEY are Turkey dogs! Now, eat those Turkey dogs and STove Top Dressing and (being French-American), have a Happy "Franksgiving"!! There's eclairs for dessert! A true story Kids as you may well expect PER MOI!

    Jodie: I just sent ya an email as I'm concerned that you may be having a better time than I'm havin'!! You've become an M.I.A. the past few days! Where you are??

    I spoke with my Son in Oregon to have Thanksgiving with Mom and Sis! Sis is trying to get a paper in this aft for Her Masters Program b-4 Her Bro. drives up to Portland and pick her up for the Holiday weekend. (Yes, we have a Portland on the Left Coast too!) Cold up there they told me! Not quite
    "bee-kee-knee" weather here but clear and sunshine!

    Enuff 4 now! (Good thing hah?)
    "See" ya awl later, K?

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    All I can say, Mr Dad, is that you had a lot of gall to serve franks for Thanksgiving. Did you divide them into 3 parts ala Julius Caesear?

    I made some notes w/ the intention of posting yesterday, but ran outta steam. Marta, are you here? Nice to hear from you. Gordon and I have not moved. We are still in CA.
    Maybe you were reading something from Rocky76, a new poster.

    Your silly story, MrD, reminds me of an even sillier play I saw several years ago in one of the Los Angeles little theaters. There are about 100 of them.

    They have less than 100 seats and are "equity waiver" meaning the actors don't have to be paid. They do it for the learning experience and w/ the hope some casting director will discover them.

    Anyway the general rule is the actors are excellent; the plays usually badly written.

    The plot of the play in question was that guests were invited for dinner. The climax of the play was when the hostess told them there really would be no dinner. All this nonsense supposedly based on a real experiment conducted by a grad student who wanted to write a thesis about it.

    Remember that actress on the 70s comedy "Soap" named Katherine Helmond? She was a slim as an anchovey. The hostesss in the play looked like her. I went to eat w/ the cast after the play.

    Someone said to her, "Honey, you've got to start eating".
    She said in a perfectly serious tone, "I ate today. I had a bran muffin."

    Well, as Irving said, "There's no people like show people".

    Here's today's "I'm so old": I am so old I remember when the traditional green bean, mushroom, onion casserole didn't exist. It was new when I was a teenager.

    As Victoria posted, I'm thankful I didn't get caught. Also thankful for all my friends here.

  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    That Julius Caesear sure had his Gaul!! It took those three

    Sons of Charlemagne to setup the modern setting for Western

    Europe! They been happy ever since!

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  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a note to all to tell you that I for one am so Thankful for finding this group, You all have helped so much, more than you know.

    Waiting for DD and SIL and 3 year old to arrive here which will be later than expected. I fixed spaghetti but not even sure they will eat it as they might stop along the way. Made it for us anyway.

    Have to get ready soon also to go to church to sing tonight so DH will be here for them when they arrive.

    Did some returning of ths toilet seat cover I bought yesterday. Can't believe nowhere I have looked do they have the color in the long cover. Even the so called Universal size will not fit. NOw I am stuck with everything else in a pretty sort of light raspberry color. So far I have bought towels and such in Mauve and every other shade of pink. Mauve is n't even the easiest color to find in some stores but got some yesterday at Annas, where I got the rugs.

    Went to Bed Bath and Beyond and they had little also but did get a cover for a different bathroom. Nothing close in my curtain search either. May have to search for off white or cream if I can find it. There is alot of green but ama tryig to get away from that with the green carpet and green being the main color in the wall paper.

    As you can tell I am getting exasperated- .

    Oh well gotta get ready to go to church and eat before they come and get dressed.

    Joe - thanks for starting up this volume !!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day tomorrow, whtever you all may be doing. Sty safe and warm. We are supposed to hae a colder and wet one. Hope you all don't get any snowstorms and such. Be careful Linda and all of you in the Northeast, etc. and cold climate.

    Love to all,

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  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    yes, i am having too much fun wearing out all those bee kee nee's in public...it sure does some weird reactions.hee hee

    i have been dealing w/appts at college and i went to casino stayed out to the wee hours and recouped my losses so i broke even...

    no real plans for thanks giving at all...cody may go to his gf's for the dinner...i guess i w/just make due somewhere...

    trying to clean my house up...i have to dig up papers...and cody has applied to college's and he did get his sat score back..he scored really high on the math section...but the reading part he expected score much higher...than he did.

    we figured he scored atleast a 1500..not bad for a few hours of sleep before the test...they had a big game in the east bay. so he did not get the sleep he should've.

    he is still going to it again and he has applied to take the act test as well..

    he wants to get into a university badly...he doesn't want to go to a junior college w/me...

    i just tell him all his old friends/teamates don't mind me being there...

    well got to clean my house up...it has gotten out of hand for me..i am a neat freak by nature...but it looks like guido has been going thru my things in my house.

    well gonna get my cell phone i hope they bartender/friend has it in his car...he so sweet.

    wel gonna go for now i am ok. no perfect but ok.

  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    sumthin smell good over hear. Linda you are wonder woman, I just hope you can get out of bed to finish and eat it,

    I took the hambuger out of the freezer for my sgettti. Went for a ride and a walk and made a new friend with a St Bernard, I hope I see him on those really cold days.

    Went to Wally's and got a hair cut and picked up a couple goodies too. Washed my car then came home and washed the dogs.

    Then I layed on the couch and watched tv without my laptop on my lap. It was a good day and I am thankful for it.

    I am also thankfull for all my friends here on the board. I am thankful for he internet because it allows those of us that can not get out to make freinds meet people that understand how we feel.

    I'm not capable at this moment to answer everyone tonight but I look forward to coming here to see what everyone is doing. I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving in what ever manner works for you.

    We have to adjust as the years catch up with us. Save me a peice of pie-Carla
  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Hope everyone is having a good day! I will soon go to my daughter and SIL's home for Thanksgiving dinner. Her MIL and FIL will be there. My daughter and her MIL prepared the meal and I know it will be good. I'm hungry now. It has been such a blessing to me that I do not have to worry about cooking since I crashed 3 years ago. Usually my Mom cooks several dishes also but this year we will be blessed if she is able to find the strength to even go. She is not recovering quickly at all and is still on oxygen most of the time.

    Again I wish each of you a wonderful holiday and wanted you to know that I am thankful for each one of you who make my life better just from knowing you. You are special people!

    Holiday hugs to all.
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sweetie: It's great to "see" you here this mornin'! Glad you will be able to get out and enjoy Family and Thanksgiving!
    Linda, CK, Jodie, Granni (Cookie), Rocky, Gordon and All; hoping that you are having a great day!

    I'm going to Boston Mkt. with one of the roommates to pickup our pre-ordered dinner! Seems a waste that I fed those two Pigeons out on the ledge all year to only turn around and grant them both a "Residential Pardon". But it's ALMOST an election year! Gonna keep my "nice guy" image out in front of the voters! Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Bye 4-now!

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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So sweet of your Dad to take the initiative to demonstrate His love and devotion to your Mother by cooking Her Thanksgiving
    Dinner! He could have taken a much easier route today! Sounds like ya "done good" yourself Linda! I'm sure everyone was delighted and appreciative of your efforts! Sounds like it was
    a wonderful day!

    I understand the STAGEHAND strike is yet going on in N.Y. City. Isn't anyone brushing, watering or feeding those horses? Hay, let's get that thing settled soon!!! Wells Fargo should just go ahead settle!

    "See" ya later!

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  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Glad to see all had a good dinner today.

    Linda you are so lucky to have your parents and your IL's. Do you know how rare that is in this day and age and able to care for themselves. Glad all your hard work paid off, now everyone with the feet up and the pants undone, did ya find the alkisalzer?

    Jodie- sounds like you have been havin a little fun in those Bee Kee Nee's, you go girl you deserve it. I too, have a pile of papers. My 2007 resolution was to maintain the paper flow but didn't work. Will try harder this year.

    Joe glad you got to Boston and back wiff out any deelays. So kind of you to take care of your feathered friends. Did you fix em some turkey dogs? Loved the story about your boys.

    Sweetie it is no nice to hear you were able to get out and enjoy the day with your family. Hopefully you will visit more often.

    Rock I hope you and Gordon had a wonderful gourmet meal, was he a good son and go see his mama, or does she celebrate TD?

    Granni I bet you are beat buy all the shopping and getting your house done and then your day today. I hope you got it all your way.

    I had a nice day, soldered on the ornaments and baked some but it failed :-( I cut circles then used a glass outliner in a tube to put snow flakes on them in a pearly white and others in gold, the glass is great jewel tones of red, green and purple. You let it dry for 24 hours then bake at 325 for 40 min.

    The liner had bubbles after it baked and looks awful. I haven't used those in a year and forgot you need to run a needle or toothpick to get the hidden bubbles out. Oh well back to the drawing board.

    Then there was the cheese thing. Went to make my sgheeti and I didn't have any cheese. I had everything else but no cheese, could have sworn I bought it. Even tho I live in the boonies, the intersate is only 4 miles and there is a gas/store/resturant so I paid $3.50 for 2 cups of mozzerella.

    It was worth it, mom liked it too. I fixed one in a single serving corning ware and froze it and still have enough for 2 more meals. She was more like herself today, I think they finally got her meds balanced. She hasn't calledd me to come get her from Walgreens lately. We don't even have a Walgreens here.

    So I am going to take my pie and sit in the tub and watch my shows. I have to work at the shop tomorrow.

    Did I tell you all that I emailed GlaxoSimithKline about the foundation and they answered me back and said they were interested and asked for a package of the foundations plans. I emailed Mr. P and he will pass it onto the marketing person. That would be so cool to see that PSA and at the end see a "this PSA was sponsored by GSK".

    The local tv stationed responded to me as well, so I was refreshing my mind about statistics and info on depression and why these PSA's need to be aired. I happened on the GSK site and had a lot of good info and asked for stories and had a "contact us" so I did. They make Wellbutrin.

    So I am going to contact all the pharm co's and Dr's in my area to talk to thier reps. Our hospital has a depression support group and I will look into that as well to see if they can get me to the right people.

    The next two weeks I will only pop in and see what's up. I have a club meeting, a gallery party and a club party plus make some dang ornanments, so wish me gods speed- may you all live long and prosper- Carla

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    That's not a typo. "Hei" is "Hi" in Norskie.

    MrDad, I believe one of us is confusiated. I think it's a stagehand strike. Not a stagecoach strike. No horses involved.

    Altho one can never be sure. Just saw an opera excerpt on You Tube. The soprano was singing an aria from Attila (as in Attila the Hun) by Verdi. Two white horses were munching away in the background.

    Well, Gordon and I fixed dinner: turkey legs in the oven and stuffing in the crockpot. Mashed potatoes from a day or two ago. The cats and I are eating the turkey; Gordon doesn't eat turkey.

    Funny about the cats. Some of them gobble up the turkey and some won't eat it. Just like people.

    Got an e mail from my brother in Minnesota. They had 21 people for dinner. Can't imagine where they put them. My 3 month old grand nephew was there. Star of the show.

    Hope you all had a good day.

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'll bet the Cats don't give a "mouses bottom" that Gordon

    doesn't eat Turkey! The more for them! I thought that those

    guys that worked on the Stage Coaches were called"Stagehands"

    in the old Westerns. It was meant to be a "funny" on my part.

    I take it Gordon's MAMA didn't celebrate Thanksgiving wiffs

    you two? Most restaurants in my neighborhood were closed

    today, however my Son is due back from Oregon and to work

    at the Restaurant tomorrow night. It will most likely be

    very slow as peeps will be eating leftovers from the feast


    Well. I'm full! I do have leftovers myself to get through

    at least tomorrow.

    "see" ya!

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Julie, I'm so happy that Dad is doing well!! I hope that they don't send Him home until He and all attending to His recovery are ready to handle the responsibility. Please don't be concerned about keeping up with the Posts. You have plenty of
    important matters to take care of but know that we ALL
    are concerned for not only your Dad, but yourself as well! Try
    to find the time to get off somewhere for a few mins.in a quite spot alone to rest and re-coup yourself.

    Thinking of you and your family!
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    To All my dear Porchies,

    Sorry no time to write much right now but did want to check out the porch today.

    Had a nice day at our son's and DIL's in Houston. We had a nice time and ate to much but it was al good. Got to see Daughter #3 (the one with all the problems and son with leukemia and another with LD's.) Looks like our son and DIL have decided to try adopting a child or children if they are siblings since she has not been able to cinceive. I told her after you adopt you probably will get pregnant (-: !! It seems that it hapens quite often.

    Tried to a tiny bit of shopping or looking today with D #4 and son Zach (3) who has slight to moderate autism. He has been doing pretty good with his speech or should I say much better. Howver, when he saw so the "Cars" bed linens and such that I thought I might buy for him he already thought they were his. When I found out they would not fit on his toddler bed matteress and did not buy it, he went into a giant meltdown. He was kicking and screaming through the store and to the car. That kid is really heavy too. Thnak God he is finally napping and did finally quiet down and eat some lunch at home. Hope he behaves in the restaurant. The nap should help. However, one never knows.

    Thanks again to all the great people on this porch who have been so much help to me and others. I love you ALL.

    Happy Day After Thanksgivingto ALL !!!

    Sorry I cannot chat individually with you all right now.


  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Thanks to you dear ones who wished me a happy day. I went with our son and his wife, daughter, son Quinn and the other son and his wife to the DIL's sister's home. It wwas very8 relaxing as our son and DH visited while the rest of them chatted and made dinner. (They had a little wine too).

    Our son brought the holiday decoration boxes down stairs - I got started today and my back hurts so much that I could weep!!!!!The is the first time since i was dx'd that I have had to do this alone. But-----the creche and the 4 1/2 ft. tree are going and the rest have to wait!!!!

    Are you all eating left-overs today? The only thing we have is a small bowl of applesauce DIL sent with us and 2 pieces of pecan pie the hostess sent! Think we can make do with that tonight? we had our big meal at noon.

    I wish that I could talk to each of you----i am so thankful for this board!!!! It is a place to come when you are down (like i am today) andi a place where you make dear friends of you all.

    I couldn't believe it. Yesterdeay son's MIL asked what Fibromyalgia was - she couldn't even pronounce the word! When I was trying to explain (how do you do the ailment justice?) her SIL whom I had never met walked in and gave me a dirty look! Oh well!

    i just watched the new commercial for Lyrica on TV one evening and I was so happy to finally see it (Fibro) mentioned and talked about.

    no shopping for me today. I had a friend who left here at 3 a.m. to go to our shopping mall 50 mi. from here. He had a ball and got Lots of bargains. Not for me.

    My back still hurts. I hope that the rest of you can rest up this weekiend from the cooking and food. !!!!!!

    Gentle Hugs,