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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gonna make the change now Kids! Gotta get ready for the BIG

    weekend ahead. Ya know what I'm SAYIN'! Don't ya?

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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry that it's so-o-o cold bac there! It's cooling off here in S.F. too! 'Posta drop down a degree to 68 tomorrow aft!
    Makes one feel a bit guilty to be enjoying the warm weather when the County of Greenland is melting into the Ocean! Getting pretty serious me thinks! And what about those Eskimo Pies? Where we gonna even find an unreasonable facimalee?
    But I won't really start worrying or do anything until my bathtub won't drain anymore and all the nuclear reactors are under water 'cause the rivers are backing up! "What, me worry"?

    I'm happy, though, that so many of us were able to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving! So nice to spend time strengthening
    family and friendships. Let's continue that pursuit this weekend and throughout the holidays and the coming year!

    Huggles to Awl!
  3. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    Isn't this a lovely night? Did you see that Full Moon? It's beautiful!

    It got very cold Thanksgiving Day. Down to 30 degrees tonight. I'm in my flannel nightgown and thick, warm socks to sleep in. Electric blanket on my bed and the apartment thermostat set at 75 degrees. I should be cozy.

    Goodnight All. Talk to you later. Love, doloresf1
  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just a quick note, took my meds a while ago. I worked and I do mean worked today. We are on the main road for travelers and peeps were traveliing.

    I came home ate and played with the girls, poor things were very good today at the shop. So we play fetch and such in the house. Then I do commands with them too. Still outside they don't know who I am.

    Then we all crashed on the couch. I just surfed alot tonight looking for angles. Randy Travis is the spokeperson and I found a Randy Travis fan site, so I signed her guestbook and told her what he was doing. She had his life story but not this one :)

    I may get some real help from one of my previous bosses. They owned the largest family owned drug store chain in VA in the 60's-early 90's. The CVS bought them out. I lost my job but kept my boss as a freind as these years.

    She is a professional volunteer, board member, chairty events, and just all out money giver. They are a wonderful family. She is on vacation this week, and I will brain storm with her and she does have some very wealthy freinds that run foundations similar to what this one will.

    Is that a kowinkedent? Every thing happens for a reason.

    Linda it does feel good to have a little "me" time doesn't it. Glad you enjoy it- hope not to much snow comes your way.

    Hello granni, darkwaters, mrdad, jodie delose? I actually went out side to look at the moon, very cool and COLD 30 here. Hope everydobby has a good weekend.

  5. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    Did my grocery shopping this noontime. Did my exercises.
    then I cleaned up the house.

    My daughter and her kids are coming to visit this evening. I'm sooo happy I'm having a good day. The grandkids wear me out! Don't know if they keep me young or make me old! haha

    It's so pleasant and relaxing to sit on the porch and rock and chat with you. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

    Love and Hugs to all, doloresf1
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It looks like a sleepy porch today. I have been busy. My daughter and her family left today so was trying to clean up this place a bit and start trying to get ready for Christmas. We will be gone this coming weekend so don't have loads of time.

    Was so busy today and trying to keep warm that I didn't get a chance to check to porch. I think I did once but had to get off the computer. I lnow what you mean about those dumb puters. You can't live with them or without them !!!

    Well, need to start getting ready for beddy by after the bath and all that. It will be church tomorrow and then probably more of the same trying to get the place back in order.

    I see you are originally from up north. DH and I came from NY but then he got transferred to Houston. He is now retired and so we are up more noth (in TX from Houston). More info on the bio. I checked yours. Yes, isn't this porch great.

    Sorry I haven't been on that much lately with so muh to do and not it is getting ready for Christmas time , cards, gifts, etc. AAACCCKK!!! Will also probably havae to go and try and work off some of these pounds from Thamksgiving - also to try and keep limber (not easy) with this FM. It also supposedly helps my osteoporosis.

    Just wanted to welcome you Delores and hi to everyone esp Linda, Mrdad, ckball and whoever else I missed. Where are you Jodie??.

    Hope to se you all tomorrow.

    Big Hugs to all,

    Granni (Marilyn)

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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I don't know what is the matter w/ people today. They line up at unreasonable hours for stores to open so they can shop. Might as well put a sign on their foreheads. "Raise prices. We'll buy anyway."

    How much could Starbucks charge for a cup of coffee and still have people standing in line?

    How much will something sell for if a designer's name is added?

    Thrift; saving; common sense. These were virtues when I was a kid. Now people list shopping as their hobby.

    "I bought a $500 dress for $300. I saved $200."

    Not really. Actually you saved nothing and spent $300.

    Oh well, only indirectly my problem. Just the observations of an old man w/ Alzheimer's.


  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm wiff ya on that one! I worked with a gentleman that was
    an Old WWII Veteran who returned from the War and got a Masters in Business from Harvard. His wife would tell Him
    how much She saved at the store that day. "Unless,he said,
    you put the difference in the bank, you 'saved" nothing!"

    He drove Me home and saw my House for the lst time on a 1/4
    acre of land, three car garage with two new vehicles in the driveway! "Wow, he said, you have your own little villa
    here"! "How do you do it"? I relied, "well it's easy Lou,
    it's called deficit spending"! "I learned it from the Government"!

    It happened that way Rocky, movin' West!!

    A big hello to Gordon and His Mama!

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  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    had thanks giving dinner at the widow's house of my son's team mate's father who died.

    saturday we had a game so we advance to finals this 12/01...we won 53-21...we only used our first string players in the first quarter then sent in the pups.

    we were 53-7 at halftime...

    then i went to local sports bar gave them the score...then traveled to the other irish pub that is doing a benefit for the family that lost their father to a brain hemmorage...other parents were there drinking and eating....

    so it was nice to see them..

    cody got his birthday present early, a tatoo of a cross on his entire back. his dad paid for it...it has something to do about a video game. so he is stuck w/that one for life.

    well i just got back from the casino...not a good night of winnning//my own darn fault...i was up about 300.00 then lost most of it back..

    well gonna go to sleep. then go see this bartender tonight on his shift...not sure if he is interested in dating me...it is a possibility....he is working on his kinesiology masters degree at sonoma state and he is a baseball coach their as well...

    anyways...going to bed for a nap.

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Boy what a two days it is has been. My email address was stolen then spammed 100's of people and all the address's that were bad bounced back to my email box.

    I have had 75 and counting. I spent the entire evening on 'live chat" with earthlink with no success. Emailed them too and they emailed me back that it came from a earthlink address so there was nothing they could do!!???

    so I wrote a not very nice email, I have had this email since 1998 and never had a problem like this. So much wasted time.

    Here it is after 12 and I have so much to do and half the day is already gone. I spent the morning adding my email address's from Outlook to my webmail. I found out I was not getting my emails from people. They were not in my webmail address book. So that has been my weekend.

    I sure hope everyone's is better.

    I want to welcome Delores. My daughter lives in Elizabethtown and GD goes to school in Lancaster. So I know your area. Welcome to the porch, grab a blankie and some homemade hot coco I brought, watch it tho it may be spiked,hehe. I could really use a drink today :)

    Linda I hope you are dong well and recovering from the dinners;

    Rock I am wiff ya on shopping, I save more than all those shoppers, because I didn't go. Glad you and Gordon had a good meal.

    Mrdad entertaining as always wiff your stories, never know what you will come up wiff next

    Granni is zooming around as ususal, hope you got everything done and on to shopping.

    Julie I hope you dad is healing, I am suprised he is coming home so soon. My mom was 69 when she had a triple bypass and she was in rehab for nearly 3 months before she came home. But she wasn't in the best of health then. She got so much better, then came home and layed down again and that was it for her. She is now 72 and will never walk again. Exercise is so important, just a walk up and down a hallway makes a difference.

    Joan, Lacy, Darwaters and others I have missed I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. I have to run and get stuff done- CYA laters-Carla
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is cold and wet out there today as was yesterday!!

    As my son would say . Time to get up from your food coma !!! I know how that feels, believe me. DH is watching football and I have been putting a few Christmas things out that are not up in the loft and waiting for my pot roast to cook. Haven't had that in a long time with smashed potatoes, with gravy of course. Anyone want to come for dinner. It sure smells good in here.

    Forgot who said this was my week off -NOT !!! Have to practice for our Christmas Chorale concert tomorrow and tuesday is our last little performance at a local nursing home. I think that is the last one anyway. The big performance is in two weeks.

    CK - I am NOT zooming anyplace to day. It is to cold and rainy out and I am to tired. So, I am just doing a few things at home in between chatting with a few of you great guys and gals on the porch. Oh yes, I do have a bit more shopping to do but mostly oney and gift cards now. Sorry to hear about your e-mail address mess.

    Rock - You are absolutely right about these crazy people getting up to shop for the BIG sale at 3-4 a,m, or whatever. Plus, the crazy prices everyone will pay now for almost anything esp if it has someones brand name all over it. Not me - I came from the same school my mom did and everything that was bought was on sale or made. I don't make anything myself but my mom did. We always made our money go as far as possible. DH's parents or gparents were the same having come from the "Old Country" - Hungary and Germany. All I can say is there is alot of mighty spoiled people around here (in this country) and some very poor ones too. Enough chattering about that stuff.

    Darkwaters - I'm with you about the tatoos, NOT for me. My neice has one on her lower back, has small flower or something and shows when she wears the midrift tops and low cut hiphuggers. Speaking of hiphuggers, we are back to the 70's and early 80's I think again. All my kids wore that stuff. Here it is again. Just keep everything and IF you can still fit into it your in style !! The IF part is a big one for me to and I have always been thin. Now I got a tummy that doesn;t want to go away. So, elastic is in for me(on some pants anyway).

    Linda - My how lucky of you to have to bring your daughter and friend to the mall, NOT. Do you have to stay with them or pick them up later? This time of year the Mall is off limits to me, to many crazy people out there. It also depends on how close the mall is to you. They are building one close to us now which is a good thing (sort of) don't have to go so far when I have to go there. Hope you are enjoying your vacation from work and feeling alot better.

    Jodie - Congrats to Cody's teeam for being in final playoffs. Did you say that the tatoo Cody got was across his whole back? Hope he doesn't get sorry he made it so large later on. Glad at least he picked a good symbol to put there. The other day in the store there was a young man with loads of tatooes all over his body, including what I am pretty sure was a Nazi cross symbol (or whatever you call is). Part of it was partially covered by his T shirt but it sure looked like it. Nice looking kid otherwise.

    Dolores - Glad you are enjoying our nice and sunny porch !! Welcome again.

    Joe/Joe - Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. If you mentioned what you did I don't remember. Did you go see the little guys??? You are sounding as chipper as ever. Your weather is surely nice and warm even warmer now here in TX.

    Hi also to Lacey, Joan, Marta, Csrla nl, Sweetie and everyone I have forgotten to name plus those hiding in those darn bushes again.

    I rreally should be doing my Christmas cards.

    Big hugs to all,


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  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    oh i need to see the sunshine...but i was sleeping...

    then looked out at the neighbors apts they have up xmas deco's and tree's...i get into this funk every year about xmas...i hate that feeling...

    i have an artificial one in the closet wonder if that would bring up my spirits or not.....

    i had a neighbor call me up a couple days ago telling me how she has pneumonia and i could come over etc...that was on a message machine...i do not have my spleen....cody has surgery scheduled 12/26 so the last thing he needs is that...i researched and some is contagious and others may not...i can not take my chances....

    our football team is having a 23 game winning streak let's up it keeps up.

    we lost our number one wide reciever in the county he has to have surgery on his arm tomarrow....atleast he is a junior and not a senior...or his injury isn't as severe as cody's is....

    well gonna wake up.

  13. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    Sounds like everybody is having a busy weekend. It's almost over and I just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome you all gave me.

    Linda, can you believe I've lived in Amish Country all my life and I don't own an Amish quilt? So, you are "one up" on me with that. And your making homemade potato soup made me hungry, so I made some too today. I made the creamy kind. It's my favorite though the regular "soupy" kind is okay also. I never use a recipe. I just make soup.

    Granni, thanks for your warm welcome. Relax, Hon, you'll get your Christmas cards out in plenty of time. This year we have 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Well, almost 5 weeks). So, there's extra time! Now there's a nice Christmas gift for us already :)

    Carla, the hot cocoa with a "punch" sounds inviting. You're so nice to offer it and a warm blankie on a cold night. So your daughter lives in Elizabethtown and granddaughter goes to school in Lancaster! Wow! We are neighbors then! It's a nice area to live in. I'm a graduate of Manheim Central High School, class of 1964, myself. Very proud of it. State wrestling champs that year, though I wasn't on the team :)

    Guess what. My Christmas shopping is finished! Has been finished for several weeks already. So I'm not going to venture out into crazy crowds to save money or spend it. I'm done.

    I'm giving my cookie decorating supplies away this year. From now on I'll buy my Christmas cookies. I'm done baking. Is anyone here baking Christmas cookies? What kind?

    I'm tired too, and it's almost 11:30 p.m. here. Gonna turn in now. I hope everyone has as good a night's sleep as possible. Love and Hugs to all, doloresf1
  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i don't know if i w/bake cookie and stuff like i used to...

    well talk to you all later.

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Julie: I do hope this note finds your Father doing better!
    Hope you have your own good day with the Docs. I'll be thinking of you.

    Granni: ("Cookie") No. I didn't spend Thanksgiving with the
    'Lil Guys as they "ditched me" to go see Grandma and Grandpa
    back in Ohio for a week. Before they left, I spent a day wiff them, however, teaching them how to kick and scream properly!
    I'll bet they will be HERE next year for Thanksgiving. The
    roommates and I did the Boston Mkt. thing. NOT BAD either!!
    My Family invited me to go to the Irish-Cultural Center for
    dinner wiff them, but Turkey and cabbage just didn't appeal
    to me, nor the large crowd of people! (wonder ifin' they boiled that Turkey as they did all the food when I was in Ireland)?

    I awoke to a nice email from a childhood friend of my Son.
    He is in the Peace Corps in So. America. I did get an opportunity to see Him here in SF just before He left for training earlier this year. So nice to see young people
    doing sumpthin' constructive and altruistic with a life!

    Big day yesterday!! The '49'er's won ONE in a row! Oakland
    too! Philly "done good" against the Patriots! W.C. Field's
    would have been proud!

    Hey to Jodie, Linda and especially a big welcome for Delores
    to the PORCH! Even SHE is younger than I. But only by a
    month Delores! Welcome any way!! I'm 61'derful too!!!

    "Talk" to ya awl later, K?

  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    never realy said hello, so here it is, "hello porchie."'

    well just got off from phone w/child support division....the exhb makes me so mad, he just continues to lie....telling me the other day that if he sent off a check the state would lose it most likely.....and if i really needed the money he could send off a payment....and the union place he works for has like 30-40 days to get a check out....it is so much crap the recieiving end of a parent has to go through just to get child support.

    got to go not in a good mood. left exhb a message on his home phone/gf's...told him how to send it out w/his monthly state and write the case number on the check...and they would cut the check out like they are supposed to.


  17. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Well Gang, I left Lin's at 6pm on Thanksgiving to go home to sleep, so I could drive to Philadelphia at 11pm for an Irish dance competition....it is the eastern region Oreachtas(Irish for big competition)and is the playoff to go to the Irish superbowl, which they call the Worlds in EnnisIreland.

    We arrived at 7am, watched dancing till 2pm, slept till 3:30, watched dance till 11pm, ate dinner at 12mn and left for home at 2am....I am still tired!!!!

    The Irish sure know how to drink and party!!! When the ballrooms cleared after awards, there were so many beer bottles, wine and other remains of alcoholic beverages, that I couldn't believe my eyes...

    Went to sisters yeasturday to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and family...was very nice and food was delicious...planned our cookie backing day...

    Dolores - we are cookie backing this year....a tradition at our house...this year we are making stained glass window , rogolatch, cutouts, buck eyes and something else that slips my mind at the moment....My brother lived in Lancaster county for a few years back in the late 70's...it was a good intro to the amish culture...rush hour traffic behind a horse and buggy took some getting used to...
    welcome to the porch...we love new friends, just make yourself comfortable....

    Julie - sorry to hear your Dad is having a rough time...he is in my prayers...hope your biopsy goes well...hang in there....

    CK - that stinks that you may have to change your e-mail...anything to do with the computer is so frustrating...good luck trying to figure it out...

    Joe - sounds like you made it through the holiday relaxed and well...we used to take a bus to Philadelphia every year for approx. 10 years when my girls were irish dancing and we always ate at Boston market on the way down....On the way to Philly this year, we passed an outlet mall outside of Rochester at about 12:30am and the parking lot was packed....I said to my friend who was driving, "WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND WOULD BE SHOPPING AT THIS HOUR????", then we burst out laughing because we said...."who in there right mind would drive to Phili and back in 36hours!!!!!!!
    Oh well, the Irish are a crazy bunch and there is much to laugh about at these cultural events...

    Rockgor - glad you and Gordon had a nice holiday...haven't started the new book club book, in fact I am going to the library today to get it...my shamrock plant is looking amazing...what a difference that transplant made....

    Lin - hope all is well....you actually went to the mall!!!! I am shocked...TTYL

    Grannie - sounds like you are reved up and ready for the Christmas season...good for you...remember to keep the vocal cords lubricated!!!

    Off to the library and gym....see you later...Kylob
  18. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    MRDAD and I are the first of the babyboomers. Right MRDAD? You know, that babyboomer reputation is not all it's cracked up to be. You've heard we are all spoiled brats who had everything handed to us, and that we want what we want when we want it. Not, all of us. Some of us had a pretty hard life. I for one, am a survivor.

    "Rush Hour behind an Amish horse and buggy". Now that's an oxymoron! haha

    Someone's dad is very sick, though I forget whose. I sure hope he's feeling better. And I hope your own biopsy turns out okay. Stay strong. You'll get through this.

    You've all made me feel welcome and I thank you. I hope all of you are having a really nice evening. Love, doloresf1
  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    but need to go. Still having computer problems and a dozen ornaments that need to be soldered.

    I just want to check in and see Julie your dad is having a rough time, hope things turn around for him soon. Last I read he was suppose to go home.

    I have to leave the computer alone or I won't get my other stuff done. The email thing sucks up my only computer time so I am gone again.

    Hello to all you and I posted a story on board and everyone needs to read it. I am so thankful you are here. Be back..with pics (maybe)Carla
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I do hope that your Dad is doing better this evening Julie!
    He is so fortunate to have you there for Him! Keep us posted

    Dolores: Yea, I'm from a Family of five kids and I don't remember eating with a "silver spoon". Took me 8 years to
    put myself through 5 years of Koolidge! Even worked and payed
    my own High School tuition for 4 years previous. Don't think that this was too unusual for blue collar family kids then!

    College is SO expensive now! Can't believe what these Culinary Schools charge (Tens of thousands) to put their
    institution on a resume for some $14.00 an hour JOB! Can't even service the dept on the wages. The scam is to get the Feds or someone to "co-sign" the loan to assure they get the
    "dough". (Not the baking type)!!! Believe there's an investigation planned, but some of our congressman are in on the scam it is much believed! Lobbyists(??) Other "vocational" schools do the same thing. Oh well??? Gotta make up for those "interest only loans" somewhere! Do I smell another bailout on the horizon! NO accountability Kids!

    Well, I think I've worked myself up for another "blood pressure pill". Where's that water glass? Hope all sleep well tonight. Good night Johnboy, Billiebob, MaryEllen,
    Grandma, Grandpa and all ya folks still down at the "Dew Drop Inn"!


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