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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya know? Thought I'd just go ahead and "sweep" the PORCH and

    straighten the recliners and chairs out for the mornin! "K"?

    Goodnight EliZabeth, Goodnight Jim Bob, Goodnight John Boy,
    Goodnight Ben, Goodnight Mary Ellen, Goodnight Erin, Goodnight Grandma, Goodnight Grandpa, Goodnight Grandpa! Goodnight Grandpa!!, Grandpa??


    P.S. Where's the Lincamp today? Tired out from Cyber Monday?
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What are you saying, MrDad? Granpa fell off the porch?

    Things are quiet here today. Too quiet! The gas man, excuse me, the gas person, was supposed to come between 7 am and noon. Never showed up.

    But the gas company spends millions on advertising. Why does a monopoly need to advertise? And why don't they use that money to hire more people?

    Carla, I don't understand about your e mail address being stolen. What happened? Or is it too complicated for me to understand. Is it like identity theft?

    Hope Cody's tattoo looks good, Jodie. I got my first one when I was young too: age 50. Saw a bumper sticker that said: Tattoos are addictive.

    Linda, $80 sounds a little steep for a wallet. I was at the dentist's office looking at some trashy magazine about celebrities. Was a picture of that gal who starred in "Will and Grace". She was sauntering down the street all decked out. The caption said she was carrying a $6,000 tote bag.

    Did not say if she bought it or some designer gave it to her. Good grief! My dog Chester could design a tote bag.

    Kylob, I love things celtic (like music and dance anyway). A friend sent me a 30 second video of some chimps doing the Riverdance.

    Will come back later. I better post this before it too falls off the porch.

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    did you get the quote of the bumper sticker on your body tatooed?

    i have only one, that is enough for me, or rather could've done without it, but he wanted one. so his dad hooked him up for it.

    i have so many little things i need to do...finish a college essay for financial so i can continue to get student loans in the future..

    it looks like the college removed my "w" from my transcript. so that is good, just one less reminder of the sexualt assualt deal..

    i made tri=tip roast marinated in a santa fe sauce, w/blue cheese stuffed in the middle...then i threw in some baked potatoes in the oven...that was our dinner tonight.

    well gonna go read a book..

    hi joe glad you had a nice brunch.

    ck i was w/rock on how the heck your email got stolen as well...i am sure you just as confused....sorry about that one.

    hugs to grannni,kylob,julie,jen,linda,darkwaters,,,and anyone else i may have forgotten...

  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just made an egg mcmuffin at home..burned the saugsage. i didnt really need the extra fats i guess. took some kolonopin to help fall back to sleep. 2 hours of sleep just won't cut it.

    i was reading a book before i went to bed about being a rape survivor...maybe it is not a good idea to read before i go to sleep.

    i want to open up the windows to air out the apt. smokey!

    next week i guess i finally get to get my car in for repairs on the doors due to me hitting a curb back in october. supposed to take 3-4 days to do the work. so i may need to borrow my other car from cody and drop him off at school like old times.

    i have so many things i must do...just want to have some energy to do it.

    hi marta and sweetie.

    good day or should i say good nap to u all.

  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hello all I have been so busy then too tired to read AND post. I have my ornaments done and one angel left to solder.

    I priced and tagged them last night and today have to do a spread sheet for the gallery inventory. I don't enjoy that part but it is part of the process.

    TOday I have to write a couple letters and print out a package for my DR, she is on the board at the hospital, so I am hoping she will help me.

    Then tomorrow I leave at 10 am and won't get home until 9 pm then get up and work at the shop Fri from 12-5, Sat is Wally's for my monthly meds and food run, my cubboards are nearly bare.

    So I won't be around until after Sun- I will be in bed all day Sun for sure,lol. I have been taking time out everyday to walk the dogs. One of my down the road neighbors has horses and I go over and feed them and show them to the girls. They are so funny, they think they can eat the horse.

    They ease over to smell one, there are 3, and then act like a snapping turtle. It is all part of my dog training stuff. Then I work with them in the evening doing tricks and such. It has made a difference. Right now Butter is outside howling away and my two are ignoring it, YIPEEEEEEEEEE!

    It is so frustrating to be in the back room working on glass then have to stop and come in the living room to make them quiet down. The biggest thing is to remember to stay calm myself which is really hard because the barking is a trigger for me and I blow up, it plucks my last nerve.

    So I have been practicing staying calm, it is amazing how in tune the dogs are to our moods. That has been my week.

    It seems to be quite on the porch, the holidays can be the best or the worst for some, especically for those alone.

    Julie I hope your dad is doing better, my heart goes out to you, between your mom, dad, Amy and the baby you have a lot on your plate. Does this mean you won't get to go to Belize?

    Mrdad always taking care of us, you better watch out for those presidental coins, a lot of fakes around. Did you hear on the news a man walked in a bank the other day and tried to open an account with a $1,000,000 bill.

    The lady called her supervisor who then called the police. It seems the US never made a million dollar bill. Another one is added to the stupidest criminal files. True story.

    Linda you have been quiet, are you dressing the house up for christmas and did I read you went to the mall??? Won't catch me there until after christmas. I want a sexy pair of black leather ankle boots. I tried some on at Wally's and I can wear a low heel and I can now get my foot in them. But they didn't have a ankle boot I liked. So I will wait until after christmas for mark downs at better stores.

    Kylob glad you are still pushing along and getting stuff done too.

    Granni I hope your show went well and had fun at your KC party, then get some rest.

    Rock- I can't explain how they got my email address but they did and spammed I don't know how many people. But I got over a 100 undeliverable emails and they all looked like came from me. You left click on the email and look at Properties and it has Headers and Message Source info for tracking. The info looks like I sent them, don't know how they do it but they did.

    Jodie- Sorry things are not better for you and the holidays will be tough, but you and Cody have each other that means a lot.

    Darkwaters what kind of tatoo do you have? I love watching the tatoo shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink. I love the art of it but don't know if I could actually do it. It looks very painful.

    Delores hope you are still doing well and getting out and getting stuff done. My GD works after school at the Micheals in Lancaster, if you see a beautiful girl long light brown hair and gorgious blue eyes, that's her, lol.

    Hello to Joan, Lacey and everyone I have forgotten. I need to get busy before my day gets away from you. Take care-Carla

  6. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I am so tired, just flop me over every few hours and I'll be ok.

    This has been a very busy and stressful time here. Don't know where to start, so I won't. Just want to say hi to everyone and hope all had a good turkey day.

    CKball...what hours are you working Friday? I have an appt. with Dr. Ford and if it doesn't take to long I want to get to your shop. I just checked your last reply...duh! read it twice and never paid attention..

    Grannie...hope all is well in your world...sounds like you have been busy.

    Kellyann...was so glad to read about the custody going your way. Sure have been thinking about little Kaylie a lot. She is so lucky to have a loving grandma.

    rock and mr dad...you guys have so much patience with us women folk...wish we could clone you guys.

    hugs to all...gotta try to get outside a get some work done. Our last, nice warm day for a while

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  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Mornin' Kids! Lots of ya were up early and Posting already.
    Hope it means that you all are feeling "pretty good" this a.m.

    Rocky: Did the gas "person" show up yet? And there are so many
    people that need to be at work and don't have the "luxury" of
    waiting around for a day or two for someone to show up! Hope they get there soon if not yet.

    Gotta go get that Flu Shot today. Getting concerned as it's
    getting into the season for "sickies". Just get on a City Bus
    during the winter here and ya get a bug. When I lived in the
    Mountains, I seldom got sick, not even a cold! Too many Peeps in the City and almost impossible to avoid being exposed to illnesses. Got wise and have them do those shots
    in my left arm so that my right arm is free to lift those
    libations unencumbered! Ya know what I'm sayin?

    "Talk" to ewe awl later, K?

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys and glas this will be another quick one. I have got to start thinking about what I will need to wash and pack for our KC midyear meeting,weekend which starts fri - sunday in the Big D. It may be the last one for DH at the state level. We will see if they offer him anything else he wants.

    Yes, the "concert" we did yesterday was not really a concert but a performance at a local Nursing home. We did OK at least they apreciated us. Three of us , inc me actually got to do out tap dance. That is the ony one we remember right now since we have no teacher and place to practice anymore.

    The KC party last night was alot of fun. We even had a little polka type band . The guys playing were all or mostly knights. Well, I loved to do the polka and DH was to tired and drank to much wine, so he didn't want to but did one or two at the end. So, I danced with another gal who loves to polka. We had a good time !!! We didn't do alot of them but we did enjoy it. I just can't understand how people can listen to any dance music and not dance. Guess I just have dancing feet, always moving like my mom's. My Mom and Dad both enjoyed any kind of dance and I grew up with the polka wiht my mom (the good old European waltzs and polkas) !!

    In a week, my chorale performance will be over with, next weekend. The, I will just have to concentrate on for church choiur since I got out of that smal group I was in atttached to the Chorale. I do miss it but they got extremely busy during Christmas (my worst time) and being out three nights a week is to much. After our spring performance with the country chorale we are off till mid August again. So, I get a break. I do miss the galls and the songs though - great harmony !!

    Sorry, I can't stop and say hi to everyoe individually. Gotta run and finish my wash and my part of the tablecloths from last nights party.

    Bye for now since DH needs it now.



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  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    but just for a minute

    Lacey I work from 12-5, the shop is called Reggie's Attic on 32nd and Greenup. That would be so cool to meet you.

    Linda and Jodie looks like we were posting at the same time, mine took a while because I was interupted about a dozen times by the phone, dogs and such.

    Got my Dr letter wrote, asking her for a donation and pass it on to the hospital board. Finished the ornaments,tagging and spit shined and in the computer. I am going to post a pic after I finish this.

    So many hours goes into these little things, from picking a pattern or making one, pick the glass, cut, grind,fit,clean, wrap, solder, clean, patina, clean again, polish, tag it, account for it- then only charge $25 for the pink angel and $6.95 to the little round one's. No one gets rich doing this, but that's not what I want.

    Linda yes I still get out everyday, the cart doesn't like going up hill in the cold and doesn't go as far but it is far enough. I bought a great ski type jacket about 10 years ago and it works great, put on a extra pair of sweats and off I go. I would rather walk in the cooler weather then the heat.

    Darkwaters a rose and a dragon, still waters do run deep, I like it.

    Well break time over, now I need to write a small presentation for my art club tomorrow night. I haven't been to a meeting in a longgggggggg time but still see some at the First Fri gigs. Hopefully, I will walk away with some art and/or checks.

    If I don't have some sort of guide lines, I know I will get all flustered and forget to tell something or just look plain dumb :)

    I really don't like talking to a crowd, never have-hated book reports in HS- oh well- see ya'll laters-Carla
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd finish the post I started earlier...assuming the crazy computer will let me.

    Granni, I made a note by your name. Looks like "pardnic gerarr". If you will translate that for me, I'll type it out for you.

    I am amazed. You sing AND tap dance. I can't do either. When I was a kid my mother made me take lessons. I was always taking lessons, and was hopeless at tap dancing, piano playing, baton twirling, swimming, etc. My mother had the somewhat goofy idea that practice would substitute for lack of ability.

    Actually she had several goofy ideas. Funny things is she was a nice lady as a neigbor or friend. She was a monster as a parent. My father was an alcholic monster.

    I heard a speaker at a meeting for Adult Children of Alcoholics say, "We were all raised to be serial killers."

    Right in the middle of the last sentence I got a pop up about someone is trying to invade the computer and I need spy ware. Thought we already had it.

    Darkwaters, where did you get your tattoo. You know the least painful place for a tattoo? On somebody else. (Old tattoo joke.)

    Welcome to the porch, Dolores. There were no Amish in SE Minnesota when I grew up there, but I've been gone 40 years and there are lots of Amish there now. There's bus tour for city slickers to visit the farms and gift shop.

    I don't have an Amish quilt, but I have a Catholic one. A co-worker made it for me.

    Gotta quit. 2 more pop ups about problems, lost data, etc.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I won't be on here long, sorry. Then I will be gone for the weekend . Leaving tomorrow for the KC weekend. Just wanted to let you know.

    Rock - I could not find that "Pardnic gerarr". Was that in one of my posts? I looked at a couple of them and who knows. May times I type so fast there is no telling what I meant. I know many times I leave typos for others to figure out. If you let me know which volume it was in' I will see again if I can find it and decipher it.

    Not sure if I will have time to be back tonight or not.

    Big warm hugs to EVERYONE. Sorry I cannot mention everyone again today.

  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just a road trip for you....

    i made my claim on my car, it may increase my insurance because i was the ninny that rubbed up on the curb scraped the rocker panel and lower part of doors...

    then file another one on the guy that backed into my car while i was getting ready to pump gas in my car....he hit my hood ...no damage to his suv...not my fault on this one.

    well gonna try to find out what sounds good for dinner.

    cody missed school he forgot to turn on his alarm...but he went in for math tutoring though..

    i fudged and told school he caught my cold...i think i am just coming down w/one.

    well talk to you all later...

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I think "Granni" is referring to the "Knights of Columbus"

    in Her reference to going to KC. Not Kansas City. They are

    an Old-Old Catholic Organization which I assumed didn't even

    exist anymore until She referred to it one time! (I use to be

    an Irish Catholic) By the 33 1/3 record of the same name!

    Very funny for those that can relate to that situation.Isn't

    that right SMG?

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Granni, the mystery is not what you typed. It's in reading my notes.

    MrDad, Jon Voit said you never get over a Catholic upbringing. Obviously true in your case.

    My compter has been infected w/ a virus, or possibly an infuriated iris. What fun can it be for computer experts to send out virises to infect innocent computers? They must be pyschopaths.

    My big goal for today was to go to the bank. That was also my big goal for the last 4 days. Still haven't made it. I have all the energy of a limp dishrag.

    Better post this fast before it too vanishes.

  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just got home and settled, a 12 hour day of running all day.

    The eye Dr wasn't a great visit, it seems my eye pressure has increased again over the last 6 months, high normal is 20, now I am 22 in the left and 21 in the right. If it goes up any more then I will have to have treatment for it. It's called ocular hypotension, it explains the eye aches I have been getting more often. Just another thing to add to my list and watch.

    I gave him the foundation info and beifly explained it and he said he would read it and sounded like a worthwhile cause.

    I dropped the other package at my reg Dr when I picked up my scripts, so I will see.

    I went to my art club, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Only 12 people showed up and they all are donating a peice. One brought hers tonight, she carves alabaster, it is a dove on a log, very nice-she sells them for about $150.

    One of the members belongs to the art club in Ohio, just cross a bridge. They are having their meeting Mon at the Ponderosa, it is their christmas party and asked me to come to talk to her group.

    THEN Mr P emailed me today and said he and Randy Travis are going to be on Larry King this week, they will be gone Sun-Tues so I guess it will be his Mon night show.

    My wealthy ex boss in VA called me this morning and is going to help me too. Her husband and her just finished raising money to build a Visual Arts Center for Richmond artists, a place where they work and show. Is that cool or what??

    So she is going to give me the contact info and donate as well. She went to my site and was very impressed with what I have done and was very proud of me. She was my first mentor in the business world and now it has come full circle.

    I am beat and need to chill in front of the tv so I can get wind down and get to sleep before 1 am.

    I didn't see Julie post anything, I hope her dad and mom are ok. I have to work tomorrow then go see mom after work. She has had a rough week. They cut back her Seraquil ? anti-psychotic and she got aggitated, they called me 3 days over different issues.

    The state requires them to reduce it to see if they still need it or are on too much. So they upped back up again.

    Tata for now- I hope everyone is safe, warm and happy- Carla
  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Found out this aft that my two "Lil' Guys" haven't returned
    from oHIo yet. As you remember, they went to visit Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving. I guess "Dad" phoned to ask the
    boss ifin' He could take another week of his Vac. time and delay comin' bac to SF for a week. Luckily, they have been
    business partners and trusted and supportive Friends for years! I've never seen such a fine working relationship on that level before. I'm figuring that Grandma and Grandpa just
    can't get themselves to let them go yet. It's so-o-o far to go to Ohio for just a week and I'm happy they are taking more
    time to see the wonders of Ohio and relax b-4 the BIG holidays
    to come.

    Yea Lincamp. I asked the Nurse if the flu shot was gonna hurt.
    "Of course not" she said, "not until tomorrow"! (She was right, it's a bit sore today) That's why I had them do it in my left arm. I haven't used that arm or hand since Sister
    Mary Gregory made me "right handed"!! Ya know what I'm sayin?!

    Oh, as I'm writing this, PBS tv is doing the "Summer of Love" documentary, but I haven't seen my face yet! That Summer I was working for Ma Bell collecting money from pay phones all over SF and the Bay Area. I worked my way out in
    the Haight-_Ashbury phone by phone until I found myself at
    the corner of Haight and Stanyon right across from GG Park
    where "all" the Hippies were camping. As I removed the front door of the phone to retrieve the cash box, money pored out of the phone onto the shelf and floor of the phone booth! At that critical moment, their was a persistent tap
    on the closed glass door of the booth. I opened the folding door to find myself confronted by a young man about my age
    as he gazed at the floor of the booth ladened with small
    coin! "Hey man",he said, "can ya spare some change"? It's all in the TIMING folks!! Everytime I pass that spot to this day, I think of that moment. That young man is most likely a CEO or CFO now, not looking to "work" for any spare
    change! Where are you Mario Savio now that they need ya!
    Let's hear it for very "free speech"! Dolores, ya missed
    a poignant "baby boomer" summer! Or did ya??

    Well Kids, I'm runnin' low on ink so I'd better sign-off!
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i got called tonight to go out w/a male friend at 10 pm...i told him i have been in my jammies all day and just plain old tired....

    plus he has a gf, doesn't bother him or me...but sometimes if i see some other male they may think he is my bf or sommething..sometimes it can ruin a night of a possible date...but then again guess i need to start asking for men's numbers instead of waiting for them to come to me...

    i just did my dishes....i think i need to call a carpet cleaner. thought about the rug doctor and me doing it to save money but i am just too tired. i don't even want to put up my xmas tree...

    haven't done any shopping for cody....he really wants money mainly....

    so do i.lol...

    cody's team w/be having team dinner tomarrow night...then a big game on saturday...we have to win it! last year we beat that same team like 51-0...i hope we do the same again. then we go to the next big win to win another title......last year we played in the oakland raiders coliseum....this year i hear our schools in our league level aren't playing there this year only bigger level schools...like de la salle....

    mr.dad thanks for covering the kc for me...i re-read her post and then i got it...thought what the heck was i thinking...

    flu shots i learned to take tylenol before i get the shot to dull the achy arm. cody defies getting one...but he really needs one so he doesnt get sick before surgery or me sick as well..

    i made my car claims of accidents...one may up my rate on my insurance...first accident ever...i hit a darn curb parking...

    well gonna think about some sleep now and hopefully a better day of feeling restful and alive...

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    What's the Haps? Very very quiet today. Is everyone busy and getting ready for the weekend? Cool here today. Was 28
    in Reno this morning! Down in the 40's here and that's cold for SF! Took the bus out to the Bay, I didn't see any oil
    globs but a couple of freighters making there way laden with
    containers headed for Oakland across the Bay! Just in time
    for Xmas!

    I don't have much planned for the weekend, what about "you guys"?

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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am typing this in my mail box w/ the hope that it is less likely to vanish in a puff of frustration.

    Gordon got some anti-virus software from a computer person at his office. Even if this wards off future attacks, don't see how it will heal up the current situation. But whadda I know about computers.

    We had Norton anti virus in the last computer, Linda. When Gordon ordered this one he was told to leave it out because it blocked stuff you wanted. Apparently not the best of advice.

    Did not get the bumper sticker tattooed on my person, Jodie. I got 3
    notes tattooed on my bicep to see if it hurt. Didn't; felt like the tattoo guy was drawing w/ a pencil.

    So I got a couple more. And then I got some piercings. What what else can you do to liven up things a little if your a middle-aged paper pusher?

    You're right, Linda. Thanksgiving has done come and went. I tossed the last of the dressing. There was a bite of turkey leg left. All withered and dried up like Gordon's mother.

    Carla, it is really wonderful that you are doing all this charity work. I think you do more than most healthy people.

    Did you, or Darkwaters, ever go to a tattoo show? I went to one at the Los Angeles County Fair grounds. It was a combination Tattoo-Motorcycle show. I included some footage in my tattoo documentary that I made on video tape.

    Nice of you to use the word clone in relation to me and MrDad, Lacey. Perhaps "clown" would be more appropriate.

    No, the gas person never showed up, MrDad. I took the sign off the front door.

    Read a joke in the Readers' Digest, Granni. Guy asked for direction for the K of C. When he got there he discovered the kid had given him directions for KFC.

    Gordon just knit me some slippers and is now working on a scarf for a coworker. He thinks perhaps it is too narrow. Told him tell the coworker it's the latest fashion.

    Missed my Emotions Anonymous meeting. Got all cleaned up to go and then crashed. Woke up 4 hours later. Sigh...

    Das ist alles.


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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The computer keeps thinking of new ways to thwart me. I copied the above message so I could then paste it.

    In the process the computer put the top half of the message on the bottom and vice versa. Then when I attemtped to paste things together in the proper order it froze up and the final section vanished.

    Dave Barry says men keep buying new computers because they want one that is faster and more powerful...like a car. But maybe people just keep hoping they'll get one that works.

    Whaddya think?


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