Porchlight is On Vol. 164 (Klosed)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gotta get this started b-4 I drive Guido to the airport.
    He is headed bac to Hoboken N.J. to visit Mama for the
    Holidays! He sure is a sweet, loving Son. Is he not? We're
    all proud of that Boy!


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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just hopping in before I have to go to practice tonight. Actually not to sure how much singing we will do . There will just be alot of moving around and trying to decide who stands where to sing and then move on or try to figure out what everyone will be doing during the program. It is the first time we will be having a Christmas choir performance . Lots of new things happening with the new director. I do like her but some people are grumping about all the changes she is making or making them do. I am just trying to go with the flow.

    Glsd to hear that you all seemed to have survived the storm last night . Hope the snow will disapper as quicky as it came. The kids might like it thought but not I.

    Jens - I can see why you are so tired with all those working hours, etc. Thanks for the info on the coca.. I will see if I can find it. Does it come in can or a box with individual pkgs. I know I would like it but not sure about DH.

    He likes cocoa but ot to sure about the mint together. He doesn't even like all kinds of mints like I do and the combo is great I think. I am sure the kids are all excited and trying hard to be good for Santa !!! I know my one daughter who is divorced used that threat alot - no Santa coming to your house if you don't do whatever OR if you misbehave at school. This is the 6 yr old with leukemia. I think he is probably a bit spoiled (getting away with stuff) since his leukemia . Now that he is in kindergarten he HAS to behave himself. Hope you get to feeling better and don't come down with something nasty for the holiday.

    CK- Yes let us know how the meeting went today, I guess it was today, not sure. You are such a busy one.

    Hi Linda - glad the snow has finally stopped for you.

    Have to go eat something before I leave. Bye for now. Hugs to all inc Rock, Mrdad and everyone else I have not mentioned today.


  3. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I have a friend who is also a Computer support man. He downloaded, all free, AdAware, SpyBot and AVG -free.

    Do a pretty good job of it too. Be sure to find one of some sort - it saves a lot of headaches.

    I am beat! I don't know how 2 people could have soooo much laundry!! Of course, I last did laundry 6 days ago but I had 3 big loads plus 4 dryer loads. The worst part - I have to put it all away soon.

    Why can't I remember what all you dear people just wrote about???? my mind just blanks out and I forgot who said what!!!

    Anyway i have to go find something called "supper".

    Oh yes, our school didn't have school today. we have too many country roads to get cleared out. I went out t his a.m. and scooped what blew on the sidewalk yesterday, sgtart ed the car to warm it up and tried to clean off the snow and ice all over it. i froze! The windchill was 11. Guess it could be the actual temp.

    Keep warm and don't slip on the snow and ice. See ya' I hope tomorrow! Of cour se, I have to read Sunday's papers that didn't come yesterday. Everything I type is now beginning to sound goofy!!!

    Gentle Hugs,

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks Linda! I DID go see a Doc about my Abdominal Pain

    this Aft. Not my reg. provider but did see Her shortly

    as She was on Her way to an Hospital emergency. Directed me

    to another Doc who was kind and helpful. She couldn't find

    any obvious reason for my problem but set another appt. for

    Jan. 7th. Thinks it is a retreating virus but not a Flu.

    Blood test may be required later to detect a possible bac-

    terial infection if the problem resurfaces strongly again.

    We shall see!

    Hope Guido made it back to Hoboken and is safety out of the

    Sky and wiff His Mama by now! Cousin Vinney was to pick

    Him up in N.J. Gonna miss Him out here Kids!

    Hello to ewe awl as I go to fix some Din-Din b-4 the

    Housemates arrive home for the day and say, "Boy, that sure

    smells good! Um, haven't had that in a long time"!? Hint,


    Later Kids!
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'll see how I feel over the next day or two. I'm definitely

    improved but stomach not yet comfortable. Glad that Hubby

    managed to get a night off. I remember substitute teaching

    at Juvenile Hall here in SF in '72. Went in to the classroom

    as I hear one of the Jailers lock the cell door behind me.

    Had about 10 or 12 Kids in the classes usually. Pretty ruff

    group of unfortunates and sociopaths! Asked me at one point

    why I never showed them any "educational movies". (Like I

    was gonna turn around, in there alone and shut the lights

    off! No VCR, DVD players connected to TV's then. Ya had

    ta do that Old Projector in the dark! Thought of that as

    you mention your Husbands work. Seems so long ago now, and

    it was. It happened that way, movin' West!


    P.S. (while at Walgreen's MOOSE TRACKS ice cream!) umh-umh!
    yum-yum!!![This Message was Edited on 12/17/2007]
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Oh I shall talk to myself, might as well, I have talked to everybody else in this town.

    It went..........GREAT, it was so cool. I got the right 3 reporters to tell this story, there is so much to share but your gonna have to wait, yes it is 2 am.

    Mr P left about 8:30 and I gave the girls some time. Poor things were just tied up out on the porch and barked threw the whole interview. You will hear them in the distance.

    This was so much bigger than I thought it would ever be. It is a ongoing process of annual art auctions, sales all year round on the site with a 20 percent donation to the foundation.

    I get to find the artists for ALL the art across the country. I have a copy of the PSA's I am still figuring how to post them on youtube, it is a mac program so it won't talk to mine. Sorry Mrdad, I used macs at my last job for 5 years and found when I left and went back to my PC I didn't like it.

    It looks like I missed alot on both volumes. After I played with the girls I had to send a mass email to announce my 3 interviews in 3 hours. You can read it on line tomorrow.



    http://www.wsaz.com/ this is the major TV station in the area and it will air Thur at 5:30. There is already a tease, under recent events,, then it has the links to my site and DAS site. I have been hit about 10 times in the last few hours. You can also view some the interview on line. AFTER THURS

    I guess I need to go to bed but I am wound tighter then a guitar string. I have to say it went wonderful and I can't wait to see what they do with it. nite-nite I'll be back around 12 or so :) Love ya Carla

    PS Linda -went to eye Dr this morning and pressures were normal but I tested positive for dye eyes, said see rhumey about sjgorens. It wouldn't suprise me, my mouth was like a desert all day. oh well just another bumb in the road, now get over and go on
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Huzzah for you I visited the sites. Folks might like to know they need to click on "Giving Their Art for Life" on the first one.

    At the second site click on "We are Marshall, etc. on the right side of the page.


    We haven't had so much excitement on the porch since Ma made soap and Pa churned the ice cream and Jethro knocked 'em both over simultaneous.

  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you so much-what are you doing up at 4 am??? just gettin up or just going to bed,hehe.

    I am still in shock about how well it all went. AND I did make the front page! The WHOLE front page, there is one little story above and one at the bottom. I havn't seen it but Barb, the gallery owner, bought me 10 copies I'll get tomorrow. She said it is me standing in front of the art and then one of my peice that I donated, the big red maple tree.

    So where is everydobby at? I hope your not snowbound without power. I haven't seen the weather channel today.

    I hope your out getting all those last minute sales for stocking stuffers.

    I know with all the good news I have, I shouldn't complain but I had something happen today that really POed me off. I took the girls down the same road we go everday. It starts out going down a long steep hill, then levels out for the rest of the time.

    Today I couldn't make it back up the hill. I didn't get half way. This has happend one other time but I was almost to the top. I have to get out and use a stick I keep for the bad dogs, to press the pedal down and I walk beside the cart and steer it.

    So here I am walking up this steep hill and about 8 cars passed me and did not even stop. I had to keep stopping because my arms and legs were trying to cramp up. Finally I made it to the top of the hill and still had a 1/4 mile to go but the batteries weren't enough to get me home. Then 4 more cars and 2 trucks with men went around me.

    I was starting to lose faith in the human race, then a lady stopped, as she was pulling off the road to help me push and another man stopped too. So they got me to my road and I coasted to the house. I can't believe all those people, some were woman and older, I understand that. But at least 5 men just went on by. I just waved and said thank you!

    Ok I was interrupted by a phone call and am suprised I didn't lose my post-so gonin to go- Come on in the lodge the fire is roaring and warm- Carla
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Seems as though NO one is paying any attention again! I shall

    NOT repeat myself!


    "Please fetch the Limo Guido"[This Message was Edited on 12/18/2007]
  10. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    just stopped by for a short vivst. Haven't been on the puter this week, but had to get cell phone bill and internet bill, so here I am.

    Seems like by the time I get up in the mornin' it's time to go to bed again. Can't get caught up on the sleep.

    Daughter's car broke down yesterday, and I had just got out of the shower when she called crying, she was really scared. So I take off with hair wet and it was 15* outside, luckily I had the road blocked and three truck loads of pipeline workers couldn't get out, so I held them hostage until they pushed her car out of the road. I hope I don't get pneumonia, oh well...

    sounds like everyone is really busy with the holidays. We start our family parties Sat. Hope I can survive with my dysfunctional family.

    Carla, I'll be watching channel 3 tomorrow. keep up the good work.

    hugs to all...lacey

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just been a little busy and sick..must've been the airport/airline stuff...throat hurts etc..

    well i have not even started my xmas shopping at all..

    just going to order some pics of cody's football games and mail them out to the grandparents...

    gonna go now....

    oops forgot...i have to get more documentation from dr.'s to get my financial aid and student loans reinstated...federal laws...

    so i have cts dr. appt...so i have to tell him how i have been feeling etc. so hopefully he will write dr. note stating that i was dealing w/complications etc.

    then have my pychologist write another dr. note stating i was dealing with major depression etc...

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry everyone,

    I wrote a nice LONG post to you all and somehow it got deleted or just disappeared into cyberspace. Not going to write it all again. Lots still to do and here I am on the puter.

    Hope all is well with everyone. This week and Christmas week will be very busy . Hope all of you will have a wonderful holiday. I have been trying to get into the spirit. The rest of gifats is money which is running low at this point.

    Jodie - Sorry so much trouble trying to get your school mess all straightened out. Hope it does so soon.

    Julie - You have earned a lovely holiday in Belize. Time to think of yurself for a chance. Take care of that sweet Keira. They looks so cute with earrings . However, my kids had to wair till they were 13 till they were able to ge their ears pierces. Yes, the mom has to take care of it when it is little one like that and make sure there is no infection.

    CK = Congrats on everything. You should be so proud. I will check itout tomorrow to see if I can find your article. Sorry you had to wait so long to get rescued. Lacey could have helped you out to when she rescued her daughter if she was close enough to you (-: !!

    Lacey - Glad you were able to get your daughter out of that snowy mess when she broke down.. MOM to the rescue !!! I ams ure she was afraid.

    Joan - Hi there .. Try and stay warm and I know what you mean about after awhile your posts sound so silly or don't make sense.

    Mrdad- Hope you wil get better soon and hope it is a virus.

    Rock - stil surviivng with your dumb puter?? I thought it was new used one or the other wy around? Was it more used than new (-: ??

    Well, I had better sign off her before I lose this one too. The rest of this week will be busy and pray that our first ever choir concert comes out well. It will be with all the choirs inc the new chidren's choir.

    Love to all ,

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  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I am on my way to cantata practice in the "frozen fog" ever heard of it???

    We have to practice as Sunday's was called off. Weather - weather - weather!!!! What kinhd will it be by the 25th.

    i don't havge far to go to chiurch tonight. I dread it as tonight we mkarch in, remain standing and begin the singing. I deo sit down once in a while when my back and knee just won't take it anymore. But my big problem is getting back up!!! Look like an od grandma but that's what i am!!!

    Excuse mistakes.

    Gentle Hugs,

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am so sorry about your friend, what a awful thing. What was his job thinking??? My heart goes out to you and your family. Don't worry about raining on my parade, because it is only the begining. I'm going to have lots of parades.

    I haven't read the news story yet, but I take it you won't get to go to the service. I am glad you at least had Thanksgiving with him. It is a sad reminder that our time could come any day, we do have to make the best of what we got.

    Mr P made the comment to one of the reporters that they are making lemonade now. It is coming close to the 2 year anniversy of the death of Damon and Stella. Jan 2 and 4th.

    I had a really non-stop day and am brain dead, I saw the train coming but just couldn't stop it. I get to rest tomorrow then attend my art club christmas party at the Ponderosa, then work on Fri- then Sat I die. I am not going to PA for Christmas, weather is some issue and my car had a warning light that came on and stayed on all day.

    When I left the nursing home to go to my mechanic, the light was off. It was a emission/transmission warning that says go to your dealer asap. The other is I am just too tired to try to push that trip after the last few weeks.

    I am ok with it and will go see my favorite aunt, she is the one who's grandson was killed in a car wreck while on a senoior trip. This is their first christmas without him.

    Julie- have a safe trip to Belize, I do understand why you do it.

    Granni-are you all going to try out for that new show about chior contests? I hope your concert goes well.

    Jodie -sorry about the trip and paper work is always a pain,

    Mrdad- I hope your tummy gets to feelin better soon. Did you say you were going to see the lil guys this weekend?

    Rock-did the trojoan pony get again?

    Lacey -don't forget to watch at 5:30 tomorrow

    Ok I drifted off so I better end this before I lose it in the black hole like granni- Carla
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Isn't that just wretched* when your message goes poof, Granni. Especially here when many of us have to really work hard to post something.

    *"wretched" is the way people down South pronounce the long version of "Dick". As in "Hi you'll. This here is ma brother Retched."

    Anyway I am doing this in the mail box. I have been working on this project off and on for hours. the stoopud computer freezes up. Sometimes it is frozen as soon as I get on line. Sometimes it will work for as long as ten minutes.

    As you can understand, when I am already depressed and angry, this does not enhance my state of mental health.

    Gordon says we can try cable; we are now on DSL. I don't mind paying for things, but nowadays when I buy anything I have no confidence at all that it will actually work. that goes for services as well as products.

    Went to the storage facility yesterday. Two shelves of LP records were ruined by water damage.

    MrDad, hope you are better. Are they still investigating?

    Linda, Somebody had a good suggestion. Sorry, forgot who suggested it. Anyway sounds like you would make a wonderful personal shopper.

    Sorry to hear about your cart breakdown, Carla. Was it due to a dead battery?

    Julie, I think you are right. Two months is a little young for ear piercing. I was 50 when I got my ear pierced. It was done at the famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena. (Not during the New Year's game tho.)

    Held 'em hostage, huh Lacey. Well, good for you.

    Oh-oh. Another freeze up.

    Joan, which cantata are you doing? I prefer oratorios or operas. You get more money for your Bach.

    All for now Kids

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, Rock. I see you are still up late here on the "Left Coast" wiff me! Thanks to you and all you other good friends here who have expressed a concern and directed their inquiries
    as to my progress in beating this virus. Happy to say, my friends, that I'm doin' much better. Not perfect yet but doing
    much, much better. Thanks again!

    Now, Rock. You should not be going through these continual computer problems. I know less than You about them and seldom
    have any problem with my Mac. When I do, I manage most times
    to work my way thru it in short order. I've an Older iMac just sitting here and maybe we ought to consider seeing ifin'
    I can do an "upgrade" via new program and get the thing down South to ya! Just gathering dust here in the bedroom, just
    like me! Ya know that life isn't what it's 'posta be ifin'
    ONE is gathering dust in a bedroom! Ya know what I'm sayin'? Your computer should be a source of pleasure, not
    a source of aggravation. Pro bono. "K"?

    I've read all the NEW posts but it's getting late so I'm
    gonna keep this short tonight! Just want ya to know that
    I admire you all as you busily work your way through this
    Holiday Season! Especially you Mom's and Grandmother's who
    always seem to have to bare so much responsibility to make
    things happen this time of year!

    Special Huggles Kids!

    P.S. Gotta go look for those "Moose Tracks" be-4 I hit the Hay!

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  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    MRDAD, for checkin' in wiff us! Glad to hear that you are
    getting the "upperhand" on that mysterious illness. Oh, what did you say MRDAD? DO you mean to say that NOW you think you are
    coming down wiff a COLD? Slight fever and cough? Mighty sel-
    fish of you MRDAD! Leave some sickness for the rest of us, OK?

    Hope you will be better enuff to attend Christmas Eve Dinner
    at the 'Lil Guys Grandma's house. And what about the next
    day wiff your 'Lil grandnieces and nephews? Gotta try and
    drink as much of that HOT BRANDY and fresh squeezed Lemon as
    you can! Let that "bug be gone"!! "OK"?

    P.S. Ya got any of that "Holy Water" left? Use it.[This Message was Edited on 12/20/2007]
    [This Message was Edited on 12/20/2007]
  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have had a cold/flu i don't know which...when i think i am over it i get it back...sore throat is getting better.

    i just gave cody is b-day present to him early well a few hours...he said he was going to take his xbox to school for his weight training class to play video's, so i decided to give him his guitar hero 3 so he could play that in the class w/his football buddies. bad mommy.lol

    well gonna try to clean up kitchen and bathroom tonight...

    i am supposed to meet a guy at his place of work...he bartends tonight...he is a sonoma state baseball coach...nice man...he finally asked for my number on tuesday or monday night i forget which night...brain fog and just tired...

    i took some psuedofed.

    oh i will go to carpal tunnel surgeon tomarrow so hopefully he will give me a dr. not to cover the dates of my pain etc...when i dropped out of my class...so then i can get my financial aid and student loans reinstated...

    just more running around...

    still have not xmas shopped...i think i am going to do the internet thing for cody...or just give him money instead...i don't feel like dealing w/the crowds.

    hugs to you all

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It was very slow yesterday, not many visitors to the PORCH but that has more to do wiff the Hol. rush. Linda, Thanks for mentioning that "Airborne" for Flu and colds and I'll look for it at Walgreen's today (running LOW on MOOSE TRACKS ice cream)
    JODIE, sounds as ifin' you have the "same" thingy I have.
    "Sniffle-sniffle". Hope you get better soon.

    I've been 'vited to Christmas Eve Dinner at the "Lil Guys"
    Grandmother's house as well as on Christmas itself at my SIL's. Nieces and nephews as well as the Grandnieces and nephews will be there. So, I should at least NOT be contagious by then! Ya know what I'm sayin'?

    Julie, I'm sure that you efforts in Belize will be rewarded in
    another Venue. Isn't it ironic that a County with such devastating poverty is likewise the haven for so many corporations avoiding taxes in the U.S. Ya wouldn't believe
    the "High Rise" buildings going up in SF at it is truly looking more and more like Manhattan instead of the more
    rational and open skyline. Yet, this City is going to have
    a $250 mil shortfall in the budget next year! Guess these
    big guys pay little or no taxes while we have homeless and
    the sick on our streets. It's not right, is it?

    ROCK. Ya doin' OK this A.M.? Have you managed to find Gordon's Mama a Xmas present yet? I'm not gonna start my
    Xmas shopping 'til the crowds subside abit! I had a "boss"
    when I was very young that would walk out of the office the
    afternnoon (late) before Xmas and walk up to Market Street
    and do his shopping. HE so Dreaded it! I'm goin' back over 50 years ago now! Where did the time go? He died at that job and was one of the only one in the Family to have a job during the Depression. Never worked for anyone else except
    the U.S. Navy in WWII. A good old Italian family from North
    Beach where Joe Dimaggio was raised.

    Linda. I'm sorry that your Hubby has lost such a good friend. Hope that all the arrangements have been taken care of by now. It's especially sad to see people "go" during the Holidays, isn't it?

    Well, better get something done today. I'll "talk" to ewe
    awl later, "K"?

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  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i went to dr.'s and got a dr. note basically stating i had complications from my cpts and will be healed by 12/31/7 and ready for school again...i hope this w/reinstate my financial aid and student loans now...i w/deal w.it when the school re-opens...

    well gonna go take a shower...cody and i need to go out for a late night b-day dinner...if he still wants to...

    linda sorry about your friend's death...

    well gonna see if guido has that airborne ready for me now.


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