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  1. mrdad

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    Ok---we're here!

    Marta: E-mailed you monday the 7th on the live.com account.(?)
    I still have three different accounts but know that not all of them are still valid for you.

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  2. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I just re-read #170 and I couldn't find what I wrote, in fact, it all was new to me!!!!Am I crazy????

    We are recovering froim floods! IOt rained and rained and rained Tues. night! even our lawn was flooded and that doesn't happen often. It was to be trhe first day8 of school after the holiday but because of fast moving water over the country roads, there was no school for 2 days and 2 hr. delays the next 2.

    A neighboring town had bad flooding.A trailer park was evacuated - in the dark that a.m., a man was going through running waterin his van, was washed off the road and couldn't get out of the water and died. That shook all up.

    In our area, the river crossed the road to the east,, the nursing home was evacuated and 13 ladies and their beds werer brouhght into our church fellowship hall amd they are still there. Will be until water goes down and they find all is sanitary and stools flush right!

    The creek crossed iour main street, a St. highway, and took all the traffic fromj the west to the only other east/west road in town. It is still that way! South of town, you can not get5 through the very, very8 high water.

    Another neighboring town has 30% under water and m,any were evacuated. What a mess. Last week was a blizzard and -3 degree weather, this week 60 and a flood.

    My friend has said that with all the awful weather related things that have gone on in '07 and so far this year, the Lord is trying to tell us something! Any agree?

    Our coffee waitress' daughter and family lived in the trailer park and ALL pluas 2 vehicles are ruined and unusable!!! They have gotten a bagt of clothes out. They were to find out more today but that familiar word from "Katrina", FEMA" is coming in so who knows when they will get help.

    The Salvation Army came into our town and to the many, many who had water in their basement up to their waists, they have given bleach, cleaners etc. to help with the mess!! We don't have a basement or a finished crawl space.

    it has been gloomy ever since - we didn't go to a nieghboring town last nite to go for promise4d pizza, but I coulsd tell DHI didn't want to tackle all that in the dark. Today we were to go to our sho pping mall 50 mi. from here and I surmized (sp?) that he didn't want to do that either.

    I just kept busy on my new cell phone, leafrning all about it and getting the tel# in.

    Again I have a split tip of my finger and it hurts like the dickens.

    hope Kylob is doing OK and on the way to feeling better. And Carla, how is your back? You didn't need to add that5 misery to your other things!

    Gentle hugs to all of you. Will try to get back next time with something other than floods!

    Luv u,

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  3. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    Hello Joe, nice to see you again. You suggested on an earlier post that maybe I'm Irish??? Well, I think I have a little bit of the irish blood in me but none of the luck. Maybe I should expand my search for that lucky little shamrock, huh?

    Georgia, Hi. I just LOVE the pic of your goat! My neighbor raises goats and I just love it when they have babies. Nothing cuter than a little 4 day old kid! I see you're from the Sac. valley. I have an uncle who lives in Placerville. I went last october to visit for a month and absolutely loved it! I did not want to come home.

    Darkwaters...I saw your post on Diabetes and replied to it. Nice to see you again.

    Linda...It sounded like a real fun birthday for your daughter. I have one next week...wanna come over and put up balloons for me too???

    Well guys, I'm gonna shut up for now. I'm falling into quite a funk and need to do something to lift me up a little. I may pop some pop-corn and find myself a good movie.

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Kathleen: The reason I asked if you were Irish is that there
    is a Northern European genetic disorder that entails many of
    the synptoms you have. Includes fatigue, muscle and joint pain etc. CK-Carla and I both have it! It is one of the 10
    most common and mis-diagnosed diseases in medicine! It is
    "iron-overload or (Hemachromotosis) One does not dispose of
    iron, causing cells to die from blocking oxygen to the Cell.
    My liver is a victim! Easy blood test can determine. A very
    Celtic problem. Less in woman than in men. Just a thought!

    Also, I spent a night in Placerville (Hangtown) June '64!
    A very colorful Gold Country area! Just gadgiated from H.S.
    and went "Camping" with friends to Yosemite etc. only to get
    rained out all week! Ended up there! Very boring for an 18 y.o.!! Hope ya had a better time than I had!

    Linda: Glad Kylob is doing well and that youngest Daughter had such a nice B'Day! My grand niece will be ONE on Sunday
    and I'm going to the BIG PARTY! Shes startin' to walk now
    and is getting into everything. So cute!

    Lila: So sorry about the Water! Boy, it sure can be so frustrating at times. Like there isn't enough to do already, ya know what I'm sayin?

    Hello to Granni, Georgia and alls the rest of ya here today!
    Rock, got a beautiful 20008 Calendar from the Thrift store
    wiff new pic every month of a new variety of Orchid! Thought
    at first it was a Roshack (sp.?) calendar and they were testing me!

    Got ta go!
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  5. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    Lilaclover....I am so sorry you are having to go through all this. I remember after Katrina hit here how surreal it was with all the military passing out water, ice, and MRE's. I didn't have the flooding you guys did but we certainly had a wee bit of wind...LOL. Hang in there girl, it's gonna be tough cleaning up after that mess, just don't let the stress of the situation affect your health!

    Mr. Dad....I have heard of that condition and know a guy who has to actually donate blood in order to keep his iron levels down. I didn'n know that those of Irish descent are more prone to it. I think I'm ok, though, because in all my testing to find out what's wrong with me, they stole enough blood to make me anemic....LOL. Any way all the tests were "normal". Thanks for that info though!
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    to hear about the terrible flooding in yur area as well as the trailer park where your daughter lives. I know we have had some similar circumstances here before with tornadeos. They can reak havoc on trailer parks for sure and flooding is not much better (or should I say worse) ??? That is just terrible for all the people in your area.

    Hope they don't have to wait to long to get help. I still remember the mess with Katrina and Rita. All kinds of people's lives got ruined by those storms and they were not all poor black people either. A friend of mine's daughter is a doctor and lived in the Biloxi are I think. She and her husband were stuck at the hospital and there house was dimolished. They lived in a trailer and then some ogher people house and now I think they have a place by themselves but I forget where. It might be in the New Orleans area (the ourskirts) where we used to live sometime ago.

    Those terribe storms and things just ruin people's lives - what a shame and a tragedy !!! Hope your daughter comes out of this mess all right and still has a place to stay. Hope the flooding goes down really soon.

    Bye for now.

    Lots of hugs and blessings to you and family,

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks Linda! Tummy is "OK". Just OK. Haven't tested the
    lactose theory yet but shall do it soon. Could be. Who
    knows,ya know what I'm sayin? "They" really can't be expected
    to have an answer for everything I guess. So glad that Kylob
    will be allowed to go home tomorrow. Thanks for passing on our
    concerns and positive thoughts to her.

    Well, the "Mavericks" are gonna start tomorrow! Surf's Up!
    Tallest waves to ride this year! Gonna happen just South of here. I'm trying to prepare in an orderly manner. I ironed
    my speedo-s first, now I'm preparing to unscrew the legs off
    my ironing board and bring it to Princeton and wait for that
    enormous wave. OOPs! Gotta try to get into the "Hair Club"
    b-4 I go so all three of the hairs on my forehead will be
    in proper alignment for the Media cameras! Lots of preparation Kids! Makes me sleepy thinkin' about it! Hang ten!!!

    P.S. Anyone see my wax??
    (Or is that for snowboarding?)

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  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    That was the best laugh I have had all day. Loved the waxed thing or wait is it for surf board??? :-O

    I have missed what is going on in your tummy but since my back injury I have been haveing some issues of being rudley awakened at 4 am too many time. I did some reserch on celiac condidion, it is gluten that is causing the issues. You can become gluten intolerant at any age and after surgical procedures. I have done the test and some food that were never a problem are now.

    I love the 6 chocolate or banana walnut muffin pack, mix half cup milk and get 6 muffins. They come and haunt me later that night. I was so tired the night I looked at but we can change how food is processed with all these dd we have

    LInda you get 2 gold stars today for DD BD and walking Kylob around the nursing station, I did go to the shop but if was fine, I don't have to do anything but take money and talk.

    I hope this last round of shots works for you, have you considered having another MRI to see if something has changed. My Dr is having a 3rd party read mine this time, I have conflicting reports, the ones I had in 98 at MCV hospital by the top nuero guy said I have congential spinal stenosis and several discs inpinging.

    But the ones I had here last summer do not mention the spinal being small and only minor disc movement, Bone scan did show degenertive chages in the whole spine, big bright white crooked thing. It could also be Sjogrens because I am drying up like a old sponge left outside to long.

    I had intended to address others but didn't cheat so I can't go back and look

    darkwaters-I am a offical memeber of the fake flowers too. I hope you have a good weekend off

    Geogeia glad to see ya back-hope you get your ceiling fixed soon.

    Elizatbeh-yep mrdad and I have the same rare but not really rare blood disease. I do not beleive we are allowed to donate the blood. MY is disposed.I have a great Dr and it did take her long to figure it our. Now I am down to have phlembototy's once a year or less.I don't eat a lot of red meat or veggies with iron,

    Jodie I hope eveything gets settled in for school for you, just keep putting one foot in front of the other one, one day at a time,

    Barry, Bev,Granni,Sweetie, Marta, Jens -my nite meds kicked in so that is all I got for now, Nite Nite-Carla
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks! Yes, my Doc that did my followup appt. this week
    mentioned the gluten thing too! Recommends fish oil with
    lemon to "hide" taste. Can eventually get down to only a
    teaspoon a week! Yummy-Yummy!! Hope you are doing better
    Girl! My Son's newbie GF is from Kin-tuc but doesn't know
    you she said. Can ya 'magine that!!! Please do things
    while winter is here, like baking cookies instead of digging
    holes in the ground! "K"? Wanta keep you in ONE piece!

    Talked to my Daughter in Ore. tonight and she wants me to get
    a cat as she knows how much I like them! Told her that ever
    since Marta would not send "Soapie" down to me, I just can't
    bare the thought of being content with another! Ya know what I'm sayin? Weather is 'posta clearup for a week or so! Looking ahead to some sunshine and lucrative "Bee-kee-knee"
    counts ahead! Gonna windex those 'noculars!

    Still waiting for my Western blot Lyme test results. I took the blood test in Palo Alto on Dec. 7th. A day that may
    surely live in infamy! Did think I heard Congolisa Rice playing Her classical piano there at Stanford as we drove by! Anyway, it wasn't on the Hospital 'puter and the Lab
    said they sent it to SF on dec. 2oth! Should know on Wednes. as I go for my Hema. appt. then! It's enough to make ya sick!!! It was and "out of pocket" expense of $400.00. Thank god Guido was back in Town!!

    OK. Gonna end this Post b-4 I start sounding silly!
    Have a great weekend Gang!
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oops, almost forgot to write this in my mailbox so I can "cut and Paste". Some people say "Paste and cut", but if you do it in reverse order, you get paste on the scissors.

    The RealMadScientist has a post about procrastination that someone (actually I) segued into a discussion of reverse humor.

    Here are some jokes I found on the net. These are classified as "reverse jokes".

    1) Cop pulls you over. You give him a ticket.

    2) How many mothers of comics does it take to change a lightbulb?

    "Never mind. I'll sit in the dark. I don't mind."

    3) Why did the chicken cross the road?
    It wanted a road more traveled.

    4) This last example was in Tagalog except for the names of several cars.

    After a good 5 or 6 minutes of exhaustive research, I am still in the dark regarding two points:

    What is "reverse" about these jokes?
    What do they have in common?

    I strongly suspect the answer to both questions is NOTHING!

    Well, ok, to be fair maybe the first one is "reverse", but it's not much of a joke.

    Oh, yes, Mr Dad. Regarding your: "OK. Gonna end this Post b-4 I start sounding silly!"

    As one of my bridge partners used to say when someone said, "To make a long story short..."

    Too Late!

    By the way, what are you going to use that wax for: hair, ironing board, or "wax eloquent"?

    Talk mit cha later.


  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    What is the fish oil suppose to do about a gluten intolerance? I wonder if the hemychomtosis has anything to do wiff it. Don't they have fish oil capsules? I know I could get the liquid down, yuck!

    What little reseach I have done it says stress and life changing occurances can have the thing rear it's ugly head. And we both have had them in the past few months.

    You had a lyme test?? It is a shame the cost of testing, just rediculas, what's us poor folk to do? I do hope you get your results soon so you know one way or the other and get treatment.

    Rock I love your sense of humor and agree with the reverse jokes, but they do make one ponder for a few moments and forget our problems.

    I had a interesting day at work yesterday. I had a lady come in and started telling me about her divorce she has been going threw. She told me her husband was living a double life. They had been married for 27 years and she thought her marriage was fine, he had never eluded to any problems. Then one day he said he wanted a divorce.

    He was a business man and travelled and was controlling about his home office never let her learn how to use the computer because "he was afraid she would delete something important. Then he went on a trip and told her not to go in his office, to me that is a open invitation!

    So she got one of her computer savvy friends to come over and found his secret on line life. She went threw his files and found a photo album of a woman and 2 small children with dates but no names on the pictures. Can you imagine? You hear about these things but never thought you would meet someone it happened to. She was very nice and then other people came in the store so she paid for her item and left. My heart broke for her.

    I picked up my CT scan drink today- why can't they make this stuff taste better. I hate it and can barely get it down and I have 2 16oz bottles to drink prior to the scan, then a 3rd one when I get there. Then a MRI of the spine after that.

    The pain is getting better but still there and I am going to take it easy today, may try finishing read my book and work on organzing my email's.

    Linda I hope Kylob gets to come home and I am sure you will be there by her side but it sounds like you had a exhausting day, so I hope you are up to it and your back is feeling better.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend-Carla
  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I forgot to address Joan- first no you are not crazy.

    There was a mix up on the change over in vol 170, you did post to Elizabeth's porch post, then she accidently deleted it and Mrdad started a new one. Does that make you feel better :)

    I am sorry about the floods you are having, so sad about the guy trying to drive threw the high water. I hope PEMA gets their act together and helps your community. I could not imagine lossing everything I had and then not have insurance to cover it. So sad- I hope the rains stop soon-Carla
  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I would swear that I just read more than 16 posts....but that's what the number said. That last thread flew by. I remember thinking of something I was going to say to Barry but fog got now.

    Joe, I must go check on live and see what I can find. Since they refused to send me my password for the hotmail account (or if they did, I missed it) I shy away from there. You can't take cod liver oil capsules?? I saw on Oprah that Dr. Oz drinks his with lemon in it. I'll stick wiff Absolut. Hang ten is right! You gave me my first belly laugh of the day. Thanks! Oh, and by the way, I couldn't afford the shipping for Sophie now ( . ) so I'm afraid you'll have to find a nearby cat to drive you nuts.

    Linda, our busy bee, how are YOU doing? You're looking after everyone but yourself. I am delighted for you both that Kylob will be returning home. I swear that soon brain surgery will be done on an out-patient basis. I'm glad to hear that the B'day decorations and food is out of the way. You do more than a healthy person!

    Lilac (see, now I know it's lilac, not lila clover) I can't help you with figuring out if you lost your mind but all that water would do it for me. I hope things dry out for you all soon.

    Kathleen, I hope you found a way out of your funk. The popcorn and movie sounded good. Haven't seen a great movie lately though, have you? Any suggestions from anyone? I've thought of joining Netflix but I can't find that many flix I can't do without seeing.

    Rock, the reverse order is perverse to me. I did like the chicken one though.

    I'm sending hugs and hellos to everyone - Georgia,
    Darkwaters, Marilyn and Carla ck too.

    Got all my laundry done early this a.m. and now am going back to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I was just about ready to head-off for Princeton and find that

    BIG 30 foot wave to ride! But, I was delayed. Couldn't find

    my Speed-O's, then I realized, I HAD THEM ON !!! Now, I'm out

    of here Kids!! Surfs UP!!


    P.S. see: www.maverickssurf.com {I'm in the second pic of
    guys in water. 4th guy from the left wiff blond hair).[This Message was Edited on 01/12/2008]
  15. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Are you still hangin ten or have you quit for the day? I found your message and replied to them. Sorry for the delay.

    Everyone sounds sleepy or is it just me?

  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I need to straighten some things out! My daughter does not live in the trailer park - she lives in MI! It was the daughter of the waitress at our coffee shop. Thianks for caring.

    We came home from shopping (I said earlier 590 mi. ---it is only 50 mi.) late afternoon. The groceries are put away and DH is asleep. i asked him about how he feels and he WILL NOT ANSWER ME!) sOOOO - I guess I don't tell him anything.

    MrDFad: My son's FIL had the blood disease. he too had to give blkood frequently. He was pretty8 far advanced with it.

    We came into town from the river end of town and you could get through.

    Tomorrow they are bringing the 13 ladies who are staying in our fellowshp hall at church to the sservice. we have an elevator so it will be simple with the wheelchairs. In fact, DH and I both take it up to the sanctuary.

    I Am sooo tired right now and don't know what I am thinking about right now. KLove to Kylob when she comes ahome and take it easy please.

    Bye for now!

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not sure what time it is everywhere else but it is getting to be beddy bye time here and alsmost time for my beddy meds. Just got back not to long ago from going out to eat with some friends.

    I have checked you all a few times today on the porch but did not really have the energy or whatever to make a post.

    Linda - I am so sorry that you feel so badly. Have you made your decision yet as to wether you will be putting in for SSD or not ? I know that you feel that way but I guess you will see after you get a good night's sleep if anything changes. I know you have been so busy taking care oand watching over our Kylob and everything else you really haven't had that much time for much else. You sousnd SO TIRED !!! It is your decision dear girl and I am with you al the way if you feel you cannot work anymore. There are so many people out there with our DD's and other maladys that are working and just pushing themselves to get by and work. You certainly have earned your rest in my opinion !! What good is working for extra THINGS if you feel so badly you can't really enjoy alot of them?? That of course is all you decision. Talk to you sometime tomorrow I hope ! You don't want to make yourself worse than you already are hon.

    Hope Kylob is doing OK today and not in to much pain. Linda you have been such a good friend and nurse for her.

    Joan - I am sorry. I was one of those who thought it was your daughter who lost her trailer in the trailer park. Sorry if I passed around the wrong infomation. Hope the rain has stopped and that the flooding has gone down some by now.

    Hi also to Marta - How are you doing anda that Ms Soapie !!??Hope youare feeling OK.

    Hi also to Georgia, Mrdad, Rock, Kathleen and anyone else I might hae forgotten today.

    Sorry I need to get ready for bed. So good night to Maryellen, Jim Bob JohnBoy and all the rest of you?? Call me nostalgic but I do mis the Waltons and all those programs. OMG, I am getting on my soapbox - AAAK!!

    Sorry but I cannot get into alot of the new programs esp the new supposedly "reality shows". Sorry to say that some of them are pretty bad. Not going to mention the names of some of them. Actually I do not even know some of the names but when I find them on TV it is scary what they put on TV nowadays. The Bachelor is one of the nicer (cleaner)ones(sort of ) and I really do not watch it much either. As Mr. Dad would say, you know what I'm sayin??? Sorry but just call me old fashioned, I am not going to change now. Its off to bed now.

    Lotsa big hugs and blessings to all,

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    You can buy the entire series of the Walton's year by year
    including the Specials! Either Google "the Walton's" or
    ask Guido when ya see him.

    I'm tired after the big Maverick Competition today! I thought
    I could win the big prize, but my expectations were all wet!
    Gonna practice for next year's meet! I know I'll ride that
    wave to victory then. Thank's for watching and cheering 4-me
    my friends!

    Marta: I did get your emails today. Thanks so much. They were
    very enjoyable to get! I'm sure Sophie is happy being warm,
    full and fat! She's so lucky you picked her!

    Linda: We'll have to talk about the Disability issues in some emails. I really believe you can do ok with some advanced planning! Don't believe you should consider at
    all the thought of returning to work. You pushed yourself
    enough for too long there! So glad Kylob is in good spirits
    and doing well!

    Hi to Lila, Rock, Georgia, CK and all you other Kids out
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  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    had a decent night out....

    met up w/a few friends and met some new one's ...

    ran into a fling of mine...we talked and i told him how i felt about when i saw him on my bithday weekend...and he told me how amazing i was...i told him how i enjoyed climbing up onto the top of his house roof...and it was a great experience for me....told him don't worry about me saying anything to any of his female friends about him and i....i w/just tell them i know his father...true story there...

    well gonna try to get some sleep and get ready for school on monday...

  20. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    I just wanted to say that I saw a brief news clip on the Maverick competion....Those were some HUGE waves! It looks like fun though, and I'm sorry sorry you got a little "washed up". Maybe next year....

    Any way, I apologize for not adressing everyone else, but I have read all your posts....I just can't seem to pull myself out of this funk still. Maybe the day will get better as the day wears on.