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  1. mrdad

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    OK! Gonna Post this now while I can!
    Please go back, ifin' ya have the time, and read the last few Posts on Vol. 174 from Marta, Linda, Georgia and the Rock.
    Don't wish to "short change" any thoughtful Posts! Ya know what I'm sayin'! Hope awl are havin' a great weekend.

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  2. rockgor

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    If you haven't done so yet, go read MrDad's recipe on Lincamp's crockpot recipes thread. It is stunning in its basic simplicity and ease of preparation.

    You may also want to look at a recipe I posted on Granni's request for soup recipes. It is from an old Betty Crocker cookbook. Altho twice as complicated as MrDad's concoction, it will not strain your culinary muscles.

    Went to my Emotions Anonymous meeting this morning. Quiet afternoon. Gordon is napping. So is Huckle, the gold tom cat. I am just starting a new book by Jeffery Archer.

    Archer is a best-selling author and a member of the House of Lords. His book is his prison diary. He was sentenced to 4 years for perjury.

    Don't know the outcome. He should serve time in Los Angeles. Be out in a week.

    By the way, there was a recipe in the Betty Crocker book for pea and oyster soup. Doesn't sound too yummy to me. The interesting thing was, you make a puree in your blender. I didn't know such things existed in 1950. Not in our house. When I was very young we didn't have a hot water heater or a refrigerator.

    All for now.


  3. mrdad

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    Wiff a little Celery Salt and pepper, I could even fool
    Julia Child's. (But I guess that's not fair, is it?)

    Just killin' some time as I'm going across that Golden Bridge
    to Marin Co. for my B'Day special dinner wiff the"Lil Guys.
    Their Dad is runnin' a bit late in pickin' me up to take me
    over there! He manages TWO drinking establishments and it
    can really keeps him busy! We should be on the Golden Gate Bridge just about as the Sun is setting into the Spacific
    Ocean! A very clear day here (no fog) so it should be a
    most beautiful sight indeed. For all the times I've witnessed
    that event, I still haven't figured out as to why, when that
    big hot Sun hits the water and starts to disappear, it doesn't
    create a big cloud of steam??? But, maybe it will tonight!

    I'll catch ya awl later, "K"? And thanks Rock, I do hope
    that the other Kids have time to check that Beef Stew Recipe
    as it seems to meet with your approval!

    Bye 4 now!
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  4. jole

    jole Member

    My daughter got one of the BC cookbooks (originals) for their wedding and was making some cookies, and called me to ask what shortening was....yep! that's when we know we're the "older" generation for sure!

    Read the soup recipes....Mr. Dad, yours sounds right up my alley...think I could handle that one on a bad day!

    Georgia, I would love to learn how to quilt. I know I would love it. My mom used to make the tie quilts when we were kids because it was so much faster. Those quilts were so warm, we'd snuggle down under a couple of those and not even notice the snow on the bed till we got up in the morning.

    I can't believe how incredibly cold I am every day of my life now - with our thermometer set at 74, compared to the childhood days of heat in only one room of the house, snow coming through the upstairs bedroom windows, frozen over wash water in the mornings, etc. We really are spoiled, aren't we?

    Well, two grandchildren are staying overnight and I'm already exhausted. As much as I love them, I can't believe how little I can do with them these days. That is the worst thing about this DD. Oh well, I'm learning all about the new cartoons, and believe me, they are NOT cartoons.

    Better go for now. Love to all, and hope you all have a great day and stay warm...for those of you in warmer climates, be thankful that's where you landed!!

  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Mz Linda for the zing of the day. I LOL, really I did, when I read your comment about the frozen ditch, because it was true and had surveyed it today and was glad it was froze. That was so spot on-

    The rest of my evening has been organzing all my MRI's and CT's and compare them. I either did a lot of damage to my entire spine and developed DFD in the last six months or the first radiologist was asleep at the computer. Nothing was mentioned about the facet disease nor the other narrowings of the root canal areas.

    I did take the girls for a ride today but Butter is starting to get smart and makes it harder for me to catch him to tie him up while we go. It does not work when he is running in front of us, Twy goes nuts and then it is a battle of the *itches. I can't tell them to tie him up all the time, we have been down that road before. I just feel sorry for him.

    Since Linda did such a great job of getting everyone, I'm gonna throw another log on the fire and turn in for the night. All this radiology learning has hurt my brain. Carla

  6. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I made some sinfully good oatmeal cookies yesterday, all this talk about baking, and soup making, I had to do it.
    My 5 year old niece, that is currently staying with us, helped, man what a mess. There was flour and brown sugar everywhere. We also made some of her favorites, M&M cookies, these are just as delicious, and there are plenty of cookies for the other porchies.

    Happy Birthday Mr Dad hope your drive over the magnificent bridge was great.

    Lincamp, I have been a little under the weather despite starting Neurontin, but I peeked in to see what was going on, thanks for inviting me out to play.

    Granni, I have seen all of the soup recipes that you have received, when you make your soup please let me know how your dinner turned out.

    Jole, I made the cookies out of only love, and good intentions, nothing bad in them.

    Carla, I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Hope everyone enjoys their day,
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Very slo-o-o-w today on the Board. I'm watching a football

    game between N.E. and S.D. Well, Tom Brady is a Bay Area

    "Kid" so it does help to keep things interesting "por moi"!

    Had a very nice early evening B'Day dinner across the Bay!
    Mama fixes something new and different every time! She
    prepared a sorta stew-soupy but wiff chucks of fish instead
    of beef! Very tasty! Home baked bread and green salad too!
    All so-o-o good! The "Lil Guy's had helped Mama earlier in
    the day bake my B'Day cake! Lemon cake and frosting, my
    favoright! Oh, the sunsetting from the bridge was beautiful
    but nothing out of the ordinary to report!

    Carla-I do hope you are resting a bit today!!!
    Kylob-a special hello and hope you are feelin' better!!!

    Hello to awl, isle be bach later, "K"?
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  8. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Sorry I missed out on your dinner... you're not that far away from me!

    A lot of food talk lately, and I have enjoyed the crackpot recipes. Richard does most of the cooking here; lamb roast tonight with mashed pots. and peas. Which means shepherd's pie for a few days (real comfort food, this). Alas my days of cooking "Tripe d' Albi" are over. Ingredients for this besides the tripe are ham, 2 pig's feet, lots of capers, as much saffron as you can afford, and 3 days cooking and prep. Anyone interested?

    Rock, tell Gordon that my interest in orchids is at an ebb because of Oncidium "Twinkles". No sooner was a bud about to open when it fell off. Hundreds of them!!! Oh well, the violets in my yard are in bloom and scent the air, so musn't grumble.

    It's a grey, dreary day here in coastal northern Calif., in the 40's outside. I've been throwing birdseed out and enjoying looking at the birds ... this morning so far it's been scrub jays, Stellar's jays, flocks of juncos, fox sparrows, and spotted towees. Anybody else like birds?

    Hey, it's my lunch! Bowl of menudos, yum. NOT homemade unfortunately.

    Regards to all,

  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea, I use to spend a lot of time in your area. Had family
    friends who had about 1,000 acres along the Noyo River between
    Willits and Fort Bragg! They hated the lumber co. up there
    was always trying to buy them out for the Redwood Timber! They
    eventually lost the land cause they could not afford to pay the taxes on the mineral rights!

    I've seen lots of "birds" in my life,however, few of them in trees! Enjoy the FOG my friend. I think we determined here
    that the comedy movie THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! was filmed
    in Fort Bragg. Rent it if your haven't seen it! It was filmed in the '60's and you're the right age to be able to relate to the humor, as am I!!

    "See" ya later BCT!

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  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    snowed here and it was beautiful. We had the good type of snow....gorgeous to watch but it did not cause very much incovenience. The temperature is very cold and it's going to be in single digits tonight.

    Barry, I've been watching the birds also yesterday and today. We put out the good seed and immediately the birds started to arrive. I've had lots of cardinals, finches, and sweet little chickadees. I only have one feeder now but at my previous home I had a dozen...all different kinds for certain birds. It was amazing how many different species I had then. They are so entertaining to watch. I love it but so does my son's cat. The cat plus the cost of having so many varied feeders and food has curtailed my bird feeding.

    My lab really enjoyed the snow. He could not figure out what was happening. He was trying to bite it and then he would run and slide in it. He was so funny. It upset him because his toys were getting covered up by the flakes.

    Mrdad...glad that you had another nice birthday party. I love sunsets over the water and lemon cake and icing.

    Carla...happy for you that your ditch is frozen for the moment but hope the same doesn't happen to your pipes. Weather this cold can cause severe problems. Glad that your back is not fractured.

    Bevy...Welcome to the Porch. Please come back again. There is always a comfortable chair and blanket available along with lots of good food and drinks if you desire.

    Kylob....Good to hear from you. I've been thinking of you.

    My brain is very tired now....must get off the computer.

    Lots of hugs & love to all....Linda, Marta, Jodie, Jole, Granni, Julie, Georgia, Rock, and all the other Porchies that I can't remember at this moment.

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    We are toying w/ the idea of going shopping at a thrift store. Gordon says he wants some "new" shirts. I used to go to the thrift shops frequently to buy used records and books. I have given up my record collection, so don't do that anymore.

    And most of my used books I find cheaper at the library.

    I have some old radio programs that had ads for Crisco, Linda. They always said: Crisco is all vegetable. It's digestible. 9 out of ten doctors will tell you that.

    But Wikipedia says even vegetable fat is not good for one since it has trans fatty acids. Eating has become more hazardous, partly because of our lack of exercise (I suspect).

    Now that you mention it, I do remember a doo wop group from the 50s. Called the Five Satins.

    Don't think I could identify some of those birds, Barry. When I fist came west I noticed the stellar jays looked quite a bit different than the blue jays back in MN.

    Menudo is popular in LA as a hangover remedy. Never tried tripe myself. Couldn't stomach the idea.

    The 60s saw some funny movies w/ repetitive names. Not only the Russians Are Coming, but It's a Mad, Mad World. The lemon cake sounds great, MRDad. See the crockpot recipes for lemming meringue pie.

    How old is your Lab, Sweetie? First snowfall?

    Carla, do you know how big the development will be? Shame to have your beautiful wilderness invaded.

    Time to go.


  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I haven't been on the porch alot lately and may be alittle bit lost as to wht is going on.

    As Linda said I am trying to figure out wht soup to make for our dinner group next week. I have tried to make some calls to the others and only got one person. Lots of people gone and watching football probably. I am getting ready or trying to plan in my head what I am going to do for DH birthday party two weeks from today. I will be so happy when he actually find out when and where for sure he is going to be going so I can try to get something together then (if he is hopefully not here for a couple of hours) . I am tired of making secret phone calls and sending e-mails which I have to immdiately delete after I send them so sneeky won't read them.

    Glad to read about everyone and tht you are all doing pretty well. Believe it or not i am cold too in good old Texas. It was 20 thie morning and mauybe it made it to the 40's today. Ywas still cold in the house. I can't take it and am waiting for the heat to come back (-: !!

    Oh, BTW I heard from YC1 yesterday. She isn't doing alot of posting ( she did some) as her doc found something else to give her a drug for. She is on so many and of course is nauseaus alot of the time. I think she had tht though before all the many drugs. I hope she will get to feeling a bit better soon and can come and visit us. I told her that her rocker and blankie will be here when she is ready.

    Really do not havae to much time to post now but wanted to cause tomorrow is not going to be a great day wither. Off to the dentist in the morning for a double appt. Who knows what they will find with my teeth and gums - ugh !!

    Well, gotta run for now. TTYsoon I hope. Please know that I am thinking about you all even if I am not posting.

    Love to you all,

  13. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Well gang, I have spent the entire day resting, napping and watching the TLC channel show, "What not to Wear". If I were getting dressed, I would really know what to wear.

    Older Sister came over on friday and spent the day...she brought dinner and a tray of soil that had wheat grass seeds in it...my nephew is into natural, organic foods and can't say enough about the effects of wheat grass in your diet....well, I am so bored, that I am actually watching grass grow...and it is growing quite fast!!!!!Supposedly, when it gets to be 6-8 inches, the top of the blade of grass begins to biforcate, and that is when you harvest it and let it grow some more.....

    Go to the doctors tomorrow to get my staples out....will get the final pathology report....hopefully I will need no further treatment....after the doc's to Lins for cabbage soup!!!!!!!

    Off to take the evening meds and get curled up with a good book in bed......

    Goodnight to all of the Porchies.....later, Kylob
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello all!

    I'm having a quiet day at home, waiting for the rain to come in, listening to music, reading, relaxing. In other words I'm drugged to the gills on Lyrica and tramodol, so this will be a quick error-laden whatever.

    KYLOB : glad you are home (you are home?), and have something to do, even if it is just watching the grass grow! That made me giggle when you told us that. There are quite a few people I know who use wheat-grass. I've only gone so far as to buy a bottled "green drink" with Spirulina and wheat-grass, and I wouldn't buy it again. Tasted kind of like a mouthful of grass with way too much sugar on it. Hope you are up and running soon!

    Linda: Deer prints in the snow! I'm afraid my fondness for deer has evaporated (like much of my garden!), except for venison. Deer are so abundant in my area that I'm always having to sic my ferocious Corgi on them. She just loves it.

    1sweetie: Birds for you too! I envy you so much for your cardinals. It's a bird I've never seen, despite trips back east. It must be incredible to see the scarlet in the snow.
    Cats can be a real problem with birds and backyard feeding, that's for sure. I keep my Slinkey in most of the day, and she is put out at night to work. Alas, she is so fat and lazy she doesn't work as much as she used to, so even the mice are safe!

    MrDad : Can I call you Joe? I'm out of the fog where I live, about 15 miles from the ocean on the "Lost Coast". I don't have any redwoods (well, just three I think), but mostly ten acres of fir, tanoak, bay, dogwood, yew, etc.
    I saw The Russian Are Coming, etc. many years ago. I should see it again since I remember so little of it. Filmed in Fort Bragg eh? I know the movie The Fog was made in Mendocino town, but I don't know if I've seen it. Have to ask my other half....

    Rockgor: You have no stomach for tripe? What can I say?

    Regards to all as I sink into kind of a torpor. I think it's this d*** music R has on that is making me sleepy : J.C. Bach piano concertos (too early for me).

    Regards to all,

  15. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I read, I chuckled and now I'm done.

    I'll try again tomorrow.

    Hugs all around the porch,

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Kinda' slo-O-oO-oW on the Board today! But especially nice
    to hear from Kylob and glad that you're doing well
    and have family to attend to you ifin' the need! It's so much
    better to be home and in one's "comfort zone"! I'm sure Linda
    is available likewise!

    Hello to 1Sweetie and Marta! Sure is great to see the both
    of you come to the PORCH more often lately! Ya get missed ya know!

    Linda. Weather is cold and snowy bac there from what I see on
    the reports! Cold out here too. In the late 40's in the daytime and prediction of snow for higher Mt. Tops around the
    Bay! Raining at the moment. Watching that game in Wisconsin
    yesterday makes me seriously wonder WHY they don't build an
    indoor stadium there! They even did a shot of a couple of
    Girls in BEE-KEE-KNEES that I recognize from the Park here!!
    Too many holes in those "Cheeseheads" I guess?

    Well, had to get a haircut this aft as my SIL and Nephew are
    taking me out to a fancy restaurant to "celebrate" my B'Day!
    'Posta be a really good "Steak House" from what my Son tells
    me. Ya know, the last steak I ate I cut out of "Bon Apetite" Magazine. What, they don't have hamburger there???
    Classy guy am I !!!

    Well, I'd better see ifin' I can find some slacks and maybe a tie. Have a good nite you awl! And, you can call me Joe
    as everyone else does, Barry.

    JOE aka MRDAD aka JOEJOE

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  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just have had many things on my mind..problem w/my son, not major..just a dispute over he thinks that he can put on a door lock w/key...that his room has the circuit breakers in his closet...then leave for his dad's or school...told him i needed access for when the power goes out to reset things.

    anywho school tutor tomarrow for math...my mind is not focused right now..so i need her help to keep me on track...still dealing w/ptsd w/rape...i wished it would go away quickly.

    hope everyone is doing well

  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning, Everybody ~

    I'm thinkin' this cold weather has frozen my brain. It seems to be stuck in neutral.

    As many of you said, the bird-watching is wonderful. I put up a bigger feeder for Sophie but she's very ho-hum about birds. She prefers squirrel and chipmuck-watching and they're sticking close to home in their warm nest.

    Rock, I have one of the original BC cookbooks from my grandmother. Times sure have changed in the kitchen! I remember too when shortening was routine in cookies. Bluck. I liked it a little better when they came out with yellow Crisco but not much.

    I suppose all the things they scare us with are actually bad for us but I often wonder if the fear isn't just as harmful or worse. Look at Wallstreet. No, don't look at Wallstreet... eat cookies.

    Jole, yes it's very COLD. I admire you for managing your grandkids. Do they visit often?

    Linda, never heard of a DVD machine. I did rent "Little Miss Sunshine" and if you can overlook the language, it's wonderful. I suspect you had a purple finch in your garage, poor thing.

    Bevy, I'm so glad you brought somea those oatmeal cookies to the Porch. Isn't it fun to cook with 5-year olds?

    bct, good to see you back - or have you been here and I've been gone?? The landscape around you sounds fabulous.

    Sweetie, hey! Nice to see you here and see you sounding a bit more perky. We sure lost our perch by the river, didn't we? I was out there last week and even the river is frozen solid. Good thing we have the den in the Lodge.

    Marilyn, it's cold in TX?? And here I thought you would be the warmest of us all. Of course, you may be.... Send our hugs to YC1 with hope she feels better soon.

    Kylob, watching grass grow is much more productive than watching paint dry. I'm glad you're getting unstapled! May everything be shiny and new.

    Joe, I swear you have The Birthdays That Go On Forever. That shows you how much you're loved. Don't blush now, just have big fun.

    Jody, I'm sorry you're having a tough time right now. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

    Sending warm hugs to one and all,


  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been mia for a few days- Sun I got into a cleaning binge, OMG never have seen so much dog hair and DIRT in my vacum cup. I actually vacumed the bedroom twice, got less hair but just as much deep down dryed clay.

    Even shampooed the LR rug, the water looked like the clay in my front yard,lol. Although I hate the cold I am so glad to see my yard froze :)

    Yesterday my phone was out, by the time I got it back I was too tired to post. Got laundry done finished cleaning,ect.

    I was going to go to the dentist today to get fitted for my final dentures but it snowed and the interestate is CLOSED with several accidents. So I will try tomorrow. My gums/bones have finally reached a point where they are ready. It took over 15 months, most folks can do it in 6 but I'm a slow healer. I will be so glad to get them. The last few weeks of wearing them more often has been very uncomfortable and they do not fit anymore. I was going to go yesterday but it was MLK holiday.

    It is a all day process, that is one reason I haven't done it sooner, with the foundation and surgery I didn't have time.

    Barry the bird watcher, welcome I don't think I have "talked" to you but it is nice to see another gentleman on the porch. My friend has a bird feeder off of her back porch which is nearly 20 feet off the ground, sloping lot. They have it just outside the window and access that way. I love sitting out there and watch all the different kinds that show up. I have saved 2 birds that flew down my flue in my woodstove. One was most beautiful teal/blue color, just beautiful color.

    Kylob- have you heard any news? did you get the stitches/staples out? I hope you have nothing but good news and can heal and get back to living again.Having surgery and bronchitis at the same time can be a real pain :)

    Linda- roast beef dinner sounds so good, that was my favorite winter dinner. Haven't made a roast in years. Are you knee deep in snow? I saw a blurb somewhere in NY state had several feet and thought of you.

    Mrdad- glad you had a good BD week. I love sunsets, look at my profile pic, that is the view from my front porch. Once they cut the trees down I will have a beautiful view of every sunset. Con side- I lose my afternoon shade. I hope my nieghbor was wrong about them cutting all the trees but they have been cutting right along in the valley.

    Rock- I don't know how many houses they will build but it is 200 plus acres. I have been known to shop at the thrift shop for "new" clothes, you have to do alot of digging but can find a jewel once in a while.

    Granni looks like you are busy as ever, did ya get those rugs clean. I was shocked at how dirty my LR was, good thing it is brown, lol, it is a rasied multi-color leaf pattern in toned of lt-med browns so hides everything.

    Sweetie-glad to see you posting more and hope this means you are on the road to recovery.

    Marta- how's it going up north? Do you ever let Sophie go outside in the good weather? My girls love any creature that runs,lol I have seen them sit at the bottom of a tree for hours waiting for whatever creature they chased up it to come down.

    Jodie- hang in there and try to let go of the past, I know I have said this before but you have to so you can move forward, you can't change what happened, only how you live with it now.Just focus on your school and Cody and I hope things improve soon.

    Can anyone tell me how you lose a large tub of butter? The last time I went to Wally's I bought a large tub of butter, yesterday went to get it out because my other one was empty and it was no where to be found. I looked at my receipt and it was on there but I have no real memory of putting it away. I suppose it could have been left at the store, but I always spin the thing and make sure nothing is there. I can't imagine throwing it away, but I have looked everywhere and no butter ;-( which means no cookies.

    Hello to everyone else I didn't address, mind still a little foggy today- Hope everyone is having a good day-Carla
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings again to all you Porchies,

    Hoe al you people in the NE and such have not frozen to death. Our temps are going up and down like a yo-yo. Tay back up to 50's I rhink and then down some again. Just a little bit of rain so DH can't play golf.

    I have been so cold. Maybe I will thaw some today.

    DH just came home and needs the computer. So I have to leave for now. Bye for now