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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Ok. I made the change hopefully b-4 I catch someone in the


  2. rockgor

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    Remember those old movies from the 40s w/ transom windows over the doors. If it was film noir, the hero would overhear the bad guys plotting.

    If it was a comedy, the three stooges would get caught trying to climb through.

    Sometimes the door would be glass too. Usually frosted w/ letters spelling out "Acme Enterprises" or whatever.

    Why don't we have transom windows now he asked in a whiny tone.

    Answer: because we have air conditioning.

    Oh yeah. Well, it's hard to work air conditioning into the plot.

    Gordon's chicken stew is about ready to come out of the crock pot so I'd better go to work as official taster.

    Mr. Rock
  3. laceymae

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    That could be the lines to a new country song.

    Rock...in our town, we have several old building, if you took away the concrete sidewalks they could be used in an old western. I sometimes try to imagine how is was in the old days, I can almost see the ladies on Saturday nights on the balcony waving at the cowboys.

    I guess I have way to much time on my hands.

    I need to get my woodbox filled up too. It is raining here and looks like it may turn to snow by Wednesday.

    CKBall..get your boots and shovel out, it is really coming down here. It it thundering and lightneing.

    The porch is a mess this morning, so I'll get out here and straighten it up some.

  4. ckball

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    Thanks MrDad getting us going, smooth move and didn't catch anyone in between.

    Have you talked anymore to your Dr about the gluten thing? I am having issues with things made with flour.

    Rock my daughter use to live in a house that was built in the early 1900's and had transon windows in her house, but no AC. Hope you you enjoyed your soup.

    Lacey- yep I have been working a little each day on the ditch because I knew this was coming. Is your yard saturated? I have standing water on half of my yard, this hard clay can't absorb any water, it just sits there. Poor doggies have to walk across a large tarp just to get to their potty spot. Then poor mommy has to wipe 8 muddy paws everytime they come in-ugh. Can you post a pic of your shepherd? I have only know one other person that had a white shepherd, his name was Spook, very cool dog.

    Granni- posting a pic is easy if you have pictures on your computer. Click on edit profile, then add picture, where it says browse go to where your pictures are stored and click on that and look threw the pics and find what you want and double click it and that is it. After it downloads, click on update and your done.

    Linda thanks for tip with sjogrens and dentures, I did find a lot of info and I think sjogrens is what my problem is. It all makes sense now. I hope your back and hip are doing better, but with this weather it doesn't help.

    Hello to all other porchies, I think I may go back to the drawing board today and see if I can finsh on decent painting. Take care everyone-Carla
  5. rockgor

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    Moving Granni's post from the previous volume.

    Well, Ok, it didn't work. But you can go back and check it out.

    This computer has a mind of its own . I've had to sign in 4 times already this morning.Some day I will just shoot the darn thing.

    Disgruntledly yours


  6. lilaclover30

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    Why doesn't posting a photo work everytime??? First time it was so easy, then the next, I couldn't do it. Guess I had better look to see if I have o0ne on there now. Once I took one off, then couldn't get anmother back on.

    So much for that boring speech. What is the matter with the entire Chicago area this year (plus MI) It seems as if every week is something different and unkind to us. Lasgt week was snow, snow, snow.

    Last night there was a short but heavy snow plus rain. I couldn't even push the snow shovel - snow too heavy - but we did get out through it for coffee. IOur school also had a 2 hr. delay because of fog. Right now it is awful. Another storm is on its way here.

    You people talking of filling the wood box made me think of when I was little. I had to go to the old garage and fill the coal bucket with cobs, then come back and fill it with
    coal. Our kids would have had a fit when they were that age doing that abd more so, my grandchildren.

    I missed the end of the lasty vol. so I need to go find it and look it over.

    I am just not with it today - I haven't said one thing that was interesting LOL.

    I'll come back later when my mind is full of wonderful things.

    Gentle Hugs,


    I did make beans from that big glass jar from the griocery shelves and Polish sausage with cornbread this noon. Tasted so goood. Those big jars of great northern beans are certainly handy to have on hand.

    Bye again
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just a quick hello as I have to leave for an evening Doc's
    appt. in a few mins. Former Pres. Clinton is in Town tonight
    but I've already had the occasion to see him twice over the
    years so I won't cancel my appt. tonight to go hear him speak.
    I wonder why he is here and what he might be talking about
    tonight? Any guesses?

    "Talk" to you all later! Gotta get into that Doc's waiting room early enough to hide that box of rubber gloves b-4 he
    gets to the room!

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning, Porchies ~

    I seem to remember that the Porch is slow during February and part of March. It seems as if all our energy is being used to get through the winter.

    Thanks, Joe, once again for turning on the light. I hope your doc appointment went well and that they had all the test results this time.

    Rock, when I think of transom windows, I think of my old school rooms, don't you? Didn't they all have transom windows over the doors? I suppose that chicken stew is gone by now.....

    Julie, that's an amazing story about "fishing" for keys. I wonder how he did it? Or was there a window in the door? Yeah, wet wood is the PITS.

    Lacey, thanks for bringing wood to the Porch for the fireplace and for straightening it up. Jerome was last seen headed for Carla's to help with the ditch but he had the cook with him so I'm not too sure of his arrival time.

    Carla ck, good to hear that you must feel better if you're working on the ditch. Jerome will be along presently....

    Granni, I was glad to read back aways that your party was a success. What do you plan for an encore?

    Joan, I got frustrated trying to download a picture too - are you talking about in your profile? Then I realized I was expecting it to take less time. Me, impatient??? Naw...

    It' light enough for me to go to the grocery store. I haven't been for awhile and the forecast is for a winter storm tonight and tomorrow. I'm not quite sure when it got to be necessary in winter top post winter storm warnings. It's not as if we don't expect them, after all. It's Winter!

    I'm thinking of all the MIA's like Sweetie, Annie!....oh dear, I'd better not try to list them all. Just know I'm thinking of you all and sending

    Hugs all around to those near and far,

  9. 69mach1

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    cody got it back up for me...i am still school going well so far.

    i need to take cody to oral surgeon for consult on getting those wisdom teeth extracted and a supranumeray tooth extracted.

    i am flaring up do to some stress over a man...not sure about him.

    well gonna fly now need a quick shower...

    hope everyone is doing well.

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Think it interesting that in this "day and age" that, at least

    in California, one's personal info such as name,address, party

    even telephone number, is in public view on the door of the

    Polling place! Me thinks these should not be other than

    Private Information! What say ye?


    P.S. My honorable Campaign Manager (Guido) promises to return
    any unused portion of donations in event of any event-
    uality! (I wanted to make that clear).
  11. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    wHOOPS! cAPS!!! I remember those transoms in the school doors. One in a while, the teacher would iopen them to let some air filter through.

    I don't want any air5 filtering through anything!!! We had fog all day8 yesterday, plus 4 deaths in this region from folks that couldbn't see anything.k Then we had long thunderstorms last evening (this is FEB.) Now it is raining and i can't figure out the forecast - igt says snow, lotgs of it for Chicago (if it doesn't go there we are in trouble) Freezing rain somewhere, etc. I am tired of winter!!! Anyone else?

    Got an E-mail from DIL showing the bridesmaid dresses for wedding #2. Their 2ndS is to be married in Aug. Oh my, thesde grandkids are growing up.

    Again I will end with ---I'm tired!!!!"

    See you soon.

    Gentle Hugs,

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been sitting at my desk since noon today, did take a short break for lunch and played tricks and treats with the girls. They so wanted to go for a walk but the rain wouldn't go away. Then a big fat cloud moved in on me and I couldn't see my shed 50 ft away!

    I tried my hand at soft pastels today and think I have a one down. I tried to take a pic of it but I need to use another room, bad light and the camera wasn't acting right. I would take 3 pics in a row, click, click, click and got 3 differnent looking pics. Don't ya love electronics??

    JOan that is awful about the people getting killed in the fog, there comes a time when we just have to slow way down or stop. My area is famous for our fog on the Ohio River so I have been there. My GD turns 17 next week, oh they grow up too fast.

    Julie I hear ya about the wet wood. I am lucky enough to have a large enough front porch that I can stack a rick just out the door. This year afer I hernitated my disc I started using this small metal dolly, I would lay it down and put the wood on it, then just raise to my waist and pull it the house, lay it down and unload it, I love it, don't know what took me so long to think of that one.

    Marta you seem to be in good spirits while expecting the next storm, all we get is RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. All I need is duck for my pond. But I am not the only one, many of the yards are just saturated, clay does not absorb well. Give Soapie and pet from me and the gorls- How is your project going.

    Jodie- glad to see you are ok, was starting to worry, glad your still doing school. Hope Cody is recovering before the dentist stuff.

    Granni have you has time to catch your breath now. What is next on your list?

    Rock what have you been up to, how are your little critters that visit from time to time. I got in my golf cart the other day and there was shredded hard candy wrapppers in the floor then I looked in the little cups where I did have a couple peices of hard candy and there were little mouse turds too!!! I guess they have a sweet tooth too/ I won't do that again.

    Mrdad you keepin an eye on all the political stuff??? I must say I have never been into it myself, but I am a little worried about what this country is going to do. I am not really impressed by any of them. Where did Ross Peroe go?

    Well gonna go clean up my mess, pastels are very messy then decide what I will do next. Hello to all who just hangin in the bushes, come on up and sit a spell, much dryer here-Carla
  13. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    We are experiencing an "exceptional" drought. For just the last 12 months, we have a 12" deficit along with above normal temps. It is expected to continue and is causing severe problems. Today it was 74. It was quite lovely.

    Tomorrow we are expecting a little bit of the rain coming from Carla. There is potential for severe weather. It is going to be 76 before the rain and cold air hit tomorrow night...possibility of tornadoes and high winds.

    Carala, I have clay in my yard also and it does not drain either. I, too, have muddy paws to contend with when it rains....not much fun. My house was landscaped to draw the water from the house into the woods BUT the dog has dug a few holes that cause quite a bit of mud (when & if it rains).

    Sorry I haven't been posting much. My brain is having trouble with written (& oral) communication. Words are not easy and spelling is challenging me.

    I still try to keep up with each of you and think and pray for all of you often.

    Thanks for always remembering me!

  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Don't know where Ross has gone but---Ralph Nader called me
    this afternoon to say he is thinking of having a "go at it"!!
    I tried to help him last time but, got so tired of having to
    get out and push start those old Ford Pintos and Chevy Corvairs of his! And I'm not getting any younger, ya know
    what I'm sayin?

    Sweetie: Great to see you show up on the PORCH today! You're
    a "brave little soldier"! Maybe when this winter passes, we will all start feeling a bit better!

    Julie: It's such an awful tragedy concerning the house fire!
    So sad!

    Jodie: I almost gave you a phone call. I'm glad that the 'puter problem is resolved now. And we have Sun too!

    Oh, hold on! There's knock at the door. Can you believe
    it! It was Mr Nader at the door holding an empty gas can.
    Oh brother. Better go help him, we'll "talk" tomorrow!

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he has been getting accepted into more collegues...shoot i need to check my spelling more often it appears...

    his knee is healing really well way ahead of schedule...he started track practice a few days ago...he has a track throwing coach he can not stand...me either...pompus jerk...

    anyways. i need to go to class early in the morning give a speech about my past, present and future. 43 years of life are hard 2 summarize in 5 minutes.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Maybe things will start to slow down after DH's Party on saturday. Had to get the bathroom ready for the guy to pssibly come again to do the sealing of the til grout and then maybe thecarpet cleaning. However, he is busy today again . Every time he thinks he will be free a "real paying customer" calls and he can't come or it will be to late in the day for us. There is always something going on with DH or me it seems - ygh !!

    Well, now haveto put the stuff back in the bathroom floor and try to start thinking of going away this riday to Fredericksburg, TX for the weekend. They are having a big winetasting event there and three of us couples are going. Leaving friday and home sunday late afaternoon or evening I would guess.

    After this weekend maybe things will be sort of back to normal whatever that is (-: !! I havve to be ready to go to Mass tonight early for Ash Wed, to sing in the choir.

    Glad things are going well for Cody with more schools interested in him as well as his knee healing yup. Also glad athat things are going well for you ar school so far. Keep it up, I know you can do it !! Have fun but BE CAREFUL !! Glad to see you back on the porch again.

    Julie - Glad that your FIL did well on his eye surgery. Hope your weather clears and warms up a bit for you all.

    Joan - Are you staying worm with thes ?? I forget the name but they sound like fancy ladies long underwear. Has it warmed up a bit for you too. I can't imagine. I am cold enough now and it isn't that bad today but also very windy out.

    Hi there to everyone else. Please excuse the lack of personal greetings but I had better get off her and get a few things done before I have to start getting ready to go away on friday.

    More blessings and hugs,

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  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    so far a's on hmwk-math stuff you know 2x+6-3x+=18 kinda thing.

    Speech i went over by 3 minutes, but think goodness she gave an A out the first round.

    I have to pay a bill online then go fight w/ssa since someone misfiled cody's stuff of him attending high School still back in 10/011/07...so 2 months missing the extra 450.00 a month plus my ssdi.

    well just wanted to make a pit stop...

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Things kinda perked up around the PORCH late today! Oh, and

    there's that nice couple pulling up on their motorcycle! I've

    seen them before, always smiling, it seems. (???)

    Yes, Linda I remember the Gremlin well. A friend of mind and

    his bride bought one brand new, but it seems to me it was

    earlier than '77? It was a light purple or mauve. He was

    in his early '80's and loved that new car. It was a Town of

    35 people in the Sierra so it was easy to know who was com-

    ing down the road.

    Well, I feel awful about the Tornadoes touching down on so

    many States. They are so horribly destructive to property

    and lifes. Let's hope that they have abated.

    Jodie: I'm very happy that you are back to school! Con-


    "Selection Day" somewhat did me in! Stood most of the day

    at the Polling place handling out $5.00 bills to people on

    entering! I'm broke today! Had no money left to loan Mitt

    Romney when he called this A.M.!! I'll have to finish this

    battle on the Convention Floor!

    Bye 4 now Kids!

  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    My phone line went out AGAIN yesterday afternoon and I just got it back. We had some really bad winds come threw. I have to work today, my boss asked me too and tomorrow too. It is ok, makes up for the day I missed getting my dentures 2 weeks ago.

    I will try to get back later, I didn't read the posts-Just wanted you to know I was ok-Later-Carla
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I just hear that too over the local news! But I confuse oft

    times "Hucklebee" with "Applebee" and mistakenly end up at

    his house for Lunch! Oh boy---can Ralph Nader be far behind?

    I can smell that old "Corvair" tailpipe smoke right now!