Porchlight is On Vol. 180 (Closed)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    OK. Hope no one got caught!

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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ----don't know what to do about all those pounds you LOST

    apres the New Year? Suggestion: Toast to a golden brown,

    two Egg-o Waffles. Between, Add 3/4 in. slice of French

    Vanilla Ice Cream. Top off wiff a generous cover of bosen-

    berry syrup! Watch those pounds reappear as if by magic!!

    (Other toppings are optional)

    Another helpful suggestion from: "MRDAD"

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, we'll see what happens. With the ornery computer and my befuddled mind, it's a struggle to get anything posted. (This is the third time I've started this post.)

    Can't remember clearly if our schoolroom doors had transoms, Marta. I kinda think they did. I only started talking about transoms cause MrDad had used the word "transit". I was surprised to see how many folks had transom memories.

    How old were your brothers, Linda, when they attempted The Pop Bottle Murder Case? I read the Stooges secret. They didn't poke each other in the eyes. They aimed for the forehead. Of course, they might have missed now and then.

    Nice impersonation of Peter Lorre. Can you do Marcel Marceau?

    "I'm on the Porch, Listening to the Rain." Does kinda sound like a country song, Lacey. Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn put out a CD called Honky Tonk Angels.

    It has a wonderful song called "Sittin' on the Front Porch Swing". It sounds like a song from the 19th century. You can hear a sample of it at CDuniverse.

    Your new painting is lovely, Carla. Any dry weather predicted? Our newest critter is a tiny black kitten w/ white paws. Do they still have the show Family Feud? I think if the clue were "Cute" the survey would say "Kitten".

    Thanks for moving Granni's post, Julie. Is all that wood for a fireplace or a stove? I remember my granma had a huge kitchen range that burned wood. No thermostat for the oven. She just stuck her hand in to gauge the heat.

    She kept flat irons on the back of the stove top. She had a detachable handle. When one got cool she put it back on the stove and moved the handle to a warm iron.

    Jodie, what is a track throwing coach? Is Cody going to be running? Any rain predicted, Sweetie?

    Looks like Mitt is dropping out, MrD. I had five recorded messages from him and his supporters in the last two days.

    Are you going to be giving out household hints and recipes now? Has Marthla Stewart been notified. (Gordon always refers to her as "Marthla".)

    Have to go get my back cracked this afternoon. Once a month for maintenance works for me. Of course I'm more sedate now, or do I mean sedentary? It's been 2 or 3 years since I turned a cartwheel.

    Here's something I found on the net. It's a little long for a bumper sticker, but it's kinda funny anyway.

    Duct tape is like The Force. It has a dark side and a light side, and it holds the universe together.


  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ... but I didn't read the end of Volume 179. Oops.

    The big news here is the weather. You know how boring things are when the weather is the headline. People out in cars last night were forced to stop where they were. The police gathered them up and took them to overnight shelters. Except for emergencies, I'm not sure why anyone would be out in that mess in the first place. I'm beginning to sound like an old person...

    I don't think I've ever seen it snow that hard in a two-hour period before, plus the hours before and after. Blinding snow would describe it. A friend called and asked if I had cabin fever like she did. HA! This is My Life. Two days is a drop in the bucket; it's just prettier than usual - and much, much whiter.

    Yes, Rock, Mitt dropped out of The Race today. I was a bit surprise at him doing it now. Now that news is taking over the weather news. How many cats and kittens are you caring for now? Word gets around the cat community, you know.

    I'll go back and read the old volume and if I have any important thing to say I'll be back. Meanwhile -

    Hugs all around the porch to those here and those not,
  5. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I came to get away from all that darn white stuff called snow that is everywhere right now. Winter sucks in the midwest!

    Rock: My grandma had one of those stoves also! It was a huge thing and I always loved it when she would let me lift the handle and she would throw some more wood inside. So, did you adopt the kitten? I'm a huge advocate for rescuing cats, all of my cats are rescues. Actually, last week I lost one of my babies because of a heart murmur. He was my baby and is greatly missed.

    I'm just going to sit here on the porch and see who else comes to visit.
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ....Not with anything important to say but... oh, hi, Monica. I didn't see you sitting there at first in your snowmobile suit. You look warm and cozy.

    I came back to say hi to all the Porchies that posted after I did, including Monica who must have been posting when I did.

    Good to see Jodie - glad you got an A on your project, that Cody's knee is better. Ugh. No fun having wisdom teeth out.

    Sweetie, sorry you're having foggy times but it's wonderful to see you. I think of you often and will be glad when we can get back to our chairs down by the river. I have some new mosquito spray.

    Joan, I'm tired of winter too but every day is a good day, no what I mean? Cataract surgery is a snap these days but it's not a do-it-yourself project. I'm glad your FIL has you to look after him. How horribly sad about the fire and those children. I can't imagine it...

    Carla, you asked if I finished my project. Do I have a project?? That must be why I'm so bored - can't remember what I was doing... Glad you weathered the storm.

    Linda, I keep looking out my window to see you drive up. Watch that sidewalk; it hasn't been shoveled yet. I'm making hot tea for us.

    Granni is as busy as ever. I swear that woman is the busiest on the Porch! Surely you can take a break soon?

    NOW I'm leaving.

    Hugs again to everyone,
    Marta and Soapie who sleeps during the day and wakes me up at night to play.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and of course everyone else...my brain is malfunctioning...too many toxic people in my city of novato....or town...spreading rumors about etc....

    answer to your question rock, cody will be throwing shot put and throwing the discus. if he could run he may have tried it this year. normally he has not been to do the running. he is going to miss the first event they have...cause it does not count toward anything...and his knee is healing.

    i found out yesterday that my ssdi money i used to get for cody now must be made out to cody cause he is now 18 years old....so i have to bring cody down to local office to have the checks made out to him....it will only last until june anyways. told him i will need to the money to go toward rent etc...seems like no problem now.

    also he may possibly qualify for ssdi under me cause of his knee. so i have papers for him to fill out so he can battle with ssa.

    need to get away from toxic people...i had a really bad nite...well gonna go i hurt.

  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Lolalee!!! I was scrolling down the threads on the ME/CFS board and found a thread started by her. I was so excited. It has been many months since she has posted. Hope she finds her way over to visit us on The Porch. I left a message for her.

    We still did not get any rain only lots of wind...but no tornadoes. The mountains in western North Carolina change our weather so much.

    Marta...It's good to see you posting more lately. The vitamin D is really working for you. I'm glad that you're preparing for our "special place". It's always fun when we met by the creek.

    Linda...Thanks for the kind words....if you only knew how long it took me to write all my posts!


  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to remind you al that we will be leaving tomorrow morning to go to Fredericksburg, TX with 2 other couples for the weekend. It should be fun.

    Hope things are getting better for those of you in the cold and nasty part of the US - rain, wind, snow, ice and all that stuff. BRRR, I hate to even think of it. S sorry also for the people who around those terrible tornadeos the other day. It is so horrible

    Marta - Glad to see you again o the porch. I have been rather sporatic myself.

    CK - Hi there. I hope you can get back to us soon. Loved your watercolor !!

    Jodie - So sorry you are feeling so badly hon. Wish you could try and rest but with school I know that is ot to possible. How many classes are you taking now? Good luck to Cody in the discus, or whatever you call it, throw. Hope he enjoys it and does well.

    After you get your homework done maybe you should take the phone off the hook for awhile , take a hot bath and go to bed. I know that might not take all your pain, etc. away but it might help a bit. Yes stress is horrible and makes everything worse. So sorry you are having problems with thpse "toxic people". I guess you might need to stay away from them all together . It surely doesn't help when you feel so badly to begin with.

    Mrdad and Rock - a big hi to you all and everyone else I can't think of at this moment. Bye for now.


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  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Granni - Think of us folks in the ornery Midwest when you are enjoying your trip with friends.

    Mr.DAD: That waffle you told of sounds absolutely scrumptus!! I have a waffle, ice cream but no bosenberry syrup to put on it. I'll just have to enjoy the thoughts of it.

    Rock: Above me on my antique toy shelf, all my parents, etc. I have 3 toy irons just like you mentioned. I have 3 big ones that you heat oin the range but the handles don't remove. I have my grandmother's kitchuen table and on it is the imprint of one of those irons. She must have gotten it tooo hot or left it there. Can't use the table without a cloth on it.

    Marta: You have such a lovely kitchen sink faucet! Is that new? It looks just great. i want a new shower head with a hand held shower. I just can't get to the stores that have them. as I have said before, our shopping is 50 mi. away but by a major expressway. GThe weather has stopped us for 2 weeks and now DH is getting a cold so I would guess tomorrow is out.

    monica: I just looked at your profile and your sweet cats are absolutely adorable! I love cats. She didn't like the thunder storms we have had - 2 in Feb. in IN!!! She thinks the sound comes from the TV.

    Carla: I do want to look at your new painting as soon as possible. Must be wonderful!

    IOur D. had 12 inches of snow in MI yesterday and lst night. She goes every single morning for a cup of coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts. She got out of her drivwei buts couldn't get out of her short road. She also goes to Wally World, Target, Macy's, Miejer or whereever about everyday----she is an empty nester and gets bored at home. Hubby t eaches in a coillege 2 nights a ;week.

    Guess I had better get our nightly8 toast and fruit on t he table. Hubby went out for luinch witgh the "guys" today so he is not hungry.

    Hope you mid-westerners handle the snow or whatever the Lord decides each day to hand down/

    We bless each day though when we get up.


  11. jole

    jole Member

    but not posting for awhile now. Been in a depression again and just not up to conversing with anyone. BUT you guys all make my days brighter and help keep me going when the times get tough, so thanks all!

    Wish meds work like they're suppose to....then we could all feel better, right? It amazes me how they will do well for awhile then quit overnight. The life of nothing but the inside of the house and trips to the doc does get old, but at least it is a life...

    Mr. Dad, I have not lost weight no matter how hard I've tried, but reading your new recipe really made me not care! May have to try it out. Bet my hubby would like it!

    Rock, I have some oldies around here, like an old dinner bell with the stand that they used to call the men in from the field for dinner, an old washboard, old wooden icebox, library table, old victrola and 78 rpm records, and two wooden steamer trunks. I dearly love antiques...more of the country type, I guess, but these are all family hand-me-downs that I have latched onto because no one else wanted them. To be honest about it, I'm not sure any of my kids will want them either....they're more all about the present.

    Kittens - oh yes, I love them too. Have a calico cat right now in the house, plus an Australian shepherd pup and lots of farm cats outside. Just an animal lover at heart, and can't wait for warm weather to sit out on the porch with our puppy dog. She's so darn cute!

    I hear the shower, meds and bed calling my name, so will go for now. Hope tomorrow is a good day for all.....

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    but not sure you would consider it living. Rough day at the shop, didn't even get to peek in today, then to see mom and discovered she has picked a nasty sore on her face/ear, the little flap on the outside of the ear. So had to deal with the nurses and she is refusing showers again.

    Come home and the phone was ringing and was an hour conversation, then pay attention the dogs and finally ate a can of soup at 8:30 for dinner.

    I also have some kind of infection in my mouth plus the new dentures need work and I can't go to the Dr until Mon because I have to work again tomorrow.

    So please forgive me because I am going to bed and finish watching Celeb Appent. I am out for the count and hopefully can come back tomorrow- Good nite all-Carla
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well I had a nice Brunch with my Son today. The food quality
    at our favorite place is very good. You can get either Breakfast or lunch served all day. (But I'm usually full right after the 1st meal, so leave shortly thereafter)
    My Son has been without a computer for about 1 1/2 mos. now!
    When he told me he had left his laptop on the plane, I thought
    he was referring to his new GF from Ken-tuck!! Not his MAC!!
    Glad it WASN'T her, she is so sweet and pretty. Don't want to loose Her. YA KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN??

    Ya know Granni, you have so much fun you don't have the time
    to let illness interfere! Good for you. Hope you have a
    great time In Fredricksburg this weekend!

    Rocky, I've cooked and have been kept warm in the Sierra
    on more than one occasion while living there. The wood cook
    stove also pre-heated cool water b-4 entering the Hot water
    heater. Maybe we should revived that Old concept to help
    the enviroment. I'll run the i-deer by Al Gore the next
    time he comes buy to re-cycle my plastic bags. I'm sure happy that SF has baned there use, now I can take down the
    signs in my Bedroom warning about not trying to breath while their over my head!

    1Sweetie, good to "see" ya again today! You're missed when
    not feeling well enuff to drop by "the Porch"! Have you been
    able to get that Mold Problem taken care of yet? Or are they
    still delaying things? We want you to be comfortable and
    absence of undue stress! Hope to "see" you on the Board
    again tomorrow.

    Joan, the Girl from Minisoda wasn't at the Park today. The
    other Bee-Kee-Knee Girl saw me at the top of the Hill, stood
    up and screamed, "she's not here today, she has a cold"!! Oh,
    I thought to myself, how on earth could she have gotten one
    of those? I'd have "ammonia" if I were She!!

    Well, Kids, gonna go find some Egg-O's and Ice Cream etc.
    You all have a great night, "K"?
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  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I almost forgot! Please wish Gordon and Mama a very Happy

    Chinese New Year for me! My Chinese friends and workmates

    over the years have all been hard working and intelligent!

    With that wonderful combination this Country will have lots of

    competition if China every becomes Capitalistic! Ya know what

    I'm sayin?


  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---get this day started! Have my laundry down the block on

    the dry cycle so I have some fill in time to entertain you

    awl! Sun has been out the last few days. Should get to be

    about 60+ in SF today but, even better up North where Jodie

    is a predicted 65. I suspect that George Hamilton will be

    around soon to be hanging around Jodie's Pool again, getting

    "toasty"! (I'm sure he keeps all the girl's well supplied

    with applications of sunblock) Yea George, that WAR is over


    Thinking of writing and producing a new TV Info-mercial!

    Unlike so many other "financial opportunities" directed to

    ward the under-income folks, mine will aim at a deferent

    demographics. My info-mercials will be directed to the

    wealthy demographics. "Add to your tremendous wealth in

    your spare time"!! (It's Guido's idea) Hoping to get lots

    of checks that actually clear the bank this time!

    Boy, that Chuck Norris hasn't a gray hair on his head. Have

    you noticed? (??)

    Well, better go check the Laundry and see ifin' it is still



  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Amazing. I tried and tired to get the picture of my faucet on my profile for another thread (we were complaining and I need the serial # for that bloomin' thing so I can get a new cartridge. I thought I might find someone with the same faucet on the boarde). It wouldn't show up so I thought it was still my icy tree!

    Hello, y'all. We're still writing from a snow globe here in Michigan. The trash finally did get picked up today.

    I know you can't stand all this excitement so I'll close for now and go remove my faucet. I shall return.

    Hugs all around,
  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Would someone look at my profile and tell me what you see? On this end I see my icy tree but that happened before. I put up a picture of my kitchen faucet, only saw the tree, then Joan mentioned the faucet. Now I've changed the photo again to my backyard but I still see the icy tree.

    Thank you SO very much.
  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member


    How you are today?

  19. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Thanks, guys. Here it's still the same icy tree. It never changed.

    I guess I'm OK, MrDad........... A little confused.

    A quick hello to everyone,
    Sorry to hog the thread....


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  20. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I can not stay longt,. I am exhausted!!!!!!!!my hubby has moaned and groaned and coughed and blown his nose and never gotten out of bed all morning.I finally fixed oatmeal for him and he was too sick to eat more than a bite.

    Asked him if he wanted to go to Dr. "Yes". Can you get up. "No" Do you want the EM<Ts to come? Yes" I had no lunch. Took packagwe of crackers and peanutbutter with me.
    ER wasn't very busy but we were there for 4 1/2 hr! I dopn't care for Dr. on call either. Then had to go get Rxs, wait on them, they had to call Dr. about 2.l I got him home in nightshirt and no shoe or coat. Got them

    Then had accident (him) with diarreha (sp?) that I had to clean up, then call all over the neighborhood for Imodium. After 6 calls found some. Still haver to get all his and my Rzxs out for gtomorrow. Then into robe and gown and relax, please......Have to sleep in livfing room where i Am close enough to hdear.

    Wish me a good nite!


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