Porchlight is On Vol 184 (Closed) "K"?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids! We here!
    Please go back to the previous Vol 183 to pickup on all the

    latter Porchie Posts!

    Gonna find some breakfast! Any of those Cinnamon rolls left?

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  2. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I made it early this time, I am making Spicy Chicken Soup for all. The weather here is unstable to say the least so soup for everyone.

    Lincamp-did you win the lottery, if so where are all of us going?

    Granni-you will be able to try the soup I hope you like it. The bad weather is headed your way, so batton down the hatches, and stay safe.

    Jole-I hope you are feeling better from your fall, my last fall was going into a grocery store, the floors were slick and down I went. I am sure that the security camere people got a big laugh, a bruised ego hurts worse than a bruised butt.

    Fibromick-When will you find out if your daughter has been accepted? I hope she gets it what an honor/challenge.

    Mr Dad-my son was out during New Years, the visits are never long enough for me. I still worry he is attached to a Special Forces unit, they have been back from Afghinstan for three months now, and there is talk of them going back. Let's hope not.

    Hello to all that I missed, enjoy the soup.

  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    .... but I'm looking for Linda to see how she is. She's not in her chair so maybe she's out for a stroll back in the old volume.

    The soup is wonderful, Bevy. Thank you. And my thoughts are with your son.

    Oops! Hello to you, too, MrDad!! I thought you'd be glued to the window with your binoculars today.

    Hugs to all here and those to come,

    Back from Volume 183: I can't find Linda but I hope all is well with her.

    Mickey, wonderful news about your daughter! and your name. Thanks.

    No way can I remember all I read on the old volume so everyone, please know I'm thinking of you.

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  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Bevy - thanks for the delicious soup. I plan on making it soon for us. Just have to buy the ingredients first.
    Yes, we were going to go out for our Valentines dinner tonight. However, due to the threat of bad storms tonight we cancelled.Thanks for your concern about the terrible weather coming our way today. We had a bunch last night and a little bit of rain this morning but not much - so far !!!

    I had some scallops in the feezer that DH wanted me to make. So I have to figure out what to do withthem. The recipoe I tried last wasnn't that great. I might just bake or broil them with lemon butter and some spices.

    Hope all is well with everyone this sleepy saturday and that none of you are having any bad storms, rain , windy snow or whatever. It is very quiet and drear now. Is it the calm before the storm??? Who knows but the weather station keeps talking aboaut it.

    Mickey - I hope your daughter hears soon about the college she is interested in.

    Joan - I hope your DH is doing better and you too. Let usknow when you can.

    Jole - hope you are feeling better .

    Rock - How's your puter doing? Hope you are doing OK . Is Gordon making something good tonight??

    CK - did you have a show or something today with alk that work you were producing. I forgot if you did.

    Thanks Mrdad for starting us off again. What would we do without for you - go and find you I say?? (-: !!

    Bye for now. Hope to see you all tomorrow and that tonight doesn't bring any bad storms for anyone, inc us. Some areas in Houston have had lots of bouts of flooding. I feel so sorry for those [eo[ple. They showed on the TV some areas that weren't evenn completely cleaned up from the last flood ( and the homeowners).

    Hugs and blessings to all,
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but maybe some fried calamarie from cf chang's...yummy

    need to get some meds today ran out of some of mine, oops..

    well gonna take a shower...

    mr.dad it is sunny and warm here today i feel beekeenee weather encouraching upon us...yippee!

    hi to you all newbies i will try and catch up w/you all...just been busy w/school and some extra drama in my life that i don't need...i weeded it out.


  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    and I can't sleep so will join you all on the porch for some Spicey chicken soup, never tasted that before Bevy.

    Mickey how did your daughter get on??

    Bevy I hope you're son stays in the USA and is not sent back to Aghanistan - that must be such a worry for you.

    Granny what a shame you and your husband didn't get out for your Valentine's dinner, hope you had a good time at home just the same.

    Lyn - $7 on the lottery, don't spend it all at once.

    Carla, how did your day go - hope it was a success and you had a great time.

    Rock, I 've yet to meet you on the porch.

    It was a lovely, sunny but cold day here today - we haven't had rain for a few days, it's rained most of the winter and the dampness just kills me. But spring is almost here.

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Rosie, can't sleep? It's the middle of the night across the Pond! Guess you're havin' a cup of tea and a scone? Nothing
    like a cup of tea to warm the body and soul. I was raised in
    an Irish-American Family and dinner wasn't complete until we
    had a cup of tea to top off the meal. Even my former wife and
    I did that for years as her mother was also of Irish lineage.

    Bevy: I do hope you are having a nice visit with your Son. I
    do understand your worry and concern for him. A parent always
    has it's "child" on mind. Let's pray he will remain in the
    States. Sounds as if he has done MORE than should be expected.

    Linda: Sorry you have added physical problems with the
    stress already a large factor! Hope you are resting today
    and feeling better now.

    Jodie: I went to the Ferry Building today. Lots of Tourists
    in Town for the 3 day weekend. Farmers Market seems to be
    getting even larger. Lots of vendors and tons of people
    there supporting them. It's great to see as it adds so much
    to the Waterfront. Did you stay around Town today? Yes, I'm
    sure it was very nice up there today as well.

    Hello to Marta and Sophie! Is Mama treating you well Soapie? She really tries u-know! Sorry the weather is
    still unpleasant up there. Hope Spring arrives for all soon.

    Julie: Thanks on behalf of myself and Rocky for the nice
    compliment! Hope you had a good day with the children.

    Well, hello to all I missed as well. Gonna go find some
    din-din to cook. (The house mates are getting hungry me thinks)


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  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Bevi and Linda - Yep, we did get some more rain and some thunder as we speak. I think it is raining hard on and off and we did have a tornado watch that I believe is about to expire. Since it is night time it is hard to tell how it raining unless you turn everything off and listen really hard or peak outside. Oh, and it has gotten cooler too. I believe it is now in the 40's. I know that is summer for some of you guys and gals but not for me (-: !! It was 70 today.

    Well, I made my scallops but I have yet to find a really good recipe. I think I put to much lemon juice in with the butter. I followed the recipe but I should probably know better and just do to taste. I also broild them instead of doing them on the stove. It is less messy that way. We ate them up anyway. Any good scallop recipes?? Now, shrimp I can do !!

    Jodie- Glad that you are doing OK and ridding yourself of some of the drama in your life. Good for you ! Glad also your weather is getting better for you. Even if it got alot warmer I wouldn't be wearing a BEE KEE NEE anyhow (-: ! Not with my tummy anymore although alot of people still think I am skinny. Boy have I been gaining weight in the wrong places -ugh ! Can't wear some of my pants - very upsetting !!!

    I forgot everyone else who posted - sorry !! Hope to be back tomorrow. Have to get ready to go to bed and up early for church tomorrow -ugh !Need to go take my nitey nite meds !

    Big hugs to you all!!

  9. jole

    jole Member

    What????? Is the day over already??? Don't you just hate it when that happens! I think I slept most of it away, and the rest was spent in the recliner under my blankie...not the best of days.

    I know it's not nice to envy, but I do. I envy all you porchies with nice warm weather....even though I know ours will come in due time. Can't imagine a year 'round of nice weather! But I know I couldn't leave my family behind to go where it's at, either.

    Sounds like everyone has been busy as usual...so nice for the ones of you who have family home. Isn't it just the best to see loved ones back under your roof? You know, I believe in our country being protected, but I still don't understand why a few have to spend more than one tour of duty...my son-in-law did too.

    Hope everyone's over the flu and back to feeling fine.

    Carla, how was your show? Bet it went just great..been thinking about you!

    Mr. Dad, thanks for being here for all of us once again. You keep us smilin'.

    Marta, Rosie, granni, everyone, hi again. ONe of these days I WILL get this all figured out and be able to include everyone. 'Til then, hope everyone sleeps well tonite.
  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I had a good day overall at my art show but came home with all my paintings and no ribbons. So I hung the swamp in my bathroom, and the pastel still needs a place but I will find one, I got lots of compliments on it.

    It has been a long 2 days and will be back to visit tomorrow, I got up at 6:30 AM and feel like it. I came home and had dinner and crashed on the couch with the girls, just got up and took my night meds and going to bed soon.

    Forgive me for not addressing all tonight but you are in my thoughts. Nity Nite don't let the bed bugs bite-Carla
  11. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I had my post almost written then went check Jole's profile and lost everything!

    MrDad - yes we still love our tea over here though coffee took over many years ago as the beverage of choice. My hub Tom makes a great cuppa and I've learned to take it with no milk or sugar - still need my coffee in the morning though.

    Carla - I'm glad you enjoyed your day, if it was me I'd be glad to bring my beautiful paintings back home. Hope you recover soon.

    Jole - you're a lucky lady with all your children and grandchidren. My daughter has had loads of problems but hopes to have a baby this year, fingers crossed.

    Gran - I sympathise with the rain, we've had months of it though nice today. No tornados though. When I read what you wrote I first thought you said 'tomato watch' and I was wondering what a tomato watch was - another strange thing they do in the States - then I re-read and saw it was tornado watch - duh, its the brain fog.

    Well I'm off to talk to Tom and my brother who has come for dinner - roast lamb which I don't eat.

  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---to tell you! Most of our new Porchies won't remember my

    Fredericka, but I got an email from her last week! It was

    a note of apology (a bit late) for dumping me for that up-

    start singer Harry Connick Jr. Ya know, it was through my

    personal contacts and my friend Guido, that we were able to

    get her that wonderful modeling job with VICTORIA SECRET!

    Well it's too late now Freddie, YOU chose your runway and

    now you're gonna have to walk it! (I'm TUFF, aren't I Kids?)

    Hope all my (other) Porchie Friends are having a good day!

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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    is it Good afternoon? It is almost afternoon here anyway.

    Rosiebud - First of all sorry if I keep forgetting to say hi to you in my posts. Somehow , I think of it after I have already submitted. A BIG welcome if I haven't done so and if I have - well then you have been welcomed twice (-: !! Oh, you were asking about the "Tornado Watch." No I had never heard of tht eithe till we moved to LA and then TX. The weather people say that when all the different criteria are in place that could cause or produce a tornado. ( Hope you understood what I said.) The warning of course speaks for itself - is when they see one touch down or just whirling around in the sky waiting to do something bad.

    Oh Rosie don't feel bad about losing your post after trying to get someone's bio first. I have done that more than once for sure. It is usually afater a really long post to ALL. Now that is frustrating !!!

    Julie - Yes, I know how wonderful cherrystone clams are. In NY I used to eat them raw but anyway will do !! Growning up we only had the cheap fish to eat due to the expense. Now we can occasionally have salmon, shirmp scallops and the like but am still trying to find a good recipe for scallops. We just love seafood !!!

    Carla - Sorry you didn't win a ribbon but I am sure that will happen again soon. You do such good work. Boy you have been a busy gal !!

    Hi Jole - Yes, I think that your SIL has done his share. Just keep praying that God will keep protecting him.. War is always sad !!

    Jodie - Hi there kiddo. I think you said you liked calmari and someone else mentioned they didn't know what it was.

    I forget who asked aboutit. Fried calamari is pretty big here dipped in sort of a marinara or other sauce. It is reall the octopus. They either sliced the tenticles into rings, bread and fry or if they are really small they do the whoe thing. Usually it is the tenticles. It tsts pretty good if not over done. If so they are rubbery.

    Mrdad - hope all is going well with you. Getting ready for those bee kee nees?? Gee we haven't heard about or from Frdericka (Freddy) in a long time. I see you are keeping in contact (-: !

    Rock - Hope all is well with you. Miss you when we don't see you in awhile. Hope your puter isn't cause any problems.

    Linda - Hope you are not feeling to badly after going to work. Hope you can straighten that all out so you can stay home , sometime SOON>

    Bye to everyone else I have missed or who are peaking thru those bushes !! Marta, Sweetie. Lacey, etc. etc.

    Hugs and blessings to all,


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  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    This is me doing my stretchs after being in bed for 12 hours. Yep, didn't get out of bed until close to noon.
    I was up at 9 and let the girls out and went back to bed.

    Linda I was feeling your rt hip pain, I flipped over more that a gymnast. It started last night after laying down on the couch for several hours, unusal for me, I am using sitting up with the feet up and big pillow behind my back. It felt like is was buring and stabbing. I'm sure all that sitting in hard chairs, walking and standing plus the 70 mile round trip didn't help either.

    Sorry your shoulder is bugging you still and is keeping you from going out and have a little fun. I still have my fingers crossed that things will work out for you.

    Thanks for the blue ribbons- are the brownines done yet :)

    Mrdad- Good job with Freddie, she doesn't deserve you after what she did to you-girl has some nerve.

    Julie-don't ya hate it when we get that burst of energy and just keep going knowing we will pay later but getting up to a clean us does help. I don't know how you handle all the snow and cold and glad the kids came back home.

    I am going to cut this short as the wind is kicking up and is curretly 60 degrees. A storm front is moving in and I am and going to take the gorls for a walk with the cart. It has been nearly a week since we have been. Poor things had to go to work with me Fri, then Twy escaped yesterday morning and stayed out all day and I made Missy stay in the house all day by herself, then let her go out and run free for a little while after I came home, then she came in and currled up with me and Twy.

    Hello to Jole, Rosie, Bevy, Micky, Monica, Marta, Rock,Sweetie and all other peepin toms-BBL-Carla
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla: So happy that you treated yourself to 12 hours of sleep
    last night! I'm sure the way you've been runnin' around, it
    was great to sleep in on a Sunday mornin'! Don't think I mention to you how much I LOVED the artwork display! But I
    certainly did, and I so admire your talents! I'd much rather
    one of your works than a white sheet splattered with balloons
    of colored paints by Salvador Dali! E-Z choice for me there
    Carla. Thanks for the humorous e-mail(s) as well.

    No Rocky this weekend!? Must be havin' a better time than
    we are having. Well, good for him.

    Linda, can't wait for the dinner you plan for tonight! The
    meatloaf and soup sounds wonderful. So hearty for a cool
    evening too. Yes, I did rec. the Tiger Woods joke in my
    email from you. Ya wonder who thinks these things up. When
    I lived in the Sierra I new some young Brothers originally
    from Philadelphia who had a construction business. They came
    in often for Lunch or Dinner and the jokes were by the dozens! Often wondered how these construction site guys
    ever got anything done on the job? Pat and Mike. Irish too!
    One is an Attorney in So. Cal, the other lives in Reno Nv.
    now and is a Building inspector for the County.

    Julie: Glad you didn't try to get out to Church in that
    horrendous weather! You can say a few prayers at home and
    the Lord is just as well pleased. I never ventured unneedlesly onto the highways in a Sierra storm years
    ago. Too many careless and senseless drivers on the roads
    in good weather!

    Took my walk to the Park after Lunch to do the Bee-Kee-Knee
    count. Pretty cool and breezy today, 63 degrees but feels
    much cooler. The fog has been persistently ringing the City
    all day. But the Girls from Wisconsin and Minisoda were there, of course!

    Well, gonna get back wiff you awl later, "K"?
    Hope you're all having a great Sunday!

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  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Sorry I haven't posted all weekend. It has been a crazy weekend. We were at St. Louis University Friday, and all day Saturday. My daughter Ashley had her interview on Saturday. I slept about 12 hours last night. It felt so good, however, i was more sore this morning than i have been all week. Yuck

    We won't know anything until March about whether or not she will get the full ride tuition. That would be so wonderful.

    She will get something, they did already offer $13,000 for each year, which is really good and that was before she took her ACT again and scored 30. So we shall see.

    Miss you guys lots and Joe i can't believe anyone would drop you over Harry Conick Jr. I sure wouldn't. By the way what does SMG mean. You stated you will have SMG put in a good word for my daughter.

    Rosie, Granni, Marti & Bevy, thanks for asking about Ashley. If anyone on this board believes in praying please say a prayer for her that she gets the full ride and thank you so much.
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  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'M sure that your daughter is glad the "interview" is over!
    SMG is Sister Mary Gregory who has (had been) our mentor on
    the Porch for eons! She would "oversee" the "comings and goings" of us all providing wisdom and direction to us all.
    However, she hasn't been seen since she and Andy Warhol took
    a trip to the Vatican to do some "touchup" work to the ceiling
    of the Sistine Chapel. (Had to "text message" her today) Hope she yet has some sway with those in charge of things!

    Yep! St. Louis U. is a Jesuit holding! Went to USF here in
    '68 for night school at 28.00 a unit! Big $$$ at that time!
    I think I was clearing about $80.00 a week with Ma Bell! I
    owed my soul to the Jesuits! I believe by Papal decree of the
    16th century, they are still banned from the Americas! Tell them that, ya know what I'm sayin"? They provide excellent
    educations! I'll give'em that! I'm a product of the Dominicans and the Marianists myself!

    I know Ashley will do well!


    P.S. Ya know Mickey, in regards to Fredericka, Harry must be
    singing a different tone!
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A short post is all I can manage today. As you may know, since I have mentioned it 143 times, I have very little energy. The last 4 days I have slept all day.

    I am hoping to get back to "very little energy" as opposed to "practically none".

    In the meantime, I am stopping by the porch now and then to read. Thanks for asking about me. I 'spect I'll be up and about shortly.

    Nice to see you on the porch, Rosie.

  19. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I am checking in on everyone...I see Carla, Mr Dad, Rock,Granni,Julie,Rosie...Well I just dropped my mirror.

    I'll be back when we switch to the new volume...I usually get caught in the transistion.

    hugs to all
  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Joe, yes Ashley is so glad the interviewing is overwith, now it is just the waiting part. That is awesome that you are a product of the Dominicans, I have 2 very close Aunts that are Dominican Nuns, Sr. Rosemary and Sr. Barbara Ann. Sr. Barbara Ann is at the Mother House in New York, I believe it is Sparkhill.

    My other Dear Aunt Rosemary is very close to me, she is over at every party and every celebration. She also was the head librarian at SLU, so she put a very good word in for Ashley as well. Her letter of recommendation was awesome.

    Well i don't know what kind of tone Harry is singing but she has definetly missed out on a kind, caring, wonderful guy. Don't worry about it, the right one will be there. Have a great day.

    Rockgor - I will pray that your energy will come back. I was afraid i was in a flair Saturday and Sunday, but today i am much better.

    Lydia - I agree, to be where it is warm and has an ocean would be awesome. This cold and snowy weather is really getting tiring. Thank you so much for your prayers for Ashley.

    Lincamp - It would be better than winning the Lottery, because she has worked her hiny off for this scholarship. Thanks for thinking of her.

    Laceymae - I hope you didn't break your mirror. You know what that means.