Porchlight is on Vol 192 (Done)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gonna make the change Kids! Hope no one was caught.
    Love my new DSL !! It's so quik! Do you know that in
    reality, I sent Vol 192 tomorrow and it's here already!!!

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  2. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    The other post (191) was getting kind of long and hard to keep up with. You are a master with technology!!!! LOL

    MONICA - Some days I don't know how I can work. I just know that i have to. I have two kids in highschool ready for college and they definetly have needs, so I make myself get in my routine every morning. If i didn't have my meds and my will power, I don't think I would be able to.

    I am probably not as bad as some of you are, YET anyway. I was diagnosed only couple of years ago, however, it does seem to be getting worse. Who know from 1 day to the next, i could wake up tomorrow with a flare that just does me in. I hope not though.

    Hopefully when the girls are done with college I will cut it down to part time. However, I really don't want to quit working all together. I just love being around people and working does at least keep my mind going. LOL

    Well, we just got back from our luncheon, it was one of the girls here birthday and we took her to Syberg's. It was very good.

    Now I am so so full, and ready for a nap, I wish. 3 more hours to go and I am going home.

  3. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Good to see you!

    Mick - Basically what happened to me was I flared and just didn't fully come back from it. I tried working part-time and I just couldn't do that either. The migraines were getting so bad and I had become unreliable so I had to quit working. Somedays I drive myself crazy in this house but it is for the best.

    Lydia - I hope Keira isn't catching that bug. My son Jackson (16 years-old) was out of school for an entire week! Thank God, I didn't catch it --- not sure how I did it but I was spared. LOL.
  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but they said the pool was closed..meaning i can not even sit in the lounge chair....guess i will have to just go to the beach instead another day.

    still having troubles falling and staying asleep. three days now.

    Cody's mouth is doing just fine.

    i gave my speech today it went well for the most part, i went over the 5 min. by 4 and 1/2 minutes.

    taking my math test tomarrow i got to put it off.

    well talk to you all later

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I thought that I would at least make an appearance on our beloved Porch.

    Went to our ladies luncheon this afternoon. It was all C and W theme as this is Rodeo times for those in TX - the big one in Houston but don't go there anymore. We all had our Texas garb - jean, boots andhats, etc. and had chicken fried steak and all. It was delicious; Those of you whoe don't live in and arount TX probably do not have a clue of what chicken fried steak is. it is very good with white creamed gravy but it isnt my very favorite thing but it was good.

    Now I have to remember what everyone said on the last volume - good grief !!

    Julie - sorry that the bug has beeen going around in your house. Hope it goes away soon - no fun !!

    I forget who mentioned going to Hawaii . I agree and do hope to get there before I die.

    Jodie - laying out by the pool sounds awful cold to me. Still not that warm.

    Sorry, DH is calling. I gotta run right now but hope to get back tonight before beddy bye.

    TTYL !



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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I took a trip in the old car-car.
    Just three blocks, so not too far.

    Library sale; doncha know.
    All half price; that's really low.

    Got 6 books; now I'm all set.
    Hurried home in my chariot.

    A whole week's reading for just mere pence.
    Romance, travel and suspense.

    The wings of fiction set us free,
    To sail over land and sea.

    So climb aboard and hold on tight.
    As Peter said, "Second star on the right."


  7. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Hi everyone-
    I have never posted on the porchlight thread so I really don't know what it's all about, but I wanted to mention to YC1 that my MIL had ALS (Lou Gehrig's) - I am very familiar with it, and just wanted to let you know that if you ever want to talk about it, I am here for you.

    It is a difficult disease...for the one afflicted and for those who love them. I learned a great deal about it over the years - from watching her suffer with it, and from talking to others in my work. So I just wanted to let you know I am here if you need to talk.

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Good morning all you wonderful porchies. I am sitting here at work (only time i can ever post). When I am home my kids or husband hog the computer. LOL

    Well tomorrow is Friday one more day to get through work then it is Friday and sleeping with no alarm in the morning, yahoo!!!!

    JULIE - I am the same way when i get home from work, i am so exhausted that i just don't have the energy to fix dinner. I have cereal a lot for dinner and then just lay on the couch and relax. This is only sometimes, however, most of the time i have to run Lindsay around or pick her up from school activities. My DH works usually till 7 or 8 so he cannot do a lot of the running around. I hope Keira and Amy feel better.

    MONICA - I am really hoping that the day where i get such a bad flare that i cannot work anymore doesn't come for a long time. There is no way we could make it without my income too. But you never know, God works in mysterious ways.

    JODIE - Are you trying to make us "cold weather porchies" jeolous, well you are doing a good job of it. LOL You are so blessed to not have to deal with this nasy weather. Lucky dog. I don't know why I live where I live, but sooner or later I will be moving to the warmer climate. Good luck on your Math test today, i will put a prayer in for you.

    GRANNI - you are just such a busy bee and that is so good. It really does keep the mind going. That is so neat that you have this tradition of a them on your ladies luncheon, how neat. Hawaii is one place that i would like to go to before i die as well.

    ROCKGOR - You are a literary genious. That is really an awesome poem, I am assuming you are explaining your day in a poem, very unique.

    LIN - I never knew the energizer bunny got arrested, I am surprised he didn't outrun them. LOL Did you think the girls were better than the guys this week. I did, my favorite is the blonde girl that played the guitar (cant remember her name).

    LYDIA - What a dream to be able to leave your 9 -5 job and live the dream of your life. How blessed is that. That is just awesome.

    YCI - I am really praying a lot for your sister, I hope that she is in no pain and that God will keep her with you for as long as he can. Sisters have a special bond and you are so fortunate to have this with her. She is lucky to have you. I am also praying for you Father in law. YOu are so right, God does only give us what we can handle. Sometimes we wonder why, but there is a reason he chose each and every one of us.

    KJADE - Hello and i am so glad you are on the porch. Visit often.

    LINCAMP - 6 degrees, you definetly have it worse than we do. I feel for you. I wish i could just walk around with a heated blanket around me at all times. I do not have a juicer, but i would love one. Let me know how you like it. I do plan on keeping on hangin here at work, I just have to, no choice in that matter. Thanks for the encouragement. I wonder if we can use the same recipe for the blueberry bread that the strawberry bread called for, just switch the strawberries with blueberries.

    I think that is everyone, by the way, MRDAD where are you. I miss your little day to day posts. I guess you are just a busy guy right now.

    Take care all and I will check in later.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    should I say Lodgers with the cold weather out there for some of you?

    Today will be a very busy day so this will be short. I grabbed the computer before DH gets back. I hae to vacuum this place before soem people and the Travel Agent comes to talk about the trip. We may book today, not sure.

    YC1 - Just wanted to sy hi and sorry you got so little sleep lst night. There is so much going on wit you I could see where you would have a problem even if you weren't ill yourself. I may do the same thing while I am trying to wean myself down on my gen. Klonopin dosage at night wit my flexeril - ugh !! Hope it goes OK. Thinking of you sweetie ! Hope all goes well with you today. I did post to that other post I let you - unless you left another one too. I will try and remember to check for it again.

    Kjade - welcome to the porch. Hope you stay awhoile or at least come back and visit again. It is so much fun. Just do so when you can. We'll save yours rocker and blankie anyway. So sorry to hear you had Lou Gehrigs disease in your family too. It is so devistating.

    Julie _ gad things are looking up a bit around your house with that flu bug or whatever it is.

    Rock - I forgot to mention your poem. You did compose that didn't you. It was really cute !! You are quite the man with words aren't uyou?? Hope you are feeling OK and computer finally behaing itself.

    Monica - I hope that epidural helped some.

    Linda - How are you doing handling work? All that work and responsibility , not good with our DD's, I know. Surely couldn't work as an RN now , even if I hadn't been out of it for so long. STRESS !!!!!AAACk !!

    Hi Mickey - glad you are feeling well enough to work as someone else mentioned. Ihope that it fontinues. So many have a problem doing so, at least full time. I am guessing yours is FT.

    Hope all is well with our Mrdad, Marta, Sweetie, Lacey, Gerogia, et. etc. There goes the brain again or should I say still ??

    Candy (YC1) - I forgot to tell you that I checked that other post that you were talking about and I already had read it but forgot to add a note to it.

    Much hugs to all,


    This afternoon is the meeting about the trip and I really had better get going.

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  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope all are doing and feeling "well" today. I'm still here
    MICKEY, with the nicer weather I have increased "duties" at
    the Park U-no. I have lot more counting to do. I'm sure
    all here will understand!

    My Son leaves for Oregon to see his Mother and Sissy for his
    B'Day! Long drive from SF to Portland, but being young is
    an asset. His GF is going also so two drivers will make it
    much easier. Just hope the weather continues to co-operate.

    Rocky: Ya writing more poetry for us? Boy, I hear you say
    things from the past and I'm convinced your memory is much
    better than mine! I find myself going to the dictionary more
    often now for the simplest spelling verifications. Oh boy!

    The weekend will be upon us soon. Hope to have Lunch with
    my Son b-4 he leaves for Oregon as well as see the 'Lil Guys
    possibly tomorrow. Don't know where a week goes but I'm sure
    you all feel that way too.

    I'm gonna get wiff ewe awl later, "K"?
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well it's a busy day here at mia casa. I am simultaneously steaming cauliflower and washing the dishes. Hope I don't get the two mixed up.

    I got a head of cauliflower for 99 cents at the store of the same name. It's $1.69 pound at the supermarket. that's quite a bit when you consider about half the weight is inedible leaves.

    You can eat the stalk tho. That's my Heloise tip for the day.

    You're right about memory, Joe. I look up words all the time now. Sometimes I forget so fast I have to look them up twice. Not apropos unless you are looking up reiterate.

    Granni, yes I composed the little verse. It's like the song says: a time to hold 'em and a time to fold 'em. A time to compose and a time to decompose.

    You know, I never heard of chicken fried steak till I moved to California. I saw a short video on the net. A cafe in Snook, Texas, serves chicken fried bacon. Sounds delicious.

    Anyhoo, thanks to all the people who appreciated my literary efforts. Artists like to be appreciated, and so do those of us who really aren't artists.

    Glad to hear Cody is healing up ok, Jodie. Are you going to tape your speech and put it on Youtube?

    Do you have a definite time when you are moving, Julie? What is hubby currently doing that he is ready to give up?

    Used your juicer yet, Linda? Gordon has one. He'd buy a concrete mixer if someone told him it was a kitchen appliance. About the only thing we make w/ it is carrot juice. It is super refreshing; like drinking Spring.

    Gordon and I went to Hawaii a while back, Mickey. It was 50 years after Pearl Harbor. Air fare and hotel were pretty cheap too.

    I wish I had gone there when I was still living in Minnesota. The contrast would have been astonishing. But going after living for decades in California meant seeing a lot of the same things I could see at home.

    Hope your nests eggs are ok, Elaine. I think mine are pretty well cracked. One good thing on the financial front tho. The Pres. says there won't be any recession. Haven't seem Jack LaLane for a long time. He used to have an early morning exercise show in the early days of tv.

    Well, the cauliflower is done, and the dishes aren't. But our goal is progress, not perfection.

    Oh, Linda, Gordon came home w/ a clivia last week. It is yellow w/ bell shaped flowers. Comes from South Africa and is a member of the amaryllis family. So maybe it knows your plant.

    Welcome to all the new folks and Queen Elizabeth waves to everydobby.

  12. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Joe - I hope your son has a safe and enjoyable trip - I did that trip in the 70s from Vancouver to SF - beautiful.

    Rock - you are indeed a man of many talents.

    If you all don't mind I'll just pop in and out as this is proving a little busier than I thought it would be and my brain can't handle all the posts. DUH!

    We had an earthquake here in Britain the other night, hit England - no one hurt but such freaky, extreme weather for this little island.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    S-Elaine - I do property management work for Shopping Centers. We own them all over the place. I am the one that deals with tenants, hire and fire contractors, prepares leases, etc... I could go on & on. The only thing that is effecting me from getting promoted is the traveling. There is no way i could do that. The managers have to travel about 3 times a month. No way for me. It is no dream job by any means, but I am comfortable with it and have been in this business for 21 year or so. Hope you find something p/t. I would love to go to part time, but i will have to wait till the kiddos are out of college.

    ROCK - I love the stalk on cauliflower, that is my favorite part. So save that for me please. So, did you and Gordon enjoy Hawaii, was it as beautiful as i think it is????

    MRDAD - I guess i would be outside all the time too if i had your weather. There is no way i would be stuck inside on the computer on those kind of days. When summer gets here you may never hear from me again. LOL

    ROSIE - i am so glad the earthquake didn't affect you and your family. I have never been in an earthquake before and hope i never do.

    Well thats all for now folks. Catch you all later on the Porch this afternoon.
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  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    and no one has posted on here in 3 or 4 hours. Wow, that has never happened before.

    Anyway, I made some popcorn and brought the tv out on the porch so we can all watch the elimination on American Idol tonight. Can someone else bring the drinks and pillows and blankets, it is still a little chilly my way (well a lot chilly).

    I was just bored and though i would post something stupid. LOL

    Talk at you all later.
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  15. jole

    jole Member

    Haven't been here for awhile again. I tell myself I will try to visit the porch every day or so, but to tell the truth, the walk is simply too much for me I guess!

    I do read the volumes most of the time and try to keep up with everyone though. I enjoy all of you so much, and it always makes my days go much better.

    YC1, sorry to hear about your family's health problems...neither of them an easy fix. As a nurse, I took care of an ALS patient for 6 years. She was a wonderful person, and it was one of the best and worst things I have ever had to do. It is very hard on the patient and the family. Needless to say, I became very attached to them and her death was very hard. Just make the best of every day....

    Rock, loved your poem! Also love the great humor in your posts....you are quite the guy!

    Mr. Dad, I'm happy you had time with your son. It's so hard to believe time has slipped by so fast and our children are grown, isn't it? I sure wish mine were small again. I'm sure I would be a much more patient mother the second time around...and it would be so great not to have to work while raising them. (Of course, I wouldn't have the energy now)

    Jodie, speech was my favorite class. I was always very shy and it was hard for me to get up in front of everyone, but once I got started I really enjoyed it. It also proved to me that I could accomplish more than I thought.

    Sorry everyone else...will try to get you the next time. Wishing you all a good day, and dropping off a homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting....any takers? It's my hubby's favorite, and took me awhile to try, but it's really very good.

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---the Northeast and Midwest don't want to hear this, but
    just opened my bedroom window to let out some of the "warmth".
    Walked to the restaurant to meet my Son for Lunch with out
    a jacket and he rode over on his bike in a "T-shirt". Oh,
    and trousers! With weather like this, can that Cool, foggy
    Summer be far behind?

    Some days are like this Mickey, especially on weekends, Porch
    can be slow as Peeps are oft times busy with commitments.
    I don't know where my days go, probably lost in lots of Nap
    Time some days!

    Rosie: I think now we have two things of note in common;
    fog and earthquakes! Nothin' like a 'Lil Shake to loosen
    up the rental market here.

    Well Jodie, has George Hamilton showed up to use your pool
    yet? There'll be a knock the door anytime now.

    Linda: Glad that you had a few hours with Kylob. Tell her
    we miss her and look forward to a return as she feels better.

    I'll be back later Kids! Hope Spring will soon be sprung for


  17. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I'm sorry to be poking in here....I wanted to reply to YC1...I hope you all don't mind! Thank you for welcoming me here. Like I said I never knew what Porchlight meant, so I never posted on these threads, but you guys look like you have a lot of fun here.

    YC1: How old is your FIL? When was he dx'ed? To answer your question, my MIL progressed very rapidly once she was dx'ed, but I have heard of people who lived 15-20 years after they were dx'ed with this horrific disease. She began having speech problems pretty quickly, and eventually had to write everything down because we could no longer understand her.

    She was in a wheelchair and could no longer walk, and then became completely bedbound. Then once she was unable to swallow, she had to have a feeding tube inserted and I think they fed her Ensure. And then she had to have a bag inserted to go to the bathroom. It was very difficult to watch her suffer like that. Now that was just her situation. I remember her Drs telling her they had never really seen anyone progress that quickly. So I really don't know about your FIL, as everyone is different (just like with our dd's).

    The worst part about this is their minds don't go...only their bodies. They know everything that is going on, unlike with Alzheimer's (like you said about your own father). Gosh that must have been difficult to care for him like you did. That takes great strength, and I commend you.

    I am so sorry that you and your dh and FIL are dealing with this. I don't understand why they can't find a cure, or other ways to help them lead a more normal life. My MIL was only 52 yrs old ~ I still miss her everyday so much. She was once so full of life ~ she was always laughing and so fun to be around. And she never complained when she got sick. The worst for us was our 1st child was just born, so she never got to know any of our children. She would have been such a great grandmother to them.

    I hope this didn't upset you....I want to help you since I have been there and dealt with this terrible disease. If this bothers you, please tell me and I will delete it.

    Take care....

    And again sorry everyone for butting in, but I would be glad to join your club!
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    I just couldn't resist the peeps thing Mrdad!!

    YC1 - Hi there girl. I just left you a short note on the other board where we have been trying to catch each other. I saw it this morning but did not answer it and then did so on the porch this morning. I think youmissed me but have no fear I am here - for what, i do not know hon. Just wanted to say hi to you and everyone before getting ready for beddy bye. BTW, I usually check the Porch first if I do not have much time to write. Then if I have more time I go elsewhere on the boards. I will be out most of the day tomorrow but might get to peak in in the evening, not sure. So please do not worry about me if I don't pop in on the boards right away. I may not make it till sataurday.

    It is trying to be warmer lately but still a mite chilly. Ineed long sleeves still and a jacket or sweater. I am always so cold. So, there for I am going to Alaska with some friends and DH of course. Is that smart or want ?? DUH !! Well, we are going in August so it shouldn't be too cold as I understand it. We shall see. Will bring lots of layers, etc.

    Oh dear, I screwed up and didn't attach to the new volume correctly so I have to try and remember what y'all have said. Not an easy task for me esp when I am not really cncentrating.

    Mickey - Hi there hope all is well with you. I can't remember what you said so I have to fake it.

    Linda - I think it ws you who asked about our possible trip to Alaska. We are doing an 11 or 12 day toour/cruise in August to Alaska. We even have a balcony room, along with some other couples. It is not cheap but oh well. The way we figure if we don't we will leave all the money such as we have to the kiddos. We will fly to Anchorage and do the land tour to Seward. I believe and then cruise to some ports I forget, have to look at the map and then end in Vancouver. We will decide whether to stay an extra day or not in Vancourver before flying home. More info to follow as it gets closer. It sounds great if I don't get to cold. Have to bring lots of layers !!!That time of year is usually nice they say but that doesn't mean it will agrree with me, of course. I think I am a bit different (-: !!

    Mrdad - Glad you had a good time with your son. Glad it is warming up for you too.I surely am not ready for the beach yet or pool like Jodie.

    Rock - Hope all is well with you and Gordon.

    s-elaine - I think I saw you here to for a bit. Hope youare having fun here with all us "peeps" as Mrdad would say.

    Joan, thinking of you and Dh if you are peeking in !! We are praying for you husband and you too.

    Well since I can't remember who siad what I will say bye for now.

    Blessings and hugs all around.

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  19. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    Hope that everyone had a good day--

    I used two baskets of strawberries for the bread.

    The weather out here hit 70 today--didn't even need to wear a sweater. Everything is starting to bloom.

    Last two days of work have been very busy, and am ready to settle down with a good book--

    Hello to All--


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