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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hello my Friends! Gonna change the Post a few hits early

    to prepare for the morning Posts, "K"?

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  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted you to know the mud hole did not swallow me, tried to keep my foot once but I managed to get it back...with the boot.

    I worked on it for awhile, then whirly pool, shopping, art club meeting now bed cause I gotta work tomorrow.

    Can you believe Big Lots did not have one regular light bulb? I have 5 burnt bulbs that need to be changed, 3 out 4 are in my ceiling fan, it's a little hard posting by candlelight. I will go to Dollar General on my home from work. I was amazed, they had all kinds of other bulbs but not one freakin light bulb

    You know we will hit 200 soon and need to plan a sellebration. I think we need entertainment. Maybe Mrdad and Rock can get their act together and finally do their act.

    Then we could mud wrestle and finsh off in the hot tub.

    Hello Kjade, YC1, Mickey,Monica,Georgia,Rosie,Jole, JOAN WHERE ARE YOU?, Sweetie, Marta,Lacey,Granni,Rock and Mrdad.

    Thanks for gettin the porch all ready for the morning crew-I hope your plans for the weekend work out. Hopefully, I'll make it back sooner than later-Carla
  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I think you porchies that started all this should definetly throw a party. That is amazing how you guys have kept this up for so long.

    Thanks Joe for changing the volume tonight instead of the morning. I always get on right before you change it and then no one gets to read my post, so thank you very much.

    Carla I am so glad you didn't sink in the mud hole. That sounds like fun having a mud bath or even better mud volleyball. I used to play that a long time ago and it was so much fun. I cannot even imagine being able to do that now. LOL

    Well, I was not happy about American Idol tonight. They should have never let the 2 girls go that got eliminated. They were good. It should have been Amanda (the one with the streaked hair and rides a harley) and the other blonde. She was even surprised that she didn't get booted.

    I also watched The Apprentice (me and my husband love these 2 shows). I wish so bad that Amoroza (sp??) would get fired. I cannot stand her.

    Have a good rest of the night and talk to you all in the morning.

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I don't know ifin'this is being televised Nationally, but
    I assume it will be. It's out of Elizabeth New Jersey, the
    State that has a designated "dinosaur" but not a State Song!
    Now, Hoboken N.J., the birthplace of Frank Sinatra I'll bet
    has a Song, but not the State of N.J.?? "Oh, my Hobo, Hobo,
    Ho-bo--ken"! "Doo Wop Do-o-o-o-o"!! Guido knows the song, I
    learned it from him. I suggested to him, however, that I thought the part about "those little cable cars, halfway to"--
    --was not of THAT song! Ya know what I'm sayin? Where are you Tony Bennett, when I need you?

    Tomorrow, a busy, hopefully fun day. BBQ in the front yard
    of my Son's Flat early afternoon. Late afternoon, across
    the Bridge for dinner with the 'Lil Guys. A longer day than
    I usually do. However, it should be fun!

    I'll "talk" to ya awl in the A.M. though!

  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Many of you have seen Missy the counting dog but the quality wasn't that great.

    This one shows that I don't signal her and she knows what she is speaking. I don't know how she does it.

    I have another video of Twy doing her thing, jumping. I will try to upload it tonight. It took all night to get the 1 minute video uploaded.

    I have to get ready for work will try to be back later but have to do my publicity work for the clud today. I have to create a letter about our art show and a list of winners and submit it to 5 newspapers.

    Hello to everyone-I am running late-Carla
  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    CARLA, Missy is amazing. How did you train her to do that. WOW She is really a smart dog and so pretty.

    Don't work too hard and keep up the training of dogs. Maybe you could go in your own business training dogs, that would be good money and something you could do on your own time. However, your 2 babies might get a little jealous.

    MRDAD - Even though I am 42, Frank Sinatra was one of my all time favorite artists, I would have loved to live in that era. When I was in Las Vegas about 4 years ago, we were having dinner on the top of Paris (only because one of the guys we were with won $9,000 so he treated us). Anyway, Tony Bennett was there and we had a small conversation with him. Great, down to earth kind of guy.

    Have fun today with all the stuff you have going on.

    YCI - I am still praying for you and your family and also to give you the energy and willpower to keep doing what you are doing. Your family is very lucky to have you. Take care and God Bless.

    To all the other Porchies, Good Morning and have a happy, healthy, wonderful Friday!!!! Thank goodness it is Friday!!!!
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have to run and go meet my daughter, The one with allthe problems and is divorced. She had to bring one son to the docs and so was in this area so we sill shop alittle in the 99 cents store and then lunch most likely. So I will be helping her with some money as usual. Glad to have some etime to talk to her though.

    YC1 - Glad I finally caught us with you on the porch. Just remember that I usually check the Porch first and then if I have time go elsewhere on the board. Sorry about all your problems. Hope your dos appts go well for you. I knowi t tan take alot out of you esp when you are under somuch strtess with your sis and FIL. Have the church Fish Fry today in the afaternoon will probably help take up tickets and money again - unless they found someone else.

    Julie - I hope you get some sleep or got some yesterday or whenever you werre going to try and slee. Hope all are getting better from the bug. That is no fun I know.

    Yeah, CK, I think you are superwoman with all you do(-: !!
    Hope all is well with you .

    Hey there Mickey - you've been training dogs to or trying to? Hope all is well withyou too.

    Sorry, I have to run and meet my dauaghter.

    Hugs to all I missed, Marta, Mrdad. Georgia,Rock, Lacey, etc.

    BTW, Joan has posted some on the worship board for prayers for her husband. Havne't checked it ina few days. Some of you might want to and keep the prayers going for them both..


    Granni Pardon the typos . I am sure there are plenty but ot time to chek them out and edit.

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning, Porchies,

    We're having another winter storm this morning but I had to be out anyway to mail my grandson's birthday present. I should have sent it directly to him from the online store. I'll learn one of these days. With postage increasing in May I suspect I'll learn to do a lot more things online even though it doesn't feel as "safe" for bill-paying and the like. Old-fashioned, that's me. When my son was here from California, he said "Mom. No one write checks anymore." Not true! I do!

    Carla, are you putting in energy-saving bulbs? Poor you, you'd just like some light, right?? I'll have to get to YouTube and see the girls - and I agree about our sellebration.

    Mickey, we had a huge bash for our 100th. In fact, if you look veeeeery closely, there are some pieces of crepe paper still way up in the rafters that Jerome didn't get down. I think this one will be even more wild, at least in a virtual sense.

    Julie, sorry to hear about that flu bug hangin' around your house. The baby may be the healthiest one of you all as they often tend to be.

    Joe, a BBQ on the front lawn in February! I'm am green with envy (see my icon). Right now the snow is falling faster than it was earlier. I'm glad to hear you're feeling up to it.

    YC1 (Candy), nice to see you here this morning. If I'm reading correctly, is sound as if your FIL and your dad? have ALS? How sad. Now there I'm thinkin' that we can count our blessings.

    I'll run along now but I'm leaving some of the cream of broccoli soup I just made for you all. I goofed and bought more broccoli instead of baby spinach.... well, they ARE both the same color... :>/

    Hope no one snuck in while I wasn't looking. I got a phone call so this note had to wait. It was the shelter asking if I want to start working on an appeal letter now that I have the newsletter just about wrapped up.

    Hello to all the upcoming Porchies and hugs alllll around,
  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    No I have never trained dogs, but I thought Carla's you tube video was so cool, you have to watch it, it is amazing. I would love to get Jack to bark like that, he never ever barks.

    Have fun with you daughter one on one time. Those times are very special even if it is having to give money. LOL Our kids will always need us no matter how old they are, but that is okay, hopefully I will always be able to give them the help when needed.
  10. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    It is supposed to be 70 degrees today--YAY! I'm getting the urge to start gardening, but will wait a month or so to start putting vegetables in.

    Carla, I love the stories about your dogs. How do you teach them to do tricks? Ursula has a natural talent for burping. I'll hold up a cookie, tell her to burp, and she burps, then gets the cookie. She also knows how to curtsey, sit, down, etc, and if you ask her if she loves you, she'll lick your face.

    I can't train the tabby cat to do anything.

    I've gotten in trouble with the banana bread, as Mr. Mechanic really likes it for breakfast. I have four loaves in the freezer.

    Ursula likes it, too.

    He is making a big pot of lentil soup today.

    Need to get back to the laundry--

    Hope everyone has a good day and weekend--

  11. jole

    jole Member

    MRDAD I hope you have a great time with your family today. It seems like the time flies by when we're with them, and when it's over we crash! But at least we have the memories, and they're forever.

    Carla- Hope you're not in the dark :). I'll check out the video as soon as I can. I love dogs but am not that great at training other than to teach them to shake and fetch.

    Mickey - I haven't watched American Idol this year. I use to love it and wouldn't miss it for anything, so I understand. I guess I enjoyed it more when it was really unknown talent. I'd talk about it to anyone who'd listen!

    Julie - It must be exciting to be planning for a dream for you and hubby. I was glad to hear it's only for a few months at a time...I was thinking more like a year, and wasn't sure you'd be up to that long. Hope your household is feeling all better soon!

    YCI - I will do a separate post to you on this board answering your questions, okay? May be longer than I can do here.

    Mickey - Hi there! You know when I was working, Fridays were my favorite day. We seemed to work at a slower pace, visit more, and it was just simply more relaxed, yet we accomplished just as much work. It just goes to show what stress the rest of the week did to our production! Now that I can no longer work, I don't even know what day of the week it is!

    Granni - I've had quite a few of those "money" visits with one of my daughters too. But she is back on her feet now and and trying her best to be able to repay us. We don't expect her to, but we aren't discouraging her either. They do need to be as responsible as they are able to be. We have no regrets as to helping her out, and if we never get the money back it's okay, just knowing that she wants to is enough.

    Marta and Elaine - Sorry your having snow and/or cold weather. It's 60 here today finally, so I'm going to sit out on the porch with my blankie and soak up some sunshine this afternoon. It's suppose to snow/rain again on Monday, and I really, really need that warm sun!

    Well all, glad the porch will be warm soon and we can make S'mores again!
  12. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Well, today I'm so sorry but I can't acknowledge everyone in a separate post so I will just say, "Hello, Porchies, it sure is nice to see everyone!".

    Today I'm still in a huge flare after my procedure on my neck. All the neck pain is back which I knew it would be that the injections were only temporary --- about 24 hours of relief. I'm just waiting for the Vicodin to kick in and then I can actually take a shower.

    Nice seeing everyone and hopefully I feel better this evening and can chat a little more.
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's been a longer Feb. than usual. I knew someone born on
    Feb. 29, hard to image getting older but only having a B'Day
    every 4th year?

    Gonna have to read most of the Posts later as I slept in this
    morning and have lots to do b-4 leaving the House. Notice from scanning them how many envy the nice weather out here,( as
    Georgia just mention), but in SF the Long Johns come on in
    July when the interior Valley heat draws in the moister from
    the Pacific Ocean! One can drive 30 mins. East and have the
    temp 30+ degrees warmer. (There will be a Quiz on this Later)

  14. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am just stopping by for a minute.....I have a terrible headache, my sinuses are making me crazy.

    Tonight, dh has a family reunion, he comes from a huge family, his Uncle has 13 children an 43 Grandchildren, I haven't met any of them. I have known my dh for 20 yrs. So this should be interesting. I am looking foward to it.

    Hello to all, I will get back to you after a nap, and head is better....

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am having an all-white lunch today. Cauliflower, potatoes and milk. Let's see. If I were having desert I could have ice cream or white chocolate.

    You guys like white chocolate? The concept seems kinda weird to me. Like Coke w/ no caffeine or calories. I mean, what's the point?

    Well, moving on from the gourmet section of this post, we turn to science and technology in the form of Batteries! Thanks for informing us about the energizer bunny, Linda. I heard that he was arrested while in the company of his friend Mr Peanut. Poor Mr. P. was assaulted.

    Glad to hear you are a Cauliflower lover too, Mickey. Do you think we could be accused of being stalkers?

    Rosie, how long were you in the USA? Were you a flower child? Did you wear a granny dress? I wonder what you'd have if you combined a kilt and a granny dress.

    Nice to see you back, Jole. I see you do scrapbooking. Have you read any of the Harmony books by Philip Gulley? In one of them he makes a scrapbook for his wife. Costs about $500.

    Sorry you didn't find the carrot juice a treat as well as a treatment, Linda. Have you tried mixing it w/ apple or orange? Have you tried just apple w/o the carrot? Have you tried an apple martini.

    I had a martini once about 40 years ago. Yuck! Like drinking turpentine.

    Speaking of sliced bread, when my dad was a teenager he worked in a general store in a village in Iowa. There was no sliced bread then. And no housewifes would buy bread from a commercial bakery. They made their own.

    Cheese came in a huge wheel. Someone would ask for a dime's worth and he would slice off a chunk. And people brought in their own bottle if they wanted vinegar. He would go down to the basement where the vinegar barrel was kept.

    Granni, your Alaska cruise sounds like a fun adventure. I asked Gordon if he wanted to do that some years ago. He said no. He has motion sickness. Has to drive the car rather than be a passenger. Takes Dramamine If we get on a plane.

    I was only on a ship once. It was a clipper ship w/ both sails and engine. Used to belong to Jimmy Cagney. That was back in the 60s. I was seasick before we got out of the harbor.

    Well, as somebody said the other day, this is turning into Warren Peace. I will come back and post more later.

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  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I don't have time to really post and only scanned the porch. I have not stopped all day, I have had to Gabbers all day, one leaves someone else comes in and take over.

    Anyway, I HAVE to get my art club info done and to the newspapers. Tomorrow is Wally day and work on my art club stuff, it;s a lot of info to type, then email all the papers.

    Plus I have to give the girls their time, I left them at home alone today. I can't tell you how I trained Missy to count and add, she just does it. I started teaching her to "speak" then speak 2 and so on, one day I asked her what is 2 plus 2 and she barked 4 times. She gets it right everytime, unless she gets excited and carried away.

    Thanks for looking at my video- I will be MIA for a few days, have to have balance right now- A big wave to all-Carla
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    That's a little redundant, but what the heck. Many of life's little problems, I find, can be resolved by saying, "What the heck".

    Never heard of strawberry bread, Georgia. Sounds delicious. When I was a kid, my mother used to serve strawberries on her home-made biscuits. The cream came from the family farm, and she whipped it herself.

    Re: training cats, I trained a cat to do a couple tricks including jumping thru a hula hoop. But most cats resist learning tricks. They're smart enuff tho. Anytime he hears the can opener Huckle comes running to see what's being opened.

    Carla, saw the Missy-counting video. She is adorable! And so are you. As for getting my act together, no chance. Nowadays I can't even get my keys, wallet, checkbook together most days.

    But I'm not as bad as my neighbor...at least not yet. He came over laughing a couple years ago. He had gone to the market w/ his pants on inside out. Said it was kinda tricky getting his money out of the pocket.

    Julie, I admire your altruism. I don't have the energy to travel anymore. Gordon wants to go to the Santa Barbara Orchid Show next weekend. We have been many times in the past. I am not really looking forward to a 200 mile round trip tho. We'll see.

    Hey, Mr Dad, speaking of little cable cars that travel etc., here's a bit of musical trivia for you and anyone else who wants to play. Who first sang that song? In fact, I read recently, it was written for her.

    Clue: She recorded w/ Toscanini.
    Another clue. In the movie "Carousal" she sang You'll Never Walk Alone.

    My mother used to play her records back in the days of 78s.

    Marta, you're expecting another storm? What is that? Storm # 27 so far this year? Hope you and Sophie are staying warm and cozy.

    Yesterdayschild, I read in your profile you were a biker. My secretary was a former biker too. Her husband still rides his Harley. Has had some minor accidents and a major one w/ broken bones a few years ago. He fell asleep late at night and took out a light pole near the Hollywood Bowl.

    But he is fearless. Just keeps climbin' back on.

    Elaine, the porch is always open. Like a poorhouse blanket: always room for one more. (My father used to say that.) If you like the small-town atmosphere of a front porch, check out the Gulley books I mentioned above.

    Hope your flare is over, Monica. Hope you and the family are soon better, Julie. Bevy, have fun at the reunion. My family has a reunion every year in Minnesota in a State Park.

    What a contrast between Minnesota and Los Angeles. MN is green w/ blue sky and white clouds. LA is pretty much gray including the sky.

    Vell, das ist alles

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  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am so excited that it is Friday, this has been a long long week. Just picked up Lindsay and her friend from school, brought them home and now i am going up to the store to rent a movie for later tonight. Hubby wants me to get the movie called "Kingdom". Anyone seen this????

    Anyway, Carla, Missy is amazing, I really think she is human inside of a dog's body, LOL. You should send in that tape to Funniest Home Videos, you would win for sure.

    Yes, Rock we could be accused as Stalker, LOL, pretty funny, haha. I do not like Martini's either, my favorite alcoholic dring is a Rum Runner, not that i drink a lot (maybe 2 times a year). I had one at the Lake of the Ozarks, we go there about 3 times during the summer.

    I remember my Grandma always making bread by scratch. Actually everything she made was pretty much from scratch. I loved her canned tomatoes. When she made bread you know back then they didn't have mixers or any of these gadgets like we do now. Wow, I think back then and i don't know how they did it. We really have it easy now a days if you really think about it.

    Elaine, it sounds like you and your brother are really close, does he live far from you i assume since you said you will talk to him, I guess you mean for hours if that is your evening. I have a big brother too and we are closer now than ever. I also have a younger sister (40) who will never grow up and know any responsibilities. Oh well, maybe one day she will learn if my Mom would just stop helping her all the time. 40 years old and still has to borrow money from her Mommy. Nothing wrong with that if you really need it and you have tried all your life to accomplish something of your life. But my sister has always had the easy way out of everything and she thinks everything should be handed to her without having to work for it.

    Sounds like i am a little jeolous and bitter. Well I am bitter but not jeolous anymore. My mom left a note in the frig when i was 8 and she was gone with the guy across the street. Can you believe that, WOW. It is true, and then about a year later, my sis and bro went to live with her and i stayed with my Daddy. Yes, you can call me a Daddy's girl, because I am. Anyway, as you can tell me and my Mother are not very close at all. I will get over it someday, but it is so weird how it still to this day bothers the heck out me.

    Well I better go get that movie and eat, I am starving. Talk at you all later, bye bye

    Mickey (wow this is a long post, hope i don't bore anyone)
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just had a few minutes between errand s and chors to check the Porch. Thre e-mails are flying back adn forth between myself and the Travel agent on our trip to Alaska in Aus. and somehow I am theorganizer - e-mail and contact wise so that has kept be busy too. DH also hass some little chores for me to help with. Already did some weeding, probably more than I should have.

    YC1 - Hope things are improving for you and your family. Not to much time right now to really write but I surely hope your weather improves for you soon. I do not blame you for wanting to stay home when it is like that..

    Jodie - I haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well with you, school, Cody and no problemswith your toxic "friends". If they are I woule just stay away from the - to many problems.

    Mrdad - When is that Doo Wop program you were tlaking about? Is it over with already. I love it the 50"s mostly and some 60's. Hope you had fun with you family.

    Julie - Sorry everyone s so sick. I am surprised that Kiera hasn't gotten bad. You did say that she got a bitof it. I know you are all taking good care of her. Hope this rest will help out and help you to feeel better. !!!

    Rock - I used to get motion sick all the time as a child, even in the car. Some how that has chanaged and tahey have so many things that help it if you do. I took the patcheson prior cruises which last about 3 days each. The doc can give you the presc. and it really helps alot. Also, the ships are so large nowadys and with the stabilizer bars they hae people rarely get sick unles they are prone to it and did nt bring anything for it. If you really do want to go on a cruise I highly recomend it (the patch).

    CK - Hope you got everything ready for your art show and al is going well for it . Is the weather any better for you? Hope this finds you feeling somewhat better after all your problems.

    A big hi also to Mickey, Elaine, Linda, Marta, Georgia and ALL I have forgotten.

    Blessings and hugs to all,


  20. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    Hello to all, and hope that everyone is having a good weekend.

    Elaine, I can relate to toxic family members--I have a few of those myself! It is best to stay away from people like that. How is Ebay going?

    Carla, so glad that you are enjoying your artwork. I've started knitting again for hospice, and am still plugging along on my quilt. I'm anxious to start working on my crazy quilt, but need to finish the other one first. I've collected enough vintage fabric to fix the crazy quilt.

    Marta, how is Sophie? She sounds like a wonderful cat. My tabby cat is 13, and still acts like a kitten. She is in good health. Her Mom was a calico, and think they live a long time. Her Mom's name was Julie!

    Rock, I love your sense of humor, and enjoy reading about your growing up in MN. My Grandma was German, and always enjoyed hearing her stories about growing up there, along with their old traditions.

    Am taking it easy today, but may do some more baking. My friend brought home more bananas, and hinted that he loves the banana bread for breakfast. He cooked a traditional Mexican dinner last night, and it was wonderful. I love hot peppers, etc.
    I haven't had as much pain from the OA, and I think it is due to the hot chili peppers.

    Hello to all--