Porchlight is On Vol 195 (Klosed)

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    I'm just gonna do this change now while I'm here on the top

    step of the PORCH, "K"? Please see the last few Posts on Vol
    l94. Thanks, Georgia, Elaine and thanxs twice to Mickey!!

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    I think I missed 2 porchs -where does my time go? Does anyone else think that? Never enough time to get everything done.

    I came to the last porch and made a boo-boo and you can see the "I'm still alive" post if you wish. I had been battling the mud hole from hel and it is winning.

    A 2 hour whirlpool last night did help some but so tired and had to go out most of the day.

    We have so many new people that I haven't really got to meet yet, I aploligize but the last 2 months have been very hard on me and my body, plus my dogs need my time as they were getting out of hand and mama pack leader had to take control.

    I look foward to being able to relax and catch up on what is going on with everyone, I really miss this place when I can't make it here and post, there is a difference :)

    So forgive me if I don't address all for now. My hands have went numb as I sit here with my laptop, I even had trouble putting on makeup and blow drying my hair. All this shoveling and rakeing and scaping mud has been more than I can do and I am paying big time, may be in the tub again tonight.

    Rosie- I forgot tell you what a fleabotomoy was, it is really phlembotomy. Joe and I have hemochromotisis which is a iron overload blood disease. Our bodies can not process iron and blood letting is the only was to get rid of it. The key is not to eat it but it not always possible, bread, cereal, ect have iron in them.

    I welcome all you newcomers to the porch and we will have a sellebration for 200. So get those ballons blown up and the streamers out. That's all for now-Carla
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    Lynn, I hope that your MRI turns out OK. I had one last summer, and started thinking about my quilting when the jackhammer sound started. The technicians were checking in with me, too.

    I was thinking about freezing the rotten bananas, so we must have ESP. Thanks for the tip--

    Carla, you have been so busy! The 2 hours in the hot tub sounds wonderful.

    We had a big old palm tree come down yesterday during the high winds.

    Good night to all--

  4. rockgor

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    Drop by the house. You can seen Gordon's orchid in bloom. Actually you can just drop by the wall. We have a dozen or so hanging there. They are arboreal.

    Arboreal means they can be used as ingreediments in arrabiata sauce. I looked up arrabbiata sauce. Sometimes spelled w/ one B; sometimes w/ two.

    Baboon is almost always spelled with two B's. Baboons are not arboreal; but monkeys are. But enuff monkeying around. The orchid is a laelia (named after a vestal virgin). You can see a picture of it if you go to:


    The picture is from the nursery where Gordon bought it. it's in Santa Barbara. the big orchid show is coming up. don't know if we'll go tho. Santa Barbara is 100 miles from LA, and I'm getting too old for such gallivanting around.

    Ok, Mickey and Elaine, I'm going to tackle the banana twirl matter again. Here are the instructions: 1) make a fist 2) stick out your index finger 3) put the finger on top of your head 4) now spin around.

    the only tricky part of this terpsichory (named after one of the muses) is that while spinning you must advance forward simultaneously. Some kids never performed this move w/o breaking into giggles and intentionally falling down.

    Warning: do not try this at home unless there is someone handy to pick you up if necessary.

    I will post some more later. These long posts are just too risky.


  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, the computer was shut down most of today. Gordon got it working, but all my bookmarked sites got erased. Anyway some of my posts may be somewhat out of sync. If so, just pretend it's a time capsule.

    Did you see that car they dug up after 50 years in a time capsule. Water had seeped in and rusted viorously. I 'spect the funeral industry was not happy about that.

    Are you going to Sunday School or teaching, Julie? I remember I was surprised the first time I heard of Sunday School for adults.

    When I was a teenager I traveled w/ a circuit preacher. Sometimes played for 3 or 4 services on a Sunday. Played the new electric organ, pump organ, piano; whatever they had. (I was equally bad on all of them.)

    I got ten dollars from each church at Christmas. Also got enuff religion to last a lifetime. Haha

    My Sunday school learnin' comes in handy doing crosswords tho. Bible Twin is Esau; mother of Levi is Leah.

    Mickey, one of the worst accidents I ever handled was at Chucky Cheese. the manager walked into a dark room, fell over a booster seat, and did an enormous amount of damage to himself.

    Yes, Linda fruit in its original state would be less work. On the other hand, you wouldn't want a steer in its original state.

    Granni, I passed along your recommendations about the patch to Gordon.

    I have a couple more notes from a few days ago, but can't read them.

    Sis, good to see you on the porch. Sis makes wonderful choc. chip cookies, folks. Maybe if we coax her she'll bring some all the way from Big Sky country.

    All for now

  6. Marta608

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    Good job as usual, Joe. We appreciate you takin' time off from your binocular duty.

    Carla dear, relax. Post here when you can without it adding stress to your life. That's what's so good about this place; no demands. It's one place you don't HAVE to be. (yeah, I know, we want to though...)

    Linda, 61 degrees sounds so good. We got to 50 two days ago but it was only a tease. We currently have a big winter storm warning out for tonight.

    Georgia, when bananas get to the ripeness you want them, put them in the crisper drawer of your frig. The skins will look awful but the fruit will last an amazingly long time.

    Elaine, you sure are one of our busiest Porchies. Sorry the plans didn't work out.

    Rock, the bloomin' orchid sounds much better than a bloomin' onion. Ever had one of those? I think I'll forego the twirling but thanks anyway for the lesson.

    YC1, yes I will check out the old threads and see what you wrote. They're going so fast now I don't try to keep up. Thanks for thinking of me, whatever it is. UPDATE: I found it on page 2 of 193. So sorry for the misinterpretation, Candy. I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

    Julie, I'm with you about time changes but I do find that the spring one is much easier on me than fall which I never quite to adjust to.

    Another trip to the vet's this morning to get Duck and Pea. I cannot believe my so-called life on this board and elsewhere is reduced to this subject but it seems to be. We will try this food and hope for the best. Nuts, we'll hope Sophie will eat it, that's what we'll hope. Then we'll hope it doesn't give her diarrhea like the bunnies did. I told them at the vet to remember that I DID NOT RAISE THIS CAT! We have an appointment on Friday, just in case. *sigh*

    I'm sending hugs all around the Porch and to those near and far. Seems as if I recall seeing Sweetie quickly a few volumes back....

    Marta and the Itchy Cat
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  7. sheepwrestler

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    YC1, you have a good day, too, sweetie.

    Mr. Mechanic just left for work with a loaf of banana bread. Thanks for the tip on the bananas, Marta. I froze the rest of the rotten bananas last night--

    I got my fingers stuck in my new mixer yesterday--DUH. I was trying to take the beaters out, and accidently turned it on. I had to call my neighbor to come over with alcohol and bandaids. Mr. Mechanic asked why I didn't call him at work, but I told him my neighbor handled it. Have a sore, swollen finger, and will watch for infection. Again, DUH!

    Lynn, I think most of my pain is from OA and the MPS. I get big knots in my muscles, which causes burning, aching pain, mostly in my neck and lower back. I see my chiro, and do gentle stretching. Hot showers and baths also help. I also have a thera-cane I use to get out the knots.
    I'm sorry you have this, too.

    Yes, I know one MD at work who is just like House. He drives everyone nuts. He also uses a cane. I work with folks who are not guilty by reason of insanity. Very interesting work, and I've been doing it for 20 years.

    I only work part-time now, as my MD won't let me work anymore then that. I miss working full-time, but do some volunteer work with hospice.

    Elaine, I wish I could send you some of my junk to sell on Ebay. I got rid of two truckloads last month.

    My German dinner turned out really well. I learned to cook German food from my cousins who live in the former East Germany.

    Mr. Mechanic doesn't like sauerkraut. He loved the weinerschnitzel, mashed potatoes, and cauliflour. I put cilantro in the spuds rather than parsley.

    Need to go do some errands. Back to the Salt Mines tomorrow.

    Hello to all--


  8. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Looks like the Porch is the place to be!!
    Funny, in my real life, my front porch is one of my favorite places in the world. We have a huge front porch with two adirondack chairs. My husband and I sit out every evening in the summer, talk, read, watch the neighbors go by. I evening take my 'throw' when it's a little too cool for me, my favorite hot tea or iced tea... Sometimes we'll forego dinner and we'll have snacks out there. Love it!

    I can't wait for daylight savings time so that I have hours to spend out there after dinner!

    It's nice to have another porch to visit!
    What do I need to bring? anything?

    Thanks for letting me join in...step in...sit
    Looking forward to some good 'chat' and getting to know you all better as we watch the world walk by!
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I forgot who it was who asked where I was, if it was in Alaska. No, unfortunatly I am not. Just ordered some more turtlenecks and ladies light long underwear to hopefully keep me warm. If I didn't get them now they soon would be gone with spring on the way. We aren't going until mid August, alot warmer then. Now would be HORRIBLE !!

    Sorry I have not been here very much lately, Was gone all morning and have to fix lunch and then of to singing practice. I will try very hard to get to the Porch this evening since DH will be gone and I will actually be home !!!

    Carla - Sorry to hear that more rain for you is on the way. You certainly have had your problems with all that digging, etc. you have been having to do.

    YC1 - Sorry your weather is bad also. Not great for having to get ou t into. You have to go through so much with yur sis and FIL. However, glad things a a little better . Yes, your poor FIL must be very sad and frustrated. Is he on alot of meds?

    No time now to talk to youall. Please stay waram and dry or just come to the Porch and rock !! Wouldn't thata be nice if you could ?

    Hugs and blessings to all,


  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Welcome Janalynn! There's always room for another Porchie!
    I'm sure you will greatly enjoy your visits. From your BIO
    page, it sounds like you have a wonderful home and are en-
    joying being and living in Colorado.

    Linda: Hope you are doing well today after your tests yesterday. I'm surprised that you are able to obtain the
    MRI results so soon. It must lessen the anxiety a great deal.

    Rocky: Glad Gordon got ya back to the PORCH! I'm fortunate
    that I have almost NO problems with my 'Puter or ya'd awl
    just have to write me letters and me in return. Think MAC
    next time my Friend! It fits me well, we are equally SIMPLE!

    Julie: Sorry that the Baby is still not well. A little warmer weather would surely help wouldn't it? Enjoyed
    seeing the nice pic of you and Hubby in Belize on your Bio.
    The weather might be kinder to your body and soul in that
    kind of climate!

    YC1: Yea. I'm glad I didn't get you caught in the "door" too! Now I assume "Candy" is short for "Candice" which is
    a beautiful name! You should insist on people referring to
    it when addressing you.

    Hi Marta! Ya back from the Vet yet? I know that Soaphie
    behaved like the "perfect child" in his(her) presence!

    Elaine: My "Kids" bought me the book "eBay for Dummies"
    that (if I read it) would I'm sure be helpful in that arena!
    The author did a Public TV presentation at one time, but
    I fell asleep early into her presentation! Very boring!!!

    Granni: Has my Friend (the 'Lil Guys Daddy) arrived for
    Lunch yet? He should be in Austin now for the Music Fest!
    PB&J would be just find for him!

    Well, gotta get to Park in awhile and do the "Inventory". Ya
    know what I'm sayin?

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  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Good afternoon everyone. Went to work this morning at 8 (no snow) and by 10:30 we had about 5" of snow already and it is still pouring down. My boss sent us all home. He is so caring. Anyway, I am home safe and sound and getting ready to take a nap, i can barely keep my eyes open.

    Oh, and the kids school was called off too, so I stopped at Dairy Queen on my way home and brought ice cream for all of us. I don't care how cold it is, I love my Marshmallow Sundae.

    Elaine, I did read you post on 194. I think i would fit right in too. So when are you going to break the bad news to your sister. LOL How old is she anyway. My sister is 40, I am 42 and my brother is 44. I cannot believe how your date went, unbelievable. That guy is really way too smothering for a 1st day. That would definetly be a turn off for me too.

    Rock - Okay, I did it (banana twirl) and you are right about having someone with you, because I just about feel flat on my face. LOL

    Marta, I really hope this new food will be the answer to your prayers for your cat. Poor thing.

    Lydia, I never taught Sunday School, but I was a teacher at Kinder Care for about 3 years to 4 and 5 year olds. That was the best job i ever had (i just wish the pay would have been better). They were the cutest little kiddos adn they called me Miss Mickey.

    YCI - We are getting the same kind of weather as you and it is the pitts. Snow drops keep falling on my head. Yes, i know it is supposed to be rain drops keep falling on my head, but not in st. louis.

    Georgia - I hope you didn't do too much damage to your fingers, yikes. I am glad your German dinner turned out good. I could have done without the sauerkraut too, but the other stuff sounds delicious.

    Janalynn - your porch sounds wonderful too. Glad you have joined the Porch, it is the best.

    Granni - so glad you will have time tonight to visit. You are just a busy busy girl and that is good that you are. You must be a very good singer.

    Mrdad - Hope you are having a good day. I guess you are keeping yourself busy. You are probably out playing golf and sitting at a table outside eating your lunch in your beautiful weather. Miss ya.

    Talk at you all later, i am going to go take my nap now.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there all you dear Porchies and Porchettes !!

    Oh my, I have missed so many posts I don't know where to start. I just went to my singing group here in the subdivison. Sometimes we talk ore than we sing. However, we have 3 gigs next week. One for a Nursing home, one gor Aht Alzheimer group and their caregivers at the local Methodist church (they have such a wonderful program there and everyone loves it, inc us). We will be singing Irish and Easter songs for all the shows, plus a medly from Oklahoma" and "The King and I. Then, next friday we do it for the AARP members in our area. Then we will probably don't have any till May (unless our fearless leader books some more gigs for us. We also do singalongs esp for the Nursing homes and other groups. One time next week three of us will do our tap dance. Hope that we will get togethet to practice first, esp since we have no ore lessons and our place closed. !! I am so much less active than I used to be and it shows on my wt. - both hips and waist-ugh !!

    In between I will be balancing the church choir with our big choral group. They are both meeting on monday nights till Easter is over). Then of course Easter week is a very big one whee we sing thurs-sat. Busy , busy !! It is a good thing that I quit that other little group which I realy did love but was getting to much- not enough nights or days to practice. It was starting to get to much even though I did love it alot.

    Candy - Sorry you don't like your name. I think it is cute. Also , to bad you do not like Candace. I guess that may sound to suffisticated to you (-: !! Gee, you used to ride motorcyckles. You're a brave soul. If I rode it it surely wouldn't be on the road. It seems awfully dangerous to rind on the freeways like some of them do and withh no helmets yet. Of couse I am much older and don't have any more guts, like I used to have. Glad you do enjoy it from time to time but please wear a helmet. Hope you and DH do. So glad you have gotten into the porch. I see others have too s-elaine and a ccuple others. Oh, and Janalynn too. Oh yes, I do remember that song - "Candy Kisses" many years ago.

    Mrdad - Sorry the LI guys didn't show up for lunch. <ust of gotten lost trying to find us !

    OMG Mickey, sorry about all that snow. I don't know how you all stand it but of course you may not have any choice and it might be lovely but to cold for me. However, ID had to have worked in a place like NY where we lived we would have had to stay in the snow zone too. It is lovely to look at byt to cold and to uch just to get your car out and go wherever you need to go.

    Wecome Jana - so glad you are liking the porch. To me there is nothing NOT to like except sometimes the post come to fast to folo.w but we all do what we can anyway.

    Julie - Sorry that the baby is still ill. Hope you are feeling better. How did the dr visit go today, or whenever it was.

    Rock - Hi there and hope that Gordon will get braae one day and get the patach anda atry a short cruise first. They also have prts to sto at and visit. When many got sick one day we were up and eating in the dining room on our first cruise, with our patches on. Hope you get to try one one of these days. They are really alot of fun and you can do whatever you want or don't want to do.

    Georgia - You still making bread!!! Do you have Chronic Myofasscial Pain Syndrome or something else? I have that and my neck is terrible and all mixed up to with some arthritis too.

    Hugs and blessings to everyone else, even if I missed you,


  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So sorry about the 'Puter! What kind is it? Guido "found"
    me this Mac and I'm pretty happy with it and have had very
    little problems that were not of my doing! Hope all works out. Send
    me an email about details if you can?


  14. jole

    jole Member

    Sorry to be so slow to join the porch, but ya know, I just couldn't bear to leave the tv with all the election news going on....(say no more)!!!

    To all of you in the snow, mud, muck and mire...hang in there, it's GOT to get better. (Were those famous last words of somebody's?) Every snow we get I say is our last, but then here comes another.

    I do so understand the frozen ruts in the road. Several years back it was so bad here in the country people were losing mufflers off their vehicles right and left because of the deep ruts.
    It got to the point that no one even bothered to move them after they fell off...they were easier on vehicles to run over than the ruts were! LOL It was the longest winter in history, I think. Definitely looked like the country had been overrun by rednecks!

    Rock, your twirly trick...isn't that similar to placing a baseball bat to the ground, holding your forehead on the top of the bat and running around the bat in circles? Really, really sounded familiar for some reason....

    Well all, if I don't get to bed now I'll meet myself getting up. Done that too many times in my life...but under different circumstances.

    Homemade cinnamon rolls with gooey bottoms, and hot chocolate on the porch for those early risers....enjoy!

  15. jole

    jole Member

    I DID meet myself going to bed and getting up....one of those nights again. Oh well, I hope you all have a good day today, and hopefully I'll be back to join you all later! Maybe I can even get a nap in first.

    I think I'm coming down with the stuff that's going around. Pretty amazing since I haven't gotten sick in the last 5 years. Yea!!! I'm getting sick!!
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ...before everyone is up and am I ever glad I did!

    Good morning, Porchies!

    We had another load of snow last night here in MI so all the drab, dead fall leaves that didn't get raked are covered up again. See, I'm trying to find something good about more snow... The Cat is sleeping now that she has me up and doing laundry. She doesn't like Duck and Pea so it's back to square one. Meanwhile, I need a life.

    Georgia - OUCH! That musta smarted, getting your finger caught in your mixer. How sweet that Mr. Mechanic expected you to call him and how nice that you didn't have to. You might check in with the Powers That Be here and let them know what happened with your name. That happened to me and I found myself "locked out" because I had "two user names". We'd miss you too much if you couldn't get here.

    Janalyn - So glad you found us! You'll see that there is now a chair with your name on it and a blanket for you to use when it's chilly. We have The Lodge with the big fireplace for cold days. Make yourself right at home. You only need to bring yourself. When we get to post #30, the Volume will change, thanks to many observant Porchies but usually JoeDad. Soon we'll be "sellebrating" out 200th anniversary so you came just in time.

    Elaine - Fortunately the Porch is marvelously protected from all the nasty weather that the rest of us have, so snuggle down and relax. I hope you didn't get iced in where you are.

    Granni, after this winter I'm glad we don't live in Alaska although that would make more sense. I see you're still one of the busiest people I know. So much to do and so little time, right?

    Joe, I don't know if I could get used to a MAC after using a PC for so long. Next time - and there will be a next time, I'm sure - I'll check them out.

    Mickey, what a good boss you have! That's a lot of snow so I'm sure you were happy to be home safely along with the chillins.

    YCI, yes, I remember the Candy Kisses song. That must be a sweet memory for you (no pun intended). ;.)

    Julie, what a tough day you had! You sure have a lot of people in your house. I hope you get some good, well-earned rest today and can put your feet up. You remind me of Linda.

    Jole, thank you for the extremely terrific, marvelous gooey cinnamon rolls. I had six. :>) Thank you for bringing so many. How are you doing these days? Do you have your strength back yet?

    Time to get on with my happy day so I'll send sticky hugs all around the Porch, to those in the ice, in the snow, in the rain, in the MUD and where it's yummy-smelling spring. I'm thinking of you all.
  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    In my profile is a picture of my hubby and his better half. Hahahaha
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Candy - Just check on my bio and you can figure out my age which is 67. As I think I also told you andothers, Mickie, Jodie, etc. that I have daughters about your age. Hense sometimes I also call myself Grannimom if I need to put my mom hat on (-: !!! You and others may think I am so busy, well I guess so in comparision to o others that have to stay in bed and just get out and shop for food , etc. I doo what I have to doand what I NEED to do. I do things that DH wants me to do and believe me I don;t want to, like weed. I really have little energy but I guess I am from the old stock as my mother used to say - you just do what you have to do no matter how s - - - - - you feel.

    The singing is my THERAPY which I LOVE. Don't know what I would do without that outlet. Gradually I have been saying no to things and going to less meetings. I had a meeting on tuesday morning for the Board of our Ladies Also ., where I live. Actually I am just a "ccmmittee person" and in charge of the food bank in November with another girl. I just send out alot of e-mails and make sure it happens. I have done alot of genealogy but latelyy I have done little of that and have just been , ON THE PORCH !! I decided I didnt really need to go to the meeting and my helper could not be there either so I just said I wouldn't be there.

    Julie - sorry that Kiera is still not feeling well. How did the doctor appt go? Is she on any meds?

    Georgia - sorry to hear about your finger getting caught in the mixer. When did you do that? Did I miss something lately? Or did that happen sometime ago?

    Hi there Marta. Glad to see you on the porch again. We don't mine your sticky fingerts. So are mine.

    Rock - How is your puter doing> I remember youu had problems with it the other eday. I thought this was your new old one or youe old new one. It is not supposed to give you problems. Yeah right !!

    Jole - sorry to har that you are getting sick. Hope it doesn't last to long for you. Iknow the feeling on top of everything else. It is not pleasant. Thanks for the cinnamon rolls - yumm!

    CK- how are you doing girl with all your projects and that big hole youhave been trying to fill up or whatever. That really hurts my back thinking about it.

    Elaine - I forgot to mention before about your first date with this new guy. Yes, he does seem to be a might pushy with all those questions. He didn't know when to quit did he. Yes, that would be annoying to say the least.

    Linda - hope you are feeling better than you were. How's work treating you?

    Bye again to all.



    Hi again to Mickey, Mrdad, Lacey and whoever else I missed again or is peeking from behind those bushes..