Porchlight is On Vol 196 (Closed)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    OK. Another new Volume Kids!

    Hope no one got caught!!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry all,

    I didn't even look at the number when I came to post and should have closed the door on the old post 195 (and then open the new 196.)

    Anyone interested can check the old volume for my newest Post. Candy can even find out my age (-: !!! She just needed to check my bio anyway to figure it out.

    Jodie - Let us know how you have been doing. Hope you are doing well. I forgot to mention you in my last post.

    Jens - Also where and how are you? Haven't heard from you in a long time. Hope all is well and you post soon.

    Well, gotta run now guys and gals.


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  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Wasn't sure if you saw my last post, but i changed the picture on my profile. It is of my hubby and his better half, LOL. That is probably the only picture of me and him that i have since we were dating. This was just this past Xmas.

    Anyway, we did get 7 inches of snow where i live and by my work they got about 10. The snow removal guys did a great job. Made it into work with no problems at all. They must have been working all through the night.

    Elaine, i did the twirl too and just about fell and broke my neck. Rock was right about having someone with you when you did the Banana Twirl. LOL I can't believe i even tried it. LOL Also, don't forget to let me know about the movie Vantage Pointe, my sister said that people were actually clapping during the movie, so it must be really good.

    All you other porchies, wake up and smell the roses. Miss you all.

    Take care and gentle hugs.

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well Mickey. I saw the 18 wheeler jackknife in the snow
    out side St Louis on CNN yesterday aft and it brought back to many bad memories about driving in the snow Country! Don't
    miss it at all!

    Thanks Granni, I know you always have me covered! Are you
    Texans finished voting down there yet? Sounds like a very
    cumbersome system to me. Something LBJ must have setup years
    ago, ya think? (And I'm a Demo)!! Lots of those important
    Electrical Votes for the general election down there!
    I think that a lot of money and precious time could be save
    if we have a ONE DAY primary election thru out the Nation
    at which the candidates for ALL PARTIES would be determined
    at the same time. One 6 year Presidential Term would eliminate the need for a President to be spending 60% of
    his time raising $$$ for his (her) NEXT campaign! I'll be
    passing one of those "Partitions" around for signatures
    promoting a Constitutional Amendment. Yea or Ney??

    Hey to Sophie! Know don't let Mama make you eat anything
    that doesn't suit your taste Kitty! Whole out for the
    $2.00 a can stuff! Marta, just get her the albacore tuna
    in Oil. I Bet that will take care of her fussy eating habits
    and her itchy fur as well.

    Julie: Hope Keira is doing better today. It makes us feel
    so badly to see a little one ill. You're a great Grandma
    as well as a wonderful Mother. All the best today!

    Georgia: Hope the 'Puter is working today. Come by the PORCH
    if and when you can.

    Elaine: You may be able to find a copy of "eBay for Dummies"
    at a used book store 4 cheap.(?) Have you ever used "Craigs-
    list" to buy or sell items? It's pretty extensive here in
    the Bay Area. Not so sure about other parts of the Country.

    Well, missed most of you, but I'll be back later to "miss"
    even more. I'm spending time on the Lyme Board as well and
    doing consuming research. Trying to keep things in balance,

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee that is beautiful picture of you and DH. I still have to try and figure out how to do that (putting a pic on-line). Does it have to be a pic that is in your piture file on the computer?

    I didn't even try that banana twirl. With my neck and sometimes lack of equilibrium I wasn't going to try that one. I would killed myself for sure.

    What a good looking couple !! Yep, you look so good you must hafe Fibro. I know that peoplel don't think I am sick either and also supposedly look young for my age. Of course lightening my hair from the bottle is a big help too (-: !! It also doesn't hurt to be slim either.

    However, I have been gaining lately in the wrong spots due to not doing all the physical things (dancing) etc., that I used to do. That was helpful. I push myself to get anything done anymore, esp house work.


  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yes, Granni, i have been gaining weight as well since i am unable to play softball anymore and haven't been able to walk because of the weather. I always gain during the winter months, but once spring is here, I will be out being active again (unfortunately not playing softball any more though.

    It is so weird that most of us that have fibro don't look like we are sick at all. No one ever believes me except for my doctor that is why i keep it to myself.

    I would definetly not recommend you trying the banana twirl, take it from me, Rock was right when he said to have someone near by when performing this act. LOL

    You could scan a photograph and save it on your computer and then you go to "edit your profile" and click on replace picture, then click on browse and find the picture and click on it and it will automatically be on your profile. Sometimes it takes 1/2 hour before it shows up. I would love to see what you look like so i know our Granni when we talk.

    MRDAD - Yes, i saw that video of the truck spinning on the highway, that was very scary. Luckily no one was hurt in that incident.

    It was a very scary drive home yesterday. I was so thankful that our wonderful boss closed the office when he did. There were hardly any cars on the road and i made it home within the hour.

    Thank you very much for the compliment regarding the picture. I usually don't take very good pictures, but I really like this one. My husband is smiling which is very rare when we take pictures.

    SELAINE - You are too funny, 14 feet WOW, you are pretty good, there was no way I could have gone 14 feet LOL. Well you know I am also blonde, can't you tell by my picture, i am a real blonde LOL (well halfway anyway. I wish i could go see Vantage Pointe with you, I think we would get along great, you would be a great and fun friend to have and we would have some things in common. For one you are 41 and I am 42, pretty close in age, when will you be 42??? I will look on your profile and see if it says. I will be 43 in June, yuck. I can't believe it.

    Thanks for your concerns everyone and I will talk to you all later.

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  7. jole

    jole Member

    After being up all night I may not make much sense, but here I am! My head feels like it might explode from this stuff that's going around, but bet I'll live just like everyone else.

    Lydia, hope all is well at your house. Little ones have no idea what's going on and it really tugs at your heartstrings to see them sick, doesn't it? How are you holding up?

    Mr.Dad - Thanks as usual for getting us up and going again. And I certainly agree with you on the polling/elections! If all the money spent was put toward our country's debt it would certainly help!

    YC1 - From the last Porch, your very welcome. I'm here for you anytime. Just give a holler! We all need a shoulder sometimes and I'm sure my time is coming and you'll be there for me...you are a giver, just in a bad situation right now.

    Granni - You aren't that much older than me, so don't say anything about being old...after all, it's just a number, right? You have a very young and caring heart!

    Mickey - I never in a million years would have guessed your age! You and your hubby are a great looking couple. Bet your girls are beautiful too!

    Elaine - Glad the guy is gone- he sounded like a complete controller or just plain "psycho"! BTW, I think you can probably be named our champion Banana Twirler - 12 ft. is a long way to go...forward, even!

    Hope I didn't miss anyone in the process. Glad you are enjoying the cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate I left on the porch for everyone early this morning!

    See you all later!
  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I see the cinnamon rolls are gone but I did my share this morning and wiped the plate clean when I checked the old volume just now. I remembered!

    So good to hear from all of you - yes, YCI, I got your message. I did respond on a later thread but as fast as they're moving, it's hard to keep track.

    Julie, I hope the babe is better. Sick babies are such a worry and yet they can be right as rain an hour from now.

    Granni, as Mickey said, pics are easy to put on your profile if you have a digital one on your computer. Just don't forget to click on Add photo (or whatever it says). I missed that for the longest time and couldn't figure out why my picture didn't show up.

    Joe, I had the same thought about the tuna but that's still more expensive. I'll figure this out eventually. Meanwhile Sophie is actually ripping her fur from her back in little tufts. Maybe she just really hates her food.

    Mickey, good photo on your profile. Handsome devil, that hubby of yours.

    Elaine, I hope your lip swelling goes down before the movie. Don't want you looking like a bird.

    Jole, thanks again for the yummy rolls this morning. I hope you're feeling better very soon. I'm leaving you some lemonade which I made from ... TA DA.... lemons for the healthy vitamin C.

    Everyone have a good evening. We expect MORE SNOW.

    Hugs all around the Porch and even as far as Canada ;?) Oops, farther still, where's Rosie? I haven't seen her lately.
  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have had a tough time this past week. i have a bunch of math to do this due on monday.

    i have been bummed about marc, he and i had a texted message conversation the past couple of days. jest of it, i asked him what i am to him, he replied, "good friend." then more questions i asked came down to he is going to be doing a lot of moving back and fourth from l.a. to where we live soon, for the movie he is doing.

    then mentioned he is not looking for any serious relationship at this moment. he mentioned he was in a three year relationship and he needed to figure out his life and career.

    i thanked him for the honesty. he said no problem. i said i just did not want to be just a booty call. even though it was more than that...he is looking for a casual relationship. i really liked some things about him. my therapist said wait a couple of days before i call him to calm down before i talk to him again, over phone or in person. i wonder if my toxic friend that called him and chewed him out last time ruined things for me...or he just has his plate full.

    well school is going ok. so much pressure since they put me on probation because i dropped out of school last sememster to take care of my self.

    well gonna take a nap or something...

    you all take care now,

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Georgia, my Son said he just got a "new used" laptop. At
    first. I thought he was referring to another NEW girl friend!
    But no. It's a Mac! There are lots of places, including a
    Mac outlet, where you can get a re-conditioned used Mac very
    inexpensively. The one I'm using now, I purchased used, from,
    ONE of my Son's former Girlfriends. (It pays to be Old AND
    kind some times). The Macs are so-o-o E-Z to use! I would
    think that the desk top console types are better for longevity
    than the laptops. (Something like Girl Friends?) They are real
    e-z to upgrade as need be too!

    Jodie: We were about to place an APB for you! Oh boy! Ya know
    Jodie, there's always George Hamilton! And he has that nice
    tan from hanging around your Swimming Pool! Hope Cody is doing better and is well on the healing path. We have a big
    milestone coming up with VOLUME 200!! Everyone is starting to
    get excited (aren't you "guys"?)

    Daughter just phoned as she is going to have dinner with her
    brother visiting in Portland. Such a busy lady. I'll be glad
    for her when her degree is completed.

    Gonna cook Din-Din Kids!
    Hello to all 'til later.

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  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    were awesome, glad i was one of the first ones to get one. The icing was melted all down the sides of the roll, mmmmmm so good. Thanks Jole.

    And Marta your lemonade was delicious, I am so sorry you are going to get more snow. I hope we are done for this season. After getting 7 inches here in St. Charles it all melted already today, it was in the 40's.

    Jodie, good to hear from you again. I am sorry about you and Marc. Think of it this way, maybe you can concentrate more on your school work now. I know it is hard and I hope you recoop from this fast. Take care and good luck on your tests.

    Georgia, is that really your goat on your profile. He/she is the cutest thing i have ever seen. Whoever took that picture sure did a good job of getting that pose.

    MRDAD - even though i am a newbie i am so excited about you porchies making it to 200. That is amazing that you all have been on here for that long. I hope I make it too. We just bought my daughter a Mac Laptop for college and the rest of her senior year and you are right it is easy to use and a really nice computer. She got the white one. Now we just have to get her a case. We thought the laptop would be better for now so she can carry it back and forth to classes when she is in college.

    Well, just got done watching American Idol doing a load of laundry and made my lunch for tomorrow. I have one more day of work and then my weekend starts. I took Friday off as I have my 4 month Rheumy appointment. Sometimes they take 3 hours. They are very thorough. I have psoriatic arthritis.

    Tomorrow I have my pain doctor appt. Those only last about 1/2 hour. I am in and out. His office is about 1 minute from my office so I just go on my lunch hour. It is very convenient.

    Well you porchies take care and have a good rest of the night.

    Who's making breakfast tomorrow?????

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I just saw a post about Bevy's Husband, he is going to have surgery for his gallbladder. You may want to reply to her on the post.

    Just wanted to let you all know.
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm sure Mickey that your Daughter will love her Mac. I
    know my Daughter's was 1400.00 plus `100.00 for insurance!
    I would suggest that you do the insurance. She has used it
    for almost two years now and has been very happy with it's
    performance and capabilities! She does all her school work on it. My son just bought a "used Mac Laptop" for $800 that has been refurbished. This old eMac of mine is at least 6 to
    8 years old and still taking most upgrades! Seldom even a "pop-up"!

    Take care,

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  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Thank you Joe, that makes me feel so much better that we bought her the right kind of laptop. I know on the consumer reports it is rated number one of the laptops.

    I had no idea that you could buy insurance for a computer. I will have to ask my husband if he did this. Sounds like a great idea. So if the laptop crashes or she drops it and breaks it, will the insurance cover things like that.
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  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    sorry i am dumping a bit tonight, i got more bad news today, the main rapist is out in our local streets again...taking a limo to the place i had my roofie put in....the security guard said the guy was all cracked up/coked/drunk and couldn't speak .

    so i have been on my guard right now.

    cody is doing well so far...he has his 3.6 gpa and all the collegues he has applied has accepted him...still waiting for u.c.santa cruz.

    he put down the wrong ssa #, so he is complaining about that now.

    his mouth is healing up and his knee has no brace....he decided not to go out for varsity track...since he can't do the fancy spins to throw farther.

    thanks for all of your support today gang.

    i forgot to grab a cinnomon roll..

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh well, what is one more year added to my age. At this point it makes no difference, once you are over 40 who cares. LOL, sometime I even forget how old I am. Someone will ask me and I will be like, um, um can't remember, LOL. How old are your brothers?? Does you sister have blonde hair, that would make it easier to switch certificates. This is going to be so much fun.

    Hey, have fun at the movies and don't forget, let me know if you like it or not. Hubby and me will go this weekend if it was good.

    Thanks, back to work now.
  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh Julie, poor Kiera, she has been so sick lately. I remember those days with the kiddos, their little immune systems are so weak at that age. Poor Baby. I will keep praying that this winter will get over with and that Kiera will get over this bug.

    Elaine, you are too funny. You really think your Mom would believe I could take her place. Okay, now 45 is a little different, that is in the middle of being 50. Can't we just pretend she is only 42. LOL

    My sister is 2 years younger than me, 40 and my brother is 2 years older than me, 44. I am the middle child. We are also all 2 years apart, but there is only 3 of us.

    I have always wished i would have more children, i just love big families. I would pray and pray that I would have at least 2 more, but i guess God only wanted me to have 2. That is okay, they are 2 healthy wonderful children, I am glad i have them at least.

    Anyway, so when are we going to make the switch???? Are you sure your brothers won't mind. They are probably very protective of their sisters. LOL

    Have fun today and talk to you later.

    LYDIA - I will bring the chairs and the long island teas (my favorite). I think we should have comedians there, not politicians, that would be boring, LOL. How about Jerry Seinfeld and the Saturday Night Crew. or we could just have Joe and Rock put on a skit, they would be good at it.

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda and all - Getting ready for our anniversary party ?? Sounds like she already had things planned to who is going to bring what.

    OK, Linda I will bring the Baileys and can't forget the amaretto (just a bit to add to it) with crushed ice is the best - yummm!! Do we need entertainment? I can always sing not sure I have the energy to dance but who knows ?? Sorry to hear aboaut the tear in your neck disc. I am sure it is painful. I have alot of that (pain in my very stiff neck). Have you been working still through all this or not. Hope not !!

    Sunday will be a busy day for me besides our party. Have a party also for one of our Priests who is leaving in the afaternoon for while., The K of C's are putting it on so DH will be helping with that. Hope I can get to part of our party in the evening (for me). I am sure that changing of the clocks will also be enough to confuse the situation for me (-: !!

    Seems like I missed so many posts and have to keep checking who said what.

    Julie - so sorry to hear Kiera is still ill Yes, I to remember those days as Mickey said. I had lots of that with 5 kids !!

    Jodie - So sorry to hear about the guy getting out that was accused of rape. I am sure that must be scary knowing he is back on the streets again.

    Also, glad you finally know about your "sort of " boyfriend and what he was really looking for. Somehow to me that is not terribly surprising but I know you are hurting! Glad to hear that Cody is doing well. I know you are busy with your school work and have trouble with those math classes. I always had the same problems - ugh !! Even with tuoring I stil had problems with the higher maths. However, keep on going kiddo, I know you can do it. Now hopefully you can really concentrate on your studies. Go for it sweeetie !!

    Candy - Sorry to hear about all your insominia. I have been doing OK on meds and now hope to try weaning myself off my generic Klnopin at night, or at least to a smaller dose . Already talked to my rheumy aboaut it. I know insominia is not a fun thing and when one has to go to work, I don't know how anyone can do it.

    Sorry to hear about Bevy's husband. Will try and check to find her other post.

    Mrdad- that is interesting about your Mac laptop. I thought Dell was supposed to be good. DH has been wanting to get one but not sure now that we are going to Alaska in Aug.

    Mickey - Glad to see your doing OK. What is this with switching sisters with Elaine or something , maybe it was the other way around (-: !!

    Elaine - When and you and Mickey doing the sister switch? Now that is to funny. So glad you are here on the porch !! I knew you would fit in with this goofy group, BIG (-: !!

    Marta - Thanks for some more tips along with MICKEY, for my TRYING to post a pic onto the bio. I will try and get brave one of these days (-: !! If I find a ppicture that is on on the compueter I wil have check out how to scan it and then get it onto the computer. Then, I can go from there. I need to check my pics I already have on -line.

    Hugs to everyone not mentioned or are MIA !!

    Blessings and Hugs,


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  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's not Noon here yet and for many of you, the day is nearly
    over! Linda, it's great to see you on the top step of the
    Porch today and I hope that means you are doing better today.
    You have some great ideas for the 200 Volume celebration and
    many others are contributing there suggestions as well. I'm
    sure this is gonna be the equal to, or surpassing the Party
    we threw for the 100th Vol. Party! It took three days of
    "cleanup" to get the PORCH back in order.

    Julie: I'm happy to hear that Keira seems to be doing better.
    We all just hate to see 'Lil Ones become ill. We miss seeing
    them laughing, playing and testing our wits!

    Mickey: I'll ask my daughter what is covered under the extra
    100.00 for her Mac. More storm headed your way and most of
    the Mid-West, Northeast and the South as well!! Oh boy, huh! I'm sure it gets very old!

    Jodie: We've canceled the APB as you are happily not an
    MIA anymore! It should be a nice weekend by the Pool up
    your way! Expect George to show up I would think!

    Joan: We are concerned for you. Hope things are better at
    home. Please "Check In" to the PORCH as time and circumstances permit.

    Huggles to Awl!


  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I didn't know there was more storms headed this way. I haven't listened to the radio or news since yesterday. What kind of storms did they say, snow, rain????? Please let me know.

    Well i am off to my doctor appt. be back in an hour.