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  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Kids!! We're here!! Ready to begin the BIG Celebration

    Party for our 200 Volume! Let the music and fun begin!!!

    P.S. By popular demand, we shall exceed the normal 30 Posts
    for this SPECIAL 200th Celebration! Let the Party Commence![This Message was Edited on 03/10/2008]
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    "Velkommen!" as the Norskies say;
    Sit down. Enjoy the porch.
    Here safe from drizzle, snow and sleet;
    The sun is warm, but does not scorch.

    Pull up chair; put up your feet.
    Relax and settle back.
    Now is the time to sit and rest.
    We porchers never lack

    For culinary treats and such;
    All made with love and served with flair.
    Take another; help yourself.
    No calories; all light as air.

    Likewise our drinks, tho proof of love,
    Are Absolut-ly harmless.
    They will not make us carry on
    In manner loud and charmless.

    And if we struggle, sometimes sigh,
    Wish something else would face us;
    We help each other struggle on.
    This porch is our oasis.

  3. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Joe...thanks for getting this party started...are we in tuxs and gowns or can I wear my old ratty sweats?

    Haven't been here that long, but it is such a wonderful porch full of love and charm. Rock's poem really has set the tone and mood for our celebration.

    Granni...I snuck a little "shine" on the porch for you. Here we call it that good ole mountain dew.

    Elaine...have you got our talent lined up for the party?

    I bought Carla a golden shovel for the party. It will do all the digging for you. Just set it down and watch is work.

    Happy day to all...

    hugs and kisses
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  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    celebration begin. Hope you like my new outfit. I went shopping and bought the very latest fashions to wear. I'm having trouble with these 5" heels though.

    I see the bartendar is setting up his station. It's going to get lively here by the afternoon.

    Elaine is probably on the way with all the food and the music will be here shortly.

    I will see be back later....going to soak my feet. Whew. these shoes may have to be returned!

  5. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I heard all the noise as I was passing and thought I'd drop in.

    Imagine my delight to see Rocky reciting his fantastic verse, glass raised, in front of a roaring fire. What a mind!

    Ok, Porchies, I'll leave you to it.

    Peace out,
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you Mrdad for getting us going and for keeping us together all this time.

    Rock I loved your poem, somehow I knew you would come up with something that spoke of what the porch is all about, you did it well and I think you are swell.

    Lacey -A golden shovelllll!!!!! Oh I love you honey, I can't wait to watch it do all the work. This is a come as you may party, on the porch we are all beautiful inside and out. But don't leave the panties on the lampshade this time.

    Elaine you really out did yourself with all the great food, thanks for the extra clothes. However, I did find my black dasiy dukes to where with my white shin dig boots just for Mrdad.

    Georgia glad you got you a new computer, you must tell us all about it, I love having a laptop. It makes a nice lap warmer in winter.

    Linda- Marta- JT is on his way so watch out for him, can';t wait to see you make your grand entrance by parachute.

    Sweetie- go glad to see you more lately, I hope this means you are making a come back. We miss you when you stay gone for too long.

    Granni hope you are all tuned up and ready to siing your heart out.

    Who would have thought the porch will still be going after all this time, but I am so thankful for each and everyone one of you.

    Just knowing you can come here and share your victories and your defeats and know there is always someone with open arms and open minds is a true gift for all.

    I have to go back into town to get Twy from the vet so I wiil be gone, but I left a few bottles of Buttershots for you, save me a drink or two.

    Hopefully this will run long into the evening and hope we have a good crowd, everone is always welcome on the porch- so just jump right in anytime- the water is fine. Yes, the hot tub is up and running, then the sauna too.

    I'll be back later after 4 est- so party on!!!!!!!Carla
  7. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    That's some kind of party! I decided to be a "crasher" and wish you all a HAPPY 200TH!!!

    Love the poem that Rock wrote! And, even though I have only been to the porch one other time, I felt like I was among friends and you wouldn't mind if I dropped by to congratulate you all! Hugs, Kim :)
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there ALL you dar Porchies,

    I don't have the time to mention everyone today as did elaine. Boy, she did such a good job.

    I will say thanks again to our dear Mrdad for opening this VERY SPECIAL CELEBRATORY (is that a word?)volume for us and also for being here to be our MC and one of our famous (or infamous) founders, of our Porch.

    I figured I had better come by now and bring my Baileys and Amaretto to give to the bartenders for all that would like some. I will have one drink now even though it is to early in the morning for me. Not sure when I will get back , if I do today. May get to before I leave for practice today . Gotta drive there and possibly in some heavy rain so I have to watch what I drink for the party. Maybe I will come and have another one later to and maybe even try some of that LI iced tea which I never had yet.

    I'll try and stop by later to sing a tune or too. Hope I am here to listen to MR dad and Rock do their duet. I do remember someone mentioning that perhaps they were but not for sure. Go for it guys !!

    Sweetie - Yes, forget the 5 inch heels. No more for me. I am aspecially afraid of falling and breaking something with my severe osteoporosis. So glad that you are here to with Mrdad to be one of those at least close to the founders of the Porch.

    Oh yes, I am also formally dressed in my hotpants outfit so Mrdad and I will be dressed in the same era. Yep, got my go- go boots too. Who was it in their sweats? Oh, Laceymae.

    We will be a multi -fashion dressed crowd I am sure. Yes, that is a good idea to bring some extra clothes in case we need to chenge our outfits. Maybe I will bring a fancy gown as well as my poodles skirt, bobby socks and dirty saddle shoes (as that is really my - era the 50's,when I was a teen).

    Does anyone like to do the jitter bug or as we call the lindy of lindy hop,up north. I can lead and just love to do it. My Dh doesn't like to so II dance with whoever I can get, inc ladies.

    Joan - do you want to do a solo. I usually sing soprano but can alsoo do harmony if I already know the song. What do you thingk !! That is always so much fun. I hear all kinds of harmonies in my head - butit ight and probably sidn't what is written on the paper (-: !Hope your DH is still doing much better. Are you getting your rest now ?

    Rock - thanks so much for you welcoming poem !! Keep it up ! Glad you are here for the occasion too. I am trying to remember if you were one of the founders or not.

    Boy, I am starving and I need to get some of that wonderful food Elaine brought. MMMM !! What do I satrt with ? I guess a little of each with do for starters.

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit. I will try again before I have to go to choir tonight.

    Hugs to all I haven't mentioned and there are alot. Hope to see you soon at the party either today or tomorr.w

    Special hi to my YC if she is peaking in at all.

    Love and blessings to all,

  9. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I can't believe you folks have hit 200 of the Porch. This is just such a great place to come to sit and chat and just forget about your aches and pains for the day and just enjoy the good conversation with some good friends.

    I didn't bring anything to the party, shoot! I'll be right back, I'm going to whip up a few goodies and I'll be right back, OK?
  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Although I do not post to The Porch thread as often as I once did, it is a very important part of my life. Many days it is my only connection to the world other than my husband.

    It's real yet it is fantasy. It's funny yet it can be so comforting. Sometimes I hear brilliant words of advise and other times words that bring laughter. I feel the struggles of others and I also feel their accomplishments. I feel your hurts and pains and I feel your passions and love of life. It is a place where you can just be and know that someone is always glad to "see" you just because.

    To each of you that post often or those that just visit, I thank you for being the person that you are and thanks for making my life better.

    Hugs & love to all

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    tri-tip sirlion tonight at my house....

    elaine the singles night thing was sorta boring but ok.

    interesting artwork though. the men for the most part were much older than i am. i felt sort of bad for alot of those singles there. it just didn't look like they were having much fun. they had wines and cheese w/pate etc. my friend brought here friend as well...guy friend. he is single as well.

    after the singles thing we checked out a bar it was sorta fun, i ran into a few people from where i live. then dropped off friend home and off i went to try to check out a bartender that was singing saturday night. off course marc was there w/his friends. we had a good time. i had a really nice dress on w/all the accessories. he complimented me as well as his friends. we went over to his friends house then i hung out w/him for awhile yesterday. he is going thru alot of things right now. he has childhood issues from his father's divorce's...felt some guilt for living the home and leaving his sister w/his mom. while he went on a cruise ship and worked for sometime...the divorce just broke his sister's heart. he just figured out some things from the divorce that he has been suppressing for all these years.

    anyways. i am pooped needless to say.

    so party on everyone.

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh my gosh, I have missed 3 whole posts. I was off Friday and went to the doc in the morning and was pretty much in a flare all weekend. My whole body was so swollen from a a arthritic flare, my doc said.

    Anyway, I am alive and made it back to work today. Sorry I missed you all so much.

    YC1 - Have a couple of my long island teas and chill out a little. Enjoy the people here, noone is here to get ya, they all love ya. I hope your family is doing better. They are still in my prayers.

    Rock - i hope you are back with us in your funny, wonderful self. I love your poem you created, you are so right when you say the porch is our Oasis.

    Elaine - I haven't seen Vantage Point yet, but I do plan on it, hopefully this weekend as long as i am up to it. 10,000 BC also looks like a good movie. Have fun and let me know how it is. YOu can be my movie buff, that way, if you don't like something I won't have to waste my money on it. Also, I am in sweats, I may have to borrow an outfit from you as I didn't know everyone is dressing up. LOL

    Sweetie & Lacey - I will go for the sweats myself. I could definetly do without the heels and pantyhose. LOL

    Rafiki - Peace out girlie!!!! Glad you stopped in.

    Carla - I am so glad you are gonna let us use your sauna, I could really use that along with my Long island teas. I hope everything is okay with Twy.

    Hi Kim glad you stopped in.

    Georgia - You look awesome in your black dress and shawl. I am definetly underdressed.

    Granni - I love Amaretto's, yum, yum. I love the fifty's, poodle skirts, saddle shoes and ponytails. I really wished i would have grown up in that era. I will do the jitterbug with you.

    Julie - Hope you get your work done early so you can join us tonight for the real celebration.

    Mr. Dad - Thanks so much for all you do on here and keeping these Volume's going and going and everyone else that i Have not mentioned above. Thanks everyone for being you, you are all wonderful, interesting people that I am glad i have met.

    Talk to you later.

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  13. jole

    jole Member

    I'm ready to goooooo..... Just wore my hip hugger bell bottom jeans and crop top, so I can kick up my heels without the heels!! (Yea, and the kids now days thought they invented these clothes!) Granni, I love to jitterbug, so I'll definitely dance with you!

    I'm a 60's girl and love anything from that era, so the strobe ball is okay too. Joe, groovy outfit you have on there.

    Rock, loved your poem. Great start to the party, and we know we are all with great friends. And since nothing here "really" matters, after I drink that great home squeezed fruit juice I may even try a "real" drink.

    After that I might even show everybody how to do a double flip off the porch!!!! (My daughter-in-law showed me that one, the stinker!)

    Gee, the food is great...I'm snitching some already...and did bring my "Better than Sex" cake also!

    By the way, hi to all who are stopping by...stay and party with us! There's always room for more on the porch! YC1, are you here? Would love to see you...

    Will wait in the lodge until everyone gets here!
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Let me know when you are hee so we can do the jitter bug aka the Lindy or the Lindy Hop where I came from up north. Somehow I don't think you know how to do it exactly but that's oK. I'll teach you how, not that hard really esp if you have a good beat and Love music and dancing. Of course like nowadays others like to make up there own steps to and that is fun also.

    Hope this DJ can play lots of 50's and 60's tunes besides all the other stuff.

    I won't be here this evening (my evening) as I have choir pracatice but hope to catch you or anyone else who would like to try a dance or no. When I am sitting and listening to music with a beat my feet are always tapping and my body can't help from moving even with the pain.

    When DH camoes back I may have to give him the computer again. I still NEED MY OWN COMPUTER. Anyone have one they would like to give me for free or a really good proice - not yours Rock ???

    Can't remember what everyone else has said since my last visit so I will just go do some chores before having to fix real diner for my real husband (-: ! I am alaready ful from all tat wonderful stuff that Elaine cooked and brought over. She must have been cooking for months ! DH is back and I have to put some frozen stuff away. Pary on and I hope to be back soon again.


  15. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Power nap. watching granni jitterbug has worn me out.

    I'm ready for the band to play wipe out. then we can party down. Mr Dad, can I have a dance when I wake up from my nap?

    I think I had one to many long island ice teas...two was my limit, I could probably smell one now and pass out.Not much of a party animal anymore.

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Granni, you will definetly have to show me the Lindy Hop, never heard of that one, but i bet it is so much fun. I love to dance. I could dance all night long, but I always regret it the next day.

    Remember when i first joined you guys, i went dancing with my sis and man did it take me a week or two to recouperate. Yikes.

    But hey, you have to have fun sometimes. I am all for that. Right now, I am on prednizone and methetrexate and I think that prednisone has gotten me really hyper.

    Where is Mr. Dad, he is missing the party, save me a dance Mr. Dad.

    Elaine, hope you are having fun at the movies.

    Back to work, check in later gang.
  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    It sounds as if you are all having a great time. onderful!

    Elaine - I have already taken some pictures. What is ironic, that is one of the things I did when I was on the newspaper.i Yes, I tried to focus on everyone's "good" side. (I wwonder anymore if I have one at my age!)

    i am
    i am soooo cold here in our den that I just added a heavy8 sweater to my outfit so that hot tub sounds oh so good. I am afraid to dress in anything but winter garb anymore!

    Elaine - all of your foo0d sounjds scrumptious.k What do I need to add? How about a cranberry salad, a fruit salad and a raspberry pie - maybe some chocolate cake too - and maybe chocolate chip cookies, my favorite.

    Granni - I will sing a solo if it can be "Sentimental Jou8rney" from the 40's. Do youn know that? It has great harmony - the kind you make up as you go.

    Expect to find me in my flattest shoes. That's all I can wear.

    I hope that this is on at the party8. I fluibbed something this afternoon and I couldn't find all of you on my favorites. had to go a l.ong way around to find all of you!

    See ya soon.


  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---Mickey! Guido and I just had to run off in the Limo to
    fetch some more Ice for the Party. I think we'll be OK in
    that dept. for awhile. We picked up a doz. bags!

    Rocky, thanks for the wonderful Poem that you composed for
    the occasion. I still have the one you wrote me for my B'Day
    in '07. (2007 that is) It was likewise cleaverly and sweetly

    Thanks Lacey for arriving to the Party on a date that is so
    special to you! Happy Anniversary,and with your Hubby's per-
    mission we shall do that dance in celebration of both events!

    Granni: I brung my old original '45's from the 60's to play
    on the Porch's Hi-Fi. Roy Orbison, Brenda Lee, Presley,
    the Platter's, the Beach Boys. Johnny Mathsis, Petula Clark
    Etc., etc. etc. (as Yule Brenner would say)!

    Elaine: Thanks for all the delectable offerings you brought
    to the Party! And more items keep comin' in as more folks

    Jole: The "'60's Girl" that you are, you're gonna love those
    old '45's I brought. They'll bring back some get memories
    of those times I'm sure.

    Jodie: The Tri-Tip sounds great! Be sure to let George H.
    know that He is more than welcome to attend the Party wiff
    you! He can bring the Chips and the Man Tan!!

    1Sweetie: I'm so glad that you're here for the momentous
    occasion. After all, you were instrumental in the formation
    of the PORCH and literally and original PORCH pillar!

    Thanks Kim. I do hope that you will come by more often now!
    So nice of you to offer your good wishes and congrats today.

    Georgia: You look "Mar-vel-ous" in that new black dress.
    Great to see you comin' by the porch more often recently.
    Now that ya got a new 'Puter, it may be easier to "drop by".

    Oh, and there's Julie, Granni and Monica!! Hi girls. Find
    a "refreshment" and join the Party Go'ers!!

    Wow. Another car just pulled up to the front yard! Wonder
    who that could be? Party on Kids.

    P.S. Oops! Looks like Linda up above Sky Diving out of an
    Old Vintage Aeroplane!

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  19. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi, Everyone and thanks to Joe for getting the party started.

    I don't have time to do individual notes right now but I want to let you know I'm here with my gee-tar. I been practicin' back in the barn with Linda on trumpet and Granni in full voice.

    Pass the juice and the eats! Who HA!


  20. kylob

    kylob New Member

    I couldn't let the 200th vol. go bye and not join the festivities. I brought some champagne, jello shots and Buffalo chicken wings. Jerome did a great job with the decorations and I hear that the fireworks display will be a sight to behold....so lets all join in on a celebration of the Porch....the place to come to get away from the pain and be with the most wonderful, supportive, witty and charming people one will ever meet.....

    Mr Dad- Joe, as usual you got us started on the new amazing 200th volumne. Thanks for always getting us started and keeping things going.

    Rockgor - The poem was wonderful....I haven't seen Gordon yet, I hope he is coming!!!

    Marta = glad you wore your dancing shoes....it's almost St. Paddys day, so eat, drink and be merry.

    Laceymae - happy anniversary!

    s-elaine - the food is wonderful and has no calories!!!!I love virtual food!!

    Carla - the four inch heels look great on you. You are so right about the porch and it's purpose...it is people like you that make it what it is.

    Linda - on the porch we can sing, dance and raise heck without our cervical collar and back brace!!!!I can even drink and not feel hungover the next day!!!!

    Grannie - glad to see that you are still busy with all of your church and choir events....I hope you sing for us at the party.

    The band is going strong and the cha cha line is whirling it's way around the porch...I've got to get out of these four inch heels...the full length gown was a mistake...too constricting....I'm ripping the side seams of this baby and getting in line for the limbo stick!!!!

    Party on Dudes!!!!!! Kylob

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