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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    OK kids! Gonna get this started! Lots of NEW messages on the

    last Vol too! Try to visit it also.

  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hy Guys, Thanks for your nice replies. I hope to stay on this time Rocky. I missed you guys. I finally have managed to get this Icon to stay on my desktop-it would take loads of tries to get onto the boards before-this puter is really old. Just got a local guy to freshen it up for $70, inc. new fan, so hopefully I will be back for a while fingers crossed.

    Nice to meet you new guys, and glad to have cheered a few up with my return.

    I will write later with all the updates re the family, and you will see why I also have a little more time than I have had of late. I will get back later-just off for a walk through the snows here near Buffalo-so I guess we are shuffalo to buffalo...

    Love Annie
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, I'm happy to see you back! You are one of the original

    pillars of the PORCH and become easily missed. Enjoy getting

    your emails so that I know whats happening with you and the

    "Boys". I've seen some of the other responses to your earlier

    Post and all are delighted to see you back in your chair!

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So nice to see you again. Me have missed you. I don't have much time but just wanted to say hi and that I posted a short one on the 201 volume. Dummy me got caught in the door again. Sorry you missed the party but we understand. To bad you couldn't catch a ride with Linda in her plane (-: or rented on ???

    Will be back and will talk to you later. Busy day !!

    TTYL hon !!



    Did you say you are back here to stay - more or less , more frequently should I say?
  5. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    I posted on the wrong volume too! Must be tired from last night at the party!

    Annie - Hi there! Really great to see you here again!

    I think I'll scrounge around for some leftover goodies - I have an insatiable sweet tooth this morning!

    Say Rock - have you seen the wesite called 'freerice'? It's a vocabulary quiz game and every time you get a word right you donate 20 grains of rice to people in need. I bet you would ace 'em.

  6. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    Reports from NASA were that a wild party was seen from one of their spy satellites! I am sure there are pictures!

    I wanted to be at the party but had a date with Dr. "scalpal". Now I have a long pin and steel plate to sell on Ebay!.

    I will be at #300....

    I will confess I did send a nurse over to the porch to sneak back some "real food". No jello for me.

    Hello to everyone, names I can't seem to remember. Hope all is going well and those with snow, (you know who you are) get some of our sunshine. If you don't remember what sunshine is, it will amaze you how good it feels.

    Well, I have to cut this short. I am running way behind.
    That is what happens when you sleep too long.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Never heard of Freerice before. Kinda fun. Had a lot of words I never heard of before like riant, mozzard, espail, carrack, exiguity, falchion, etc.

    Oh wait, I've heard of "etc." before. Guess Spellcheck hasn't seen most of those words tho. Anyway I got up to a score of 46, and then the computer froze up.

    It's really on the warpath today. The mailbox is out of order.

    Talk wiff ya all later as somebody around here says.


  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Annie again, not sure if you got my post on 201, but I wanted to wish you a welcome back. I wish i would have known all you porchies when you first started these Volumes. Can't wait to hear about your family. I have 2 beautiful daughters, 17 and 15 and a pretty good Husband and a lovealbe doggy named Jack (yellow lab).

    MRDAD - Nice to see that you are up and adam, hope you are feeling better than you were yesterday.

    Granni - You make me giggle out loud here at work. I would love just to meet you. You are not a dummy, LOL. I didn't know Linda had a plane, geez that would have been much better than walking all the way to the party, even better than riding in the Limo.

    Froggy - I just had some pudding for my mid afternoon snack. I also have a sweet tooth and have to have my chocolate every day.

    Georgia - I am having a wonderful day thank you. It is sunny and 70, can you believe it. Although I am working, I sneak outside every once in a while just to feel the warm sun. By the way, what is Menudo, I think I would probably not eat that either??

    Jinlee - So that was your nurse checking Granni and Dad's blood pressure. I was wondering where she came from. She also had to fix Eileens leg after she jumped off the porch. I am definetly getting your sunshine, thank you so much. My mood level just went up 100%. The sun and warmth is the cure for the depression for sure.

    YCI - Welcome back, glad you popped in. Don't be gone long. It is so funny, my Grandma used to say Later Taters all the time. Oh, I miss her so so much.

    Rock - You are really having problems with your computer. Just kick it a couple of times to knock some sense into it. Sometimes that works.

    Take care you guys

    Love ya

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  9. jole

    jole Member

    Gee, what a letdown after the party. But Annie, it is great to see you here on the porch. Yes, I remember you also, although I lurked more than I posted a few years ago. Good to see you back, and hope all is going well for you and your family. I don't think your chair ever left the porch...it's been waiting for your return!

    Foggyfroggy, I don't seem to see your name on the boards as much as in the past either. You guys were always names that I could pick out.

    Georgia, you need to explain menudo to me also - that's a new one!

    Jinlee, Did I miss something? Did you really have surgery? If so, I hope you're doing okay.

    YC1, Great to see you back! I've been thinking about you and pray all is going well for you and your family! Missed your "gentle hugs".

    Rock, I know etc. too, LOL, but fear that's all I would know. Was great of Gretchen to tell you about Freerice, but doubt if I'll try it...I know when I'm outsmarted!!

    Mickey, I love my chocolate too, even though I've gained 15 pounds from my meds. But what the heck! If a girl can't have chocolate, why be here!

    Mr.Dad, Elaine, and all, wishing you a great day with only good suprises!!
  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I leave for awhile and I missed a whole thread and have only scanned this one and saw Annie is back!!!

    Welcome back, you have been missed greatly here and hope to see more of you AND sweetie.

    I can't wait to hear about your new ventures and are you doing any "housework"?

    I have stopped working on the inside, still needs a few things but I have a "landscaping" issue I have spent 3 months dealing with. Basically an underground drain I had installed last summer to drain all the water from the big hill 20ft from my house doesn't work. Red clay does not absorbing water, so now I have a mud wrestling pit.

    You know we should have had a mud wrestling match at the party. Maybe next party :)

    How is your brother Geoff? and Danny, I have thought of you often and especially when Jennie McCarthy came out with the book about her son. I saw a show recently that they changed his diet and has made a complete turn around. I sure hope you are able to come and see us regulary but we all understand the limitations and responsiblites of others.

    Many times I can post as much as I would like to, still a lot of brain fog, but I enjoy reading.

    I have had a long day and am going to settle into the sofa with the girls, Twy was not happy about having to go for a ride today, poor baby. The tail is a little better today.

    Mickey thanks for letting Missy play with Jack sounds like they have a lot in common. You should see her when I bath her, she is something else. It looks like she is mediating when I am washing Twy. I have a large double bowl utiltiy sink and I do both of them at the same time.

    Thanks Mrdad for keepin up the revolving door.

    Forgive me but I am going to just give a big wave and throw a kiss to everyone tonight and catch you later-Carla
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, it's sorta late and I have some stuff I have to do to get ready for tomorrow's perfomance and such.

    I'm so tired and achey today. Those jugglers really did me in !!!

    Just wanted to pop in for a few minutes to see if everyone was behaving themselves (- !!! Well, I know that will never happen but I am here anyway.

    Just wanted to say HI to all and special welcome back to Annie and an almost welcome back to Candy (YC1). She hopes to be back soon. There is so much going on with her family now and none of it is good. Glad to hear you were doing at least a little peaking in the bushes during the party !!

    Glad to see you again Carla. You have been so busy and between your running around and mine I think I have missed chatting with you much lately. Hope al is going well with you. OH, how is TWY I keep forgetting to write you about her. Hope she is doing OK.

    Sorry but I have to go and do a bunch of piddling stuff for tomorrow. Hope it was warming up for you Linda, CK, Mickey, etc. I keep forgetting who lives where.

    Elaine - How are you doing kiddo? Any new dates lately (-: !!

    Jodie - you still hitting the books hon? Anything new?

    Hope to see you guys and gals sometime tomorrow. It wont be early. After the performance I have to go get my hair done- boy does it need it !! By that time it iwll be late in the day. Glad I have no where to go by dh does. So, maybe I can get here without interupption (- : LOL !!



  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Georgia: That "Lady Ursula" sure is spoiled! I'll bet her dessert consisted of a couple of yummy # 10 cans!! Menudo soup
    use to be the favorite apres bar food believing it would
    wardoff hangovers. May more commonly be referred to as Tripe!
    But I'll bet even Ursula is too smart to eat it!!!

    Ck:Thanks for the email and update on the Doc appt. Is Twy
    getting on well today?

    A comprehensive "HI" to Elaine, Mickey, Jole, Granni, Froggy,
    John Boy, Ben, Billy Bob, Elisabeth, Grandma, Grandpa,Linda,
    Annie, Rocky, Gordon and "all the ships at sea"!

  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi, Porchies! Please forgive me if I just dash across the porch today. I have an article for the spring newsletter for the shelter that's overdue and there's laundry and cats....

    I do want to welcome Annie back. It's wonderful to see you again and I look forward to an update.

    Jinlee, too. Good to know what that nurse was doing loading up the plate! I thought the hospital had finally found a place to get good food.

    Stay warm - or be cool - whatever you need to do today.

    Hugs all around,
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You're right, Kylob. At least Gordon is a good cook. I am having shrimp stir fry for breakfast even as I type. He cooks American, Chinese, Mexican and, now and then, tempura. He is currently reading a book on Tex-Mex cooking. Probably too hot for me. We Norwegians don't like anything spicier than cream soup.

    Gordon says his mother calls ketchup 'Merican sauce.

    Well, I guess everydobby has calmed down from the party. Elaine got so wound up I thought we might have to sedate her; well, at least sit on her for a while.

    Speaking of carriage rides, we used to ride in the hay wagon when I was a kid. During the winter, doncha know. The wagon or sleigh would be piled high w/ hay and a good sized bunch of teenagers would bundle up in typical and fashionable Minnesota clothing. ie, parkas and snow pants and mittens.

    One of my friends had a raccoon coat from the 20s. Anyway the cold prevented the outing from being too long. Always finished up at some one's place for cocoa and cookies.

    In those days folks knew how to have low-tech fun. Didn't cost much either providing you already had the vehicle and the horses.

    Huckle is sitting in my lap and making little mews now and then to remind me a little more kibble would be appreciated.

    Shucks! I forgot again. Doing a long post here is kinda risky. Course my computer's mailbox is on the fritz too. I don't know why a couple kicks didn't prove beneficial, Mickey.

    Did you have a plate and pin removed, Jinlee? Probably would sell for a million on EBay if it had been worn by Elvis or Marilyn.

    Better go and come back later. Well, I could hardly come back earlier. Ya ever notice how much of what we say is redundant, like we've already said it once and then we say it again, you know what I mean, huh?

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm you-know-what. (Back, in case you don't know. Haha) Hi Marta, we were posting at the same time. A high-tech kawinkydink.

    Hi Georgia. Speaking of gringo food, do you know where the word "gringo" comes from? No? Well, neither does anyone else. There are 2 or 3 theories tho. The one I like is best is that the American soldiers used to sing "Green Grow the Rushes" and that got morphed into Green-go.

    Tex Ritter, John's father, made a very nice recording of that song. If you've ever seen the movie High Noon, you've heard Tex Ritter sing.

    I made some notes earlier, as is my wont. Now, of course, I can't read them. It is my wont to scribble. Well, the darn table top is too small. It is also a deadly weapon; made of marble and w/ sharp corners.

    Was going to say something regarding "yowd pretins caretru", Linda, but now I don't know what I was thinking.

    I see a good many of you are awfully busy despite these DDs. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din. Re: to Granni and MrDad and Sweetie and Jodie and Julie and Gretchen and Annie and all the ships at sea.

    Oh yeah, speaking of marble tabletops, I once went to take a deposition at a firm that had 3 partners. The depo was set in the library which had a long table w/ a pink marble top. The opposing counsel said it was gift from a client who imported marble.

    I said, "Well, if the firm every goes out of business you can cut the thing up. You'll each have your own tombstone."

    Guy didn't think that was funny at all. It was a bright, bubble-gum sort of pink marble. I have suspected for some decades it became a gift when the importer couldn't sell it.

    As the undertaker and poet Thomas Lynch points out, The undertaker is your friend. He is the last one to let you down.


  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hello all,

    Sorry Rock that the kicks didn't work, maybe if you throw it across the room it might get the hint. However, please don't try that. LOL I am sure you do feel like doing that sometimes though. Did you really say that to those guys, they must have either looked at you in disbelief or cracked up (which is the way i would have gone)and fell off their chairs. LOL

    Those hayrides were awesome in the winter time. On my daughter Lindsay's 13th birthday, I took her and 3 friends on a hayride with hot chocolate and then we went and had the "old time" pictures taken. YOu know, back in the cowboy days. That was the best party i had for either of my girls.

    Today it is supposed to be 60, Hooray. But guess what, this weekend it is back down in the 30's, cold and rainy. Of course, during the week when i work it is georgous outside and the weekend it stinks.

    Oh well, I took off work Friday and Monday, the girls are on Spring Break starting tomorrow. We usually go to Destin, Florida (i love it there), however, we are skipping this year due to college coming up.

    My older daughter, her friend and I are going on an overnight trip to Springfield, MO for the Miranda Lambert concert, which will be fun.

    Well anyway, If i get a chance I will buzz in later.

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  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope all are doing well today. Rocky, you mention Tex Ritter
    and the song from "High Noon". One of my very favorite songs
    and movies! I didn't assoc. the two "Ritters" until you happen
    ed to mention it. "High Noon" and "Shane" are of course the
    two most highly regarded westerns and for good reason!

    Your story about the marble reminds me of when I had a Dinner
    House in the Sierra, 3O years ago! It was a horrible stormy
    night with snow blowing on the outside Hy-Way. Restaurant was
    empty until a 4-wheel drive vehicle pulled up front. The door
    opened and in walked a regular customer and his wife and family. He said, "Gee Joe, no one in here tonight, must be
    the weather"? Yes, I said, "so quiet I was about to blowup
    the inflatable dummies and set them in the front tables, but
    then you arrived"!! Oh boy, good thing we use to teach together!!

    You know Rocky, those winters in the Sierra were cold, but
    sunny and beautiful in between storms! Don't think I could
    handle those winters in the Mid-west and Northeast; they
    are brutal!! I'll skip the "Minisoda" thanks!

    Mickey, I'm disappointed that your daughter wasn't awarded a
    full scholarship for the University, but I'm sure that the
    competition is intense for them! NO shortcoming on her part
    I am sure! Hope she did attain enough to be helpful.

    Well, gonna "run" off to the Park b-4 it starts raining!
    The bee-kee-knee girls worry ifin' they don't see me!
    I'll give ya and full inventory on the rebound!


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  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    What do you mean the bikini girls are going to worry about missing you, i think it might be the other way around, lol. Now I know why you have not been on the porch as much, ha, out at the park flirting. You might want to run because if it starts raining they probably aren't going to be there.

    Yes, i was disappointed to about Ashley's scholarship, but I told her $20,000 is alot and half of the amount so something will work out. She is so determined though, she made an appointment with them to talk to them more about it and try to get more.

    Elaine - I so wish i could go with you tonight, I am off work tomorrow and it would be perfect. If only we lived closer. (i don't even know where you live, so we just might). I used to go to my neighborhood bar by myself all the time, because everyone i knew was there anyway. Well, have fun and have a long island tea for me.

    I am just sitting here answering the phones for the receptionist while she is at lunch and I am bored so I just thought i would check in on you guys. She will be back in a minute so i will talk to my porchie friends later,

    Bye, bye Mickey

  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Where is everyone today??????? You are all so so busy. Elaine, I think we should go spy on MRDAD, he has been at the park way too long. He is probably stalking the bee kee nee girls over there.

    Ha, I was looking at your other post with Kjade and you two had me cracking up over that Jason guy on American Idol. I am with you, he is way too young and girlie for me to have a crush on, definetly not my type of a MAN. However, my daughter thought he was cute, but I can see why. LOL

    I think the English guy is really cute though. I think he was English. I don't know anyway, i love that show. Simon cracks me up too, you know what is weird, I think my husband kind of looks like him. Not sure if that is a compliment to him or not but it is a good thing he doesn't act like him, or he would be out in the street, that is for sure.

    Well, it is 4:30 and almost time to shut this thing down and head homeward.

    Take care Porchies and catch you later. Mickey
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That is what happens when someone from NY moves to TX. You learn how to talk Texan !!! Well, I have been here more than 30 years. So I guess I can get away with it (-: !!

    Mickey - first of all I am so sorry Ashley didn't get a fill scholorship. I hope she can manage to get more. However, $20,000 isn't chicken feed. That surely is alot of money and she should be very proud of herself and I know you are of her too. Gee you are really lucky that you can type on the computer to the Porch whenever you have some quiet time at work. Some places are real sticklers for that and you canag get in alot of trouble. Glad you can thou so you are very lucky. Where jmy dauaghter works in a hospital when they are not busy they ar e not alot to read or anythiing else. Not sure what theyare supposed to do -just LOOK busy !!

    Rock - Hi there. I love your humor and the pink marble tombstones !! Now why didn't they think it ws funnY ?? Yes, I remember Tex Ritter too, of course not personally ! Hope you puter is behaving for you now !! You and Mrd really keep us going.

    Candy - Hi there hope you are peaking in. Hope things are not to bad for you today.
    Sorry guys and gals DH is calling now and I hope to be back after dinner.

    Big hugs,


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