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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    OK. Another NEW Post!
    Yea. We're here now Kids, and we're just gonna have to make
    the best of it! "K"? Happy weekend!!
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  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Lookie -I stepped up on the porch - I've tried before and walked right off the other side. This time I'm sitting down in one of these comfy chairs with a nice cold drink and hangin out!

    I'm sorry that I'm out of the loop and need to catch up but do we have a baby on here??????? Oh, I miss my babies!!
    Toes in their mouth? how precious.
    I'm off today from job 1. My youngest (15) wants me to take him shopping for Track shorts. UGH. I hate shopping anymore.
    After job 1 yesterday, I had to deliver one of my (gorgeous) purses to someone at a real estate office. I brought it inside one of my (gorgeous) Giraffe Totes along with some Brighton inspired wallets that I had in there. I sold everything right off my back, including the tote I brought it all in!
    I spent the evening last night tagging a new shipment. It's like Christmas when I open my boxes!

    Having a relatively good day today. It's a great day for a nap! Oh dang it...can't- gotta go shopping- gonna see if I can bribe him into going tomorrow "I'll take you to lunch too!".

    So I have a whole pitcher of _______. Anyone want a drink??

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey Julie - Sounds like you have your plans already made for this weekend -busy, busy !!! Keira sounds so cute . That age is such a delight (most of the time).

    Just got back from our performance. It was very unusal. They used to have an old yucky piano there at the community center but it is now gone. So, we sand some of the music acapella. They all enjoyed us and we had lucnh with them afterwards. We did leave out some of our numbers though that really did need the piano. It was a very interesting and DIFFERENT performance (-: !!

    I know that I will be pretty busy this weekend also. DH has plans for shall you say - Outside spring cleaning and our porch area. Powerwashing and then painting it but no painting quite yet.

    Not sure ehow much I wil actually get to go on the computer and to visit the Porch this weekend. So, do not worry. I'll just be workin and a hurtin (nothing unusual). I've been doing that for about 25 yers now. Iwill try to get back however to check on you all and to see if I have missed anything exciting.

    Hope you all will have more fun than I will be this weekend (-: !! Not gonna mention everyone's name - there are to many of you all, right now. Be thinkin of you ALL anyway !!

    Bye for now !!

    Lotsa hugs ,

  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    The Porch has been slow and so have I but I wanted to drop by and say Hello to everyone. Whew...that party really drained me.

    The weather has been really great...spring like weather with highs near 70. We are suppose to get rain tomorrow which is wonderful. Our area was just removed from exceptional drought to extreme drought. We are going in the right direction...just hope it continues. It is scary to watch your water supply dwindle to nearly nonexistent.
    Carla...send more of your rain my way. I believe this front is coming from your direction.

    The Nascar race is at Bristol, TN this week and I was attempting to watch practice and qualifying but the rain has arrived there already and everything is on hold. The Atlantic Coast conference basketball tournament is on TV also so I will watch that.

    Oh, what an interesting life I life (NOT).

  5. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hello, Porchies!

    Can't believe I got here before the porch was crowded! Watch. I'll forget someone..... :>/.......

    It looks so nice too, all cleaned up from the party. I'm glad Jerome got that bee kee nee top down off the rafters from our 100th.

    Julie, how wonderful it must be to have a baby around - most of the time ;>) Yes, those little pearly toes fit right in their mouths. Couldn't do that now, could we?

    Janalynn, I'm not sure that we've met before - but it could be brain fog - so, regardless, hello to you. Yes! I would love a pitcher of almost anything today. We've had the warmest day this spring and I'm celebrating.

    Linda, are you putting your feet up today and getting some rest? Thanks for thinking of us. How's the neck pain?

    Sweetie, so good to see you here. We have had 50's not 70's but you won't see anyone complaining. People have been out jogging, baby strollers are being pushed by happy moms and dads, and smiles are on most faces. It's wonderful what a spring day can do for our attitude.

    Georgia, I wondered if you ever got your shawl clean from the party? I admire your talent. I used to make very simple things on my sewing machine but haven't in a long time.

    The micro just dinged to tell me that my Lean Cuisine veggie pizza is ready to eat!

    Hugs all around the porch and to those near and far,

  6. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    all of the fun, and quite a few vols. also. Hubby is doing better, he got his staples out of his belly today. He hopes no more drs. for a while, he doesn't know how I do it.

    My son is starting to feel better also, but my niece had to go to the dr.s today, bronchitis.

    Julie, babies are so much fun when they start to amuse themselves, sounds like creeping and crawling are next.

    Janalynn, I will bring a pitcher as well, mine will be Fritas, it is in the nineties here today, so we can be toasty and cool.

    Lincamp, the good thing about rotten bananas is that they will still be rotten tomorrow, maybe your energy will pick up by then.

    Granni, I am am so happy that you have your music, if I could change one thing about me it would be that I could sing well. The shower doesn't even drown out how horrible I sound. lol

    Candy, I am not sure what has been going on due to sickies at home, but glad to see you here. How is your fil doing?

    Georgia, I must have missed the name change due to missing a couple of vols. I am a little foggy today, and was reading your post, then went to your profile thinking that sheep, and you have a lot in common.....duh...lol

    Marta, I am trying to decide what to make for dinner right now, and your pizza sounds good, so I guess we will make it a pizza night as well.

    Rock, Mr. Dad an all that I missed hugs and more hugs.

  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hy y'all, Annie here...I promised I would write a brief update here goes:

    First update on Geoff, my brother who was in the terrible car wreck Aug 2006 -gosh how long ago was that! Well he was on life support through February 2007 and we fought up and down to get him to be able to swallow etc. Never give up-all the experts told us too much damage to the larynx etc. got a swallowing expert and I am happy to report he is home 7 months now, and can eat as well as anyone. He still needs round the clock care, but last weekend was able with the aid of a cane and his daughter holding tight, to walk her down the aisle-touching moment for us all. He has a lot of Post traumatic stress and is in pain and needs PT and OT daily, cannot dress or bathe and still has a bedsore. They still are awiting compensation (for those who do not know a woman ran a red light and as is usual in these cases got fined $50-believe me even people running lights who killed children only get a fine and caution!)

    Danny, my 13 year old now (was 11 when we first met here)is loving his new school and teacher-for those who don't know he has autism. He surprised us all in November when he suddenly and out of the blue started playing classical music on my keyboard by ear. WOW!!!

    For three months recently we had a friend's daughter (15) live with us-that was very tiring. She is home now and was doing OK till today when she went downhill fast, but we have decided at 61 two autie kids is just too much for me, plus this house is quite small.

    Dan (DH) and I are doing OK, same old health issues with me as with you all-Dan does really well despite his TBI (Brain injury) and we had the pleasure of meeting Lincamp last year-that was nice.

    For those who don't know we moved to a new house not far from Buffalo NY in August and we love it here except for the snow. Great neighbors who are all Italian older ladies who bring us great food round.

    My puter has been acting up-have not even been able to read boards. I notice some old friends have gone I will email Mr Dad and have him fill me in on them. I am tring to catch up with those I know from years and new people-I also need to give Ken a visit see how the book club is going. Carla we are still fixing up and will be a while on this old wreck of a house.

    Will be tring to visit on a daily basis now I have things up and running and a little more time.

    Love Annie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I did get back not to late and in a fairly awake stae this evening after the Fish Fry ( hooray the last one for Lent). I cannot believe that Easter is almost here. Going to DS and DIL for a change and she has not told me to bring anything yet.

    However, it sounds like most of the choir memebers are going to the Easter Vigil to sing (seems like) on saturday and when I told the director that I might not be there for Easter she was sort of upset (disappointed) like no one was going to be there to sing for Easter day at our Mass at 8 a.m. So, I may end up doing the 8 pm vigil on sat which is a long one and then the 8 am of Easter Sunday before going to son's house for dinner. UGH !! At least I don't have to cook .

    Glad to see so many people popping in - oldtimers, almost MIA's, etc. etc.

    1Sweetie - glad to see you here as much as you have been. Don't wear yourself out now. I understand you have been h napping on the porch but thata's OK dear. Napa are also a good thing. Glad that you have had some nicer weather for you. That is very helpful I know. Ours has been getting nicer tooo. it was at least in the 70s today mayabe warmer.

    CK- you busy girl . Hope TWY is feeling better and you too. I am sure you felt so bad after her accident.

    Linda - Glad the cervical collar has been somewhat helpful. Yes, forget the banana baread. Yes I love it but when Is see a rotten or very soft banana I just throw it down the disposal. I am to lazy to bake anymore.

    Georgia - I envy your talents knitting and breadmaking etc. I will never hear the end of the time I started making a baby sweater for our first daughter now almost 45 .. it never got done. I got frustrated when I knitted both the side fronts the same instead of turned around the way it was supposed to be. I took it out and was going to redue it and never got that far )-: !!

    Marta - Glad to see you here again to. How is that FC Miss Soapie doing ?? It sounds like she must be behaving better. Is she finally letting you sleep at night ?? She should be by now !!!

    Elaine - Ready to go out on any dates this weekend.? I should be asking the same thing to Jodie !! Hope you both are doing well and will have fun this weekend. Remember no answering the phone after going to sleep or taking the phone off the hook !!

    Candy - So glad to see you popping in here again. It is great for the soul and for what ails you, at least for me . At least it helps to take away some of the pain and forget some of the sad things going on in your life. Hope things are going a little smoother for you hon.

    Bevy2 - So glad to see dh got his stitches out and that he is doing better. Yes, I hope he or you do not need to go to the doc anytime soon or to have any more surgeries. Yes, that can take alot out of you, as well as the one having the surgery (-: !! I know DH has has a few of them !!

    Janalynn - so you are feeling lazy too. I know wht you mean but I never seem to be abale to really REST !! Gonna go shopping and have lunch tomorrow ?? Or did you end up going today?

    Well, I can't think of anything else right now. Tomorrow we'll be busy and not sure if I will be able to get on for a bit tomorrow or not. It should be a bsy day oc spring cleaning on our porch at home !!

    Mrdad - you get read to go out and check the girls in the bee kee nees? Hope you are feeling OK and get a chance to get out and do something fun (-: !!

    Rock - busy writing poems for us ?? That will keep you busy and our of trouble - I think ??? Sorry to hear that you puter is still causing you problems !!

    Julie - I love little babies with their little chubby feet in their mouths. The problem is they never stay that small for long.

    Well gang, I had better leave now and start getting ready for bed. I have gotten up two days in a row to be ready for our performances.

    Hope I didn't miss to many peeps as Mrdad would say. Hope to see you again soon, if nottomorrow monday.

    Hugs to you all,


  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Geoff's progress is remarkable. I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the chapel as he walked his daughter down the aisle. Prayers were definetly answered. I wish he would not have to experience any discomfort....can't imagine how much trama he feels. Compensation would not take away the physical pain but it might help emotionally. This is certainly one of those "life is not fair" situations.

    So, Danny is a teenager. Thirteen was a trying time for my children. I hope it is better for you and Danny. It is remarkable that he suddenly displayed such musical skills. I bet you were quite surprised and pleased! What a great outlet for him.

    EDIT: I posted this message before it was completed. Hit the wrong button. Opps! Will try again tomorrow to complete.

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  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ----week Kids! The wonderful 200th Party as well as the
    the return of Annie and the frequent visits of our long
    time friend, 1Sweetie!

    Linda, happy that you are doing better today and a big THank
    You for the Banana Cake! Love it, Georgia got us all hooked
    on it now!

    Most Porchies seem to be like me this morning and getting a SLOW
    start. I stayed up way to late last night, apres 10, so slept
    in this morning. Wish it would do some good though!

    Julie: Amy and Keira are so fortunate to have you! I'm sure
    that your love and sacrifices are well appreciated!

    'Posta rain here today, clear tomorrow, so the weekend isn't
    lost! Skier's are getting that fresh powder snow they love
    in Sierra and I'm happy for them and I. (Sends 'em out of
    Town for the weekend)!

    Lots of MIA's this morning but that's not unusual for the
    weekend. A busy time with family and friends!

    I'll be bac later KIds!
    P.S. "Beware of the Ides of March"

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  11. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I feel a little guilty, dh and I snuck out for a little while last night, we went to a fish fry that is hosted by a local honky tonk. Live Country music, and the best fish ever.

    It seems like forever since we have had any alone time, our son made a big deal of it "your going on a date" in the teasing sing song. I am glad he is feeling better.

    I hope all are enjoying this weekend, I have the air conditioner on it is in the 90's again, and too hot with the windows open, I guess it wouldn't be that bad but the humidity is super high.

    Good day to all,

  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Now Bev! Don't be telling our Mid-west and Northeast friends
    about "air conditioning in Texas today". They get jealous
    when I mention it's '53 and sunny in SF! My good friend wa
    down there in Austin for the music fest this week and
    I know it got real hot. He doesn't do well in the heat either!
    And my nephew and his wife are flying home today from El Paso so I've had alot of connections with your part of the County
    this week. It's very cool here today as March can often be!
    Just hope it warms up a bit everywhere next weekend for the
    Kids Easter Egg hunts. Can you believe how early Easter is
    this year!!!

    Georgia, your Friend is so glad that you have that recipe
    memorized!! We may have to send him to a "support group"
    at some point if you ever get tired of making Banana Bread!
    I still haven't made my Orange ld. Cake yet! Maybe today.

    We'll "talk" later, "K"?
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  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    We're back to 40 degree days and 20 degree nights but yesterday gave us all hope. I overdid but don't regret it. Never know when it will be 55 again.

    Bevy, I thought "we" were having pizza and here you had a fish fry and a date. Sounds better to me, too.

    Elaine, sometimes we all disappear but the important thing is that we show up again eventually. Jerome will keep your chair dusted.

    Linda, e'gad, one foot of snow. Still? But the first robin gives you encouragement, right? I haven't seen one yet here though others have. How did the bread turn out with the pulp in it?

    Annie! Good to see you hear and to hear all your good news! What a proud moment for Geoff and how grateful you all must have been. I remember reading about those first days only too well, and I know you remember them well too. And Danny is a classical musician! Doesn't surprise me one bit.

    Granni, how nice it is not to have to cook for a holiday. When my sons got married I thought I was off the hook too, but one lives in California and the other one goes to his MILs house. I'm invited but it's not the same. "A daughter's a daughter all her life; a son's a son 'til he takes a wife".

    Miss Soapie is still coming in to visit me but I told her yesterday morning that she was overdoing it. Last night she didn't come in at all. I swear that cat speaks human.

    Sweetie, isn't it frustrating to type and type, then lose it?? It was good to see your nice smile here anyway.

    Julie, Amy is so fortunate to have you to help with the baby - and I know you feel blessed to have them both. I don't know how you do it, though...

    Georgia, writing is a great cathartic so I'm glad it worked for you. You are the Banana Bread Queen. I used to make it all the time too.

    JoeDad, sounds as if you're not feeling too perky. I hope that changes soon. Maybe you should sit down by the window with the binoculars instead of standing up.

    It feels like it's time for bed. Unfortunately, I have friends stopping by or that's when I'd be headed right now.


  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Sorry I have not visited for a few days. It has been a very stressfull week and it has taken it's toll on me, so I am going to take my girls and curl up by the fire in the lodge.

    I have only been in to peek once in awhile, between work, the girls, the mud and just life I have not been able to post.

    I tried to scan the brochures for my art club website and ithe computer kept freezing up saying I was low on virtual memory,( like my own brain) and I fianlly gave up and had to do some "maintenace" but still getting error messages
    I am now practicing deep breathing excercises :)
    Twy is about the same, tail only slightly raises. Spoke to the vet and he said it could take as long as 2 weeks, then if no improvement stay on the predisone.

    She is not allowed to do ANYTHING for 6 weeks! She can get up in the chair and the couch but he told me not to let her do it. Can't take her for walks yet either

    She has been very needy and does not like it when I am on the computer and will retreat to under my bed if I try to use it while she is on the couch with me. Otherwise, she will lay beside me on the couch

    Missy has been very jealous and her cut was healing nicely until Thurs. I put a baggie with a rubber band over her bandage when she goes out and she got a hole in it and it got wet.

    I let them stay on the porch for a few hours Thurs while I worked on my ditch, so I rebandaged it and during the night she got it off and licked it back open again. Now is trying to get infected.

    So as you see finding my time to visit has not been easy.

    Sweetie I hope you are ok, I heard about the storms and tornado down your way.

    Annie I am go glad to hear about Geoff walking his daughter down the aisle, that will be a moment that will never be forgotton. Danny a gifted piano player? You just never know. A house is never really "done" is it?

    Rock is it a kawinkident that 10 minutes after I read the word "recalcitrant" in a local newspaper article then saw you use the word in your post regarding the computer.

    I have never heard the word, the story is about a huge historic rock that was in the Ohio River and KY pulled it from the river last fall and OH is trying to take them to court to get the rock back. I guess our government doesn't have enough to do so let's spend the taxpayers money over a rock.

    I take it the word means difficult, just thought how odd to read it twice in such a short time.

    Julie I love babies at this age and on, everyday is a day of discovery for them. I don't think I could ever get my foot that close to my head...ever even in my "good" days ,lol I hope you get some rest and know how hard it to rest when your to-do list is way to long. I can imagine with moving into the cabin then packing for your trip, parents, in-laws is can be overwhelming. Remember to breath :)

    Mickey- Sorry your daughter didn't get a full ride to school but I would take the $20,000 any day. Maybe she will have to wait tables or work somewhere that has something to do with her major-I forgot what she wanted to study.

    Georgia you will have banana bread coming out of your ears soon. I agree with who ever else mentioned about Mr M and your computer,lol.

    Marta, you have named the homeless kitty?
    Linda-sorry your neck and back are still giving you greif. Have you tried the tennis ball on the lower back. It does help my T spine,

    Mrdad- I hope it warm and sunny so you can practice your counting, maybe it will up your mood :)

    Granni you need rollar skates enjoy your performace and dinner

    Janalynn- glad you stepped up and stayed to visit. It can be hard to ketchup to our lingo but we are part real life and a lot of fantansy. It is just a place to come and out your feet up and forget the worries of the day. Glad to hear your business is taking off so well, glad they didn't want your shirt too,lol.

    Bevy- did I see your hubby got his stitches out? Hope he recovers quickly, nothing worse than a sick man home up your, well you know,lol

    YC1- hope your migrain is gone and you can visit with your family

    Elaine- hope things pick up for you on ebay, could just be the holiday coming up-

    Have you looked at the cost of easter candy this year!!!??? $6 for a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, I don't think so-oh well didn't need the calories any way. So I will find my Baileys and Buttershots and head to the fireplace and get warm and cozy:)

    Sorry if I missed anyone that popped in while I was posting-I hope everyone is safe,warm and have power-Carla

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am sure that I will be helping DH do it either tomorrow or monday. He changed his work plans and sprayed bor bugs and then we worked out (treadmill) and leg push weight thing for me, for my severe osteoporosis. I got a break but I know it wil still be there for us to do - ugh !!

    So, still have clothes in the washer that neeed to be switched and haven't much else except sit hereon the computer. No wonder I am gaining wt i the wrong places )-: !!

    Just wanted to say hi to al again as if dh decides when we are going to start this porch job I will be out there too, He will do the powerwahsing and i will help move the furniture and then sometime after that we have to paint it. Lucky me gets to do the posts, Good grief, I wish I had money to have it done by someone else.

    Well, we were going to go out to eat with another couple for Mewxican food but they had to cancel so weill go ourselves. It cannot be a lte night as tomorrow iw Palm sunday and we have to be there VERY earl like 7:15-30 for the 8:00 Mas That will not be easy for me. I do not do mornings well, ever in my whole life and now it is worse. -groan !!

    Well, need to go do something before we go. Big hugs to awl of you !! As Tiny Tim one said ' "God bless us , EVERY ONE "!! No time or energy to name everyone today.

    Hugs to everydobby,
  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Go see 204 if you want the cookies! Carla

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