Porchlight is On Vol 205 (Klosed)

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    Gonna do this quik Kids!

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    I hope no one got caught in the Vol Change! Please go bac to
    the previous one and read some of the last few Posts.

    Late getting here today! Big, long line at the City Hall
    for St. Pat's Day! Must have been the nice, warm 65' sun-
    shine, just like in Ireland! (Slight embellishment)

    Anyway, hope all are having a great day and are wearing their
    greenest green! Beautiful day in the Park and my two Bee-
    Kee-Knee ladies had green ones' on today! (They must work Nites)?

    Gonna be bac later, "K"?
  3. rockgor

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    And a Happy St. Pat's Day to all. Due to my progressive brain fog I usually forgot to wear green in years past. Got tired of co workers nagging, "Where's your green?"

    I don't need to wear green, I told them. I AM Irish!

    I am too. Me great-great grandad came over from the Old Sod. Don't know anything about that branch of the family except they apparently drank a lot.

    Was reading Georgia's post about her mother on the Alzheimer board this morning when the power went off. Came back on a few hours later. Seems it vas very vindy last night.

    Georgia wrote a very moving piece about her mother who had Alzheimer's. These wasting diseases are terrible. I think it would be a much better plan if we were all healthy till about age 70, and then just drifted away in our sleep.

    Never heard the Irish knock-knock before, Annie. I looked up some jokes on the net, but they weren't true Irish jokes. They were just generic jokes with the term Irish thrown in.

    Ummm, am getting too tired to finish this. Have to post more later.

  4. bevy2most

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    so I will be brief. Dinner for tonight is grilled t-bones parslied potatoes, cabbage and dinner rolls.

    Georgia, I read what you wrote about your Mother. It moved me to tears. I could feel your pain and sorrow. Thanks for sharing.

    Time to fire up the bbq,


  5. Marta608

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    Thanks for the poem, Linda. I wish we could see your face painted green. Sorta like the icon?

    I'm not going to say hello individually now, it's too late in the day for my brain to work. Hi to Joe, Georgia, Rock, Bevy and Linda - and all the ships at sea: Granni, YC1, Annie, Sweetie, Carla B (how did your day go?), Janalynn, Julie, Elaine, Jole.....oh boy, I'm in trouble now........... and all the rest of you! :>)

    Hugs all around,

  6. Cromwell

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    May the roof over this porch never fall in
    And those who sit beneath it, never fall out!

    Love again, Annie
  7. monica33flowers

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    and I need to go back and read the previous volumes. I've missed so many porches lately. I was just so excited about the Garden Com Post and that 200 party well that really did me in. LOL.

    I'm off to read some past volumes to see what I've all missed.

    Happy St. Patty's Day, all!
  8. ckball

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    Wow when I said I would be gone all day, I didn't think it would be ALLLLL day. Went to hospital,saw mom, then several places that sell out buildings,Family Dollar and Dollar General- are you tired yet?

    Now my purse and gas tank are empty:-( it doesn't take much. I didn't buy a building but need to, the "structure" and I use that term loosely, where I leave my rider mower is literally falling in.

    I found the perfect one that matches my house, white with a red metal roof, but it is a little pricy, I need to fix the yard first.

    Can home and put everything away and noticed the smell coming from the bedroom. It looks like today wasn't the first day Twy peed in the bedroom, just the first day I saw it.

    I have a very thick plush carpet-$22 a yard, but got it for $100 as a remenat. It has a very heavy jute backing too. She has been peeing behind the door.

    I had to move the large tv and cart and the chest of drawers and pull the carpet up, then shampooed the padding, the back of the carpet, then flipped it back and shampooed the top.

    I am just taking a break for dinner and lean on the tennis ball and go back and go over it all again with clear water. I used a mix of bleach and greased lighting, forgot carpet cleaner at Wally's.

    So please forgive me for not addressing everyone but enjoyed the poems, wishes and such. So I will take a Bailey's and toast all my wonderful porchies and thank you all for all you do.

    This is a wonderful place we have here and it means the world to me to know you are here. Hopefully, I can get caught up tomorrow, I haven't even closed 204 yet. So better get to it-Now where is that bottle???? Ahh the penguins took off with-hey come back here, you have to keep on eye on the little varmits-Carla
  9. monica33flowers

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    OK, I read past volumes just trying to catch up with all the Porchies and man oh man you guys have been busy.

    Elaine: Hey, girlfriend. What do you mean I'm crafty? Are you sure you didn't mean catty? ROFL. Just kidding. Are you thinking I'm crafty because of the gardening thing? You gave me a little smile on my face today, no one has ever said that to me before.

    Mr Dad: I would kill for 65 degree weather. Heck, I would kill for 50 degree weather....I'm really not very picky. I'm sick and tired of being frozen to the ground.

    Rockgor: That meatloaf sammy sounds wonderful. Gorden and I sound very similar. I love to cook and since I haven't been not able to work I cook all the time. I'm sorry to hear about his finger.....how did he do that? I'm sorry if you already told us and I just can't remember.

    Georgiac: Is it hard to knit? I've been wanting to learn, I use to crochet many, many moons ago and I thought maybe I should try and either go back to crocheting or actually try knitting. The only thing is I am quite clumsy lately and anything that is sharp needs to be put away because I will hurt myself.

    {{{{{Carla}}}}}}}: I'm so sorry to hear about Twy going potty behind the door. How is she doing? I know you said she broke her sacrum but what exactly is that? I think I saw somewhere that you said she is starting to wag her tail. This is good, right? How is that Missy doing? Take a nice relaxing bath with some epsom salts and perioxide.

    Lincamp: I loved the little poem. How sweet!

    Bevy: I will be right over for dinner. Yum!

    Marta: Hugs to you as well! Happy St. Patty's Day!

    YC1: Hi Candy! It is nice to see you! I get really bad migraines as well and they are just pure h*ll. Actually, I'm fighting another one all day today. How is your sister doing? I don't think I asked lately about how her cancer is:?

    Cromwell: Hello! I don't think we've met. It it nice to meet you and I look forward to chatting with you in the future here on the Porch.

    Lydia (Julie): OMG, I just spit water all over my computer about the cat peeing on the rug in the bathroom and you blaming Den and Den reaction about the cat framing him. ROFLMAO. We had the same exact thing happening here at our house but I kept yelling at the "guys" that they were slopping water all over the outside of the tub when they took showers onto the rug.......Um, Mama was wrong, it was a naughty little kitty who mama caught peeing on her rug as well. To this day it drives me insane that I cannot put a rug in front of the shower. As soon as I do she will pee on the damn thing! If I put a towel in front of the tub that is OK but something she likes about that darn rug. RRRRRRRRR! LOL.
  10. mrdad

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    Georgia: Sunset Magazine has a great book-mag on Mexican

    Cooking! Used many of the recipes in my Restaurant. Great

    desserts too. Should be able to find one cheap in a used

    book store. Oh boy, a glass of Sangria with that Carne Asada

    sounds great to me also!

    Monica! Wow, I so happy that your new idea for a Garden Post
    is doing so well! It will get busier as the weather improves
    as well. The Post is relative to indoor plants too. How great!

    Julie: I just KNEW Den didn't do it! (Bad Kitty!!)

    Rock: Ya know, as everyday, today your story rings so true!
    I had to look around for something green to ware so they
    wouldn't ask me the same, "where's the Green"? I did find
    one green white and green striped dress shirt. Other green
    items in the "to do" laundry pile. Found my "plastique shamrock pin" to attach to my Giant's baseball cap and
    called it "legal" for the day! I'm only 3/4 Irish, a Frenchmen from Brittany showed up and I ended up with his
    name instead of the Brien's etc. etc. etc.!

    Hey Annie, Bev, Granni, Linda, Kylob, 1Sweetie,Carla-Ck,
    YC1, Y2K, IOU, Grandma, Grandpa, Elizabeth, Ben, John Boy,
    Billie Bob and that Old French Great-Grand-Dad from Brittany
    who wishes he had been IRISH! Too late Gramps!


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  11. 69mach1

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    oh elaine and granni ck lydia and all the ladies that commented on the marc stuff....no harm done at all...that is why i post on hear i love to hear others opinions. gives me strength! makes me wonder if i was out of line. but i do not believe so.

    i don't know if marc got a jealous streak in him when he found a pic of myself and my very handsome exhb and i on the floor at the bar...it fell out of my wallet and i showed my friend his pic...i was showing her pics of cody. i always told marc my exhb is a very handsome man, model stuff movie type of guy...sometime i will show you all his pic of us.

    that is when marc made the comment to the john the waiter guy about reservations for if he brought a girl would he know if he would need to. so i don't think it was for me....we have not really had a call ahead and let's see if we can go out to dinner.

    it is when he see's me put whatever she wants on my tab deal....he calls when he wants to play and have some fun....

    he is busy i get the idea of that....but i found out he went to sam's in tiburon...which has a up 2 date web cam on the deck..i am sure i saw him and his room mate out on the deck sitting w/some guys...then two brunnett'es came up and sat at the table then then marc and jason appeared to get up and go pay a bill...then they all went off...i knew they were boating and most likely would leave at dusk or so back to emeryville...a male friend of mine told me marc was in finnegan's earlier that night saying he was going to emeryville-sam's cafe/bar.

    he may not have had an actual date...but hey what can i say.

    he denied that he was going out w/this girl i saw him take her number down in front of me...he said just someone he knew from bartending....years ago...he forgot who she even was at first until she reminded him....anyways...

    maybe she can straighten him out...he has some flaws for sure....maybe an alcoholic....not 100% sure...cause i am not around all the time...

    well...he has childhood issues of his parents divorce and dad remarrying 5 times...pulled out of two engagements...

    he is an architect working on his m.s., actor, model has an agent in l.a., and i think he is 38 years old and is almost used to the single male life.

    well got to do some more math....

    thank you for all of you kind ears and hearts....

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon took his owie to the dr. who threw away the tubular bandage and told him to soak his finger for the next few days. Gordon said, "Ive been trying to keep it dry."

    He had somewhat of a problem this morning trying to shower in the dark (power outage) and keep his finger dry.

    By the way, science and technology keep moving relentlessly ahead. When the bandage was put on, it was done by a machine. "Like sticking your finger in a pencil sharpener?" I asked. "Pretty much" he said.

    Ever since the power came back on, the Kaspersky anit virus pop up has gone crazy. It pops up every 20 seconds and blocks part of the screen. Might as well have a virus.

    Linda, and others who asked How?, Gordon got injured when he stuck his hand in his briefcase and was slashed by a safety razor. You though safety razors didn't do that sort of thing? So did I.

    Anyhoo it happened at work and in California that makes it a Workers' Comp injury.

    Yes, Carla, housing in CA is insane. San Francisco, I hear, has prices even higher than Los Angeles.

    Gordon is not a chef, Elaine, but he's a very good cook. His father cooked in a Chinese restaurant. I was a professional cook once.

    After I got out of school I took some civil service exams. While I waited for results I worked a couple weeks in a fast food place. Of course in those ancient days the term fast food was not in use.

    The owner used to come around every other day. He always said the same two things. "Open that window farther. Stand on a newspaper so you can reach." and "Who monkeyed with the drink machine? You're using too much syrup."

    Hey, MrD. I used to have a plastic shamrock too. Haven't seen it for a while. Think it got lost in the last move. You know what they say in the army: Three moves equal one fire.

    Linda. I hope all these pains go away soon. Is it something that fluctuates? Was it you and Annie who posted the jokes and toasts? I made notes this morning, but now I can't read them. Never heard that knock knock before, Annie.

    Julie, haven't had a big, hearty breakfast in a decade or so. Sounds good, but I couldn't follow it up w/ a long day of work in tropical heat.

    Congratulations on your windfall, Elaine. Monica, glad your garden post is flourishing.

    Candy, did you know there is a rock band named Yesterday's Child. Was news to me.

    Das ist alles.

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Georgia, in regards to your Mechanic Friend and the banana
    bread, I think he may soon be a candidate for "Mountain Vista
    Farms"! Is he gaining any weight yet? It's been beautiful
    here as well. 65 yesterday. Robins, crows, but no black
    birds, wild dove or honey bees yet! Think this "colony collapse" is ozone related. (?)(?) It wouldn't be pesticides
    etc. in the City.

    Rocky: Most bedrooms in my neighbor in SF in a three bdroom
    flat rent for about $600>650 a mo. plus utilities! And I'm
    not in what is considered one of the better SF neighborhoods!
    My Sons small "pullman" flat is $2,200 a month! He has two
    housemates and they made 3 bdrooms out of a two bdroom place
    by making the front living room, a bedroom! It's about $1400+
    a month for a 1 bdroom apt if you can afford to live alone!
    Even professionals (Docs) etc. can't afford a house in this

    Linda, you either didn't sleep or got up b-4 you went to
    bed! Hope your Girl is at her destination happy and safe!
    Try to restup a bit today. Any plans with Kylob this week?

    Elaine: Happy to hear that the other person who copied your
    eBay template was held accountable by them! Darn Copy Cats!
    Keep those sales up. (Wonder ifin' there's a market there
    for house mates)? For sale:

    Julie: Congrats to your husband on his retirement! Now he
    will have the opportunity to attend to his "calling". How
    wonderful for all.

    Candy: Hope you are feeling better today. I do admire your
    sister's courage in all that she is dealing with. She's an
    inspiration I'm sure!

    Gonna meet my Son and his long time friend and former house-mate while in college. He was out of Town and missed
    my Son's B'Day dinner this year, so today they will have a
    chance to get together. Jeff didn't know what to do with
    his history degree so started what has become a very suc-
    cessful business in Town!

    Hey to Jodie and all others I missed yesterday!
    Huggles to awl,

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I keep waiting for the thread to change but I think everyone else is waiting for the same thing sooooooo.... here goes.

    Those were wonderful Irish blessings posted by many of you. I enjoyed them again today.

    Monicaflowers! I keep promising myself I will get over to your garden, then I'm too pooped to participate. What a wonderful idea!

    Jodie, dump the guy. Sorry to be so abrupt but what more can I say? OK, please. ;>)

    Linda, I'd be wanting to find a warmer corner of the country if I were you. Although it's only 40 here in MI today, with rain. Thank you for the scones. I got the last four. Burp. I hope your daughter has a safe and enjoyable trip.

    Elaine, the Ebay Queen, no, dear. I don't believe they let you sell your mother. Although you never do know. Some day I want to learn how to do that - sell things, not my mother - but I can't figure out how I'd have the energy to mail anything I sold.

    Candy, everytime I hear about your sister, I feel more sad for her. Why does life have to be so darned HARD????

    Rock, nuttin safe about that razor! Interesting that the doc told Gordon to soak it. Must be he didn't take off much? You were a pro cook? You are The Most Versatile Man I know.

    Julie, so your hubby is retiring at the end of the month? I hope you have many plans to keep him busy. A friend of mine said that having her hubby retire is the hardest work she's ever done.

    Don't forget, everyone, that on March 29 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. is Earth Hour. Everyone is to turn off the lights for one hour and save .... the world, I guess. It will be interesting to see how many people do it. Oh, that it could be that simple.

    Georgia, I swear that man must have gained 100# since he met you. You sure must make excellent banana bread. The way to a man's heart is..........with banana bread. Who'da thunk it??

    Joe, at first I read that $600 - $650 was the cost for a three bedroom flat and I thought: CHEAP! Then I went back and read it again. My son and his family pay way too much money for a very small house in your state. Since he's from the midwest where housing is cheaper (especially right now), he find it's ridiculous.

    OK, I'm going to hit Send and hope this isn't the 31st post.

    Hugs alllllll around, near and far,
  15. jole

    jole Member

    Just busy with spring break and grandkids staying. I hope my sanity stays this week.....I do enjoy them so much, but just not use to all the noise and confusion going on around here.

    Read all the posts and want to say hi to everyone and loved the poems. Will be back as soon as possible. If not before, I wish everyone a Blessed and happy Easter!!
  16. Granniluvsu

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    See you all on the other side. It has been along time since I did this and then scrrewed up. So, Iwill try again. Don't get caught in the door.