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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. mrdad

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    Ok We're on another new Volume. Please read latest Posts
    on Vol 207 if possible! Hope all are having a good day!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there "Fiesty" Julie,

    Glad you played the MOM card. Soemtimes you just have to do that No reason for you to be inconveniencd anyway. You do enough for everyone else. It is good that they have jobs now and are able to help out.

    As I write I am putting on my make up (what little I use) or will attempt to. When DH gets home from golf we will eat a very early dinner. I just had a banana for "lunch" so as not to be to full. Have to leave hear a little after 4:30 so I can be at church at 5. The service is at 6. Well, since I already was on here I guess I will get off the porch so I can do other things. Hope you weather starts to warm up for you soon !!

    In case you didn't see it I wished EVERYONE a very Happy and Blessed Easter.

    God bless us every one as Tiny Tim said in the Christmas Carol.


  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    You know I was thinking this. When we come to the porch, everyone there is a friend. Imagine us all sitting in a group, some in our rockers (some OFF our rockers like me!) some of us are young, some old, some forgetful, some sad, some feeling alone and afraid, some feeling pretty chipper.

    Oldies like me have trouble remembering my own name, but when I am speaking, I am am speaking to everyone who is present, even those who will come along to join those seated after I leave. So always know that whenever any of us are on the porch, even if we specifically address one person, that everyone else is automatically included, and this is how it should be. We hang tough together here.

    God bless those who can and do name names, it is always a thrill to get that "direct response" but also know that generalised responses are all some can manage and that is OK too. I will fess up and say that I have a horrid habit of mixing people up, I know for eg that Isweetie or was it granni who had the toxic clean up at her house a year back, was it Jodie or someone else who is studying for a nursing degree, is it Carla who is the arty one or the knitter? But guess what, I love you all, and have missed chatting during my absence of 9 months due to puter probs.

    The only two I never mix up are Rocky and Mrdad as they are both such rambuctious rascals!!!!

    Because of the friends I have met here I also may side question them as a separate post and anyone here can feel free to butt in on those posts too. In fact I am about to post Rocky re disability and what happens when one hits retirement age with that, so anyone who wants to jump in on that post(coming up in a few minutes) please do-I need all the advice I can get.

    To the newbies, I should let you know that you can always side post me on any issues,or any psych. help, as that was my profession for years(see profile)-it is a freebie I like to offer, although mrdad never takes my advice, still is hanging around with his pal Guido, good job SMG keeps an eye on the pair of them!

    Well, I see all the scones are gone!!! Better make some more!

    Lin (see I recalled a name!) it is cold here but sunny today. The floaters and flashes in my eyes are driving me nuts right now-yet another little gift of age and DD-and the glare from the snow does not help at all.

    Lots of love to all who share the porch, love and light to all, Annie
  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I posted on the 206 thread and the 207 that went poof.

    Basically I said I would be gone for awhile because I have to cut back on the computer because of the mud and dog pee.

    Twy is not able to hold it all night anymore and has been peeing on my very heavy, thick carpet. I have pulled everything up to treat the plywood.

    It took me a few days to find it because it was behind the door, by the time I smelled it, it was bad and has happend everyday since.

    The vet has a product to treat the carpet and I am going to buy puppy pads. That is why I haven't been around. I am at the shop today and have only scanned the threads.

    Thanks Mrdad for keeping us up and running and hope you enjoy your weekend

    Julie I am proud of you for standing your ground, that has been your home for many years and I wouldn't want to give up either. I admire you for the work you do and can only imagine how good it feels to come home after living under the conditions you have to in Belize, so you deserve it.

    Elaine sorry that you spent all that time for your interview only to find out the pay is "peanuts" you made me laugh at your comment. With the economy the way it is, I don't see it getting any better soon.

    Mickey- hope your doing well and getting back to walking Jack. I have missed walking my girls. I have a golf cart I ride in when I don't feel like walking or ride to a flatter area where I can walk. It is very hilly where I live. But Twy can't be allowed any excersise for a few more weeks.

    Well shoot-got a customer so gotta go and dont want to lose this, I have a feeling he is going to be here awhile

    - In case I don't make it back for awhile a big hello of EVERYONE and have a Happy Easter- Carla
  5. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail. I miss those days with the girls on Easter morning. I would hide their baskets, one blue, one purple their favorite colors. that was how they knew which one was theirs.

    Even though they are 17 and 15 now, I still hide baskets, however, it is just not the same anymore. My husband thinks i am nuts. Hey, you are never too old for candy.

    Carla, poor Twy, i bet she misses being active, poor baby. I hope she is healing well. I don't know how you do it girlie. What a great ideal riding in the golf cart, you could hold onto the leash while riding. One of my neighbors for Halloween would cart all the kids around in his golf cart.

    Annie, I can see why everyone missed you so much while you have been gone, you are a really nice person and you are so right about not naming everyone all the time on your posts, everyone should just assume they are included. That is a wonderful thought.

    Elaine, Granni, Sweetie, Julie, lynn Mr Dad, Rock and all my wonderful Friends on the porch, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter

    Love you, Mickey

    Don't have to many egg fights, oh and by the way, I am dying eggs this weekend and will have one for all of you.
  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    So happy to see that the board is working properly again. I'm sorry that so many post were lost.

    Georgia...I'm so sorry that you lost the post about your Mom on the Alzheimer's Board. It was very touching. I had replied to you but it is gone along with your post. In fact it touched me so, I wanted to read it again but of course it is not to be found.

    YC1...It is very hard to watch someone you love struggle with cancer. I am a 2 time survivor and am thankful for every day but my Mom has Stage 4 breast cancer. It has metastasized to her bones in the pelvic area, skull, and sternum. Until last month it has been somewhat stabilized but now the blood test are showing elevated markers so they will be increasing her meds. Cancer is an insidious disease.

    Annie....I make scones too but mine are in the form of batter. I ordered the mix and a scone pan online from King Arthur flour. I am sure it is not nearly as good as yours but they are quite tasty to me. That company also sells muffin and pancake mix and we have never been disappointed. By the way it is so nice for you to be back with us.

    Linda...I am trying to send this beautiful weather that we have up to you, Kylob, Marta, and all others in the Northern states. Although on Easter Sunday the low is going to be in the low 30's again. Brrr. I bet your pain level would be better if you lived in a warmer climate although you would not like our hot, humid summers. It seems like now we either have summer or winter with shorter springs and falls.

    Mickey....Glad to see you back on the boards. I know you have to be proud of your daughter. Even without a full scholarship, I hope she gets to attend the university of her choice.

    Granni...Did you get finished with your curtains? I lost track with all the missing post. You have a such a kind heart trying to be a "Mom" to be so many on the boards.

    Julie...I am in awe of you and your dedication to your missionary work. I have been to a 3rd world country in the Caribbean several times although for vacations in 5 star resorts. I honestly can not imagine living in the manner that most of the locals live. We made became acquainted with several of the locals that worked at the resort and they described their way of living to us. It was not an easy life that they portrayed.

    Jodie....Hope you are enjoying your break and also hope you are listening to your friends on the board. You deserve better than the guys you've been choosing.

    Elaine...Sorry about the job. I had responded to you on a separate post about your interview but it must have disappeared. You were so excited. Something better will happen for you.

    OK, I'm exhausted and I have not spoke to everyone. Please forgive me Carla, MrDad, Rock, Monica, Jole, Marta, Kylob & any and all others I have failed to mention.

    Hugs to everyone!

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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The message board shows zero responses on this thread. Guess it is not fully restored to electronic health.

    Just got a weather report from my sister in Rochester, Minnesota. Seven inches of snow expected today. Big storm from Strawberry Point, Iowa north to Lake City, Minnesota.

    My dad used to sell nursery stock (trees, not babies). His territory included Strawberry Point.

    In Rochester schools are closed. One of the bridges over the Mississippi river is shut down due to a truck accident.

    Similar storm in the same area on this date in 1955. I was a sophomore in high school. Don't remember a thing about it.

    Well, we lost lots of messages last couple days. There were two posts about board troubles. For those of you who missed the funniest comment, MrDad speculated this was a delayed Y2K problem.

    Mickey, I would love to visit you. I read about st. Charles on the net. Sounds like a charming place w/ lots of history.

    Haven't been to the Los Angeles zoo for for over 20 years, Bevy. Used to be able to take a tram ride w/ a guide.

    The zoo is in Griffith Park along w/ the Gene Autry Western museum. A wonderful place to visit, especially for those of us who loved Gene and Roy when we were kids.

    I am reading a book of western history. All these characters from the old west were still alive when my dad was young: Buffalo Bill Cody, Wyatt Earp,

    Frank James, Jack London, Bat Masterson, Quanah Parker, Cole Younger, Bill Pickett,

    Frederic Remington, Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and Annie Oakley.

    Geromino died a few months before my father was born.

    Tom Mix died the year I was born.

    In those days they didn't have Y2K problems. Course they might've had OK corral problems.

    Adios Amigos


  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    The guy wouldn't leave, it is ok, he is in charge of a no kill shelter and I have the girls here with me today so we talked about animals and human that don't get it.

    Annie you must have been posting the same time I was. We have truly missed your wise words of wisdom. That is why we love you so much.

    You have been threw so much yet you always care about others so much. I am so glad you are back. And I am the artsy one and Georgia is the knitter.

    Well another person came in, he is a freind of the owner and comes and visits me on Fri when he brings his saved newspaper up. He will be here a while-I'll try later-Carla
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well I plum forgot we are meant to do easter eggs-poor Danny, I will send DH out for one tomorrow. (brain fog!!!)

    Elaine, I am so sorry re that job. It is the pits when we get all geared up to do our best then someone offers such a low wage. You know when they keep talking about "the middle class and $100,000 a year" well that sounds like being RICH to me (LOL).

    Hey guys I am toying with the idea of taking over a really nice consignment store here in town. We HAVE to get some income from somewhere and no good going back to staging the homes in this down market. We shall see, it sounds goo but when I think about it, and being stuck in one place with all Danny's doctor and hospital apps. I also am worried about rent etc as we are really barely keeping up with bills now.

    Did anyone read Jeanne Ray's "Eat Cake"---it is pretty funny, she is a nurse who also writes books-imagine having the energy!!!

    Thanks for kind words. Rock I think that is great about your dad being alive when those people were. You may recall I have the collections of family letters (USA) from 1835 to 1949 and people who are now legends are mentioned in many of the letters. (The family made a pact to send all sent letters to a "collector historian in the family" at the end of each year so they would be kept (letters and replies) forever. So through these letters I can actually hear "first hand" about many important things. I have actual letters written in San Francisco whilst the great earthquake was actually going on and just as it finished. Descriptions of the damage seen standing right there, the fires, the homeless after etc.

    With so few people sending snails these days, imagine all the testimony we are losing. Kids even think emails are "old hat" these days and will only text. In fact they text one another when they are in the same room even!!! pretty soon, they won't have to speak at all.......

    Scones made with batter. I know King Arthur products. Wouldn't scones with batter taste more like muffins?

    Well, it is cold in here (we dare not jack up the heat above 65 with gas prices-whose the one where it is 68 outdoors today-I'm coming over for sure.

    Love Annie
  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Everytime I would try to post at work today people just kept coming in the store, how dare they,lol. It wasn't that bad but just when I would get caught up reading here someone came in and then I would forget what I read.

    Now the girls are sleeping and after a long day I am just now settling in. I spent some time in the yard working and sometime with the Missy and her new e-collar, it will take time for both of them, but I feel hopeful I can break these bad habits.

    I just added to my Happy Easter post so if you read the story already, please go back and see my preface. I wish all of you could see the pictures that go with the story.

    I just googled Daffodil Garden and found the site then Geocities had a transfer issue. But try it

    I am all posted out but please see Joan's post to us on the board. She needs our support.


    On my way to work at the bottom of my road a backhoe was working on a ditch and the flag guy stopped me to wait for the oncoming traffic. I asked him if he was a county worker and he is not. A indendpent doing county road work. I gave him my card and directions to my house. I just got a phone call from him and he is coming by at 10 am to look at my yard!!!! PLease, please, please pray he does. Since the backhoe is not even a 1/2 mile from my house I am hoping he will give me a big break.

    This would be the best Easter gift I could ask for.

    I sprayed the carpet earlier and left the door shut with the ceiling fan on until it dried but just opened the door and wow, I hope it works but I don't even want to sleep in there, let alone pee,lol. Lets' hope the doggies don't want to either :) Wow double Easter gifts.

    I was going to post more but now have forgotten what, must be the fumes, so hopefully after tomorrow I will have more time to sit and chat with everyone on the porch, it has been a long winter. Take care everyone-Carla
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So, now have two Masses with singing to go - whew !!! Not sure when Iw ill back , maybe a short time tommorrow not sure. Most likely forget sundya for me and probably alot of people too. It was a beaurtiful service tonight.

    So glad to hear from Joan on the chit chat board. Soujds like she needs a bit of cheering up but glad to hear from her.

    Candy - sounds like you are doing better. Please check the board where we've been chatting please. Hope you have a great and Blessed Easter . Will you be doing much with your ill family?

    Sweetie - I had to thank you for the seet words you said to me the other day on the porch. Your are truly special.

    I didn't take notes or attach to the volume so I am at a loss. Trying to remember is not the easiest for me sometimes - nothing new for lots of us huh ??

    Some great posts on chit chat today from Annie, Sweeetie and Carla I think. So we needn't feel along !!

    Blessings and hugs to all !

    Again , EVERYONE have a blessed Easter weekend if I don;t get back to see you all. Tomorrow will be a very busy one.

  12. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Hello all....just got back from church...saw SMG there...she was saying the rosary...plans to stop by the Vatican for Easter mass...she has a new habit and it was very becoming.

    We are going to my sisters tomorrow for Easter with her family...ham and the usual are on the menu...my youngest daughter is a vegetarian so we will have plenty of those...

    Carla - I hope you get the backhoe easter miracle....you poor dear...I don't know how you do it...by the way, I loved the daffodil garden...

    Mr Dad - sounds like you will have fun for easter...Lin and D#2 will be at our house for dessert...haven't decided what that will be yet...

    Rockgor - When I was a kid, I was in love with Wyatt Earp...so much so that (I had some imagination or I was crazy even back then) I would beg my mother to let me invite him and his horse for dinner....she even let me set a place at the table for him...the horse was tied to the swing set...Mom encouraged my crazy behavior!!!
    In our family there is some estrangement between the siblings...it is sad what happens over time...sometimes I miss the good old days and sometimes I don,t.

    Grannie - You have your usual busy schedule and are handling it with grace and ease...have a great holiday.

    Julie - it is good for the soul and self esteem to assert onesself some times...you go MOM!!!!!

    Annie - the consignment sounds like a great idea....I have enough stuff to fill a store!!! My sister lives in a small town and the have a consignment store that also has a tanning booth in it...go figure!!!!

    Marta - I hope Twy is having less of a problem with the wet spots on the rug...have you thought about doggie depends!!!!

    Lin - See you sunday!!!Thanks for the photo shoot last night!!!

    I needed a picture taken of myself and asked Lin's daughter #2, who is a wanna be photographer...anyways, I brought 3 different shirts and it took the 4 of them with elaborate lighting and about 200 shots to get 2 that were passable....

    Apparently I can't smile and have my eyes open at the same time....oh well...Only Lin would put up with me!!!!

    To all of you, I wish a very Happy Easter...
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, another very quick one before DH comes back and then we start our running and my cooking.

    Yes, Julie we will ALL do the best we can especially on the holidays !!!It will be great fun to see Kiera finding eggs, etc. Just wait till next year.

    Candy - Let me know if you saw my last post where we usually post please. Have a great Easter weekend to you and ALL again !!.

    God bless you all !


  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I believe that most are busy getting ready for Easter!
    I just got the 'Lil Kids all an Easter Bunny and know they
    aren"t gonna need any additional Candy from me. They get
    so much but I think the parents allot it in small amounts
    over a long period of time. Don't need anymore from me I would think.

    Kylob, it's so good to see you on the PORCH and feeling well
    enough to have company at Easter. You and Linda are so fortunate to have one another in support and friendship. Just
    wish the weather would mellow out back there as it would help
    to lift spirits of so many.

    Julie, I'm happy you have decided to keep the House available
    for yourselves. It's too critical a decision to be making
    with all else happening with the big changes in your life
    about to occur.

    CK: What happened with the "backhoe" man yesterday? It would
    sure be great to get that problem solved. Hope Twyla is doing Ok. I assume you are at work today?

    Granni: You are always so busy. Sounds like a lot of time
    at church this weekend. So happy that you enjoy it.

    Candy: Do hope you are getting over your "ammonia" etc.
    as it is horrible to be ill anytime but especially on
    a Holiday!

    Hello to Annie, Linda, Rocky, 1Sweetie, John Boy, Billy Bob,
    Elisabeth, Grandpa and all other folks not currently in my
    head but in my warm intentions!


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  15. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    As you can see by the icon I have my snow hat back on today. Yesterday afternoon it began to snow and I'm not sure when it stopped with about 5" here. Much is melted with the sun but I'm sure you could have hear a groan from MI wherever you live. At least we don't have the flooding that MO has.

    Julie, good for you for putting your foot down about your house. As I get older I put my foot down more too - except it doesn't make as much noise... It sounds like a wonderful Easter celebration you have planned with your family.

    Granni, I know you must have sung your little heart out last night. I wish I could have heard it.

    Annie, it's so nice to see you back on the porch again. Your wise words always ring true. The consignment store would be a big undertaking but they're more popular than ever now. Good luck with your decision.

    Carla, all this talk about disappearing posts and I haven't noticed it at all. That's because I show up every few days instead of daily. lol My fingers and toes are crossed for you and the yard guy. Um....you know what I mean.

    Mickey, I gave my boys Easter baskets until they left home and now I give my granddaughters here in town Easter BAGS which I just delivered. Their mother finally got through to me after year seven that they had all the baskets they could use. I'll be hunting on the porch for my green sparkly egg. I've hidden some too so it should be fun.

    Sweetie, I'm glad SOMEONE is having beautiful weather. I keep the faith and know we'll have some here too eventually. Thing is, it will probably turn 90 overnight. I remember when long lovely springs were the best time of year.

    Rock, sorry you've lost posts. It's hard enough to get them to stick without them disappearing on their own. Are you and Gordon planning anything special for Easter? Good food, for sure, right?

    Elaine, I envy you your lovely dinner with your mom. Those are the times that memories are made of. Enjoy.

    YC1, so glad to hear that you're feeling better! You had a long haul so I'm sure it's good to see the light at the end of that tunnel.

    Georgia, aren't grandparents wonderful? I always thought that being a grandmother would be the best time of my life but now I know that the best time is each moment. Very Hallmark of me, I know. lol

    Kylob, I've wondered what happened to SMG! How amazing that you ran into her there. Actually I'm happy that she's there rather than here. She would have been a real drag on the 200th party.

    Here I am AGONIZING about whether to bring Honey, the now-shaved stray cat, home to live with us. Her horrid matted hair is gone, her blood work was good and she even had a spay scar. And all that time I was calling her William..... :>/

    Her being here would be a challenge. Sophie is not a cat lover even though she's a cat. Honey is sweet - and very long-haired, or will be once she's not shaved. That would mean diligent brushing and having 36 claws to trim every month! Oh dear.....

    I would have to keep her separated from Sophie for ten days to make sure she's not infected with something ....oh, can't think of the word... it means that it's not showing up yet. One minute I'm decided one way (if it ain't broke, don't fix it), then the next minute I'm envisioning having a sweet cat and Sophie having a pal. Annie, there's too much transference going on here!

    Anyway, the decision must be made by tomorrow so I may go to the shelter and see how I feel when I see her sorry self.

    I wish you all a wonderfully happy Easter and the joy of loved ones around you. If you don't hear from me for awhile, you'll know what I'm doing!


  16. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    to each of you. My husband and I will be going to my dear daughter & SIL's home for dinner. My Mom & Dad, son, and her inlaws will also be there. She has hosted all the family events since I've been sick. Thankfully she appears to enjoy doing it. I feel blessed.

    MrDad...Hope you enjoy your day. It sounds like fun. I miss having little ones around. Have fun hiding those eggs!

    Carla...Hope you hookup with the backhoe operator soon. I think of you every time I see the weather. It seems like you have had more than your fair share. In my area we also have red clay soil in most areas. My yard has very poor soil. It is a type of clay and is hard to get anything to grow here. It drains poorly too. My yard is just a money pit. We put so many $ into trying to get it to look nice but we've had to stop...just can't keep doing it anymore.

    I talked to my DH about the doggy pee problems. He is a partner in a restoration company. You probably already have the problem taken care of but he said you need to treat the plywood with Microban and then use a sealer(preferably Fosters 40/20) over that to kill the odor & bacteria. They use that particular chemical for many types of odors and it works great. If you have any questions, I will be glad to ask him or my son. My son is certified in water and mold remediation.

    Rock....I enjoy your post so much. Love the history and stories about the Old West. You are such a wealth of knowledge. Your memory amazes me.

    Marta...One day you will have spring too, I promise. I was surprised that you are contemplating bringing home another cat. Sophie must have calmed down. Don't keep us in suspense for long. Let us know your decision.

    Elaine...I rarely bake or cook anything. My cognitive skills declined in that area also. I just can't put things together unless I have help from my DH. We uses mixes if and when we try to bake.

    Annie....Actually the scone mix says if you add some oil and additional liquid, you can make pancakes with it also. It certainly sounds different than the real ones that you make. I bet you are busy dyeing eggs today for Danny. Those were fun times when my children were younger.

    Julie....Hope your headache is much better so that you can enjoy Easter with your family.

    Granni....Guess you are still singing. You are blessed to have a good voice. I am tone deaf so I envy your talent.

    Joan....You and your husband are in our thoughts and prayers. You deserve a break. You need relief.

    Jodie...Where are you? You have not been on the board very much.

    I'm going to have to go. My son just walked in to see me.

    Happy Easter!

  17. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am just hopping in and out. I had to bake 3 cakes today for tomorrow. Carrot, Chocolate, and Walnut Coconut Pound. I have to get to stuffing Easter Candy into plastic eggs for the hunt tomorrow I also have to make the kiddos baskets. Hello to all,

    Annie, very well spoken.

    I will have more for all tomorrow or the next day, sorry so busy.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to my Emotions Anonymous meetings: one last night and one this morning. I was in a crabby mood when I woke up, but now I'm "fit as a fiddle" as Gene and Donald sang in "Singin' in the Rain".

    Saw Donald O'CONNOR in a musical live at one of the Casinos in Vegas in 1968. He was so exuberant he knocked over part of the set.

    Julie, I figured out your dream about driving a locomotive. It means you are in-train-ing to go to Belize.

    Granni, my memory is terrible. My brain has become coated w/ teflon. Nothing makes an impression; just slides off.

    RE: another cat, Marta, that's the kind of decision that is best made by those who can predict the future. W/ perfect timing Mama Kitty indicated she wants to climb up in my lap by sinking her claws into my thigh. She is a big ball of fur who loves to be held and petted.

    Hope you're feeling better, Candy. It's hard to do anything when respiratory problems are takiing the wind out of our sails.

    Granni, did you say you have to take two veggies to a dinner? How about tying raddish to each ear. Haha, that's my bad joke for this post.

    I'm like the Japanese. I like to put a flaw in everything I do. The wonderful part is it just comes naturally, as Dorothy Shay, the Park Avenue Hillbilly used to sing.

    Well, I was trying to avoid problems by typing this in my mailbox, but the darn thing froze up. So that's all for now.


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