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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. mrdad

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    Hey kids! Gonna go ahead and do this and stay one hop ahead

    of the Easter Bunny! Hope your getting all those eggs

    colored and baskets full Ms Bunny.

    I'll be back Later, "K"?

    P.S. Check last Posts on Vol 208 if ya can. Now we can start
    with a clean slate for the Holiday.[This Message was Edited on 03/22/2008]
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  2. rockgor

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    I think I brainfogged part of my last post. Well, what does it matter. Who will care a hundred years from now, as my mother used to say.

    I was talking to a court reporter this morning. About 6 hours later I remembered the name of the coworker we had been talking about. It was Debbie Hyman, so there!

    I think you're right, Linda. My brain has turned to steel. Nothing penetrates anymore.

    I have to look everything up, Sweetie. Can't remember much of anything.

    Congratulations on the job offer, Elaine. I hope something more in keeping comes along.

    The only thing Gordon has cooked so far this weekend, Monica, is more peanuts. But he bought some groceries, and is doing something tomorrow. I'm making hamburger helper myself.

    You must be the only person in your neighborhood w/ a canine babysitter, Jole. There was, of course, the famous Nana in Peter Pan.

    Glad your headache went away, Julie. Sounds like it was pretty intense.

    Candy, did you know trolls come from Norway? There are a popular item at Scandinavian fairs, celebrations, etc.

    I have a replica of a Viking ring. The original is ca. 800 years old and on display in a museum in Raykjavik, Iceland. (Even people in Iceland have to look that one up.)

    The orange fluff sounds dandy, Julie. I make something similar w/ Jello, whipped cream and raspberries. Maybe we can work out a trade someday.

    Georgia, yes they have an Anonymous meeting for banana abusers. It's for people who dry the peel and smoke it. Doesn't sound very appealing, does it?

    When my son was little we used to go to the park. I would hide the eggs. He would find them. Then we'd do it some more till he got tired of the game. Now he has a 6 year old; I don't know what they do.

    Just did a crossword. "Easter entree" turned out to be "Goose". I don't think I've ever eaten a goose, Easter or otherwise.

    Hugs to all

  3. ckball

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    Thanks Mrdad for making sure Ms Bunny gets a head start on getting the Easter goodies for the kiddies.

    It has been many year a since I colored and hid eggs, it was always so fun to watch one find a egg.

    I have thought of posting many times today but I have been in a fibro fog bank and have been fighting a head/eye ache all day and have had dogs on my lap instead of my laptop.

    The good news is the ditch guy showed up on time and didn’t get lost, he gets 2 points for that, then he agreed with what I thought needed to be done. He said he would have a price for me Mon evening.

    Then I need to talk to Monica about how to grow grass in red clay. When it is dry it is like a rock baked in the sun. He said top soil is like gold now days and unless someone has any ideas I need a lot of it.

    Sweetie I bought a product from my vet to treat the carpet called The Equalizer, it is made for the vet industries to remove urine, blood, vomit, ect.

    I know this is Twy’s injury causing her not to be able to hold her bladder all night. I did lay garbage bags and puppy pads and they used the puppy pad. They always go to the door during the day, but at night I shut the bedroom door and they have gone as long as 8 hours at night but usually 7 or so. So this will take time to work this out as she heals. Her tail is higher but not all the way yet. They have never been crated so that is not a option.

    Linda Enjoy your family and friends tomorrow and bring me a piece of cake ok?

    Georgia glad you spoke with your loved ones. Have you heard from your friends that moved to PA. That was nice of the kids to bring you cookies,. You may have to get Mr M a 12 step program for this banana bread thing :)

    YC1 glad you didn't get caught in the door and that your feeling better. I hope you are able to be with your family.

    Julie that train came threw my house too. This week really caught up with me today, I will spend tomorrow on the couch with my girls, enjoy your downsized dinner, you know it is not what you eat but eating whatever it is with your loved ones.

    Rock I must be Japanese too, there is a flaw in all of my art, work on house and I like it because nothing is ever perfect. We are all flawed and that is our beauty and makes each of us unique. How do you catch a unique runny babbit? U nique up on it. Sorry best I got tonight,lol How many times has Gordon hit his finger this week? I understand how you feel about not know about your grandson, my daughter is a stranger to me right now, we had a wonderful relationship until she married the man she did. Starting having less and less contact then the Ireland wedding pretty much took care of it. I think it is more about her realizing she didn’t get her “perfect man” and she doesn’t admit mistakes, she just hides from them. Can’t hide from mom, mom knows her, we had words 2 months ago and neither of us called the other. I know it has been years since you have had any contact and can’t imagine how difficult that is. I hope you and Gordon enjoy you day and just be happy.

    Bevy how was that Walnut coconut pound cake? I love Carrot cake too.

    Marta oh Marta I will hope all goes well with your Honey and Soph. I feel sorry for Honey having to be naked like that, at least get Georgia to knit her a sweater.. I am going to have to trim the girls nails for the first time. Since we have not been walking the last few months as often they are not wearing them down. I’d rather have the time and NRG to walk them if spring ever comes. I do have daffodils over toward the neighbors house, just a few in a odd spot.

    Monica could I did them up and move them- When it comes to gardening and yard stuff I am clueless. I did visit your garden thread and now know perennials are permanent. Did you see the daffodil principle post? Can you really keep the same bulbs for 40 years, just plant them and they grow every year?

    Annie do you have those eggs dyed yet. The consignment shop might be a good option. How did your staging work go, I know you can’t do it where you are now. I think that would be the coolest job, as long as I had someone to put everything where I tell them too,lol. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Did you save the post you made about what the porch was about, it was a wonderful description, ALL of us have issues to deal with but this is our sanctuary from the world and I would be lost with out you guys. Sometimes it is my only human contact for days.

    I am growing weary but Happy Easter to Joan,Lacy,grannie, Elaine yes that was a great post you did.Enjoy your day with the your mom-what movies did you rent?

    I will give the big wave out the door as I have a traumatized dog and she won’t leave the house

    I have been working with a e-collar that uses sound and/or stimulation. It worked on sound but has freaked Twy out and she has not wanted to go back outside. Earlier we were out and she was getting ready to bark at a regular on my road and I did the beep thing-she forgot all about that truck but wanted back in the house and hasn’t been out since. I guess this will be baby steps.

    I left Easter donuts and chocolate milk for all-enjoy
    Have a Blessed day and {{{{{{{{{{HUGSSSS}}}}}}}}}}}for all Carla
  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ....whichever works for you best.

    I'm not going to try to write all personal notes today so please bear with me.

    I was at the shelter at 9:30, I answered some questions for the other lone volunteer there cleaning, scooped up a very unhappy Honey and split for home.

    Her cage in my warm second bathroom was waiting, a little cloth house, litter box, food water and some dried oak leaves from the yard to tell her she was home. She fussed for awhile but is quiet now. My fingers are still crossed as Sophie is pretending there is no other cat in the house. May that continue for a few weeks.

    Georgia, you trim cat's claws very carefully - using a small claw trimmer that you get at a pet store. It's helpful if they get used to it as a kitten, otherwise, it's An Ordeal. A tiny bit it trimmed from each claw being careful not to cut into the vein. The more often you trim a bit, the shorter they get. Sometimes, with a very fussy cat, you can do a few each day.

    Carla, yeah, top soil or could you do a hardscape of rocks with some yews? I'm not sure how big an area you need to do. If you have a good tiller, you could mix humus with the clay but it's a big job. Yes, Monica would know more.

    Speaking of dog collars, I must tell you a quick funny story. The shelter had the Invisible Fence people there for a presentation. At one point, the collar was passed around for people to feel. When it got to Paul, the husband of the head honcho, he said, "I already know about this." Seems when he was suggesting it for their yard, his wife insisted he try it on and she gave him a good jolt! I've heard mixed stories about Invisible Fence but Paul sure won't leave the yard anymore.

    Sorry this post has turned into an animal discussion. I guess I should have done a separate thread. Ah well, it's Easter and might be a light day on the Porch.

    Hello and hugs also to Joe, Rock, Sweetie, Linda, Julie, Elaine, Granni, YC1, Bevy, Annie, Jole, Joan, Kylob, Julie, Jinlee, Mickey - I should make a list!! - and all others on this lovely (but cold-in-MI) Easter day.

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  6. Granniluvsu

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    for DD and DIL's home for dinner. Just about got home for Easter Mass. Last night I got home cose to 11:30 or so. Itw wenst wll but was so song. Id do not kow why people bring their little ones to this mass. Poor kids have no idea of what is going on and many of them do not like sstayig quiet for wo long - get my meaning ???

    It worked out well put everything together yesterday to bring. I baked the casserole when I got home from churcha and will just heat everything up when I get there.

    Candy - glad you saw the post. Have a wonderfuul day today.

    Mrdad - thanks for starting us up again. Oh, I remember the days when I felt like Ms Bunny. All those eggs to color and hide for the kids to find in the morning and al the excitement.

    No time to post to all and I can;t rememaber who posted. So, I will say by gotta go for now. Yes, I did bring radishes (-: !!

    Blessing to you all with Love,


  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cody and i have nothing special planned...i my go to a local restuarant for dinner w/him...or maybe burger king.lol

    i don't know when the last time i colored eggs. since the divorce things all changed.

    well i have a friend that may come hang out w/her or go to her place. not sure..she has to go to her parents until about 3:30 pm and is dealing w/a sister that is not so nice.

    happy hunting for the eggs, maybe they are all in belize.

    hi to each and everyone of you!

  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    to all. It is sunny and cold here. Roll on spring-where are the bunnies?

    Carla, the house staging business was good as we tied in with a realtor who paid us for consults, but the market is too poor to support extras nowadays. The consignment store is high end women's clothing but I think the monthly rent may eat any profits. I would really like to have my own store front in the house to do that as one could have a lower threshold. Doggie daycare is quite profitable. I am sorry we never bought that nice house that had the cat kennels with it. Friend talked me out of it, but I would have enjoyed it I think.

    Now I have blanked out and cannot recall who else i was going to respond to... oh well, just hi to you all.

    Love Annie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon has finished monkeying around w/ the peanuts and is now mixing up a barbaque sauce. (The sauce goes on some ribs, not on the peanuts.)

    Elaine, if you plant peanuts and get a tree, the botanical world will be astonished!

    Yes, there really is an Emotions Anonymous. I've been going for over 20 years. I've also visited lots of other Anonymous programs. They are all offshoots of Alcoholics Anonymous which was started in the 30s.

    Gordon's finger is much better, Carla. He hasn't bumped it for some time and the bandage is off. Looks like he has a dimple at the end of his finger.

    Linda, I have the impression, from watching nature shows, that all plants produce some kind of toxin to ward off insects and grazing animals. That's why only certain animals can eat certain plants.

    Of course, I may be wrong. You know how it is once the wrong idea gets planted in our brain.

    Marta, I used to clip the cat's claws. Some claws are transparent so one can avoid the blood vessel. But I quit. The cats didn't like it, and it didn't seem necessary. Isn't it funny; our nails have no blood vessels.

    Hope you and Cody have a nice day, Jodie.

    Somebody posted on the Depression Board that holidays are often extra stressful in dysfunctional families. They certainly were in my family.

    Speaking of cooking, I am making Hamburger Helper's Potato Stroganoff later. You know how to make it haute cuisine? Add capers.

    As one of my coworkers used to say, You guys are the best.

  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    has done well for himself, plus help out those poor families in mexico? i think rock or mr.dad w/correct me if i am wrong.

    still haven't figured out what i/cody will do for easter...he is 18 and over the coloring eggs stuff.

    hi to my sister jen.

    well need to do a bit of things in the house.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    I just needed to see how everyone was doing on the Porch today brfore or after their Easter festivities, whatever they may be.

    I am pooped after my late hours last night and getting up early today for Easter Mass. Now the marathon of singing is over so I hope to get to bed early tonight.

    Had a very nice afternoon at DS and DIL's home in Houston. None of our other family could cme so it was simple and not crowded which in some ways it was a good thing. Also our DIL brother, wife and little girl was there. What a sweetie she was. She entertained us very well - almost 3 years old.

    DS and DIL hae been trying so hard to get pregnant and already lost two pregnancies. They have started the process of Foster to adopt program . I am sure he is also waiting a bit since his company is having problems so may wait a bit till things are a bit more stable. They would make such good parents. i told her once they get a foster/ to adopt child she will probably get pregnant. Her SIL is also pregnant again so I am sure that hurts them both but they lover her so much.

    I am really tired so I cannot think aobut who said what today.. Hope you hasll had a great day. I just have to say :

    Candy - I saw your picture. What were you saying about not looking goodl You looked pretty good to me but a little bit blurry (-: !! I am sure you are doing a great job from what I can see !! I forget if you said you did anything for Easter. Hope it was nice whatever it was.

    Gotta run, send a few other mails and then get ready for bed. My eyes are burning. I am sure you know what I mean JULIE .

    Love to all you dear porchies,

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope everyone had a peaceful and joyfull day. I slept in, answered a few emails then took the girls for a walk on the cart but the cart didn't want to go as far as they did so I walked them up the road and down the logging road to see what my new neighborhood is looking like.

    I still can't believe someone would do this, cut all those beautiful trees to build houses esp in the market today. Oh well, progress I suppose.

    Julie there is nothing sweeter than a soundly sleeping baby in your arms. Glad your day was good for you.

    Linda what did you have for desert

    Marta how is Honey dewing?

    Mrdad did your lucky horse come in for you?

    Rock have you and Gordon ever been to the Daffodil Gardens towrds Lake Arrowhead? I posted on the board about the Daffodil Principle- One woman planted 50,000 daffodils over a 40 year time on 5 acres. It said about 20 minutes from LA.

    YC1-lovely blue eyes

    Jodie hope you and Cody had a good day

    Annie hope you got your eggs colored

    Elaine how were the movies

    Lacey where are you girl-get out of those bushes and get yer but up here.

    Joan know we are all here for you

    Georgia have you done a "head count" today? What mystry meat did you try today? Do you put nuts in your nanner bread?

    Granni you popped in while I was posting-glad the singing is over and hope you can get some rest, glad you have relaxing day.

    Am watching Oprah's Big Give and fighting off the same headache I had yesterday, it did go away for awhile today so shall say hello to one and all and have a good night.Carla

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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings ALL,

    I still cannot really rest. Have to do some chores, pack and get rready to go OOOT to the casino with DH in LA.

    Linda - We're gone tomorrow and wed to try ad win some money (Ha!) Hopefully I cn do as well or even better than last time. I'll be happy if I don't lose any !!! Do you want me to play some money for you?

    Candy - That other picture is pretty too except I don't think you were smiling as much as the other. Stop putting yourself down. Want me to play some money for you ( I also do nickels too when I am doing badly). Hope you are feeling better and all in your family.

    Hope everyone survived the holiday weekend.

    If all gets done I may be back before I leave . However, tonight I am out for Chorale practice. So, may not.

    Big hugs to ALL,

  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sounds as if most had a nice Easter yesterday. It was a long
    but wonderful day with family. Eight hours seems like a long time to be out doing anything anymore. There were hundreds of
    people at the Track with lots of fun stuff for the Kiddies
    to do. Couldn't have been more of beautiful sunny day!

    Wow. Seems like a change in Vol is coming again soon! I really
    thought yesterday would be quite but, surprisingly not.
    I slept in this morning but feel ready to jump start the day!

    I'll be bac later!