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  1. mrdad

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    OK KiDs.
    Ya may not "see" me 'til later! 'Lil Guys will be in the City
    as it's Dad's day off. Going to lunch and what ever else we
    decide to do with them this afternoon. "See" ya later alley

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  2. bevy2most

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    Easter was a blast lots of kids, I organized a softball game with the little ones ages 3 to 13. That was interesting to say the least. The egg hunt, and pinata went over well with them also.

    I got a lot of compliments on the cakes that I made. They were all pretty tasty.

    Mr. Dad, Did you participate in the Big Wheel Race that was in S.F. this past weekend? I saw it on the news this afternoon. One of the winner categories was the most injuries????? Sounds a little like Roller Derby to me.

    Lincamp, Hope your dinner was a sucess, I love to cook for a lot of people. I used to be able to manage it by myself. Now I have to rely on DH a lot. I try to do pot luck as often as possible.

    Georgia, My kitty treads lightly around my dogs bed. She will jump on my bed and peer over the side to make sure Big Mack is sleeping before she attempts the jump to the window.
    The bigger the dog is the more gentle they seem with children. I have met several Rotties that are big babies.

    Rock, there used to be a tram at our Zoo, I am not one for heights, but used to do it for the kiddos when they were younger. I am kind of glad they took it out.

    I just saw the time, I have to get my niece, I will get back to the rest of ya'll later....

  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Happy Monday everyone!!!!! Wow, what a busy, fun day yesterday. I had about 35 people over (family and friends) for Easter. We had a big Easter egg hunt for the little ones (about 4 little ones) and another hunt for the older kiddies with money in them. The weather however, was not very cooperative. It was the weirdest weather ever.

    When I woke up about 9 in the morning there was snow all over the ground, then about 10:30 it was all gone, the sun was out and it was in the 40’s. By the time everyone came over about 2 it was snowing again, then the sun came out and by the time we started hiding eggs it was pouring raining. We ended up having to hide eggs in the basement, but it all worked out, plenty of hiding spots in the basement.

    The food was awesome and the company was great. My aunt, who is a nun, Sr. Rosemary is 88 and she comes to all of our parties (she even drives). She is amazing, and you would never know she is 88, she looks more like 60 however, the Mother House is making her move to New York (i believe it is Sparkhill, NY) in May. Apparently when the nuns turn a certain age they are required to move there and get taken care of. Like she needs it. LOL

    She doesn’t want to go, and she gets all teary-eyed everytime you talk about it. My whole family is bummed out. It is going to be so wierd with her not at the parties that I give throughout the year (about 10). I am going to give her a huge going away party. I feel so sorry for my Daddy (yes, i am a daddy's girl), she and my other aunt, who is already at the Mother House are the only two siblings left that he has. He had 6 brothers as well, but they have all passed away, so he is the only one left here in St. Louis.

    Please say a prayer for her that this move doesn't bring her down. Also, please say a prayer for all the families that have been effected by the Flood. There are quite a few here at work that have been evacuated from their homes. Fortunately, it hasn't really effected me in any way, except maybe traffice. So, I am really counting my blessings.

    Well I will chat a little more after I have read 208 and 209 (about 25 Pages, i printed all of them). I missed them.

    Love ya,

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mrdad - Thankdsfor getting us started again today. Sounds like you will be having a fun time with the lil guys. Enjoy !!

    Candy - I posted on the other volume and was busy today. I was going to go to practice tonight but I am not due to late night I have had lately and early mornings and getting up early again tomorrow to go to the casino. I even asked you and Linda if you wanted me to gamble a couple dollars for you . Linda likes to gamel to sometimes. Oh, DH and I just bring enought to have fun and when that is gone so are we (-: !!

    Remember I will be gone tomorrow and wed. and home sometime wed night I guess. Had a very nice time at my DS and DIL's house. I wrote a bit about it on the last voluem if you are interested.

    Looks like you are in the groove now kiddo with postin here on the Porch and around he boards. Keep it up girl !!Doing a good job.

    Don't have time to post to everyone separtely today but hope to when I get back from my big winning trip to the casion (-:

    Hi to all inc Bevy Georgia, Julie, Mickey and ther others I have't seen for awhile Where's Marta and Linda and Rock, peekin in again??

    Big hugs to all again.


  5. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    SWEETIE - I am very proud of my daughter for receiving what she did for her scholarship. $18,000 is definitely no chump change. We will just have to get some loans for the rest of it so she can go to SLU. However, she is so determined to get more, she made an appointment with them to go see what else she can do. She is so independent and determined, I believe she will do it. We told her she didn’t have to do that, but she wants to. I have too been hosting all of the parties for my families. Every holiday, every birthday party, etc.... I have the in-laws over and my family over all at once. I love to do this, I am carrying on my Grandma’s tradition. She used to have all the parties. I love to get together with my families, and they all get along wonderfully. It is great times for sure. I love and enjoy doing this for my families and they all appreciate me going this for them.

    ROCK - St. Charles is a really nice place to live and there sure is a lot of history. The old town part of St. Charles is charming and beautiful and a really nice place to just spend a whole day or two shopping, eating, gambling (lol) or just strolling through. Thanks for always keeping us apprised of the weather and school closings. What would we do without you??? Our computer froze up too, for good. We are without a computer at home right now and in the process of getting a new one. It will take my husband a good month before he finds the right one. He is very picky, but I guess that is good, he will get the right one for us.

    ELAINE - Thanks for the beautiful Easter Egg you left me, you painted it my favorite color, Kelly Green with Silver Glitter all over it. Too bad it is real, otherwise I would save it forever, but that probably isn’t a good idea, it will probably start stinking to high heaven after a week. To answer your question about dressing my girls up, OH YES, they were dressed head to toe. The frilly dresses and the little socks with the ruffles, patent leather shoes and gloves and hats. I loved dressing them up, they were so cute. I am so glad I had girls. However, now that they are into prom dresses, WOW. We just went out this past weekend and purchased my daughter Ashley’s Senior Prom Dress, it was a whopping $350, put she loved it and it fit perfectly and she looked so beautiful, I couldn’t pass it up and it is her last year in high school. She worked so hard her 4 years there and has done amazing so I figured she deserved it. When I get pictures of her prom, I will post one on my profile so you can all see. I am definitely a proud Mom and I have to show them off. LOL

    CANDY - I posted on your post about your profile picture. Beautiful is all I can say. You eyes are amazing, lucky girl. I have been doing awesome, haven’t had a flare in a few weeks now, so I am so fortunate. I am hoping this new medicine my doctor has me on is really helping. Cross your fingers. You are so not like a short, stumpy troll, LOL you are too funny, and you crack me up too. God bless you and your family too and remember you are still in my prayers every night.

    ANNIE - I wish I would have known you when you first posted on the Porch. All of the “old” porchies really highly of you. Oh well, at least I can get to know you now and I am glad. I think your idea of a consignment shop is awesome. I take all of my kids clothes (of course they have all name brands, teenage girls) to this place called PLATOS and they give me cash right on the spot for their clothes (the ones they want). Sometimes in one trip I make about $80 bucks. It is awesome, at least I get some of my money back. This resale store only sells name brand items, i.e. Hollister, American Eagle, Target clothes, Ambercrombie, Express, Limited, etc...... They really make a mint. I say go for it. You can always get out of it if it doesn’t work out. I think it was me that had the 68-degree weather that day (21st), however, it is back down to 40 today, yuck. Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 65 again. Hooray!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe we had snow on Easter, I thought for sure we were done with all that.

    LYDIA - Hope your sleeping patterns are getting better, nothing worse than getting up early and not being able to take a nap. Not getting sleep definitely affects the brain and trying to remember things. I am glad you are not calling off Easter, you will be able to get through it. Just let everyone take care of you for a change and you sit and relax so you can enjoy Easter too. You should have came over, I would have catered to you, you could have sit in the big easy chair and watched the kiddies do their Easter egg hunt. I care about you too, so take care girlie.

    CARLA - Looks like the 3rd time was the charm. You are finally able to post. It really has been a long winter, I am so ready for it to be Spring. Mr. Weather keeps teasing up with a day here and there and then it starts snowing again. It has also been the weirdest winter I have ever seen in my 42 years of life.

    GRANNI - I am so jealous at how active and energized you are. You are just a spitfire. I love how you are so dedicated to you Husband and your church and kids. You are amazing. I hope your Easter went well and you got to rest a little bit at least.

    KYLOB - I don’t think I have met you yet, my name is Mickey and I invited myself to the Porch about 3 months ago and have been addicted to it ever since. Anyway, nice to meet you and hope to chat with you more often.

    MRDAD - My mom used to get my girls Easter stuffed Bunnies too for Easter because they got so much candy. Actually up until last year she did this and now that she has great grandchildren now she gets them the bunnies now that my girls are a little too old for them anymore. Now she gives them money. I think they like that a little better, LOL. Huggles to you too.

    MARTA - I am so sorry you are still having snow, I know how you feel, but I am sure I don’t have it as bad as you. I will pray and pray that Spring will come fast for you too. The flooding is bad here, but fortunately it hasn’t affected me, but some of the people I work with have been evacuated from their homes because of it. It is a mess. So say some prayers for the families that are in need. I will always get my girls baskets for Easter, bags just aren’t the same for me. I just love Easter Baskets and always get them different ones every year. I have probably thrown so many out. But I do give them to goodwill too, for families in need. I hope you found your green sparkly egg I left you, if you didn’t yet, I am sure you will smell it soon, so hurry.

    BEVY - You are the cake baker I see. Yummy, I love Carrot cake, my favorite. I bet it was good. Isn’t it fun filling up the Easter baskets. I love doing that.

    LINCAMP - I definitely ate way too many starburst jellybeans, boy did I have a tummy ache last night. I could just sit there and eat a whole bag of those in one sitting. LOL I love candy. Hope you had a very joyous Easter with your family and friends.


    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jole

    jole Member

    I can't believe I survived the past week with the grandsons here- 5 of them between 6 and 15. The oldest of course was out with papa and the others in with me (nana).

    Do any of you ever wonder if you are the cause of problems with your grandkids? Three of my 7 are severely ADHD, and believe me, even with their meds are a handful! Thank goodness they spent a LOT of time outdoors. There's always something to do on the farm, and mischief to be found.....

    The only major catastrophies were the stairway spindle getting broken and poking one in the head, and a slip 'n fall mishap between 2 of them with a bruise on the back to the little guy.

    I did enjoy watching them play softball, however. (Maybe I wrote about this-can't remember cra* anymore) Three of them were in the outfield and one batting. The ball would be hit, the kids would take off running, and our Aussie dog would fetch the ball! She'd beat the kids to it every time. LOL Didn't take long before they were all standing in line to bat and the dog was the only one playing outfield! So funny!!

    As much as I love them I shed a few tears when they left yesterday, then came into the house and totally collapsed. Was so exhausted I couldn't sleep last night, and only had a 20 minute nap today.

    Hate getting back into that routine of not sleeping again. It seems like the Neurontin only works when it wants to.

    Anyway, I did get some good pictures so when my brain doesn't remember I can at least laugh at the pictures!!

    Hope you all had a good Easter, and we can all get back to "normal" before too long.

    Oh shoot, whoever it was that was talking about her aunt, the nun. I think it is terrible that they have no choice as to where they can go when they get older. They spend their entire lives in the service of others, then get "put to pasture". (By the way, I was in the convent for 2 years before deciding it wasn't right for me. Never got to the point of taking my vows though.)

    Well, enough said. Love ya all!
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  7. laceymae

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    I've missed you guys...

    Last week was a hard one. Daughter was home for spring break, hubby was on vaction(sorta), we put down a new floor in the kitchen and utility room.And now I am one big hurt.

    Can't get in to see the Dr. until Friday. This is more that the fibro...not sure, but I think it may be the Zocor working against me. Anyway please pray for me.

    I didn't cook this year for Easter...we had dinner with several couples from church...My family isn't to happy with me, but I just couldn't do the big dinner thing this year.

    Sounds like everyone had plenty of eggs to hide and good company to celebrate with.

    Won't try to address everyone tonight, just wanted to let you guys know that I am still kickin' well, maybe just wiggling a little.

    hugs to you all
  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just got back in from a longish (236 miles in all) road trip with Danny. He saw a rheumie. He did not know what was wrong either. Oh well.

    I had preprepped chicken tetrazine last night so we just had to zap that. Turned out quite well. considering I made the recipe up as I went along!!!

    Julie, my friends used to live in Belize a few years ago. They had part shares in an orange grove. They loved it. But spoke of the violence in the city there at that time. They went from there to live in Uraguay and had a little farm there. My best friend visited Belize last year and although there was some flooding she also loved it.

    I got a lovely Mother's day card from my daughter in law and grandchildren (I have grandkids older than my youngest son)in England and she said that she had talked my oldest son into starting to write to me again. I was just so thrilled, as he stopped communicating a while back and it broke my heart. His dad puts a lot of pressure on my two boys from that marriage to discount me, even though he was the big cheater...oh well, that made my day. My DIL is lovely though, only 11 years younger than I am as my son was 18 when they married and she was 29. She is wonderful andjust a doll. This has made my day. (Mom's day in UK is earlier than here).

    Well, just going to kick back and watch Jeopardy. Have a restful evening.

    Love to all of you, and you know me, I cannot name the list of names, but thanks for kind words spoken....the troubled little firl we had living here for three months till of late, I used to say to her, "Never say anything in a different tone, to anyone you would not be saying to Jesus" didn't work for her, but it is a good rule.

    Love Annie
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  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well I did the ulimate goof-went to edit my last post and got distracted by Missy wanting petting and delteled it. Why is there not a warning "are you sure you want to delete" Nope it's just gone.

    I must say I took my meds awhile ago just before Medium so I am not responsiable for typos K?

    For those that may not have seen I got a guy to do my ditch and a gravel drive way for the price the other people charged me just to do the botched job.

    As long as the weather holds out, it could be this Fri. It hasn't been bad these last few days since I got most of it dryed up and tarped everything else, so muddy paws haven't been bad.

    Sounds like everyone had a good weekend and I feel for those of you with small children and grandchild, it is bittersweet when the go home.

    Annie I hope your son follows threw with his promise. My daughter and I are at odds again, she is dealing with things she doesn't want to me know about, controlling husband, and knows she can't con me, so she avoids plus she doesn't believe I am sick because of what I did to my house.That's why it has taken 4 years, not 4 months.

    Lacey it's about time you showed up, but now I understand, you had quite a week. Hope you get to rest for a few days-how's the mom and baby doing.

    Linda glad a good dinner for all and the IL's too.I don't think I have ever celebrated Dingus day

    Marta you and sweetie come out of the bushs ya heer? How Honey and Soaphie

    MRdad the gentleman and scholar that you are always takes care of us gurls.

    Rock where are you- I posted on the other thread asking if you have ever been to the Daffodil Garden, it is close to LA, on woman planted over 50,000 bulbs over 40 years and now has 5 acres of daffodils. Now it is in season to perfect viewing. Might be someting you and Gordon could do- it is free. Goodge Daffodil Garden in Ca.

    Annie what a shame about your trip to the Dr, it is so hard to find good Rheumys. There are 2 in my town one has a years waiting list and you couldn't pay me to go the the other one. Been there, ain't going back. So my GP found the test and rand them for me. Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be. Has Danny been playing the piano?

    Ok faden fast need to let the gorls out and fall in bed, hopefully I can accomplish more than making a big dent in my couch. Hello to all and save some peeps for me ok??? NIte-Nite-Carla

  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    to all who have seats here....

    Well just wanted to clarify that the doctor was very very nice but said honestly he had no idea what it was, which is about what we hear from everyone. It was worth a try.

    Hey Lin, yes Dingus day, dancing the polka-everypone in our village is either Italian or Polish it seems, all nice folk.

    Did I ever mention my neighbor here, who at 82 goes off a few times a week with her guitar to "sing to the old folks".

    I love that, and boy can she belt them out too!!!

    Yes, I too, hope my son carries through-he is a decent person but he resents that I moved to USA-he chose to stay in UK which was fine. I can understand, but when we did move back for three years, we saw him twice!!!

    Well, chilly here, but sunny. I wake up each day and say "hope the floaters went away today", then open my eyes and there the little b's are-I actually think they are breeding as I seem to get more each day!!! How did anyone here who had them deal with them? (floaters are what older people(though many with this DD have them) get-look like mosquitoes floating about in front on ones eyes).

    Love to each and every person who comes to the porch.

  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Good morning everyone, it is Tuesday about 9:30. Just working and taking breaks every once in a while to post. Thanks for all of you support regarding my Aunt that has to move to New York. I agree about her giving her service all of her life, well since she was about 21. However, as much as she doesn’t want to go she knows she has to and has accepted it. I heard it is very beautiful where she will be living. I believe my Dad is going to plan a trip to New York this summer and take me, my brother and sister with him to see her over the summer. So that will be good. She has been so good to all of us.

    GEORGIA - I just love your sweet little goat. Is that really yours. That is the cutest picture and makes me smile everytime I see it. I cannot wait to be able to plant flowers again as soon as it gets a little warmer. I think I am going to plant tomato plants this year too. I love to eat tomatoes right off the vine, nice and warm just like an apple.

    BEVY - That is a neat idea to have a piñata for Easter, what a fun way for the kids to get candy too. I think I will try that next year. I bet your cakes were good, they sounded good.

    GRANNI - We will miss you today and tomorrow, have a good time and win lots of money. Try to get some rest too, although you probably don’t need it, you remind me of the energizer bunny.

    JOLE - 5 grandsons, wow, that is a lot to have at one time. I don’t think I could do it. Even if they didn’t have ADHD it would be hard. I hope your kids appreciate you. LOL. I would have loved to watch that softball game. That would be so funny with your dog getting the ball all the time. What a character! Thank you for your well wishes regarding my Aunt. I appreciate it. Wow you were going to be a nun, how interesting. I was almost going to do that as well, but God definitely did not have that in my future for me.

    LACYMAE - We missed you too. Sounds like you have been busy with your family and that is great. Nothing like spending quality time with them. My kids were on spring break too last week. I hope you start feeling better soon.

    ANNIE - I am sorry about your son. That is just terrible that when people break up that one parent talks bad about the other parent to the kids. That is so unfair to the other parent as well as for the kids. My brother and sister in law are going through a divorce right now and fortunately they are still friends and are getting along very well for the kids. I also come from a divorced family and my mother was really conniving and deceptive towards my Dad and luckily for me I stayed with my Dad. That is a whole other story that I will have to tell you guys sometime.

    LINCAMP - No, I have never heard of Dingus Day before, however, we do have some kind of a Polish Festival around this time of year in the city. I guess this must be the same thing. Thanks for your well wishes regarding my Aunt as well, even if there was something that could be done, she wouldn’t do it, she would sacrifice everything for Jesus and God and will do what she is supposed to do even if she doesn’t like it, which is sad because of her service that she put in all of her life. Your lincamp cake sounds delicious, butter frosting, yummy yummy.

    CARLA - I am so glad you found someone to do your ditch and gravel drive. Sounds like you really needed that done. Good luck on that getting done. Especially for your puppies so they don’t have to have muddy paws all the time. By the way, I voted for Missy. That is the cutest picture, she is so so so cute. Let us know how it goes.

    JULIE - I will keep your Dad in my prayers. You have a big trip ahead of you; your parents are lucky to have you. Does that mean you have to bring Keira with you along for the ride. You are going to have your hands full, wow. Is there anyone that can watch her for you??? You really have a wonderful attitude about it; good luck and hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    Anyone else I missed, please know you are not forgotten, just my fingers are getting really tired from typing and I have a lot of work to get caught up on, so I will catch the rest of you later. Take care, and gently hugs.


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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    The Porch has been very busy! It's so nice to see so many
    friends stopping by! Hope all are doing well today.

    I spent a few hours yesterday on the Waterfront with the 'Lil
    Guys and their Dad crab "fishing". I've never done that before
    as I'm a fresh water fisherman (or use to be). They showed me
    how they do it and caught about 1 dz. of which 6 were
    large enough to legally keep. It was a beautiful day in the
    sun,fresh air and with Dad and the Boys.

    Gonna spend the next day or so getting caught up on "other
    stuff". I've read all the new posts and hope to get back with many later.


  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Mickey, thanks for your responses. Glad to meet you too. I wanted to ask where in NY your aunt moved to. Did she by any chance move to Kendal facility?

    Mr Dad I used to row and "catch a crab" was a rowing term.
    Is anything edible out of the water there? They have huge Bass in Lake Erie but you wouldn't catch me eating it with all the PCB's etc.

    Love to everyone else on board.
    Love Annie
  14. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Don't know why I didn't update you guys on the porch about the mommy and baby.

    they are both fine, no cancer, so that is wonderful news.the baby is really starting to be active. SOn thinks he is the only one to every have a baby...don't know how he'll make it thru the delivery...

    Want to start shopping so bad, but I'm gonna wait a little longer.

    Thanks for all the prayers...

  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    My Aunt, Sr. Rosemary will be moving to Sparkhill, New York, it is the Dominican Convent (Mother House). Not sure whereabout that is in New York, but I heard it is beautiful.

    Lacey, thanks for updating us on baby and mom, that is wonderful news. Congratulations. I bet you can't wait to spoil that baby. Baby shopping is so much fun.

    Hi to everyone else too, take care., Mickey
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I've been working through not being able to keep Honey, the now-shaved stray cat that I took to the shelter. Yes, I may have saved her life but she's used to living in the whole world and is terrified in her current cage. She was simply too much for me on Sunday and Monday - didn't sleep much at all - so I had to give up AND I HATE GIVING UP. She's a very sweet cat. If I can figure out why my photo program isn't responding, I'll put a pic of Honey in my profile. Not yet.

    Mickey, that will be a big transition for Sr. Rosemary, your aunt. It must feel just a wee but like being put out to pasture. Of course it is wonderful to know that she has good care but if we're not ready, it's hard. Congrats to your daughter - and you, Mom - on the scholarship - and thanks for the sparkly egg.

    Hello to Joe, Georgia and Mr. M, Jole, Bevy, Julie, Candy, Grannie, Lacey - nice to see you here and I'm so glad about mom and baby - Annie, once when my grandmother said she needed more to do, I suggest she join the over 65 group at her church. Her response was, "I don't want to spend time with all those OLD people!" Linda, Happy Dingle Day - now I've heard them all.

    Carla, I love it when things work out well, don't you?? Elaine, Kylob, Rock, Jinlee, Jodie and Sweetie, where are you? Too many chocolate bunnies??

    Today Michigan has wind and snow. It's time for that to end.

    Hugs to you all, near and far,

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    This post is permitted by the rules (I hope) because it is not about religion. It is about Show biz and nuns.

    "Nunsense" is the name of an Off Broadway musical. It was a great success. Won awards. There are sequels and movies and CDs and TV shows.

    It has one great song about a nun who wanted to be a country singer; "I could've Gone to Nashville" sung by Sister Mary Amnesia.

    The cast (over the last 30 years) has included people like Vicky Lawrence, Georgia Engle, Jo Anne Worley, Kay Ballard, and Phyllis Diller.

    As you might expect, the audience often includes groups of nuns. The box office has made a habit of giving them a discount.

    NB: My neighbor from Milwaukee has an aunt who's a nun. She took her name from the names of her siblings: Wilhelm, Helen and Mary. This produced Whilhema.

    One of my friends from high school became a nun. She was Valedictorian of her class and pretty and vivacious to boot.
    A couple or three decades later I got a letter from her.

    She had left the nunnery and gotten married and was now a college professor and a mother. We exchanged a few letters, but she told me mine were too frivolous so that ended our correspondence.

    Can you believe it?! Frivolous?! Moi?


  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I would love to see that show, Nunsense. That had to be a hoot with Vicki Lawrence and Phyliss Diller. They are a couple of characters.

    Rock, yes, you are frivilous but in a very good way, so be proud. You are very giddy, perky, flippant, etc.... So I would take that as a compliment if I were you. I guess she got too stuffy through the years for your humor. Oh well, her loss.

    My Aunt was/is very beautiful, she could have been a model, but she didn't she gave herself to her religion. I really admire her. Besides being beautiful, she is one of the most intelligent woman that i know. She was the Head Librarian at St. Louis University for about 30 years and taught college for awhile as well. My daughter, Ashley really looks up to her. She is one of the reasons she wants to go to college at St. Louis University.

    Take care, it is almost closing time here 4:30. I am going to go home and walk Jack and watch American Idol and relax the rest of the night. Hopefully DH will have dinner ready for a change.