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    Hey KidS!

    I've "deleted" the other 212, "K"?

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    Are you going to remove the error one MrD? As I am posting this one here and don't know how to paste? Can you make sure this gets on the right post?

    I promised to come on here and explain the "rules" of the Porch as a couple of newbies have asked about them. Not that we have written rules as such, but more the basic things and interests that brought us all together a couple of years ago. Our rules are Prohealth rules.


    Before there was the chitchat board running again(it was taken off for a while) several peole seemed to always be chatting to one another. The "ringleaders" were Rockie and Mrdad and a couple of others. It seemed that we had a group of about eight or so of us that were always chatting. We wanted to make a specific post, but we had to do our "meetings" in a way that were inclusive and fair and within the board rules. We wanted a "soft place to fall".

    So the Porch was started. It was a side issue of light heartedness (on the FM board), before chitchat was reinstated when we moved house to here. The disease boards are really for discussing the ups and downs of the DD's leaving chitchat for the chitchat board. I do beleive it was Wakemeup who first mentioned Porchlight is on,(correct me on that) and it went from there. It became clear that after a few postings,where we had six pages of messages!, that we would have to have a cut off point and start new threads, and I believe it was Sister Mary Gregory(SMG) who suggested cut off at 30 messages, and start new posting. SMG is always here with us but not really an official member of Prohealth-she sneaks in due to her nun's habit as a habit. She sometimes brings "Guido" who is a bit of a dubious character but is OK.

    The porch, FIRST AND FOREMOST, is intended to be always non judgemental, not a place for complaints about one another or other people who belong to Prohealth. No squabbling allowed or aloud!!! This is not only a porch rule but a prohealth rule and we agree with it. Prohealth do a great job for free and their rules are very sound.

    The Porch is a fun place to get away from our troubles and even makebelieve stuff like parties and what we are eating etc. If it is raining in your neck of the woods,on the porch; well it is always fair weather.

    People can pop in and listen or comment as they please. They can and do bring "food" both in manner and in thought.

    If we have something that we could describe as a "side issue" that comes up on the porch, we can post that person on the main chitchat board to continue that side thread-for eg this morning I just side threaded ckball(carla) about my floaters as she has them too, rather than chat to the whole porch about them. We are all so close here, that we are going to look at those side threads in any case and get on board as we chose.

    Some regular title posts, like KHolmes's Book Club may have sprung from the porch, and this is fine as these topics often need a post of their own as a permanent fixture on the main chitchat board.

    EVERY ONE IS ALWAYS WELCOME HERE, our rules are the same as all Prohealth rules, be respectful, be kind, if you disagree, keep opinions to a meaningful and kind level or keep mum. We are all real people here, and as I posted last week, if we can see the porch as a group of folks sitting about chatting we can behave as we would in real life.

    There is no requirement to name each person separately, many people (inc. moi) cannot do this due to brain fog, but in any case, when we talk in a our regular lives, we don't have to specifically name each person we are talking with. If we do chose to name everyone and give replies, always try and include at the end "and everyone else here" so no one feels left out. The whole idea is that the porch is stress free, so please don't stress out trying to name each name-not required.

    Although some people have user names on the porch we often use our real or alias names for eg I am Cromwell, but I go as Annie my usual(not user) name.

    Email addresses can be obtained sometimes through other members or in the live chitchat for those who want to extend friendships. It is not allowed to give out email addresses on the boards per Prohealth and wise not to either. Remember (if you do exchange emails on live chat) that not everyone on line is who they may appear to be, so be careful. Some of us on the porch have actually met in "real life" and we are all gorgeous of course!!!(LOL)

    Lastly, we are all pretty sick, have been for many years, and many people are struggling in many ways. So the porch is a refuge of joy, laughter and shared stories, a place to wish one another well or share a concern. It is always as the whole boards are, totally supportive and positive. When one of us is down, the rest are here to pick us up. There is no requirement to post every day, just as you are up to it. We have some real jokesters here too, so know sometimes people have their tongues in their cheeks!!!

    Anyone not currently coming to the porch and reading this, EVERYONE is welcome. Remember that whatever we post on line is read by everyone. Also remember that we cannot see people's faces, and someone may sometimes write a comment we misinterpret and gets their feelings hurt. I recall years ago, on the FM board, a member who got after me for being a "male chauvanist" as she had presumed that Cromwell was a man!!! So our user names may also be misleading too!

    Love you all. I am still waiting for mrdad to bring in the crab bisque. Hope this is helpful, let me know if anything needs editing or changing will ya?

    Love Annie
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    Annie thanks so much for your description and explanation
    of the PORCH. It certainly helps to recap once in a while
    for newly arrived, the background and purpose of this forum.
    Likewise it serves well to re-inn-erate for we "oldies but
    goodies"! Well done!

    Oh boy! We are going thru these Vols. speedily of late. I've
    been busy with some other thingys too but have at least attempted to keep up with the reading. The important thing is
    that I know whats happening with each of you even if I appear-ed to be lending a blind ear to the Posts! (It's still
    2008, isn't it? My Mac has not changed the time as of yet
    and it's 1 hour behind. I suspect it will do so at the "normal" d-lite savin' date! The dairy cows and I are still
    on the old standard time.

    Julie: I think that Annie would agree that it is perfectly
    fine to relay your missionary work here! It's a capsule of
    your life that is worth sharing and you have never attempted
    to use this as a forum to obtain converts! We all, I would
    think, follow your work with interest and admiration! It is
    as much "humanitarian" as it is religious in nature.

    Hope that the weather is improving for you all! This Winter
    started late in most regions and just wants to hang on and
    on for many!

    Gonna try and get bac later, Kids! Hope you're having a great day!


  4. monica33flowers

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    I just wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone for your well wishes. I really appreciate it.

    I finally broke down yesterday and called the center where they performed the abalation and they did tell me it gets worse before it gets better......great, just what I wanted to hear. I scheduled an appointment for Monday to see my pain dr. and maybe she will give me something a little stronger than the vicodin during this "rough" time. I'm going to to ahead with next week's appointment and just put my faith in the dr. that I will feel better. The nurse did say "most" people achieve significant relief, we'll see if I'm part of the "most" people. LOL.

    Linda: I'm sorry to hear you're going to have the surgery. This is what I'm battling right now as well. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Are you having a cervical fusion performed?[This Message was Edited on 03/27/2008]
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    It is in the air, Spring cleaning......yuck. I have cleaned my oven and pulled out everything from the cupboards, and washed them out. I have to get started on the windows, but I decided to sit on the porch for a few minutes.

    Annie, Thanks for posting the "rules" I love it here and this is the one place that I am safe from some of the nonsense that goes on on some of the other boards.

    Julie, I hope you continue to post about your missionary work, I am happy that you and your husband are serving your life's purpose. Happy Retirement Day to Den.....He will miss the peach yogurt.

    Monica, YOU WILL be one of the ones that this procedure works for.....(my fingers are crossed and I'm saying prayers) I wish we could all be fixed.

    Hello to all. I hope everyone is having a great day.

    Back to my windows,

  6. Cromwell

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    ...oh the notes you send re your missionary work are just exactly what the porch is about-a place to share our experiences, fears, hopes and dreams, just as we would in real life. We can also discuss our various ails and surgeries too. It is always nice to get feedback from the yunguns about their dates, exams, and Gordon's cookery, job interviews, etc. Little quips and music stories are such fun. We've all had many ups and downs and shared them here too.

    If the discussion point gets too long then that is the time to place a Post with the discussion point in title (as I did today re my floaters!!!) Everyone seems to be doing a great job here, I posted the above history so people who are worrying about doing things right can actually stop worrying! Be good to yourselves. I survived my brain MRI today despite a tickle in the throat the whole 30 mins!!!

    Love Annie

    Mrdad I have now given up on the soup-had to go to Tim Horton's (a northern experience) and grab a bowl of theirs!!! Can Gordon help out here Rocky?
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Was busy with chores this morning and then this afternoon when I finally went to get on the computer DH was on it. Did I tell you all lately that I wanted my own computer (-: AAACK !! I actually slept till 9 this morningand didn;t even want to get up then but I did. My dady would be lost.

    Annie - what a wonderful description of the porch. It is wonderful to put these rules out every once in awhile for those just starting out. Personally, I did not really think there were any "RULES", other than the regular ones from Prohealth. However, I see that I have been following them pretty well all by myself (-: . I try hard anyway.

    Julie - Yes, I agree with those who have already mentioned your missionary work that ,it's discussion, makes it a fine addition to the Porch. It is YOU and that makes it important in the first place. You surely are a busy gal !!

    Kylob - Glada the PT is helping you. I have had some last year and it felt good at the time. Wish it lasted longer, the after effects.

    Before I forget Kylob, you mentioned in the other post I think about mailorder meds. I also get them. Can you tell me that name of the company yyou get them fromm. If it is anything like mine, Caremark, you can also reorder renewals on-line and they take less time that way. Of course you have to register on the site. The first order you have to send in snail mail so it takes longer. However, I have found out that It might take 4 days or so to get there and then another week or less after that = just an estimation..

    I have gotten my renewals in a week or so after I have reordered on-line. I hope you can do thta. Do you get three months supply each time. I would imagine so. You can renew online if the doc puts renewal on the script. Also depends on the doc wants to see you again. Let me know if you have any questions on it and I will see if I can help you.

    Candy - Hope all is well with you. You have been so busy bring your sis to appointments and such. Hope things are going better. Oh, I also like the Wizard of Oz, that is probably why I knew that question you asked Elaine , I think it was. Special hugs your way too !

    Elaine - such a busy gal too. Yes, I think that is a good idea about working for nine months shall we say or like 3 days a week (with a couple off in between). Then, you can see how you feel with those hours. If they don't work then you adjust accordingly.

    Gee, you now have a man who seems very interested in you. Sounds like you like him too. Yes, it sounds like he wants you. Now I know you can take that some different ways but have fun just dating and going out together . Can you squeeze him in with all your other things you are doing (-: ?? Good luck hon !!

    Linda - I am so sorry to hear that you have to have surgery but if that will help you it is worth it. Hope you are not feeling to bad today. Glad you have someone like Kylob to hang out with to do fun stuff like watch AI, or whatever you both enjoy. How far do you live from each other?

    GAPeach - Hi there again. Hope you are getting used to the Porch a little. Don't let all the naming names bother you. No need to do that most of the time unless you really feel up to to it and get to know some of us guys and gals more.

    Carla - You wear me out with all the things you are doing. Good luck with your Mr Fixit too (-: !!

    Jodie - Hope all is well with you, Cody, School and a little bit of fun mixed in. Keep us updated, OK ??

    Marta - How often do you go into the shelter? Do you get paid or is it all volunteer? Again, so sorry about Honey but you did your best.

    Mrdad - what have you been up to lately with the good weather upon us. Gettin ready for that bee kee nee watchin? Or have you already been doing that (-: ?

    Monica - so sorry you are still feeling so a badly. I hope the doc will give you something that helps you more. Sorry you have to go through the other side too now. Thinking about you .

    Bevy - You can come and help me do some spring cleaning. I have lots to do and don't feel like doing anything.. i do everything a little bit at a time and when I a done it is s time to starat over . Do you do blinds and bathrooms??

    Rock - You have been missing you lately. Hope all is well with you, Gordon and your computer !!.

    Mickey - Hope all is well with you. How cold was it for Easter , I have forgotten . I am thinking it was cold. Will your girls all dressed up in Easter finery ?? BRRR!! You are anothe buy one. Do you work every day? If so what are your hours?

    More special his to those I cannot think of or who are lurking again inc 1Sweetie, Lacey, Georgiac, Janalynn Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, Grandma, Grandpa, Jim Bob, and John Boy too.

    Lots of hugs and blessings to ALL,


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  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well, I see the porch is kind of empty right now. It is about 4:10 p.m. here at work and I am pooped, this stupid weather has really got me down. It has been raining for days here and the flood just isn’t going to get any better. I feel so sorry for the people that it is effecting. Fortunately it hasn’t affected me yet.

    ANNIE - what a nice way to describe the porch. Thank you very much. I like the part about not being judgmental, complaining about one another, or squabbling. That is why I come here, to get away from all of that, especially the people who like to start stuff like that. I also like that there is not requirement to name every person separately, there is no way we can all do that all of the time. I try to do it a lot, but I like to and fortunately I have time. I just leave it up on my computer and go to it when I have time to edit.

    MRDAD - Hi Joe, nice to see you on the Porch. I think Annie is giving up on the Crab Bisque, I was hoping you were going to make some so Annie could try it first and see if it was good, then I would ask for some. Oh well, I guess I will go to the store and get some canned bisque (if they sell it that way).

    JULIE - I love hearing about your missionary work so please don’t stop letting us know how that is going. Wow Den is going to retire, oh how I would love to retire. That would be so nice. I guess I still have about 20 years to go unless DH all of a sudden gets an awesome raise where I can afford to stay home.

    LINCAMP - I am sorry you are unable to do the parties anymore, I know what you mean about it getting harder and harder. I have found over the last year that it is definitely a lot harder to get everything done for these parties. I am going to give my daughter Ashley a huge Graduation Party in June and I am really thinking of having it catered if I can afford it. We shall see. Also, please know that you will be in my prayers that your surgery will do the trick for your pain and that it will cure it.

    MONICA - I really hope that you get significant relief from your next appointment with your doctor, you will also be in my prayers this.

    BEVY - I cleaned my oven a couple of weeks ago and man was that a job, I think I sat on the porch a few times during that because it was so exhausting. But I am glad I did it, my oven looks brand new. What do you use for your windows when you wipe them. I use paper towels or newspapers and it always leaves streaks or a glare when the sun shines through.

    ELAINE - What I meant was that your guy wants “You”, he must be in love if he is so hyper around you, and you just make him so happy I guess. So he forgot when he got to the bank that you needed $5,000 in $5 dollar bills or did he call you to make sure that is what you needed?? Maybe he has fibro fog too, LOL.

    GRANNI - Oops, you must have posted right when I did. Yes I work full time, Monday through Friday, approximately 8 - 5, sometimes more, sometimes less. Been doing this for about 22 years now and getting harder and harder everyday. My girls didn't dress up this year for Easter. I guess since they are 17 and 15 they do not like to wear those frilly dresses, although they did dress up a little for church, just church clothes though. It was cold and rainy and snowy on Easter, the weirdest weather I have seen. It didn't know what to do.

    Well, I guess I better get my stuff done here so I can leave for home on time. I am starving. I might go down to the vending machine and get a snack before I go home. Talk to you all later.


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  9. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    You can take care of our social calander on our virtual road trip...you do a wonderful job with the porch.

    Sounds like everyone is having a busy week. Hopefully I will get some relief tomorrow after I get to see the Doc.

    Carla..we put down laminated tile in the kitchen and utility room. It looks like ceramic tile. Really a pretty color and it won't show a lot of dirty poodle prints, always a plus.

    We just finished up with a gospel meeting at church. Really nice speaker, but after the third night I was glad it was over.

    glad to see everybody is on the porch and the men have done a wonderful job with the lawn...keep up the good work guys.

    check in tomorrow and let you all know what the Doctor said,if I survive the blood work...yuck

  10. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Bevy, I'm glad to hear there is spring somewhere! The snow is falling and it's beautiful - for December 24th... We're to have up to seven inches of the stuff by morning.

    I hope you all continue doing better - sorry to hear about Linda's surgery but happy your daughter is back safe and sound. Monica, darn, it sounds as if you're sidetracked from the garden for awhile. Here that wouldn't be a problem and I hope it's not for you. Joe, you're like me, having trouble playing ketchup. Annie, that was a good explanation of our Porch.

    Elaine, when you're through there, I have plenty of things here to keep you busy if you need more. Granni, thanks for the kind words about Honey. :>( Hello to Mickey, Lacey and all the folks I haven't named.

    From Winter Wonderland,
  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just been on spring break...had to get out of jury summons. so i have to drop a letter off to md's i wish they would say permanetly can not do jury stuff.

    been meeting friends and staying out a bit too late...way too late.

    yesterday allergies/athsma was bad...better today just tired.

    i joined a gym called the loop. i got sore from it.

    i have so many things to do but no darn energy...i need to start studying and doing some research work for my 4/7 speech presentation. and do 4 page outline w/proper mla citings.

    i believe it was monica that had the neck ablation....of nerves...sounds painful...hang in there.

    granni won some money!

    elaine you got back another old flame i see, best wishes in that department.

    well gonna get out of jammies and try to take a shower and do some errands...or something. bed sounds better now.

    julie so dad won out on keira.

    mr.dad not quite bee kee nee weather yet...george maybe lurking somewhere around the apt.lol.

    hi to you rock....

    oh ck, linda sorry to hear you need some surgery.

    i can not remember much lately so forgive me on forgetting anyone. hi annie....nice message to us all.

    well i do hope everyone is doing ok

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    before I get in the tub, it is filling as I write.

    I managed to find my coffee table, pay my bills, balanced my checkbook AND filed my taxes for my refund and mom's too.

    Then the girls got a bath, so it is time for mommy. I just hope I have enough hot water :) The ole hot water aint what it use to be.

    I just scanned saw it has been a busy day and reading Elaines post made me tired! How do you do all that girl? Keep that guy on his toes-OK?

    lacey I know what you are talking about, it really is beautiful and hides dirt well. My floors are about the color of the clay in my yard, works great,lol.

    Marta I hope you see the Spring soon sorry about the snow. It is going to rain for the next 5 days, does that make you feel any better. I am going out to buy the $1 tarps to cover the whole yard, well between the house and the potty zone.

    Mrdad- my ferritin was 44 so I am good to go for awhile

    Hello everyone else, gonna watch Celebrity Apprentice while in the tub :) Maybe a bowl of cherry chocolate cordial ice crean, hmm goood.

    The girls are standing at the door so I better let them out before I settle in- Take care of each other-Carla
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    As per usual, the day has slipped away!

    Mickey, don't think ya'd want to eat much crab from SF Bay!
    They recommend limited consumption of anything from it. We
    did the crab traps about 2 miles from the big Oil Spill a
    few mos. back. I came home before the crab fest! Not much
    on sea food anyhow! I'll do some fish and prawns but not much else.

    Marta: The Winter just won't let go back there! I do feel
    guilty about the California Spring. That's why we have about 38 mil living here I would suppose. Even the earthquakes don't seem to discourage folks from moving here. Give Sophie
    a "pet" por moi!

    Jodie: Happy to see you busily studying! How's Cody doing?
    It has been cool the pst few days, but the sun has been
    shining brightly.

    CK: Sounds like you are getting things "caught up" today.
    I haven't heard from the hospital yet, so I assume that
    they are going ahead with my blood draw this weekend.(?)
    I'll call tomorrow to confirm.

    Granni: Everyday is Bee-kee-knee watching day at the Park!
    Luckily, it is a short walk but eventful!

    Hey to Rock, Candy, Annie, Bev, Annie, Candy, Rock, Bev,
    Gordon, Billy Bob, Mary Ellen, Ben, Grandma and Grandpa!
    And everyone else I missed!


  14. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    More white stuff in the forecast for us as well. I'm so tired of snow and winter I just hate, hate, hate, hate IT! OK, I'm sure you all get the idea. LOL.

    Cromwell: Thank you for the information about the rules. I did sneak over and reply to your thread to Carla about the floaters. I hope I wasn't intruding.

    Lydia: I know exactly how your Amy feels. I am a single mother myself and I had a lot of support from my mother and father in raising Jackson. It truly takes a family to raise a child these days.

    Mr. Dad: Randy (SO) and I love fishing. We go fishing all summer long. We never catch what we eat....strictly catch and release but we love spending time together on the boat just fishing on a gorgeous summer day!

    Bevy2most: I've been doing spring cleaning as well but it has only been a few drawers each day. The bathroom and kitchen have been completed...I just have the closets to do and I think I'll wait on those.

    S-Elaine: Woman, where do you get all this energy? This new man must be like the energizer bunny then if he is running circles around you. LOL. I'm just teasing ya!

    Granni: It sure is nice to see you again! Have you been busy with the church singing?

    Mickey: Awwwww, I hear ya about feeling a little down. The snow just won't stop here in WI and I actually broke down and cried today. I just want spring and this horrible winter to be over with. Glad to hear you didn't suffer any flood damage.

    Lacymae: What is wrong? I see you wrote in your post you are going to the dr. Is it the usual fibro stuff? How is your DIL, by the way?

    Marta: We are getting that darn snow here in WI as well. We had to run into Madison earlier this week for a dr. appointment and we looked at the lakes and they are frozen solid yet! Good grief, I don't think we are going to unthaw until May! At least I don't feel crappy and it is nice outside, right? LOL

    69Mach: I hope you were having fun and staying out late....gosh, I can't stay up past 10 p.m. anymore. LOL. I hope you feel better --- asthma and allergies are rough.

    Lincamp: I completely had a brain fart on that one Linda! I forgot that we have some of the same cervical vertabrae problems. I've used Spine Health's website a lot lately, it really is a great source of information.

    OK, I think I remembered everyone but in case I forgot someone I'm sorry --- I didn't mean to it is the fibro fog settling in for the evening.

    See you all in the morning.

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    going to a friend's band of girls singing...we are not going to drink.....i told her i am tired....staying up too late and chatting a new female friend....

    cody got a disappointing letter today in the mail from uc santa cruz...his sat/act scores did not make it to their college in time for the cut off date.....bummed about that. that was his number one choice of school's...he already talked to admissions there about a week ago...said that he very well wouldn't get in there for fall semester cause of the computer gilch somewhere...if the scores got there in the timeline he would've been in like flynn. so we will take it from there. he just may transfer spring there or god knows where...fornately he has others he has been accepted to.....

    well need to shower and get some extra energy up for a band that i may not like...i am not in the mood but i will go anyways...meet new faces possibly.

    oh forgot i have a cousin by marriage that is supposedly has been missing for about 3 weeks maybe 4. now cody's dad is doing some investigations in arizona....i had known jimmy john since he was 16 years. old...i just hope his dad isn't pulling any wool over my eyes...he became unemployed a few weeks ago....after he told me jimmy was missing. police found his truck w/license and cell phone under the front seat of his truck....

    i got to go....


  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Five dollars for a sandwich! Can you believe it?! When I was a teenager you could go to the newest place, McDonald's, and get a berger, fries, and a shake for 50 cents. Furthermore, you got change.

    Most days I never leave the house, but Gordon took 2 days off, and we have been dashing to and fro. (Or fro and to; either way.)

    We have been to all the cool yuppie places: the car smoggery, the thrift shop, chropractor, Trader Joe's, Wally World, El banquo, and things too fierce to mention.*

    Gordon took his big dendrobium orchid to the show at the arboretum. The plant had about 300 flowers on it. Gordon won a blue ribbon. He doesn't keep them anymore. Trades them in for a raffle ticket.

    He didn't win another orchid, but he won an orchid magnet to go on the refigerator right next to one that says: Happiness is marrying a Norwegian.

    Annie, you did a great job describing the porch: history, rules and philosophy. I looked on the net for a bisque joke for MrDad.

    I found sites re: pottery/ceramics/Jerry Seinfeld and recipes, but no jokes.

    Julie, your posts are fine. Last time I checked the rules I think an example was something like: you can say God bless to someone. You can't tell people they have to join
    join your church.

    Lots of people mention going to church, singing in the choir, etc. Never been a problem.

    I used to play the organ for 2 or 3 services on Sunday. Sometimes I was an usher or sang in the choir (despite having a terrible voice). And, of course, I was a shepherd in a bathrobe every Christmas.

    I looked up ablation on the net, Monica. I found sites relating to spinal treatment, meteors and glaciers. I wonder if it's a new procedure. I read thousands of medical reports and records about bad backs over the years, but never came across this treatment.

    Well, I think you are very brave. I know every one here is wishing the best for you and for Linda.

    I've had half a dozen surgeries, and that's enuff. The dr. asked me if I wanted surgery for prostate cancer and I said, no. Not much point in sticking around when one has Alzheimer's. They are both killers, I'm told, but generally very slow acting.

    Bevy, re: Spring has sprung, my mother used to say every spring:

    Spring has sprung, the boid is on the wing.
    How absoid. I've always hoid,
    The wing is on the boid!

    This is getting pretty long. Better quit before it blows up.


    *Wally World is Wal-Mart; El banquo is the bank. In Calif. when you tell people at work you are going to the bank for a few minutes, they always say: Bring me back some dineros.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, MDad, my son and I used to catch crabs and starfish at the Ventura harbor. Just walked out on the rock jetties and picked them up. The crabs require a little finess or one gets pinched. No skill necessary w/ the starfish.

    We always returned them safely to home.

    Too bad about that computer glitch, Jodie. Good thing that Cody has options. I may have said this before, but it can't hurt. Tell him to succeed in college one needs a schedule. One can't start preparing for an exam or do a paper the night before.

    And if one fools around in the afternoon, one must study that evening and vice versa. Of course, everydobby knows this. But everydobby does not do it.

    Carla, you and Elaine are busier than most healthy people. Is the bank thing all ok now? Congratulations on getting your taxes done so earlier, Elaine.

    Hi Laceymae, do you know the gospel song "The Family Bible"? Pat Boone made a beautiful recording of it. It is a hymn I heard for the first time a few years ago.

    Thanks to the many people who asked about me. When I'm gone a while it's either computer problems or lack of energy. And then again sometimes it's both.

    Welcome, GeorgiaPeach. And hugs and waves to Marta and Mickey and Granni and Annie and Candy anydobby I overtedly admitted, I mean omittedly inadlyverted, I mean...

    Ha det bra

  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Another drear, yucky day. The rain and gray sky just won't go away, what a depressing time.

    Anyway, I have a stupid papercut that just won't go away either, it has gotten infected i think. It is right on my finger where i have to type and it hurts like heck.

    Ok, enough wining for me. How is everyone. I am too down right now to adress everyone so I am just going to make this a short one.

    One good think is it is Friday. Although tomorrow I have to take Jack to the vet for his shots and for them to check the bumps so no sleeping in tomorrow, but Sunday i plan on it (no alarm clock). This morning I didn't get up until 7 and I need to be here by 8, well i made it by 8:15, not too bad.

    Oh LinCamp, we were going to get Ashley a car for graduation but she wants a shotgun instead for hunting. Can you believe it. Very strange girl. LOL

    I guess i better get some work done. Talk to you all later.
  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    all you Celebrity Apprentice fans, can you believe Pearce won, I guess I can, he did do better, but I really wanted Trace to win. Oh well, I did like Pearce's charity. That was for a really really good cause so i am glad the money went there.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey sweetie,

    In answer to questions about writing to all, just write as if you were talking to a goup of friends without naming specific names... Start out with Hi Porchies, Porch friends, Everybody etc etc. (not all of them together of course).

    You've been doing fine dear. Just read Elains's last post. It was an example of how you might write a note to everyone without naming specific people. I don't think she did anyway. Don't worry about it though.

    This one I am writing is for YOU as well and a hi to all others, so I added et al !! I believe that means and all.

    Does that help at all? It is very easy just chat to all as you would in a normal conversation.

    I have to run to the store and will be back soon. Hope to add on later.

    Also, just try to remember to say hi and bye to everyone however you would like .

    Love to you and to EVERYDOBBY ( as MRdad and Rock would say.)

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