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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gonna do this now as the day is 1/2 over already in other

    parts of the Known World!

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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    yes, our day is already past noon here on the cold coast.

    We got snow again today. Dan is out shovelling as I speak.

    Great about Gordon's exhibit(flower?)winning.

    Been living off about 1,200 cals for about four days now and this morning the scales revealed

    I had GAINED 2lbs!

    Hello to everyone, have the best day you can. Send some Spring to Upstate NY.

    Love Annie
  3. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am going to sit here with my feet up today, my legs are killing me. I think that it is just FM putting me down for the day.

    Annie, I will send you the warm weather, it has been nice here in the high 80's today we are expecting some thunderstorms, but they are better than snow storms.

    Julie, I hope Den is enjoying his last day of work. Enjoy the party.

    Granni, I live almost close enough to help you with your spring cleaning, here is what we should do, one weekend at my house and one weekend at your house. If we both feel well our houses would be spotless in no time.

    Mickey, Oven cleaning only gets done maybe every 6 mos. or so here. The fumes are horrible. To clean the windows I use good old Windex, and newspapers. I like to use the advertising pages they seem to streak less even though it takes a little more elbow grease because they aren't as absorbent as the other paper. I think it is great that your daughter is a hunter, I too love to hunt. Our annual hunt is going to be the first weekend in April, I will not be able to make it due to it starting on Thur. and I can't take my niece out of school. I would take my son out but he is mine. I may see if sil will watch both of them and drive down on Fri. night. This year it is in Three Rivers about an hour south of here.

    Marta, my poor poor Marta, no more snow for you. We have fairly mild Winters here, and I ache from the cool weather. I can't imagine how you deal with it.

    Jodi, I hope you are enjoying your Spring break.

    Carla, do the girls enjoy bath time? My big puppers loves the water, it is just very difficult to get him in the tub, once he is in it is all good.

    Mr. Dad, I do enjoy Prawns on the grill bacon wrapped with a slice of jalepeno in it, YUMMY.

    Monica, I hope you are feeling better. When will the next procedure be performed?

    Rock, congrats to Gordon, a blue ribbon posey grower. I love Orchids but have never attempted to grow any. Maybe I will try.

    Candy, I hope both sis's are doing well.

    Georgia, Good to hear that your sil's vision was a sinus infection and not something more serious. Hopefully your brother will find something soon.

    Elaine, great tip for the bath tub.

    Hello to any one that I missed.

    later gators,


  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I read your posts when I can but find it hard to keep up.

    I loved Rock's HAPPINESS IS MARRYING A NORWEIGAN - laughing out loud at that one.

    And was pleased to see Anne's post on the rules etc. as I wasn't sure myself.

    Well it's fast approaching evening here, time to eat then settle down for the night.

    Our clocks go back Sunday - does that happen over there too.

    love to all

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back from shopping and DH is still out playing golf. He had better hurry as it looks like rain. Not sure when we are supposed to have it though.

    Candy - Please check the last volume on the question you asked me about posting to everyone. It is really EASY !! Hope all is going with you my dear and all your family. Not fun I know along with you feeling so great yourself (-: !!

    Bevy 2 - Hey that is a great idea but do you have a jet or a helicopter so we can take turns cleaning up each others houses. San Anton is rather a far ride just to celan house yuck !!! Cute idea though.

    Thank goodness that our oven is self cleaning but I don't turn it on to often. The oven is also old so it could go out any time now. Would like a bigger one and a double oven would be fantastic for company but not sure I cook that much to really warrant it. This oven is good, a Jennair but it is not a wide one and is so low to the fool for me. I have more burns on my hands and arms and I still use mitts, at least most of the time.

    That little (?) puppy you have in your bio is so funny. He is a big one isn't he?? I can't imageine trying to get him or her into the tub !! Do you have a flood afterwards??? What a cute face.

    Mrd - thanks so much again for your turning on the porchlight and opening up the next volume for us. What would we do without you (-: !!

    So sorry for you all, Bevy, Linda, Marta dealing withis cold weather and snow. I know what fun it can be )-: as I lived in NY . born in raised, actually Long Island but didn't have as much as you upstate and in other areas. BRRR I couldn't deal with it now either. I hate and cannot stand the cold any more.

    Monica - Hope you are feeling at least a little better !!

    Rock - How wonderful that Gordon won that prize for his flowers. I am afraid I have a black thumb but I llove flowers as my mom did. However, she had a gren one. This house also is in the shade, we have little son . Therefore there aren't to manya flowers we can grow other that impatients , azeleas. I can't thik of anything else right now. There aren't that many that I know of anyway.

    Hi Elaine, Carla, Lacey, Kylob and everyone else I can't think of at the moment. Have a great day, stay warm if you can. I think we are supposed to be in the 70's at least this afternoon. Wish I could send some warmer weather to those having snow and all that stuff. However, no sun today or much anyway.

    Kylob - I sent you a short note about mail order scripts on the last volume in case you did not see it.

    Bye for now. Can't think of anything esle .

    Big hugs to everyone !!

  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Rosie, we had to turn our clocks up an hour about 3 weeks ago, so we lost an hour sleep and i still have not caught up on that hour. Yikes.

    Thanks MRDAD for starting our new volume, they are sure getting longer and longer that is for sure.

    Well, i don't have much time to talk gotta get back to work. But BEV, Ashley would love to do an annual hunt. She even wants to start a club for Girls that want to Hunt when she gets to college. I think that is so neat.

    Bye Everyone for now, talk to you later. I still do not have a computer at home, so I may not be able to talk until Monday, I will try and get one more in today before i leave work.
  7. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am so proud of my niece, she got Hawk of the week. She gets to sit at a special table at lunch time. She also gets to lead the classrom to recess, and other special stuff.
    In the past couple of weeks we have seen such a great improvement. Five year olds are fun....

    Tonight we are going to the fish fry, we are taking mil, and fil with us tonight, I think that they will really enjoy themselves.

    More later,

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Only six messages so far! I always seem to hit it about 25 or so so I'm thrilled.

    Our newest snow is melting a bit in the sun but it's still very cold. Bevy, would you send me some warm too? And what is a Hawk of the Week??

    Annie, won't you be glad when this snowing is through? I must say though, it was absolutely beautiful if one could forget the date. All the little twigs, branches, limbs and dead leaves were covered quickly with the heavy snow. It fell rapidly and we had a Wonderland before dark.

    Rosie, yes, we moved the clocks ahead here on hour a few weeks ago. It's easier for me than in the fall when they go back. I laughed at Gordon's refrigerator magnet too!

    Rock, Gordon won a blue ribbon?? Or his orchid did... I have obviously not read the last thread.

    Granni, seventy degrees sounds like heaven. You keep those mitts on now, you hear? Can't have you burnin' those arms and hands.

    Mickey, we'll see you again on Monday. I'm not sure how you stand not being here. We'll keep your chair warm. ;>)

    How you doin' MrDad? Any better? You been quiet lately too.

    I went in to the shelter this morning to visit Honey down in quarantine. She pulls back from the other volunteers but leapt out of her little bed in her cage the minute she heard my voice. Probably thought I'd come to bring her home....... Aaarrrruuuugh!

    Everyone have a good weekend if I don't get back here before it's over.

    Hugs all around, to those near and far,

  9. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    is when a child is being exceptionally good, helping others, showing self-control, (they learned that yesterday) being polite, pretty much what all people should strive for.

    We had a bit of a rough period with her, but it seems to have leveled out. My sister has done a great job of raising her so far.
  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Rosie: Clocks-I will be so glad when the UK clocks go forward on Sunday as it is screwing up my BBC radio listening here in the USA-I normally get The Archers (for USA folk a long running radio story about a farming community in UK been going for over 50 years) at 9.00am and I hate waiting till 10.00am plus the morning story and Woman's Hour is all at the wrong time.

    I have to check and see if you are UK or elsewhere.

    The snow, well even though it looks pretty it isn't!! Bah Humbug!!! It is wet, and heavy and cooooooold and I hate the stuff-it is nice to have snow for about two days a year in my book.

    I'll take that sunshine thanks!!!

    Hey you hunters, in my last house the deer were so tame they would eat from my hand (I am a veggie)and my friend who was a hunter was always wanting to take a shot esp. at the big buck. I always worrie dhe would sneak around when I was away(LOL).

    Love to each and every one of you, Annie

  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am gonna miss you all this weekend. I wish my computer was up and running. I guess i could use my daughter's laptop. I will have to get her password from her and tell her to just keep it on for me. Keep my chair warm, and the fire still going, since it is still going to be cold here probably all weekend.

    I cannot wait to sleep in on Sunday, or at least get 8 hours sleep. I am so exhausted for some reason this week, must be the weather.

    Annie - I don't know how my daughter can kill a deer either, I could never hurt those beautiful animals, however, they are overpopulating our area badly so I guess it is okay. Keeps her out of trouble anyway. Oh, and don't worry about the 2lbs, that usually happens when you first go on a diet. You will get there I know!!!!

    Candy - Awwww, thanks for the nice words, I try to help and make everyone happy, even though most of the time I have been down lately, i just try and hide it. I wanted to tell you that your sister is really lucky to have you to be there for her. You have been great addition to the porch too. Take care and God bless.

    Marta - Thanks for keeping my chair for me while I am gone, i will be thinking of you this weekend.

    For the rest of you porchies, Granni, elaine, julie, linda, rock, mrdad, sweetie, everyone and anyone i missed please don't steal my chair, I will be back on Monday. I will miss you all and have a great weekend.

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon and I went to Wally's World yesterday. Among other things he bought hosta and caladiums, both good for shady areas, Granni.

    Pittosporum is also good. It sounds like a disease parrots get, but it's actually a flowering shrub.

    Hi, Annie. Yup, Gordon won another blue ribbon. Sometimes he wins a green ribbon which is even better.
    The ribbon was for the orchid, not for Gordon personally. I suggested he wear a sash like a beauty pageant contestant, but he ignored me.

    Honey's story is very sad. Even sadder there is plenty to go around in terms of money and food, but human nature does not allow for such.

    Speaking of food, you gained 2 pounds! Must be something wrong w/ that diet or the scale.

    Bevy, why a hawk? Is the team at her school the San Antonio Hawks? Anyway, congratulations.

    Rosie, I looked up spring in Scozia and found lots of pictures of flowers. Some were familiar to me (like tulips and azaleas) and some weren't: marsh marigolds, heather, and bergenia.

    Anyone who wants a look can go to Rampantscotland.com.

    I am having computer troubles (What a surprise!) Guess I will post this and come back later.

  13. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Been pretty busy today...

    Daughter home for the weekend...helped me cook supper. She gets so tired of eating out all week long.

    Went to the Doctor today...had to stick me in both hands to get one tube of blood. Wish it was easier...had to have the liver enzymes checked.

    Have two more problems added to all the rest. The sciatic nerve and tarsl tunnel. think when I ago back in May I'm gonna just ask what's not wrong with me? Might get a easier answer. Oh well...

    Hope everyone has a nice quite painfree weekend.

    I'm going to sit quitely on the porch for awhile.

    Carla...how did the ditch work with all the rain? Hope it was flowing freely.

    hugs to all

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I agree, Julie; it's the little things in life that count. Laura Ingalls Wilder says the same thing. I am reading a new book by her.

    If you wonder how somebody who died half a century ago can have a new book, the book is new, but the writings are old. They are articles she wrote for farm newspapers and magazines before she started writing the Little House books.

    But note the paradox. If it's the little things that count, then they aren't little. They are very important.

    I picked up "everydobby" from John Lennon, Granni. He used it in his l963 book. Have no idea what the title was; have seen no references to it despite the millions of words written about the Beetles. (Course I didn't read all those millions of words.)

    Candy, hope your sister is making a speedy recovery form her surgery. Was it major or minor surgery?

    "Minor" means on somebody else. "Major" means it's on oneself.

    MrDad, I think I mentioned I was reading a book on the old West. Every chapter by a different author. When was the closing of the Old West? Various dates have been given. Some as early as l869 w/ the completion of the transcontinental railroad.

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau the frontier closed in 1890.

    Anyway the book I was reading included many events from the 20th century. I think it is probably more accurate to say it never closed, it just gradually changed and the changes proceeded at different speeds in different places.

    I read a book on Butch Cassidy decades ago. More recently I read one by his sister who said he came back to the USA in the 1920s and died a few years before I was born.

    Well, I just had a hamburger omelet for brunch. (Didn't wake up till 2 pm.) Have to finish the dishes and feed the livestock.

    Was reading the paper from LeRoy, MN last night. It had an ad from a feed store. "Food for all your livestock including rabbits, cats and dogs."

    Also contained a recipe for dessert which required a yellow cake mix, can of pie filling, eggs, sour cream, box of pudding, whipped cream, can of pineapple, and cream

    In a pinch you could probably use the result as an anchor for your boat. Otta gain at least 2 pounds if you tackle that baby.

    Also, 20 years ago, Valerie Utz was crowned Mower County Pork Queen. Cindy Larson was crowned Princess.

    Remember the Golden Girls episode where Betty White was devastated when her churn seized up and she didn't win Butter Queen? "Haven't I suffered enough?!"

    All for the nonce.


  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I was here a few minutes ago and was about half way threw my post the computer shut down. I hate it when it does that.

    Work today was steady and everyone wanted to pay with cards and we only have one phone line. This morning I peeked in on Vol 212, then get home and there are 16 posts on 213!!! I remember sometimes we would take all week to go threw a vol,lol. This porch is rollin.

    Can't say the same for me tho. This last flair has been a doosey, got the headache at work and my meds don't work on it. I don't seem to have a sinus issue as everything is clear breathing, maybe I am too dry, I don;t know what it is but I wish it would stop. I am still just down right tired.

    My good news is the ditch work and new driveway work begin tomorrow, yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I am more excited about my new driveway as it is 2 steps from the my porch, no more pulling up in the yard to dump the groceries on the porch and move the car.

    It is cheaper to put gravel down then to get grass to grow in this clay. I will be so glad when this night mare is over and I can move on to less stressful activities.

    Thank all of you for your wonderful support and caring and putting up with my *itching and whining the last 3 months, but it does prove, if we hang in there long enough it will get better.

    Ok I was going to try to address some but I just sat here for 5 minutes and totally spaced out, the Dog Whisperer is on, hehe.

    OH I forget who mentioned Celebrity Appr. Yes I hated to see Peirce win too, but when it came to raising the money and his cause, he did very well. Wasn't there suppose to a "show down" between him and Omorosa? Did I miss it? or just forget it :)

    Hello to everyone, hopefully I can return and sit a spell and get caught up but my brain has been on overload to long and is not accepting info at this time. I hope everyone has a good weekend-Carla
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear All,

    Just wanted to let you know that this weekend will be a busy one and I might not get here much. Then next week DH has some cleaning snd painting chores to start working on outside.

    We need to start cleaning and painting our Porch or right now part of it - this little bridge we have first. Right now the porch itself is full of leaves and lots of those yellow bud things that cause lots of people to sneeze, etc.

    Then in a few weeks DH will power wash the the deck , paint it and I get to help do the posts. What a thrill that is )-: !!

    Ust wanted all you dear Porchies know that I will check back when I can, maybe sometime tomorrow not sure. Sunday who knows and this week may be a bit spotty (-: !!Still have stuff I need to finish in my house inside and that other curtain in that one room I just did. The cleaning of that window and blinds will be a killer.

    Maybe I will be lucky and it will rain some so I can't paint (-: !!

    Also our son is supposed to putting on some new antiviral, spam and change the e-mail program on the computer possibly this weekend.

    Candy - Thanks for the sweet things you said about me before. I am glad I make you smile Sometimes it is hard for me to smile at myself (-: !!

    Big hugs to you all !! Hope to get to sneak in here soon again. Everyone have a warm, safe and fun weekend with as little pain as possible !!



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  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Thanks once again, Joe, for the quick action.

    Hey, Bevy, thanks for the explanation of Hawk of the Week. Mmmmm. Wonder why it's a hawk and not a dove? Regardless, it's a wonderful honor and I'm so glad she got it. You're daughter should get one too.

    Annie, we usually have deer here too, but not this year so far. One day I was typing away on my computer, felt something staring at me and there was a doe, her nose inches from my window which is about six feet away. YIKES. It was amazing to see although they do eat my daffodils.

    YCI, Candy, I have a hint for you on this remembering names and details thing here on the Porch. Take notes. If I didn't do that, I'd never say one personal word to anyone - I only have to look at posts where I didn't takes notes to know that. And when I'm too tired, I don't worry about it. Everyone understands those days.

    Mickey, yeah, surely she'd let Mom have her password if you promised not to peek. Regardless, we'll see you on Monday. I think you're probably smart to take the break.

    Elaine, I chuckled at your "am I going out or coming in" note. Reminds me of an old joke but I won't tell it here right now because I suspect I did once already....

    Linda, it has been foggy lately, hasn't it? ;>) Thank you for your excellent explanation. I never know when someone has gotten their fingers on the wrong keys as I often do so I didn't ask. Sounds gruesome.

    Rock, I love the sound of going to buy plants for the garden. Fern and astilbe are good in shade here but I don't know about TX, Granni. That feed store would be real popular here since Sophie now eats bunnies. :>0 Her allergies are better though, darn it. Mixed feelings about that.

    Lacey, I see you over there in the shade wrapped in your blanket, with your feet up. Rest and have a pain-free weekend. We'll try not to wake you.

    Carla, I hope the work can be completed today on your ditch. Will the girls bark? How's Twy's "problem"?

    Granni, I thought you were saying your DH was going to clean and paint our Porch here! That would be nice but I saw Jerome lining up all the tools the other day. Maybe he can do yours, too. Enjoy your weekend.

    Julie, how wonderful to have all those generations to enjoy together. The one-year timing of losing anyone is hard, let alone your life partner. Maybe you'll give him a hug for all of us. Your hubby too. AND you.

    Time to switch the wet clothes to the dryer and fix breakfast. I'll bring back some warm muffins for you all.

    Hugs all around the porch, near and far, including to those I didn't mention. I remember you. Hey, anyone recall "I Remember Momma?". Rock? Boy, is that ever dating myself....


  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hey y'all.

    What a glorious sunny day it is today here in cold western upstate New York!

    Clear blue sky and snow on the lawns but not the roads.

    It was so chill last night I put the gas fire on in the living room and slept on the couch in there. The four cats thought it was great. Fell asleep and then woke up hot and turned the fire off, but by this time decided I would just remain on the couch.

    Wherever I sleep so do the four cats.

    On our King bed, they line up down my legs all slightly on me, but leave Danny alone. He is nice to them, they just know I have the can opener!!! Talking of which I found two great cat foods that are wholesome and not expensive. One (dried) is called Premium Edge and it is small bite peices for different ages. No fillers, additives all the same and better ingredients than one that costs 3 times as much. Has the glucosomine, the omegas etc. It is $6+ fop 6lb bag that lasts two weeks for the four kids. We found it by chance when are other brand stopped delivering to the pet store.

    The other stuff is canned food called Tikkie (sp) it seems expensive at $7 for 12 small cans, but because each can is jammed with goodness I share one small can between the four guys here and it works well that way. Great for mixing pills with (three of my four are on thyroid and other meds for life now they are 16 coming up).

    Well I am up for clearing out some old clothes, tidying drawers etc today I think I will start in our bedroom and work my way through the house over the next two weeks. Where we accumulated all this stuff in less than 8 mths of living here ???????

    Thanks for assuring me the 2lb weight gain is normal.

    Candy- hope your sister is OK now....you worry a lot I know, read my rules post last message-there is absolutely no need to list names and remember who said what, the person who said it will know who they are(LOL) relax, I never remember anything, I just try and put at the end this:

    Love to all the porchies (or words to that extent)especially to those who sent the sunshine this morning! But even if you don't it does not matter, we are all Ok with just nice folk here.

    Love Annie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a reminder that I sent you a post yesterday or one or two volumes ago abaout the question you asked me about posting to everyone at once. Also, Annie's suggestions are good, worry not !!

    Gotta run sweetie and all.


  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just want to stop by and say hello before my day gets rolling. Larry the ditch guy is suppose to be here around noon with the big gravel trucks.

    Oh the girls will try to eat them so I am putting the e-collar on Missy and keeping them in the house. I hate that since is going to be near 60 and sunny.

    I got a battery tester for my golf cart, I know in the winter you don't get as much distance from the battery but it has been ridiculas lately. I was told they were fairly new and shoulf last a few years. So I work on my cart, it needs a bath too. I MAY hose the car off too, just depends.

    Guess what? No headache this morning but, sorry for this, have a lot of throat drainage going. I wonder if I had a cyst in my sinus and it now has burst. Let's just hope it was, cause the headache were really unrelenting for over a week.

    Julie you totally amaze me how you have mananged to get threw this winter and esp this week. How does it feel knowing you won't have to get up early every moring to pack Den's lunch? Now will you fix big breakfasts instead?

    I wish you all the best and we will miss you while you are in Belize, just drop by if you go into town and find a computer to let us know how you are doing. I really meant it when I said you are my hero. I don't do a lot of people very well, too much noise and confusion. I am a one on one kind of person. Many hugs to all of you in this new door of life you are about to enter.

    Marta- I am glad that Sophie is feeling better and you have been visiting Honey. Maybe in time she will accliamate to her new INDOOR surroundings and then you can try one more time with her at your house. I hope you are feeling better and will visit more later :) Yesterday was just busy enough to keep me from doing any computer work.

    Annie I need to cut back on my calories myself. I lost 20 pounds 2 years ago and 10 have snuck up behind me, if you know what I mean. I am very much a stress eater and can be like the Pork Queen Rock mentioned but still eat anyway. Late night snacking is my down fall.

    I can go all day, when feeling well, and not even think about food and when painting or creative stuff just forget to eat. When down with time on my hands, they are stuffing my mouth. I bought a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Brown Sugar and Cinnimon bread at Big Lots for $1.50 yesterday and have eaten half of it already! Oh it was so good. Bread and cookies are my downfall. Hang in there, are you walking or exersicing in any way. As hard as it is, it really is the only way you can do it. Just walk to the corner and back at first then work your way up. ANy Mri results yet.

    Granni sounds like your week and weekend are packed full of fun!!! Not!!! I know you would rather piddle in your flower beds and not painting porches,lol I hope it is noce weather anyway.

    Bevy- my girls do not like baths, first Lab I have seen that doesn't like water,lol. I have a large double utility sink and a step stool that I TRY to get them to climb up on, Twy the smallest one, is better at than Missy. She weighs 37 pounds and is very strong and fights me the whole time. Once I get them in Twy will lay in the water, I fill the tub with a few inches of water and let them soak.

    I work on Missy then make her sit while I do Twy, then let Twy out first. Missy sits there like she is in a trance the whole time, it is so funny. I rinse her last because her head has to go over to the other sink and it splashs Twy if she is still in there. The system works great. No bending over the bathtub any more.

    Mrdad are you still out looking for crabs???? or on BeeKeeNee watch. I hope you don't have to see the vampires this week.

    Candy try this trick for posting, hit the CTRL key at the same time you click the reply and it should open a new browser window then you can go back and forth. Taking notes as Marta does or open a new word or email document.Like Annie said we do not have to address everyone, we are all in the same boat and we understand.

    Rock I was hoping the daffy's were closer to you, but it would be a great day trip to go see them. I have more pictures that came with the email and may try to post them later. Enjoyed the "hometown" news. How do you find time to read everything you do?? I do good just to read the porch anymore. Congrats to Gordon on his ribbon, wish you could post pics of his flowers. Is it in the newspapers there?

    Well I better get busy and hope everyone has some spring in their air and their feet too. Hello to everydobby not mentioned, know you are in my thoughts. Keep your fingers crossed that I have a new driveway and a proper drainage ditch by the end of the day. Carla

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