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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey kIDs!

    Gonna go ahead and do it! Please go back and read the former

    Posts if ya kan! Jodie and CK each left one recently, "K"?

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  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Here I am, the early bird for a change.

    It's been a nice sunny day in MI today with temps in the mid-40s. I can't believe I'm saying that!...... But after our winter, 40 is warm. Sophie actually spent a half hour out on her porch in the sun today. She's a happy kitty!

    Julie, bright and early means early and tired around here but I am a morning person. I do wish you luck with the dogs.

    Annie, Sounds as if you have spring fever with all your cleaning and tossing out. I'm not sure if I knew you had four cats. Did you get them all at the same time?

    Carla, I've been thinking about you today and wondering how the ditch digging went. I'm glad you stayed off the machine! Wow! Those are some pricey batteries you have there! I'm glad you enjoy the cart so much though.

    Elaine, maybe you could decorate the blister and make it look like a beauty mark. OUCH! I had the first one I've had in 20 years a few weeks ago. I took extra zinc and C which helped it clear up fast, and dabbed it with hydrogen peroxide.

    Rosie, so good to see you on the Porch today. Much luck with the clock turning tonight. Did you ever forget? I did and ended up in church an hour early once. The pastor even announced it from the pulpit! :>O

    Jodie, sounds as if you had a good St. Paddy's day. I'm sorry you're feeling blue. Here's a nice hot cup of CALM tea in a pretty mug. Maybe it will help your mood.

    Hugs all around the Porch, to those near and those far,

    Happy Spring.

  3. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Hi Gang...weather here is cold but sunny....haven't been out at all today...had projects I planned to work on, but I ended up watching movies and reading...

    All the family is sick....D #1 and 2 have sinus /cold symptoms....D#1 is being treated for sinus infection and #2 is starting to feel the same way....DH had an abcessed tooth that was pulled this am and is going to have a root canal in a week....his face was swollen and painful and after motrin and antibiotics, he is feeling a mite better this evening....

    We are going to florida the second week of April, so I hope I don't end up with a URI....

    Went to Linda's last night...we went to look at dresses for D#2 graduation in June...didn't see the "one" yet...She has been accepted to 3 colleges, the one she got the scholarship to, is the one she has in third place as far as preference...oh well...I am still in denial about her graduating from high school...she is, after all my baby..

    Had pizza and watched the story of the 2 college students that were in an accident and the girls identities were mixed up in the chaois after the crash....the family who buried their daughter , found out 6 weeks later that their daughter was alive...I cried for all involved....

    I guess I'm going to empty the dishwasher...it doesn't get more boring than that...Later, Kylob

  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well all good ideas.....ended up NOT doing any spring cleaning just a little tidy round-maybe Monday!

    It was really sunny today but very cold. Dan took Danny swimming at the pool.

    We played some Uno later, and then watched "It's Because of Winn Dixie" a terrific film, we all had a good cry.

    I gained abother coupla pounds to day, this is day seven of my diet-How I can be gaining weight and eating less than 1,500 cals a day beats me (I am 5ft9 tall too!!)

    This happened once before. I had had jaw surgery and ate practically nothing (couln't open my mouth, for over two weeks, and at the end I had gained 5lbs! Dan thinks it is my weird metabolism that kicks in when my body is deprived of food.

    The kitties. The three who are going on 16: One came by way of the feral cats we were catching and spay/neutering (12 of them)along with his sister when about two or three days old-he is part siamese. Unfortunately we lost his sister.

    Then we have a black cat who came with a group of three we rescued as 3 week old kittens that were being dumped in the woods-got homes for two later and kept the runt. (we had to bottle feed all of them). Then the black and white girl came because someone threw her out of a car into our lane by the back leg which dislocated her hip.

    These three all came more or less within a few weeks so they are all going on for 16 now. Then when we bought our last house about three years ago, a cat that had lived there decided to move back in, he is another part siamese and is about eight now.

    The girl and the yungun have discovered we put shelves over the puter and love to clamber up and hurl themselves down on us. Yungun also route marches on the hardwood floors in the night and wakes us all up-he also walks across our faces.

    Don't forget Earth day lights out-we are planning double card Uno by candlelight-Danny is thrilled.

    Watched that same show on the two girls, it was so poignant.

    Sorry for your sinus issues.

    Jodie, are you still doing exams you were last we spoke almost a year ago.

    Hy to all of the porchies.

    Love Annie
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  5. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I think I just typed the question on the wrong thread. Oh well, sorry I got side tracked.

    I was wondering if you would have any advice for one of our fellow gardeners on the Garden Com Post site with some information and/or tips about orchids. I know Gordon has received many prestigious awards for his beauties so I was wondering if I could impose and ask for a little help for the "newbie" orchid owner.

    Thank you!

    PS: I'll be back later to post more. Right now, my brain is just scrambled and I'm having one of the worst cravings for a cigarette ------ I just need to work on calming myself down before I hurt someone in this house. LOL.
  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I want to jump in quick like Marta, Kylob, & Candy. I agree with Candy...hard to keep up lately, especially typing.

    The weather here has changed dramtically since yesterday (which was wonderful). Today it is in the low 50s with rain and wind. Tomorrow will be more of the same except it is going to be colder.

    I have really been MIA this time. Had my annual doctor's appointment with Dr. Lapp/Dr. Black and it is a very long trip (about 250 miles). I'm just beginning to recover. This was a 90 minute appointment so we did not get home until late Tuesday evening. It is nice to see a doctor who understand ME/CFS/FM as they do ....just wish they had a cure.

    My son has also been ill. His pulse rate is extremely high. He blacked out last week at the house. I heard a loud noise and found him crumpled on the floor. He had a large knot on his head and a sprained wrist and a broken watch. We took him to a cardiologist Monday and he had a echocardiogram Thursday. They put him om meds immediately and he has not been allowed to drive.

    Lots of "stuff" going on at my house. The Porch is such a comforting place to be when life gets a little crazy.

    Oh yeah, we finally settled the mold claim. After losing 4K during the remediation, the attorney took 1/3 of the remaining funds. Bascially we lost out *** on this deal. Can't believe the legal system sometimes.

    Got to go....can't concentrate any longer.

    Hugs to everyone!

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks for your message Candy. I'm doing well but have been
    more tired than usual and spending more time sleeping and
    resting this week! Hope to snap out of it soon.

    Linda: Gonna make a point of watching that AMW program tonight
    as it comes on later than on the East Coast. Finally got that
    Pound Cake in the oven and should be ready in about 20 mins.
    and another 30 to cool. House mates are very interested in
    the prospect of having a slice later. Used OJ instead of H-2-0 and it should be good!

    Julie: Sorry you are so tired! You at least have a justifiable and understandable reason, unlike myself! Maybe
    things will settle down a bit next week! I think your Hubby is going
    to enjoy his retirement and his new vocation!

    Georgia: Hope you had a nice visit to the City! Friday can be so busy here as well as the Freeways in and out of Town!
    Ya doing banana bread this weekend! Gonna have to get him on
    "Orange Ld. Cake"!!

    Hey Marta, Bev, Jodie, Rocky, Gordon, Kylob, Monica, Sweetie, Annie, Arnold and Maria!

  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Elaine - what is that new stuff that is meant to halt the cold sore a lot faster is it Abreva-I used to get a lot of them when younger from the sun and really sympathise. They can hurt too. Old fashioned camphor used to work well but it is hard to find these days. My sis once had her whole lips covered in them due to sun.

    ISweetie: OMG! what an awful thing. He needs to be vigilant on this as my firend found her son like this once and got ambulance just in time. He was 21. The docs more or less dismissed it, and actually he was really ill, I wish I could recall with what dx. Prayers for you.

    Lin: I did not watch it but being local know the story. What a guy and he got FIRED!!!(essentially. I read he was being featured on AMW) The woman is now suing for 13 years of wrongful imprisonment. Her twin boys were about two when she went inside. The were a bit of a rough and ready family, but it was so clear she had not done that and they fudged the evidence. Kudos to the detective. And for her family for standing by her all these years. They just released another guy who has served 22 years too haven't they?

    Candy: sorry you get no one to listen at home, this is often the way as people have low tolerance for long term illnesses esp. ones that seem so vague to others.

    Everyone else have a wonderful day. We are off to Waly World to get scrips.

    Love Annie
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just taken a break while Larry the ditch is having lunch out while he had to replace his oil filter on his bobcat, that this is so darn cute, like a mini dozer.

    It is a mess now, my yard is totally torn up but I do believe it will be worth it once it is all done. I still have to buy grass seed and get something to grow.

    Thanks, Elaine for the good wishes for Larry showing up. I think they will have it all done today.

    I have been working in my old shed that has open sklights, don't have to tear it down to see the moon if ya know what I mean.

    I have a bunch of lumber and scrap wood that was getting wet so I had to move it to the only dry spot besides where my mower sits.

    Mrdad-where is the orange cake? Did your roomies scarf it before before you could get it to us?

    Looks like it has been a quite day here today, I pop back later and see what is going on-Carla
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Above is a site for Elaine. Cold sore remedy. Said to be painful but effective. Involves nail polish remover, aspirin, and peroxide. You don't swallow the aspirin, you apply it. Personally, it sounds a little too fierce for me.

    My face hurts too. I guess it's my sinuses. I have zee bad cold. Or who knows nowadays? Could be parrot flu.

    Sweetie, I hope your son is getting proper care. Sounds kinda scary.

    Wish I were still working. Then I'd have the satisfaction of staying home. As it is I'm miserable and got nothin' to show for it.

    In my lucid moments I am reading two historical mysteries: one set in Victorian England and one in Egypt, 3000 years earlier.

    Don't know about the Egyptian book. I gave it a quick inspection and said, "Tut! Tut!"

    Hope we all feel better soon.


  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla: I just returned form my blood draw. Ferritin at about
    113 b-4 the draw! Last night I took a couple of pieces out
    of the Pyrex baking loaf and left the rest for the roomies.
    It's "Gone With the Wind"! I may try a lemon Pound Cake
    next time.

    Linda: I think we feel about the same. Little to no energy
    and I've been dozing off to sleep every time I get into the recliner! I did watch the AMW on Officer Delano. I assume that
    your father knew him. Wasn't clear as to the reason for the
    suspension? Sometimes one has to sacrifice greatly to do
    what is rightly apparent only to one's self. His courage cer-
    tainly payed off. I'm sure the innocent party was ever so grateful too!

    Julie: Hope you're getting rest today! You deserve to have
    a little respite from the busy events of late!

    Hey to Elaine, Candy, Mickey, Sweetie, Rocky, Gordon, Bev,
    Georgia, Monica, Arnold & Maria, Hillary and Bill, Roy and
    Dale, Hoppa-Long & Cassidy, etc. etc etc.

    Huggles to awl!

  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Love the tut joke Rock!

    Well fatigue really is the pits, when I lived in the Canary Isles (and can you beleive I left there voluntarily??? I wonder why now) everything closed for afternoon siestas. I think we are just all having too much to do, think on, life, with all its modern devices is no where near as relaxing as it used to be _of course tell that to a production line miner working six days a week!!!

    Now men in white coats-do any docs still wear white coats?They all wear scrubs these days I think. I used to love that song "They're coming to take me away away" 60's era.

    What is the first sign of madness?
    Talking to yourself?
    What is the second sign?

    What is the third sign?
    Hairs on the palms of your hands.
    Fourth sign?
    Looking for them .....come on one of you did I bet!!!

    Talking of detective, for you boardies here-have you heard about the amateur sleuths who meet on line and solve cold cases? I saw a program on them and it looked really cool. They are all over the USA and they have solved quite a few cold case crimes. Some of them get out and about but most just run the puter. Check it out. Sounds great.

    Well still no weight loss. I did gain, then I am back to only a pound above the weight I started with. I decided that I must eat more with diet portions that I eat normally, which is not much. I have that Wilsons Sydrome (many with FM do) where you gain weight and are cold, have low temp. never shows on bloods but this Dr Wilson figured it all out.

    Have to go, my neck's been bothering me a lot of late on the puter as I am no longer used to it.

    Love Annie
  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    The volumes have flown by and i have missed so much!! Too many thi8ngs going on in our lives.

    Two or more weeks ago,I picked up sticks in the yards and haven't ben the same since. I have had hidious pain from my waist down. It hurts to sit, luckily our bathroom is just a few feet away as I could cry when I get up to go potty - even the potty hurts me. Mu sio-called butt is in horribly pain too. It goes downs my legs, etc. and tomorrow I hope to beg the nurse to let me see Dr. I know this isnt the med. bd.!!!

    Y*ou may read the worship bd. in prayers for Thur. to read what else is going on in our lives. we are so scared for him. Please pray for him. This isn't a childish thing either.

    I want to get back to fun with all of you so bad. Please think of me~~~~`i love you all and want to be with you.

    Gentle Hugs andLove,

    lilac - Joan
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry all of you gus and gals . This will be another gneric post, if you kow what I mean for the most part anyway. Have been busy today this morning having to go to eary Mass for the K of C Corporatae Communion then we went out to breakfast afterwards witha speaker. It was good.. Then came home, put on dinner in the crockpot for tonight and started trying to figure out the new e-mail program that DS put on from his house mind you. It is amazing if you know what you are doing - not like me (-: !! So I have been deleting stuff I should have eliminated from the SEND folder a LONG time ago, etc. etc..

    It will be a busy well as I said before if the weather holds hout with helping DH paint and clean part of the little bridge we have on part of our deck. In another couple weeks comes the big deal with the porch, cleaning and painting. No I AM NOT PAINTING THIS PORCH. I DO NOT EVEN WANT TO PAINT THE RAILS OR POSTS ON OUR PORCH EITHER (-: !! As you cn see DH wan't me to HELP !!! Lucky me )-: !! Oh well !!

    Joan - I am so sorry to hear about you having more problems. I will be sure to check out the worshop board. I haaven't seen much of anything today. It is already late and I am seeing so many posts I need to do - yawn !! God bless you and your dear hubby and so sorry your are in so much paion. I hope the doc can help you.

    Candy - So sorry you are feeling like - - - - today orwas it yesterday. I found your post on the other side. You are aloud tomention it over on this side too (to a degree of course (-: !!. I know what you mean about DH's etc not really understand. He only THINKS he does. If he felt like I did one day he would probably get in bed and never get out. Hope your docator helps you tomorrow.

    BTW, I left you a big hug on the other side and I will leave you one here too along with everyone else.

    Everyone, hope I get here sometime tomorrow . Unfortunatly DH has plans and tomorrow night is chorale practice.

    Sorry I cannot speak to you all today. I zipped through the post and don't have the time as well as can't remember everyone right now.

    Just know that I love you all . See you all later !! Typin fast for forgiv all the many typos.




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  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Missed you all over the weekend. I read every single one of your posts for the past few volumes, so I am up to date on everyone. I am back at work, hopefully we will get our new computer by the end of this week. Can't write much this morning. Monday mornings are busy here.

    Didn't do much this weekend except helped my mother and father in law move to their new house (1/2 mile from us, really really close). But that is okay, I love them dearly.

    Then Sunday, we had my niece's birthday party, so that was about it. My husband and I could have went to the hocky game for free Saturday night, but I was just too pooped after helping them move, i don't think he wanted to go either.

    Well you guys take care, and I will probably see you on the next volume.

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  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    and start the new porch-don't get caught in the way out!
  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    and start the new porch-don't get caught in the way out!

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