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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ok, Kids...

    Grab your partner, all bow low.
    Now join hands and Do-see-doh!

    Chicken in the back yard,
    There you are.
    All circle left
    And form a star.

    After the dance you may all sit down on the nearest chair, bale ah hay, or friendly lap.


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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Haven't posted too much lately. Had a bad cold for a week. Thank goodness I was finally able to pass it along to Gordon.

    Been extra depressed and lethargic lately. Saw an add on the net. It said, "If you pooch is lethargic or even dog tired, try oils like rosemary or peppermint." I didn't read any farther. Don't know if you rub them on, have them inhaled, etc.

    Anyhoo, thanks to Linda and Monica and Granni and Rosie and Carla and Elaine and Annie and Mr Dad and Jole and Mickey and Candy (Whew!)

    for kind words and thoughts.

    Mickey, I hope you are over your collywobbles. Rosie, I looked up cock a leekie soup. On this side of the pond we'd call it chicken vegetable.

    Carla, who is the mullet man? Does the term refer to a bad haircut or is he a fishmonger?

    Yes, MrDad, Charlton Heston is gone. I read a rude, tasteless joke re: same. It was planned that he be buried w/ his favorite rifle. Unfortunately someone stole it.

    Yes, indeed. Someone pried it out of his cold, dead hands.

    And Richard Widmark is gone too. Remember the film noir where he pushed the old lady in the wheelchair down the stairs. Had I know he was still alive I would have asked his fee for giving my mother in law a ride. Wonder how much it costs to rent a wheelchair.

    Hey! You know what. I'm starting to feel peppier all ready.

    Well, I wanted to say something to everydobby, but I guess that will have to wait a bit.

    On my next post I'll tell you the exciting adventure of Rock and the Tuna Souffle.

    Hugs to Jodie, and Julie and Tiffany and Dick and Jane and Barbwa Wawa and Babs Strident, and oh, I don't know. Anybody who read this. Haha!!

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    This is from Granni:

    Well, I finally made it everyone !!! 04/08/08 12:04 PM

    Had a meeting to go to birhgt and early this a.m. Then came home, fixed lunch and went shopping for some weed killer (the olover is over running our plants, etc.). Tat is not the easiest stuff to get rid of, and trying to pull them is something else, esp with my back. After that we went and voted in our local primary run offs. So thought I had better check on you all before having to fix dinner and going to dour dress rehearsl for our Chorale performance.

    DH wasnts to play golf tomorrow morning and then do the rest of the power washing on the deck. I wish he would do it early to get it done as I have to go out that night again to regular choir practice. Then we wait a bit and then start painting ---AAACK !! Mickey where are you ? Since you like to paint you can help whenever you would like. Who knows when that will be finished.

    Linda - Glad your procedure is over with and that you aren't feeling to bad, just "loopy". I like that word !!

    Annie - So glad that Ganny did so well in hiw bowling and got his special trophy. I kow he must be very proud of himself as well he should be.

    Monica - I agree with Elaine, that doc was pretty rude. Is this a pain clinic or just a regular doc/specalist you are going to? I think perhaps you might want to start thinking about trying to find another. However, I know what challenges lie ahead in trying to find another one, esoecially if you do not live in the middle of the BIG city. I think you made a good decision not to have that other procesure so close to the 1st which hasn't given you any relief as yet.

    Elaine - Good luck with your doctor vist and again thanks for the info you sent about working with the computer. Will let you kow if I ever get anything to wrok. I do know another way to "tag onto a new volume" while posting but I cannot spell check as Mickey has talked aboaut. That's OK though. You all are understandig about typos, etc.

    Candy - I hope this finds you feeling a little bit better. We have been missing your cheery entrances when you feel up to it. I know what you mean when you feel really bad. I do most of the time (feel bad or have pain) but I guess that I have just had so many years of it I am numb or just "living with it". Hope you and your family ar feeling better. It is bad enough when you are feeling bad but when others around you feel bad too, that is not easy. Sorry if we hae sort of been missing eacah other. All these outside chores are doing me in and I still have to do the inside too(-: !!

    Froggy - welcome back!! So sorry to hear about the fender bender. I am so gld that you did not get hurt or anyone else either.

    Hi also to Carla, Joan, Julie, MrDad, Rock and everyone else I missed for one reason or another. DH needs the computer again. Will try to get on again in a little while so I had better sign off for now. Sorry !!

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Whew, what a day, it has been crazy, kind of like Rock's song and dance. Thanks Rock for switching us. I will read the previous volume tonight. I printed it out and am going to bring it home. I have just been swamped today.

    Rock - It seems we have all been sick. I have finally been able to eat something today, however, my stomach is still feeling really quezzy. So Gordon has it now, you bad boy. That wasn't very nice of you. The only way I could think that rosemary and peppermint would help depression would be if I was laying on my stomach on a table and ...... well you get the picture. LOL

    Unfortunately Tuna Souffle doesn't sound very good to me right now, maybe tomorrow, but I would love to hear the story.

    Hugs to you too, and I am glad you are feeling better.

    Granni - Poor Granni, i do so wish i could help you with painting. I just finished 4 big picture frames of my MIL. They moved into a new house this past weekend and all of the fixtures and such are silver and all of her picture frames were gold. I love doing stuff like that. I painted all the frames silver and made them antiquish looking. Well have fun at choir. I wish i could hear you sing. Is it christian singing. I love gospel/christian singing.

    I hope all you other sick porchies get better soon. It is the pits being under the weather that is for sure.

    Have a good afternoon MrDad, Annie, Monica, Carla, Jolie, Joan, Julie, Candy, Elaine, Georgia, Lynn, Froggy Frog, sorry about your car girlie. Glad that no one was hurt.

    If I missed anyone, I am sorry, just can't think right now, but just know that I think about you all all of the time.

    Bye for now, Mickey
  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    You have been missed, sorry to hear you have been under the wedder, isn't that how it sounds when your head is all stuffed up? I hope you get back to your witty, bad self soon.

    Wheel chairs can be found cheap in the want ads, seems some people don't need them for long, they may have ding or dent once in a while, but it would serve a purpose, if ya know what I mean :)

    Mullet man DID have a mullet and while he has fished don't know if he is a monger or not. He is a "down the road" neighbor that happens to owns the farm equipment store.

    He is single and looking, but I am just staying "neighborly" for now. He is nice but not really my type and I know I couldn't keep up with him. He has horses, RV's, motorcyles and loves to camp, fish, ride ect. Oh and since he cut his mullet he now looks like Moe from the 3 Stooges. Really.

    Thanks for gettin us and off our feet for a square dance. Why do they call it Square dance when you go in circles? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Linda- hope you had a good nap and hope you spent the rest of the day on your porch. Hope everything was good news.

    Foggy so glad you popped in and I could have written your post myself. It is like the gizmo gremlims have attacked anything that has a motor or wheels. I hope you get them taken care of. I just looked at your profile, that is a beautiful gourd. I had forgotten you were a wood carver. I got a email from a freind that has some incrediable wood carvings for a guy named Paul Ingram and or "The Woodman" google them together and you will be amazed. Just unreal. Sorry to hear about your mirror thingy, don't it hate it when your do stuff like that? Hope you feel better soon.

    Annie- wow, you must be the proudest mom ever, Danny has had a great week, 2 speechs, school and maybe a future PBA member. That is great you work with your community to help the schools. You are a busy lady.

    Speaking of busy-Granni the difference between us is- you have a social life and I don't,lol. So if I wear myself out, it doesn't matter I almost never have to deal with anyone. I enjoy the antique shop on Fri but other than Walley's that is it. Hope you make it threw the deck cleaning and painting, I need to clean and stain my floor on my deck, didn't get done before the winter.

    Mickey, wow that bug had good timing, depending on how you look it. I know you didn't want to be moving and packing MIL all weekend, but that is not a good way to get out of it, but as someone else said, our bodies know when to shut down and over ride what our minds think we need to do.

    YC sorry to hear that your meeting didn't go well, yes they want every peice of info about you since the day you were born to your first born. I have a file that has everything in it that I used for my filing,

    I even made copies of my license, SS, insurance cards, car registration, credit cards, basically everything I carry in my purse. Then I am always ready and don't have to go digging for it, have done that WAY too many times. Hope your flare ends soon and you feel better.

    Mrdad- glad you had a good meal and time with your son and his well traveled friend.I do hope this next round of abx, probiotics, ect help you get your mojo back.

    Monica I responded to you on the other thread, I do hope your feeling better.

    Julie- I hope you are able to accomplish everything you have in front of you, We wil all be pulling for you. Do you have a video camera for Keira's moments you will miss. My hat is off to you, I am not sure I could do what you do.

    Elaine hope you got a good grade at the Dr. and you can come home and relax now. You have been a busy girl lately and we need to pace.

    I have managed to get my push mower running and cut grass yesterday and the side today. Still need to do the back in a while, waitng for the sun to move since I can't move the yard.

    MY FUNNY FOR THE DAY- I have a self propelled lawn mower, I cut most of the front yard before I realized I did not engage the self propell gear. I thougt it was a little hard to push-duh!

    My mud pit is now a dust bowl, still undecided how I will deal with it, at least no more muddy paws.

    Hello to everydobby I missed and the bush dwellers, better watch out, I think I saw Elaiine with the hedge trimmers. Lacy, Joan, Sweetie, Marta and others who's name have left my brain, we need a bigger porch, gettin a little crowded (in my head) in here. everyone take care-Carla
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mickey - you were asking me about my performance on friday. This is a real patriotic and old American songs concert. Our group does all kinds of stuff the our director is in charge and we do not have a choice. These choices are soe of the best I have seen. They are also going to call up all our former service members and those in the service now to come on the stage. I think it will be pretty crowded up there with us and also the strings and a few instruments up there, organ, piano and all.

    Rock and Mrdad may remember some of these songs even if they are way before all our times (-:!!

    Rock - Thanks so much for pasting my post onto the new volume !!

    Jodie - Sorry I forgot to mention you before. Just saw your post. Hope all goes well with everything. Keep working hard and you will be rewarded !!! (-: !!

    We are doing some OLD Stephen Foster songs that I just love (I dream of Jeannie, Camptown Races, My Old Kentucky Home, Beautiful Dreamer, Oh Suzanna), patriotic songs. Homeland, How Can I Keep From Singing, Skip to MY Lou (really different version), , Shenandoah, Who Are the Brave, Stars and Stripes Forever, God Bless America, Stars Spangled Banner. We decided that we are going to let the audience sing with us on the Stephen Foster songs - great idea.

    This should be a fantastic program and wish you all could be there. Oh director's dad is VERY ill. Hope nothing happens to him.

    Got to go and fix dinner so I can go to practice early.

    Blessings and hugs,

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  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just got another phone call from this guy that i met on saturday, he wants to take me out to dinner..he has 50/50 custody of his 11 yr. old daughter. he is 43 yrs. like myself....my friedn that met him on saturday said i deserved something better than him....she that he was not good looking enough for me. she is very picky...wont date bartenders, mechanics and the list goes on...

    i don't do the bartenders either...he owns his own plumbing company they employ 25 people. well i have not formerly set a date w/him for i need to do time w/mymath teacher to go over my test and he wants to talk to me about my stress...

    well i need to go now so many errands and so little time.

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Only six posts so far if I hurry!

    Seems many of us have had the gollywobbles lately. It's good to hear that most of us are back on our feet, so to speak.

    I'm sending generic hugs out to all of the Porchies with plans to write more soon.

  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Carla, you are so funny, duh, it was kind of hard to push. You silly girl. Oh well, you got some exercise from doing all of that pushing. I guess you can think of it that way.

    I did get out of moving my Inlaws, however, I would rather help move than to have that nasty yucky stomach flue. It would have been fun actually, even my girls helped out. Oh well.

    Granni, you must really be good at singing, I had no idea it was that kind of a choir. I thought you were doing it for church. Way to go Granni. Do you guys travel anywhere or is this a one time event??? You should do a youtube video of the performance. I would love to see it.

    Jodie - I don't know how you have the energy to date. I think if I ever got divorced (which hopefully never happens) I would never meet a man again. LOL I would never have the energy for that. I feel for you. That is a lot or work.

    Just remember, looks aren't everything, it you have a gut feeling on this guy, go for it. Most of the time, personality rules over looks and even if they aren't that great looking, their personality makes them better looking. I think he is worth a try. Plus he owns his own company, so that is a plus.

    Marta you snuck in on me. Huggles to you too as MrDad would say. I am glad too that I am better. I wonder for how long though. LOL

    Well, it is time to close up here and head home. I really don't feel like cooking or doing anything tonight, but I am going to take my 15 year old out to dinner. It is just me and her at home for most of the night so we are going to treat ourselves. I think I am ready for a good meal. So tired of soup.

    Bye Gang, Mickey
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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mickey - Just got back from Choral practice. Hope we survive on friday night., There isonw ee really haven't practiced muuh.

    Just wanted to tell you I am also in church choir, that is tomorrow night. After friday we get a break till Mid august.

    Nite to all gotta run. More tomorrow hopefully.

    Hugs all around,

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    bertha...lol...it really is jodie lynn. glad you like my name, i didn't like it when i was younger now i guess i only wished i was jodie foster w/her bank roll and talents as an actress...

    yes elaine, he called last night then today at 1:44 pm....he is giving me the liberties of calling and asked if it was ok if he called me as well...he said about three times how he really enjoyed talking to me on saturday....my friend thinks he needs to lose weight, he is already going to the ymca..he said 25lbs more then he will be happy..

    he had on a bandana over his head of hair and leather chaps...to go along with his pretty purple harley davidson...i just don't think i could go for a ride on it, it would kill my back....

    my back has been flaring for the last couple of days...oh well. what's new in that department.

    cody still has not made his formal selection a college yet. we'll see.

    got to do my math homework, class at 9 am for me.

    hi granni you busy women...and ck you are busy always as well....

    mr.dad is just out waiting for the beekeenee's.

    rock is being good and reading a book.

    hi monica, julie, linda, annie and anyone else i have forgotten my brain is not so swell these days lack of sleep...the klonopin is just not doing the trick anymore...i need to call the dr.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I made tuna souffle yesterday. Turned out to be tuna surprise as I forgot to put the tuna in. And then I didn't have any cheese.

    Of course, all we good cooks make sure we have all our ingreediments before we start, but evidently I forgot what I was doing during the inventory.

    Anyway I substituted broccoli and mushrooms. The recipe was from Bob Bowersox, the chef on QVC. He says his name comes from German for farmer from Saxony.

    Sad to say, the result was very bland. It would probable be an ok side dish for a brunch. I think it would be better w/ sausage or bacon in it.

    It would help if our oven worked better. The temp gauge is all verkhata. 350 degrees is about half an inch left of Off.

    Oh, well. It's better than cooking in a fireplace.

    Candy, glad to hear you had a nice Anniversary dinner. You know ____ Haute shows up in the crosswords now and then.

    Love all that Americana you're singing, Granni. Used to have loads of records of same.

    Carla, folk dances are square, line, or circle. Even tho square dancers sometimes move in a circle, they start and end w/ a square formation.

    You sure put together a long post for someone in our condition. I think I better end this one before it evaporates. Will post more later.

    Das ist alles.

  13. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I love to dance but can't unless I have a bucketful of alcohol to take the pain away and then I have a relapse for a year or so - therefore I cant and DO NOT drink and so I cant dance. I have a couple of glasses of wine at Xmas or special occassions though.

    But, I will pretend, to dance that is.

    I remember going to a real live Barn Dance in Canada with real live Barn country people, it was brilliant. Very like our chaelides (I cant even spell it myself) - Caelies - with lots of Yeuching (Yee Ha's) and Scottish country dancing. Not that we townies have many of them but have gone to a few over the years.

    I've exhausted myself with the thought of all that twirling, wonderful stuff.

    When I have the energy I will talk to you all individually.


  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Rock you crack me up. You forgot the tuna, i guess it was a little bland. LOL

    Candy - I found that post you left me, thank you very much, it totally makes sense what you said about the sickness. I looked on your profile too and didn't see anything. Oh well, I am glad you are better, I am too. I finally had an appetite last night. I took my daughter Lindsay to Kriegers last night and had a Grouper sandwich and salad which was delicious and I was able to eat the whole thing. Whew, I am glad that is overwith.

    Granni, if you can have your concert recorded and put it on you tube. I would love to hear you sing.

    Elaine - you remind me so much of me before this DD. I used to work out everyday, play softball 3 or 4 nights a week and just run around all day. I wish i could still do those things. I probably could start working out again each day, I just have to have the willpower to do it. My daughter joined a gym a few months ago and it would only cost an extra 10.00 per month for me to join so I may just do that. I am just so so tired when I get home from work all i want to do is just chill out. I just have to get my butt in gear that's all.

    All you other porchies wake up and smell the roses. LOL. No roses here, it is rainy and cold today, yucky again.

    Take care and i will check back later taters. Mickey
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  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Lin, that thought came to my mind as well. Why do i keep getting sick on the weekends???? We do get takeout chinese a lot on Friday nights and I did have that Thursday night before my bout, so I am pretty sure it does have something to do with what I am eating. I already told my husband, no more Chinese for me. I am staying away from that. Hopefully that was all it was. We shall see.

    Back to work, Mickey
  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    The PORCH has sure been busy! How nice. It's been windy and
    cool here this week even with the bright sun shinning! Was
    almost blown off the cable of the GG Bridge the other day
    haven't been that fearful since I watched a Father And Son
    climb the face of "EL CAPITAIN" from the safety of the
    Yosemite Valley Floor! Ya know what I'm sayin?
    There gonna run the Olympic Torch down the Embarcadero
    waterfront today. I go there often, but think I'll avoid the
    the crowd and media blitz today! (No crabbing wiff the 'Lil
    Guys today)!

    Jodie: Hope your attentively in your classroom seat by now!
    When does Cody expect to hear about his College choices?
    Seems as if that should have been settled by now with the
    School year quickly coming to an end.

    Rocky: Last nite I did a salad and one of those Stouffer's
    Lasagne Frozen "thingys". "I" had no chance of forgetting
    any of the ingredients! I've been getting bored wiff my
    own cooking. Same-0, Same-0.!!

    Linda, Mickey and Candy; I'm glad you are all feeling better
    now. Hope as the weekend approaches you will each be feeling
    even better!

    Elaine: Good news from your Doctor! It's like getting a
    an "A" on an exam.

    CK: Don't forget to engage the "self-propel" gear on the
    lawn mower today! I tell my house mates oft times when
    leaving the house that "I'm going out to mow the front
    lawn". We have sidewalk and a 4 lane blvd. out there!

    Marta: How's "Honey" doing? I sent my Daughter's Kitty
    a pkg. of toy mice that arrive on Monday thru the mail\box slot on the front door. When my Girl arrived home, the
    Kitty had the "book type envelope" half torn thru! She
    thinks the Kitty smelled my sent and knew it was for her! (She's a smart Kitty!)

    Hello to Annie, Grannie, Rosie, Arnold&Maria, Donnie&Marie,
    Roy&Dale, George&Gracie and Honey&Sophie!

    Keep the Good Torch burning Kids!
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  17. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I am still plugging along. Been MIA again, I haven't had the puter on for a week.

    It's been busy here...

    CARLA...did you see that strange object in the sky???Yep, it sure wqas good to see the sun shine and actually dry the ground some.
    I spread 80 pound of pelleted lime on my clay bank to try to get grass to grow. A cattle farmer told me you have to get bacteria back in the ground...maybe it will work.

    How is everyone doing? WE finally got our lettuce,onion and potatos in the ground. This is a busy time around here in the country.

    Finally got my porch scrubbed yesterday after months of tracking mud and dirt...what was I thinking, painting a porch white?

    Hope all are well. will check back later and try to play catch up.

    hugs to all
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No time for a REAL post so generic it is. No I am not really working just trying to work on some computer issues with my new e-mail program as well as other things. I did read your posts before but didn't have time to post so just checked you all out (-: !!

    Jodie - Hey girl I like that name and it is pretty common here in the south which I did not know till we moved here. It is fairly common as a middle name. I named a daughter # 4 Lynne (with an e) whcih I did when we lived in NY. I also have a granddaughter named Meegen Lynne.

    BTW Jodie, I glad you at least bumped into a guy who is giving you notice for possible dates. That is a good sign.

    Candy - no I have not been working today and I should be vacuuming. Tomorrow DH dsoes the rest of the power wahsing of the deck. I might just help to move some stuff out of the way. Painting might resume this weekend or next week. You can get the wet noodle out next week if we start then. Hope you are feeling better now.

    Mickey - you are on call for this coming week to help paint , OK ? No I didn't order a video of the performance coming up and it would be to long to put on you tube . You might not see me anyway since it is mostly a group thing. Glad you have your appetite back too.

    Linda - glad you are feeling better this morning.

    Elaine - no I haven't had the time do anything with the info you gave me on the computer yet. Everything looks so easy till I try and do it (-: !! I will later then. Tonight is choir practice so can't do much tonight either.
    Glad you got good news from your doctor or should I say passed his test.

    Rosie - How are you doing? Sorry you are "too pooped to participate" as we used to say. Iknow the feeling too and love to dance. If the music is right and I can find a partner I probably would drag myself up thee anyway. I might even dance with myself which I have done ona few occasions (-: !!

    Rock - Nothing like tuna noodle casserole with no tuna (-: ! Don't worry about it. I have done some pretty silly things myself in the cooking department. I just love noodles and past of any kind so itprobably would tasted pretty good to me. Just might need some extra pepper or something !! Hope you are feeling better to. What a group !!

    CK - slow down a bit girl. Hope you are getting all your things fixed little by little. Sorry if I missed your post as I did alot of fast reading today. Yes, I guess I do have more of a social life than you but sometimes I wish I didn't - groan !!!

    Hi to Mrdad, Julie, Joan, 1sweetie and everyone I have forgotten.

    Hugs and blessings,


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  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just read all the posts and now I can hardly recall who said what:

    Here goes: Welcome Rock and glad you are feeling a wee bit better-I guess that Tuna Casserole could be called "Five Easy Pieces Casserole" ala Jack Nick. fame!!!

    Happy Anniversary to Candi and DH

    Glad you are well Lin.

    Granni well painting is so tiring. I love Steven Foster especially I love "Hard Times", the lyrics are so moving and such a great melody-I have his song book.

    mrdad-did you read the prohealth notice today about the B12 and fatigue? I think the sublingual B12 they sell here is the best for sure.

    Carla, yep your social life is bout like mine!!! I have done that with the mower too in the past.

    Got a lot done this a.m. met with the roofer/electrician to get the leaks fixed and do some lights in the kitchen which is like the black hole of Calcutta. First Dan went to bank for his deposit. Dan will help with the roof but we do not do our own large electrical jobs. Then went to drop of Danny's tv at the repair shop, then to the dump, then to school to collect his keyboard, then to library then to planning to get our permit. WHEW! and it all went quickly and smoothly.

    I think our town/village must be the friendliest in all creation, it is America's best kept secret, just a delightful community and just remember this, we paid only $66,00 for our three bes two bath 1,600 sf home in a nice neighborhood (and all oak floors!!!)

    Everyone and everything is so nice, friendly, helpful. Danny had never been bullied once since starting thi school in Sept. and at his last we had to pull him out due to bullying every day as some will recall.

    He played his piano at assembly and did his second speech and now is off for two weeks vacation. Hopefull y his cousin (who is also autistic) will be coming to stay.

    Hi to everyone else, Rosie, Elaine, Jodie, foggy, who else? I bet I missed someone 1sweetie, well you know who you all are.

    Raining here, so now the chores are over I am going to watch a movie.

    Love Annie
  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am just winging right now, gotta eat lunch and take the girls for a walk, it is cloudy so I hope it doesn't rain on us.

    I have pushed this week, but an taking it easy today, got a lot of little things done so the stress is less.

    Sounds like everyone is feeling better and getting over the bugs.

    Mickey- I too thought about the food issue and you being sick on the weekends. Are you allergic to MSG? I know someone that is and can not eat chinese anymore, found out it was making her sick, same thing for celiac disease.

    Candy glad you and DH had a nice dinner and I love blizzards too. I love the Hawiaan one, has pinapples, coconuts and bananas in it, yummy.

    Hey Rosie glad to see you on this side of the pond, hope your flowers made it threw the cold.

    Annie you are a busy girl too, glad things went so well for Danny. Do feel for you regarding the repair work.

    Linda glad you are back to the real world now- I go on the 16th for the double whammy, I hate the day before more than the procedure, they totally knock me out because it is very painful for me with he twists and turns of my belly.

    Mrdad sorry you didn't get to go catch crab's wiff the lil guys. Hope you can make it out to the park.

    Rock love the tuna fish cassarole, but don't like tuna so that would be my kind of cassarole.

    Well the tummy is hungry so well say hello and a big wave to everyone else, will catch up later- Carla

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