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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, Kids

    Just got back from the bone cracker, the music store and the market. Uff-da! Los Angeles traffic is a demoralizing, dehumanizing, and not-so-delovely experience.

    Dave Barry found traffic in China worse. Buses, cars, ox carts and bicycles all on the same road.

    Be back after I catch my breath.

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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    To thank you guys. A;lso Granni I know how frustrating it all is and I lecture in autism studies so if I find it so, imagine how ard it is for others.

    I did hear back from Cleveland Clinic today and they will not accept NY Medicaid. They will only accept kids with private insurance unless you live in Ohio, then they MAY take Medicaid as their own discretion.

    I was pretty upset about that too, as it once again seems as if the richer kids are going to get the better treatment.

    Meantime I spoke with the immunologist and our own doctor and they both agreed that the liklihood is that this could be Demodex mites (something I have been suggesting for 9 months). To be fair, I have had the meds for it for a while but was waiting for the biopsy prior to going ahead as the meds for this can cause anaphlaxis. Anyway, we have decided to take the meds into our doctor tomorrow and have him take them right there, so if he goes into shock he can have the doctor right on hand to administer epinephrine.

    Demodex may be the cause of rosacea in others. Usually only really old people in homes have them, and rarely children. If you google them you will see how horrid they are. The symptoms Danny has are really terribly swollen eyes all the way around and a swollen lip and redness and some swelling in his face. Lin met him and she will tell you it looks like he got into poison ivy, except it is permanent.

    Anyway thanks again and love to everyone else.

    Thinking of Elaine, Lin and Carla especially today.

    I found a lovely poem about passing away I will try and post separately as their are several here who are sad right now and this poem was uplifting.

    Love to all, Annie
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks Rocky!! You've got us started with the new Volume(s)
    twice in a road. Thanks for being there from ALL!

    Linda: Hope you continue to heal well and that you find that
    the op was worth while and successful! Get all the rest you
    can for now. I bet ya miss "Bailey" a lot by now!? He's
    gonna want to stay with you when ever Kylob goes out of Town.

    Annie: It's horrible about the Danny! How insensitive people
    can be at times. Do hope that the Cleveland Idea pans out for
    you both. There has to be a reasonable alternative to the
    problem than just guess work!

    Carla: Lots of huggles to you! I sent ya an email in reply
    this a.m. and know you will call on your remarkable strength
    and get through things in good order.

    Elaine: hope you are doing well.

    Julie: Ya left for Belize yet? I thought it was today?

    Hope all are doing well today. 'Posta get to 66 but don't
    think it will make it! I'll b-bac later."K"?
  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Thanks again Rocko, you are on the ball. You had a lot of energy today, seems you went to a lot of places. Did you get any good music??

    I am just about to get off work, it has been a busy day and I haven't had time to check in on you guys. Seems a little slow on the porch today.

    Mr. Dad, I hope your weather gets better, here in St. Louis/Charles it has been almost 80 sunny and beautiful. I can't believe that just a few weeks ago we had snow. My yard is so beautiful, all the plants are just a blooming. I love how the plants around the pool look. I will have to take a picture and show you guys.

    Annie - I just wanted you to know that Danny is in my prayers. I really hope and pray that he gets better and that he is treated with respect and dignity the way he should be.

    As soon as I get my daughter's Prom picture scanned in I will let you guys know. I will just post it for a day or two. She looks so beautiful in her dress.

    She is all grown up now and really makes me feel old. Oh well, I guess we have to get there someday.

    Well I am ready to clean up here and shut down for the day. Talk to you porchies later.

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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so tired and need to go and take a shower and get ready for nighty night !!I even did some painting this afternoon after my endo appointment. Nothing new except I will be on the Fosomax when I get it for my osteoporosis. Still have to see how the bone density comes out in a couple of weeks. One good thing is now they have a generic Fosomax which I am thrilled about. Some of the stuff I have been taking is not generic - my b/p meds and then the Forteo which I am now off of was SO expensive.

    Mickey - am sure that your daughter will look so beautiful in her prom dress. OH. those were the days - for my kids anyways. I never did go tomy H.S. prom cause I was going with DH then and he was in the Navy and he was not in port at that time. Proms nowadays are so much different anyway from when I went to school. Kids are growing up so fast nowadays !! She will be gorgeous I know. Take lots of pics.

    Rock - Thanks for starting us up again. I almost did but then I got aphone call and when I got back you had jumped in !! Traffic in alot of big cities is a scarey thought too. Houston , in some parts is horrible too. That is why I try not to go there by myself. My b/p would be up and gone for sure (-: !!

    Mrdad- How are you doing? Hope you are feeling OK and getting ready for the Bee Kee Nee season to come about for you !! Doing anything exciting in preparation? It is getting warm enough here if you want to visit Texas !!

    Candy - Hope you get your medcaid (medical assistance). Every little bit helps I know. I think my daughter got it for one of the boys,. She has one with LD's and another with leukemia. She finally got a job with some med insurance but goes mostly to a homeopathic doctor who has helped her alot and doesn;t take insurance unfortunatly.

    Elaine - I forgot what you said on your post sweetie. Just know I am thinking about you !!

    Carla - I just had to say hi and thinking about you to my dear with all you have had to do lately.

    Linda - Hope you are feeling OK or not to badly after your surgery on your neck.

    Did Julie leave today? I do not remember when she was leaving. She surely will be missed my me and the whole Porch, for sure.

    Hugs and blessings to you all. You are all special, even if I haven't mentioned your name.


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am having an unusually busy day, as Mickey observed. Went to the bonecracker, the market and a music store. Had to take inventory of my CDs first. Last year I bought 4 CDs; already had them.

    Now I have to put away all the boxes of CDs I dragged out.
    Possessions are such a bother.

    My Alzheimer's is getting worse. Made soup a day or two ago. Poured a ladlefull on a plate rather than the more conventional soup bowl.

    The tin man wanted a brain. I'd settle for my old one back.

    Lots of blooming plants here (Los Angeles) too, Mickey. The flowering trees are spectacular. The jacaranda will be in its lavender glory next month.

    There's a car dealer that has a bed of poppies running its entire block. They've been blooming for months. How was your Ad. Ass. lunch?

    Marta, those cats behaving yet? And what about you? Are you behaving?

    Still painting that porch, Granni? It seems like the Golden Gate bridge; painting never ends.

    Hope you're able to catch up on your sleep, Carla.

    Better quit before I lose this.


  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear your grandson likes books, Jole. It will be a big advantage for him in school. I taught my son to read when he was three. I read some library books on how to do it.

    (Treat it like a game and use flashcards.) Couldnt find any flashcards, so made my own w/ a stencil. He learned one new word a day. In a month or so he could put the cards together to make simple sentences.

    Yes, humming birds are great, Laceymae. Lots of them in Los Angeles. As many have observed, they are like flying jewels.

    Who started talking about curry? I can type reasonaby fast but my mind is slipping away even faster.

    I had chicken curry once; about 40 years ago. I remember nothing about the taste. The only thing I remember is that the chicken was tinged w/ green.

    How is your brother coming along, Candy? Hope his recovery is swift and painless. As for starting a thread, nothin' to it. You just click on "Post Topic" and type away as usual.

    Annie, I am dismayed to hear about the shabby treatment Danny had to endure. He is lucky to have a parent such as you for an abogado (that's "attorney" in these parts, folks.)

    Roast Beast, Bevy. Sounds good. Sounds like Dr. Seuss.

    Good to see all of you including the ones I missed: Bary, Elaine, Strom Thurmond, Jodie, Rosie, Johnny
    Weissmuller, et. al.

  8. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Friends - for some reason I'm not being allowed to type anymore in the title??

    Anne - I hope the meds work for Danny, I'm sorry you're having problems with your medical insurance, we're still lucky here having the NHS though it doesnt perform like it used to.

    Rock - curries are very big over here in UK - we have loads of Indian restaurants and take-aways (mostly Bangladeshi) and curry has become one of the favourite foods here. Tom is perfecting his home made curry, he's getting better.

    I'm off uptown today (2 mins from centre - we live in town) to get my son's engagement ring - he's proposing to his girlfriend next week. He bought the ring from an online shop in Israel and is getting it valued (appraised) to make sure its genuine, I'm sure it is. I hope she doesn't say no, surely not after 6 years. Maybe he's waited to long.....lol.

    Carla, sent you message, hope you're back here soon.

    Lyn and Elaine, hope you continue to recover well.

    Everyone else, hope you have a good, relatively pain free weekend.


  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It is bright and early, the sun is out, the trees are blooming and it is a perfect day. Well it is Friday, you know.

    Rock, my Admin Lunch was awesome, the guys all catered Fratelli's Pizza, toasted raviolie, cheese sticks, and about 10 different desserts. It was delicious. They are awesome to work with.

    Okay I have to brag, my daughter Ashley has received so far 39,000 in scholarships to Mizzou (University of Columbia, MO). Yes, she has decided to go to her 2nd pick of colleges. I am glad, that way she can be off on her own and experience being away from MOm and Dad, (as much as I wish she wouldn't, boo hoo) I am going to miss her so much. We are so close, we walk, we workout, we shop together.

    At least I have one more at home and we are also close, Lindsay has 3 more full years before college. She already knows she wants to go to Mizzou. She loves her big sister and really looks up to her.

    Also, Ashley was honored for having a 4.2 for 7 semesters in a row (she actually had all through high school but they accept 7 in a row for this award) at a lucheon at some golf club yesterday. I am so proud of her. I was amazed there were 100 students honored for this in her school district. We have some smart kiddos nowadays.

    Well, it seems everyone is doing better. Candy I hope you can get some sleep.

    Granni, Ashley's prom was last weekend, I did get lots of pictures. I just have to take the time to get them scanned in. I am so lazy when it comes to that stuff.

    I will check in a little later.
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  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your support and freindship.

    As I posted on the board, I am hanging in here. Staying busy and taking care of business, I had so many things going on before all of this and now the other things that need to be done, I will be busy for a while.

    Annie- I wanted to say how horrible the way things are going with Danny. I do hope you are able to get Cleveland to accept you. Have you thought about other childrens hospitals, like Shriners and St Judes? I do pray you find a answer, there is nothing worse than feeling helpless when it comes to your childrens health and Dr's don't know a thing.

    Elaine- I am glad you are doing well with your treatment,I have survived cancer twice so keep the faith and give the guy a "little" slack, some men have good intentions but can't handle these issues the way we would like them too. I do understand how you feel, as I have been there too. Carry on my soldier freind as I know you will.

    Linda- I hope you are feeling better, but I know it can get worse before it gets better, I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

    Rock-thanks for getting us going, Seems like you have been shaking, rattling and rolling with all your outings. I have done the same thing with painting supplies. Buy something and go home and already have one, two or more.

    MRdad hope all is well on the left coast, I will ketchup wiff ya later.

    Candy sounds like you have been busy, I did read your "sweating" post and I do the same thing, it starts on my head, it pours down my face and even my face sweats under my eyes and such. I am going to have my hormone levels checked at my next appt. I have never heard of anxienty causing sweating. Hope you are feeling better.

    Rosie- glad to see you are still here and are feeling better.

    Lacey- I hope you have been enjoying this wonderful weather we have been having. How are things with momma and baby?

    Mickey-that is great news about your daughter and her schlorships, I know that helps ease your mind a bit.

    Granni- did you ever finish painting your porch? Or have you been out having fun instead?

    Of course when I get going people come in so I will sign off for now.

    A hello to Bevy, Barry, and anyone I have missed, I am so glad to have all of you in my life and appreciate all you have done to help me threw this time, it has helped more than you know-Carla
  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I see Elaine and Carla our out on the porch right now. Hi you girlies.

    Elaine and Carla with all you each have going on right now I don't see how you have time to address everyone and worry about all of our problems and congratulate all of our happenings with what is going on in your lives. That is just so sweet and I want to thank you. It is always nice to hear your name mentioned in a post.

    I hope all the other porchies, Georgia, how is your hearing by the way???? I hope it is better. Rock, Mr. Dad, Candy funny girl, Bevy, Julie, Rosie, Annie, Mart, Linda, Granni the paint expert, Lacey and Jodie. I hope that is everyone. I would hate to leave any of you out. There is just so many of us now.

    Today I splurged and had Lion's Choice for lunch. I read a book at a picnic bench and ate my lunch. My lunch breaks are my alone time and I really look forward to them.

    Well, I will check in a little bit with you all.

    Love ya, Mickey
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  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    elaine...cute tutors, well yes they are but they are probably 21 years at most...

    i am over stressing right now...i have three differernt people want to do three things w/me tonight...i just have to say no for tonight and go w/the flow... i am so worried about math test etc...

    then i have been invited to opening day on the bay parties all weekend long...

    well this is about it for now i need to get motivated for the big day on monday...tests galore...

    well talk to you all later and wishing everyone quick recoveries from all of their surgeries.

  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    to everyone re their concerns and well wishes.

    We did get the school thing sorted a new aide who thinks every kid with special needs is in need of boot camp. Sometimes when they come from working with Emotionally charged kids they just cannot turn off. Got a nice program set up for math, ELA and Science(ELA is English)from next week.

    There is NO way that Cleveland will even talk about accepting Danny. They don't even accept all kids on Medicaid from Ohio, only the ones they "approve"-so yet another place for rich kids.

    Rosie, I will tell you, hang on to the NHS as although you have to wait, sometimes it is worth the wait to get a good doctor, I swear some of the docs I have seen must have cheated their way thru med school as they seem totally dim. In fact the two good docs I see one is Lebanese and the other British!!!

    Elaine glad you seem perky. Carla, so glad you are doing as well as you are. I have a poem I want to post for you (and others)but it is several verses so I will post separately.

    Candi hope your brother is doing OK.

    Lin-how are you doing today-this weather must be a help. We are in Hamburg Monday, not too far from you-seeing the Pediatric Doc there Dr Caulkin as she is rheumie too. I hear she is brusque but good.

    Rocky, your tales, you really should write a book-yuou always make me laugh. Glad you ordered the Jeanne Ray "Eat Cake" I found it so funny and it is about people who have some disabilities too.

    Hey mrdad speedos are banned in public these days you know-remember Johnny Wisemuller in his little leopardskin one???

    Granni did you finish your painting? We are nearly done framing out the fence, will complete it after the docs today, then put the boards up tomorrow and maybe Sunday get the sun room trellis finished. The cats will be in heaven being out on grass!!!

    Well we are off to the docs with Danny. They did find more demodex, so we will try and treat that. He will take 5 Ivermectin (same stuff in ant killer and Heartguard) and wait at the docs to check for any bad side effects. We may eat out down there, and go back for last call at the docs at 6.00pm to make doubly sure. Wish us luck.

    To everyone I missed-lots of good wishes.

    Love Annie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there everdobby,

    Didn't really get much done today. Went shopping with DH , then came home and fixed lunch and put away some stuff from the store. When out again with Dh and picked up a few more things at Wally World. I should be out there painting new but I sm really kind of tired and hurting so I may not get out there today. Finished up my washing from yesterday !

    I should have gone out early this morning but it was dark, very cloudy and have to really see where I was painting and now I am to tired. I WILL be out there tomorrow if it does not rain. They are promising some but do not know how much or where. So, we will see !!

    Jodie - Glad to hear from you. Just stick to your work and do as best you can. HMM,if the tutors are that young it may be a hard thing to concentrate (-: However if they are close to the age of your son, I don't know about that !! Math is always such a booger to me !! Even with tutors I was just "out in space" with the higher maths. Thank God I didn;t have to take trig., algebra and geometry was bad enough for me and that was HS.

    Have some fun this weekend though and try not to stress to much over who to go out with when. Nothing like being so popular (-: !! If you are to pooped or have stuff to do for school don't be afraid to tell them so, boys or girl friends. Have some fun though to sweetie !

    Mickey - Hi there busy gal?? It is nice you have a place to go and have quiet time for lunch. Then you can really relax !! It sounds like you like your job and they are good to you so that is very helpful !! If you are not busy come and help me paint tomorrow, K?

    Candy - Hi there hon what are you up to today? You have been so busy taking care of your family members. Maybe sometime you can come and take care of me - all right ??(-: !! That sure would be a new one for me. It seems like I am always the one taking care of somebody or was when I was younger. Now, there is the problem of distance and feeling like - - - - !! So I feel guilty sometimes when I cannot be there for someone I really would like to help, esp in the family. Hope you have a nice weekend and get to do something fun for yourself and DH.

    Carla - You still have the time to almost mention everyone. You are something else my friend.

    Elaine and all - DH needs the computer again. So I need to run for now. More later soon I hope.!! Hi to Mrdad, Rock, Georgia, Lacey,Marta, Annie and everydobby else.



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  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh how I wish I could help you out. If you only lived about an hour away, I would be there in a heartbeat. Last year, my daughter and her boyfriend helped out Mary, one of the elderly ladies in our neighborhood stain her deck. She did pay them, but they did it to help her out.

    You wouldn't have to pay me. My DH just finished powerwashing our deck last weekend and is waiting for the rain to stop for about 4 days in a row so he can stain our deck. Then i will be painting our posts white again. So I will be in the same boat as you. Although I have 2 girls that can help.

    Annie, that stinks that Danny won't get accepted. I wish there was something that could be done. That medicine sounds horrible and doesn't seem right for him to take. But I guess you have to listen to the doctors. I am praying constantly for him. By the way, my Dad and brother's name is Dan Sr. and Dan Jr (i call my brother Danny).

    Take care Porchies and have a fabulous wonderful weekend. I will keep in touch over the weekend now that I have a computer at home.

  16. jole

    jole Member

    Rock, thanks for the new vol. You know, I appreciate the fact that you taught your son to read so early....most of mine were reading by age 4 or 5, but certainly not as young as 3! Good job!!

    I think starting them off young (and at home) teaches them to not only find reading fun, but also to respect books as friends! My granddaughter is 4 and reading, but doesn't seem to be such as big of an accomplishment these days, with all the new computerized learning tools for the very young.

    Elaine and Linda, glad your surgeries went well and both of you are recovering.

    Carla, please give yourself some time to simply BE... and let your mind empty of all you've been through for a short while before starting on with life again. The process of watching a loved one pass is very emotionally draining, even though you may not feel it for awhile.....when it does hit, please remember we are all here for you...and there is NOT a time limit to grief!! Bless you!

    I don't have much time right now, and just have to say...Rosie, are you the one whose son is getting engaged? Well, my youngest daughter just called about 30 minutes ago to tell me that her BF just proposed to her! We're soo thrilled...he is such a great guy and she certainly deserves some happiness. Must be love's in the air????

    Everyone else, will try to get back soon. You're all very special and I love visiting with all of you. Just don't have the strength right now.

    Love to all~ Jole

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    This is my first post today! Been real busy trying to get
    out of Town. Headed North and will eventually end up in
    Oregon by the end of the week. Unlikely that I'll have the
    availability of Internet. My Son and I will be transporting
    an old car to my Daughter for Her use in Portland.

    I apologize for not replying to Posts tonight, but you are
    all in my thoughts! I'll hopefully be home and back on the
    PORCH in about one week. I'm gonna miss each of you very
    much! Extra "Huggles" to all!


  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Lin I am worried about you as you have not posted recently. Are you OK? It just starated thundering here, which will cool the humid air down.

    Our fence is coming along, but rain stopped play (to DH relief!!!)

    The doc would not give Danny the pills yesterday as he wants him there a whole day. Meanwhile we researched them a little more and decided our best bet is to give them here at home and be prepared to get down to ER, as we are one mile from hospital, after forewarning them, as side effects that can be serious can happen for 5 days. I did apply the cream today. Took him for a crew cut yesterday so we could rub the stuff in his scalp. The doctor is snappy and used to dealing with only welfare cases, sort of blames the parent for being sloppy, and kind of talks down to everyone-he is tired out mostly I think.

    He thinks it looks great but it just highlights the red swollen eyes and face, makes him look like a boxer!!! He is solid!

    We are made up about the new plan for Danny in school I think it will be a good answer. The school are usually lovely but it was this one new aide really. Teacher apologised yesterday to us about it all.

    Hey Rosie, saw Humphry Littleton died-it seems all the oldies are dying off this year, he had a gooid life and I think was 89. Rock you may have heard of him, jazz band leader but very comedic as well.

    I thought of you today as I was trying to teach Danny how to make a hot dog. He kept wandering away from the pan (we were frying them)as he thought the pan would wait for him to come back!!!and the result was more like burnt offering. I am trying to make it so he can make four or five meals, but he is scared of knives and stoves. He has learned how to make mac cheese in the microwave (the frozen sort) and makes cereal OK.

    The psych. at school ios currently completing an assessment for OMRDD for him as we are at last going to sign him on board so he can get benefits at 18, and she asked if we ever saw him being able to live independently and we imediately said, "Not a chance." I think what we have now at nearly 14 is about what he is capable of more or less. Who knows though.

    Hey you all have a good day now.
    Love Annie

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, here I am on the puter and not doing a whole lot of anything. The weather has been iffy. DH finished most of the porch/deck floor today. He said for me to wait till it is lighter out there and could do the white and he would help me with it to. So, that sounds fine with me. I did some washing and straightening up but nothing earth shattering, as usual.

    Mrdad - Have a safe trip and get back safely !!I know the Porch will be quieter without you.

    Mickey - You are lucky to hae access to a coumpter both at work and at home. Sorry you can't help with the painting today eiether since I am not doing any either. It drizzles some last night to and DH dried it off and painted over it. He mayhave to redo a few spots when it dries and it gets sunnyu so we can actually see what it looks like. have a great weekend !!

    Ours will be fairly quiet except for going to the our club opening, they redid it and extended out with a porch and such and another bar after the fire last year.

    Jole - I am sure you are excited about your daughter becoming engaged. Hoe woderful especially if you really like the guy. How old is she? Wish them lots of good luck !!

    Carla = Jole was right when she said to take it easy some after the death of your mom.. You have beenthrough such an ordeal.

    Candy - I hope that your new meds for energy will help you. Drop a note when you can aboutit and have a wonderful weekendl Hope you can at least relax and not havae to take care of any more sick people (besides yourself), for awhile anyway.

    Elaine - try and take it easy till your next therapy. I forget when you were going this coming week. I know it was two times. You are such a bausy girl. Give me some of your energy please. Even if you ad others think I have so much energy - I DON'T!! I just keep on PUSHING !!

    In csae someone else comes in before I finish I am sorry.

    Big hugs to everydobby on the Porch even if some of you are just peaking in like possibly 1Sweetie, Marta, Joan , Lacey, Annie, Johnboy, JimBob and all the rest. (-: !!

    Have a fantastic, and hopefully fairly painfree weekend !!

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  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just had to stop in to say hello to Linda and Julie.

    Linda glad to hear it is tolerable and hope that is a sign of a successful surgery. I did some research on Niagra Falls in Canada this morning, trying to talk Haley into going with me for a few days this summer.

    Julie so glad you had a safe trip and found a place to stay until you get your house that has some modern things, like running water and power.

    I spent most my day outside, it wasn't too hot and ended up playing with fire, I love that part. But the aftermath isn;t so great but it must be done.

    My lot is level but it drops off all the way across the back and it is bushy and viney but under all of that is garbage, it is unreal that people can do this to their property.

    So I am burning sections then rake it and and remove the metal and stuff that didn't burn, then it will grow back and look much better. I bet I have small fortune in cans,lol.

    Then took the girls for a nice long walk and ride. I love getting my cart back, it is just so beautiful here. After dinner, I fell asleep watching tv, it felt pretty good.

    Hello to Elaine, glad to hear you are following Drs orders and good luck with your treatments

    Mrdad we will miss you while your gone, SMG said she would be watching out for you.

    Georgia what is this about your hearing or lack of, I hope that it is temporary

    Ok fadin into darkness here do a big hello to everyone else, you know who you are and am so glad you are here. I hope you are feeling your best and having a good weekend-Nite-Nite-Carla