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  1. mrdad

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    "CAUTION"---you are about to enter the "unspun zone". Hope

    no one got caught in the transition!

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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    here and we did put the fireplace on it was so chilly. Watched Cranford, enjoyed it but for the dark.

    Georgiac I recall your lovely shawls. I knitted a few sweaters in fairaisle this past year for the boys, and a baby coat, but I cannot knit as I used to.

    Mrdad, thanks for switching.

    Gosh three posts and now I cnanot recall who else!!!

    Well hafta get to bed.

    Happy returns for your dad Linda-my FIL is 91 this year and still downhill skiing and playing tennis three times a week. I think people who drink wine live longer. Wish I could but it cripples me (sulphides).

    Night night

    or as we say in Wales. Nos Dar

    Love Annie
  3. Janalynn

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    Well - I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day - whether it was spent with your Mom, or thinking of your Mom, with children or family - or at least comfy and cozy..

    We started a tradition a few year ago of taking Mom to breakfast - my two sisters and I, then getting to spend the rest of the day with our own families. This year my brother in law made breakfast for all of us girls (nice treat!) then had a nice visit..

    Came home, took an hour nap...saw my youngest for just a few minutes, but then went to my Mom's house, did her nails for her, sat on her patio for a bit. She's alone and it was important to spend time with her - she's absolutely one of my favorite people on this earth and always will be.
    THEN , when I came home - my oldest son who is in college was here! He popped in after work. That made my day!
    I don't see him very much and miss him terribly.

    I am a lucky woman - I have the most wonderful Mom and the most incredible kids that have made me a Mom.

    Have a good night everyone - hope you all sleep well tonight!
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So nice for you Ladies, Kina and Janalynn, to share your Mother's Day wiff us! Nice to see the both of you back
    up on the PORCH! Hope it often becomes a regular part of your

    Linda, wonderful that you had such a good Mother's Day! A
    Happy B'Day to your Dad. I'm sure you are so pleased to have
    them back from Florida for the Summer and Fall.

    Do hope Mother's will be posting about their day. Hope it was
    a very special one for ALL.

    "Talk" to ya awl on the 'morrow.

  5. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    still chilly over here too, after our mini 'heatwave' - haven't put central heating back on either because of high energy prices.

    Georgia, KJM - ladies who knit and crochet - my daughter has a beautiful crochet suit - one of the circles has started to unravel - she has given it to me to save - do I just stitch it like in sewing?? This is probably an impossible question as you can't see it but any advice would be appreciated.

    Linda - I'm glad you had a nice time with your Dad, what's next now that he's 80 and you all say live til you're 90 - I love it!!

    Janalyn, sounds like you had a great day with your family too, I'm glad your son turned up and surprised you.

    Annie, I watched Desperate Housewives, you watched Cranford, what can I say?

    Mr Dad, I'm jealous of all the sunshine you and Rock share.

    Have a lovely day everybody.

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I can't be on long as I have to run soon to have my Bone Density done. The last time I was there, about a month ago I was gettting undresses and ready for the tes whenthe Tech told me tht it has not quite beeen 1 yr since my last one. Theefore, Medicare would not ay for it. So, I had to go home andmake another appointment to go which is today. Just hope it will trun out better thn before I started the Forteo.

    Last year when I had been on the Forteo about 1 yr the endo wanted e to have another one so I did. However, she said since it was at a different place with differnent mahines she said the results were hard to tell. However, she said that she thought it looked like a slight trend to the good (whatever that meant). So, I have been wondering all year. Hope all that sticking myself helped my severe osteoporosis at least some (-: !!

    Hope all your MOM's had a nice day yesterday. I had a quiet one at home with phone calls from the kids, etc. Also got lovely flowers from the #3 Daughter. Our son is OOT for business and DIL said something is in the mail

    MrDad - Glad to see youagain after al this time and even starting us up again, like "Old Times." !!

    Elaine - good luck with all your auction items.

    Darn it I pusted post and I wasn't even done yet.

    Lin - Hope your neck xrays turn out OK.

    Hey Candy did you see my post on the other side? Have to make my appointment.

    Hugs to everyone!

    Luv to y'all,


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  7. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    The sun has got his hat on
    hip hip hip hooray
    the sun has got his hat on
    and he's coming out to play

    it's 3.30 and sun has decided to shine on us once again so i'm off to sit in garden.

  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Kina and Janylyn glad you enjoy it here. Pleased to have you on the porch. Found a couple of deck chairs for you. Rock is bringing some orchids over, and Linda is making the hanging baskets. Mrdad is doing the jokes!

    Well glad you all had a nice mother's day. Rosie I have never seen desperate Housewives, I hear it is very popular in the UK though.

    Wow, the Chinese Earthquake sounds horrendous, it seems to be one of the largest of the last few years.

    Now Janylyn, Linda was saying about Thunder Bay, is this where you live (I may miss some posts so forgive me-brain fog)

    Georgia you know I used to keep sheep and spin years ago. I have to tell you if you ever get to Upstate NY, Clayton has a spinning and weaving museum that is really worth visiting plus they do classes and have guest teachers. It is a lovely little village.

    Well Granni good luck today and stop worrying yourself on all counts will you? Let us know how things go, plus please don't be scared by the results. I read an article about a whole race of peoples, Asians and Indians who have far finer bone structure than we do as the osteoclasts work a little differently and they rarely get breaks. In fact there is some debate that the denser the bone the worse the break issue, that the results are skewed to include frail very old people with other diseases. I also read that when the FDA told everyone to get off the hormone replacement and the drug companies lost all that revenue, then this is when they changed the bar on osteoporosis to sell this new drug. Interestingly they push it all at women when men get it just the same, but the bar is so low these days, I would not worry too much.

    Who did I miss? If I missed you I am sorry and say Hi anyway.

    Love Annie
  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It was a very busy weekend so I am sorry for just now getting on board. I had to go to the hospital to visit my Mom’s Husband. He has a brain tumor (not cancerous) and right now he is doing physical therapy to get stronger so he can do the radiation to get rid of the tumor hopefully. Anyway he has been in the hospital for about 2 weeks now. Please say a prayer for him.

    Then of course yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was wonderful. I had cards waiting for me in the morning and my wonderful husband made my favorite barbecue Pork Steaks, grilled chicken and rotisserie chicken, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad, etc.....yum, yum. He even barbecued in the rain and wind. He set up tarps all around him under the deck and made a tent like area.

    My mother and father in law and brother in law came over too. It was a very nice day. The guys even cleaned everything up. My DH’s card made me cry. He is not a romantic and emotional kind of guy if you know what I mean, doesn’t like to kiss much, hug much, etc..... However, his cards make up for it. They bring tears to your eyes and are so heartfelt. I love his cards.

    My oldest daughter Ashley is taking me out to dinner tonight for my present. That is so sweet of her. We are going to her favorite restaurant in Olde Town St. Charles called Tony’s. It is a beautiful area in St. Charles and a highly recommended restaurant. I am very thankful for my family.

    Anyway, I will come back after I read all the posts from volumes 235 and 236 and address everyone. I will also explain the salt-water pool. It is awesome and so safe for you.

  10. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    that's what I'll do, pick up the loose stitch and sew it.

  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    This is going to be so long, so I hope I don’t bore you guys. I am sitting at the front desk doing phones for the receptionist while she is at lunch, so I have some time. I finally got caught up on all the posts and it sounds like you have all been busy.

    Okay for all of you who were interested in my Salt Water pool, it is awesome. I guess it is new. We put an inground pool in about 3 or 4 years ago because as I said before, that was when Lindsay was diagnosed with Scoliosis and she had to wear a brace 24/7 unless she was in the pool.

    So instead of her having to wear that during the hot summer months, we put in a pool for her and of course of Subdivision only allows inground pools otherwise it would have been an above ground, much cheaper. Anyway, it is just was it says, you dump a big bag of Salt (like the kind you put down to melt ice) and you let that dissolve, you usually only have to do that twice a year. You do put a little bit of chlorine but very little, probably ¼ of what most chlorine pools are.

    It makes your skin so so soft and your hair too. You can actually comb your hair with a come when you get out and there are no tangles. You also don’t smell like chlorine and you don’t get that white powdering look on your skin. You eyes don’t burn either. You can actually taste a little of the salt if you get the water in your mouth but not much.

    The think I really love about this pool is it is so so easy to maintain. You just have to vacuum it every once in a while but that is it. So if any of you are going to get a pool definitely get the Salt Water Pool. You can probable get it for an above ground too I would think. We went through Blue Haven and they are all over the place, not just in St. Louis. You can google them. Okay, enough about that.

    Rock – I don’t think I have ever heard that song before; as a matter of fact I have never heard of Hawaiian eye before either. Oh well, I will have to look those up on Google otherwise it will bother me all day.

    Bevy – Hi to you today, hopefully you are not as foggy.

    KJM – Hi there, welcome to the porch. We all love to sit on our porch and chit chat and drink lemonade and eat our treats while Jerome cleans up the place for us. You will love it here. By the way, I would love a knitted sweater too.

    Janalynn – hi there again, glad you came back. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day too, well I just read your other post and it sounds like you did. That was very nice of your brother to do that. Hahaha, I am just thinking of my brother doing something like that and it made me laugh. Not in a million years. I am so glad your son came back, what an awesome surprise for you.

    Elaine – Sounds like your Mommy enjoyed her mother’s day. My family was pretty much the same too, when we were younger we were all so different (brother and sister) but now we are so close and we all get along wonderfully.

    Granni – Please tell me you are done with your painting. I hope so, you probably never want to see another paint brush after this job. We haven’t been able to stain our deck yet with all the rain we have been getting, and boy this weekend was a doozy for the rain and wind. Please let me know how your bone density test went, I said some prayers for you.

    Rosie – Did you have a good Mothers Day. I hope so, you deserve it. We had bad storms all weekend too, they even bent one of our trees out in the front yard.

    Georgia – Tamales, yum. I used to love the kind in the can. Do you remember those. I would eat them with ketchup. Hmmm, I think I will have to get some of those if they still sell them, now that I am talking about it I have a craving for them. By the way, what is an old alma mater????? Just curious. LOL

    Lydia – It is so nice to hear from you. I am glad you took your friends and family’s advice about Guatemala, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you guys. You take care and keep in touch girlie.

    Annie – Make sure you read my post above about the SALT WATER pool, I believe you were one of the porchies that was inquiring about it. It would help Danny, it cleared up my skin with the psoriasis too. The upkeep is nothing on this pool, you would love it.

    MrDAD – I hope you get over that darn cold and able to be your funny, cheerful self that we love. I love when the sun shines through the windows. My husband hates it and closed the blinds all the time, but then I will go after him and open them back up. I am honry like that. Oh, by the way, I am so glad you started the new volume, seems like the old days now. LOL

    Carla – I would love to have a golf cart to ride in around the subdivision. Actually our neighbor down the street has one. On Halloween, he will come get Lindsay and his kids and they will go trick /treating in it. It is very convenient, not to mention the kiddos love it. I think those days are over with for my kids though. Lindsay went last year, but she is definitely too old for trick/treating now. I am going to miss that lots.

    Sounds like you were definitely a hands on property manager and you are right it is just easier to do it yourself. Kind of like the light bulbs, I usually do them myself as long as my boss is not around. She doesn’t like for me to do it because of liability reasons, however, I hate having to pay someone to do something as easy as that.

    Monica – Wow $600 dollars at your garage sale, that is awesome. I really need to have one, I have so much stuff that I could sell and make money on. Actually, our subdivision has one every year and I think it is coming up. I just don’t know if I will have time to get everything together. That is a job in itself.

    Lincamp – The girls were wonderful on Mothers Day. Lindsay always makes me a card from scratch which I will take that over a bought one anyday. I have a special box for stuff like that. Ashley, my older one is taking me out to dinner tonight. Sounds like your mother’s day was wonderful. Kids can really be so thoughtful and you really know how much they appreciate you on these days.

    I hope your x-rays show good results for you and thank you so much for the birthday carrot cake, on of my favorites and love the walnuts. My mouth is watering right now.

    Kylob – Sounds like you Mothers Day was wonderful as well. So glad for you, I love flowers too and enjoy getting them. Hope you get some sleep tonight, I will say a quick prayer for you.

    A big hello to all the pochies I did not mention, please know I am thinking of you all too

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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm tryin' to get bac into the groove. Still have the Cold
    but is getting better and I'm on the mend! Hope all our
    Porchie Mother's had a wonderful day yesterday. Get rested up
    for "Father's Day"! Not too far off ya know.

    Maybe Julie can get to a 'Puter in Belize this week and let
    us know how things are progressing? Her courage is to be
    highly commended!

    Annie, yes, that was quite a horrible earthquake in China
    at 7.6. I think the '06 here in S.F. has been estimated
    at an 8.3, although it was really the fire that proved to
    be more damaging!

    Mickey, we have a large "salt water" pool here also! You
    can swim all the way to Asia ifin' you get the urge! Enjoy
    your dinner out tonight! So thoughtful and kind of your

    Linda, the Carrot Cake was great wiff my morning coffee!
    Sounds as if DAD had a nice B'Day! Hope your healing is
    progressing well! I meant to tell you and Kylob how much
    I enjoyed seeing the characature drawing of the two of ya!
    Great fun to be be such close friends I'm sure.

    Gonna fix my "infamous" chicken alfredo, brocolli fetuccine
    for my Son tonight! It's become one of his FAVORITES!!
    (Copied the recipe from Guido's Grandma's Ital. cookbook)
    Just can't wait to pop the top on that Alfredo Sauce bottle!

    'Posta get very warm here starting tomorrow! Lots of good
    "Bee-kee-knee" watchin' days ahead at the Park! Gonna have
    to "Windex" those binoculars in preparation! Ya know what
    I'm sayin?

    Hope you awl are havin' a great day! I'm Keeping a good thought
    for you Granni on your density test!

  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    You are riot! Swim to Asia!!! Glad you are feeling better though.

    Dinner sounds good-wasn't that how we met, didn't you invite me for dinner???

    The info on the pool sounds terrific. Though I am still pressing that we move BACK to the NJ shore as I do miss the beach so much and body surfing etc. The sea water is great.

    Now, Danny's face is somewhat better today-the swelling is definately down some, so keep your fingers crossed. He has all that blood work tomorrow.

    I have to tell you when he was younger and he is so literal with the autism, he used to call knitting "needling" which I loved!!! He also called gargling "water singing in the throat" which is my fave and when I do the autism book (get it finished) this will be the title.

    Hello to y'all, nice to have you hear, I read all the posts with interest and cannot now recall who said what and when. Sorry. Been moving furniture ALL day, yikes!!! My BAAAACK!

    Love Annie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mickey - I say that unless we missed few places. It was white railing and trim so sometimes hard to tell if we already did it or not. It wasn't full of green stuff, so I guess it was done. DH had water pressured most of it but not the back of some of the places which he could not reach. We have tried to clean that off with rag previously. All I can say is HOORAY !!!! Today was sort of coolish in comparison to the hot and humid days we have been having lately. So, I guess it was a good time to do that.

    Thanks for asking. Hope you get you staining done soon. I know what is like and it just keeps raining , keeping you from anything you need to do outside. Glad you had such a nice Mothers Day. Enjoy your dinner with your daughter. That wa so sweet.

    Annie - Thanks for the info on the osteoporosis. I just hope it is not considered SEVERE anymore, after all the stuff I have been taking. The doc (endo) is supposed to get the results probably today (they are in the same building). However, she may not contact me for another week or so. I am trying not to worry about it but at least I am on some kind of treatment (or should I say they are watching it) Not sure if this is good or bad (-: !! My mom had two broken hips and they only dxed her after the first break I believe.

    P.S. Thanks also for the wine tip. Both DH and I do. Maybe it will help me to live loger (-: !!

    She died from complications after the 2nd one (after they lost her partials " teeth") and she couldn;t chew well, got dehydrated, and just plain lost her will to live. My mom died at 93 and up that point had been doing great except for the first break !! My dad died in 1992 and she lived about 10 years longer by herself. My brother, thank gooddness took good care of her and his family. They were much closer to her (at least in the same state). Sorry, for this long story !!

    Rock - What was the song you were talking about? I think I missed it. I know you had spoken about Mairsy Dotes or Doats (not sure of the sp). I think Mickey was inquiring about it and I was hoping to find it on this olume so I could guess. However, if it was another one from your archives I could not find it. I LOVE old songs and usually remember alot of them or most shall we say.

    Linda - Glad you had a delicous steak dinner. We did to but we made it at home with promises to go out to eat next weekend, most likely. Hope your neck is doing OK? Did you find out anything yet on your neck xrays?

    Georgia - so glad you had a nice relaxing day also yesterday, knitting away on your shawl. I would love to see some of your work. I have a friedn who does gorgeous needle work, mostly crocheting, the heavy stuff and also timy little lacey doilies, and table covers. They are absolutely beautiful.

    Whoops, I did it again. I clicked on submit before I was ready to do so. AAAck !!

    Kina and Janlynn - Wel;come to you both. I have so busy I keep forgetting to say hi to you both and a big welcome. Hope you come see us more on the Porch.

    Mrdad- Thank's for starting us off this time on the "UnSpun Zone". Are you ready yet for those Bee Kee Knee girls?? Sorry to hear about your cold but glad it seems to be on the mend.

    Rosie - I hope things are starting to warm up some in your area. I see you are one of those like Georgiac who likes to sew and do things like that with your hands. How wonderful I am afraid I am not to good although I have done soem crocheting and sewing but it has been so long and I never was that great. Me I know how to do one stich (-: !! You and Georgia should give lessons and make some money (-: !!

    Elaine - Hope things are warming up for you. I know when it is cold I am much more achy and it is much harder for me to want to move or do anything, Extremem heat isn;t that great for me anymore either. I am just one big ache just like alot of those of us on the Porch) !!!

    Will I had better sign off for now. Bye to all those I have not addressed - 1sweetie, Candy, Marta, Carla, Kylob, Laceymae, Joan and anyone else I cannot think of right now.

    More hugs and blessings to y'all,


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  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow this porch is rollin along today.

    Thanks Mrdad for getting us up and running, you take such good care of us, I made chocolate chip cookies for you.

    Linda glad you had a great dinner with your family, I bet your dad is a hoot. Thanks for the carrot cake, I love carrot cake. Hope the neck is doing better.

    Georgia you better wipe your chin, got sumpthin drollin from it,lol. Too funny. I hope this new spinning wheel doesn’t hurt your back like the others. Just exactly how do you “order a lamb”

    Annie I have never heard of Cranford what station is it on. I can’t believe your FIL is 91 and still skies and plays tennis, that is amazing.

    Kina- welcome back, glad you did. Sounds like you have a good mothers day and yes I love peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. You’re a knitter too, you and Geogia could really spin us all a big tail,lol

    Janalynn good to see you back too, You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family and your mom so close to you, glad you had a good day.

    Rosie- So you watch Desparate Housewives too?? I love it, can’t wait to see the 2 hour show next week Hope the sun is out and you are in your garden.

    Elaine oh honey I feel your pain. It does feel good getting out doing things then the next day things don’t feel so good. I did play in the mud yesterday myself, it is raining and I have a water hose using the pressure to loosen the high places in my yard, which I discovered are trapped gravel. I hope your back to your old self soon, just listen your body.

    Granni glad your painting is done and good luck with your test. Hope you don’t have a lot to do this week so you can recover from the weekend,

    Mickey wow the salt water pool sound simple. I had a above ground pool years ago when the kids were younger, I had 2 step kids and mine,. The chemicals were so expensive and all that testing and balancing was a pain. So it is just a bag of plain rock salt? Cool. Glad you have a good mother’s day too, you are a lucky lady.

    I have been busy taking care of paper work for my mom’s stuff, have to send in my SSDI stuff to Medicade so they won’t try to collect for my mom’s debt to the state. Being disabled does have it’s good side.

    Well off in the cart while the sun is out and get some more rocks- Hope everyone else I didn’t mention is having a good day-Carla

  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Cranford is on PBS and is a British period drama set in Cheshire UK, where I was born. So I am baiased (SP?)

    Granni, I hope your results are OK and that you finished the painting. Your mom lived to a grand old age. I think what I read, was about the fact that as people age and get other illnesses, bad eyesight and are taking a lot of meds, that they do fall more often which is the real reason why they get hip fractures as well as true thinning bones after age 75 or so. Often they are too thin as well physically due to no teeth etc.

    Interestingly, although we are all urged to lose weight etc. if you visit senior centers where everyone seems pretty jolly, most are rounded! Although "research" suggests that thin people live the longest, it is only because even people who have been a little large most of their adult lives, tend to be thin when they die. Not talking grossly obese here, just over the limits set by Framingham, which could have been truly flawed.. Even Oprah has given in to being healthy and stays her natural weight.
    There is also this: we store estrogen in belly fat mostly, so there is a good reason most women gain belly fat when their menses stop as the body is creating a second supply.

    I think the people who are in their 80's who are doing well are contented with themsleves, even though they may have ups and downs etc, they have a contentment. My darling neighbor is just 82 and goes off several times a week to sing and play guitar for the "old folks". She is a laugh a minute and just a swell woman.

    When we bought this worse house in the neighborhood house, it was meant to be temp. housing until we sold our house elsewhere, then we were going to get a more suitable property. However, it is such a wonderful neighborhood, we would not want to leave it, would rather be cramped than lose our good neighbors here.

    To everydobby else, I really am going to sign off now. OH Georgiac can you close the last post, it is still up.

    LOve Annie
  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Lin, are you glued to the TV? Went to turn on The Wheel and there is the I90 closed and a gunman and many police vehicles etc.

    Just near exit 14 near Buffalo.

    Gosh, it is one of those things, you don't want to watch but you dang cannot help it. We keep flicking it on to see if it ended yet. Been a couple of hours.

    Apparently, a driver spotted this guy punching a woman, who then jumped out of the car and then he was waving a gun about and also threatening himself.

    Wish they can negotiate this down. I feel sorry for the poor truckers who are unable to turn ther rigs about as the other cars were sent the wrong way to get out of there.

    I cannot understand there are crowds of people standing on a bridge watching, seems a little off to me.

    Well I am going to read.

    Love Annie
  18. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    the carrot cake was lovely, a very American dish that we now enjoy too.

    Up early to go with my son's 'fiancee' to doctor, she has bad dose of flu that has gone into her chest - no doubt she'll smittle me but her Mum's working and she's in a bad way.

    Mr Dad - I hope your cold is leaving you.

    Annie - the earthquake in China is horrendous and what is happening in Burma is beyone belief. I'd drop the aid from the sky for these poor people which is easier said than done. I agree with you about staying a neighbourhood which has friendly people, your old neighbour sounds like she'd keep everyone going for days.

    Lin, Annie - I'm glad the standoff was resolved with no loss of life - we just had a young lawyer shot dead by police in a standoff - not so common here. Everyone is shouting that the police shouldn't have shot him but he was shooting - if they could only have wounded him but these situations are difficult.

    Georgia, Lin - I don't do needlework or knit but I used to love getting my sewing machine out, like you Lin not so much anymore.

    Pain, Janalyne, Mickey - all Mothers, you all seemed to have a very nice day on Sunday with your Mothers and/or kids. I have great memories of my Mum.

    Carla - I do like Desperate Housewives, thought this series might be boring but its not. Compared to Cranford, well there is no comparison so I hope you get it too.

    Love to Elaine, Kinda, Laceymae and everyone else.

  19. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Beautiful day here in WI. I'm going to just sit outside and enjoy it.

    Mr. Dad: Swimming to Asia, huh? Please, don't break out the Speedo. That thought just took me somewhere I did not want to go this morning. LOL.

    Lincamp: I hope you get good results back from the dr. office.

    Fibromickster: A salt water pool sounds wonderful! Maybe, Randy would dig me a swimming hole this summer. LOL.

    Georgia: Did I miss the recipe on the Strawberry bread? I know my Randy would love it if you wouldn't mind posting it again.

    KJM & Janalyn: Welcome to the Porch! It is always nice to have some new visitors.

    S-Elaine: I hope you are feeling better from the yard work. I did the same thing a few weeks ago it just felt so good to be outside in the sunshine but boy did I pay for it the next day. I hope you feel better soon!

    Cromwell: Glad to hear your standoff was ended without a shoot out. It is always so sad to see how desperate people have become to go to the measures of out running the police and taking hostages. It is just so sad.....it always makes me wonder WHY someone didn't see it coming sooner.

    CKball: Glad you saw my post on growing grass. I'm just obsessed about you growing some grass. I just know it can be done. When I saw the latest pic. in your profile it had me drooling over the possibilities of planting etc. but I know you need everything to be absolutely maintenance free.

    Rosiebud: I saw the earthquake on the news this morning. Absolutely devastating and those poor people in Bermese (sp?) still no aide and how they must be suffering.....it just breaks my heart that the government isn't allowing anyone in to help at least give them clean water.

    Granni: How did the bone density test go? I see you are done with painting. I sure wish I lived close to you, I love to paint. I actually just refinished a table for our garage sale that I bought for $20 and I sold for $200. It looked gorgeous when I was finished. Just add a little sandpaper, stain and some polyurethane and maybe a little love and an old piece looks gorgeous.

    Signing off before I get caught in the door. I'm sorry if I missed anyone.
  20. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just popping in for a quick morning. Took Danny for his many bloods this 7.00am then he had a very large breakfast.

    He wore his second new pair of sneakers and is so pleased people noticed them. Brooks Hosp. nursing staff, in fact everyone there are all so lovely to him, and us. Such a change from the Ithaca (Cayuga) hospital where people could be rude and always ready to snap.

    Mikie hope your time with your daughter went well. Granni let us know how you went on will you. Linda, so sorry re the pain, you are so brave. Glad the domestic ended OK thanks to the wonderful swat and police team. They did well. One thing is that who carries two handguns in their car? Makes one wonder if he is one of those odd guys who has chased his ex from Florida to NY to "get her back".

    Rosie, yes I heard about that lawyer, but he was terribly out of control and had fired five shots prior to. What can the police do?

    I am listening to the afternoon play right now on Radio 4 about a group of women in a reading club at a funeral.

    Yes where is Rock? Hope Julie is doing OK, what a sweet lady.

    Well, to everdobby elsa-have a nice day. I am having a quiet day today after all the furniture moving yesterday BUT I think I may start the cabinet stripping IF the weather warms a little. Dan is off to play golf, all is well in my world. Wish it was so for those suffering all over the big world.

    Love Annie

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