Porchlight is On Vol 244 (Klosed) "K"?

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    Gonna do it now Kids. "K"?
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  2. fibromickster

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    Okay, I have to brag about Ashley. Boy you guys will be so glad when she goes to college. I won't be bragging all the time. LOL, however, I will be crying to you all the time missing her. Anyway, here is a breakdown of all of her achievements throughout highschool.

    Ashley's Achievements
    - 17 Honors classes
    - Never had a grade below a "B" including honors classes
    - Never finished a school year with a GPA lower than a 4.00 (mostly 4.2 GPA every semester, sometimes more)
    - Top 5% of her graduating class
    - Will graduate with cum laude honors ( at least magna cum laude possibly summa cum laude )
    - Perfect attendance grades 9-11 (had strep throat her senior year). She was so disappointed, we made her stay home, she was running 104 temperature.

    - Recipient of the S.A.A. Award, Missouri College Prep Certificate, President's Award for Educational Excellence and the George Washington Carver Award

    - Recipient of 5 of the 18 college scholarships presented at Senior Awards Night
    - Member or participated in the following groups/organizations one or more years: Knights of Excellence, Big Brothers Big Sisters,Volunteer Knights, French Club, Class Secretary, Class Delegates, Student Council, JV Softball, Community Service Learning Program, Junior National Honor Society, Mentoring Program, and Senior National Honor Society.

    I am so excited to be at the Ceremony on the 7th of June. She is going to be so happy when this is all over. I just don't know what we are going to do when she is at college. That is going to be so hard on her and us. She is already talking about it. I know she will be fine, but me, oooooh I don't want to even think about it right now.

    Love you all and i will be back before i leave
  3. Cromwell

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    Good for her, that takes a lot of effort, will and spirit as well as brains. My godson was like that he just graduated his MSc. and he is still that way, was head hunted for engineering jobs for sure, so he could ick-a good kid is a good adult more often than not.

    Just a brief note to let you know all the bloods have to be redone as it seems our son got someone else's results or they made them up-the results seem to match someone who is really ill with AIDS or similar, not our guy!!! This is the third time Quest got it wrong, plus they keep billing a 13 year old disabled kid for services! Are they dumb?

    So he had to have another draw. After this I give up, as it is clear no one knows what is wrong, and we may as well just stop torturing him. I bet our vet would have as much idea. They leap from one dx to another and none of them make sense, and none of the meds has done any good except the higher dose of prednisone. Enough anyway!

    Granni I saw those flashy legs of yours. How do you manage to sind and dance and get about so much, don't you hurt, or are you in remission? I have a friend who is 81 who tap dances, travels the world with her new "boyfriend", and mows her two acre lawn with a push mower! Good for her! She had a sad life when younger, lost a son who was 30 to a long illness, had first DH cheat then second one had a long illness too and died, so good for her!

    Mrdad, hope the crabbing went OK.

    Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

    Did anyone see that wonderful portrait artist on the network news who does the portraits for free of the fallen soldiers etc. They were excellent drawings, how kind of him. It had a good story with it too.

    We were meant to get storms that have not materialised, but it did go down to 49 today although not for long, it is about 52 now....so we will skip lake swimming!!!

    I am looking for someone to house and cat sit in the summer to try and get to the seashore to see if it helps Danny's face, plus I miss the ocean.

    Love Annie

  4. fibromickster

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    Annie, that is so horrible what Danny has to go through. Don't they know how much he has already been through. You would think they would be really careful at what they are looking for and testing for and putting the right person's name on tests.

    That is ridiculous, I don't know how you stay sane through all of this. But, I guess you have to for Danny's sake. I wish there was some way they could get to the bottom of his problem

    I don't blame you, enough is enough. Maybe just take him to the ocean like you said and no more medicine. Maybe that may do it you never know.

    I am so sorry and I feel for you lots. You and Danny are in my prayers everyday.

    Take care and love ya all Porchies.
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    I ran right up on the porch as soon as I saw it was almost new - then I realized I don't have much to say. ;~o

    Fortunately, there is wonderful news about Ashley from Mickey. I teared up with pride and she's not even related. Good for both of you!!!! Don't ever hesitate to be proud of your kid.

    Well, good grief, Annie, someone else's tests?? (Poor them.) You had the same thought I did about the vet. Where is your doctor in all this? I would love to cat and house sit for you if you weren't so far away.

    I'm still crawling through some kind of flare that I think has a bit to do with one more cat in the house and the fact that I'm not sleeping well. I did find out today that anxiety is not a problem when you get tired enough! I wouldn't recommend the treatment though.

    We have a freeze warning for tonight so the heat's back on. I do declare this has been the longest "winter" I remember in my entire life.

    Keep warm and toasty everyone. I'm sending hugs all around and leaving some hot chocolate on the table in the Lodge.

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    I am listening to a new CD. At least I hope it is new. I have a nagging suspicion that I already own this recording. Alzheimer's makes everything so uncertain.

    Yesterday I put my 99 cent store cauliflower on to steam. Of course I forgot it. Scorched the pan. Tip from Gordon-Heloise. Lime Away cleans the pan lickety-split!

    This is the 4th or 5th time something like this has happened. I guess from now on I'll have to stick w/ the microwave.

    Mickey and Georgia, I read your messages at the end of the last porch. Gordon does most of the work w/ his orchids, Mickey. He has hundreds at the house he and his mother own. But we have a dozen at this location hanging on the fence.

    Because they are aborial they need to be watered everyday, and I'm the guy who does it. So far this year four of them have bloomed.

    Your daughter's achievements are staggering, Mickey.

    Marta, that is so discouraging to find that the high-paid medical people can't keep things straight. Decades ago when I was a law clerk I worked at a firm where we defended lots of medical mal-practice claims. In most cases our client appeared to be negligent.

    Of course, no dr. ever admits to negligence; not even to his attorneys.

    Joe, you feeling any peppier? Do you think a trip to the Sierras and some bracing mountain air would help?

    Hugs and waves to all I can remember and otherwise: Linda, Jole, Julie, Bevy, Elaine, Granni, Tom and Jerry, Chip 'n Dale...


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  7. Granniluvsu

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    Not really guys and gals. leotards (hose) hides a multitude of sins, trust me and thatis not a close up (-: !!

    As I have mentioned before, we do not dance that much any more due to the closing and selling of the building,.. I understand it has abeen sold but I have no idea what it will become. We (the 3 of us) only dance once in a great while when we have a show ans some places it is not good to dance in, so we do not do so.. We do mostly singing.

    BTW, at practice today one of the gals said tht she is tired of doing the same "Goody Goody" dance. For you young ones that is an OLD song. Rock knows it and maybe Mrdad. So, she wants us to try and get together to try and relearn another, possibly the Boodgie Woogie Bugle Boy, dance. That is fine but she has picked a not very good time. I will be babysitting grandkids in a couple of weeks for one or two weeks, Spending alot of time at the pool I imagine.

    Annie - I am not in remission.,.. I have the same pain I have had for 20 plus years. I have pain all over but the upper part is the worst - in the back of my head, neck, shoulders etc, !! My legs do feel heavy and hurt but I can dance occasionally, etc. but if I exercised them more maybe they would feel a little better. We will dance the end of June and then will be off for July and then practive singing again. However, we won't be doing alot of dancing unless we find some place to take more lessons.

    Trust me when I say also that the picture is not recent and I have gained weight. If we do the "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" dance again I am not sure I can fit in the tap shorts. Norma will have to let them out. No kidding !! She is the seamstress of the group - not me for sure. We have not done that dance in a very long time -years !!!! I wish she would wait till the summer time after June to start practicing it .

    So sorry to hear about the mixup in Danny's meds. That is criminal and as you know could cause tragic consequenses. That is or could be extremely serious. I hope they get it right this time. Poor Danny and lot of headaches for you MOM. Just what neither of you need.

    Mickey - Congrats again to Ashley what a smart young lady. She will go far. !!, Our grandson who is graduating on friday is also a smart guy but was never really pushed and is rather lazy. So who knows what will happen to him esp since he is living with is lazy dad.

    MrDad - thanks for starting us up again. Hope you had fun with the lil guys !! I am sure you did.

    Well,I have to run for now . Might check back later if I get the hair project done and get ready to go to the casino tomorrow overnight. So don't worry, will be back late thursday and wil be busy friday but do hope to check in with you all again.

    Blessings and hugs to ALL,


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  8. fibromickster

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    Thanks for the nice compliments on Ashley. It really is amazing. I have no idea where she got her brains and looks for that matter from. I know she is mine though. I went through the 15 hours of pain having her. LOL Anyway, she is her own person and that is where she got it from I guess.

    Rock, that is amazing Hundreds of orchids, wow. How often does he have to go to his Mother's house to take care of them??? I guess you would need to help out a little with taking care of them. Well, you should pat yourself on the back as well too. Maybe you two should open your own Orchid business. Rock and Gordan's Orchids. I like the sound of that. LOL

    Marta, geez, I would say good grief too with it being still cold. You poor thing, I will bring the marshmallows for you to put in your hot chocolate. I hope you feel better soon too.

    Georgia you are right about that fruit. I made a fruit salad yesterday for everyone and the grapes and oranges were outrageous. Got lots of stawberries and canaloupe and pineapple too. I just love fruit. Anytime I have parties, I always make a huge fruit salad.

    Okay, it is 5:00 and I am clocking out. Chat with you all tomorow gang.

    Elaine where are you??????????????

  9. bevy2most

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    Tonight we have a concert to go to for my son. He has also entered an exhibit in the Science fair. He is going to be pooped tonight. He had marching band practice from 3:30-5:15, 5:30-6:30 he has to man his exhibit 6:30 to 6:50 band warm ups, 7-7:30 the concert, then back to the Science hall til 8. I took his uniform up to him and a sack lunch for him to eat between all of the running. We will be there for the concert and Awards for the science fair.

    Mickey, I know, how proud you must be....I feel proud and she is not even mine. So brag away. I don't know if you saw the second poem that was on the other thread. I think that I just edited it so you may not have.

    Annie, I keep you in my prayers, I pray for an answer for you and Danny.

    Rock, I was steaming an artichoke and almost burned the house down, so I now steam on the grill, or in the micro.

    Mr. Dad. Crabbing, I must have missed something, I thought you were chasing squirrels. My last trip to Port Aransas, I caught a crab, well the crab came up holding on to the shrimp I was fishing with.

    I know someone asked if Canyon Lake was part of the Grand Canyon, it is not, it is a man made lake about 40 minutes from San Antonio, it is beautiful. I love being near the water. I think I was a mermaid in my previous life. I feel so much better while in the water. It is a lot warmer that Erie's 50 the water temp was 82.

    Granni, I am leaving you 20 bucks on the porch win us some big money. Have a fun and safe trip.

    I have to get ready to leave now. More later if I am not to tired.

    Love y'all,

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I have to go do my hair and get ready for tomorrow. Be back sometime on thursday afternoon.

    Big HUGS everydobby !!


  11. jole

    jole Member

    I probably would by now..LOL. The weekend was great with the kids, grandkids being home, but the noise and overstimulation of everyone in the house has really put me in a major fatigue.

    It was rainy the entire time so the young ones couldn't even get outside to run around and explore. Anyway, got my fix of kisses and hugs to last for awhile, so it was all worth it!

    Will be back as soon as I get rested up a little.

    Love ya all.....
  12. Cromwell

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    all of you for your good wishes and prayers for Danny.

    Doctors being what they are, well they were close lipped but making eyes at each other when the blood test results came up. They did admit they have had some problems with some Quest labs. but said the only way to resolve it is to get more tests and see which were accurate. She had not even ordered the tests they sent, and yes I do want to go to the place he had them taken and make them check it out see if they can discover whose tests they were.

    Rock I have to laugh at your cauliflower. If you think that is bad here is what I did yesterday:

    I was making chicken stock. I put the carcases of two cornish hens in the water part of a steamer pot, then on top of that the pot with the holes(steamer part) i with the veggies, pasta and barley in, topped over with water(this way I don't get bits of bones in with the veggie part that I make soup from).

    Everything is cooked, so I lift the veggie part out and let it drain into the stock. Put the veggies into a bowl. Leave the pot full of holes (steamer) on top of a spare burner. Take up the pot with the bones and liquid in, put a colander on top of the steamer pot and pour in the bones and liquid. Hear a dripping and water running type of noise which is when I realise I just poured all the stock into a pot that is full of holes, that is sitting on top of a burner-so all the stock went under the cooktop and poured through drain holes into the cabinets below (which presently have no doors on thank goodness).

    So I was left with a cooktop to clean, a pile of bones, a bowl of veggies and no stock!!! Some soup huh! The reason this happened was because Dan was pestering to pick the bones!

    (I admit this is not the first time I have done something like this).

    Have a nice evening.

    Love Annie

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---or it will be when most of ya read this Post! Almost 10pm
    on the "Left Coast", so it's tomorrow in many other parts of
    the Country! And who knows what time it is in Scotland, only Rosie!

    A recap is in order here I suppose. Didn't do the boating at
    the Lake as one of the 'Lil Guys awoke with a horrible ear
    ache and Mother wisely decided not to expose him to the Cool
    Wind and overcast here in the CITY ! Yes, CK the Lake rents
    rowboats and paddle boats. It is in a different park than
    the one I walk to everyday to visit the Bee-kee-knee Girls
    and my Squirrel Friend, (in that order)! SF has tons of City
    neighborhood Parks as well as Golden Gate Park where the
    boating Lake resides. We'll have to do that boating event
    one day soon on a nice day b-4 Summer arrives in SF !!

    Rock, I bet you and Gordon look "KOOL" in your new .99 Cent
    Store "shades"! Yea, you're correct; I think I need some
    time in the Mts. and some fresh Mt. air to clear my head a
    bit! Energy permitting, maybe Mt Hood Oregon after my Daughter finishes School! A little fishing and camping
    in the Woods could make a difference. "Go Climb a Volcano"!!

    Georgia, hope that ewe are feeling better! Gotta keep spinnin' that yarn and makin' that banana bread! Or is it
    strawberry shortcake? The cooler weather must feel good in
    the Valley as it delays the long Summer a bit. Sunny here
    today, but cool.

    Jole, sounds like you had a fun time and got lots of luvs
    from the Grandkids! I know they must be tiring as well, so
    rest up now for a few days!

    Went to the Park but didn't see "my" Squirrel Friend! I left Her some peanuts though! (She's probably is in Her nest with a belly ache) Too much of a good thing?? I can
    purchase those large bags of peanuts for a $1.00 at the
    Dollar Store so it is at least affordable. Lots of Pine trees forming new cones, so she should be able to make it
    easily on her own there. May attempt, however, to have Her
    trapped and moved to another City Park that has other Squir-
    rels to "play with". Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Well, gonna watch the late news Kids! Hi to awl!

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I only have a few minutes as I have a 11 am eye appt, just my 6 month for the plaqunial.

    I have been going at a steady pace getting things done, not quite the engerzier bunny, but the turtle at times,lol but do feel it in the mornings, my hands are hurting me pretty good and swollen too, I smashed my pinkie between 2 rocks and it hurt so freakin bad as it it my RA joint. I have several joint that are starting to get that narley look and my pinkie is one at the top one.

    Mickey- congrats to the daughter, that is fabulous, you should be a proud mom. So many kids out there today that could care less.

    You are right about working my butt off as I have in that I can now get back in my favorite jeans, I have had then since the mid-90s and they are not mom jeans. It felt good to just them off and get them back on.

    Thanks Mrd for gettin us started, sorry you lil guys outing was postponed.

    Annie that is awful about Danny's tests. It happened to me when I was being dxs with the hemochomotosis. I was sooooooo sick and was waiting for the test to come back to get the right treatment and nearly 2 weeks later I was told, the test was lost so had to go back and do it again.

    People can die in this country waiting for tests, appts, treatments. He could be allergic tot he doxy, has he ever taken tetracycline? I am allergic to it and I can't take doxy as they are in the same family. Have you tried taking him off. I pray you find some answers soon, I know how hard you have tried to find them. How are your cabinets.

    Linda as you have seen medical records are not always right. I have made it a habit to get every report for all the tests I have, they don't charge you for those, but if you wait they will take your check book. Been there done that when I left VA. I hope you get it all straightened out and you are feeling really crapping the day of your appt :)Don't be TOO prepared they can hold that against you. They already have most of what you are bringing anyway.

    In one of my hospital reports I was a smoking male, had the age right tho. It is really scary how many mistakes are in out records.

    Marta I hope the sandman comes to see you soon. Ambien CR is what finally did it for me, sleep all night now, except when the arm go numb or the other hip is acting up but go right to snooze land,

    I think we need to call Granni "Cookie" now, wasn't that your nickname at one time, cause you ain't no granni. You have taken care of yourself or have really good genes, how did you keep so trim after 5 kids, one ruined my belly for life!

    Well time to get ready, hello to Bevy, Jole, Rock, Monica, Geogia, Elaine, Lacey and everydobby else. Hope everyone is having good days-Carla

    BTW my email was stolen and I am receiving 110 messages that someone sent using my email to 100's of people and these are the bad eamils that get returned to the "sender" how ever I am not the darn sender. So my email is tied up until they all load on outlook. So far I am on 25.
  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    How are you all this morning. The rain has stopped for a little bit, but I think it is going to come back in a little while, urggghgghg. At least I woke up to sun for a change.

    I don't think we are ever going to get the deck stained. We may have to wait until after the big celebration, which is fine with me.

    Carla, my hands are the same way, they hurt and hurt all the time and are swollen. I have psoriatic arthritis and my doc has me on methotrexate, celebrex and prednisone. Sometimes i forget to take some of this stuff. I hate taking all this medicine.

    That is awesome that you can still wear your jeans from the 90's, I bet that just makes your day. That is awesome!!!! Way to go!!!!!!

    MRDAD - Well that is a shame that you couldn't be with the family boating but that was best what your DIL did. Can't chance getting the kids sicker, that is for sure. Oh well, there will always be another time. I hope your little squirrel friend comes out to play with you again when you visit her. You need to name her. How about Lilly, I like that.

    Bevy - Thanks for your compliment on Ashley. Hey, it sounds like you have a child that is on his way of stardom too. Isn't it great that they keep busy like that. It keeps them out of trouble. Ashley played the piano and the flute and now teaches piano to a 5 year old 1 day a week. It is a proven fact that children that are in music are more acedemically advanced. I bet you are proud as well. Poor guy though, he will need a break this weekend, that is for sure.

    By the way, I went to your post with the poems and my gosh, that second one had me in tears. Wow. Your relationship with you Mom sounds kind of like mine with my Mom. Oh well. Anyway, I would love to use those poems if you don't mind, they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with me

    Jole you get some rest as I am sure you need it very much.

    Annie - You guys would crack up if I told you some of the things I did while cooking. Oh well, we aren't perfect.

    Elaine - That is too funny about your neighbor's wife. That is one reason while growing up and especially in high school most of my friends were guys, because girls were just too darn jealous or competitive or gossipy. I just couldn't stand it. I fit in with the guys so much more. Plus I was such a tomboy back then.

    Well guys, I better get started on some work around here. So I will come back later. Hello to all the other porchies I have missed and Granni, win some money for all of us so we can have a reunion together.


  16. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Hello everyone

    I've missed all of you so much here on the Porch. I have been busy preparing for my neck surgery. When we have decent weather when it isn't raining I'm outside trying to plant flowers and get my flowerbeds arranged and ready to go for summer. I'm on a deadline and things are going pretty good. Today I plan on putting in the garden and maybe moving some perennials. They are installing a new curb and gutter and I need to move the perennials out of that bed otherwise I'm sure they will either be killed or badly maimed.

    I've been trying to keep up with everyone but right now I can't remember what I wanted to say to anyone. So, for the time being I will just say hello to everyone and check back later. The garden is calling me. LOL.

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Tiger Woods WILL be playing in the U.S.Open two weeks from
    now! He announced that yesterday. Do feel so-o-o sorry for
    Danica and that horrible disappointment She was forced to
    endure at Indy! Such a strange thing to have happen at a
    Pit-Stop! But the Lady has character and one day She's gonna
    Win that thing!

    Now Elaine, in answer to your Q. about how I know the Gender of My Squirrel. According to my Catholic School Education,
    I learned from the Dominican Nuns and later, the Bros. Of Mary
    that Male Squirrels have only three "belly buttons" and the
    Female Squirrels have twice as many! Ya have ta wait though,
    until they sit up on their hind legs to eat a peanut to see.
    Direct any further questions to Harry Bellafonte please! Curi-ous minds what to know! (Did I do OK there Rocky wiff the explanation?)

    Oh Mickey! Thanks for your interest in the 'Lil
    Guys! They, however, are not blood related. Their Mother
    is the Wife of a former house-mate. Neither of MY Adult
    Kids are married, ergo: no Grad Kids Yet! I have my two
    'Lil Guys and quite a few Grand Nephews and Nieces too! No
    big rush on Grad Kids needed! P.S. Your Daughter has done
    so well!! But it normally takes loving and caring Parents
    as a catalyst for success and I'm sure you and Hubby deserve
    Kudos also! She's a regular Margaret Truman! Does She play
    the piano as well? Oh you Missourites!!

    Annie, I listen about the "kitchen cupboard door epic" and
    want ya to know I went through the same thing with a house
    my Wife and I bought in the Valley. I Didn't want to strip
    those Cabinet Doors of layers of paint as the wood was only
    fir beneath and realized the labor involved. I was working a six day week for a newspaper and had enough to do keeping
    up the 1/4 acre grounds on my one day off! Luckily she got
    tired of the slow, tedious "progress" and we brought them
    to a strip shop, only to be "repainted"! ("It happened that

    Monica, you're a Brave 'Lil Soldier! I sincerely hope that
    the Neck Op is a total success. We need ya here not only
    on the Com Post Garden but also your expertize gardening
    in the PORCH garden! (Ya know, differences in climate, the
    Iris's at the Park are Finished for the season already) ??
    And are cool, foggy Summer months are upon us soon in SF!

    Well, gotta go do the "Bee-kee-knee" count and feed the
    Lady Squirrel! (This is getting to look like a REAL JOB,
    right Kids?)


  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    The porch is really slow this afternoon. I guess you are all busy.

    Monica - It is so nice to see you on the porch again. So what have you had to do to prepare for your neck surgery?? Hopefully, just lots of rest. I am so sorry you are going to have to go through that. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing.

    Elaine - I want to work out so bad. My daughter, Ashley, joined a gym, 24 hour fitness, and has been begging me to join too. She even gave me one of those free 14 day passes. It is so hard to get motivated though. By the time I get home from work, all I want to do is eat and rest. I am so pooped. I really need to just do it.

    I love sloppy joe's, however, I make mine with barbeque sauce, ketchup and onions instead. It is delicious that way. You should try it sometime. Instead of buying the can stuff you just add the barbecue sauce, onions and a little ketchup. Easy, my kids and hubby love it, especially with baked french fries. I don't fry anything. Something about all that grease just grosses me out.

    I hope Granni is winning lots of money for all of us. I just got back from lunch. I went home and had a bagel and eggs. I live about 20 minutes away so sometimes a take a little more than an hour for lunch.

    I finished reading the book called, The Pact, and have had the movie recorded forever. I just didn't want to watch it until I finished reading the book. So I watched some of that while I was at home for lunch. It is kind of a chick book and flick Rock, so you may not be interested in reading that book.

    Anyway, I better get back to typing this Purchase Order and I will check back in later.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day!!!


    MR DAD YOU MUST OF BEEN POSTING THE SAME TIME. Silly me, I thought you were always talking about your grandkids. I thought they were your son's kids. Ooops. Oh well, they kind of are.

    Yes Ashley plays the piano. When she was about 4, she got a keyboard for Xmas. After a while, I would walk in her room and listen to her play and she just amazed me. So hubby and I thought we needed to see if she had talent so we started her in piano lessons at 6 years old and we were right, she could play beautifully. She was in a lot of competitions and recitals, etc.... However, 2 years ago she decided she didn't want to play anymore (the recitals, competitions), and that was fine with us. However, I did think she should keep at it because she was so good and could maybe make a career out of it, but I would never make her, it is totally up to her.

    Right now she is teaching a little girl down the street how to play and it is coming along very well. She comes to our house and plays on our piano for 1/2 hour. Her parents do pay Ashley for the lessons.

    Also, thank you for the compliment about me and hubby raising her. I guess we do have something to do with raising our kids. LOL You too, you have wonderful kiddos, looks like you did something right too. LOL

    Oh, and I agree about Danica, she will win that trophy one of these days and I hope she does too. It would be nice to have a woman win it. No, I am not a male chauvenist or anything, I am quite the opposite. I just love though when woman win at sporting events that mostly men do. LOL Tiger just had knee surgery I believe a few weeks ago. Hopefully, he will be okay golfing so soon again. Maybe it was longer, but i am not sure.

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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just finished watering the plants and doing the dishes. that's about all I do most days. Today I had a burst of energy and put some potatoes in the crock pot.

    Later I'll throw in some sausage and vegetables. At least I won't have to worry about letting things boil dry on the stove.

    If this post doesn't make any sense, you have to make allowances for my Alz. (That's Alzheimer's, not Arizona.) I posted on the garden thread yesterday about petunias. Unfortunately I meant pansies. Oh well...

    Mickey, Ashley and I have something in common. Both played the flute and the piano. Sad to say I was lousy. What the heck. I'm very good at listening.

    You were right about "The Pact". I looked it up. Author is Jodi Picoult. Doesn't sound like my kind of book tho. I never read anything more intellectual than Harry Potter.

    Elaine, glad to hear the good news from your dr. Are you wearing a wig and sunglasses while your old boyfriend is in town?

    Good luck with your surgery, Monica. Do you think it is the same as Linda's?

    Carla, how is your finger? I am beginning to think you are accident prone or engaging in high-risk activities. You don't do sky-diving and bungee jumping, do you?

    How was your son's busy day, Bevy? Annie, never knew making soup was so hazardous. Didn't Laurel and Hardy do something similar back in the 30s?

    Joe, you feeling a little perkier? My dog Zippy is fascinated by squirrels. Circles a tree and looks up to see where the litrle rascal went whenever he gets the chance.

    Well, better go before this all evaporates. Hs and Ks to all.

  20. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Prior to bed to say Good luck Monica, and I pray all goes well.

    Elaine so glad your lasering is done., good luck with the specialist.

    Carla, I think he could be allergic to Doxy, as every time they put him on last year for the "rosacea" which he did not have, and also tetracycline, his face gets worse. The prednisone makes it improve within the hour after taking it, but he is coming down off that now. I need to call the rheumie as he had suggested methotrexate once he was done with the prednisone. He has been taking it a little longer than I wanted him to, plus the doc gave no good tail off, just go from 10mg to zero, rather than the halve the pill, then every other day etc.

    Granni I still have no idea where you get all your energy, you make me feel tired just redaing-singing is so good for the spirit though.

    Mikie nice to hear from you again and Rock and your potato story. You always make me laugh. I just reeled off a list of books you may like on the book post.

    mrdad hope you can go "sailing" soon.

    Jafta get to bed worked too hard today.

    Lin hope that pain stops soon.

    Love Annie and hugs to anydobby I missed.