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    OK. Hope no one got kaught!

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    Make sure you go back and read mine, and Elaine's posts too guys as we are at the buttend of the post.

    Anyway, it is 4:45, yippee, yahoo, I get to go home in 15 minutes. I am so excited, we get paid tomorrow too. I am going grocery shopping tonight. I love doing that the day before we get paid. Then I get to get as much as I want, LOL. Sometimes we go for a few days eating cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until I get paid. Hahahaha.

    I just hate going to the store for a couple of things. I like to get everything and have it overwith. My husband used to be the one to do all the grocery shopping. He did that for a long time and I loved it.

    However, lately he hasn't been doing it. I will have to get on him about that.

    You guys take care and I will chat more tomorrow. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Granni, did you win??????? I hope so!!!!!!!

    Mickey (ps, i like fibromaster better than fibromickster, lol)
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    Got back from the casino early this afternoon and hen did some wash and putting stuff away. Thank God it was a short trip, for many reasonins including that I have less to put away and lost less money (-: !!

    DH said he didn't do to well. I did fair. I made some dumb mistakes that made me mad. Like I was at the end of my credits and only had a couple ldet and I fdidn't add anything to it so I only put my leftover credits in tht weren;t enought to get the 3 7. So, I didn't get anything. Then on the quarters I thought I pushed two instead of 1 credit and would have gotten the 3 7 's on another machine. So, with ne credit you dodn;t get much of anything. I was so - - - - - - ! Those were two different machines. Plus some machines weren;t paying off either.

    Oh well, I didn't lose all my money so that was a good thing. This is a dfferent casino and I didn;t like alot of the machines but did finally find some that were good but now in the nickels, either you don't understand the whole concept and or by the time you play the max you might as well be playing quarters or 50 cents in some cases. I also do not like the weird automated games. Some do though. I really like video poker if the machines are paying off. I won $50 on one but actually could have won alot more but trying for the 4 Aces or somethiong and so the machine ate most of the winnings up till I stopped at $50. Had fun anywho !!!

    Mrdad - Thanks for starting us up again !! I forgot what yiu were talking about on the other volume. Geez, my mind is loike a sponge - aaaack (with lots of holes) !! Glad you enjoyed he LIL guys ! I knew you would.

    Jodie - So glad you stopped by on the Porch.. Haven't heard from you in a while it seems. I know how busy you have been. Sorry that you are not feeling that great with al your aches and pains. I can relate but glad tht Cody is applying for financial aid and all that. Hope he gets some. You have obviously done the right thing with Cody, if he and his friends came home or left of the party because of what was going on. Gee, don't some of these guys give up when you say no or act disinterested in their advances?? Good grief !!

    Linda - thanks for moving Jodie's post for us to see. I quickly zoomed through the last volume and not sure how much I remembered - ha !!

    Sorry, I have to go fix some dinner, nothing much for sure. Sorry not mentioning everydobby's names today.

    The gals are coming over toorrow morning to try and remember our Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy dance tht we haven't dont in year. One of the gals want us to try a different on so we will. I also tried ont he tap shorts. I can wear them but I have to squeeze into them , no kidding! No room to really let them out so I guess they will have to do.
    Tomorrow night is our grandson's graduation. at 8 PM and then have to go into Houston to the new Co Cathedral on a.m. for the special Mass that starts at 10. So will have to leave very early - ugh !

    Lots of hugs to y'all,


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    Ok, folks, I will have to make this short as the crew from the Food Channel will be here shortly to film a segment on my crockpot dinner. (I don't like to brag, but Annie asked.)

    My sausage, potato, carrot dish was rated "Way Excellent" by everyone who tried it. (Thus far, I am the
    only one who has tried it, but still...)

    I have been asked to explain my "Cooking as Sport" concept to the tv audience. I believe your stance when you toss things in the crockpot is very important. Just like your stance when you play tennis or golf.

    And the grip when peeling the potatoes is crucial. Just like your grip when pitching a fastball.

    So be alert; I will see you all in tv land.

    Annie, "The Entertainer" is a favorite of mine. Probably of millions. Wish I could hear Danny play it. Did you know Scott Joplin wrote a ragtime opera? It only has 3 ragtime numbers, but they are sensational. Hard to keep your feet still when you listen.

    Sorry to hear about the burgarly, Jodi. Glad to hear Cody was savy enough to leave the party when things got out of hand. He is a good kid.

    Don't worry, Mickey. My Alzheimer's is not contagious; unless, of course, you read more than a dozen of my posts. Even then the odds of catching it are only about 78%.

    Nice to hear from you, Julie. I looked up "rain in Belize".
    Belize has a rainy season in the summer. Rainfall is from 60 inches (North) to 160 inches (South). Well, I hope you are in the North.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling punk, Bevy. Get those rocks outta the bed.

    Granni, those modern slot machines sound like computers. Too tricky for me.

    Aside: I cannot understand compulsive gamblers. It is like they are a foreign species. I never gamble. Just no fun for me.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, Carla. Does that include your wounded finger?

    Juloo has a post about bicycles. Here's an old bike joke you may remember.

    What's the hardest thing about learning to ride a bike?

    The pavement.

    Aha, Elaine and I were posting at the same time. Advice on dating is always good, Elaine. I believe women in this country are brainwashed w/ the concept of romance: Romance novels, tv, movies, advertising, songs.

    I think a little more in the way of caution and realistic expectations would be a good idea. Of course, millions do not agree.

    Hugs to all my friends

  5. springwater

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    You are a COOK?!!! And will be on tv? How great is that? I hope everything went well. I hope yu wil share your recipe with us.

    I love reading this porchlight post..kind of looking in on people thru an open window and seeing what theyre all upto...very entertaining.

    God Bless
  6. ckball

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    Wow it has been a busy evening –glad to see Jodie is still around and listen to Elaine. I am glad Cody is getting his college taken care of. You should be very proud, esp with the prom night issue. Good job-mom.

    Mickey I try to only grocery shop twice a month, I get my meds on the 1st and mid month, I am a one stop Wally’s shopper :) I really don’t have a lot of options but will stop and pick up stuff at Dollar General when I work on Fridays. I get my doggies treats and other household stuff.

    The less trips the better for me. I swear I could stay home forever sometimes. Just love puttering about and getting past the big things like the hill from #ell.

    I did enjoy my art club meeting tonight, I won a Blue Ribbon for the October Sunset pastel. I posted in my profile before but will put it in again.

    We meet once a month and each brings a piece of art and we vote and have refreshments after business is taken care of. We run several art shows threw out the year.

    Julie it is so good to hear from was thinking about you this week and hope your family was not near where that F5 tornado hit in Iowa.

    I can imagine how homesick you are, have they been taking lots of pictures and videos for you.

    Sorry to here about Den’s dad having the shingles, I hope he gets better soon. I know what you are doing is gods work and admire the huge sacrifice you have to make in order to do it. It takes special people and you are that category. Hope the days go by and your home before you know it.

    Gamblin Granny in Tap Pants-you go girl, you know how to have a good time, you paid your dues and are allowed to have all the fun you want.

    Elaine you are one smart cookie too, wise words about the dating. IF I ever DECIDE to date I will keep them in mind.

    Where I live there is not a large selection of GOOD men so I stay on my hill with my girls. I am going to try to post a video on my youtube channel, it’s what I do everyday to keep a smile on my face.

    I was talking to one of my art friends who is around my age and single too and she doesn’t have time to date nor really interested either due to the lack of quality men in redneck city.

    Sorry things didn’t work out for you and him but you did the right thing, when you have to work THAT hard then it is time to move one.

    Rock I got my vcr ready to watch a crack pot oh I mean you crock pot potoates, sausage and veggies.

    Would you believe I have NEVER used a crock pot. But I have survived this long without one so I guess I will live.

    Thanks for asking my itty bitty pinkie but it is not so itty bitty. I broke it many years ago, can’t remember how but then RA set up in it and it is not happy with the beating I have given it. And, yes, I am accident prone because I do many physical things and my mind and body don’t always communicate in synchronization. So the odds of smashing a finger, toe, or some other body part inside or out are very good. Haven't bunging jumped or sky dived but ALMOST parasailed, then my freind chickened out on me.

    Granni that is a bet you could win on,LOL.

    Linda I was starting to wonder about you, sorry you have been puny, did you and Klyob do anything fun yesterday.

    I agree with the B-12, I also up my Vit D to 1000 and could be part of why I have improved. Sometimes I have a hard time getting started but once I do I hang pretty good.

    Then I just sit and water the dirt, I saw more baby blades today after a vigorous watering. Hope you start feeling better soon

    Springwater- welcome to the porch, glad we entertain you, I too read about your trip, sounded amazing. What amazing place to be, did I read you lived in Nepal? Please stop in anytime, all are welcome.

    Georgia glad you survived your tour of duty, hope you can rest a few days and what is this about your turning 50 soon.

    You know we are approaching quickly our 250 porch post, I think it is time for a party-what’s every one think??

    Annie I know you have had a busy week, I hope you have some answers soon and get your kitchen back together.

    Rosie where are you, did you and Sweetie run off together. Let us know how you are.

    Lacey you are mia too, we miss you

    Well need to get to bed as I have to work tomorrow. So nity nity hope everydobby sleeps tight too-Carla

  7. fibromickster

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    You crack me up Rock. I would of course think maybe Gordon would be on the cooking channel, but not you. Hhahaha However, I love your little recipes that you make up, I bet they are really good.

    Now you are getting these woman all confused with your charm. But us porchies know you better than that. I wouldn't trade your humor for anything. You make me laugh daily and thank you for that.

    Springwater - You just pop on in anytime you feel like. I am glad you like reading all about us. We are pretty interesting little characters. It is almost like being in a cyberspace world on the porch. I love all these Porchies. However, watch out for Rock and Mrdad, they are really funny guys and our only men on the Porch, well besides Jerome, who is our caretaker.

    Gamblin Granni ( i like that carla) - so sorry you didn't win, but I am glad you had fun. That is what it is really about, having fun. NOT!!!! Winning is what it is all about. LOLOLOL

    Elaine - Wow, I am so glad to be done with dating. I feel for you having to go through that. Just remember, the right WILL come along when you least expect it and he will win your heart over.

    Lin - That is okay to peek, I do that often when I am too pooped to type or my hands just hurt too much. Bummer about your daughter's friend Mom, that must of hurt really bad.

    Julie - I watched a PBS special on Belize and their rainy season. It was very exciting. I love watching that channel. Anyway, they collect these red ants to chase off termites in their Mud and Straw homes and chase off bugs that eat their crops.

    Georgia - You sound kind of down. I hope you get over your hump/flare and are your cheerful, loveable, energetic self. So how is the weather were you are. We are supposed to get thunderstorms again tonight. Another softball game rainout for my daughter Lindsay probably. That is two so far. She has only gotten to play 1 game this season because of all the rain.

    Carla Carla Carla - I love the picture, I do remember seeing that on your profile before. That is awesome that you won, you deserve it. You sure do have many talents. I am the same as you. I could stay home forever. I love my home and yard and I am just a homebody. But that is okay, I do have a house payment and pool payment, so I might as well enjoy it and stay home.

    Good morning the rest of the porchies, Lacey, Marta, Rosie, Sweetie, where are all of you??????? We miss you guys. Anyone I missed, please forgive me, I just can't remember off the top of my head right now.

    I will check in later porchies. Have a wonderful day/night.


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    I am sorry, sometimes I just read too fast. Well that is worse it is your daughter's foot. I bet her friend's Mom feels horrible about doing that. Good think it wasn't broken, which by the way, is kind of amazing. You figure how much a car weights, that is a lot of weight on a foot.

    Your poor Dad. That definetly sounds like something my Dad would do. Good thing you caught it.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Well, I am off to my regular doctor visit. Actually, this is my last one with this doctor. I am so tired of going every month just to get medicine and a shot that never helps. I talked to my husband about this last night and have decided I am done with this medicine. I don't want to be on it for the rest of my life and it is only a temporary fix.

    So, anyway, I will stay with my Rheumatologist, she has definetly been helping me so much more.

    Now, I just have to wean off the medicine which shouldn't be too bad since I hardly ever take it and have only been on it for 4 months.
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope you're all feeling "well" today! Pretty dull and
    foggy overcast here in SF this a.m. But I'm sure it will
    clear and be sunny by noon. Starting to experience our nor-
    mal "summer" pattern.

    Haven't seen my Squirrel friend at the Park the past 2 days.
    She disappeared for a few weeks one time, then re-appeared,
    so I'm not concerned at this point. (I keep a bag of peanuts
    in my Pocket on my walks) "Be Prepared" Nothin' like a spoil
    ed Rodent! Ya know what I'm sayin?

    I mentioned, Linda, in my email to you, that you are lucky
    that you noticed your Dad's mistake on the "sunscreen".
    That "Oil of Olay" he was using is up to $128.00 a barrel
    from there. About as expensive as from our Saudi Friends!
    "Fill 'er up"! I'm sure you are glad to have them back
    from "the Land of the Hidden Chads" for the Summer. They
    both sound so-o-o sweet.

    CK: Ya workin' the 'Tique Store today? Do you bring the
    girls with you to work? Do hope all is well and getting
    back to "normal" there.

    I don't have any big plans for the weekend. Shopping and laundry for sure. I may try to do both today. Get 'em over
    wiff! Brunch tomorrow with my Son, me thinks.

    Hello to awl! Hope you're havin' a great day! Later Kids.

    P.S. Jodie--"Kudos to Cody"!!! I'm sure you're proud!

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  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Sorry I've not been posting. I'm just "hanging on by a thread". Life at my home is rather chaotic now. I do not see a change in the foreseeable future. I'm just trying to remember to breathe as Rafiki advised, have faith that all will be well, and listening to relaxation music. Thank all of you for remembering me.

    Annie...So glad that Danny's test was wrong. As soon as I read the post about Danny's test result, I prayed that there was an error and there was so faith does work. I was so happy but upset that they had worried you so. I do hope that they soon find some relief for him.

    Mickey...Congratulations on your daughter's achievements. I was very impressed. I certainly understand why you are so proud of her.

    Elaine...Hope you are doing well with your procedures. I had to have my cervix and uterus removed because of "serious" precancerous cells a few years ago. It's not so easy being a woman sometimes is it?

    Sorry I can't address everyone but I just can't today. Please know that I do think of each of you though. Hugs to all.
  11. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    by an offer I couldn't refuse, dh said we would go to our taco house for breakfast. They have delicious coffee, I don't drink coffee too often but I have to have a couple of cups while there.

    My bed of rocks has turned to gravel and small stones, so I guess I am on the upswing.

    Dh mowed the lawn after breakfast, and while we were watering, our furbabys favorite thing to do is play in the sprinkler. He also received a bath in the front lawn. I am so grateful that he likes water, or it would play heck trying to bathe a 140lb dog.

    Tonight we have to go to a booster club meeting for the band. We will find out where our son placed in the band.
    He really wants to make varsity, so keep your fingers crossed for him. They will be serving us a bbq dinner, and there will be a guitar hero competition, and other games.

    I also got some laundry done, and now I am headed into the bathroom, which needs a little attention.

    Jodi, sorry to hear about your break-in, it makes it more difficult to press charges when you know the person, hopefully you will just get the money back, with no confrontation. Good job on raising your son, (leaving when illeagle activity occurs!!!)

    Granni, I will be planning a trip to La. sometime in the fall, where would be the best place to go?

    Rock, can I help you cook? Maybe I will just eat. I am always up for that.

    Mr. D, I hope you find your squirellfriend, ha ha lol, I crack my self up sometimes.

    Lin, glad to see you back, I hope you are feeling better.

    Mickey, No rain in sight here, it is a little hot for a ball game though, we will be in the 100's for the next week or so. good luck to your girl.

    For now that's all folks.

    Hi to all I missed,

  12. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    were going to find out where my son placed, well he just got home, and he made Varsity Band, Wow, I am so excited for him.

  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Rock JUST DO N OT WEAR A PAISLEY SCARF when you appear on tv!!! (For anyone who did not see, Rachel Ray was pulled from dunkin donuts ad because weirdo's on the web had accused her of being anti USA!!! Rachel Ray!!!NO WAY! She is the most American gal one could wish for and some.

    Sorry about the break in and the weirdo guy. I know life is so different these days, with teens on myspace and showing all etc. I preferred th days when I man stood up for a lady and their was a certain protocol regarding the fairer sex etc. I do get upset that the result of all the flagrancy is that a lot of men now treat all women trashily.
    I hope things turn around and we can get back to some state of grace when it comes to manners. Cudos to Cody. Elaine-I would recommend getting a dog, they do not sass you, cost little to feed, always ready to cuddle, always take your side and will remain loyal forever.

    Julie, the rain the flies ouch!!! I feel for you.

    Granni, my tap dancing friend with her two "sisters" they do Bugle Boy routine and they are all over 80 now!!! Look darn cute too! Sorry you did not win. I toyed with the idea of buying a lotto yesterday as I Heard a voice saying "Annie, go buy a dollar lotto" so I went to the machine and the cheapest was $2 so I left it as I was only prepared to spend a dollar.

    Well heard from the hosp. today they confirmed new blood work so far in shows none of the above infections>>>>>>>>
    also rheumie called and he still thinks this could be TRAPS disease presenting in an odd way as it hit after puberty. He is keeping the Danny on lower (5mg) Prednisone and adding methotrexate once a week 12.5mg and folic acid 1mg. Meanwhile the other bloods are due Monday. Took him for his hand xrays to check bone growth. He is over at his friend's house playing. At last a SAFE nice family he can visit-their son is 14 and has Fragile X. The two are a riot together. Plus they live less than a mile away. Danny said "This is the answer to my prayers, a family that calls and invites us." We have NEVER had a place he could safely visit without us before. Love the whole family. Danny presented a paper in science class about his facial condition to "clear up misconceptions" and the science teach said he was the most courageous kid he knew. Got four more medals today, lost his chess semi final though but there again he is the only special needs kid playing some smart guys. He did well to get thus far.

    Lin when I started reading the moved post I thought at first it was your post and I was jaw dropping thinking you had been out dating men!!! I finally "got it".

    Sweetie hang on in there and thanks agin to you and all others for prayers.

    Methinks maybe your squirrel is also fed by A>N> Other mrdad and they may have moved him elsewhere?

    Our village looks so gorgeous all dressed up in blossoms, there are so many this year, the rhodies are full, and we have so many maple seeds they fall like snow!

    Hi to everybody I missed I need to go rest. We got the trim all primed after prepping and will do more painting tonight then start on priing the cabinet doors tomorrow and the walls. This better look good! (it looked so awful before. I already redid the countertops and put in new appliances and sink etc. I did travertine tile on the countertops and sage and buttercream 4in til;e for backsplash (got the lot for $27.)

    See ya on the morrow porchies.

    Love to each and all Annie

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thanks for moving here and not stuck in the door again...

    i have been dealing with empty nest syndrome...i know it is his time to go forward and am excited at the same time...i just have never lived all alone since birth...

    i have friends that want me to go out with them tonight..sounds fun, but i am depressed right now...i know i should be going to gym to work out. it's hard to force yourself when you are in pain...it's better somewhat...i don't know about the pills they put me on for it...

    is it bevy who son made varisty band? congratulations to him...

    thanks elaine...i have a good friend who is 42 years old...she is single like myself...she has been pointing out men that are on drugs to me...when they are trying to talk to me and get my number...thankgoodness she is there to point it out...cause sometimes i do not pay that close attention to the men...i do know their eyes dialate in the dark...but these guys are on coke as well...

    hugs to you all i need to let my friend know if i feel like going out w/the girls in sausilito to sushi ran...hot guys...then a couple of bars in san rafael....to go dance...i can not drink alcohol especially due to this new naisaid...sudlinac..

    everyone have a great day/night
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I feel so tired but did do a wash this morning and alittle bit of weeding before it gets to hot. I thin it may hit the low 90's today, not sure. I found tht I cannot tke the cold or the heat but cold is worse !!

    Jodie- So glad to see you here again. I know it takes awhile to get used to living by yourself when you have always had someone. That took a long time for me with my 5 kids. However, by that time I was tired, sick and needed a break. However, with DH here sometimes he is like a child to. He is or was an only child - get my meaning ?? I know it will take time to used to but your will I am sure.

    Yes, have fun with your friends this summer but be very careful with those guys. Elaine had alot of good tips. Watch for those red flags !!

    I know, it almost takes the fun out of dating when you have to be so careful with checking out potential dates. Glad I don't have to do this - I am to old for it anyway. They would either have to "shape up or ship out," as they used to say. You didn't mention if you were taking any summer classes or not this year. Have fun sweetie and enjoy yourself and lots of good luck to Cody.

    Went to our grandsons grrauation from HS last night . My daughter didn't have her phone on and got there late due to work. So, I never did find her. It was too crowded there to try and find anyone. We did take a pic of him when he was coming bck from getting his diploma. Well, so I had to mail his birthday and graduation cards and money today instead of giving it to him. The grad. was in a colessum of a nearby university - SO CROWDED and LOUD !!

    We hope to take him out to dinner soon to talk to him, hopefully soon and hope will make a decision soon as to what he is going to do. Hope it is the Air Force otherwise it will like Wally World or something like that and living with his dad - lazy and now he is to. You always would have to light a fire under him to do anything. His dad is no big help either.

    Bevy - congrats on your son making varsity bad. That is wonderful I wish some of grandkids had taken an interest i some kind of music. But it is sports or nothing so far. Maybe when some of them get older.

    It is is so wonderful that ANNIE'S son Danny has an interest and talent For the piano . That is fantastic. My GK's that have Special Ed problems have not shown any great gifts yet. However they haven't been worked with much either.

    Annie - how wonderful and special that Danny has found such a good and compatible friend. That is really great for both of them!!! I hope they find the answers to his problem soon.

    Georgia - mm that strawberry brreas sound delicious. Just leave ome on the porch PLEASE !!

    Julie - So glas to hear fro you and sorry to hear the storry of the Flood flies. Oh, tht sounds gross !!! Hope they do not come back any time soon. Hope everything else is going well for you with your mission work. When you get bck home you will really appreciate your modern conveniences.

    Mrdad - Have fun with your son at brunch tomorrow. Sounds great. Sorry you lost you little squirrel friend. Yes they are cute but we have to many of them here and they eat up everything, including our wooden bird houses and feeders. DH is always chasing them away but they always come back as we have so many trees on our property.

    Mickey - Good luck on your doctor visit. I am sure you are worn out after all the graduation business for Lindsey.

    Linda - Hope all is well with you. I forgot what you wrote. Oh, I did win a little at the casino but the problem was I put alot of it back in the machines. Did come back with some though..

    I don't remember who it was who asked about the Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy song. Yes, it was the Andrew sisters. Have to go and practice some more of the dance for the end of June. It as been along time since we have done the dance and the tp pance (shorts) barely fit. The hips is the worst part. One of the other gals had the same problem with her shorts. However, there was to little material left to take out on the seams.

    Hi there Rock, Elaine and Carla. Sorry but I have to go now and make me something for lunch for myself. DH already had some leftovers and we have to eat dinner early and he has to go to a KC Instllation this early evening.

    Sorry, if I haven't mentioned everyone. Just remember that LOVE you all !!

    Hugs and blessing to everydobby,


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  16. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I need to sit and cool down on the porch, is Jerome available to fan me, and bring lemonade to all of us.

    Last night we went to our first booster club meeting for the band. dh got mad when I signed up for 3 commitees, and him for 1. He is afraid that I will not be able to fill the obligation. I figure that I will tell them that I have fm and will help when I can. I am sure with all of the media coverage of Lyrica people may understand now???!!!

    They have what they call a fair share, and it is what we will pay for the band trips, and feeding him, ect. It is only $200, when my daughter was on the dance team I paid $800 up front, and when they went to finals, and state I ended up spending $9000 total that year. So I am super pleased with only 2 big bills going out.

    Well I am getting ready to go to the movies so more later.
    We are seeing Strangers, I don't like seeing scary movies, but a group of us are going, and that's what they chose....Movie review forthcoming...

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Bevy ,

    I know what you mean about the kids when they are in any kind of organizations. The only thing I see that may be different is that our kids made some of the money with some different fundraisers. I had two girls in drill team and you did have to shell out money but they also had to make some of it too. Our oldest daughter even had to pick up aluminumn cans for money and of course we helped too, and some garage sales and stuff. I forget everything they all did and us too..

    These days the parents have to be made of money for the kids to belong to anything.

    Yes, I know most of it all is alot of fun, the trips, the comraderie, etc. and is good for the self esteem.

    I am so glad that your daughter got into the varsity band and how excited she must be- and you too !!


  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    a gallon in some parts of the UK so I heard, that right Rosie?

    You do such lovely work Georgiac. I was thinking that really we have so many talenteed people here and wonder if we were all the types to overwork and always on the go prior to getting sick?

    Even with the dd we all seem to get through a lot of stuff even OK people would groan about. Maybe we are all too stoic?

    Rock check on the Research News list that comes below the message board main page click list. They are looking for people to do Alzheimers research on, it is about 8th down from the top of the list.

    That list is really very interesting, so remember to scroll down once the list of boards comes up and check it out.

    Hafta go and watch the launch with Buzz Lightyear in!

    Just wnet to Wallyworld and got a pile of micro ready meals and such seeing as we cannot really use the kitchen got pre prepared mashed potatoes and so forth, alreday cooked chicken in sauce that type of deal, mashed sweet potatoes. Boy these things look cheaper than making from scratch hope they taste OK.

    Got a big storm rolled over this PM-you get it too Linda?

    I worked on painting for 6 hours today and I am so aching and beat. Got all the trim work top coated (this includes some big end pieces of tall cabinets and the lower part of the cookbar area plus a huge hood inside and out and the small walls above the cabinets. Dan got the inside of 26 doors and drawers primed and I also topcoated the exterior of five drawers. Big day tomorrow, priming the exterior then wait four hours(when we will paint the walls)then topcoat the interior on doors, then MOnday topcoat exterior, let dry for 24 hours and put them all back together with hardware etc and hang them high!!!(and low)

    Hope to get this done and all cleaned up by Wednesday evening. Wish there was something good on TV tonight, like a good movie, no ads.

    Love Annie

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