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  1. mrdad

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    OK. Let's go!!!
    Hope no one got Kaught!

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  2. Granniluvsu

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    Mrdad - Thanks so much for getting us started again. I saw that it was getting close so I stayed away till it got done (the trnsfer of volumes) and I didn't get caught in the door.

    Monica - Hay, I am so glad thatyou are home from your surgery. I am sure you need torest. Let us know how you are when you feel up to it sweetie, K?

    Mickey- Yes, take pics of the party we can't be at OK (- : !!! HAVE A WONDERRUL PARTY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER.

    Well all I have some other stuff to do tonight and then maybe I can get back here to see if anyone else got to pop in.

    Blessings to you ALL inc those not mentioned.


  3. ckball

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    You won't beleive this but I am sitting her with NO POWER. I was taking a bath and getting a nice head massage from the jets and then nothing, no where. I went out on the deck and it was all dark.

    Oh well, here it stormed bad for 2 days no damage, then boom out go the lights.

    It kindof freaked me as I got a call from my next door nieghbor, she had called me Sun to see if I saw anything funny and I hadn't noticed anything unusal.

    Some one got in in broad daylight and store her sond Fedder guitar and a few other items plus there ext cords.

    They took them to the pawn shop and they bought them. She says they know who they are now but have not arrested them yet and for me to me careful and keep it locked up tight.

    So here I am laying in the tub when the power goes out and just having this conversation a little over an hour ago.

    But I am ok, altho the ac was feeling pretty good.

    Well my big battery light is already dimming on me. It is the only way I can sit and type, So going to say good nite and shut down and have a bowl of ice cream on the deck- anyone want to join me, Well I hope you have power, I was going to bed early tonight anyway See ya;ll later Carla
  4. jole

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    Monica, great to hear you're home already. Hope you feel okay tomorrow when everything has worn off...wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you find much relief!

    Elaine, you are busy and blessed! Finding a way to bring in a little $ is great. The packing, shipping, descriptions, etc. sure wouldn't excite me much though. Afraid I would screw up an send the wrong thing to the wrong person..LOL

    Mickey, will be thinking of you this weekend. Don't overdo but have fun, and enjoy your time to yourself on Monday. I'm sure your daughter appreciates all that you do for her...she sounds like a really great kid!

    Yes, we do enjoy the lake but don't get a chance to go much. I spend a lot of time lying in the camper, but do get a little time on the boat too. Just good to get a little change of scenery and be with family without having to clean house first!!!

    MrDad, thanks for the new vol. Can't believe how fast they go by. Hope things are going well for you.

    Rock, missing your lessons lately. I can feel my brain cells dying, so get busy!!

    Carla, hope your electricity is back on. Wow, I would have been freaked too after just hearing about a break in. And then you go sit on your deck?? You're just too much!! Just can't keep you down, huh.

    Annie, sounds like you're busy as ever. How's Danny doing? Any noticable change? He does so well with his problems..he's just amazing!

    Granni, enjoy those grandkids. They grow so fast - guess I don't need to tell you that though. Wish they didn't wear us out so bad, but they're fun all the same.

    Better quit for now. Hi to everyone else that I've missed.
    Love ya all~Jole
  5. rockgor

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    Don't have much to report. My aunt, who was in her 80s, used to start her letters with, "Nothing to report. I never go anywhere. Nothing ever happens."

    Now she is in her 90s, but I 'spect more is going on as she moved and now lives w/ her daughter and SIL. It was her father who was born when Lincoln was President. At least 3 of his children are still living.

    Annie, thanks for the chocolate chip cookies. I don't know what kind of cook my sister is (she has never cooked for me in her entire life), but I do know she makes wonderful ch. ch. cookies.

    I think "Fish and visitors smell after 3 days" comes from Poor Richard's Almanac. Dorothy Parker said, "You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think."

    As Jole said, I hope Danny's condition is improving. That poor kid!

    Monica, got your brief post. Glad to know things are looking ok. Granni, I bet you will have lots of fun w/ the twins.

    Elaine, you're right. That was so nice of your friend to give you all that stuff. I think you should buy her a nice present.*

    Carla, how can you be on the computer and w/o power? I don't get it. Of course I don't get much when it comes to computers.

    No orchid shows coming up. Gordon went to an orchid auction a couple weeks ago and came home w/ 4 more plants. No collector ever has enough.

    Hope you have a wonderful outing on the water, Jole. One of the best days of my life was a trip to the Mississippi River. Had a picnic on an island in the river and did some water skiing. (My drunken father wasn't there so everydobby had a good time.)

    There you are: lesson for today. Avoid drunks, rattlesnakes, and tight shoes. You may live longer; you will certainly live happier.

    Dirty Dozen?! You had 12 people on your team, Mickey? That's enough for a football team and one to go buy beer.

    Back in the Dark Ages when I was in grade school, there was a hit song called "Life Gets Tee-jus, Don't It?"
    W/ all the stress in the modern world, I wonder why it doesn't resurface.

    Illustrating how confusing life can be, I looked up the above song to see who wrote it. A couple sites say "lyrics by Hank Williams Jr". But other sites indicate the song was a hit before he was born.

    Ain't that the way things go?!

    *Note to all w/ brain fog and/or are reading quickly: this is a joke.

    Slept through my Emotions Anonymous meeting. A historic event: First meeting at a new location. Well, only fair. I also missed the historic last meeting at the old location.

    Think I'll go see if there are any surprises in the refrigerator.

    Happy Trails

  6. Rosiebud

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    popping in for a visit - I think someone has put something in the water over here - it's one drama after another.

    My elder brother is staying with us just now, in a deep depression and my son and his Fiancee have just broken up, yes thats the two who were just engaged a month ago. They break up and go back together all the time. My son is now in a depressive state too. I sound flippant but I'm really worried about them.

    Apart from that we are having some really lovely sunny days.

    Hope to get back and visit more often.

    love to all
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  7. ckball

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    Well I survived the power outage. Came on about 11:30.

    Rock I have a laptop that has a battery, it is suppose to last 3 hours but I have never tried it. How many orchids to you have in and out of your house. I bet it smells wonderful. Loved the "culture" joke.

    MOnica glad to see you able to post last night. Hope your recovery is quick and painless. My sister is doing great, other than having to wear that stupid collar.

    Annie stopped by at the end of the last thread and left ALL KINDS of goodies, I bet she is still in bed this AM as there are so many things I couldn't remember them all or eat them all, so there is stil plenty-Thanks Annie I hope you recover from your last week. HOw is Danny? Do you have appts this week after the botched tests and appts.

    Elaine- that is great about your sales, can't wait to hear what goodies your freind is giving you.

    Jole- yes it takes a lot to hold me down. The break in was last Sun afternoon. They were at a family picnic and someone came in. Our houses are about a football feild away and lots of trees so I didn't see anything.

    Someone stole 250 ft of ext cords and 3-5 gal gas cans FULL of gas last spring from me. There is no way to lock my old shed. I believe it is someone in the area, like her neighbor. She has a trailer right next to her and he got out of jail about a year ago and I think it is him.

    His dad owns the trailer and is a really nice man, he is the one that helps me more than any one else up here. I have been leaving the dogs home more often than not, so they won't try to get in the house.

    I did enjoy my ice cream on the deck and listened to the crickets and bullfrogs. Now it is the ciacda's, do you get them in your area?

    Rosie glad to see you back at the porch, I am sorry to hear about Reni and his fiance but maybe it is for the best. I know he doesn't feel that way now, hopefully you can talk to him and help him realize the reality of her problems. I do hope your brother picks himself up too.

    You need to remember to take care of you too. Glad you have been getting sun. It is going to be in the 90's and humid all weekend. So I may break down and buy a sprinkler so I don't have to stand out and water my dirt.

    Speaking about dirt, it rained more in 48 hours than it has the last 2 months and the dirt was very moist and it made more little blade of green peep threw. Yesterday they were already trying to dry up and cracks are forming in the clay so I need to water it about 5-7 times a day.

    Well I need to get ready for work and will hopefully get caught up on emails and some computer stuff.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend- Carla
  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Got out early to mow the grass and I uppose I bugged the neighbors as it was only 7.00am. Still it is very hot here today and humid, right Linda? It is meant to get above 90F.

    Well, I cannot recall if I told you the endo has now ordered MRI of brain to check for pituitary tumor re Danny due to his bone age being four years advanced, also adrenal tests. Poor Danny he is totally miffed about having to be short the rest of his life, I too, feel for him as if this is a tumor, they could have caught it over a year ago before it accelerated his bone fusion had they done MRI then when we kept requesting one.

    Monica I just posted separately for you on the main board and glad things went OK. Recover slowly and enjoy your peonies that must be open by now?

    Rosie I am sorry about your brother and son, we live in such a society today that people think it is all movie perfection and get down when their lives seem not to meet criteria.

    Thanks everyone for your good prayers and wishes re my dear son, Linda has met him and will tell you what a sweet kid he is, he is so polite and loving. As if having autism and JRA was not enough for him to bear. Makes me lose faith.

    Rock thanks for the funnies again and clarity, I was trying to recall what DP put on her grave it was something very funny. That Algonquin Round Table, was that San Fran or LA they used to meet?

    You know we used to live in this really nice place called Sequim WA where it rained only 14ins a year yet we had plenty of water due to snow run off the mountains and where a cold winter day was 40 with maybe two short frosts a year, and summers barely got above 76, clear blue skies too. Why the heck I am in hot humid NY State where the only month I enjoy is October (snow all winter) heaven knows! Yes, I know it is pretty, the folk are nice, the property is really good value the taxes are SKY HIGH, but here we are 42 last week now 90.....

    Hi to everdobby else and you know I do not name names, but all of you have been read, acknowledged and are in my thoughts.

    Oh forgot the best news of all, my missing birth certificate and application for my UK pension has been found-it was apparently received April 22nd, four days after it left the USA but was in security clearance all this time.

    Love Annie
    Love Annie
  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Summer has finally come to Michigan. We're to have 90 degrees today.

    It's nice to hear people's good news: Monica's surgery is over, Annie has her birth cert. (but Danny is concerned about his height), Rock is reading up on horticulture (gave me a big out-loud laugh), Granni's as busy as ever, Carla has her power back on, Rosie's family is practicing forbearance :)>(, Elaine is selling up a storm on Ebay and Jole stopped by to say hello.

    My latest news is that my screen porch door is finally done and it is wonderful! It pays to be strict with the help. He even put the screen in my storm door and changed my whole house filter - all under an hour. As soon as they left, I finished the painting the porch trim so it. is. done!

    Sending hugs and sweet-smelling peonies to all, near and far,
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Go figure! I buy a new used crock pot, carrots, celery, corn
    nibblets, two bags of peanuts, vermin broth then that Squirrel
    disappears! There's just no certainty in the world anymore
    'sept the two we all know about already! I'm getting so tired
    of the same ole "Steak Dianne" for dinner!

    Glad Monica is doin' better and the OP is over! You'll be
    out in the "GARDEN" in no time I'm sure.

    Georgia, hope Mr M is doing better too! Gonna warm up for the
    weekend I hear. See ya on the "Causeway"!

    CK: You're most likely at work, but I suggest you forego that
    Golf Cart for maybe one of those three wheel Police Motor
    cycles they used for patrolling for parking and ticketing!
    They even had a little liftup trunk. I believe they a gear-
    ed low for slow driving. That Golf Cart sounds like a bag
    of problems to me. Want you care free and safe!

    Annie: Great that Danny had such a wonderful B'Day and that
    you had a wonderful visit with your Brother! I could hear
    your lawn mower at 7 am from across the Continent!

    Well, got ta do the laundry, pay phone bill and cut a check
    for the McMahon/Holyfield Rescue Fund! (Wonder whose doin'
    their laundry today?) Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Bac later KIDS!

    P.S. And what happened to their big $300.00 stimulus check
    from the FEDS?
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  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    to get their stimulus checks....so kind of you to donate to their fund...some reason i just don't think you have that check in the mail to them. maybe a beekeenee or a speedo for them to stay cool in the summer.

    annie hope all is well for danny hugs to you both.

    elaine-you are not good at dating.lol atleast you know when to foldem...

    monica heal up fast for us!

    this is sort of short...still the old back pains...oh started taking chanitx to quit smoking i pray i don't gain weight or water retention from it...

    gonna get off this computer..hi to everyone i missed

  12. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I guess I have been feeling too well lately, so the fm decided to remind me what an ugly thing it is.

    Dh wants me to go to doc, I won't go, I hear the same thing every time....Sorry you aren't feeling well here are some narcotics, That will be 85 dollars.

    Thanks for the snacks, whoever left them.

    Rock my son plays the trombone. I am so proud. Have you checked out the Leeza Gibbons Alz site? I went to it and they just opened one here in San Antonio. They offer many free services for people with all types of chronic illnesses, and programs for their care givers. Let me know what you think.

    Springwater, welcome, your name is so refreshing.

    I have to go for now, it is taking me forever to correct my fogged up typing.

    Hugs for all,

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am finally back. Nothing really exciting going on here like poor CARLA havingh problems with her own cart and then actually fixing it herself. Good job girl !! I love that picture too.

    I just got back from the back and the Dollar Store this afternoon so I didn;t have to hit Wally World for one thing. I need cerreal for the boys. Not sure they like thek kid we eeat. I got a great buy tthough. it is 1/2 the price of the Brand name.

    It looks like it is going to rain. Hopefully, it will as we really do need some. Hope those of you in the story/tornados area haven't gotten any more ofd those terrible storm. They are no fun for sure and so dangerous. We also have to be on the lookout for tornados at time but it is now the Hurricane season. Great, hope none of them come our way. It was s big shift of luck that turned that last big hurricane away from us towards Beaumont and LA. I forget if it was Rita or Katrina. We were out of the country at that time and that was really scary !! We even saw the standstill on I-45 of people TRYING to get out of the way and away from the coast line.

    Georgia - How nice that Mr M got you a cast iron skillet. I used to have one that was DH's mom and I think I gave it away. Maybe to my daughter not sure. Yes, they are great to cook with. It was not a big one though.

    Bevy - Sorry you are not feeling well again. Yes, I know how frustrating it is to have to go to the doctor and they really cant do much except give you meds. That would be great if it would really help and not cause problems with the rest of your body, and make you feel like you are going into la la land.

    Sorry all but have to leave right now. DH needs the puter. Hugs to everydobby !

  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I share the same birthday (Nov 30th?) I think. We used to live very near Elmira and drive through it when we have to travel back to Ithaca. Winston Churchill and Mussolini I think were all born the same day of November too.

    Actually, too, Mark Twain lived in this village here for a short while with his mother, sister??? He wrote a short story all about this area-no one knows which house though-sure wasn't mine.

    Does Liza Gibbons have Alzheimers then?

    A friend of my MIL's bumped into her and said "Didn't you used to be dead? " she said, "Well I hope not I think I'm alive" "Well it must be me whose dead then" he said and shuffled off.

    Cruel illness to be sure, that and senile dementia.

    Well we too are running our air. We invented our own $300 central air system a few years back and it has worked in every house. You buy three window units, (you need ceiling and or floor fans too) you put them in windows at oppositie ends of the house and also maybe one central, but opposite ends work with two one end and one the other. You turn them on close any rooms like bathrooms etc. Right now we have one in each end bedroom and one in the family room. We run them and the fans and leave the doors open to those rooms and let the cool air seep through to kitchen and living room (our house is about 1,600 s.f.) it really works very well indeed and does cool the whole of the house except the one small bedroom we have the door closed on, the two bathrooms, and the laundry. If you have two stories ypou also need at least one more window unit upstairs with a ceiling fan too. All the rooms are now 68 and it is 91 outdoors here. Oh and of course close all the blinds. It is very cheap to run this way.


    lOVE aNNIE
  15. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    does not have Alz. Her mother just past away had it so did her Grandmother.

    Rosie, sorry to hear about the split, hopefully they will work things out.

    More to all later,

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You all have been so busy. It is funny, it seems like yesterday we were all talking about how cold it was and that this past winter was the longest one ever. Hahaha Now it is 90 everywhere and HOT.

    But that is okay, I will take 90 anyday over the cold. My body feels 100% better in the summer and I just love the summertime. So much more to do.

    It is about 12:15 A.M. and I am not tired at all. I think that B12 is really helping guys. I have been running non stop all day and still have a lot of energy. I am on cloud nine.

    Today, I picked up the rest of the food for the party. Cut up all the veggies for the veggie and dip tray. Started cutting up fruit. I am putting rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, canteloupe, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, green grapes, red grapes, kiwi and regular melon in the fruit salad. WOW, that is going to be one big fruit salad.

    My husband is going to grill hot dogs, hamburgers and brats. I am making Moscechelli (spelling???), potato casserole (only because my daugher asked me too, LOL), barbecue beans, pasta salad, fruit salad, veggies, crab dip, potatoe salad, etc... I know there is more but I can't think of them right now.

    Tomorrow will be the busy day getting all that stuff ready. I also have to pick up the cake and the big cookie (that is what my daughter wanted), the helium tank, bags of ice, miscellaneous items that i started with a list, like lemonaide, lemons, ribbon for the balloons. It seems everytime I think I am done, there is more to get. Geez.

    Sunday, my other daughter and I will have to get 100 balloon blown up and attached to all the fence posts around the pool. That is going to be a big job. The basement looks awesome. Her school colors are black and gold so that is what the basement is decorated in. I also got these really neat HUGE banners stating (Congratulations on you graduation Ashley) I am putting one on the garage door and one on the front door.

    I am really getting excited now and can't wait. The only thing that could ruin the party is the weather. It is supposed to be nice so I hope it stays that way. I just wish you all could be there to help celebrate. She is such a wonderful girl, every parents dream daughter as I am sure you all have one of those too (son or daughter). She deserves this party so much and I am so glad that I am able to do this for her.

    Well, enough about me. Monica, all of our prayers worked, I am so happy. I prayed every chance that I got that everything would go well for you. Now I can pray that this surgery worked and you can be pain free and Rosie I am so glad you were able to stop by the porch. We all miss you lots.

    Well my fellow Porchies, I am going back upstairs to watch the TV with hubby and finish my frozen drink with rasberries and blueberries in it. Yes, I stole some of the fruit from the party. LOL

    Love you all, Mickey
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  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    That fruit salad sounds wonderful....

    Wish I was coming !!!

    Not much to say today, just going to settle down after a get the rest of the wash on my solar dryers (washing lines)

    Got the first out at 6.00am, but I wanted to wash quilts and some of the patchwork throws etc today.

    I did cut son and hubby's hair, military style too, My hair is now just about long enough to put up in a sort of pony tail/bun. Was going to get it cut short, but decided to give it a try like this. I fancy growing it long again, then I get fed up of the weight-I have awfully thick dark blonde hair, very heavy. It has grown about three inches since February don't know why.

    I am munching my way through the lovely Bing cherries that bit the stores last week. I just adore them. They are meant to be good for inflamation too.

    It was so hot last eveing I made a Sam's club(Wallyworld) frozen sweet and sour chicken , put some broccoli with it. It tasted pretty good like a take out really. It was about $7.00 enough for three. I have to go to collect meds today there and so I may get a couple of others for this heat. Need to buy a grill as we left ours in Ithaca.

    Going to start on the Ivan Doig book today, but I am also reading another book set in Seattle....Island Life...looks interesting as the author has had a colorful past too.

    Love you all, stay cool-we just cancelled tonight's kid golf on the par3, too hot. There is a 15 mile garage sale here yesterday and today, but I just have so much junk already, so I think I will skip it all.

    Love Annie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    As I sit here writing we are waiting for the a/c guy to come and check one of our air conditioners. I hope it just needs freon. The unit is about 20 years old so who knows ??? The coolness isn't coming out as DH thinks so it is being checked. He even slept part of the time on the couch last night.. I was fine with the fan blowing on e too. I am in and out of the covers all night.

    Mickey - Hope the weather for your party holds out. You party souds like it should be wonderful !! Wish Icould e there. The food sounds excellent, wjth thepool and great people and tht is all youu need !! Have LOTS of FUN !!!

    Georgia - How nice that Mr M got "himself" a new chair. That souds like the one we have at home but itis maroonish color. OIf course DH uses that one ALL thr time. Hope you willtake a pic of your spinning wheel to show us soon. I am anxious to see what it looks like in comparison to the old fashioned ones and if it looks that much different.

    Annie - I Keep forgetting to tell you that I am so glad that Danny had an enjoyable birthday party. Yes, also isn't the food in Sams wonderful. The only problem is once you get hooked on an item they discontinue it (that gets me mad). In fact if kids come over for Fathers Day I wmay get their Stourffers lasagna. I will have the twins for a week and not going to want to cook much. So something like that is fantastic. Just need a slad and bread and maybe some appetizers.

    Linda - Hope all is well with you at your house. Yes, we did luckily get some rain towards the end of the day. We sure did need it.

    Jodie - I hope your back is feeling better. Are you taking any summer school this year. Have some fun !!

    Geez, now I screwed it up, so Ican't check to see who wrote what, So, I am stuck and don;t remember.

    Joe/Joe - you ready with your Speedos and your binocuilars to see thsoe bee-kee-nee girls? It surely has been hot hee for sure.

    Rock - What has been going on? Gordon cooking up some gormet foods lately? Do you ever help or does he want you out of the kitchen(-: ? I have some friends who I think ae so lucky as their DH love to cook. All my husband wants to know is what time is dinner..UGH !! Any more words of wisdom to wake me (us) up ?? I love your history lessons to and Joe's.

    Monica - So glad you are home and hope you will be back to your flowers in no time at all !!

    Carla and Elaine - I am sure the two of you are as busy as ever. Carla, be careful with your golf cart !! I am still trying not to get you two mixed up (-: I do know Carla drives or tries to drive her golf cart and then fixes it herself !!!<>

    ELAINE - anything new on the dating scene or have you just given up for the time . It sounds to me that you are up and running again after your zapping sessions. I know they are over with now. Good luck in finding a good specialist.

    Bevy and Jole - Hope you weather has been OK with no problems. Bevy is it your son who's fiance broke off the engagment? If so I am so sorry to her about it and that he is upset. If I got it wrong I am sorry - n notes (-: !!
    Hugs and blessings to ALL inc those not mentioned !!

    BTW, someone asked me about anymore gigs. Yes, at the end of the month we will be singing for a local nursing home. Two of my dancing buddies have been coming here to try and relearn our BWBB dancewe did years ago.

    Hugs and blessings to all,


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  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Julie I see you came threw the rains and the flood to see us. I can’t imagine how life in a jungle would be like with all you have described That poor man that lost his baby. I commend you on your ability and drive to help these people and leave your own life behind.

    I do hope you and Den get to celebrate your anniversary with a nice dinner or something. I can imagine getting supplies would be a real problem with no bridges. I hope things improve soon.

    Mrdad there is no way I would trade in my golf cart, the problems have been human error by not having all the connections tighten down enough, that is what caused the first fire and the cable to burn the other day.

    I have made sure everything is tight now! Live and learn, just like any other equipment it needs to be taken care of.

    It didn’t help that the guy that sold it to me wasn’t completely up front about the lifetime of the batteries, so I wasn’t expecting that cost so soon. But to me it is worth every dime or LOTS of dimes,lol.

    It is my guilty pleasure as I enjoy taking the girls out for their walks as it allows me to go to other areas where I can get out and walk them myself and my neighborhood has too many hills. They really enjoy just riding in it too, they like going down the hills as much as I do,hehe. I have a basket on the back plus the area where the golf clubs go and that is how I get the rocks I collect back home.

    Georgia I am so happy that you are doing do well and have found your new best friend for life. The chair does seem to be a comfy one, I like big comfy chairs that rock.

    Monica if you are peeking in I hope your are doing well but don’t do to much, I know sounds like I need to take my own advice.

    Well I am, I am taking the day off, I need to change my sheets but other than that don’t plan on too much. I may go out this evening and do some work, then again maybe not!

    Bevy sorry to hear your in a flare and hope it passes soon, I bet your son is so proud to have made varsity band. That is one talent I don’t have, never been musical at all.

    Granni I hope you get that ac taken care without a new one, but 20 years is a long time.

    It is a hot one hear today and I am staying indoors and taking the day off. Steel Magnolias just came on and I think I am going to watch it as I love it and haven’t seen it in a long time, so it is almost like watching it the first time with my memory,lol.

    Hello to Linda, Annie, Marta , Sweetie,Elaine, Jodie and anyone else not mentioned, I hope everyone is staying cool and collected -Carla
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone

    I cant remember what everyone wrote but it seems a lot of people came by. Seems like lots of you were busy.

    Fibromicksters party sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun. All those helium baloons! I love balloons, maybe because they always bring back good memories..laughter, shouting, madness. KIDS!

    Monicas home? Wishing speedy recovery to you. Take it easy for a while. Recoverys more complete when you rest properly.

    CK - it was disturbing to know about the neighbour getting robbed and also yuor gas being stolen year back. It feels very invasive to have even a wallet or purse pickpocketed in a crowd or bus..I have been several times...but finding something stolen from home is scary. Please take care.

    bevy - thanks for the welcome to the board. I hope your resting and doing good.

    Elaine – sometimes you move so fast I cant believe you have FM! Good to know about the bumper sales on ebay; sounds like a nice lil business you got there.

    Rockgor – I can just imagine your place, full of orchids and other plants Gordon HAD to bring back. I can understand because I am a plant freak myself if I do go to a show. I feel I HAVE to have that plant coz I don’t have it in THAT shade forgetting I don’t have space to keep it in any longer. But what a lovely hobby to have.

    Rosiebud – sorry to hear about the funk your brother and son are both in. Take care you don’t get sucked in too much. Someone has to stay strong right? I m sure they both get over it soon ….we’ve al had our share of ‘those’ troubles Im sure. And most of us live to tell the tale!

    Annie – your son sounds like a wonderful boy!. Its when kids and animals suffer my faith takes a beating the most….but good things happen too and we must remember those. Remember and remember till good memories blank out the bad. I do have faith in the power of prayer and I pray and pray for your son to over come all the difficult things and good things to manifest in his and all of your lives.

    Granni – it makes me smile when imagining you and your friends dance. I loved that pic you had put up. What fun you must be having putting it all together. If only I had that much ‘go’ in me.

    Lydia – I don’t know where Belize is exactly yet, but I mean to find out. Seems you are doing some good work there. Really shook me up to hear about the man and the baby he was trying to save. It sounds like a world away from everywhere…snakes and things getting washed into the house. At least they are not forgotten. You and those like you reaching out. Bless You All.

    Everyone I didn’t mention, hello and I did read all the posts…and being informed of what all is going on.

    My son got his new motorbike today, he is sixteen and just started grade 11. I was terrified when he went out for the first time on it…on his first longish ride to see a friend across town but forced myself to let him go. He returned home safe enough.

    I was feeling much better than usual as far as my chronic fatigue was concerned so I got some chores done…some cooking and a bit of looking at sons homework. I also managed to catch the Womens French Open Final on television. Sometimes my depression gets so bad that I lose interest in sports even but apparently I am doing better if I could summon up this much interest.:) Im looking forward to tomorrows Mens final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

    My daughter asked me what she should say to a girlfriend who emailed saying she lost her nerves during an interview for college and had been crying hard over the phone. Her gang of three friends including my daughter were going to go over to console her. I didn’t know what to say. She is the only one out of the gang of five (one out of country) who has not yet got into any college. And she is the most disciplined, good girl of the lot. They go to her house and find her talking animatedly over the phone to the overseas friend who also has called up to console her. She was saying it was such a relief to find her not as down as they expected. Theyd expected to find a broken down red eyed girl. I suppose when one is young you bounce back faster. But I find it hard to accept that some get luckier than others. One of lifes harder truths. I hope she gets in fast and to a good college.

    Hope everyone has a good day. As for me, its night here and about to turn in.

    God Bless