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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids! Annie, would you please "delete" yours when it comes

    up? We both made the change at the same time. No way to

    avoid this problem at times.


    P.S. Ya watching the U.S. Open?
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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    thanks for opening mrD!

    Really tired. Lots going on. Going to watch the golf joe!

    Rock bless you re kitties. I was told that saline solution works pretty well too, not too strong though.

    good luck on flight from belize.

    micky no need to worry i am sure you would get a warning. did not see the joke.

    gosh everdobby else enjoyed reading your updates.

    the digger is charging $90 TO DO THE 14 BY 32 AREA to loam quality I hope!!! Cheaper than renting a big tiller.

    Got everything ready to go and my sedlings to transplant, all except I got flat of catnip and when i looked for it the cats had stolen it pulled it across the catio and eaten most of it, then thrown up!!!

    I will grow it to large outside the catio and transplant when bigger.

    wish it would storm as it is humid.

    oh those poor people in the midwest-now they are to evactuate downtown des moines plus Albert Lea was flooded Rock. I know all these places and have stayed at most.

    Love you all, Annie
  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    by the way Georgia, yes you can get internet through Satellite. Just ask them when they come out.

    Hi all Porchies 06/13/08 10:37 AM

    I am just sitting up at the front desk manning the office. Yes, everyone got to go home at noon today, however, my boss asked if I wanted to stay until 4:00 to answer phones and get caught up and he would pay me an extra $100. Of course I said sure. I could definetly use the money.

    So here I am all by my lonsome, well there are a few guys still here but that is okay. I kind of don't want to be here all by myself.

    My youngest daugter was supposed to go to Six Flaggs today with a bunch of friends, however, they had to cancel due to this nasty weather. She was so looking forward to it. I just bought her a season pass and this would have been the 1st time she went.

    Lin - I love your little poem. I have never heard that before. No, I am not all caught up yet, it will be awhile, hopefully before next Friday though, because I am off again next Friday the 20th for my birthday and next Monday the 23rd. Yes, I always look forward to TGIF.

    MRDAD - Thanks for letting me know not to be worried. I deleted the post anyway just in case. I just thought it was funny and didn't even realize that someone my take it offensive. I guess I am just to niave when it comes to those kind of things. Did you ever find your little squirrel friend?????

    Georgia - I agree with MRDAD about the direct tv. We have satellite too and I absolutely love it and would choose it anyday over cable. Plus it is a lot cheaper and they are usually set rates and they don't go up on you every year. good luck with that.

    GRANNI - I bet you are going to really miss your little grandsons after spending those few days with them. Or maybe you will be glad for the little break. However, I think that is so neat that they are so close to you. I love that my kids are so close to their Grandma & Grandpa.

    Well I will check back later, I need to get some of this work done. Adios for now.

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am listening to a live opera performance from a long time ago. I was 30 years old, slim, handsome (altho I didn't think so at the time) and healthy. Land O Goshen! What happened to me? And Why? Oy Vey! as my boss used to say.

    There! I have to do that every now and then for purposed of maintaining. Maintaining what? I dunno. Some days it all gets to be too much. (And I expect one or two of you here feel the same way.)

    Today I have technology problems. High (the computer) and low (the toilet). Dave Barry conducted a campaign against low-flush toilets. Sad to say his efforts were not flushed with success.

    Linda, I looked up AMIGONE. It is a surname, a first name and the name of a Funeral Parlor in Buffalo, NY. I don't know, of course, but I am assuming it was located there to assist those who have shuffled off.

    MrDad, Gordon is fine, but things at the office remain uncertain. Automatic payroll deposits are supposed to be made Monday. We will see what happens.

    Georgia, good for you! If people would refuse to put up w/ shoddy products and service, things might improve.

    And then again, maybe they wouldn't. I think most businesses take they attitude that the competition is lousy, so they needn't bother to improve.

    Did the twins get sunburned, Granni, or just a little pink?
    I was thinking about my granddaughter yesterday. She's eight. I couldn't remember her name. It popped into my head this morning. It's Olivia.

    Guess it doesn't really matter. I don't have any contact w/ my son or Olivia.

    Mickey, WOW! Some boss! $100. When I was a kid you could have filled up the gas tank 15 or 20 times w/ that. And most gas tanks were bigger in those days.

    Annie, I've never been to Albert Lea, but I tried to find some pictures on the net. When I have visited Mid-west small towns (or found pictures), it seems to me they all look alike.

    Mostly old brick business buildings about 100 years old; Main street 2 blocks long; a water tower; a high school and a grade school; about 3 churches; one park; comfortable looking old houses. I immediately feel right at home.

    I did look up Albert Lea. Guess what?! Albert was a real person. He surveyed the area for the army in 1835. Nathan, the son of Daniel Boone, was in his company.

    Wonder how many people in Albert Lea know that.

    Well, time to do the dishes. Maybe I'll call my aunt in Rochester, MN. She is not well.

    Hope everydobby has a good weekend, wins the lottery, and finds whatever is currently missing. (In my case, it's my keys. ARGHHHHHHHH!!)


    *pause and meditate
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I've had the U.S. Open on and didn't see the news. I usually
    have MSNBC on too! What a shame Tim Russert was an exceptional
    journalist and a ver y more than just decent human being.
    How sad for his family! I believe his Dad who he loved and
    admired their in Buffalo N.Y., is still living!

    I'll be listening for further details. Thanks again Linda.

  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    A 1/2 hour to go and I am out of here.

    Elaine - Oh I am over that now, no worries. That email was a couple of days ago and i deleted it then. I am not worried and I am definetly calmed down.

    I am actually so relaxed I am about ready to go to sleep. there is hardly anyone here.

    Last night when I got home, I pulled the solar cover off of the pool and jumped in. It was like bathwater, just like I like it. I laid in the raft and fell assleep for about 1/2 hour. It was so so nice. I cannot wait to do that tonight as long as it has stopped raining.

    I need to go out and get something for hubby for Father's day. Not sure what to get him. I guess clothes. He never shops for clothes.

    By the way, happy Fathers Day to MRDAD and ROCK!!!!!

    I am having another party Sunday with my hubby's side of the family for Father's Day and my nephew's birthday. No big deal party, just a little one. Since we have the pool everyone wants me to do it all, however, his side always helps out with the cost for the food and helps out a lot too.

    Next Sunday we will be celebrating my birthday, my daughter's birthday and my brother in law birthday. Again at my house. LOL That really is okay, I would rather be at home than anywhere else anyway.

    LIN, I heard about Tim Russer, he had a heart attach on his way to his son's graduation. That is horrible. I feel so sorry for his family.

    Okay, well I better start getting cleaned up around here and shut down. I promise I will try and communicate with you all at home. I am just so darn lazy when it comes to the computer at home.

    Love you all

  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Yep it has been a long but good day, but too brain dead to tell you about it, but I I found someone to help me clean up my back yard and tear my old shed down.

    Well the Dog Whisperer is on so I just wanted to let you know I'll be bauckkkk tomorrow-Carla
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in while the kids went out with DH trying play a littel golf before it gets to hot and crowded. Sat is the bad day to try but it rained last night after dinner which would have beena great time to do it.

    The boys have been good and they go home tonight when their mom and dad come to get them. Then we will go out to dinner for an early Fathers Day. Everyone is busy tomorrow so it will be a quiet one tomorrow after church.

    Just wanted to say hi to all before they came back. I don;t suspect they will be gone for to long on a saturday morning. Then I might have to take hem to the pool if they want to. They may be tired of swimming by this time.

    Hope all is well with EVERYDOBBY today.

    Carla - glad you found someone to tear down your shed and help with your yard.

    See ya ALL later alligators !!

    Hugs and blessings to ALL,

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  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Gotta get up and going before it gets hot but did want to tell Geogia I have Direct tv and the internet fees are VERY pricey, at one time the equipment was close to $400 then about $80 a month.

    Go to Direct tv's website, it is all there to see with the fees, but I stick with dial up. I had DSL at mom;s house then when I moved up here I couldn't get it and had to go back to dial up.

    I know it would drive you batty to have dial up after having cable. I know it does me. I keep hoping earthlink will get dsl here as the regualar phone service has it now but I don't want to change ISP's because of my site.

    With earthlink you get a free web page and you could use it for your hobby/work like I do. I have been with earthlink since 1998 and have been happy with their service and people. I think dsl is about $40 more or less so go to their site and type in your zip code and it will tell you if dsl is in your area.

    Chainging ISP's is a real pain as far as changing all the settings on your computer, the other reason I haven't changed.

    OK a big wave to everyone else, I will try to get back later- Carla
  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Just wanted to drop by to say hello to all. Hope each of you have a good weekend. I can't tell the difference between the weekend and regular weekdays since my DH and son lost their jobs. It all blends together. Although we desperately need for them to be working, I find that I am not lonely anymore and am adjusting somewhat to them being home. I don't know what I would have done without the DH being around to take care of all the problems we have had with the wreck. I need to find all the positives that there is in this situation.

    Rock...Your son and granddaughter are missing out so much by not sharing their lives with you. You are so smart, witty, and caring. You have so much knowledge that you could pass on to Olivia. I just wish that it could be different for all of you. I also understand all to well when you speak of "it all being to much" some days. It's a battle sometimes isn't it? It is a battle that is worth fighting though or at least I have to keep telling myself that.

    Mickey...I am so envious of you and your pool. It sounds heavenly. I love water but can't stand chlorine. You have the perfect situation.

    Carla...Enjoyed your You Tube videos...all of them. How fast are you driving in the golf cart?

    I was going to try to address everyone but I ran out of steam. Here's a big hug to all The Porchies...maybe I can get back on line later.
  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well, almost afternoon. I slept until 10:30 am this morning. WOW I can't believe it, I must have been tired. However, I feel worse now than if I only get 6 hours of sleep. aUGGGGGGGGGG.

    Oh well, I hate sleeping so late on the weekends, it makes it go by so fast. I need to get moving for the father's day and birthdays tomorrow. We are celebrating my hubby, FIL, BIL, Fathers Day, and my birthday, my daughters, my BIL and my nephews birthday all tomorrow. That is going to be a lot of cakes.

    My MIL insists on getting a cake/cookie for each person. Oh well as long as I am not buying them all. We are having it here tomorrow and I can't get motivated to do anything. I am still recooperating from last weekends grad party.

    Sweetie - I hope and pray you son and hubby get a job soon. I still can't believe all that has happened to you. However, I am glad that they are keeping you company and you are enjoying them being home. Yes, I can't stand chlorine either, I am so glad they came out with this salt water pool. My eyes have never burned and there is no chlorine smell at all. Technology these days are amazing.

    Well I better head upstairs and get decent and comb my hair so I can go out and grocery shop for food tomorrow. Ughhhhh, I hate grocery shopping. Usually hubby does it, but he is working today.

    Love ya all & I will try to check in later. Mickey

    PS Carla, I am so glad you found someone to help you. That is GREAT!!!!

    By the way, I feel so weird this morning. My hands and arms are all numb and I can't get them to wake up at all. Does anyone know what this is.
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  12. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    alone all day, DH took my son to help him do a break job and tune up on one of his old neighbors truck. He is an older gentleman, and can't do that kind of stuff any more.

    Dh said that our son changed one of the front breaks by himself, he called to say how much he takes after him.

    It amazes me that some of the most simple things make parents proud.

    So I got some laundry done, cleaned both bathrooms, and dusted and vacuumed.

    Now I am spent. We are suppose to be going out to a bbq tonight, but it is sooooo hot here I hope we don't go until sometime late in the evening.

    Rock, I hope your kitties eyes are doing okay.

    Carla, Love the pic on the fad thread. I used to know a girl that wore her hair like that a couple of years ago. I have not run into her in a while I wonder if it is still like that.

    Hello to all of my other Peeps,

    Mr. Dad, have you spotted your squirell, maybe you are paying to much attention to the bee kee nees to see your little friend.

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just lost my post as my computer was doing something funky so I copied it and then did a restart but now it won't paste.

    I tried to email a video this morning then went about my day and when I got back from Wally's it was still going so I tried to stop it but it wouldn't let me. I got a warning I am running low on disc space so I deleted some stuff, I have been trying to clean out my email and pictures for awhile but I have a 60 gig hard drive so am surpised it is full already.

    It is very quite here today, I guees everyone is celebrating Fathers Day and I wish all our fathers here a great day.

    It was cooler yesterday so I stayed out all day until 9:30 last night and I was beat. Took a quick shower and crashed on the couch with the girls.

    Today has been building looking and Wally's, it is 90 today so I am in but have plenty to do inside and need to get up before I sit too long than can't,lol.

    I haven't heard from Mr Redneck, that is the guy who is suppose to help me by getting all the metal out of my toxic waste dump that is my back yard and was going to go out to my rock place and get me some bigger rocks.

    If he does show up that's fine but if not, I am not calling to find out why he didn't show. It seems like nobody wants to work anymore.

    His current job is tearing down 2 condemed 100 year old houses and it selling what he can out of it. I want to buy some of the baseboards and flooring, they used 1 x 12's for subfloors and can only see it because the first floor ceilings are torn out so you can see the second floor sub floor.

    With the price of lumber today, I can save a lot of money using reclaimed lumber. I still need to finish making baseboards for my bedroom and some in my studio. Plus I can use it to make jewlery boxes and putting stained glass in them, frames for my art, ect. I want to learn how to build mission style tables and use stained glass with them as well as wood lamps with glass shades.

    Then maybe next year go to a annual show where I could sale them. That is why I am buying a new work shed/building. The shed that came with the house is falling in, part of the roof has already fell down and I only have enough room to park my rider.

    Sweetie is good to see that you are moving forward and adjusting to having your DH and son home, see how that worked out, had he not lost his job he would not have been able to take care of this mess you have been left with.

    Everything happens for a reason and I hope your "reason" shows itself soon. Stay strong and lean on each other.

    Bev glad you liked my prom pic, it is still there if anyone hasn't seen it already.

    Micky hope your day of cakes went well, can you bring us the left overs. I would love to be able to jump in that pool today. My neighbors have a big inflatable pool and almost went over there last night after all day in the yard.

    Geogia- glad you found a new ISP, I will have to look into joining AARP, I have been sent the info and just never did, didn't think I would use it enough to make a difference. One year I called earthlink about DSL and of course not available so I asked for a reduction of my monthly fee, it went from $21.95 to $12.95 for 6 months, maybe I need to ask for that again.

    The website really is easy to set up, if you decided to use it for your knitting and such let me know and I will help you out. Does Mr M have any kids?

    Well better get busy, need to vacum and the girls really need a bath and it is time to Frontline so want to bath them before I do that.

    Hello to everydobby not mentioned and MIA's need to check in-take care and have a nice day, come back and see us ya hear-Carla
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well the kiddies are home and things are back to normal or whatever that is anyway. They really were very goodna and it wasn't as hard on me this time as I only had to go to the pool o 1x. The other times we were over at a friends house who owns a boat and a lake in their back yard. Their grandsons were in the same golf camp this week and they had a really good time together.

    Even got to go out to eat a few time with the kids. Yesterday my daughter and sil came over about 5 pm to pick up the kids and go out to dinner with us for an early Fathers Day. They paid for our dinner with wine which was great. I even got a late Mom's day present from them , a pretty silver necklace. DH got a nice golf shirt. It was a nice evening and to be able to chat with them.

    Carla - I love your prom picture. I remember those days with the hair. I remember al the teasing of the hair when you went to the beautry shop. I could be bothered myself. However, you are younger ( bit older than my daughters). I just wish I could see your face clearer. I guess it wasn't the closest shot for facial features. I love to look at old pitures and bring back memories.

    Mickey- Have you caught up on your sleep yet after all your parties.?? My girl, you can have some of the parties for me. I will hire you to be my official party thrower, K??? I love patrtiees too but not much get up and go to do everything that needs to get done, inc the cleaning.

    Mrdad - Have you been looking for your lost squirrel or busy with your Bee Kee Nee girls??

    Rock - How are those kitties doing? Where did you find them? I missed that post !!Hope they are doing well and you too.

    Sweetie - Hope things are a litle better for you and that your DH can find a good job. Also hope that other mess clears up with your DH's x boss or supposed partner. Hope you got a good lawyer hon. I pray that your family is getting over that terible trauma also of the awful accident. There is just too much going on with you . It had better settle down for you all soon. Lots of hugs your way sweetie.

    Sorry I cannot guess what everyone else has posted.

    Hi also to Bevy, Georgia, Springwaters, Marta, Jodie and who ever else that might be hiding and peaking thru those bushes.

    Blessings and hugs to all,

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    on our excursion to the William S. Hart home/ museum. ("Our" refers to Gordon and me and my former secretary Renee.)

    Hart was one of the great silent film stars. He was born during the Civil War, and was still alive when I was a kid.
    He was a stage actor before he made films.

    His mansion North of Los Angles was built in the 20s, and cost over $100,000. It was in the Spanish style, but complete w/ modern conveniences. Both an ice box and a modern Kelvinator refrigerator. A radio in every room. A record player that played 78 rpm discs.

    An intercom but no phones. (No telephone wires that far out of Los Angeles.) Lots of art work by his friend Charles Russell; also by James Montgomery Flagg (Uncle Sam wants You!) who was also alive when I was a kid.

    Hart left his mansion, contents and over 100 acres to the County of LA. It was his way of saying thanks to the public that had watched his films.

    Renee, who is a dog lover and always has 3 or 4 dogs, was delighted to find Hart was a dog lover too. On the grounds is a special cemetery for the dogs. His two great Danes had a bedroom of their own and custom made beds.

    A mile or so from Hart's La Loma de los Vientos (Hill of the Winds), is Gene Autry's Melody Ranch. I used to listen to his radio program that was broadcast from there in the 40s.

    Happy Trails


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  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    To say g'day.

    It is collish now so we hafta build a rabbit proof fence round the veggie plot. Am I ever sorry I started this, but when we should have been doing it, (April) the weather was hot) and May was cool, so plants died so maybe doing it so late will be OK. Rush rush though.

    Enjoyed all your letters, and Rock glad you liked your trip so well.

    I was meaning to ask if you like Robert Service poems-may have asked that before.

    Acknowledging all that was said in the other mail but duty calls.\
    Joe, what a finale-wow Tiger still has style huh? Watching again today I bet.

    Love to everyone.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is out on the golf course bright and early today so we can do some running a around when he gets back. So I had better write quickly. He usually only plays nine holes so could be back quick.

    Been busy also tryin to pick up the house and fix the room where the boys slept. It is not to bad but have to change the sheets nd all. It is quiet here without them for sure. They really were very good though.

    Yeah - wasn't that some finish for TIGER on the golf course yesterday Sounds like ANNIE was watching it. How bout your MrD and Rock? I think he has done amazingly well considering his recent knee surgery. Of course, it is his to loose and Roco has everything to gain , at his age and such. Everyone will expect Tiger to win but you never know, especially with his knee. Not sure who I want to win. I like Tiger but it would be nice for Rocco to win too, at his age. He may never pass this way again and you know Tiger will.

    Elaine - so sorry you had such a bad storm that took down all your computer stuff except your laptop. Gee, if you got a printer for $100 (all in one that sounds like a pretty good one to me). However, have not looked at them lately. We usually go to Sams (like Coscos ) and they have good buys as well as Fry's but do not know wht you have in your area. Of course, E-bay you might get a really great deal on a used one. Then you have to worry about how USED it really is.

    Never tried to sell or buy anyting off of E-bay but you have been through it so you know how i goes. Maybe you can get a better deal on it. Have fun putting it all together. That is nother t thing I do not know how t to do and DH is not alot better. He would just call our son if it was to involved. MY DH is VERY smart and has many interests but he is NOT very technical at all. Have fun putting it all together my dear !!

    Rock - Glad you enjoyed your trip to the museum. It sounded very interesting. Gee Iremember good old Gene Autry to on radio and TV, plus Roy and Dale and all those cowpokes ! OMG, I am feeling so OLD, esp since i just read a forward that someone sent to me about "Do you Remember This? I would love to put it on the porch but it is rather long. Maybe I will if I can print it and it is not to long, and if it is still there !! Unfortunatly I think I remember everything on the list - AAAACK !!

    Hi Georgia, Bevy, Mickey, MrD and everdobby else I cannot remember.

    As Rock and Roy and Dale would sing -

    "Happy Trails To You, Until We Meet Again"!! Remember that song Rock and Mrd?



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  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks for the nice Father's Day wishes to myself and Rocky!
    Appreciate the thoughts!

    Granni, Bev, they say, "the grass is always greener" and then
    there's my missing Squirrel caught on camera seated by the
    side of the Green, eating a Peanut Butter Cheese Cracker
    for millions of views of the U.S.OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP!
    Oh, oh, the arrogance of it all!!!

    Linda, hope ya had a good day with your Dad and Mom for Father's Day! I'm sure you did.

    Oh, Granni, was that the Song Roy and Dale sung at the end
    of their show on Saturday afternoons with Gabby Hayes?
    (Nope, too young to remember it!)

    1Sweetie, hope things will be better soon! There sure is going to be lots of work in the Mid-West etc. with the
    Tornadoes and Floods! Maybe they together could get on with
    another Contractor for a "tour of duty"? Suggest you look
    at "Craigslist" in various Mid-West cities for possible work
    I'm confident they will find some work soon. Please take
    care of yourself thru all this!

    My Daughter rec. her M.A. in Counseling on Saturday in Portland. So happy that the hard work and stress involved
    is over for Her. She's gonna take a week off on the Washington Coast to relax. May try to fly up to see her
    late Summer, early Fall.

    Rock, hope all will be well with Gordon's Company! The older one gets, the more serious security becomes so I
    understand the urgent concern. I'm thinking good thoughts
    Rocky, that all will be fine there.

    My Son had to work yesterday so Father's
    Day was a dinner Friday Night at his house. Also we will
    meet for "brunch" early this week.

    Gonna get back later. Watching for my Squirrel on the Monday
    playoff game of the OPEN. What a great championship! The
    whole Squirrel thing is just nuts. (Or, crackers)!


  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi MrDad,

    I can' believe that you don't remember te words and that you are to young (-: !!

    Actually or unfortunatly I remembered alot but not all the words !! Here they are in case anyone is interested i nostalgia !!Can youbelieve that theystill have their own wesite? It is very interesting to look at.

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
    Happy trails to you, keep smilin on till then.
    Who cares about the clouds when we're together?
    Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.
    Happy trails to you, till we meet again.

    Some trails are happy ones,
    Others are blue.
    It's the way you ride the trail that counts,
    Her's a happy one for you.

    Repeat vs 1

    Ending : Happy trails to you , till we meet again.

    Btw, in case you all didn't know Dale wrote this song.

    OK, now you old folks start singing. I remembered most of it, can you believe that?? Of course so many of you younguns won't remember it - too bad.

    Rock - Do you remember this or any of you OLDer people (-: !!???

    Be back later, need to do some other website checking for something else.

    Byw for now !!

    Love and



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  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well it is monday already, don't feel like I got a lot done this weekend, other than fill my car up with rocks and unload it.

    Yesterday was a big day at Wally's, that was enough to do me in. I had planned on doing more in the evening and got my meds out of the bottle, ate dinner then took the girls for a long ride and was trying to fall asleep at the wheel.

    I was so tired and didn't understand. When I got dressed this morning I put the same shorts on that I wore last night. Just now went to take my cell phone out of the pocket and there was my evening pain meds, that explains the tiredness.

    It was such a nice evening to work outside but I couldn't. The time between 6-10 is my prime time for yard work becuase of the sun. Oh well-such as life, everything is still there,lol.

    Linda no Mr Redneck, I am not surprised but I can always hope. I did go look at buildings yesterday and now I am not sure, I wish they hadn't sold the one I wanted and there is not another like it on the lot.

    I like the idea of a loft to store my long lumber and stained glass but it would defeat the purpose of the skylight, maybe. So unless Mr Redneck shows up I am waiting on the buiiding and finish the yard, so I can figure out what will work best for me.

    Oh Tiger just missed a put, it was soooooooo closehit the rim and back out. I am not a really big golf fan but do enjoy watching the final's. Actually I turned the chanel to watch Ellen and there was Tiger.

    Rock your trip sounds wonderful, I love going threw old homes. They don't build them like that anymore. Glad you were able to get out and have a little fun, we all need to do more of that. I do wish Gordon all the best with work.

    Elaine -EEEKKKKK you poor girl, I know what your dealing with, I lost a tv and stereo about 10 years ago. It was a horrible storm and my roomate and I were sitting on the couch and lightening struck and sparks actually came out of the CEILING FAN and then lost power, it was a rental so the landlord took care of what ever happened. But no insurance on the tv and stereo. Now I have the surge protectors. Learned my lesson the hard way. It freaked us out when sparks shot out of the ceil fan, that will wake you up! Let me know what you find on the printers and don't forget to look at the cartridges BEFORE buying the printer, some can be very pricey and the one they give you with the printer doesn't last long. I hope you get up and running soon.

    Granni glad you had a good time with the kids, how great was that to have your freinds GKs too and a boat and a lake in their back yard. I am sure you will get back in your routine in no time.

    Annie I do understand about regretting projects once you start, but as you know when it is all done it feel pretty good. Hope the weather cooperates and watch out about the heat and the chest pain, you can't be too careful. I have a friend who just had her arotic valve replaced, I am making a separate post about it as her son died while she was in surgery. So sad.

    Mrdad figured you have been keepiing your recliner warm this weekend between the squirrels and TIger. It doesn't look good for TIger right now. Glad you had a good dinner with your son.

    Mickey are you off today? Or just recovering from the all that cake?

    I have been so distracted by the Open and forgot what else I was going to say to others, so I will say farewell to all and see ya later-Carla