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  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids!
    Hope no one got kaught!

    Mickey, glad to hear that you and family are "high And dry"
    in St. Charle's! Hundred's of fire here in Calif, and SF
    is hazey from all the smoke drifting above us. More lightning
    may been on the agenda later in the week! Most of these fires
    were caused by "dry lightning". So devastating!

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  2. fibromickster

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    Mrdad, you all in CA will be in my prayers as well. I have lots of family in Escondido CA and remember last year it effected them. I will have to call my Uncle and cousins and make sure they are safe.

    ARe you going to be safe????? Please let us know.

    Take care and keep that hose ready.

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Everybody moved so fast today.

    I am just saying Hi-then watching the wheel and jeopardy then bed.

    Love Annie
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so glad to see that MICKEY is safe and sound. Yes, she had alot of us worried about her.

    Mickey - See we do love ya !!! So sorry for your friends and people that you know that live in the flooded area. That is so terribly scary.

    Don't even ask me what I did today, it wasn't a whole lot except for the singing at the Nursing Home this afternoon. We also were supposed to do our BWBB dance but decided for a few reasons not to do it. They also had moved the piano to another room, for one thing and no place to really change into our costumes that I could see., However, that was OK and they seemed to enjoy us anyway.

    Not going to write to to many people individually tonight. It is to late and I am to tired.

    Julie - Sorry your ear is still bothering you. It sounded rather bad to me the first time you mentioned it. Please don;t fool around with it next time and get it looked at right away. Oh, I kow what you mean about trying to same money etc, as I do that alot but I know when I am in bad pain or hi fever to call right away.

    Mrdad - That anllot for starting us up again Great job as usual !! Any BKN girls around lately?? It sure sounded like it was rather chilly that other orning when it ws foggy - nne of them at that time unless they are crazy -BRRRR (-: !!

    Hi Annie Carla, Elaine, Jole, Springwaters and everdibby else including John boy, Jim Bob, Elizabeth, Ben, Grandpa, Momm Daddy, and Grandma too.

    Have a busy day tomorrow at a ladies luncheo and I am helpping to be a Greeter so I have to be there early. Lucky me. By the time I sit down I will be really pooped and wo will my back be ! It should be fun though.

    See you probably sometime tomorrow, probably afternoon or evening.


  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    and good night- another busy day but I was busy making sure Mr Redneck was doing his job, but still tired and am on my way to bed.

    See everydobby tomorrow-Carla
  6. Marta608

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    This board is moving so fast I'm not keeping up but I wanted to wish Julie a Happy Birthday on Monday. Believe me, the 50s are the best!; thank Joe for turning on the light - stay wet; thank Elaine for the gift - I needed a new diamond bracelet; hope Granni rested her vocal cords and self, and say a quick Hi to Carla and Annie.

    Honey has a tapeworm. EEeeeeeeeu. No opening at the vet until Monday and she's impossible for me to pick up, let alone pill. Please think of me trying to get her in a carrier early Monday morning - and I'll think of Julie.

    While I'm at it I'm going to take Sophie too (they may want to pill her as a precaution) and have both cats'nails trimmed. I'm hoping I can persuade my granddaughter to get up early and help me with them.

    Meanwhile, I'm bleaching everything.

    Enjoy, everydobby! Hugs to you all.
  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It is about 8:30 am and I can barely keep my eyes opened I am so so tired. Since the girls are out of school for the summer it is so hard to get to bed by 10 to get up for work. I am such a worry wart and have to stay up until I know they are home safe and sound.

    I shouldn't be so much of a worry wart they are wonderful daughters, but you just never know about other people. Their curfew is 12:00 so I guess it is not too bad. Most of the time my husband will stay up but last night I did.

    He was tired because him and Ashley went to Mizzou for 2 days for the college orientation. Ashley leaves August 19th. That is going to be a sad day for me and will be in tears all week, heck maybe all year.

    I know some parents can't wait for their children to leave the nest, but I am not one of those parents. I love being with my kids, they are number one with me. They are my best friends too. Oh well, I know they have to go someday and I just have to look at it like this is a good thing.

    Okay enough wining for me.

    Elaine, you are just too cute, I could just pinch your cheeks. That is weird that the guy knew the exact date, pretty scary. I think I would definetly switch to the car wash too.

    Carla, miss you. I know you have been so busy too with all of your activities lately. Hope you don't wear yourself out.

    Granni - I think you have worn yourself out. You need a break. Maybe that Alask trip can't come any sooner. That will be wonderful for you. I am so jealous.

    Lydia - I am really glad you are back too. You should post a new picture with your new hairdo. You do not look 49 at all in your picture that you have now. You look so young and full of life. I bet little Kiera is so happy her Mama and Papa are back too.

    Annie, I hope everyone is doing well. What has Danny been up to lately. I always love hearing what he is doing.

    Marta - You poor thing. I would freak out if that happened to me. I am not a calm person when something like that happens. I can't believe they are making you wait until Monday. I will keep you and honey in my prayers that it will get taken care of ASAP.

    All my other porchies, miss you and can't wait to hear from you all. Well, I got to try and get some kind of work done today so i will check back in later.

    Love ya, Mickey

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Ha, you made me laugh when you stated no more packed lunches. That was the thing I hated doing most too.

    I hope your daughter has a good time. I was in Canada once. A girlfriend and mine went to Deerborne, MI to visit her Uncle and he chaperoned us. He took up to the lakes, the yacht clud, skiing, jetskiing, and then he took us to Canada to visit his daughter and family.

    It was absolutely beautiful. As a matter of fact it was during the flood of 1993 because I remember the nice ladies at the border saw on our license where we were from (st. louis) and they kept saying how sorry they were for all the flooded victims.

    That trip was so much fun and one that I will never forget. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity with my friend. The only thing I hated was leaving my 6 month old baby girl and 2 year old baby girl and I couldn't wait to get home to them. I remember crying the last 2 days on my trip because I was so homesick.

  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks Joe for getting us up and going, Sorry about the puter problems but glad you got it straightened out.

    Julie oh what a thing to deal with regarding your ear. My first thought when you mentioned it was maybe a bug ot spider had bitten you in the ear. I hope you overcome this without any permanent damage.

    I bet it did feel good to sleep in your own bed. So you have the big 50 coming up, I think that calls for a party so just go with it. Has Amy been allowed to hold that baby as I bet she is on your lap every chance you get.

    Mickey- I am glad you are not going to be affected by the floods, that is so sad about all the farmers and families that have lost everything. Yes I have been busy but have crashed the few days.

    I did finally find someone to help me. Mr Redneck came yesterday and fixed a broken drain line under the house and tore the old shed down, it was a death trap but still need to get a new one built and that is in the works.

    Elaine do you think you can wash and detail my car when I am done hauling rock?? Oh it is so bad, I did brush it out but need to vac it. I think I will treat myself to a complete pro detail cleaning when I am done with all this rock work. Good job on getting your good deal on ebay, I know you will have it all sold in no time.

    Hey Marta- Sorry about the tapeworm issue, but yes you need to treat both of them. I am going threw the same thing with the girls right now. I found one on the couch few weeks ago. I will keep my fingers crossed for you on your vet visit.

    Linda hope you are feeling up to enjoy the weather and get out to Walgreens. Whoopie did a big thing about Walgreens yesterday on the view. She doesn’t fly so took her bus to go to Vegas and shopped at Walgreens for her items for the trip.

    I did not realize they were so big, there is not one in my area.

    Raven what happened to you-please come back.

    Jole glad to see you have been getting things done, was it you that posted about the old accounting books where they lived on $500 a YEAR. Wow can’t imagine that.

    Springwater glad to see you again, hope your son’s graduation goes well. Does he already have plans for college or work?

    Georgia sorry to hear you had to undo all your work on the poncho for Mr M. That is like me breaking a stained glass window while finishing up the frame. So frustrating

    Joan glad to see you pop back in

    Well I am fading here so will go for now hello to all I didn’t mention, but I am in a fatigue flair :-( Knew all that energy would not last forever. So I am taking it easy the next few days. I have a art club picnic to go to tomorrow evening, then work on Fri.

    I’ll stop in when I can-see ya-Carla
  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    A few of us wonder if God is trying to tell us something! There have been awful floods, tornadoes, fires, typhoons, earthquakes------- It seems as if it is worse than in previous years. maybe that'sd just my thinking.

    Elaine=----your car wash thing is scarey! Just be careful---keep your distance.

    A dear friend - 87 years old but I remember when I was in grade school and he was a senior, died Sunday. His wife and I went into a sorority at the same time and his daughter our oldest son's classmate for years, told me that he and she once had a crush! (I don't think that my sentences weren't good - hope that you can make sense.) Anyway, he was riding his golf cart with an orange triangle oin it on a state highway. It was just between his home and his grandsons'.

    An 89 yr. old lady came zooming down the highway and hit the cart. It threw him onto the pavement and the cart burst into flames and burned up.His one gtrandson came and held him until the rescue ambulancve came. He was dead but the grandson thought he could feel a heartbeat. It has been a few heartbreaking few days. Everyone had the same thing to say "he was such a nice man".

    I can't remember all of your names but I love reading your posts! You are all such dear people.

    Can youi take it easy today? I have to call in and see why I can't get any E-mails. Disgusting. Comp. do mess up our lives but----I do love them.

    Gentle Hugs,

  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    First Julie you look exactly as I thought you would and many many happy returns of the day on Monday. Fifty is a milestone for sure. You look young anyway and your sould shines through that lovely smile.

    Joan so sorry to hear of your friend. My MIL lets my FIL drive and he has senile dementia and is almost 92. He is very fit but I tell her she will be so responsible if he kills someone-I think people are forced to drive due to not enough public transportation-I often wonder why towns and villages could not contract with the school bus companies during the day for some rides? Does that make sense?

    Danny has his talent show tomorrow a.m. He sounds very very good as he has the keyboard set in organ type mode too with some piano for the backing. None of his special ed friends will be there as school finished for him and them today-stupid isn't it? Lin if I said break a leg he would think I meant it!!!

    We finally got the big linds up in the room that used to be a garage. The way they changed the door to a window was to build a window in the exact place the door was size shape etc. Looks like a glass garage door!!! Anyway looks better now with the blinds and my nice tulle drapes in front and the tab tops hanging to the side. Still needs a lot of work this room, but day by day.

    Got the laundry room / tool room cleaned upo and mopped yeh and Xmas decor put in attic-Dan said we may as well leave them down now as it was soon to be Xmas again!!! MEN! (not joe and rock)

    Joan you said you were in a sorority with the daughter or the wife. I thought you were youngish.

    On that note going to read till it is time to go to take Danny for the MRI of brain. Wish him luck, checking for pituitary tumor and .....???

    Love Annie
  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You crack me up Elaine. Boy if I told you some of the things I did you guys would even probably ground me now.

    My poor Dad went through so much with me during my teenage years. My Mom left when I was 8, then brother and sister moved in with her a few years later, but I stayed living with my Dad. I did the same thing Elaine, sneak out my window. However, I did get caught sometimes. LOL Sometimes, I even snuck my Dad's car while he fell asleep on the couch.

    I will never let my girls know what I did back then. Hopefully, I won't get paid back by all that I did.

    Boy I was bad back then, but I guess I turned out okay. I laugh at it now, but if my kids did what I did, I would tie them to their beds. LOL


    Okay Porchies, what bad things did you all do when you were teenagers. This could be interesting.

    Come on, be honest, I know me and Elaine aren't the only 2 in this crown that has done bad things when we were teenagers. So fess up.
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I thought I'd already posted on this edition of the porch. Maybe I've got what Linda referred to: porch disorder of some sort.

    Just made a lot of notes, most of which are illegible. The problem is there isn't much room to write on the marble table. (No need to buy a headstone when we go.)

    And I'm taking up space w/ my killing kit. Sounds sinister, huh? We have fleas in the carpet. I sprinkled boric acid powder on them this morning. Also have petroleum jelly and a tweezer. Teach 'em to mess w/ Trapper Rock.

    Linda and Granni and Mickey and whoever was interested in bees. I bought the pollen at a farmers' market from Aunt Willie's Apiary. I believe that is actually the former name of her business. Before she was a bee trainer, she was an ape tamer.

    She sells several bee products including honey and wax and propolis (resin). So far I'm not taking much pollen. It has given me a little energy and has helped me breathe better.

    Who was talking about hush puppies? Jole? Yes. Hush Puppies were new when I was a freshman in college. The shoes were very popular for years; then sales dwindled. In the 90s sales went up by several hundred thousand pair a year. The curious can read about why they went up on line or in the book "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell.

    Glad to hear you are not having a lot of pain, Monica. you're not using a stimulator like Linda, are you? Gordon is at work. I, too, have only one fan on.

    Granni, I'm so old I remember when Big Lots was Pic 'n Save. Actually it was only a few years ago. The parent company had stores by several names.

    Carla, I'm impressed that you can fix a bracket. If I tried I would have set the sofa on fire or injured myself. You might just as well send for the Three Stooges. Last year I took the filter out of the air conditioner to clean it and couldn't get it back in. Took Gordon two seconds.

    Mickey, glad to hear you're ok and not floating away. Got the home town paper from MN. The upper Iowa river runs along the edge of the village where my brother lives. There has been flooding, but I don't think there was any significant damage.

    Glad to hear your ear is getting better, Julie. Granni, I think it was Jole who wrote about the farmer who spent $600 one year. Income was even less. But the farmers had things better than most during the depression and WWII, I have been told.

    MrDad, what is dry lightening? Maybe it's what we used to call "heat lightening". No rain, but lightening flashing in the clouds.

    Elaine, I missed your reference to upstream management. Were you talking about flooding; plumbing;

    Joan, something has happened to our e mails lately too. Some days hardly get any.

    Springwater, isn't it amazing the different reactions people have to weather and what to do about it. Gordon and his mother are like walking barometers. When the weather changes they get aches and pain in the neck and shoulders.

    Well, that's about it for this edition. Hugs to all.


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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    after my luncheon and I am sooo full. Don't feel like cooking or eating dinner but will throw a frozen pizza in for DH. He can eat most of it and I will have a piece or two.

    GOOD NEWS - My friend that I told you about the other day to pray for got some good news today. Thanks for the prayers. The oncologist said that he thought that they had removed all the cancer. So they will not be doing anyathing more and will check her out again in 6 months ( as they will be doing also for her daughter).

    Rock - I am sure that I would remember that other store, Pic and Save, that was before Big Lots if I lived in the same area as you growing up or maybe in TX where I am now. I sure don't remember Big Lot or Pic n Save in New York when I was growing up. I know I amclose to your age and Mr Dads. I do like the store thought and will have to go back there soon even if it sort of out of the way. I have to go and check out the Bee Pollen too. Do you only get it at health food stores or places where they sell the home grown honey, etc?

    Wow, Rock -"Go Gettem Trapper Rock", out to get all those mean fleas (-: ! I am sure that they aren't gonna mess with you. I am sure that can be a big headache though and just a royal pain to have to try and get rid of those pesky fleas.

    Mickey - Gee I sure wish I was going to be 50 on my next birthday (-: !! Gee all you gals are SOOOO young. Enjoy it, every day even if you are in pain and may feel awful may days, enjoy what you can. I can't believe that the years have passed by so quickly !!!

    I have to laugh when you were talking about the crazy stuff you did in H.S. Well, I was pretty good in HS but then I went a bit crazy in Nursing School and college. I, of course never told my mom the crazy things we all did. However, it seems like alot of the stuff that the teenagers do now is what many of us did later on in college or in older years. The kids are all exposed to so much more at a younger age now unfortunatly !!

    You gonna have a BIG PARTY for #50? - JULIE !!! NOT MICKEY !!

    Julie - HaPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope your ear feels at least a little better after what you had to go through with it.. Caught up on your rest yet??

    Elaine - You were cracking me up too with your stories of climbing out the window and then back into bed with your famous "tuck and roll" routine.

    Annie - Hope Danny does well in his Talent show. Let us know abouat it. I am sure you will.

    Joan - So sorry to hear aboaut your frieds deathl That was terrible. We are so glad you are back. Do not worry if you cannot rememaber all our names. I am asways cheating to take a peak(-: !!

    Joe/Joe - those stories of a those fires are so awful I hope they quit soon and glad you are not in their area.

    Can't believe that it is almost thursday already. Gee, the week has been going fast.

    You guys and gals planning busy and fun weekend???

    Ours will be quiet except for sunday, Corporate Communion with the Knights at early Mas, then breakfast out. The we have friends coming over to play Tripoli and going out to dinner. Tripoli is so much fun. It is a combination of Poker and Hearts and played with chips. You put in a dollar at the beginning so you don't win or lose much but it is allot of fun and can go up and down quickly.

    Well, looks like tomorrow I have to do some washing and cleaning up arond hear - yuck !! MICKEY do you have the energy to help or anyone else - ELAINE.

    Hi also to Carla, Springwatern Jole, Marta and anyone else I may have forgotten.

    Lots of hugs and blessings to all,


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  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Mickey, thanks for your concerns! Thankfully, I'm at least
    40 miles from any of the fires, however, as with Georgia,
    the smoke and haze permeates the air! I believe that most
    of the fires are in Northern and Central California. Ore.
    and Nev. have sent help to fight the fires. May be weeks before things are under control and the fire season is just

    Rock, yes the "dry lightning" just means no rain with the
    strikes. How's the Gordon doin'? Are we gonna be able to
    keep Him working? Hope things are well down there.

    Annie, anxious to hear of Danny's MRI results. I suppose that may take a few days. (?)(?) Hope His talent show goes well
    tomorrow. I'm sure it will be just great!

    Julie, hope the ear is doing better today. That is one of the most painful of pains! Hope things are relatively quiet
    and peaceful for you.

    Joan, that accident was certainly tragic! The elderly lady
    must feel horrible about Her action. Is your Hubby doing well these days? Hope that you are getting some help there
    at the house.

    Linda, thanks for the emailed Tim R. tribute and link. Don't
    think that Tom B. is gonna be able to adequately fill that
    position on MEET THE PRESS. Few out there with the capacity
    to perform at Russert's professional level. One of the last
    "real" objective journalist in evidence.

    Georgia, I wonder ifin' your Sheep saw MY Squirrel in her
    travels? She's still an MIA, but I'm not giving up any hope

    Granni, if the Sun is out at the Park, so are the Bee-Kee-knee Girls! No matter the temp! Gonna warm up for
    the weekend, so should be good for "viewing". Ya know what
    I'm sayin?

    Marta, those Kitties sure keep you busy! If they only understood what a good Mama you are! "Talk" to ya real soon!
    Been on the sleeping syndrome! Can't hardly stay awake!

    Huggles to Awl!
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    My daughter finally has a game at 6 tonight. So I am leaving work at 4:30 today to get her there on time.

    Granni you are too funny. My birthday was last Friday and I am only 43, not 50. Shame on you!!!! It is Julie's big 50th birthday party. Hahahahaha Trying to make me older than I already am.

    You silly girl, you must be full.


    Bye all, see you tomorrow.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good grief, I am sorry to have aged you so so fast Mickey. That is what happens when I do no peak at the posts as I am writing).

    That is right you had your birthday not to long ago and it is now JUlie's turn. She is lucky too be home with her family for her brthday.

    Sorry ladies for confusing the two of you.!! I will try and change that in the other post. Geez am I bad or what?


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  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well, Lindsay won her softball game again last night, they are 3 and 0 now. They have another tonight at 6, however, she is getting a ride with another team member and I will just meet them at the game straight from work. My husband comes straight from work too.

    Julie, I feel so bad for you. I so wish your ear would get better. I know that has to be so painful and it just really gets you down when you are feeling that. Hopefully, the medicine is finally kicking in by today and it will take care of it completely. Also, I will keep your son in law in my prayers that he stays safe in the National Guard.

    Granni - That is okay, 50 is just around the corner for me. Yikes. As a matter of fact, tomorrow here at work we are celebrating one of the guys 50th birthday. We are trashing his office and having an Italian themed luncheon tomorrow. That reminds me, I have to make baked moscochelli tonight. Geez, when am I going to find time to do that tonight. I have to go to the game, grocery shopping, and cook, yikes.

    Oh well, won't get much sleep tonight. My poor doggy hasn't gotten to go for his walk the last couple of nights because it has been so busy.

    Mr. Dad and Georgia, I am glad you two are okay with all the fires. However, that smoke must be really bad. It is probably really hard just to go outside and be able to breathe.

    Elaine, I remember telling my Dad some of the things I did when I was younger too and he just laughed about it. I was so surprised that he thought it was funny now. He was/is such a wonderful father. He is 78 now and still as healthy as a horse and he even smokes like a chimney. He was a mailman most of his life (walking mailman). So that probably helped a lot.

    Rock, I am going to look into getting some pollen. I have no idea where to start here in St. Charles, but I guess the internet is the best place to look. Thanks, I will try anything to give me energy (well almost).

    Lin, Raven, Lacey, Sweetie, Jodie, Bevy, Springwater, Carla, Rosie, Annie, Monica, Raven, Marta, Joan, Jole, and any other Porchies I missed love you all and I will chat later.

  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow it is Thursday already, were did my week go?

    Joan I have to say what a horrible thing to have happen to your friend, so sad. What is going to happen to the lady that was driving?

    Julie you sure have had you share of trouble, I hope that ear clears up, maybe go follow up with your ENT so see if they can flush it now.

    It is perfectly understandable to have a melt down after all you have been threw, now you are cramped up in a smaller place. How much longer before Amy can move into her house? Then you would move back in you house? But then it will be time to go back to Belize huh? I hope you enjoy your BD dinner and I loved turning 50.

    Rock I have always had this inept ability to fix things. But the sofa arm will be easy, at least I hope. Have you taken care of the fleas? If you put Frontline on your dog, it will kill all the fleas in the house. It keeps the fleas from reproducing so they die off. It costs about $20 at a vet office or you can buy it on line too. I had a house that got infested many years ago and had to bring pros in to fog the house. It doesn’t take long to go from a few fleas to 1000’s. So it is worth the money.

    Elaine I lol at your crawling in the window, I did the same thing. We lived in a cracker box house and the upstairs bedroom was bigger so mom slept up there and gave me the crappy 8x10 room downstairs. But I got busted so she made me move upstairs, which is what I wanted anyway,lol

    Funny you should post about crawling in windows as I had to break in my own the house the other day. I was on my way out to go for our evening cart ride and thought I had left my keys in the car as I had to give the guys a jump when they left, he left a door ajar all day.

    So I did my reg mental check list, like phone, camera, water for the girls and said keys are in the car, locked the door and no keys in the car.

    Luckily the window over my kit sink was unlocked and had to climb in, it was not fun as I had dirty dishes in the sink and the single faucet, well let’s say I became intimate with it. After all that my keys were laying on the kitchen counter a few feet from the window but couldn’t see them on the black countertops. Oh well-stuff happens and we went on our merry way.

    Mrdad I hope all is well with you but image you are smogged in with all the fires around you, sorry your furry friend hasn’t returned.

    Georgia I hope the fires continue to stay away from you but I can imagine the air quality can’t be good right now. So I imagine you and Mr M are staying in he is enjoying his new chair.

    Mickey that was wonderful of you to go help sandbag for the ones affected by all this. Sorry that it didn’t work, it is just so sad to see so many people loose everything they have.

    Granni hope you have fun at you KOC shindig. Glad you are having a litte down time now.

    Does anyone know what do to for a bee sting to stop it from itching. I got bit yesterday on my left shoulder blade, you know that place you can’t reach.

    I came in and washed it and used a q-tip to put peroxide on it and it was ok. But it woke me up this morning itching like crazy. Plus I have a infected, ingrown fingernail on my right hand ring finger and it is VERY sore so can’t use that hand to scratch with. Oh the price we pay when we work outside.

    The building that was torn down had a huge nest of wood bees in it and one of them got me yesterday as I was trying to spray them with bleach, it was all I had at the time. Mr Redneck is allergic to bees so I was trying to kill them before he comes back. But his FIL is in hospice now so I told him not to worry about it.

    Well I better get busy before it gets too hot, then I have to get ready for my picnic tonight and write a few emails.

    Hello to awl I didn’t mention and hope you are doing the best you can-Carla

  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Thanks for making me crack up.....I am just picturing you climbing up your back wall to get through your kitchen window. I would have loved to have been there to see that. You are so funny Carla.

    I remember one time, I locked my kids in the car when I ran in to pay for gas and yes the keys were in the ignition. Duh. Well lo and behold, the firetrucks came with their sirens blaring, I was so embarrassed. The girls were in the car seats and couldn't get out to unlock the door. Lindsay was a baby and Ashley was about 2.

    They did tell me that they were proud of me for having them buckled in so good. From that day on, I hauled them out of the car with me everytime I had to stop.

    Do you have baking soda or powder. Mix it with a little water and paste it on the bee sting, that should definetly help the itching.

    Talk to you all later.